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本文选自Ugly Betty 《丑女贝蒂,欢迎大家共同欣赏Bradd: Daniel, I want to talk to you.Daniel: Great, another scotch lecture.Bradd: I’ve been thinking about your brother.Daniel: So this where you tell me what a disappointment I’ve been, right? How I’ll never fill Alex’s shoes?Bradd: Alex died two years ago. This is about you. You’ve really proven yourself these past few months. One day, Meade Publication is going to be in your hands.Daniel: Right, Dad. Whatever you say.Bradd: I mean it. Tomorrow, after the show, I plan on announcing my intentions to the press.Daniel: Thank you.Bradd: I’m proud of you, son.重点讲解:1. fill one’s shoes 很好地顶替;令人满意地替代. be in your hands 在你手中,由你掌握,由你处理3. I mean it. 我是认真的,我是说真的 38585.Some Owls Use Their Faces As Radar Dishes5.有些猫头鹰把脸当作雷达天线Owls are the wise old patrons of the animal kingdom. Under their sagacious sheen, the birds are adept assassins. In fact, owl bodies are packed with loads of evolutionary goodies that allow them to locate and eftlessly swoop down on any creature that piques their appetite or ire.猫头鹰是动物王国里聪明的老牌守望者在它们睿智的光辉下,这些鸟儿也都是熟练的刺客事实上,猫头鹰身上有数之不尽因进化而来的好东西这使得它们能够轻而易举地定位并俯身冲向任何激起它们的食欲或怒火的猎物One indispensable facet of the owl toolkit is its face. Most animal heads are either round with fluff or pointy with muzzles, but owls sport flat, elliptical faces. And a good reason—theyre able to use them as biological satellite dishes. The iconic flat shape funnels sound waves toward the ears, allowing the owl to detect the slightest of rustles. The ears themselves are also quite odd because they are not level. Instead, one ear rests above the other. This provides owls an even more accurate audio survey of their surroundings because they automatically the slight time difference between sound waves reaching each ear. This amazing adaptation gives owls a sense of hearing times sharper than ours and the ability to pluck unassuming rodents from underneath layers of snow.猫头鹰的工具箱里有一样东西决不可缺,那就是它的脸大多数动物的头部不是圆圆毛毛的就是尖尖刺刺的,可是猫头鹰却拥有扁平而呈椭圆型的脸猫头鹰可以把脸当作生物卫星天线自然有它们的道理他们这个标志性的扁平脸能够把声波都收集并传送到耳朵里,使得连最轻微的沙沙声也能被觉察猫头鹰的耳朵也是够奇葩的,因为两只耳朵不在同一水平线上,而是,一只耳朵在另一只的上面这让猫头鹰能对周围进行更加准确的音频调查,因为就连声波到达耳朵那最细微的时间差也被考虑在内了这个对环境的绝妙适应能力使猫头鹰拥有比平常人敏锐倍的听力,也使得它们能够把深藏在雪地底下默不作声的啮齿动物一把揪出来.Some Turtles Anuses Double As Respiratory Systems.有些海龟的也可以作为呼吸系统White-throated snapping turtles—as well as other turtle species—faced a tricky evolutionary challenge: Theyre turtles. Slow of foot and short of weapons, these animals prefer to avoid confrontation by hiding underwater. Constantly resurfacing air would leave them vulnerable to attacks, so the turtles developed a resourceful skill. They breathe through their anuses.