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成都/耘涛美容纹绣培训学校学习韩式半永久雾眉毛多少钱广安洗眉毛一般多少钱韩式眉毛培训学校哪家好 Iran's President to Visit India to Discuss Energy Issues伊朗总统将访印 两国关系有改善 Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is expected to make a brief visit to India before the end of the month. It will be the first trip to the South Asian nation by an Iranian head of state in five years. Discussions are expected to include a proposed Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline. India's long-standing and friendly ties with Iran put it at odds with U.S. efforts to isolate Tehran over its controversial nuclear program.  伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德将在4月底前往印度做简短访问,这将是5年来伊朗领导人对印度的首次访问。预期两国领导人将就拟议中的伊朗到巴基斯坦再到印度的输油管道交换意见。印度和伊朗的长期友好关系与美国因为伊朗有争议的核项目而孤立伊朗的努力形成对比。 Indian government officials say Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will make a brief stop in New Delhi before the end of April on his way to Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  印度政府官员说,伊朗总统内贾德将在4月底前往巴基斯坦和斯里兰卡的途中,在新德里做短暂逗留。The first visit by an Iranian president to New Delhi in five years comes amid U.S. efforts to have India and other nations increase pressure on Tehran to halt its suspected nuclear weapons development program.  这是5年来伊朗总统第一次访问印度,目前为了制止伊朗涉嫌开展的核武器项目,美国正努力敦促印度等国家向德黑兰施加压力。The diplomatic relationship between Iran and India suffered after 2005, when the government here supported an International Atomic Energy Agency vote finding Iran in non-compliance with its international nuclear obligations.  印度和伊朗的外交关系2005年之后开始走下坡,当时印度政府持国际原子能机构有关伊朗没有履行国际核能义务的报告。Research fellow Shebonti Ray Dadwal at India's Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses says ties, however, are improving.  印度国防研究及分析研究所的研究人员达德沃尔说,印度和伊朗的关系正在改善:"Over the last few months I think India has again put Iran back on the focus of its diplomatic relations," Dadwal said. "Relations had really, I think, gone down to a large extent. But now it's back on track."  “我认为这几个月来印度已经再次把伊朗作为外交关系的重点对象。我觉得两国关系一度的确低落,但是如今又返回轨道。”India's national security adviser, M.K. Narayanan, confirmed Sunday that the Iranian leader would visit New Delhi "shortly." India favors diplomatic engagement with Iran, while the ed States prefers an approach of isolating the Islamic republic in response to its nuclear ambitions.  印度国家安全顾问纳拉亚南星期天确认伊朗领袖即将访问新德里。印度希望与伊朗保持外交接触,而美国则由于伊朗的核野心而倾向于孤立这个伊斯兰国家。Narayanan contends that India, as home to the world's second largest Shia Muslim population, should view its relationship with Iran as a domestic issue as much as it is a foreign policy matter. Narayanan, in comments made to an international strategic forum in New Delhi, flatly rejected India joining any multi-national compact to pressure Iran over the nuclear issue. The national security adviser says India is better situated than any other nation to talk with Iran and New Delhi wants to avoid what he called "conflict diplomacy."India has another reason for deepening its long-standing relationship with Iran. With a booming economy and a serious shortage of energy, India hopes to tap Iranian natural gas through a planned 2700 kilometer pipeline that would transit Pakistan.  印度还有另外一个原因要进一步加强跟伊朗的长期关系。随着印度经济的蓬勃发展与能源严重短缺,印度希望通过一项穿越巴基斯坦,长达2千7百公里的输送管道计划获得伊朗的天然气。Talks among the three countries' petroleum ministers concerning the multi-billion dollar pipeline project are due to resume Wednesday in Islamabad.  