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Michigan voters head to the polls in less than a month to vote on a ballot proposal to raise the states sales tax from 6 percent to 7 percent to fund roads. For this Week in Michigan Politics, Michigan Radios political analyst Jack Lessenberry explains why theres a lack of support for the proposal and what will happen if voters reject the tax increase.201504/368927。

Wow,I should watch,Yeah,you should.Some of the girls get very close,Ill start watching it哇 我真应该看看 真的 你应该看看 有些女孩关系很密切 我准备开始看了All right,heres something else Ive been doing,Ive been playing We Topia还有另外一件事 我们一直在玩We TopiaAnd if you dont know about We Topia,you should,Its a free game on Facebook如果你不了解 你应该去了解下 这是Facebook上的免费游戏And instead of earning points,you earn joy你赢的不是分值 而是快乐and you use your joy to make good things happen in the real world而且你的快乐可以在现实世界中做一些好的事情So listen to this,this is very exciting听到这些 真的很让人兴奋You know how all season long weve been helping Whitney Elementary school in Las Vegas整季我们都在帮助的Whitney小学I found out that they need a food pantry我发现他们需要餐具So heres what my friends at We Topia are doing,Now when you paly We Topia我和我朋友做的就是 你玩游戏的时候You can help build a food Pantry for Whitney elementary school你可以给Whitney小学挣些餐具That will feed 300 kids every night for almost two years可供300个孩子每晚使用 大概用两年How cool is that?just for playing a game很酷吧 只玩玩游戏而已So,amazing.So if youre aly playing We Topia,thank you so much非常棒 如果你已经在玩We Topia了 非常感谢And if you are not,please go to our facebook page and start playing We Topia如果还没玩 请登陆我们的Facebook网站开始玩吧Its a fun,free game,and it helps people,so you cant say no to that游戏很好玩 免费 而且能帮助别人 这都是你所不能拒绝的Dont do it right now though,because when we come back但不是现在去玩 因为等会儿来的是The hilarious Kevin Nealon is gonna show us what happened非常有趣的Kevin Nealon告诉我们发生了什么He took a class on The Art of Seduction,and well show you that,well be right back他上了一节叫做“诱惑的艺术”的课程 一会儿看一下 马上回来 /201608/461200。

We are back with Sherrie Ghan.The amazing amazing woman that I found out回到现场 这位是Sherrie Gahn 一位非常杰出的女性shes principle Whitney elementary school in LasVegas惠特尼小学的校长The things that you do and I know you keep saying you see children needed you and you just do it你所做的一切 我知道你说过 是因为看到孩子们需要你 所以去做这些But there are a lot of people lack work of school system and they feel like they cant do anything但有很多不在学校工作的人 就会觉得自己无能为力And you actually took steps to do something on your own,you grow up the project your self事实上你靠自己的努力一步步的实现目标 你设定了自己的计划These are some of the things that Sherrie does,with your own money and of course when she asked for donationsSherrie自掏腰包做一些事情 当然也是在接受捐赠的同时you help pay rent you help pay bills,you get free doctor appointments,free eyeglasses for them你帮他们交房租 付账单 你免费预约医生 给孩子们配免费的眼镜you get free business from the dentists,you get the food for the families,and how do you do that提供免费的牙医治疗 还有足够全家的食物 你到底是怎么做到的every single day It must be overwelming to think tomorrow I have to do it over again.日复一日做一样的事情 想到明天还要重复做肯定很崩溃Well it can be overwhelming but when you see their faces when you see the hope you are giving them是听崩溃的 但是当你看到他们的表情 看到你给他们的希望and when you see you giving them food giving them clothing,when the child can see for the first time who couldnt see看到带给他们食物和衣时的画面 看到近视到底孩子第一次能看清楚because we have eyeglasses on them.it gives you the energy to move on因为我们给他们配上了眼镜 这给了你继续前行的动力And on Fridays when I was really really bumping,which happens a lot sometimes,I would TiVo your shows每到周五 当我实在顶不住压力时 这种情况时常出现 有时 我会录下你的节目and watch them cause I was all your ringing and get inspired.because you do it all the time看看节目我能受到鼓舞 只要你的铃声一响起来 没错你经常这样做I say all the time the fact that I get to make people feel good,especially people like you that need to laugh need to feel good我总是说我得逗大伙开心 特别是像你这样需要开怀大笑 轻松一下的Id love being a part of that in any way I can我将尽我所能来帮忙 /201605/446205。