白颔鳄龟,还有一些其他的龟类,经历过一段比较棘手的进化过程:因为他们这些海龟,走路慢,又没有什么可以防身的武器,所以他们更宁愿藏在深水中,从而可以避免冲突而连续不断的浮出水面换气,会使得他们变得很容易受到攻击,所以这些海龟就进化出一种特别机智的技能,就是它们可以通过进行呼吸Seriously. Unlike the single-function anuses of other creatures, a turtle end tube is called a cloaca and deals with the evacuation of all waste. It also takes up respiratory duties, too, so the furtive turtles can remain safely submerged days at a time. Through this cloacal respiration, the turtle draws oxygen from water that passes through its backside—think of it like anal gills—and remains hidden from predators.Sadly, murky water caused by all sorts of industrial processes is mucking up the turtles anuses and has left them teetering on the brink of being wiped out of their preferred habitats. Full of sediment and chemical crud, the harsher waters have limited these poor creatures evasive efts, and it believed that less than 1 percent survive to adulthood.说真的,不像其他物种的只有唯一的功能一样,海龟尾部的那根管子叫做泄殖腔,就是用来处理各种排泄物的并且它还有作为呼吸系统的作用,所以偷偷摸摸的海龟在一次沉入海底数十天后还能够安然无恙通过身体的泄殖腔进行呼吸,海龟可以从经过屁股下面的水中吸取氧气,而这个泄殖腔就像一个鳃一样,这样的话海龟就可以藏起来避免遇见捕食者不过不幸的是,各种工业过程中造成的污浊的水正在影响破坏海龟的,并且已经让它们被迫徘徊在搬离生存已久的栖息地的边缘了充满沉淀物和化学物质的脏东西,以及糟糕的水环境,让这些可怜的家伙们逃避这些糟糕环境的行为受到了限制,并且据说少于1%的海龟可以活到成年期3.Bat Wings Are Full Of Sophisticated Wind Sensors3.蝙蝠的翅膀上布满了各种复杂的风力传感器Bats pull off all sorts of insane acrobatics to catch their prey, and scientists want to steal their secrets to build better aircraft. As the only mammals clever enough to have mastered self-powered flight, the speedy daredevils offer a different technological inspiration compared to birds and flying insects. But in light of a recent study, were probably not getting bat-winged planes anytime soon.蝙蝠赢得了各种疯狂的杂技来抓捕他们的猎物,并且科学家们也想通过窃取蝙蝠的秘密来制作更好的飞行器作为唯一一个拥有自主充电飞行器的聪明的哺乳动物,和其他的鸟类以及飞行类的昆虫相比,这些迅速的冒失鬼们给我们带来了不同寻常的科技灵感但是根据最近的研究,我们可能还不会在短时间内掌握蝙蝠翅膀飞行器的奥秘Bat wings are nothing short of miraculous. Researchers recorded activity in the bats sensory neurons as puffs of air were shot at the many tiny hairs on their wings and found an incredibly complex wing–brain connection. To perm their crazy tricks, bats literally feel out the air, using their fuzz as a sensory organ that delivers immediate, detailed feedback about changes in airflow. This incredible tactile sensitivity makes the bat wing the ultimate aerodynamic tool—far better than anything weve ever created, anyway. The multipurpose wing acts as a propeller, flipper, airplane wing, airfoil, and then some, according to Cynthia F. Moss, a neuroscientist at Johns Hopkins University.蝙蝠的翅膀是相当的奇妙的在它们冲向天空的时候,研究者们记录了蝙蝠感觉神经元中的活动,发现在它们的翅膀上有很多细小胡须,并且发现了它们翅膀与大脑之间的一个难以置信的复杂联系在进行这个复杂的联系时,蝙蝠能够真正用身体来感受空气,并且使用它们的绒毛作为传感器细胞,而这些绒毛可以快速的,并且详细的传达气流改变的反馈这个不可思议的触觉感官让蝙蝠的翅膀成为终极的空气动力学的工具,而且比我们之前创造出的任何一样工具都好得多根据约翰霍普金斯大学的神经学科学家辛西娅.F.莫斯的说法,这个多功能的翅膀既可以做螺旋桨,橡皮脚掌,飞机翅膀,又可以做翼形以及其他用途.Golden-Winged Warbler Ears Can Detect Tornadoes.金翅莺的耳朵能预测风暴Sporting signature yellow-tinged patches and weighing in at only 9 grams (0.3 oz), golden-winged warblers are adorably tiny. Theyre also absolute workhorses, embarking on seasonal migrations that span about 5,000 kilometers (3,000 mi).