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海阳第一人民中医院打胎多少钱青岛新阳光医院好吗It is the age-old dilemma: Should we throw away our food if a fly lands on it?这是一个古老的问题:如果一只苍蝇落在食物上面,我们应该扔掉这些食物吗?The answer is no, according to a lecturer in food hygiene.一位食品卫生讲师认为是不需要。University of Sydney medical lecturer Cameron Webb advises that if you take the risk of eating it you will probably be fine.悉尼大学的医学讲师卡梅伦·韦伯认为,如果你冒着吃它的风险吃掉这些食物,那么你可能不会发生任何问题。And while the insects can sp germs, it is unlikely that any germs they transfer onto the food would cause someone to become ill.虽然苍蝇能传播细菌,但它们转移至食物的所有细菌都会致人患病是不太可能的。Writing on a blog on the University#39;s website, Dr Webb said: #39;In most instances, spotting a fly on your food doesn#39;t mean you need to throw it out,#39; he wrote.韦伯教授在大学网站上写了一篇客,他说:“在大多数情况下,在你的食物中发现一只苍蝇并不意味着你需要扔掉它。”#39;While there is little doubt that flies can carry bacteria, viruses and parasites from waste to our food, a single touchdown is unlikely to trigger a chain reaction leading to illness for the average healthy person.#39;“虽然毫无疑问,苍蝇会从垃圾中携带细菌,病毒和寄生虫到我们的食物中,但是简单的接触不太可能引发连锁反应,从而导致健康的人染上疾病。”Flies are notorious for sping disease because of their messy habits, Dr Webb said.韦伯教授表示,苍蝇是因其凌乱的生活习惯而臭名昭著的。Webb said flies in the city are typically more hygienic than those in the country who frequently come in contact with dead animals and animal waste.韦伯还指出,通常而言,城市的苍蝇要比农村的苍蝇更;卫生;,因为后者接触动物尸体或排泄物的机会更多。 /201601/422066即墨市市北医院好不好 Song Dynasty宋朝Southern Song Dynasty南宋The military weakness of the Northern Song (960—1127) eventually took its toll.北宋时期(960——1127)军队的软弱最终使其自食恶果。In 1127, the Jin army sacked the Northern Song capital of Kaifeng, taking Emperor Huizong and most of his family hostage.1127年,金国军队洗掠了北宋都城开封,徽宗和他的大部分家人成了人质。Huizong’ ninth son, Zhaogou, fled to the south.徽宗的九儿子赵构逃亡了南方。That same year, the Song court re-established itself in Lin’an (present Hangzhou City), where it continued to rule for another 150 years as the Southern Song Dynasty.同年,宋朝在临安(今杭州)重建南宋政府,进行了150年的统治。Zhaogou is known historically as Emperor Gaozong.赵构历史上被称为“宋高宗”。The period of the Southern Song is neither a period of power nor stability and the dynasty only controlled the area south of the Yangtze River.南宋时期国家既不强大也不稳定,这个朝代也仅仅控制了长江南部的地区。When the dynasty was newly established, instead of appointing competent people to carry out reforms and devise effective defensive strategies, Emperor Gaozong did the opposite.南宋刚建成时,宋高宗不仅没有任用有贤能的人实施改革并设计有效的防御措施反而做了背道而驰的事情。By blocking the efforts of his talented Prime Minister Ligang he reversed the dominant military strategy from one of active resistance to passive defence.通过阻挠有才能的宰相李纲,高宗将主要的军事策略从主动防御转变成了被动防守。In addition, talented people were supplanted and less able and often incapable ones were appointed to very important positions.不仅如此,有才智的人们遭到了排挤,而无能的人却被任命了重要的官职。 /201511/406470青岛第六人民医院怎么样