Snoring can be pretty disturbing to people who sleep in the company of snorers, as well as to the snorer himself, though she may not realize it.公司睡觉发出的打鼾声可能相当令人感到不安, 甚至对打鼾者本人也是如此,尽管其本人可能没意识到这一点。For instance, some snorers have a condition called obstructive sleep apnea.比如一些打鼾者就患有一种名为阻塞性睡眠呼吸暂停综合征的疾病。Their airways become obstructed various times while theyre sleeping, and each time this happens the snorer briefly stops breathing.他们的气道在睡觉的不同时期都会阻塞,每一次发生这种情况打鼾者都会暂时停止呼吸。201503/362202。

I didnt really enjoy Dallas and one of the things I didnt like about it was Dallas,there was no basements in Dallas我不喜欢达拉斯 我不喜欢达拉斯的一点是 那里没有地下室And so I would go other places when I was a kid.我小时候会去其他城市Like go to Cleveland and in Cleveland people had basements.我会去克利夫兰 那里人们有地下室They like finish them out and turn them into fancy like theater rooms or workout rooms.他们装修好地下室 把它们变成华丽丽的地方 像是影音室或者健身房Play ping-pong or whatever.yeah,you cant do that in Dallas.So,打乒乓球什么的 是啊 在达拉斯你没法这么做My main complaint with Dallas was no basements.所以我主要对达拉斯不满意的就是没有地下室So you actually grew up thinking I wish I could live in Cleveland?Yes你长大的时候真的想着 我希望我能住在克利夫兰吗 是的Yeah, I loved Cleveland.I was like oh,this is the city for me.我爱克利夫兰 我觉得那就是适合我住的城市This place,cowtown but that place,Cleveland has basements.这地方 牛城 但那里 克利夫兰有地下室what about New York?New Yorks gotta be incredibly fantastic for you.那纽约呢 你一定觉得纽约特别好Yeah,well,there are a lot of basements,which is nice.是啊 纽约有很多地下室 挺不错的You have to get a criteria other than basements.你的标准不能只是地下室啊Well, heres a thing I will say thats the tough thing now as an adult man whos single.有件事 作为一个成年单身男子 我觉得这有点难办Its very difficult for me to go look for an apartment and be like,whats your basement situation like?我很难去看一间公寓 然后问 你家的地下室是什么情况I got some stuff I got to do.I got some stuff I got to do.Can you hear yelling from inside the apartment.我要做一些事情 在公寓里能听到从那里传来喊声吗Can anyone get out of the basement?how about ventilation?人们能逃出地下室吗 通风情况怎么样I like living in Brooklyn.I live in a brownstone.I have a stoop我喜欢住在布鲁克林 我住在褐砂石房屋里 我有个小门廊and I like to sit on a stoop and thats fun because you can watch people go by.我喜欢坐在小门廊上 因为你可以看着人们经过Its nice.I try every now and again to see if I can start a barbershop quartet or something.It doesnt really work out.那挺好的 我经常尝试 看看我能不能搞一个理发店四重唱 并不行201607/453294。

Ann Arbor author Robert James Russell is celebrating the release of his newest book, Mesilla, this week.Mesilla is a Western that follows Everett Root, a wounded Civil War deserter haunted by his past, into 1863 New Mexico Territory.Root is being pursued through the desert and cant stop to remove the bullet from his leg, but he is driven forward to the town of Mesilla by the hope of redemption.;The idea that he could possibly start over and be atoned for his sins is so strong that its pushing him on,; Russell says.Russell says hes always been drawn to Westerns as a genre.;Theyre so uniquely American,; he says. ;My writing tends to deal a lot with landscape, and to me there is no other genre that deals with landscape the way Westerns do. Film, TV, books, you name it.;He considers Mesilla to be a revisionist Western, distinct from the classic style of Western, which he says tended to take a more shallow approach