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Seeing the seven wonders of the world, going on safari in Africa and swimming with dolphins are among the list of 50 things the average person wants to do before they die。参观世界七大奇迹、去非洲远行、和海豚一起游泳,这三件事上了英国年轻人们死前最想做的50件事的清单上。But sadly researchers have found that most adults will only ever fulfill five of their lifelong ambitions. Many feel they do not have enough time to tick off the experiences, while others admit to not being fit or adventurous enough or being too afraid of getting hurt。不过遗憾的是,研究者发现大多数人一生中只能达成5个一生的抱负。很多人说他们没有时间把想法一一实现,也还有一些承认他们没有足够的勇气,或是担心在完成这些事的过程中受伤。Becoming a millionaire, traveling the world, seeing the Northern Lights, trekking the Great Wall of China and being mortgage free are the top five respectively on the checklist of dreams。位列人们梦想清单的前五条分别是:成为百万富翁、环游世界、去北极看极光、登长城,以及还清所有贷款。Among the other less surprising entries are writing a novel, learning to speak another language, visiting the Egyptian pyramids and running a marathon。另外还有一些意料之中的事情,如写一部小说、学说一门外语、参观埃及金字塔以及跑一次马拉松。But ambitions that might fairly be considered less universal also feature, including travelling around New Zealand in a Winnebago motor home, inventing something that changes people lives, riding a Segway scooter and going to Harry Potter World in Florida。还有一些很多人想实现的梦想可能没那么大众:包括开着温尼贝戈房车环游新西兰、发明出能改变人类生活的东西、玩滑板车、去佛罗里达的哈利波特世界。Other boxes to tick range from gambling in Las Vegas, driving down Route 66 in the ed States and visiting Disneyland to meeting the Queen, learning to fly a helicopter and emigrating。其他梦想小到去、开车驶完美国66号公路全程、去迪士尼乐园,大到参见女王、学开直升飞机和移民[微]。The list was complied following a study commissioned by outdoor clothing company Helly Hansen of 2,000 adults. More than one third of people surveyed complained that they did not have enough time to achieve their ambition。这个清单是一项研究的成果,由户外运动装公司Helly Hansen委托,共调查了2000名成年人。超过三分之一的受调查者抱怨自己没有时间去实现自己的抱负。More than a quarter also did not believe they were fit enough to attempt their ultimate goal and 12 per cent confessed that had no ambitions at all. Nearly half also realised that they have to be more adventurous to achieve their ambitions。另有四分之一以上的人认为身体状况的使他们无法达成最终目标,还有12%承认他们根本没有抱负。近半数的人也已经意识到他们必须要更大胆冒险再能达成抱负。A spokesperson from Helly Hansen told The Daily Express: #39;It is fantastic to see that so many people still have a passion for taking to the outdoors in order to experience new challenges。Helly Hansen的发言人对《每日快报》表示说:“这很不可思议,看到这么多人仍然怀着,去户外迎接新的挑战。#39;But it is a real shame to see that some may not achieve lifelong ambitions because of a lack of faith in their own ability。“不过我们也很遗憾地看到,一些人对自己的能力缺乏信心,无法达成他们的终生目标。” /201508/392196。

They claim to hold the hands of time at bay by smoothing wrinkles and plumping up skin. But expensive collagen creams are a waste of money, scientists said today. They say that the collagen molecules in the enticing-sounding lotions and potions are so large that very few make it through the skin. 一般认为,骨胶原抗皱面霜能除皱唤肤,防止衰老。然而科学家却表示,骨胶原面霜虽然价格不菲,但并无实在功效,因为这些让人眼花缭乱的护肤品所含的骨胶原分子太大,不能透过皮肤而真正被吸收。 Richard Guy, professor of pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Bath, said: 'The idea created by many of these products is that collagen can get through the upper layers of skin and reinforce our own natural collagen, but this is preposterous. 巴斯大学药物学教授理查德 盖伊称:"许多产品都宣称骨胶原可以渗透浅层皮肤,补充人体骨胶原数量。