这三个国家的石油部长将于星期三在伊斯兰堡恢复有关谈判,继续讨论这项价值亿万美元的输气管道计划。Analyst Shebonti Ray Dadwal says the project, in the works for many years, still faces barriers before any gas would begin flowing through Pakistan to India.  分析人士达德瓦尔说,虽然这个项目已经酝酿多年,但是要想让天然气开始通过巴基斯坦的管道输往印度,仍然需要解决一些障碍:"Officially the big hitch is pricing," Dadwal said. "They (Iran) had promised to sell it at a much lower price. Now they suddenly almost doubled the price. So that is a problem for India and Pakistan. Between India and Pakistan also the transit fee issue has yet to be resolved."  “官方的一大障碍是价格。伊朗曾经许诺以更低的价格出售其天然气,现在他们突然加价近一倍。这对印度和巴基斯坦来说是个问题。另外,印巴之间还没有解决输送费的问题。”Another hitch, analysts say, is strong U.S. opposition to the project. 分析人士说,另外一个障碍是美国坚决反对该项目。Also still pending is a deal for the export of five million tons of liquefied natural gas over 25 years from Iran to India. That contract, estimated to exceed billion also faces a price dispute. 伊朗和印度之间还需要签署的另外一项协议是,伊朗要在25年期间向印度出口5百万吨液化天然气。这项协议的价值估计超过200亿美元,但也陷入价格争端。 200804/35992Welcome back to English at Work where Anna is very… well, very happy!欢迎回到“职场英语”,安娜像是十分高兴!Youre in a good mood Anna.安娜,你心情很好啊。Well, Im just back from France, where everything went really well.我刚从法国回来,一切都进展得很顺利。It was quite an experience.多么棒的经历。Good. You got the contract for that big order.很好,你签了大订单的合同。All you need to do now is to deliver what youve promised.你现在要做的就是按照承诺送货。I know.我知道。Hello Anna. Is Tom OK?你好,安娜,汤姆还好吗?He seems really grumpy since he got back from France.他从法国回来后似乎脾气很坏。Hes fine.他没事的。He just had to sleep on the sofa last night.他只是昨晚在沙发上睡了一宿。Really? ! Im sure thats not what he was planning.真的吗?我确定这不是他计划的。Now, did Paul mention hes got a new member of staff for you to meet this morning?保罗说过他今早要带你见见新同事吗?No.没有。Typical!一贯如此!Well, shes coming up in the lift with Paul now.她现在和保罗一起坐电梯上来了。Oh, so who is she?她是谁?Its Rachel. Do you remember?是瑞秋,你记得吗?Shes the woman who Mr Socrates recommended.她是苏格拉底先生推荐的人。He says shes brilliant and allegedly one of his best employees…他说她很优秀,并称是他最好的员工之一。Oh, here she comes now.她来了。 /201705/507587成都/市亮姿生物科技有限公司学纹绣价目表多少钱

四川成都/嘉艺纹绣培训机构学费课程多少钱四川省韩式切眉术培训学校哪家好 国家地理:Out of the Box 圣诞礼物 For most of us, the season evokes a kind of universal memory.My strongest memory of Christmas is the tree with all of the presents underneath it. And usually in the morning I wake up really early like at five o'clock. And when you come downstairs Christmas morning and the trees lit up, there is piles of presents, there might be a bicycle, there are skis, there is all... there's stuff all over the place. I really remember the lights, because that to me was the most magical. And hearing just the Christmas music that you only hear that one time a year. There is just lots to be happy for.Is that what you ask from Santa? Yeah.Christmas comes with a host of vivid images that bombard us from all directions for entire season: candy canes and carolers, stockings and store windows, Nativity scenes and nutcrackers, not to mention entire neighborhoods that explode in a kaleidoscope of light and colors. Then on top of all that, throwing the art character who's the master of ceremonies of this visual feast. Santa Claus.I'd describe him as fat and jolly.Big, chubby. A loving, very generous kind of guy. A good listener, listens to requests. I used to think that Santa Claus was probably one of the greatest people in the world.Merry Christmas!Santa's origins go back more than 2,000 