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成都纹绣培训学院学纹绣价目表多少钱达州纹绣名师Anchor: Well, for years, people have been trying to keep up with the Joneses, but instead of competing with your neighbors, how about actually trying to get along with them? Joining us with some simple tips on how to deal with those likeable and not so likeable neighbors is Betty Wong; she is the Executive Editor of Family Circle magazine. Good morning, Betty.Betty: Good morning, Anna.Anchor: Well, in an ideal world, I guess we would all get along with our neighbors, wouldn't we?Betty: Right, right. We hope so.Anchor: But why is it important to have a good relationship with them?Betty: Well, you know, your home is your sanctuary. And how you get along with your neighbors really plays a large part in your health wellbeing and happiness, because you know, your neighbors really kind of make your home. And so it's important at least to establish a good, cordial, or at least polite relationship with your neighbors, and that...Anchor: How do we establish that? When you move into a neighborhood, right, should you reach out to the neighbors or should they be reaching out to you?Betty: I think it could work either way. I mean, certainly, if they don't reach out to you, don't assume that they are being rude or unfriendly. They just might be holding back because they think you are too busy--unpacking and settling in. So if they don't make that first step, you know, after a few days, go ahead and introduce yourself, because I think once you are on a first name basis with your neighbors, it makes that much easier to, you know, prevent problems later on, or maybe call on them for a favor down the road like if you are on a vacation and you need them to water your plants and pick up your mail. It's much easier when you know them personally.Anchor: Yeah, neighbors can be really really helpful, but of course they can also be annoying. So we went out on the street, and we ask some people what sorts of problems they may be having with their neighbors. Here's one answer that we got.Interviewee1: Our neighbor plays music, really really loudly. He's three houses down, and it's extremely loud from early in the morning to late at night. What do we do to ask him to not play music so loudly?Anchor: Forever, this is a pretty common problem, you hear this a lot. Betty: Yes, it is. Loud music is one of those top complaints, and I think you know for most reasons... people, they probably aren't even aware that they are causing problems for their neighbors. And I think if you bring it up to that your neighbors' attention they will be more than happy to fix it. But you can take that, you know it's- not- you, it's-me approach. You could say something like, you know, I kind of, I'm really a light-sniff sleeper or I suffer from migraines. Can you help me out by, you know, turning down the music during those evening hours or the early morning, or come up with a compromise that works for both of you, a resolution that works for both of you. Anchor: Don't just call the police, right? which a lot of people do. So that's a common complaint: loud music, but also sometimes we can have smells and other things that assault our senses as in the case of another person we talked to on the street.Interviewee2: My neighbor upstairs cooks a lot. She's pounding on the counters a lot, and a smelly foods smell comes right to the vent, so what should I do, how should I handle this?Anchor: Oh, the trials and tribulations of apartment living.Betty: Well, that's a tough one. That's a really sensitive situation. Because you want to live in the comfort of your own home, and not have to deal with unpleasant smells,(Right.) but then your neighbors are just as entitled to cook whatever she likes in the comfort of her own home. So I'd, you know, say , approach her if you work up the nerve, you could say, you know, I am not sure if you realized what's happening but you know I can smell something coming from your kitchen, could you, would you mind opening your windows or maybe using your exhaust fan? You try to approach them, you know, politely, reasonably, and if that doesn't work, you could also just talk to management because maybe there is something wrong with your building's ventilation system.