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Firecrackers and Fireworks爆竹与鞭炮Firecrackers and fireworks have been one of the essential parts of Chinese festival culture. Firecrackers is a small explosive charge and a fuse in a heavy paper casing,exploded to make noise, as at celebrations. Fireworks refer to a device consisting of a combination of explosives and combustibles, set off to generate colored lights,smoke, and noise for amusement.Fireworks are primarily known for colorful sparks while firecrackers for loud sound.鞭竹和烟花是中国节日文化的重要部分之一。鞭竹是一个小型炸药,并在重磅纸外壳装有保险丝,爆炸时制造出声音,是一种庆祝活动。烟花是指由爆炸物和可燃物结合而成的,可以产生产生色灯光,烟雾,和声的装置。烟花主要是以丰富多的火花著名,而爆竹则以声巨响而著名。Firecrackers are of various kinds. They are generally subdivided into three categories :single-bang firecrackers, double-bang firecrackers (or cannon crackers) ,and cannonade crackers.鞭竹是各种各样的。它们通常细分为三类:单一声鞭竹,双响(或大爆竹),和炮响爆竹。There are also various kinds of fireworks. In terms of the way of setting off,they are generally divided into ground fireworks,hand fireworks,hanging fireworks,sky fireworks,water fireworks,etc. Each of them can be further classified to nearly a hundred subcategories.也有各种各样的烟花。根据其装置,它们一般分为地面礼花,手烟花,挂烟花,天空烟花,水烟花等。这几种中的每一种都可以进一步分为近百个类别。 /201611/476123

Top Hong Kong singer-actor Aaron Kwok recently tied the knot with 29-year-old model girlfriend Moka Fang last Tuesday (18 April).香港著名歌手兼演员郭富城与29岁的模特女友方媛在上周二(4月18日)喜结连理。Before giving up his bachelorhood, the 51-year-old was said to have had at least 15 official and unofficial girlfriends since starting his career way back in 1984. Take a look at some of these famous ladies who dated Kwok.在告别单身生活之前,据说,这位51岁的明星自1984年出道后已有过至少15个正式或非正式的女朋友。下面就让我们来看一看那些曾与郭富城约会过的著名女星。1.Lynn Hung1.熊黛林Before Kwok announced his relationship with Fang, he was in a seven-year relationship with Hong Kong fashion model and actress, Lynn Hung.在郭富城宣布与方媛的关系之前,他曾经与香港时尚模特兼演员熊黛林有过一段长达七年的恋情。They met on the set of a music in 2006, and although he never publicly confirmed their relationship, Hung was widely regarded as ;Mrs Aaron Kwok;.他们在2006年的音乐专辑中相识,尽管郭富城从未公开实两人的关系,但熊黛林却被外界一致认为是“郭夫人”。They ended their relationship in 2013, and Hung is now married to businessman Ken Kwok, the brother of Hong Kong-based actress, Kenix Kwok.他们在2013年分手,现在熊黛林嫁给了香港女演员郭可盈的弟弟、商人郭可颂。2.Christy Chung2.钟丽缇According to several Chinese news sources, sparks flew between Chinese-Canadian actress Christy Chung and Kwok after they filmed a music together in the 90s.根据中国多家新闻社的报道,中加混血女星钟丽缇和郭富城在共同拍摄MV后,于上世纪90年代擦出了爱情的火花。In 2013, Chung admitted that they had not been in contact for over a decade. But after guest-starring in one of his films, they caught up over dinner together.2013年,钟丽缇承认他们多年内从未联系过。但在郭富城的一部电影中客串后,二人被拍到一同进餐。Last year, the 46-year-old made headlines when she got married for the third time, to 34-year-old Chinese actor Zhang Lunshuo.去年,46岁的钟丽缇第三次结婚,登上了新闻头条。她嫁给了34岁的中国演员张伦硕。3.Athena Chu3.朱茵In the mid-90s, Chu and Kwok reportedly hit it off after filming a drama together in Europe. However, their romance fizzled out after just half a year.据报道,在上世纪90年代中期,朱茵和郭富城在欧洲一同拍戏后开始交往。然而,他们的恋情在仅仅半年后便告吹。The Hong Kong actress-singer is best known for her role as the ;Zixia fairy; in the 1995 film ;A Chinese Odyssey;. After getting married and giving birth in 2012, the 45-year-old has not been tied to any film or TV projects.这位香港女歌手、演员因在1995年的电影《大话西游》中饰演“紫霞仙子”一角而走红。在2012年结婚生子后,45岁的朱茵便不再参加任何电影或电视节目。4.Amanda Strang4.阿曼达·斯特朗In 1999, the then 19-year-old French-Taiwanese model appeared opposite Kwok in one of his music s. Not long after filming ended, the Hong Kong media photographed Kwok at Strang#39;s apartment, and Strang was rumoured to have bid goodbye to him in her underwear.1999年,这位当时仅19岁、生于法国的台湾女模特在郭富城的一部MV中与他演对手戏。在拍摄结束后不久,香港媒体就拍到了郭富城出现在了斯特朗的公寓,而斯特朗据传言当时只穿着内衣向他告别。Strang, now 37 years old, took up a new career as a pastry chef and opened a French patisserie shop, petiteAmanda, in 2013. However, it has since closed down.现年37岁的斯特朗开始了作为糕点师的新职业生涯,并在2013年开了一家名为petiteAmanda的法式蛋糕店。不过这家蛋糕店现在已经关门了。5.Norika Fujiwara5.藤原纪香In the early 2000s, Kwok was linked to Norika Fujiwara, a former Japanese beauty queen, whom he co-starred with in the movie ;China Strike Force;.在21世纪初,郭富城与前日本选美皇后藤原纪香有了联系,他们一同出演了电影《雷霆战警》。Despite being spotted out together, Kwok never confirmed any romantic relations with Fujiwara, and rumours of their romance died down soon afterwards. The model-actress recently married Kabuki actor Kataoka Ainosuke VI in September 2016.尽管曾被拍到两人一同出行,但郭富城从未实过与藤原纪香的恋爱关系,关于两人的绯闻也很快平息。这位模特兼演员于2016年9月与歌舞伎男演员第6代片冈爱之助成婚。 /201704/506504

How to Play the Game怎样踢毽子The purpose of the game is to kick a specially constructed, usually home-made shuttlecock into the air and keep it there for as long as possible solely by the use of the feet. This is normally accomplished by administering repeated kicks with the instep of either foot.游戏的目的是踢一个专门构造,通常自制毽子踢入空中,并保持在那里,仅通过使用脚踢。这通常是通过与任一只脚的脚背重复踢来完成。If more than one participant, players form a circle and kick the shuttlecock to each other. A player who misses and lets it fall to the ground has to drop out of the game. This process of elimination is repeated, until the player who remains at the end is declared the winner.如果有多个参与者,参与者围成一圈,并踢毽子给对方。让毽子掉在地上的那个人要放弃比赛。淘汰的过程是重复的,直到最后把毽子保持空中的玩家被宣布为胜利者。 /201612/482294

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