to story and character development.;Pre-1960s I think the Westerns were good. They were good, but I think they made cartoonish characters out of native peoples and women and, you know, the bad guys always wore black and the good guys always wore white, and it was very easy to tell who to root for,; Russell tells us.;And then in the 60s it changed, and people realized that there is a lot of gray area with people, and you start having the rise of the anti-hero, which is much more fascinating to write and and view I think.;Russell says Westerns represent a fundamental understanding of humanity, and speak to our need to tame the wilderness and find our place alongside nature.Looking to Mesilla for an example, he explains that New Mexico is just as much a character as Root. Root is pushing through the desert trying to survive, but New Mexico is constantly pushing back, ;pushing him down, so to speak.;;Talking about our relation to nature and our place in the world, I think Westerns do it better than anything else,; he says. ;I think Westerns could help remind us that theres a whole world out there (and) that were not necessarily meant to tame the world but we can live in harmony with the world.;Russell says he looks forward to writing about and exploring the West further, and wants to do so through different perspectives.;It wasnt a great time for native peoples, it wasnt a great time for women, but they still deserve their own point of view. They deserve their own stories. And I think having more of that is incredibly necessary.;Robert James Russell will be at Literati in Ann Arbor on September 25 to launch Mesilla.Information about the event can be found here, and you can learn more about Russell and his work on his website.201509/400764。

Greece and Germany希腊与德国Angelas Athens安吉拉在希腊Greeks bearing grudges希腊怨声载道AS a stiff Aegean breeze fluttered the hair and lapels of Angela Merkel’s pale-green jacket, one Greek reporter thought the outfit looked familiar. The German chancellor, making a one-day working visit to Athens, seemed to have picked the same jacket she wore in July while watching Germany trounce Greece 4-2 at this year’s European football championship. Was Mrs Merkel planning to blast the Greeks again, this time for foot-dragging over economic reforms?德国总理正对希腊进行为期一日的工作访问,安吉拉·默克尔身着淡绿色夹克站立在爱琴海的微风中,头发和衣领随风翩翩起舞。此情此景令一名希腊记者觉得似曾相识。七月份的欧洲足球锦标赛决赛上她穿的也是这件衣。她似乎特意挑选过,难道默克尔打算再一次扇希腊一嘴巴吗?上次是因为希腊以2-4大败于德国,这次难道是因为停滞不前的经济改革?Antonis Samaras, the prime minister, need not have worried. The European Union’s toughest advocate of austerity gave a positive message, even if it was typically cautious. Mrs Merkel said she hoped and wished that Greece would remain a member of the euro zone, praised the country’s progress with cutting expenditure and offered “practical” assistance with structural reforms, such as German expertise on overhauling tax administration and modernising local government.希腊总理安东尼斯·萨马拉斯不必忧心忡忡。欧盟中态度最强硬的紧缩政策拥护者虽然仍保持谨慎态度,但其已向希腊传达了积极的信号。默克尔表示她希望希腊能维持其欧元区成员国的地位,她表扬了希腊在削减财政出方面所取得的进展,并切实为希腊提供结构改革方面的援助,其中包括为希腊税收管理大检修提供德国专家的指导,以及为当地政府现代化提供帮助。The chancellor’s efforts to empathise with ordinary Greeks suffering the pain of a five-year recession were less successful. Hostile protesters outside parliament waved banners declaring “Angela you are not welcome”. Alexis Tsipras, leader of the radical left-wing Syriza, now the main opposition party in parliament, joined the demonstration, railing against “barbarous” measures imposed by international lenders. Several municipal workers in full Nazi uniform, one of them with an Adolf Hitler moustache, drove a jeep flying swastika flags through a central boulevard as a tasteless reminder of the German occupation of Athens in the second world war.