十分娇小玲珑的金翅莺身上带着亮丽标志性的黄色斑块,体重仅有9克(0.3盎司)它们还是特别会吃苦耐劳的候鸟,每次季节性迁徙都要长途飞行5000米(3000英里)左右In , researchers discovered the warblers secret superpower—the ability to predict tornadoes. It all started when five geotagged birds surprised scientists by ditching their nesting sites a 650-kilometer detour to Mexico. This was several days after the completion of their migratory journey, so it wasnt clear why the capricious warblers departed early. The following day, tornadoes swept through the area. It appears that the diminutive warblers ears are tuned to detect low-frequency noises, such as the rumble of an approaching tornado, which the birds can detect a couple days and hundreds of kilometers in advance.This was a discovery courtesy of accidental science; the warbler project wasnt meant to ascertain any specific inmation. Instead, the goal was simply to find out whether the small, finicky birds could be efficiently tracked using geolocators.年,研究人员发现金翅莺不为人知的能力——预测风暴发现这个秘密源于五只进行了地理标记的金翅莺突然抛弃它们原有的栖息地,绕道650千米远去到墨西哥,这让科学家感到非常奇怪科学家们不明白为什么金翅莺才刚开始迁徙没几天就换路线次日,风暴横扫了这片区域显然,金翅莺的耳朵可以探测到低频声波,比如风暴接近时产生的声波,很多候鸟可以提前探测到几天后和数百公里外大型风暴带来的低频声波此次发现是科学探究意外的馈赠,金翅莺的研究项目本来是没有明确的目标的而这次研究只是想要知道如此小巧精致的鸟儿能否用地理定位器追踪而已1.Moth Genitals Produce Ultrasound1.飞蛾的生殖器可发射超声波Genitals have an obvious purpose in the animal kingdom, and rarely do they deviate from that ultimate goal. Some moths, however, have truly spectacular multipurpose members that act as sonic jammers to deceive bats.动物生殖器的功能显而易见,很少有动物的生殖器偏离繁衍生殖这种根本的功能但是,有些飞蛾的生殖器确实有除了基本功能之外的作用,它可以发出干扰性的声波蒙蔽蝙蝠Tom and Jerry would have been more accurately cast as bat and moth; the two latter species have been locked in a never-ending evolutionary game of roshambo. continued survival, each has had to develop new techniques to either hunt or evade. Thanks to the glory of evolution, adaptations come in all shapes and sizes.Case in point: sonar-jamming penises, which sprang up about 6 million years ago. Compared to their mortal foe, moths look smaller and less ferocious, but dont be fooled. They pack thorny barbs on their legs and are excellent flyers. Most impressively, by rasping their penises against their abdomens, moths generate ultrasonic pulses similar to the echolocation pings bats use to hone in on prey.动画片里汤姆和杰瑞(老鼠和猫)上演的对峙就像蝙蝠和飞蛾的关系这两个处在生物链末端的物种被锁定在没完没了的你输我赢的进化斗中为了繁衍生存下去,所有生物都不得不强大自己去进攻或防守敌人由于自然选择规律,适者生存适用于整个自然界比如,可发出干扰性声波的生殖器是在600万年前进化来的和他们的死敌蝙蝠相比,飞蛾虽然看起来更小更弱,但不要被它们的外表给骗了他们不仅能把带刺的倒钩绑在腿上,还是个卓越的飞行员更令人震撼的是,通过生殖器与腹部的擦,飞蛾能够发出超声波脉冲这种超声波脉冲和蝙蝠的回声定位的脉冲差不多,不过,蝙蝠更多用它来捕食审校:齐墨 编辑:旭旭 来源:前十网 378

Internet pranksters have started posting photographs of cats which look like US presidential hopeful Donald Trump.喜欢恶搞的网友们盯上美国总统候选人唐纳德·特朗普(又译“川普”)了:给各自的猫咪做个特朗普造型,再把图片发到网上Cat owners have been posting the hilarious images along with the tagline #TrumpYourCat.网友们在贴出搞笑猫咪图片的同时,还会打上#TrumpYourCat(特朗普猫)标签The images have started going viral as Donald Trump campaigns the final few hours bee the Super Tuesday contest which will likely determine whether he becomes the Republican presidential nominee.这股风潮的流行正值特朗普为“超级星期二”做最后几小时的紧张拉票工作而“超级星期二”的走向有可能决定特朗普能否代表共和党出征最终的总统大选And regardless of whether youre a Democrat, Republican or just a member of the pizza party, we can all e under the belief that these cats are freakin hilarious.