years, but it took centuries of poetic embellishment and a few things lost in translation before the Santa that we know today emerged. The legend begins with a real figure, Saint Nicholas, a 4th century monk in what is now Turkey, who is famous for his kindness. It's said that he gave away his wealth to help children and the poor.He believed in, in helping others and doing it secretly, secret giving.Tim Connaghan, who plays Santa in movies and TV, has studied the evolution of Saint Nicholas from monk to myth. Nicholas was a bishop by the time he died around 350 AD, he was later canonized as a saint and became a revered symbol of generosity throughout Europe and beyond. There were so many churches, cathedrals and religious locations named after Nicholas. It was a very remarkable thing. The Greek adopted him as a patron saint. The Russians adopted him as a patron saint.The date of Nicholas' death, December 6th, was honored every year with a popular feast. But in 12th century France, the celebration took on a new twist that quickly became part of the tradition.Some French nuns decide one year, bake some little treats, go by all the homes, put treats in the shoes of the little children and tell them that Nicholas brought them for being good. And over the next hundred, two hundred years, more people pick up on this idea of giving something to the children. Because of the proximity of his feast day to Christmas. Saint Nicholas gradually became associated with the holiday as did the notion of a phantom gift giver who doled out rewards to the worthy.To give a gift subscription to any National Geographic magazine, log on to nationalgeographic.com/magazines.New Words:bombard: (v.) To attack with bombs, shells, or missiles. 炮击embellishment: (n.) The act of embellishing or the state of being embellished. 装饰canonize: (v.) To declare (a deceased person) to be a saint and entitled to be fully honored as such. 宣布为圣徒proximity: (n.) The state, quality, sense, or fact of being near or next; closeness 接近200708/16990绵阳学眉妆多少钱

邛崃市纹绣培训视频 Bush Offers More Help for Burma美国增加对缅甸救灾援助   The ed States is pledging more than million to help Burma recover from Saturday's cyclone that killed more than 22,000 people. U.S. President George Bush says more help could be provided if Burma's military rulers allow American relief officials into the country to assess the situation. International Red Cross says revised death toll of nearly 22,500 makes Cyclone Nargis deadliest storm since 1991. 美国为帮助缅甸从灾难中恢复承诺提供300多万美元。上星期六缅甸遭受热带风暴袭击,导致2万2千多人死亡。美国总统布什说,如果缅甸军政府允许美国救援官员进入灾区评估那里的局势,美国可能会向缅甸提供更多的帮助。The new assistance raises U.S. contributions to Burmese relief efforts to .25 million. President Bush says he wants to do even more. 美国对缅甸救灾工作提供的新援助已经增加到325万美元。布什总统说,他还想再增加援助。"We are prepared to move U.S. Navy assets to help find those who have lost their lives, to help find the missing, and to help stabilize the situation," he said. "But in order to do so, the military junta must allow our disaster assessment teams into the country. So our message is to the military rulers: Let the ed States come and help you help the people." 布什总统说:“我们准备动用美国海军装备来帮助找到那些不幸丧生的人,帮助找到失踪的人,帮助稳定那里的局势。但是为了能够这样做,缅甸军政府必须允许我们的灾难评估小组进入缅甸。因此我们要对缅甸军政府说,让美国来协助你们帮助你们的人民。”The U.S. State Department says it has been told that an American assessment team will not be allowed inside Burma. White House Spokeswoman Dana Perino says U.S. aid is not conditional on that assessment team and the ed States will continue to help through the ed Nations if the team is blocked. 