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资阳眼线纹绣成都/唯美化妆美甲纹绣培训学校学习半永久韩式眉多少钱蒲江樱桃风味无限 --6 :35:9 来源: 蒲江樱桃风味无限Pujiang in Sichuan province boasts lush ests, delicious cherries, great local cuisine and a pace of life that Chen Liang thinks is just about perfect.'The flesh of our cherries is soft and juicy and easy to stone. You can put a handful in your mouth, enjoy the fresh pulp and then, spit the seeds out like a machine gun ..."I came upon this florid description in a local newspaper while attending the opening ceremony of the second Pujiang Cherry Festival last week in Pujiang county, Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province.There was a tray of fresh cherries on the table. I took a few handfuls, and although I didn't machine gun the seeds out of my mouth, I enjoyed the juicy and sweetly sour fruit a lot.The cherries are not the black cherries native to North America and now popular in our markets, but the Nanking cherry, mainly distributed in northern and western China, Korea and Mongolia. Compared with the black cherry, it is scarlet, smaller, with thinner skin and often a little sour. Because it is difficult to store and transport, it is rarely found in markets far from areas where it is grown.As a native of Chengdu living in Beijing, I haven't tasted the cherries many years. During the festival, however, the cherries were everywhere - on the tables, in the baskets of the local villagers and even hanging on trees. The Nanking cherries ripen on a tree on Cherry Hill in Pujiang county, Sichuan province. Villagers sell cherries along the road on the hill. Photo by Chen Liang China Daily I choose not to walk to the fields of cherry trees and groves of tea trees to pick the fruit straight from the tree. Instead, after the Pujiang Cherry Festival's ceremony held at a small square on Cherry Hill, a -minute drive from the county town, I sat on the second floor of a local nongjiale home-stay's tea house. I sipped a cup of green tea harvested locally earlier this year, occasionally popping the cherries into my mouth. There was a soft breeze and a stunning panoramic view of the valley.Cherries are only one of the reasons I was invited to visit Pujiang together with a group of journalists from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.About 70 kilometers south of Chengdu, Pujiang boasts 50.8 percent est coverage, the highest percentage of all counties in Sichuan province. With three big reservoirs, densely wooded hills and a few old towns, the county has long been a popular trip from Chengdu.With many of China's major cities suffering from frequent fog and hazy weather, the good environment in Pujiang has given the area a fresh appeal.Spring is the best season to visit Pujiang. I stayed at the Grande Valley International Country Club at the center of the Grande Valley Scenic Area, only minutes' drive from the expressway between Pujiang and Chengdu. The air is moist and fresh with the mixed fragrance of flowers and green grass. The night is full of the sounds of insects calling.I wanted to jog around the golf course but was stopped by a thunderstorm. I woke to birds' chirping outside my window and found that the country club is right in the middle of a golf course. Beyond the golf course are rolling hills and ests. A hike or jog around the scenic area is pleasant. Photo by Chen LiangChina Daily Later in the morning, I found there is a well-paved road connecting the Grande Valley Scenic Area with Cherry Hill. It takes about one hour to hike from the valley to the hill. Passing through tea plantations and cherry orchids, the views along the road are beautiful.We visited the Shixiang (Stone Elephants) Lake that afternoon. About kilometers from the county town by expressway from Chengdu, the scenic area is known as one of the best places near Chengdu to admire flowers in different seasons.The park's tulip exhibition had recently finished. But we still saw flowering patches of violet orychophragmus, iris, corn poppy and garden cosmos, sping across the broad slope overlooking Shixiang Lake. The splash of color has attracted quite a few newlywed couples to have their wedding photos taken.Walking down the flower-covered slope into a est trail, you can soon descend to a dock. Buying a ticket 30 yuan ($.81), you can explore the lake on a paddle boat.The lake is actually a reservoir surrounded by lush ests. The boat trip offers visitors a getaway into a tranquil world created by clean water and dense ests. The only down side of the boat trip is the mosquitos on the water.To avoid getting bitten, you can also explore the area on the ground, from a trail built along the ridge overlooking the lake.After a trip to Shixiang Lake, we drove about half an hour to Chengjia, a township known its tea plantations. There we had a cup of this season's green tea, which is fragrant and refreshing.Our dinner was at a restaurant surrounded by tea trees, where we had the chance to taste the locally famous liuhe (six-flavor) fish. Hot (from chili peppers), spicy (from Chinese prickly ash), scalding (from bubbling oil), sour (from pickles), fragrant (from the mixed sauce) and fresh, the dish features slices of fish and vegetables immersed in the mixed sauce and bubbling oil. It is served in a giant steel basin. The fish is hot, spicy, tender and fragrant as its name suggests.Our two-day trip to Pujiang ended at Xilai Old Town. Dominated by buildings with black-tiled roofs, wooden structures and timber sliding doors, the riverside town offers visitors a glimpse into the region's traditional countryside life. Restaurants and teahouses line the riverbanks, where towering trees grow. Under the shade of the trees, local people drink, eat, chat and play cards or mahjong. The slow pace of life is truly attractive - I wish I could have stayed longer. 蒲江樱桃成都素秀DREAM半永久培训怎么样 饭后生活 Life after Dinner -- :: 来源: I have dinner at about 6:30 p.m.. After dinner, I often go to the outside to play games with my friends. We live near to each other, so we always play together. Sometimes,we play table tennis or badminton. Sometimes, we ride on bicyles. Anyway, anything could be funny when we are together.I usually go home at 8:00 and then take a shower. After that, I spend sometime in study or watch TV. At :00p.m.,I go to sleep.我大约在下午六点半吃晚饭晚饭过后,我经常和朋友到外面玩游戏我们住得很近,所以我们经常一起玩有时候我们打乒乓球或者羽毛球;有时候我们骑自行车不管怎么样,只要我们在一起一切都变得有趣我通常8点回家然后洗个澡接着,我就花点时间学习或者看电视到了十点我就去睡觉了Dogs -- 3:31:5 来源: Dogs   Dogs are very lovely animals. They are friendly and honest to people. They are people's good friends. They often help people do many things and people are proud of them.  Dog's bark maybe tells something to people or other animals, and may be a friendly way to say "Hi", Sometimes dogs' bark seems to tell their owners that they have seen some strange people. They will show their teeth when they are sad. They will wag their tails when they are happy.  In one word, they can do all kinds of things to show their friendship. Don't you think they are lovely?是一种非常可爱的动物,它们对人类是忠实而友好的,它们是人类的好朋友它们经常帮助人类做很多的事情,人类以它们而自豪的吠声可能是在告诉人们或别的动物一些事情,也有可能是在向别人问候的一种方式有时的吠声也是在告诉它的主任它看到了陌生人当它们沮丧的时候它们会露出牙齿,当它们快乐的时候它们会摇动尾巴总之,它们会做各种各样的事情来表示它们的友好你难道不认为它们很可爱吗?邛崃市韩国彩妆培训学校哪家好