平度市中医医院官方网站青岛哪家医院妇科炎症 A story of a man who made the ultimate journey of love, cycling from India to Sweden to see his sweetheart, has captured the hearts of thousands online. A Facebook post, that has been liked more than 113,000 times, shares the tale of how Dr. Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia crossed eight countries to be reunited with his wife Charlotte Von Schedvin in her native country.近日,一名男子万里寻爱,从印度骑车到瑞典见妻子的故事在网上吸引了无数关注。有人在Facebook写下了这个故事,点赞数达到了113,000次。这个故事讲述了印度小哥Pradyumna跨越八个国家与妻子Charlotte在她的家乡瑞典团聚的事情。The epic tale began in 1975 when wealthy 19-year-old Von Schedvin, who was a student in London at the time, travelled to India in 1975 to meet the poor but renowned portrait artist Mahanandia. The Indian was born in 1949 into a weaver family in Odisha, Dhenkanal and was considered an untouchable in the society.故事发生在1975年,19岁带有皇室血统的瑞典富家女Von Schedvin正在英国念书,她听说有个贫穷却非常有名的印度肖像画家,于是专程旅行去印度见他。这名印度小哥于1949出生在印度一个贫穷的纺织户家庭,因为种姓制度,他被归类为“不可接触的贱民”。Although his family couldn#39;t afford his education, he managed to gain a place at the College of Art in New Delhi where word of his talent quickly sp.尽管他家无法负担学费,他还是成功在新德里的一个艺术学院半工半读,在那里,他的才华得以施展,他靠着画肖像画出了名。In events that wouldn#39;t be out of place in a romantic movie, when the young Von Sledvin met with the portrait maker the two became infatuated with one another. He was possessed by her beauty and she, with his sheer simplicity. Despite their contrasting backgrounds, the pair shortly married, with Charlotte.两人相遇后就像所有爱情电影的情节一样,迅速坠入爱河。他被她的魅力所折,而她也深深的被他的单纯所吸引。即使两人背景如此的不匹配,但二人还是很快结婚了。In 1978, the time came for Charlotte to return to her native country, and she requested her husband join her back in Europe. However, Mahanandia was in the middle of his studies and said he would join her after these were completed. The couple stayed in touch through letters and despite Charlotte#39;s offers to send flight tickets, Mahanandia was determined to meet her via his own means.1978年,Charlotte不得不要回到瑞典。她希望丈夫能跟她一起走。可是他表示自己还没有完成学业,等毕业之后会去瑞典找她的。之后他们通过书信来往维持异地恋关系,他拒绝了姑娘给他买的机票,他只想靠自己的力量去见她。Selling his belongings, he managed to scrape enough money to buy a second-hand bike and set out on the intrepid journey to be reunited. From New Delhi the love-struck adventurer entered Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Germany, Austria and Denmark. It wasn#39;t all plain sailing. His bike broke down numerous time along the way and he had to go on without food for days.之后,他卖掉了自己所有东西,买了辆二手自行车,决定骑到瑞典与妻子团聚。从新德里,他穿越了阿富汗,伊朗,土耳其,保加利亚,南斯拉夫,德国,奥地利和丹麦八个国家。整个行程并不是一路顺风,这期间,他的车坏了无数次,也因为没钱买东西饿着肚子骑车好几天,才最终到达瑞典。In total the trip took four months and three weeks before he finally reached Gothenburg, Sweden.Upon arrival he was questioned by immigration officers, who were said to be amazed at his story of devotion after he shared photographs of his marriage.这段骑行历时4个多月,到达瑞典边境时,移民官知道他一路从印度骑过来惊呆了,直到他拿出了他们的结婚照,才顺利入境。Her parents welcomed him with open arms and 40 years later, the pair are still happily married. Dr PK Mahanandia serves as the Odiya Cultural Ambassador of India to Sweden and lives with his wife and two children in Sweden. He has become well-known in Sweden as an artist and as an Adviser, Art and Culture, under the Swedish Government too.Charlotte的父母知道后立刻赶来迎接他,现在这两人依旧幸福的生活在一起。他在瑞典成了肖像画大师,还成了印度驻瑞典的文化宣传大使。 /201512/417862青岛人流那个好

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