(Exactly) If something is coming into your apartment, that might be a quick fix, without, you know, having that uncomfortable conversation. Anchor: What if the things that you say in this month's Family Circle is that there is power in numbers, right? So when you are approaching your neighbor, what should you do?Betty: Yeah. I mean sometimes it does help to gather up some troops, you know, get support from your fellow neighbors, but you have to be sensitive that you are not ganging up on your next door neighbor. so..Anchor: Right, you don't want it to be like an intervention or something like that, (Yeah, exactly) what about a noisy neighbor,(Well.) I mean a nosy neighbor, (Oh, nosy)I mean someone is always like, you know, you feel they're always like cut it around, checking out your every move.Betty: Right, I think a lot of time as we may mistake noisy behavior for being, you know, nosy or poky when they are just being kind of trying to be friendly, or maybe that person's lonely. It's... You kind of have to see what the motive is there, and oftentimes, if you, if you are little evasive, or, you just don't answer their question, they often take the hint and back off.Anchor: And the neighbor that come to visit and won't go away?Betty: Well, I think, you know that, there are might be somebody who is just really lonely and wants a friend. You know oftentimes I think the rule is five, ten minute-visit, is fine. Because you know that way you are up imposing on that person's schedule or that person's plan. But you know, you don't have to be best friends with your neighbor at all, you can just be civil and polite, and say hello in the morning as he come and go, and that makes everybody's relationship so much better.Anchor: Well, that's important. Betty Wong, Thanks so much for the tips we appreciate from Family Circle magazine and for more on this topic and others, head to the Early Show website at CBSnews.com.200807/44112成都尚秀国际培训学校学纹眼线美容纹绣多少钱 Bush, Putin Look Back US-Russian Relations布什与普京回顾美俄七年来的关系  During a joint news conference in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Presidents George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin spoke with a bit of nostalgia as they looked back at their stewardship of U.S.-Russian relations during the past seven years. 美国总统布什与俄罗斯总统普京在黑海度假胜地索契举行联合记者招待会。他们带著一点怀旧的口吻回顾了他们领导下的美国与俄罗斯在过去七年来的关系。 Russian President Vladimir Putin said he enjoyed his meetings with the American president since they first met in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2001. The Russian leader characterized their personal ties as open and sincere, saying they allowed for direct discussion of international and bilateral issues.  俄罗斯总统普京说,自从他和布什总统于2001年在斯洛文尼亚的卢布尔雅那第一次见面之后,他就喜欢和布什会见。这位俄罗斯领导人把他和布什个人关系的特点概括成“公开和坦诚的”。普京说,这种关系使得他们可以就国际问题和双边问题直接交换意见。Over all, says Mr. Putin, cooperation in the struggle against international terrorism, against proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and missile technology, international corruption and drug trafficking form a promising basis not only for bilateral relations, but is also an important factor of international security. 普京说:“总的来说,在打击国际恐怖主义的斗争中,在防止大规模杀伤性武器和导弹技术扩散方面,在打击国际腐败和贩毒方面的合作,已经奠定了一个有前途的基础。这一基础不仅对双边关系而言,同时对国际安全也是一个重要的因素。”Mr. Putin agrees with President Bush who said that despite disagreements, neither side views the other as an enemy. The American leader said both men spent a lot of time in their relationship trying to get rid of the Cold War. 普京赞同布什总统的说法:尽管有分歧,双方都没有把对方看作是敌人。美国领导人说,他们两人花了很多时间用于发展他们的关系,试图摆脱冷战。 "It is over. It ended. And the fundamental question in this relationship is could we work together to put the Cold War in the past? And I fully recognize that people in Russia and America still think the Cold War exists," said Mr. Bush. “冷战已经没有了,已经结束了。现在(美俄)关系中最根本的问题在于我们能否共同努力把冷战留给过去?我充分认识到,在俄罗斯和美国都有人仍然认为冷战依然存在”。 Mr. Putin said both leaders were able to conduct relations without allowing disagreements on any given issue to damage the overall relationship. The most difficult issues on their agenda remain NATO expansion and the deployment of missile defense system in Central Europe. But they agree on Russian entry into the World Trade Organization. 