成都/纹绣培训中心我最喜欢的季节(My favorite season is winter) -01- ::55 来源: My favorite season is winter.Many people say that winter is too cold,but to me,thereis full of joy.When winter comes,leaves fall down,trees turn bald,wind blow strong,we feel very happy,as it's almost snowing!And usually after a night's snowing,the roads,theroofs ,the trees and the hills are allcovered by snow,everything youcan see outside the houseis white.Then we can make snowmen,snowball,and fight with snow,how happy we are!绵阳韩式雾眉培训学校哪家好 小学生搞笑英语话剧:咕咚来了 --31 :: 来源: 小学生搞笑英语话剧:咕咚来了人物: rabbit(小兔),fox(狐狸),monkey(小猴),tortoise(乌龟),mummy bear(熊妈妈),baby bear(熊宝宝),lion(狮子),bird(小鸟)布景:大森林背景,舞台右角是一座小房子,一棵木瓜树,中间有一棵大树,舞台左角有一块大石头,左角后台阶上有两棵桃树(大幕在抒情、优美的音乐声中徐徐开启)[旁白]:In this beautiful est, There live many lovely animals, they love each other and live a happy life!在一个美丽的大森林里,住着许许多多的小动物,他们在一起相亲相爱,生活得可幸福了!第一景:小动物群舞小兔舞 (音乐:活泼、轻快、跳跃)狐狸舞 (扭动腰肢,跳节奏感极强的迪斯科)乌龟舞 (一伸一缩,音乐:缓慢、低沉、滑稽)小猴舞 (调皮、灵巧,可用西游记主题曲)(音乐转为轻柔、舒缓,小兔一人旋转跳舞,音乐渐弱转为流水声,舞台灯光转暗,布景为湖边,木瓜树下)第二景:[音响]:“咕咚”(清晰而响亮)小兔:(吃惊的样子,四处看看)What’s the matter?什么东西?(倒退几步,拔腿就跑,正好撞上了狐狸)狐狸:(奇怪的神情)What’s the matter? Why are you running?跑什么呀?出了什么事?小兔:(气喘嘘虚的样子):“Gu dong, Gu dong is coming.”咕咚,咕咚来了狐狸:(害怕的样子):Oh! Horrible, let’s run.哇!太可怕了,让我们跑吧!(这时候,熊妈妈提着篮子和熊宝宝从树后走出来,正好看到慌慌张张奔跑的小兔和狐狸)熊妈妈:(很惊奇的样子):What’s the matter? Why are you running?出了什么事?你们跑什么呀?小兔、狐狸(合):Gu dong is coming.小熊:(害怕并躲在妈妈的怀里)mummy mummy, I’m frightened.妈妈、妈妈,我害怕!熊妈妈:(安慰宝宝)Oh! dear, Don’t be frightened, let’s run quickly.乖宝宝,别害怕,让我们跑吧!快,快(小猴、小鸟、乌龟在另一角台阶的桃树上看到,感到很奇怪)小猴:(指着奔跑的小动物)Why? Why are they all running?为什么,为什么他们都在跑?乌龟:(很神秘的样子)Perhaps, A monster!也许,是妖怪来了!小猴、小鸟:(非常恐惧的样子)Oh, horrible, let’s run!啊呀!太可怕了,快跑呀!乌龟:(慌慌张张地跟在后面)wait! just wait等一等! 小学生 英语 话剧成都文眉绣眉培训学校哪家好

学韩式半永久化妆多少钱关于五一劳动节的英语作文:我的旅游生活 -- :7:9 来源: 关于五一劳动节的英语作文:我的旅游生活 last week i went to mount emei in sichuan province with my family. early in the morning, we took a taxi to beijing west railway station. the station was very lively.  half an hour later, we got on the train. on the train, we had a lot of fun. after 6 hours, we reached sichuan. there, we took many photos and had a goodtime. 5 days later, we came back to the beijing. even though my travel seemed really short, but my memory of the pleasant trip will last long.更多关于五一劳动节的英语作文请访问作文无忧网:www.zw51.cn 我的小猫(my cat) --5 :: 来源: 我的小猫(my cat)   i have a cat he is beautiful. he is yellow and white. his name is''huang huang''. sometimeshepiayswith me, sometimeshepiayswith the dog.  he can catch mouse. one day a mouse was eating my food . then my cat ran over and caught.  he is a very good cat. do you like my cat?德阳学漂唇多少钱都江堰韩式半永久化妆绣眉培训学校



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