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胶南市中心医院网上预约系统青岛市新阳光医院The ed Kingdom is aly experiencing the highest number of swine-flu cases in Europe and that number is expected to grow exponentially now that the virus is firmly entrenched.Officially, Britain has recorded nearly 8,000 confirmed cases of H1N1, but the real total is thought to be much higher as symptoms for most are mild and they simply go undetected.Speaking in the House of Commons, Health Secretary Andy Burnham acknowledged that the initial strategy of containing the virus that is believed to have first arrived in April, was no longer a viable option."We could see over 100,000 cases per day by the end of August, though I stress this is only a projection," Burnham said.Since the virus is new, many people have no immunity, so it is sping rapidly.Although three people have died of the flu in Britain, most deal easily with the mild symptoms and get over it with or without anti-viral treatment in a few days.Initially, everyone in Britain who thought they might have picked up swine flu was tested. Those individuals and those close to them were given a course of anti-viral medication.Now that the number of cases is rising, that overriding strategy is being scrapped.People who think they might now have the virus are being urged to call their doctor and describe their symptoms over the phone. The doctor or general practitioner can then issue a prescription voucher that a friend of the affected person can pick up.Andy Burnham says that new approach speeds everything up."GPs (general practitioners) will now provide clinical diagnosis of swine flu cases rather than awaiting laboratory test results and primary care trusts will now begin to establish anti-viral collection points where necessary," Burnham said. "This new approach will also mean a move from the daily reported figures of laboratory confirmed cases from the Health Protection Agency to more general estimates of sp."The move will remove growing pressure on the health system.Burnham underlines that the virus is not becoming deadlier, only that it is becoming more widesp.Although there are enough anti-viral drugs for everyone in Britain, some health experts say they should be targeted only at the most vulnerable, because an overuse of the medication could lead to a virus resistance to treatment. 07/76714青岛新阳光女子网上咨询 Washington residents Aaron Spencer and Ahnna Smith enter a neighborhood bar to meet with managers about an application to expand their business upstairs.华盛顿居民阿龙·斯潘塞和阿恩娜·史密斯走进一个社区酒吧,但他们不是为了买酒喝。他们要和酒吧经理们开会,讨论酒吧经营者提出的把经营范围扩大到楼上的申请。Spencer and Smith are ANC commissioners. They both have typical day jobs but volunteer as commissioners to represent the interests of their neighbors to the Washington D.C. City Council.斯潘塞和史密斯是当地小区咨询委员会的代表。他们除了自己的一份全职工作外,还自愿为小区咨询委员会工作,代表他们所居住的小区在市政委员会中为居民们争取权益。ANC commissioners help oversee the small but important aspects of local government, The ones that define the character of a neighborhood - things like liquor licenses, zoning applications and on-street parking.小区咨询委员会帮助监督市政府运作中一些小的但是非常重要的方面,那些事情足以定义一个小区的特性,比如卖酒执照、区域划分申请、以及街边停车规定等等。Spencer and Smith were sworn into their local ANC last January in a large ceremony that included the swearing in of Washington’s new mayor and city council members.斯潘塞、史密斯以及劳伦·麦凯锡今年1月参加了一个大型仪式,宣誓就职成为小区咨询委员会委员。华盛顿市新市长和市委会成员也在同一个仪式上宣誓上任。Many city politicians began their careers as ANC commissioners but Spencer he says being a commissioner is a chance to give back to his community.斯潘塞知道,很多华盛顿市的政治人物就是从小区咨询委员会开始自己的政治生涯的。但是斯潘塞加入委员会,只是为了回馈社区。"I look at it more as a give-back," he says. "I don’t see it as a political start. I see it as a civic duty frankly."