纯属无稽之谈,因为骨胶原分子太大,皮肤结构会直接把大分子物质隔离在外。" "The simple fact is that collagen is a huge molecule and the skin is designed to keep such substances out." As a result, they sit on the surface of the face until they are rubbed off or washed away. Jonathan Hadgraft, professor of biophysical chemistry at the University of London's school of pharmacy, said: 'There is a popular belief that about 60 per cent of such creams is absorbed through the skin but the reality is that most of it just stays on the skin. 结果是骨胶原只会附着在脸部皮肤表面,一擦、一洗就掉。伦敦大学药学院生物物理化学教授乔纳森 哈德格拉斐特说:"人们普遍认为60%的面霜都会被皮肤吸收,然而事实却是大部分都只附着在表皮。如果真能渗透皮肤、进入血液,就应归为药物了。" "If it did penetrate the skin and get into the blood, it would have to be classed as a medicine." Collagen is a protein that gives skin its strength and elasticity. With the amount we make falling as we age, the protein has become a key ingredient of many creams that claim to rejuvenate the skin and smooth away wrinkles. 骨胶原是一种能增强皮肤弹性的蛋白质。随着年龄的增长,骨胶原含量会慢慢降低,于是许多面霜便鼓吹这一成分能抚平皱纹,恢复肌肤活力。 /201110/156049。

You are careful with your money: you collect all kinds of coupons; look for group-buy deals if you dine out; you don#39;t buy clothes unless in a sale. Does all this make you a shrewd consumer?你花钱很谨慎:收集各类优惠券,外出就餐找团购,只有在打折时才买衣。而所有这些真的使你成为一位精明的买家吗?Let#39;s do the math first: you walk into a coffee shop and see two deals for a cup of coffee. The first deal offers 33 percent extra coffee. The second takes 33 percent off the regular price. What#39;s the better deal?我们先来做道数学题:你走进一间咖啡店,看到咖啡有两种优惠方式。第一种是加量33%;第二种是降价33%。哪种方式更划算?Well, they are about the same, you#39;d think. And you#39;d be wrong. The deals appear to be equivalent, but in fact, they are different.好吧,你可能觉得两者没什么不同。那么你就错了。这两种优惠看似相同,但实际上却是完全不同。Here#39;s the math: Let#39;s say the standard coffee is 10 yuan and let#39;s divide the amount of coffee into three portions. That makes about 3.3 yuan per portion.计算方式如下:让我们假设咖啡的标价为10元,我们把咖啡份量分成三份。平均每份价格约为3.3元。The first deal gets you 4 portions for 10 yuan (2.5 yuan per portion) and the second gets you 3 portions of coffee for 6.6 yuan (2.2 yuan per portion) and is therefore a better deal.通过第一种优惠方式,你花10元钱能买到4份,平均每份2.5元。第二种,你可以花6.6元买到三份,平均每份2.2元,因此第二种优惠更加划算。In a new study published by the Journal of Marketing, participants were asked the same question, and most of them chose the first deal, the Atlantic website reported.《大西洋月刊》网站报道称,在发表在《市场营销杂志》上的一项最新研究中,参与者们被问及上述同样的问题,他们之中的大多数人选择第一种优惠。Why? Because getting something extra for free feels better than getting the same for less. The applications of this insight into consumer psychology are huge.是何原因?因为与低价购买相同事物相比,免费获得额外加赠感觉更好。而这一见解也被广泛应用到消费者心理领域之中。Instead of offering direct discounts, manufacturers or shops offer larger sizes or free samples.厂商及店家们提供加量装或免费小样,而并非直接打折。According to the study, the reason why these marketing tricks work is that consumers don#39;t really know how much anything should cost, so we rely on parts of our brains that aren#39;t strictly quantitative.该研究显示,这些营销陷阱之所以奏效,原因就在于消费者实在搞不清商品的成本是多少,所以我们就依靠我们大脑中并不严格定量的部分来判断。There are some pitfalls we should be aware of when shopping. First of all, we are heavily influenced by the first number.购物时,我们要警惕一些陷阱。首先,我们深受第一眼数字的影响。Suppose you are in Hong Kong on a shopping spree. You walk into Hermes, and you see a 100,000 yuan bag. “That#39;s crazy.” You shake your head and leave.假设你在香港血拼。当走进爱马仕店时,你看到一个标价十万人民币的包。“这太疯狂了。”你摇摇头,走开了。The next shop is Gucci, a handbag here costs 25,000 yuan. The price is still steep, but compared to the 100,000 yuan price tag you just committed to your memory, this is a steal. Stores often use the gap in prices to set consumer#39;s expectation.接下来你来到古驰店,这里的一个手提包价值两万五千元。价格依旧令人咋舌,但比起你刚刚印在脑海中的那个十万元的价格标签,这实在是便宜。商店经常利用价格差来设定消费者的消费预期。Another -prey we often fall to is that we are not really sure what things are worth. And so we use cues to tell us what we ought to pay for them.