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Plenty of us turn to takeout when we#39;re feeling too sick to cook. But a Belfast woman#39;s order has gone viral after she asked for a side order of medicine with her food.我们很多人在生病时不愿做饭,就会叫份儿外卖。但近日英国贝尔法斯特一位女士的外卖订单火了,因为她在订餐之余还请送餐人员顺便帮她买药。Feeley#39;s Fish And Chip Shop received the unusual request from Fiona Cuffe on December 30.12月30日,费利家炸鱼薯条店收到了菲奥纳·卡夫的这份不寻常的外卖订单。In the ;#39;additional comments; section, she#39;d written, ;Will you please stop in Spar on the way and get me Benylin cold and flu tablets and I#39;ll give you the money, only ordering food so I can get the tablets I#39;m dying sick xx.;这位顾客在附加说明上写着:“麻烦您能在来的路上顺便帮我去Spar买些Benylin伤寒流感药片吗?我会付药钱的,只有点个外卖我才能拿到药。我快难受死了。”Feeley#39;s shared a photo of the receipt on Facebook with the caption ;Words absolutely fail me.;这家餐厅将这张收据拍了照发到了脸书上,标题为“我完全不知道该说什么好。”Despite being taken aback, the restaurant fulfilled the order.虽然感到惊讶,但是餐厅还是按照订单要求满足了这位顾客。The original photo has been shared nearly 3,000 times on Facebook, with many commenters from around the world praising Feeley#39;s customer service. Even Fiona#39;s father John posted his thanks.这张原照在脸书上被分享了近3000次,世界各地的许多人留言赞赏了费利餐厅的暖心。菲奥纳的父亲约翰也在网上表示了自己的感谢。The restaurant#39;s social media manager, Daniel Casey, told CNN they were ;shocked to see such a strange request -- but I admired her skill to get what she needed!;餐厅的社交媒体经理丹尼尔·凯西在接受CNN采访时说道:“一开始我们看到这么特别的要求时很惊讶,但是我很欣赏菲奥纳这种想方设法满足自己需求的能力。”And just in case Fiona#39;s medicine didn#39;t perk her up, Feeley#39;s even offered to send her a free meal when she#39;s feeling better.如果药物还不能让菲奥纳振作起来,费利餐厅甚至提出等她好一些以后免费送她一餐。 /201701/489593

Living in a culture that is different from your own can be both an exciting and challenging experience.生活在一个和自己文化不同的社会里,可能是一个既令人兴奋、又充满挑战的经历。You have to learn different cultural practices and try to adapt to them. Following are the top six cultural differences between China and the US.你必须了解不同文化的行为习惯,并且努力适应它们。以下是中国和美国之间的六点文化差异。1.Privacy1.隐私Chinese people do not have the same concept of privacy as Americans do. They talk about topics such as ages, income or marital status, which Americans think is annoying and intrusive.中国人的隐私概念和美国人不同。中国人谈论年龄、收入、或者婚姻状况,而美国人则认为这些话题非常令人不快、具有侵入性。2.Family2.家庭In China, elders are traditionally treated with enormous respect and dignity while the young are cherished and nurtured.在中国,老人们通常都享有巨大的尊重和受尊崇的地位,而年轻一辈则被悉心呵护、培养。In America, the goal of the family is to encourage independence, particularly that of the children. Unlike the Chinese, older Americans seldom live with their children.但是在美国,家庭的目标是鼓励独立,特别是孩子们。和中国人不同,美国老人很少和自己的孩子们住在一起。3.Friends3.朋友Chinese people have different meanings to define friends. Just hanging out together time to time is not friendship. Friendship means lifelong friends who feel deeply obligated to give each other whatever help might seem required.中国人对朋友有不同的定义。只是经常一起出门玩的人不叫朋友。朋友是指那些永远觉得有义务向对方提供所需任何帮助的人。Americans always call people they meet friends, so the definition of friends is general and different. There are work friends, playing friends, school friends and drinking friends.美国人经常称呼他们遇到的人为朋友,因此他们对朋友的定义很一般,并且各有不同。有工作的朋友,有一起玩的朋友,有学校的朋友,有喝酒的朋友。4.Money4.金钱As is well known, the Chinese like to save. They are always conservative when they are planning to spend money.众所周知,中国人喜欢存钱。当计划花钱的时候中国人总是很保守。It is different in the USA, where far fewer families are saving money for emergencies and education than their Chinese counterparts.但是在美国则不同,和中国家庭相比,很少有美国家庭为紧急情况和教育存钱。5.Education5.教育Chinese people value education and career more than Americans, who in turn put more emphasis on good character and faith.中国人看重教育和事业,而美国人则更强调好品格和信仰。6.Collectivism vs. Individualism6.集体主义VS个人主义Basically China values the community and the US values the individual. If you achieve something in the US, it#39;s because you were great.总的来说,中国更加看重集体,而美国则更看重个人。在美国,如果你取得了一些成就,那是因为你自己的功劳。While in China, if you achieve something in China it#39;s because the team, or family, or company is great.但是在中国,如果你取得了一些成就,那会被归功于你的团队、家庭或者公司。Everything you do gets attributed to the greater whole, while in America individual merits are celebrated.在中国你所做的一切都归功于更大的集体,但是在美国则更加认可个人的功绩。 /201612/483295

Over the next few months in the northern hemisphere, suicides are likely to become more common. Why?在北半球接下来的几个月里,自杀现象可能会更加普遍,这是为什么呢?Studies dating back to the 1800s have found that suicides peak in the spring and are lowest in winter.19世纪的研究发现,自杀率在春季达到顶峰,在冬季最低。;If we take winter as a baseline, then there#39;s a 20-60% higher suicide rate during spring,; says Fotis Papadopoulos, a professor of psychiatry at Uppsala University in Sweden, who has been studying the association.瑞典乌普萨拉大学精神病学教授福蒂斯·帕帕多普洛斯表示:“如果我们以冬季的自杀率为基准,那么春季的自杀率将高出20-60%。”This seems rather counterintuitive considering that darker days are linked to low mood. How could this be?这似乎是相当违反我们的认知的,我们通常认为萎靡的心情与较暗的天气有关。那这到底是怎么一回事呢?One possibility is that this is a result of changing levels of serotonin – a neurotransmitter that regulates mood – within the brain.一个可能的原因就是,这是血清素水平升高的结果,即5-羟色胺(一种在大脑内调节心境的神经递质)。Studies have found that serotonin levels in the blood are higher during the summer than the winter, and that there#39;s a positive correlation between serotonin synthesis and the hours of sunshine on the day that a blood sample is taken.研究发现,夏季血液中5-羟色胺水平高于冬季,血清素合成与摄取当天阳光时间呈正相关。There#39;s also a further connection, in that selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressants, which boost serotonin, have been linked to risk of suicide in a small number of patients.还有一个更进一步的联系:在选择性5-羟色胺再摄取抑制剂(SSRI)抗抑郁药中,其促进5-羟色胺与少数患者的自杀风险相关。;We know that when we treat patients with antidepressants it can take at least three or four weeks to raise their mood,; says Papadopoulos. ;During this time, some people become more physically active or agitated, which could potentially make them more likely to act on their thoughts. Maybe sunshine acts in a similar way in a minority of people.;帕帕多普洛斯说道:“我们知道,当我们用抗抑郁药治疗患者时,可能需要至少三到四个星期来使他们恢复好心情。在这段时间里,有些人变得更加活跃或激动,这可能会使他们更有可能采取行动。或许阳光对一部分人起到的是同样的作用。” /201704/501866

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