他说:“我更多地把这看成是一个回报的机会,而不是一个政治生涯的开始。说实话,我认为这是一种公民职责。”201105/135070AMERICANS looking for a new car nowadays often use online price-comparison sites such as AutoTrader, Edmunds and eBay to find the best deal. Most such sites charge dealers a small fee for passing on sales leads from shoppers who have submitted their details. TrueCar, a relative newcomer, does things differently. It charges dealers 0, but only when its introduction of a customer results in a sale, and it makes its dealers guarantee to honour their es, no excuses.如今的美国人若要买辆新车,通常会上一些比价网站来淘最好的价格,诸如AutoTrader, Edmunds和eBay等。这些网站多数将注册的经销商提供的销售线索展示在网页上,从中赚取小额报酬。而TureCar,作为行业相对年轻的成员,却有着不同的经营方法。它只在推荐的客户完成买卖后收取经销商300美元费用,前提是经销商无条件保履行其价格承诺。TrueCar taps into data from state vehicle-registration offices, car-loan providers and other sources to compile what it says are the most accurate figures available for what motorists pay for the same car locally. This can be several hundred dollars less than the sticker price, and is often below ;invoice;;the price that, according to the paperwork sent by the carmaker, represents the wholesale price the dealer paid. In fact dealers receive various rebates from carmakers, and make money from such things as loans and service contracts, so a modest profit is still possible.TureCar从车辆登记所、车贷机构和其他渠道得到的数据中总结出其所谓的最精准的当地最低车价,这个价格通常便宜几百美元,甚至经常低于;发票价;,即汽车厂商给予汽车经销商的纸面批发价。实际上经销商从厂商获取各种回扣,并通过像车贷及售后等务赚取利润,所以最低利润还是有的。But such heavy discounting alarms carmakers. Hondarsquo;s American arm recently told dealers it would cut off their marketing allowances;which can be worth hundreds of dollars for each car sold;if they did not stop offering sub-invoice prices on TrueCar and other sites. Honda insists dealers can sell at whatever price they wish, but it will not pay them to market its products as ;cheap; or ;low-end; cars. It also suggests that some dealers use such sites to ;bait-and-switch;, offering tantalisingly cheap cars they do not have, to reel in suckers, a practice many states ban.但如此大幅度的折扣引起了厂商的警觉。本田的美国车厂近日告知其经销商,如果不停止向诸如TrueCar等比价网站提供;低票价;,车厂将削减其营销费用,每车大约几百美元。本田表示经销商可以自己定价销售,但厂商不会为了将其产品宣传成;便宜货;或是;低档货;而付费用。本田更暗示说一些经销商利用网站进行诈骗,利用一些根本没有的超便宜车型吊顾客上钩再掉包销售,这在许多州都是被严令禁止的。TrueCar insists that the contracts it makes dealers sign commit them to deliver the cars they promise at the price ed. David Wilson, who recently told the 16 dealerships he owns in California to stop using TrueCar, says he has reason to share Hondarsquo;s scepticism: he plays back to The Economist a voicemail from a rival dealer who had ed him an attractive price via TrueCar on a new Lexus, calling to say that they did not have it in stock but could try to find one for him. TrueCar says there had been no hiding of the fact that the model concerned might no longer be available, and thus no question of ;bait-and-switch;; that this was a one-off case and that TrueCar has had few complaints so far. But it is awkward that a critic had so little trouble catching a dealer ing for a car it did not have.TrueCar坚称其要求经销商签订协议来保经销商按照约定的价格卖车。大卫。威尔森最近要求其在加利福尼亚州的16家经销商停止使用TrueCar,原因是他有理由相信本田对网站的质疑。他向《经济学人》杂志播放了一段音频,内容是对手经销商在TrueCar网站上给一款新雷克萨斯车型报了一个非常诱人的价格,但打电话过去后对方说没有该车库存并表示会尽力找一辆给他。TrueCar表示就此事而言,如果经销商没有隐瞒网上展示的车型没有存货,也就不构成;掉包诱售;的罪名。上述的事情只是个案,TrueCar表示至今收到投诉寥寥。而且那么容易就能抓到经销商;诈骗;有些不太正常。201201/167408市南区结扎恢复多少钱

