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大号手提包--女性健康杀手Handbags a health hazard for women, experts warnedLarge handbags are a health hazard for women, experts warned.With big handbags becoming a key fashion accessory for working women, health experts are warning they can also become a key health concern.Bags for women have become bigger and heavier as designers combinebriefcaseswith handbags and straps have become longer but the extra leverage has many patients complaining of neck, shoulder and back problems."I see so many women with neck pains and headaches and what I usually do is look for their purse and pick it up," said Jane Sadler, a family practice physician at Baylor Medical Center in Garland, Texas."We take it over to the scale and weigh it and usually they're anywhere from 7 to 10 pounds (3.1-4.5 kgs)...We're really going to see women with more and more problems later on if we continue the big purse craze."William Case, a physical therapist in Houston, Texas, said an aggravated neck or shoulder can lead to upper back problems, meaning pain may then be felt while working at a computer or playing sports.He urged designers "to place a cute, educational caution tag on all bags to inform of potential neck and shoulder dangers."Above all, he recommended correct posture while carryingbulkypurses, keeping the head and shoulders aligned upright. Patients should also frequently change the size and weight of purses carried."The extra-large purses are quite phenomenal. They look beautiful when the women wear them, but I don't know how aware they are of the potential problems," Case said.如今,大手提包已成为职业女性一个不可缺少的时尚配件,而健康专家们日前发出警告,手提包也可能会成为一个不可小视的“健康杀手”。随着设计师将公文包和手提包的功能不断融合,女性用的手提包变得越来越大、越来越重,包带也随之加长,而这种额外的负担则让很多女性感到脖子、肩膀和背部不适。德克萨斯州加兰市贝勒医疗中心的家庭医生简·萨德勒说:“很多女性都有颈椎病和头疼病,而我通常则会从她们用的手提包来找原因。”“我们给她们用的手提包称重后发现,这些包的重量通常在6.2斤至9斤之间。如果女性继续用这种包,问题会越来越多。”德克萨斯州休斯敦的治疗专家威廉姆·凯斯说,颈部和肩膀问题的加重会影响到上背部,也就是说,坐在电脑前工作及进行体育运动时可能会感到上背部疼痛。他建议设计师们“在所有的包里加上一个可爱的‘温馨提示’标签,以提示女性朋友注意颈部和肩部健康。”他还特别强调了拎大手提包时要挺直身体。而且,颈椎和肩部有问题的女性应该经常交替使用不同大小和不同重量的包。凯斯说:“超大号的手提包确实很‘酷’,拎起来也很漂亮。但我不知道女性对于这种包可能带来的潜在健康问题究竟了解多少。”Vocabulary: briefcase: 公文包bulky: of large size(体积大的) /200803/30371Ingredients2 1/2 pounds of lean beef3 pints cold water2 tablespoons fine barley1/2 cup of diced carrot1 cup finely cut celery1 cup boiling water2 tablespoons of flour1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce1 tablespoon ketchupsalt and pepper to tasteInstructionsFrom your beef, cut off and lay aside about 1/4 of a pound, and pass the remainder through the meat chopper.Pour over it 3 pints of cold water, let stand for half an hour, then heat gradually, and simmer for three hours, then strain.Boil separately until tender the barley and diced carrot.Cut the reserved piece of meat into tiny pieces, peel and thinly slice one small onion, and brown with the meat in a spoonful of drippings.Add celery and 1 cup of boiling water and simmer for an hour.Stir in flour that has been smoothly mixed with cold water, add the meat stock gradually, and stir for a few moments.Bring to the boiling point, add the previously cooked carrot and barley, Worcestershire, ketchup, and salt and pepper to taste, then simmer for ten minutes longer. /200912/91212摘要:魔法指试图用某些超自然的力量控制自然或他人的行为。现代科学已为很多神秘现象的原因提供了科学的解释,但仍然有人迷信星相和算命之类的魔法。Magic is the practice of trying to control human actions or natural events by using powers that are supposed to be unnatural or superhuman. Now science has provided an increasingly greater understanding of the true caused of natural events, but many people still trust in such forms of magic as astrology and fortunetelling. Many people who believe in magic may carry magic objects called amulets or charms to protect themselves from harm. Amulets or charms may be stones or rings engraved with magic symbols.To work most magic, the magician, who is supposed to have supernatural powers, sings or speaks special words in a certain order. These words are called incantations or spells. Some spells are prayers to demons, spirits, or other supernatural forces. Other magic words have no meaning, though they are supposed to have power when spoken by a magician. The magician may combine words with actions to form a ceremony called a rite or ritual.Some people believe they can cause an event to happen by imitating what whey want to happen in a small scale. This magic is based on the belief that like produces like. For example, a magician trying to make rain fall may sprinkle water on the ground. Some people also believe a person can injure an enemy by damaging a lock of hair or a piece of clothing from the enemy. A magician can even cripple an enemy by putting a sharp object in that person’s footprint. People who believe in this kind of magic fear that an enemy can gain power over them by obtaining parts of their body. Therefore, they carefully dispose of their nails, hair, teeth, and even their body wastes. And for the same reason, witches and magicians may make a doll or some other likeness of an enemy, and try to harm the enemy by sticking pins into the doll or injuring it in some other way. The doll may have on it a lock of hair or a piece of clothing from the enemy. /200905/71424

