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Darren, I do love these museum collections when you come behind the scenes and you suddenly feel that you are surrounded by treasures. And its amazing to think that there are new discoveries to be made in here as well.达伦,我真的很喜爱这些物馆收藏,当你来到幕后时,突然感觉自己被财宝包围着。一想到在这里将会有新的发现,也会让人觉得不可思议。Thats right in a way. There are almost too many specimens for the number of experts out there. There is always new stuff to find in collections. You arent necessary to go out to a field and look for dinosaurs. You can just rummage through museum floors. You will find something new.在某种程度上,这是对的。对于众多在外探索的专家而言,标本的数量相对有限。在收集的标本上总会有新发现。你没有必要去野外的遗址寻找恐龙。只要在物馆的地板上仔细翻阅,就会有新的发现。Recently Darren and a colleague did exactly that. They came across a bone which had been lying on a museum shelf since Victorian times. It may look unremarkable but with several unique features, it didnt fit with anything which had been found before. And it was enough for them to describe a new species.最近达伦和一位同事的确这样做了。他们碰到一块骨化石,它自维多利亚时代起就一直躺在物馆的架子上。它看起来不显眼,但却有几处独一无二的特征,这与之前发现的任何恐龙并不契合。而且这足以让他们来描述一个新物种。About 50 new species of dinosaurs named every year. About 90% of all named dinosaurs have been named since about 1990. If you were to generate a discovery curve of dinosaurs overtime, you would have a curve that shaped like this. And we are currently on the steep upward curve of the graph.每年大概会给50个新物种命名。自上世纪90年代年起,几乎90%的恐龙均被命名。如果你发现的新恐龙来自于更早的时代,那么形状应该是这样的。目前我们的图表是陡峭的上升的曲线。Why do you think there is such a craze for naming new dinosaurs at the moment?你认为在那时为什么会出现给恐龙命名的热潮?Regions of the world have been explored more. They havent been really looked at much beforehand. So places like southern South America, much of the central Asia, parts of Africa and Australia, more and more people are going out to those places, finding new dinosaurs and bringing them back.在世界范围内已经进行探索了许多。他们预先并没有太多依据可以参照。因此在南美南部地区,大多数中亚地区,部分非洲及澳洲地区,越来越多的人来到这些地方,寻找新的恐龙并带回去。原文译文属!201209/199124。

生病了就要吃药有木有?吃药前要看说明书有木有?有的人记不住有木有?我们的Don就因为自己的不仔细栽了个大跟头了!今天我们一起来谈谈关于吃药的不能不说的秘密…… Black Tongues and Stomach Aches黑舌头与胃痛Don:Oh, no, Yaeuml;l, I think Im having a medical emergency. Quick! Call an ambulance.Don:我的天呐,Y,我想我是染上什么急病啦!赶快!叫救护车!Yaeuml;l:A medical emergency, Don? Are you sure? You look fine to me!Yaeuml;l:急病?你确定?你看起来气色不错啊!D:But Im not. This morning, I had a terrible stomach ache. And now, now look at my tongue. Oh, its all black. Surely, Im dying, and you dont even care!D:我不觉得我很好啊。今天早上我胃疼得特别厉害。可现在……现在,你看我的舌头。整个舌头都是黑的!好吧,我都要死了,你一点也不关心我!Y:Relax, Don! Of course I care. But you really dying?Y:Don,别太紧张好不好!我绝对是关心你的,但你确定你就要“去”了?D:But my tongue...D:可我的舌头……Y:I can tell you exactly what the problem is!Y:我可以告诉你你的舌头究竟是怎么回事!D:You can? But you are not a doctor!D:你?可你并不是医生啊!Y:But I do the contrary indications before taking medicine.Y:但是我每次吃药之前都会看说明书,看药后会有什么副作用。D:Un-huh!D:嗯哼!Y:You said you had a stomachache, right? And Ill bet you 5 dollars that you have took some Pepto Bismol for it?Y:你说你胃痛,对吧?我和你赌5美元,你是不是用了碱式水杨酸铋口混悬液?D:Wow! You must be psychic. How do you know?D:神啦!你怎么知道的呢?Y:Well, the active ingredient in Pepto Bismol is a compound called bismuth subsalicylate.Y:碱式水杨酸铋中的有效成分为一种叫做碱式水杨酸盐的化合物。D:Bismuth subsalicylate, so?D:碱式水杨酸盐,所以说?Y:This compound has anti-diarrheal, anti-bacterial, and antacid effect on the digestive tract.Y:这种化合物作用于消化道,具有抗腹泻、抗菌以及解酸的作用。D:Which is why Pepto helps with stomach discomfort.D:这就是为什么碱式水杨酸铋能缓解胃部不适。