台东区妇幼保健医院治霉菌阴道炎怎么样Leading anti-hunger advocates are fasting to protest U.S. budget-cutting proposals that could threaten some of the world's most vulnerable people.一些主要的反饥锇活动人士最近绝食,抗议美国政府削减预算的建议。他们认为,这些削减计划会危及世界上一些最容易受到伤害的人。The budget passed by the House of Representatives includes deep cuts to programs aimed at alleviating hunger and poverty in the ed States and around the world. These reductions follow an extension of the Bush-era tax cuts which benefit the nation's wealthiest people.国会众议院通过的预算方案中包括大幅削减一些旨在缓和美国和世界各地饥锇和贫困现象的项目。而在此之前,布什政府时期一些有利于美国许多最富有者的减税措施得以延长。"We just think that's wrong," says World Food Prize winner David Beckmann, president of the anti-hunger group B for the World. He vows to only drink water for a week to protest the proposed cuts.世界粮食奖获得者戴维·贝克曼是反饥锇组织“为世界争取面包”的主席。他指出,国会这样做是错误的。他誓言,在一个星期里只喝水,以此抗议拟议中的削减。Deep CutsBeckmann is especially concerned about a 40 percent reduction in emergency food aid for disaster victims and refugees - from .7 billion last year to billion in the house budget.贝克曼特别关注的是为受自然灾害影响的人以及难民提供紧急粮食援助的款项将被削减百分之40,从去年的17亿美元减少到众议院预算方案中的10亿美元。"If that would actually happen, we think it would mean cutting off something like 18 million people around the world who depend on food aid," he says. "These are some of the most desperate people in the world."他说:“如果真的削减了,世界各地大约1,800万依赖粮食援助的人将受到影响。而他们是世界上处境最糟糕的人。”The protest has been joined by more than 30 organizations, including Christian, Muslim, Jewish and secular groups. Organizers say about 4,000 people are fasting for varying periods of time.有30多个组织参加了贝克曼的抗议活动,其中包括基督教、穆斯林、犹太人组织和一些非宗教团体。抗议活动组织者说,一共有大约4千人进行时间长短不等的绝食。Former Congressman Tony Hall is leading the effort. In 1993, Hall fasted for 22 days to call attention to what he called Congress's lack of conscience toward poor and hungry people.前国会议员托尼·霍尔领导了这次活动。1993年,霍尔曾经绝食22天,以引起人们关注他所说的国会对贫困和饥饿的人的不闻不问态度。201104/130665青岛市妇保医院缩阴 在看今天的节目之前,Jessica想问一下大家,你们知道多少种水果的名称呢?我知道的反正不多,只能列出最常见的那些...但是在看了今天的节目之后,相信大家会有所收获的哟!07/77549胶南市第一人民妇保中医院是那里人开的

青岛那个医院可以做人流手术Chile's president says it will take several years to rebuild the country after Saturday's powerful earthquake and devastating tsunami that killed at least 800 people.智利总统说,在星期六的强烈地震和摧毁性的海啸之后,需要几年的时间重建国家。这次地震和海啸导致至少八百人死亡。Even as Chile's government struggles to deliver emergency supplies to an estimated two million displaced people, President Michelle Bachelet is being pressed to answer difficult questions about long-term reconstruction plans. Asked by a reporter how long it will take to rebuild a vast swath of national territory, she had this response.在智利政府竭尽全力向估计为两百万的流离失所民众分发紧急救援物资的同时,巴切莱特总统还不得不勉为其难地答复某些关于长期重建规划的问题。当一名记者询问需要多长时间在智利广阔的领土上进行重建时,巴切莱特通过翻译说:"Look, I think [it will take] at the very least the entire term of the next government, or at the very least three years after the next government [comes to power before rebuilding is complete]," she said.“我认为最起码需要下届政府花费整个任期的时间,或者在下届政府上任后至少需要三年的时间。”Chilean presidents serve four-year terms. Next week, Ms. Bachelet hands over the reins of power to President-elect Sebastian Pinera, whose inauguration is being overshadowed by the natural disaster that struck the country.智利总统的任期为四年。下星期,巴切莱特即将把权力移交给当选总统塞巴斯蒂安.皮涅拉,这位新总统的宣誓就职仪式由于这次自然灾害而蒙上阴影。Damage assessment is underway in Chile, but will likely take weeks to complete. Even so, President Bachelet has given a preliminary estimate of the reconstruction price tag, saying it could total billion.智利正在评估受灾损失,但是这项评估工作很可能需要几星期的时间才能完成。即使如此,巴切莱特总统已经对重建作出了初步估价,她说,重建工程可能总计会耗费三百亿美元。201003/97874 Corporate culture企业文化The view from the top, and bottom老板与员工的意见分歧Bosses think their firms are caring. Their minions disagree.老板们认为公司对员工关怀备至,但其下属却不以为然。AS WALMART grew into the world’s largest retailer, its staff were subjected to a long list of dos and don’ts covering every aspect of their work. Now the firm has decided that its rules-based culture is too inflexible to cope with the challenges of globalisation and technological change, and is trying to instil a “values-based” culture, in which employees can be trusted to do the right thing because they know what the firm stands for.随着沃尔玛发展成为全球最大零售商,其员工在工作的各方各面都受到了一大堆规则的限制。