高跟鞋是很多女性钟爱的物品之一,各大潮牌在2011年纷纷推出了一款既能增高又不让双脚受罪的高跟鞋——flatforms。   If you love wearing high-heeled shoes but hate the torturous impact they have on your feet, then your prayers could be answered by the latest trend in shoe fashion. Dubbed 'the shoe of 2011', flatforms are a striking new addition to the footwear repertoire of the fashion-conscious.  如果你喜欢穿高跟鞋,但又不愿意让双脚受折磨,那么最近流行的鞋品应该就是你一直在寻找的。被誉为“2011年度鞋品”的flatforms(暂译为“厚平底鞋”)是时尚达人们新近添置的最新鞋品。  Flatform shoes, or just simply flatformsfor short, are women's shoes that have a raised sole which is usually at least three (and sometime as much as five) inches (between 7 and 12 cm) thick. In conventional high-heeled shoes, the heel is much higher than the rest of the shoe, causing the wearer to place their foot at an angle. In flatforms, by contrast, the front of the shoe is the same height as the back, enabling the wearer to keep their foot completely flat. This means that the shoes are, allegedly, much more comfortable than traditional high-heels, making the wearer taller but keeping their feet level so they aren't forced to balance or hobble around at an awkward angle with toes on the ground and ankles in the air.  Flatforms(flatform shoes的缩写形式)指鞋底厚约3英寸(有时会到5英寸,也就是7到12厘米)的女鞋。传统的高跟鞋一般都是鞋跟部分要比鞋底高出很多,我们穿着的时候脚其实是位于一个三角形的架上。与之不同的是,“厚平底鞋”的前后鞋底高度相同,这样穿着的时候脚就是完全放平的。也就是说,这样的鞋应该要比传统的高跟鞋更舒适,帮助穿着的人增高的同时还能保持她们的双脚处于水平状态。女同胞们也不用以脚趾着地、脚踝悬空的姿势一瘸一拐走路了。 /201103/129143

A------Accept(接受) “世上没有十全十美的人”。记着,你爱他,就必须接受他的一切,甚至他的缺点。B――belief(信任) 不信任对方,经常以怀疑的口吻盘问对方,这种互相猜度的爱情就只有分手下场。 C――care(关心) 关心的程度正好表现你对她的重视程度,间或打个电话给她关心地问候一句:“工作辛苦吗?”又或者发短信给她:“天气凉了,别忘了加衣”。这些关心未必有实际用途,但起码能令对方暖在心头。如果还有情书,当然更OK:)。 D――digest(理解) 我们不是圣人,总有情绪起伏的时候,若对方是“凸”的时候,你何不做“凹”去忍耐一下她,安慰一下她呢。 E――enjoy(欣赏) 你应欣赏对方的一切,欣赏这段爱情带给你的开心、幸福。这样,你便会爱得更愉快,不要只懂埋怨,在鸡蛋里挑骨头。 F――freedom(自由) 纵然已婚,也应给予对方应有自由及保持秘密的权利。你的另一半不是你的终生奴隶,不要让她认为跟你结婚就等于被困笼中。 G――give(付出) 爱情这样东西不一定是你付出“一”,便会收回“一”。但不付出,便一定没有收获。对你的爱人,应有如对自己一样,毫无保留地付出,这才算得上真爱。 H――heart(心) 爱情最重要的道具是心,你必须真心对待,用心去爱。没有心,又怎称得上真心相爱。 I――independence(独立) 甜言蜜语的人会说:“我是为了你而生。”其实,每个人都有自己的生存意义,不应过分依赖对方,成为对方的沉重负担,甚至累赘。 J――jealousy(妒忌) 适当的妒忌、呷醋能表示你对对方的重视,但切记是合情合理的呷醋;反之,毫不讲理,大发雷霆地呷醋,必惹反感。 K――kiss(吻) 一吻胜过千言万语,轻轻的一吻已能代表你惜她、爱护她,所以请不要吝啬你的红唇 /200910/87752

【中英文对照】For most of us, the purpose of the holidays is to bring peace, love, and goodwill towards all. Yet, for many, the holiday season often means stress, fatigue, pressure, disappointment and loneliness.对我们大多数人来说,休假的目的是为获得清静、关爱和友善,但是对很多人来说,假日却常常意味着紧张、疲倦、压力、失望和孤寂。 These feelings, often known as the "holiday blues," may be even more prevalent, due to the emotional turmoil of the past few months, not to mention the unsteady economy.且不说变化不定的经济,过去几个月来情感上的波折就可能使这种被称为“假日忧伤”的情感更为普遍。Experts say even the more ritual tasks of shopping, decorating, late-night parties, cooking, planning and family reunions can be holiday stressors.   专家说,甚至购物、布置房间、深夜晚会、做饭、计划和家庭团聚这种人们习以为常的事,都可能成为假日紧张的因素。In addition, the psychological phenomenon known as seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, may bring a specific type of depression related to winter's shorter days and longer nights.   此外,季节情感紊乱症或称SAD的心理现象也可能导致一种与冬季昼短夜长有关的特殊类型的抑郁。"Certainly just because it's the holidays doesn't mean people are going to be happy," says Dr. Doug Jacobs of Harvard University. "And this will be a particularly hard holiday for some who are dealing with a lost job, debt, or even a lost loved one."   哈佛大学的Doug Jacobs士说:“当然,假日并不意味着大家都会很开心。对于那些正在应付失业、债务问题、甚至失去亲人的人来说,假期将尤其难熬。” /200906/72588

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