Y:Right, but the thing is, when the bismuth combines with the trace amounts of sulfur in your saliva and in your gastrointestinal tract, it reacts to form a black substance called bismuth sulfide.Y:嗯。但是,铋与唾液和胃肠道中微量的硫作用会生成一种黑色的物质——硫化铋。D:Bismuth sulfide, sounds dangerous!D:硫化铋,听起来都觉得很危险!Y:It isnt. But thats where the discoloration on your tongue comes from. And bismuth sulfide can also temporarily darken the stool. Its a common enough side-effect that its listed in the package information, which you really should get in the habit of ing.Y:这倒不是。但硫化铋就是将你的舌头变黑的罪魁祸首。而且,硫化铋还会使排泄物变黑。这是很常见的一种副作用,药品的包装盒上就列出来了的。所以啊,在吃药前一定要养成看说明的好习惯。放心了吧,要不了几天就恢复正常了。In a couple of days everything will back to normal.D:Yaeuml;l, you saved my life.D:Yaeuml;l,你救了我一命啊。Y:Not really...Y:怎么会…… /201208/195492。

Business商业Diet products减肥商品A big, bad business点肥成金不现实Medical firms struggle to profit from weight-loss treatments制药公司试图从减肥治疗中获利OBESITY is an epidemic to some and an opportunity to others.肥胖症对某些人来说是传染病,对别的一些人来说则是机遇。More than two-thirds of Americans are overweight.超过三分之二的美国人已经超重。Find a way to battle the bulge and a huge profit might be made.找个办法和肥胖对抗,说必定就此大赚一笔。On February 22nd one pharmaceutical firm, Vivus, took a small step towards this goal.找个办法和肥胖对抗,说必定就此大赚一笔。A committee advising Americas Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended that it approve Vivuss diet drug, Qnexa.2月22日,Vivus制药公司朝着这个目标前进了一步。给美国食品药物做咨询的一家委员会推荐,Vivus公司的减肥药Qnexa。However, the pills long-awaited final approval may not come until April, if at all.但是,如果获得批准,该药品的漫长的最终肯定直到四月份才会到来。The announcement mostly served as a reminder of what a struggle it is to turn fat into gold.公告主要是提醒人们,这是一场点肥成金的抗争。Pharmaceutical and medical-device companies are quite good at treating the conditions that come with obesity.制药和医疗器械公司非常善于解决肥胖带来的问题。However, they are dismal at helping consumers lose weight.但是他们无法帮助消费者战胜肥胖本身,减少体重。This is not for lack of trying.这不是因为缺乏尝试。Take the curious case of the gastric band.以古怪的胃部束带为例。Bariatric surgery can lead to weight loss in the long term. Hospitals can make money from all bariatric procedures, including gastric bypasses (in which the stomach is partitioned and the upper part connected directly to the small intestine), but the gastric band is a rare example of an opportunity for device-makers to profit from weight loss.肥胖治疗手术可以帮助患者在较长的时间内减少体重。医院就是从这些减肥疗程中赚钱,包括胃绕道手术(手术中,胃被切割,直接把上部跟小肠连接起来),但是胃部束带却是一个罕见的例子,被当成一个器械制造商用来从减肥中赚钱的法子。Allergan, best known for selling Botox, has tried to use its Lap-Band to tap the obesity market.Allergan公司以销售肉毒杆菌而出名,尝试用产品Lap-Band打入减肥市场。It is an inflatable loop which the surgeon fits near the top of the stomach, which helps the patient feel sated earlier.Lap-Band是一圈松紧带,外科医生可以用它绕住患者胃的上部,这样患者会提前有腹饱感。Allergan has captured about 70% of the worldwide market for gastric bands and balloons, but sales are now shrinking.Allergan公司在全球胃部束带和充气袋市场占有率达70%,但是如今销量却有所下降。The recession has sapped consumers desire for expensive surgery.经济不景气让消费者忍住做昂贵的手术的欲望。Some patients have had bands removed because they slipped or proved ineffective.有些病人甚至连束带也不用了,因为束带打滑或者没有效果。Last year the FDA approved the Lap-Bands use in patients who are only slightly overweight, but insurers have refused to pay.去年,美国食品药物同意,微超重病人使用 Lap-Band,但是保险公司却拒绝付款。In January David Pyott, Allergans chief executive, said he would scrap an effort to market the band for teenagers.