另外一个让我们深受其害的陷阱是我们确实不知道商品值多少钱。所以我们利用一些暗示来告诉自己应该花多少钱。US economist Dan Ariely has done an experiment to prove this. According to the Atlantic, Ariely pretended he was giving a poetry recital.美国经济学家丹#8226;阿雷利通过一项实验明了这一点。据《大西洋月刊》报道称,阿雷利谎称自己将要举办诗歌朗诵会。He told one group of students that the tickets cost money and another group that they would be paid to attend.他告诉一组学生说门票是收费的,告诉另一组学生说参加活动是有报酬的。Then he revealed to both groups that the recital was free. The first group was anxious to attend, believing they were getting something of value for free.然后他再告诉两组人真相:朗诵会是免费的。第一组人便急于参加,深信他们免费获得了一些有价值的东西。The second group mostly declined, believing they were being forced to volunteer for the same event without compensation.而第二组人大部分都婉拒了,认为他们被迫为同一个事件志愿务,却没有补偿。What#39;s a poetry recital by an economist worth? The students had no idea. That#39;s the point. Do we really know what a shirt is worth? What about a cup of coffee? What#39;s the worth of a life insurance policy? Who knows? Most of us don#39;t.一位经济学家的诗歌朗诵会价值几何呢?学生们并不清楚。这便是关键所在。我们真的知道一件衬衫的价值吗?那么一杯咖啡的价值呢?一张人寿保险单的价值是多少?谁知道?我们大多数人都会摇头。As a result, our shopping brain uses only what is knowable: visual clues, triggered emotions, comparisons, and a sense of bargain versus rip-off. We are not stupid. We are just susceptible.结果,我们的购物大脑只使用那些已知的事物:视觉线索、被激发的情绪、货比三家,以及便宜货VS宰人品的较量之感。我们不愚蠢,只是容易受到影响。 /201208/194145。

Failure sucks. But if your planning on doing anything important you are going to have to get used to it. Embarrassment, frustration and even bad situations you can’t control are going to be part of life. What can you actually do about them instead of just having a “positive attitude?”失败的感觉糟透了。但是如果你打算做任何重要的事情,你就必须要习惯这种感觉。难堪、沮丧,甚至是一些你无法控制的糟糕的情况都会是生活中的一部分。只有“积极的态度”是不够的,你还应该做些什么呢?1. Find a Meaning1. 找到一种意义Ask yourself how you can use the bad experience. Here are some ways you can find a meaning in your situation to move past it:问问自己该怎样利用这段糟糕的经历。你可以通过下面这个问题来发现某段糟糕经历的意义,从而走出这段痛苦:What has it taught you?它教给你什么?Has it made you stronger/kinder/wiser?它是否让你更坚强/更善良/更睿智?Even simply enduring a bad moment has meaning in making your happy moments better.哪怕只是单纯地忍受一段糟糕的时间也有它的意义:让你的快乐时光显得更快乐。2. Keep a Failure Log2. 写失败日志Keep track of any failures, embarrassments or blunders. Using a failure log you can give yourself a little checkmark of accomplishment. It may seem odd to reward failures in this way, but rewarding your failures serves two main purposes:记录你经历的任何失败、难堪或错误。通过写失败日志你可以发现自己都犯过那些错误。这样对待失败似乎有些奇怪,但它有两个主要目的:It makes you more willing to take chances when the only risk is to your pride.当唯一的风险是你的自尊时,你会更愿意冒险。It causes you to focus more on learning and growth than external recognition.你会更专注于学习和成长,而不是外界的看法。I’ve even heard from other people that if they don’t have at least a few major failures each year, they don’t believe they were trying hard enough.我甚至听人说过,如果他们每年没至少犯几个大错误,他们都不相信自己已经足够努力了。3. Find a New Goal3. 寻找一个新目标Don’t dwell in the past. The best way to get out of a rut is to start building momentum again. Get a new goal or pursuit. A new challenge will get you to stop thinking about your failure and get you to focus on something positive. A new goal will also give the opportunity for future successes instead of dwelling on a current stumble.不要活在过去。走出深渊的最好办法就是重新开始积累动力。寻找一个新的目标或追求。一个新的挑战会让你停止思考之前的失败,专注于积极的东西。一个新的目标还会为未来的成功提供机会,而不是纠结于眼前的失败。4. Remove Chronic Sources of Stress4. 消除长期的压力来源You ability to handle big stresses depends on how well you handle the little ones. If your life is constantly driving you crazy, you need to reconstruct it to better handle stress. There are aly many resources on handling stress, but here are a few quick tips:你处理沉重压力的能力取决于你应对较小压力的能力。