普京说,双方领导人能够维持双边关系不让任何分歧或者任何特定问题,损害两国之间的总体关系。他们的议程中最大的难题,仍然是北约东扩和在中欧部署导弹防御系统。不过,他们在俄罗斯加入世界贸易组织方面取得了一致。 In this connection, says the Kremlin leader, we are counting on the ed States to lift the Jackson-Vanik amendment and also to grant Russia normalized trade relations. Mr. Bush called for the U.S. Congress to lift the Soviet-era amendment, which tied trade with Moscow to its human-rights record. 普京说,在这方面,我们期望美国能够解除杰克逊-万尼克修订案的限制,并给与俄罗斯正常贸易关系的待遇。布什总统呼吁美国国会解除前苏联时代的修正案的限制,这一修正案把贸易和莫斯科的人权记录挂钩。 Following his meeting in Sochi with Russian president-elect Dmitri Medvedev, Mr. Bush was asked whether he was able to judge his soul as he did Mr. Putin's after their first meeting 22 summits ago in Ljubljana. Mr. Bush said that Dmitri Medvedev seems forthright, but is not yet president. 布什总统在索契与俄罗斯总统当选人德米特里.梅德韦杰夫举行了会谈之后,有记者问布什总统,他是否能够像第一次和普京在卢布尔雅那举行峰会之后就能够判断普京的灵魂那样,判断梅德韦杰夫的灵魂。布什已经和普京举行了22次峰会。布什说,梅德韦杰夫似乎很直率,但是目前他尚未就任总统。 "He is taking his time, he is studying, he is preparing to assume office, but he is not going to act like a president, nor assume presidential duties until he gets to be the president," said Mr. Bush. "So you can write down, 'I was impressed."' "他还需要时间。他正在学习,准备走马上任,在他正式就任俄罗斯总统之前,他目前绝不会以一个总统的身份行事,也不会承担任何总统的职权。所以你们可以这样报导,‘ 他给我留下了深刻的印象’。”Mr. Bush said he is looking forward to working with Mr. Medvedev after President Putin leaves office on May 7. A new U.S. leader will assume the White House on January 20. 布什说,在普京总统于5月7日卸任之后,他期待著与梅德韦杰夫合作。明年1月20日,一个新的美国总统将入主白宫。 200804/33773泸州学纹唇多少钱

达州半永久化妆培训费用to bear out ---- 验(短语)英文释义(phrase)To confirm a statement as true.例句Im quite sure that next years economic results will bear out the accuracy of my global trade predications.我非常确定,明年的经济数据将验我对全球贸易预测的准确性。 /201609/464978崇州市半永久化妆培训价格 Kenya Swears in Power-Sharing Cabinet肯尼亚权力分享内阁举行就职仪式 Nearly three months after Kenya's disputed elections, the country's new power-sharing cabinet has been sworn in, including former opposition leader Raila Odinga as prime minister. The government is to steer the country away from the political crisis and violence experienced after December's vote. 肯尼亚有争议的选举结束将近3个月以后,肯尼亚新的权力分享内阁宣誓就职,前反对派领袖奥廷加担任总理。新政府旨在让肯尼亚摆脱去年12月的选举后所经历的政治危机和暴力。 At a lengthy ceremony in the capital, Nairobi, Kenya's 42 ministers and 50 assistant ministers - half belonging to or aligned with President Mwai Kibaki's Party of National y, and half from Prime Minister Raila Odinga's Orange Democratic Movement - took office. 在肯尼亚首都内罗毕举行的就职仪式持续了很长时间,肯尼亚的42名部长和50名助理部长宣誓就职,其中有一半来自总统齐贝吉的民族团结党,另外有一半来自奥廷加所在的橙色民主运动。The event officially puts in place the power-sharing government agreed upon by President Kibaki and Mr. Odinga in an agreement mediated by former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan in late February. 在总统齐贝吉和奥廷加签署的一份协议中规定的权利分享政府由此正式成立。在前联合国秘书长安南的调解下,齐贝吉和奥廷加在2月底达成了这份协议。Mr. Annan was on hand for the event and urged support for the new government, despite concerns that the large number of ministers, the most in Kenya's history, is a waste of resources. 安南出席了就职仪式,他敦促持新政府,尽管这引发人们的担忧,部长人数过多,是浪费国家资源。这个政府的部长数目超过肯尼亚历史上的任何政府。"I know there has been some debate as to the size of the government, but what is important is that we do have a government," he said. "We have an opportunity to put Kenya back on track and build a stronger Kenya and it is essential that you all support the leaders and the government." 安南说:“我知道对政府的规模存在争论,但是重要的是我们确实有了一个政府。我们有机会让肯尼亚回到轨道上来,建立一个更强的肯尼亚,但是最基本的是你们都要持领导人和政府。”Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni, Prime Minister Odinga, and President Kibaki also delivered speeches. The president sounded an optimistic note on moving forward. 乌干达总统穆塞韦尼、肯尼亚新总理奥廷加和新总统齐贝吉也发表了讲话。齐贝吉总统听起来对未来非常乐观。"The recent general elections seriously divided our people along regional and ethnic lines. The formation of the grand coalition government promises to heal the rifts created by negative politics and ethnic suspicions which threatened to tear our nation apart," said Mr. Museveni. 齐贝吉说,“最近的大选严重地把我们的人民按照地区和民族分裂开来。”