一月份,Allergan公司首席执行官David Pyott说,他将放弃在年轻人束带市场的努力。He is now trying to convince insurers of Lap-Bands merits, arguing that the ,000 surgery is recouped in saved medical costs within four years.他目前试图让保险公司也看到Lap-Band的优点,他认为两万美元手术费可以在四年之内通过减少医疗出收回。There is some scepticism about his chances of success: ;The fact that banding is not as good as bypass has been known by everybody except the PR firms for the band,; says Lee Kaplan, director of the Weight Centre at Massachusetts General Hospital.至今仍有人怀疑他是否能成功:“事实上使用束带不必胃绕道手术好,所有人都知道,除了束带的公关公司,”马萨诸塞州中心医院体重中心主任Lee Kaplan如是说。Drug companies have had even more trouble than device-makers.制药公司的麻烦甚至比医疗器械公司的还要多。It has been 13 years since the FDA approved a prescription diet pill.从美国食品药物批准减肥药为处方药到如今已经过了十三年。That drug, Roches Xenical, has notorious gastrointestinal side-effects.瑞士罗氏制药公司的Xenical臭名昭著,该药会引发胃肠功能的副作用。The FDA rejected Vivuss Qnexa in 2010 over concerns for the safety of pregnant women and the quickening of patients heart rates.美国食品药物于2010年拒绝批准Vivus公司的Qnexa,因为担心该药对妇的安全造成伤害,担心该药会加快患者的心率。Vivuss new data apparently satisfied the FDAs advisory committee.Vivus公司新的数据显然让的咨询委员会满意。However, the agency may yet reject the drug.但是该局还是可能拒绝批准该药。Even if Qnexa is approved, it is unclear that patients will buy it.就算Qnexa获得批准,患者会不会买账仍不明了。Qnexa combines two treatments that are aly on the market.Qnexa结合了两种市面上上有的疗效。Both medicines are generic, which means that doctors may prescribe the existing drugs rather than Qnexas more expensive version.这两种药物都是非专利药,这说明医生可能会给患者开已有的药而不选择Qnexa,后者更贵。For now, it is more profitable to treat fat patients than to try to make them slim.到目前为止,治疗肥胖患者还是要比让他们减肥更有利可图。 /201211/207797。

SINCE the 2010 mid-term elections, ;tea party; Republicans have enjoyed influence out of proportion to their numbers. They forced Barack Obama and congressional Democrats to accept spending cuts without any tax increases to keep the government from shutting down in April, 2011, and from defaulting on its bills in August.自2010年中期选举以来, ;茶党;共和党人享有了与其人数不相符的强大影响力。在他们的坚持下,总统奥巴马和民主党国会议员被迫在去年四月和八月间,在不增加任何税收的前提下消减开,以免联邦政府停摆,避免债务毁约。This intransigence, however, backfired rather spectacularly just before Christmas when John Boehner, the speaker of the House of Representatives, was forced to reverse his earlier position and agree to an extension of a two-percentage-point cut in the payroll tax and to the payment of unemployment benefits for up to 99 weeks.但就在圣诞节前夕,;茶党;成员这种绝不妥协的态度却弄巧成拙,不得不狼狈收场。众议院议长约翰. 纳被迫更改初衷,同意延长对工资税消减百分之二的法案。延长让失业者可以在最多99周内领取津贴的政策。Both measures, previously agreed to as a form of temporary stimulus, were due to expire at the end of the year. Mr Obama and Republican leaders had earlier agreed to extend both for one more year, but not on how to pay for them. To buy more negotiating time, Democratic and Republican leaders in the Senate agreed to extend the two measures for two more months.这两项经济刺激举措,原本只是权宜之计。本应在去年年底失效。总统奥巴马和共和党党魁在早些时候同意将这两项举措再延长一年。但在如何付由此产生的费用上,未能达成一致。为了争取到更多的协商时间,国会众的两党头领同意先延长两个月。In the House, however, tea-party members revolted. Some said that setting tax policy for just two months was silly, others claimed that stimulus does not work anyway, and yet others warned of (non-existent) threats to pensions, which are funded by the payroll tax. Democrats wasted no time in claiming that the Republicans were holding 160m workers hostage to extremists. Under intense pressure from fellow Republicans in the Senate and in the presidential campaign, Mr Boehner finally relented. The measure passed on December 23rd without so much as a roll-call vote.