德国总理向5年经济衰退中受苦的希腊民众表示同情,但是却并不受待见。满怀怨恨的抗议者在国会大厦外面挥舞旗帜扬言“安吉拉,我们不欢迎你”。极左派联盟西里扎(Syriza)是议会中主要反对党,其领导人亚历克西斯·西普拉斯也参加了这次游行示威,斥责国际借贷者强制实行的政策“惨无人道”。更有些市政工作者穿上纳粹全套制,其中一人还留着阿道夫希特勒的八字须,开着吉普车,挥舞带有卍标志的旗帜,穿行于中央林荫大道,不痛不痒地提醒着人们二战时德国侵占希腊的罪行。At one point, as riot police briefly used tear gas and stun grenades to block protesters from approaching the parliament building, it looked as if the visit might backfire disastrously. Shortly afterwards Karolos Papoulias, the plain-speaking Greek president, told Mrs Merkel the Greeks could not endure much more austerity. At a business gathering, Greece’s senior industrialist complained about pressure on Athens to legislate a lower minimum monthly wage of 580 (7), aimed at making Greek companies more competitive, The chancellor said mildly she would consult the troika-the EU, European Central Bank, and IMF officials working with the Greek finance ministry on a new 13.5 billion austerity package.当防暴警察用烟雾弹闪光弹阻止游行者靠近国会大厦时,人们一度觉得此次访问会产生灾难性的反作用。此后不久,希腊总统卡罗洛斯·帕普利亚斯明确的告诉默克尔,希腊没法承受这么大幅度的紧缩。在商业聚会上,希腊资深企业家也抱怨紧缩给希腊的巨大压力,法定最低月工资降到了580 (7),尽管此举旨在提升企业竞争力。德国总理态度很柔和,表示将与“三头马车”商讨,即欧盟,欧中央行和国际货币基金组织,努力与希腊财政部长达成新的135亿的紧缩方案。Mr Samaras’s approval rating at home may benefit from having hosted Europe’s most powerful politician. Even so, he must wrap up the new economic package and persuade the socialist and left-wing party leaders, his coalition partners, to back it before the European summit on October 18th. He must also push the measures through parliament before Greece can draw down a long-overdue 31.2 billion loan disbursement. For as long as government suppliers continue to be unpaid and banks undercapitalised, the cash-starved economy has no prospect of moving again.萨马拉斯在国内的持率会因为接待欧洲这位最有实力的政治家而提升。尽管如此,他必须完成新经济计划,并在10月18日欧洲峰会前说其联合党派社会党和其他左翼党派领导人。他必须先在议会上通过紧缩方案,然后才能获得期盼已久的312亿的贷款援助。若政府资金提供方一直不提供贷款,便资金不足,亟待资金的希腊便没可能挪动步子向前走。All the measures for 2013, amounting to 9 billion of spending cuts, have been agreed on, including reductions in farmers’ modest pensions and a new tonnage tax that patriotic shipowners whose vessels fly the Greek flag have unexpectedly agreed to pay. The gap for 2014 is “fairly small” and could be closed within days, barring an upset in talks with the troika, negotiators say. Greece should be able to balance its budget next year (before interest repayments). Yet if reforms start falling behind, talk of a “Grexit” from the euro will quickly resurface.2013年的财政削减共达90亿,对此各方都已达成一致,其中包括削减农民适度养老金。另外插有希腊旗帜的爱国船商竟然出乎意料地答应交付巨额税款。2013与2014的差距已经相当小了,并且这个缺口将在数天内填补,但是与三头马车的协商却不是很顺利,谈判者如是说。希腊应能在明年平衡预算(不包括利息偿还),但是如果改革跟不上,“希腊退出欧元区”的议题又会被放到议桌上。Mr Samaras has come a long way since his centre-right New Democracy party scraped a narrow election victory in June. As opposition leader he denounced Greece’s first bail-out in 2010. Advisers recall that afterwards Mrs Merkel and the troika berated him as an irresponsible southern European politician. Mr Samaras says Greece has turned a page; he chose to make his first trip abroad as prime minister to Berlin. His efforts may be starting to show results, but Mr Samaras still has a long road ahead.自从萨马拉斯领导的中右翼新民主党在6月的选举中勉强获胜以来,他已经取得了很多突破。作为反对党领导人,他曾谴责2010年对希腊的救援行为。据回忆,那次救援行动后,默克尔和三头政治批评他为不负责任的南欧政治家。萨马拉斯则表示希腊已经改过自新,并且决定对柏林进行成为总理以来的第一次访问。萨马拉斯的努力将初显成效,但他还有很长的路要走。 翻译:郁炳睿译文属译生译世 /201608/458307。