不管你是民主党派、共和党派或者只是披萨党的一员,大家在这件事儿上一定会统一意见:那就是这些“特朗普猫”太逗了It doesnt take a rocket scientist to #TrumpYourCat, either. According to the TrumpYourCat Instagram page—which shares images of furry friends rockin toupees alongside pompous es from Trump—all you have to do is brush your cats and use the hair as a makeshift toupee.你不必非得是个摇滚大师才能做出这个造型#TrumpYourCat的Instagram主页上分享了许多喵星人顶着假发的“模仿特朗普”图片,图片还配有浮夸的特朗普语录所以你只要跟大家一样,把你家猫咪的毛毛梳起来,弄个“一边倒”样子即可The trend has been around awhile but has recently really started to take off on social media.这股潮流其实出现了有一阵子了,但直到最近才突然在社交媒体上火起来 91

  We probably all feel a bit like a sleepy housecat when we have to get up work in the morning.每当清晨不得不从舒的被子里爬起来去上班时,我们都会感觉自己像一只嗜睡的小猫This Norwegian woman has taken that feeling to the next level. Nano claims she realised she was a cat when she was years old, and has adopted feline mannerisms since. The -year-old has opened up about her life as a puss, describing how she has a superior sense of hearing and sight which allows her to hunt mice in the dark.在挪威,一位名为纳诺的年轻女子却有着更为强烈的感觉她称自己在十六岁时就意识到自己是只猫,从那以后,她就一直以猫的习性生活着纳诺现在二十岁了,她讲述了自己如何利用超乎寻常的听觉和视力在夜间捉老鼠的过程,给大家再现了她的“猫女”生活She made the revelation in a YouTube , which has been viewed over 0,000 times.她在YouTube上传了一个视频,晒出了她的日常生活该视频的浏览次数已超过了十万Nano claims to possess many feline characteristics including a hatred of water and the ability to communicate simply by meowing. The young woman shows off her cat characteristics by wearing fake ears and an artificial tail. She communicates by meowing.纳诺称自己身上有着许多猫咪的典型特征,比如:怕水、只通过猫叫就能交流,等等这位年轻女子头戴假猫耳,臀部系上人造猫尾,还用猫叫与他人进行交流,将其猫咪特征尽显;I realised I was a cat when I was when doctors and psychologists found out what was ;the thing; with me. Under my birth there was a genetic defect,; she explains in the .她在这段视频中解释道:“我岁时,医生和心理专家都发现了我的‘异常’,当时我就意识到了自己是一只猫‘异常’是因为我生来就有遗传缺陷”As they walked through Oslo central station, the presenter asked Nano what she could hear and see that a normal person might not. ;Suitcases rolling on the ground,; she says, ;Keys clinking in pockets. People with ice under their shoes.;当主持人和纳诺一同走过奥斯陆中央车站时,主持人问她是否听到或看到了什么一般人察觉不出的东西她说:“我听到了行李箱在地面滚动的声音、有钥匙在口袋里叮当作响、还有人们鞋底踩着冰碴发出的咯吱声”Then all of a sudden, she lets out a hiss and takes a step back. ;There is a dog over there,; she explains. ;Sometime I hiss when meeting dogs in the street. It because of their behaviour and my instinct automatically reacts by hissing.;突然,她嘶嘶地叫了起来,紧接着往后倒退了一步她解释道:“前面有条在街上碰到时我时常会发出嘶嘶声这是因为,对于的一些行为,出于本能,我会不由自主地用嘶嘶声来回应他们”The cat woman wears a pair of pink fluffy paws with which to groom herself, and feels especially like doing so when she is in contact with water.这位“猫女”戴着一双毛茸茸的粉色爪子,并用它们来给自己梳理,特别是当她面对着一滩水时就忍不住做出了这样的举动When asked if she was born as the wrong species, she said: ;Yes, born in the wrong species.;当被问及自己是否是投错胎的猫时,她回答道:“是的我确实投错胎了”The young woman said her life as a cat was ;exhausting; but she doesnt want to live as a human.这位年轻女子说自己的“猫人”生活让她精疲力尽,但她也不想过正常人的生活;My psychologist told me I can grow out of it, but I doubt it,; she concludes. ;I think I will be cat all my life.;最后她说道:“我的心理医生说我长大了就可以摆脱这种猫咪习性,但我并不十分相信我想我这辈子都会是只猫” 6691