如今,沃尔玛已经认识到其以规则为基础的公司文化过于死板,无法应对全球化和科技变革所带来的挑战。所以,沃尔玛正尝试逐渐培养一种以价值观为基础的公司文化,在这种文化中,员工了解公司的主张,所以能够得到公司的信任,去做他们认为正确的事情。 “Values” is the latest hot topic in management thinking. PepsiCo has started preaching a creed of “performance with purpose”. Chevron, an oil firm, brands itself as a purveyor of “human energy”, though presumably it does not really want you to travel by rickshaw. Nearly every big firm claims to be building a more caring and ethical culture.“价值观念”是管理学思维最新的热门话题。百事可乐公司已开始宣扬一个信条:“目的性绩效”。石油公司雪佛龙在自己的商标上印上“‘人类体能’的供应商”的字样,尽管它大概并非真的希望你用人力车代步。几乎每一家大型企业都宣称自身正在发展更为关怀体贴、合乎道德的企业文化。A new study suggests there is less to this than it says on the label. Commissioned by Dov Seidman, boss of LRN, a firm that advises on corporate culture, and author of “How”, a book arguing that the way firms do business matters as much as what they do, and conducted by the Boston Research Group, the “National Governance, Culture and Leadership Assessment” is based on a survey of thousands of American employees, from every rung of the corporate ladder.一项新的研究显示,实际情况与商家们所标榜的有差距。LRN(一家企业文化顾问公司)的老板、同时也是《怎么做到的?》(本书主张企业的经营方式与其经营的业务同样重要)的作者多弗#8226;塞德曼委托波士顿研究集团进行这项“国家治理、文化和领导能力评估”的研究,该研究是以对来自公司各个级别的数千位美国雇员的调查为基础的。It found that 43% of those surveyed described their company’s culture as based on command-and-control, top-down management or leadership by coercion—what Mr Seidman calls “blind obedience”. The largest category, 54%, saw their employer’s culture as top-down, but with skilled leadership, lots of rules and a mix of carrots and sticks, which Mr Seidman calls “informed acquiescence”. Only 3% fell into the category of “self-governance”, in which everyone is guided by a “set of core principles and values that inspire everyone to align around a company’s mission”.研究发现,有43%的调查对象对其公司的文化有以下描述:以命令和指挥为基础、自上而下的管理模式或强制式的领导——塞德曼先生称之为“盲目从型”。所占百分比最多的调查对象,即有54%的人认为其公司文化自上而下型的,但公司的领导也有技巧可言,只是规则繁多并存在软硬兼施的手段,塞德曼先生称这种为“知情从型”。只有3%的调查对象属于“自我管理型”,即每个员工都被一套“核心原则和价值”所引导,这套原则和价值激励每个员工以公司的宗旨为中心进行工作。The study found evidence that such differences matter. Nearly half of those in blind-obedience companies said they had observed unethical behaviour in the previous year, compared with around a quarter in the other sorts of firm. Yet only a quarter of those in the blind-obedience firms said they were likely to blow the whistle, compared with over 90% in self-governing firms. Lack of trust may inhibit innovation, too. More than 90% of employees in self-governing firms, and two-thirds in the informed-acquiescence category, agreed that “good ideas are ily adopted by my company”. At blind-obedience firms, fewer than one in five did.研究也发现一些据,明这些公司文化之间的差异事关重大。在盲目从型企业中,几乎有过半数员工都称在前一年目睹过有违职业道德的行为,而在其他类型的企业中只有四分之一的员工有此经历。但是,在盲目从型企业中只有约四分之一的员工说他们可能会揭发这种行为,而在自我管理型企业中却有90%的员工会进行揭发。同样,上下级之间缺乏信任会抑制员工创新。自我管理型公司中超过90%的员工承认“绝妙的想法很容易会被公司采纳”,选择性顺从型公司中也有三分之二的员工这样认为。而在盲目从型公司中,持这种想法的人少于五分之一。Tragicomically, the study found that bosses often believe their own guff, even if their underlings do not. Bosses are eight times more likely than the average to believe that their organisation is self-governing. (The cheery folk in human resources are also much more optimistic than other employees.) Some 27% of bosses believe their employees are inspired by their firm. Alas, only 4% of employees agree. Likewise, 41% of bosses say their firm rewards performance based on values rather than merely on financial results. Only 14% of employees swallow this.令人哭笑不得的是,研究还发现老板们时常对自己瞎掰的那一套信以为真,即便员工们不以为然。老板们相信其公司是自我管理型公司的程度比普通员工高八倍。(人力资源部那些心情愉快的职员也比公司其他员工要乐观得多。)大约27%的老板认为自己公司的员工能够被公司所激励。奈何,只有4%的员工同意此说。同样,41%的老板称其公司对绩效的奖励是建基于价值观之上的,而不仅是业绩。然而只有14%的员工接受此说。201110/157091青岛山大医院电话预约挂号青岛哪家做人流医院好



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