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;Good gracious!; cried Maria, after a few minutes#39; silence, ;it seems but a day or two since we first came! and yet how many things have happened!;沉默了几分钟以后,玛丽亚叫道:;天呀!我们好象到这儿来才不过一两天,可是事情倒发生了不少啊!;;A great many indeed, ; said her companion with a sigh.;确实变化很多;,她的同伴叹气道。;We have dined nine times at Rosings, besides drinking tea there twice! How much I shall have to tell!;;除了在Rosings喝过2次茶我们还在哪儿吃过9次饭!我得说有多少变化呢!;Elizabeth added privately, ;And how much I shall have to conceal!;伊丽莎白又说道;我又隐瞒了多少呢!;Their journey was performed without much conversation, or any alarm; and within four hours of their leaving Hunsford they reached Mr. Gardiner#39;s house, where they were to remain a few days.她们一路上没有说什么话,也没有受什么惊,离开汉斯福不到四个钟头,就到了嘉丁纳先生家里。她们要在那儿耽搁几天。Jane looked well, and Elizabeth had little opportunity of studying her spirits, amidst the various engagements which the kindness of her aunt had reserved for them. But Jane was to go home with her, and at Longbourn there would be leisure enough for observation.伊丽莎白看到吉英气色很好,只可惜没有机会仔细观察一下她的心情是不是好,因为多蒙她舅母一片好心,早就给她们安排好了各色各样的节目。好在吉英就要跟她一块儿回去,到了浪搏恩,多的是闲暇的时间,那时候再仔细观察观察吧。It was not without an effort, meanwhile, that she could wait even for Longbourn, before she told her sister of Mr. Darcy#39;s proposals. To know that she had the power of revealing what would so exceedingly astonish Jane, and must, at the same time, so highly gratify whatever of her own vanity she had not yet been able to reason away, was such a temptation to openness as nothing could have conquered but the state of indecision in which she remained as to the extent of what she should communicate; and her fear, if she once entered on the subject, of being hurried into repeating something of Bingley which might only grieve her sister further.不过,她实在等不及到了浪搏恩以后,再把达西先生求婚的事情告诉吉英,她好容易才算耐住了性子。她知道她自己有本领说得吉英大惊失色,而且一说以后,还可以大大地满足她自己那种不能从理智上加以克的虚荣心。她真恨不得把它说出来,只是拿不定主意应该怎样跟吉英说到适可而止,又怕一谈到这个问题,就免不了多多少少要牵扯到彬格莱身上去,也许会叫她格外伤心。1.gracious adj.亲切的The queen was gracious enough to invite us.女王亲切地邀请了我们。2.be to do 将要做某事I#39;m to go to travel.我要去旅行了。3.engagement n.诺言Fidelity to engagement is a virtue.信守诺言是一种美德。4.at the same time 同时5.gratify v.使(某人)高兴或满意I was most gratified at/by/with the outcome of the meeting.我对会议的结果感到极其满意. Article/201112/164197Once Walt was in the car, I took off. We went up about 5 miles to a 7-11, the whole time, Shawn complaining about his shoulder bothering him. We all thought it was from jarring it when he landed on his hands. We got to the 7-11 and he went inside. He came back out about a minute later with a weird look on his face. I asked him what was wrong, and he told me this:  "When you took off, Walt and I went and looked around to see what freaked you out. I didn't see anything, but Walt did. When he yelled 'run', I did. But when I got to the gate area, it felt like something shoved me, that's why I fell. I figured I had just lost my balance and being so freaked, just imagined the feeling... Until I got into the bathroom and saw this:"  He then pulled his shirt off and there, on his shoulder, was a perfect, red handprint. In a position that could only be put there if someone behind him had shoved him. And no one had appeared to be near him when he had fallen.   Article/200903/65501有声名著之爱丽思漫游奇境记 Chapter12《爱丽丝漫游奇境记》(Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)是一部被公认为世界儿童文学经典的童话,由于其中丰富的想象力和种种隐喻,不但深受各代儿童欢迎,也被视为一部严肃的文学作品。作者刘易斯·卡罗尔还写有续集《爱丽丝镜中奇遇记》。故事讲述了一个叫爱丽丝的小女孩,在梦中追逐一只兔子而掉进了兔子洞,开始了漫长而惊险的旅行,直到最后与扑克牌王后、国王发生顶撞,急得大叫一声,才大梦醒来。这部童话以神奇的幻想,风趣的幽默,昂然的诗情,突破了西欧传统儿童文学道德说教的刻板公式,此后被翻译成多种文字,走遍了全世界。英文原著:爱丽思漫游奇境记PDF文本下载

The events are centered around the woods that surround my friend Matt's house, which is in Rocks State Park in Harford County, Maryland.   Harford County, at least the northern part, is still fairly rural and Rocks is pretty heavily forested. The area use to be the home to a few Indian tribes as well and some of the rock formations in the park may or may not have been holy ground, but that's more or less irrelevant because this story doesn't involve Indians, it's just exposition, Harford County is a weird area. It's also been the home of the Booth family. John Wilkes and his less famous brother (more famous at the time though, he was an actor) Edwin grew up there. But I digress, onto Matt's woods.   The woods at Matt's house have always been a little strange. None of my friends has ever felt comfortable in them really. When we were younger they used to camp out in the woods at night, and apparently they all felt strange in different ways but passed it off as over-active imagination or something. Anyway this continued from grade school up until high school graduation in 1996 that is where I enter the story. After graduation we had a party in the woods down at the old campsite.    Article/200901/60993

The incident itself happened to me the spring semester of 1993 while I was a student at the University of Wyoming.   At the time I was living in Crane Hall, second floor, room #217. I had only occupied this room since the beginning of the semester in mid-January. The room itself was small, constructed of red brick and cinderblock with a whole wall of windows facing west. Throw a rug on the floor hang a few posters and you have any dorm room in America. The atmosphere was dull at best and I actually inhabited the room for the better part of the semester without incident until two weeks before finals.  I was lying on my back asleep when I felt two fingers being dragged from my chin down my throat and across my collarbone. The pressure was enough that the fingernails were painfully scratching me. The moment I woke up the hand pulled away. Because the windows where covered by blinds that never kept out the light from the street lights the room was pretty well lit. For one moment I just lay there staring at the ceiling tiles thinking I was dreaming. Then I began to look around me, from the wall at the foot of my bed, to the windows that denied me enough darkness to sleep properly, to the strange man on my left who was kneeling next to my bed. Article/200901/60722

有声名著之傲慢与偏见 Chapter3 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人简爱呼啸山庄 Article/200809/47805

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