  Bargaining讨价还价S: Salesclerk 售货职员 C: Customer 顾客实用句型 Practical Key SentencesC: Can you give a discount?能给我打个折吗?C5: What the wholesale price?批发价是多少?C6: I want to pay less than 56 Yuan.我最多出56元C7: What discount can you give me?能给我多少优惠?C8: Can you sell it 5 Yuan less?便宜5元卖不卖?C9: Cant you make it any cheaper?不能再便宜一点吗?C: How much did you say that one was?您刚才说那个要多少钱?C: Can you give a discount on the old style?旧款式能否便宜点?C: Could you reduce your price by %?能否给予我们%的折扣?C: Shall we strike a bargain at this price?就这个价格成交好吗?C: Too expensive. Can you come down a little?太贵了,能便宜点吗?C: That a bit more than I wanted to pay.这比我想出的价格要高一些C: Ill take many. Can you come down a little?我要买很多,能否降点价?C: It costs too much. Can you make it cheaper?太贵了,能便宜一点吗?C18: If I were you, I would take this business.如果我是你,我将接受这笔生意C19: The ations we received from each other scources are much lower.我们从别处接到的报价要低得多C: There is every prospect of concluding business if prices are reduced.如果降低价格,完全有希望成交C1: Because this is a big order, we hope to get a discount.因为这是一张大订单,我们希望得到折扣C: Unless you accpet our price, there is no possibility of business.除非你们接受我们的价格,否则不能成交C3: If you accept our price, we will place an order with you.如果你接受我们的价格,我们将和你下单C: Our cooperation will bring a big profit you.我们的合作将为你们带来大利润

  Crews on last Friday finished removing the 60,000-pound carcass of a rotting whale from a Southern Calinia beach.上周五,相关工作人员已经完成了对南加利福尼亚州海滩上出现的一具重达60000磅的腐烂鲸鱼尸体的移动工作A contractor working the state parks department spent two days using an excavator to cut up the 0-foot whale, which was hauled off to a San Diego County landfill.据悉,该州公园的承包商花了两天的时间,用挖掘机对这头长0尺的鲸鱼进行肢解,然后将其拉到圣地亚哥的一个垃圾填埋场;As they started to dismember the carcass, they said it was messy but it wasnt as messy as it could have been,; Rich Haydon, area state parks superintendent, told the Orange County Register. ;It to be expected there will be a little bit of a smell down there a while,; he said, ;but I think we dodged a bullet.;该州区公园负责人里奇·海登接受橘郡纪事报采访时表示:“据工作人员称,当他们开始肢解鲸鱼的时候非常麻烦,却又没有想象地那么麻烦可以预想的是,最近一阵子那里还是会有一股味道但是我认为我们已经躲过了一劫”The whale was a tourist attraction a few days. Despite an overpowering stench, some people skipped work or school to snap photos with the towering carcass. However, few people were on hand Friday the finish.最近几天,那头鲸鱼都是该海滩的一大旅游景点尽管臭气熏天,一些人还是放下工作或者逃课来拍摄这具巨大的鲸鱼腐尸不过却几乎没有人来协助完成最后的处理工作Nick Lind of Newport Beach and Matthew Howell of San Clemente were surfing as the last remnants of the whale were being removed.当清理鲸鱼最后的残骸时,纽波特海滩的尼克·林德和圣克莱蒙特的马修·豪厄尔正在冲浪;It did have an interesting stench to it, sort of like a rotten baked potato,; Lind said. ;It was overpowering when we were near shore.; Lind said he wasnt worried about sharks that might have been attracted by the whale remains.“臭味很特别,就像腐烂的烤土豆,” 林德说,“我们在岸边都能闻到一股恶臭”林德还表示,他并不担心会有鲨鱼被这头鲸鱼的腐尸吸引过来