如果你的生活一直让你感到崩溃,你需要重新调整一下,以便更好地应对压力。关于如何应对压力已经有很多方法,下面是一些快速减压小妙招:Keep your energy high by staying in shape.保持体形以确保自己有旺盛的精力。Fire people from your life who are a source of chronic negativity.把那些长期给你带来消极因素的人赶出你的生活。Find outlets for your stress that help you recover instead of intensifying the frustration.为你的压力找个出口会有助于减压而不会加剧沮丧情绪。5. Build a Support Base5. 打造一个后援团Building a support base of colleagues and mentors will help you when times are rough. This is definitely a situation where you need to prepare in advance. Even if you aren’t having to deal with a particularly difficult situation right now, you might need some reinforcement in the future.打造一个同事和顾问组成的后援团,会在艰难时刻为你提供帮助。你需要为此提前做好准备。哪怕你现在并没有面临什么棘手的问题,未来你也许会需要一些帮助。Have the right peers and mentors who will encourage you past your mistakes. Here are some tips for attracting the right people into your life:找一些能够鼓励你走出错误阴影的伙伴和顾问。下面这些建议告诉你如何把这些对的人吸引到你的生活中来:You give what you get. Be extra attuned to the needs of your friends and they will do the same.你给予什么就得到什么。更习惯于你朋友的需求,他们也会同样对待你。Spend less time on negative people. If you can’t eliminate them entirely, reduce your interactions so you can focus more on better relationships.离那些消极的人远一些。如果你不能把他们完全赶出你的生活,那就减少你们的接触,这样你就可以更专注于良性的关系。6. Be Humble6. 保持谦虚态度A sense of humility and humor can keep you moving forward when things are tough. I’m not a follower that says overwhelming confidence is the approach to success. Being humble in your abilities but confident in your chances to grow will let you shrug off failures. I never would have stuck to blogging unless I had cultivated the humility that told me it would be a lot of hard work.谦逊感和幽默感可以帮助你在艰难时刻继续前进。我并不相信压倒性的自信心就可以通向成功。在自己的能力上保持谦虚,但在自己成长的机会上保持自信,这会让你摆脱失败。如果不是我的谦逊感告诉我我要付出很多努力,我可能就不会坚持写客。Humility doesn’t necessarily mean you have low self-esteem. It just means you are focused more on doing things without expecting immediate success.谦虚并不意味着你就要自卑。这只是说你应该更关注做事情本身,而不是期待短时间内取得成功。Many Eastern philosophies emphasize goalless action. This doesn’t mean that you should not strive for anything, but that you should detach yourself from the outcome. If you win, great. If you lose, then you are one step closer.许多东方的哲学思想都强调无为而治。这并不是说你什么都不该争取,而是说你不要关注结果。如果你赢了,当然很好。如果你输了,你至少离成功又近了一步。7. Stop Analyzing and Start Doing Something New7. 不要再分析,开始做些新的事情There is a maximum limit to how much you can learn from an experience. That limit is actually fairly small with an isolated incident. If you give one speech and it fails, you might be able to learn one or two points of improvement. That’s it. Anything you “learn” after this threshold is just speculation which is often incorrect.你能从一段经历当中学习当的东西是有上限的。就一个单独的事件而言,其实极其有限。如果你发表了一次演讲结果失败了,你也许可以学会在一两点上做出改进。仅此而已。而在这之后你所“学到”的东西其实只不过是些推测,而且多半还不正确。I’ve seen people in failed relationships, goals that went sour or broken commitments, try to learn everything from just one failure. Unfortunately, the only way you can learn isn’t just to fail once but to fail dozens of times. Trying to scoop up too much information on a bad situation just leaves you feeling miserable with the false sensation that you are accomplishing something useful.我见过那些经历了情感破裂、目标失败或承诺破碎的人,他们试图从一次失败里学会一切。不幸的是,你想要学会,唯一的办法不是经历一次失败,而是无数次失败。试图从一次失败里总结出过多的信息只会让你感觉痛苦,让你误以为自己做了一件很有用的事。 /201301/222565。