Some analysts say the president's party has maintained a larger share of key offices, including defense, foreign affairs, internal security, finance and justice. Orange Democratic Movement members will be running the land, agriculture and local government ministries, among others. There is concern about how long the government will last because the relative powers of the president and prime minister have not been spelled out, leaving the door open for future conflict.  有人对这个政府能够持续多久感到担心,因为协议中没有说明总统和总理的相对权力,为将来的冲突留下了后患。But the executive director of the Kenya chapter of the International Commission of Jurists, George Kegoro, says there is little advantage for the two sides in abandoning the current arrangement anytime soon. 但是,国际法学家委员会肯尼亚事务执行主管凯戈洛说,要很快放弃现在的安排对双方都没有什么好处。"They have come from very expensive elections. They would like to re-group across the board. And they would like also to re-arm politically. None of the groups is y for battle again, which is what walking away from the alliance would invite," he said. 他说:“他们都经历了代价昂贵的选举。他们希望重新组合到一起,他们希望在政治上重新武装起来。没有哪一方准备再次战斗,离开联合政府就会引发这样的后果。”The cabinet will be charged with the resettlement of hundreds of thousands of people displaced by the post-election violence and putting the country's economy back on track.  内阁将负责处理数十万因选举后的暴力而流离失所的人,并要让国家的经济走上正轨。At the center of the government's agenda will be an overhaul of the country's constitution. That was the issue that split the previous government, causing Mr. Odinga to break with the president and form what would become the Orange Democratic Movement. 政府的日程中心将是审查国家的宪法。这个问题同造成先前政府的分裂有关,奥廷加同政府分裂并组建橙色民主运动就与此有关。 200804/35467重庆纹绣培训师

江油市韩式定妆眉毛培训学校哪家好Zimbabwe Negotiations Enter Third Day津巴布韦权力分享谈判进入第三天  The troubled Zimbabwe negotiations which have still not resolved the main issue, who will have executive power in any power sharing deal, entered its final day Tuesday. The mediator of the talks, South African President Thabo Mbeki is due back in South Africa Wednesday. 津巴布韦权力分享的谈判星期二进入最后一天,但是双方没有在由谁在权力分享协议中掌握行政权力这一主要问题上达成一致。斡旋这次谈判的南非总统姆贝基定于星期三返回南非。There is still a long list of fundamental issues to be negotiated before any deal between President Robert Mugabe and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai can be signed. 在津巴布韦总统穆加贝和反对党领导人茨万吉拉伊签署任何协议之前还有一系列基本问题需要谈判解决。Among the outstanding issues is how Tsvangirai would be appointed prime minister, by Mr. Mugabe or by parliament. 突出的问题包括,通过什么渠道任命茨万吉拉伊担任津巴布韦总理,由穆加贝任命,还是由议会任命。The talks also have not addressed how long an inclusive interim government would be in power before a new constitution is agreed upon followed by new elections.  几天的谈判没有解决的问题还包括,在新宪法获得通过并举行新的选举之前,由各方组成的临时政府将执政多长时间。In addition, it has not been decided how many of the 10 positions of powerful provincial governors would go to Tsvangirai's Movement for Democratic Change and how many to Mr. Mugabe's ZANU-PF. 除此之外,谈判也没有确定津巴布韦掌握实权的10位省长中,有几位由茨万吉拉伊领导的“争取民主变革运动”成员来担任,几位由穆加贝领导的“非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”成员担任。Many lesser but still fundamental issues have yet to be decided. For example, who would control the public sector organizations which appoints civil servants and judges. 这次谈判也没有解决一些次要的,但也属于基本的问题。比如,由谁来控制任命公务员和法官的政府机构。The number of cabinet posts has largely been agreed and they would be split evenly between the opposition allies and ZANU-PF. 双方基本上在内阁成员的人数上基本取得了共识,由反对党联盟和执政党“非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”平分。The fundamental question of who will hold executive power was not addressed by the six negotiators in South Africa during two weeks of talks prior to this round in Harare. 在哈拉雷举行这轮会谈之前,有6位谈判人员在南非进行了两个星期的磋商,但他们没有解决由谁掌握行政权力这个基本问题。Mr. Tsvangirai was to be the prime minister and Mr. Mugabe the president, but the power attached to each position has not been agreed upon. 茨万吉拉伊将担任总理,穆加贝担任总统,但是没有明确总理和总统都有哪些具体的权力。ZANU-PF sources say Mr. Mugabe had hoped the deal would be signed on Sunday and that the parliament would be called on Wednesday. 来自“非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”的消息说,穆加贝本来希望星期天签署权力分享协议,星期三召集议会成员开会。Mr. Mbeki was appointed by SADC to mediate the Zimbabwe crisis after Tsvangirai and scores of his officials were assaulted in police custody in March last year. 去年3月,茨万吉拉伊和他的几十名官员被警察拘禁期间受到殴打,随后“南部非洲发展共同体”任命南非总统姆贝基从中斡旋,以解决津巴布韦的危机。