然而,众议院的茶党成员却不干了。有些人称为期两个月的税收政策是愚钝之举。还有些人称此举对经济复苏毫无意义。更有甚者,提出警告。由于养老金出自工资税,而消减工资税便将威胁到养老金(此说法纯属无中生有)。民主党人就地反击,声称共和党人要把全美一亿六千万在职员工劫持为人质,把他们推向极端。迫于参议院及总统竞选阵营中共和党同僚所施加的巨大压力,纳先生终于扛不住了。去年12月23日,延长工资税消减法案得以通过,连一次唱名表决都没有。The deal lifts, if only for a couple of months, one shadow over the economy and thus Mr Obamarsquo;s re-election prospects. Recent data have shown the economy to be perking up notably in the fourth quarter; it may have grown 3.6% in the period, reckons Macroeconomic Advisers, a consultancy. That would be the fastest rate since mid-2010. If the two measures, worth roughly 1% of GDP, had expired, the economy could have relapsed in 2012.这次协议至少在几个月内暂时移除了美国经济上方的阴影,也因此提高了奥巴马赢得连任的机会。最近的数据表明,美国经济在第四季度大为好转。宏观经济咨询公司给出的增长率数值为3.6%,为2010年中期以来的最高值。如果这两项总价值约占美国国民生产总值1%的经济刺激举措期满失效,那么2012年的美国经济可能会再次显出疲态。201201/167953。

Bilingual Education, a work in progress—Today on Congressional Moment. By the time the 13 British colonies declared their independence, over two million people had immigrated across the ocean from Europe. Many were British, but many more were from other countries, and spoke other languages. It was not long before bilingual education became an issue. By the mid 1800s, various states were conducting classes in languages such as French, German, Dutch and Greek.今日国会时刻——双语教育,仍在发展的事业。到英国13个殖民地宣布独立时,已有超过200万人穿越海洋从欧洲移民。很多人来自英国,但更多人来自其他国家,他们讲其他语言。不久之后双语教育便应运而生。到19世纪中期,各州均开设了用法语,德语,荷兰语以及希腊语讲授的课程。Non English-speaking students received some protection under the 14th Amendments Equal Protection Clause, ratified in 1868, and over a hundred years later, in 1968, the Bilingual Education Act was created. It was the first official federal legislation recognizing the specific needs of students with limited English-speaking ability.第十四条修正案的平等保护条款于1868年批准生效,这为母语为非英语的学生提供了更多保护,且在100后的1968年,国会通过了《双语教育法》。这条法案以联邦法律形式成立,它的重要意义在于认识到英语能力差的学生的特殊需求。It gave assistance to many local districts to establish bilingual education programs. During the 1980s and 90s, Congress amended the Act several times, reflecting new challenges, changing priorities and new teaching techniques.这条法律协助了各地机构建立双语教育项目。在20世纪80年代至90年代,国会屡次修改这条法案,修改内容反应了新的挑战,不断变化的优先事项以及新式教学技巧。The issue was, and still is, hotly debated at the grass roots level, with children coming to our schools speaking more than 200 languages. Congress continues to wrestle with the important issue of how best to help students from non-English speaking families move into the mainstream of American life. The Bilingual Education Act is clearly a work-in-progress, and related issues are likely to be found in the media and on the ballots for many years to come.进入美国学校读书的学生所说的语言超过200种,这个问题曾是并仍然是民间热议的话题。如何帮助来自非英语家庭的学生融入进美国主流生活,国会将继续设法解决这一问题。显然,双语教育仍是有待发展事业。未来许多年内媒体,竞选宣传仍会持续报道、提及相关问题。原文译文属!201210/203549。

Many of the early Samba songs were meant to size malandros, sharply-dressed hustlers of the black communities, and the authorities outlawed musicians and their Samba parties. 早期许多桑巴歌曲是为马兰多斯量身定做, 黑人社区衣着光鲜的骗子,当局取缔的音乐家们及只有桑巴团体才能享受这种舞曲。But all that would suddenly change. 但一切突然改变。Samba was to be appropriated, transformed and used by the government. 桑巴被政府挪用,转换并善加利用。From now on, music will play a new role in Brazilian life.从现在开始,音乐将在巴西人的生活中扮演一个新角色。注:听力文本来源于普特201212/217945。