A 12-Hour Window for a Healthy Weight限时饮食可以预防甚至逆转肥胖 Scientists, like mothers, have long suspected that midnight snacking is inadvisable. But until a few years ago, there was little in the way of science behind those suspicions. Now, a new study shows that mice prevented from eating at all hours avoided obesity and metabolic problems — even if their diet was sometimes unhealthful。长期以来,母亲们都认为不宜在半夜吃零食,科学家们对此也持有相同的看法。但直到几年前,人们也只是有此怀疑,却没有多少科学据可以持它。现在,一项在小鼠中进行的新研究显示,即使有时候它们的饮食不够健康,但只要不是一天到晚吃个不停,就可避免肥胖和代谢问题。Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego and elsewhere began experimenting with the eating patterns of laboratory mice in a previous study. On that occasion, some mice consumed high-fat food whenever they wanted; others had the same diet but could eat only during an eight-hour window. None exercised. The mice that ate at all hours soon grew chubby and unwell, with symptoms of diabetes. But the mice on the eight-hour schedule gained little weight and developed no metabolic problems. Those results were published in 2012.在此前的一项研究中,美国圣地亚哥索尔克生物研究所(Salk Institute for Biological Studies)和其他机构的研究人员们开始对实验室小鼠的饮食模式进行实验。在该研究中,有一部分小鼠可以依自己的喜好,随时食用高脂肪食物,而其他小 鼠虽然也可以享用完全相同的饮食,但它们每天可以进食的时间限制在八小时。两组小鼠都未进行任何运动。全天均可进食的小鼠很快就胖得圆滚滚的,健康也发生 了问题,出现了糖尿病的症状。但是严格遵照八小时时间表进食的小鼠体重几乎没有增加,而且也未出现代谢问题。上述研究结果在2012年发表。For the new study, which appeared in the journal Cell Metabolism in December, Salk scientists fed groups of adult males one of four diets: high-fat, high-fructose, high-fat and high-sucrose, and regular mouse kibble. Some of the mice in each dietary group were allowed to eat whenever they wanted throughout their waking hours; others were restricted to feeding periods of nine, 12 or 15 hours. The caloric intake for all the mice was the same。而在去年12月发表于《细胞-代谢》(Cell Metabolism)杂志上的新研究中,索尔克生物研究所的科学家们分别以四种不同的饮食喂养四组成年雄性小鼠:高脂肪、高果糖、高脂肪兼高糖以及普通 鼠粮。在每个饮食组中,又允许一部分小鼠在清醒状态下的任何时候进食,其他小鼠每天的进食时间则分别限制在9、12或15小时。所有小鼠摄入的热量卡路里 数均相同。Over the course of the 38-week experiment, some of the mice in the time-restricted groups were allowed to cheat on weekends and eat whenever they chose. A few of the eat-anytime mice were shifted to the restricted windows midway through the study。在为期38周的实验过程中,限时进食的小鼠中又有一部分获准在周末“放纵一下”,随心所欲地在任何时间进食。在研究的中途,还有几只原本随时可以进食的小鼠被转移入限时进食组。By the end, the mice eating at all hours were generally obese and metabolically ill, reproducing the results of the earlier study. But those mice that ate within a nine- or 12-hour window remained sleek and healthy, even if they cheated occasionally on weekends. What’s more, mice that were switched out of an eat-anytime schedule lost some of the weight they had gained。在研究结束时,随时可以进食的小鼠普遍都变得肥胖,并患上了代谢疾病,这印了早期的研究结果。但相比之下,即使周末偶有放肆,那些平时每天只有9 或12小时可以进食的小鼠体型保持得很好,身体也很健康。更重要的是,从随时进食组转入限时进食组的小鼠原本增加的体重也有一定程度的减轻。“Time-restricted eating didn’t just prevent but also reversed obesity,” says Satchidananda Panda, an associate professor at the Salk Institute who oversaw the studies. “That was exciting to see。” Mice that consumed regular kibble in fixed time periods also had less body fat than those that ate the same food whenever they chose。“限时饮食不仅可以预防肥胖,还可以逆转肥胖,”该研究的负责人,索尔克生物研究所的副教授萨特旦安达·潘达(Satchidananda Panda)说,“这样的发现真令人兴奋。”此外,与在一天的任何时间都可以食用鼠粮的小鼠相比,每天只能在固定时段食用相同食物的小鼠的体脂肪量也较 低。Precisely how a time-based eating pattern staved off weight gain and illness is not fully understood, but Dr. Panda and his colleagues believe that the time at which food is eaten influences a body’s internal clock. “Meal times have more effect on circadian rhythm than dark and light cycles,” Dr. Panda says. And circadian rhythm in turn affects the function of many genes in the body that are known to involve metabolism。目前尚不完全清楚基于时间的进食模式是如何避免体重增加和疾病的,不过,潘达士及其同事们认为,进食的时间影响了身体内部的生物钟。潘达士指出:“进食时间对昼夜节律的影响比光暗周期更大。”反过来,昼夜节律又可以影响体内许多已知与新陈代谢有关的基因的功能。 /201508/394024。

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