Tsvangirai maintains that the opposition not only won control of parliament but that he won the presidential election in the last relatively free and fair poll in March. He did not contest the presidential run-off in June because of violence against his supporters. 茨万吉拉伊坚持认为,在3月相对自由和公正的选举中,反对党不仅赢得了议会的控制权,他本人也当选了总统。由于发生了针对其持者的暴力事件,茨万吉拉伊退出了6月的总统决选。Mr. Mugabe was then sworn in for an additional five year term because he was the sole candidate in a second round on June 27. His election was not recognized by any of the African observer groups. 穆加贝在6月27号没有竞争对手的决选中赢得连任,随即宣誓就任,任期五年。穆加贝的当选没有得到任何一个非洲观察员小组的承认。There is agreement by both ZANU-PF and MDC that an inclusive government is needed to bring Zimbabwe out of its economic chaos. “非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”和“争取民主变革运动”都同意,要使津巴布韦摆脱经济困境,建立一个包括各方的政府是必要的。Whether it will come now or perhaps at a further round of negotiations is not clear. 现在还不清楚,这个联合政府是现在就会产生,还是在下一轮谈判中产生。200808/45826 That's all. Now, I understand that you are 21 years old(Yes.) and you are from New Jersey, and FHM magazine had a nationwide search (Yes) for the cover girl, or the magazine mascot?For Miss 2005 FHM. Ok, Congratulations. That's the title. Thank you. When did you find that you won? Um...Couple (of) weeks ago.And what's it been like?Um... It's amazing, I am so kind of in shock, I don't believe in myself until I actually see the magazine which comes out in December. Actually(So, how.....), we have it, we left it in the control room. Can we bring it in? John has got it.It's right here. It's right here. All right. Ok, thank you. Oh there it is.So how fast did Playboy call and say, "We want you to take clothes off?"Ur...They didn't call yet, so, no...Would you...? No, I don't think I would ever do for Playboy. Good girl, what is(Good.) what is your voice mail, let's see if they left a message. Ur. just, just curious. Clay(里面的某个男主持,音译)you look....Now, Lauren, you think you right now are single, right? You live at home. Don't you feel that you begin...Now what's going on?you are not.I know. Ok, so I know that this is gone.No, but I'm just, I am thinking about the audience. (Yeah, I'm gonna...)We heard now in Norway and Sweden and Denmark.(Alright.) For those for the Danes, it's gonna be harder to get a date to find if I'm, I'm taking like you because people is gonna be intimidated: I can't ask out Miss FHM. I'm still the same old person now. You get, you work as......I can tell by these pictures. You work as an FHM hairstylist. Yes.Are you getting new clients now? going,YesHey,I want mine(haircut) to Miss FHMs,huh? And what about the tips? Any bigger tips. Yes.Really? Yes, tips are great. Yes.And I am sure they are.How do your fami(ly),family, how do your family feel about that?They are really really supportive. They are excited. They are so happy for me. Your brother's gonna be ticked. Yeah, he isn't really. Coz it's his job to take care of it. Yeah.I think it's kind of sick that his friends still call and ask. His friends will stop over and just,you know ,say comments. Hey, is your sister here?Yeah.Then, what do you want to do in the long-term? After Miss FHM, and that's enough for anybody's lifestyle. (Right!)So would you want to be an actress, a singer or a dancer? You took a long time to ... weathercaster? Well, I don't know. I've always been interested in modeling and acting. So hopefully, this would open up a couple of doors for me down the road. But this is just wonderful.What are your obligations now? she has to make appearances for the magazine. Yeah, I have to appear in different parties and events, and I am gonna be appearing in the magazine a couple of more times, so...(Ok.) You went to the financial obligations once you get your credit card/ in it?No, no. (What?)ok, she's got Dinner's Club. She's got a Visa. She's got a Sears Card. I have grabbed right questions and you're jealous.(All right.) Lauren Harris, Miss(That's it.) FHM 2005magazine comes out very shortly, we thank you very much for joining us.Yes, thank you.FHMus.com is the website.Yes 200807/45137成都/大美东方培训学习纹眉绣眼线多少钱成都蓝美人美容培训学校正规吗



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