  A brother and sister in the US have swapped genders after they told their parents that they have gender identity disorders just a month apart.美国一对兄俩在向父母坦承自己有性别认知障碍后,仅一个月便交换了他们的性别At just three years old, Aly was a tomboy who enjoyed playing football while older sibling Russie, then 5, preferred playing dress up with the girls.艾丽3岁时就是个假小子,她喜欢和男孩们一起踢足球,而大她岁的哥哥卢瑟则喜欢和女孩子们一起打扮自己Their parents always knew their children were a little different.他们的父母表示一直都知道两个孩子有点不一样Then Aly and Russie decided to go ahead with gender reassignment surgery after receiving counseling.后来,他们在接受心理辅导后都决定接受性别重置手术Aly, now , is known as Gavin. Russie, now , is known as Rai.现在艾丽岁,改名为加文,卢瑟岁,改名为莱 367


  The Philippines is to offer a visa-on-arrival facility to Chinese tourists in , according to Wanda Corazon Teo, the Secretary of the Philippines Department of Tourism.菲律宾旅游部长万达·克拉松·特奥近日表示,菲律宾将在今年内向中国游客提供落地签务The Philippines is also planning to stage more tourism promotions tailored to Chinese tourists and increase the number of charter flights from China to the Philippines, to reach its target of attracting 1m Chinese tourists this year, Teo said.特奥称,菲律宾还计划开展更多针对中国游客的旅游促销活动,增加中国到菲律宾的包机数量,以实现今年吸引0万人次中国游客来菲的目标During the Spring Festival this year, about 50,000 to 60,000 Chinese tourists traveled to the Philippines, a 50-percent increase on the year bee.在今年春节期间,有大约5到6万的中国游客前往菲律宾旅游,这一数字相比前一年增长了50%According to data recently issued by the department, China had replaced Japan as its third largest source of tourists in , following South Korea and the US.根据菲旅游部最近公布的数据,年中国超过日本成为菲律宾第三大游客来源地,位于韩国和美国之后A total of 675,700 Chinese tourists visited the Philippines last year, a 37.7% increase from .年中国访菲游客总数为67.57万人次,同比增长37.7% 93961

  Choose a type of insurance类型选择A: Have you taken out insurance yet on the shipment?您是否已经替这批货投保了?B: Yes, we talked about it with our underwriter, and we think that we should get a policy total loss only.是的,我们和保险公司谈过,觉得应该投保全损险A: Why TLO? That only helps if the goods are destoryed, or damaged so badly that they cant be used.为何要投全损险?这种险只有在货物全毁或破损到不能使用的情况下才有用啊B: We have shipped a lot of goods. We think TLO is the best policy shipment. Trust us, please.我们出过很多货,我们觉得全损险对这批货是最合适的请相信我们A: OK, well trust you this time.好吧,这次就听你们的B: Thanks, there is really no need to worry. Our company has never lost money because of under insurance. Your shipment is secure.谢谢真的不用担心我们公司从来没有因为不足额保险而造成损失过您的货不会有问题的 1873

  第一句:Can you take me to Oxd University?请到牛津大学,好吗?A: Can you take me to Oxd University?请到牛津大学,好吗?B: Yes, sir. Can I help you with your luggage?好的,先生我帮你提行李吧?A: No, thanks. I can manage it.不用了,谢谢我自己能行第二句:Please take me to this address.请带我到这个地址A: Hi, taxi.嘿,出租车B: Where to, sir?先生,去哪儿?A: Please take me to this address.请带我到这个地址B: OK, hop in, please.好的,请上车相关表达法:Is it all right to... 是询问出租车司机“可以载我到……吗?”的表达方法或者说Please take me to this address. 请带我到这个地址如果是四个人一起乘,可以说Can you take four of us?在酒店请务员叫车时说Please call a taxi. 请您替我叫一辆出租车另外自己打电话打车也很方便,Please send a car to... at 9 oclock. 请在9点派车到……来 1

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