美国国务院说,他们被告知,美国的评估小组将不准进入缅甸。白宫发言人佩里诺说,美国的援助并非要取决于评估小组的评估,如果评估小组受阻,美国将继续通过联合国提供帮助。Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell says there are several Navy ships in the area that could help, including the USS Essex which has landing craft, helicopters, and six operating rooms with medical facilities for 600 patients at a time. 五角大楼的新闻发言人莫雷尔说,这个地区的海域有几艘能提供帮助的美国军舰,包括具备起降飞机和直升机能力的埃塞克斯号航空母舰,舰上有六个医疗设备齐全的手术室,能同时接纳600个病人。"We're now working with the State Department and with U.S. Pacific Command to at least begin the planning for a possible humanitarian assistance [mission]," he said. "But that's all we can do at this point is to plan because we have not received a request from the Burmese government." 莫雷尔说:“我们现在正同美国国务院和美军太平洋司令部一起着手开始为可能的人道主义救援使命做准备。但我们目前所能做的就是计划,因为我们还没有接到缅甸政府的请求。”While welcoming outside assistance, Burma's military rulers have told aid agencies that relief workers will still need visas. 缅甸军人统治者虽然欢迎外界的援助,但是告诉救援机构,救援人员仍然需要签。The ed Nations is asking Burma to relax those requirements so assistance can quickly reach those needing shelter, food, and medical assistance. Officials say about 41,000 people are missing, and the toll is expected to rise as information comes in from hard-to-reach places. 联合国要求缅甸放松这些要求,以便援助能迅速送到需要住处、食品和治疗的人们那里。有关官员说,大约4万1千人失踪,而且随着消息从难以进入地区的不断传来,失踪的人数会上升。In addition to U.S. assistance offers, India has dispatched two naval ships with food, tents, blankets and medicine, and the European Union is pledging million in humanitarian aid. Chinese President Hu Jintao is promising million cash and relief supplies. 除了美国提供的援助以外,印度已经派出两艘装载食品、帐篷、毯子和药品海军舰艇,欧盟也承诺要提供300万美元的人道主义援助。中国国家主席胡锦涛承诺提供100万美元援助资金和救灾物品。Cyclone Nargis hit at a crucial time for Burma's military-led government, which was scheduled to hold a nationwide referendum on a new constitution this coming Saturday in hopes of dampening international criticism of its crackdown on anti-government protesters last year. 纳尔吉斯热带风暴重创缅甸的时候,军政府领导的缅甸正处在一个关键时刻。缅甸原定在这个星期六举行一次新宪法的全国公投。缅甸军政府希望这次全国公投将能缓解国际社会对缅甸军政府去年镇压反政府抗议者的批评。Burma's rulers say the referendum will lead to democratic elections in 2010. Political opponents say the new charter will reinforce military control. 缅甸执政者说,这次公投将会导致2010年进行民主选举。政治反对派说,新宪法将强化军队的掌控。President Bush spoke from the Oval Office Tuesday after signing legislation awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to Burmese democracy advocate Aung San Suu Kyi. 星期二,布什总统在椭圆形办公室签署议案,授予缅甸民主活动家昂山素季国会金质奖章之后说:"This is a fitting tribute to a courageous woman who speaks for freedom for all the people of Burma, and who speaks in such a way that she is a powerful voice in contrast to the junta that currently rules the country," he said. “一位勇敢的妇女为缅甸所有人的自由而呐喊,跟目前统治缅甸的军政府相比,她的呼声更为强大。她获此殊荣,名至如归。”Asked if the recognition for Burma's detained opposition leader might complicate efforts to work with the military in providing aid, spokeswoman Perino says U.S. support for Aung San Suu Kyi has been clear for many years, and that position will not change. She says that does not affect Washington's promise to help those affected by the cyclone.  有记者问,表彰缅甸被囚禁的反政府领袖是否会使美国在提供援助上的努力同缅甸军政府的关系变得复杂,白宫发言人佩里诺说,美国多年来都明确表示持昂山素季,这个立场并没有改变。她说,这并不会影响华盛顿有关帮助热带风暴灾民的承诺。 200805/37955成都/pcd纹绣培训学校学习唇妆唇部纹绣价格泸州学纹眉多少钱



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