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  • Single or in a relationship — it#39;s the status that divides society, whether we care to admit it or not.单身还是恋爱?——无论我们愿意承认与否,这个社会的世俗眼光就是按你是否单身把我们进行归类。Regardless of which category you fall into, there will always be someone judging your choices. But lucky for you, it#39;s your life, and other people#39;s opinions are quite irrelevant.无论你归为哪类,总有人议论你的选择。不过,还好这是你自己的生活,与别人的意见毫不相干。At the end of the day, it#39;s about what you feel, which is why if you choose to be in a relationship, you better make sure it#39;s a great one.说来说去,还是要看你自己的感觉,这就是为什么如果你选择恋爱,你最好确定那是个对的人。Too many people settle because they feel as if that#39;s what they#39;re supposed to do.很多人选择确定关系结婚过日子,只是因为觉得貌似这才是自己应该做的事情。They put aside their priorities, their feelings, their goals and their dreams just to assuage expectations society has forced upon them.他们把自己的优先权,自己的感觉,自己的目标,自己的目标放在一边,只是为了迎合社会世俗的偏见看法而已。How does this make any sense? Shouldn#39;t you want to be happy on your own? Isn#39;t it better to be comfortable with who you are than to worry about appeasing someone else?请问这有什么意义呢?让自己快乐不才是重要的吗?不是让自己舒比考虑讨好别人更重要吗?How can you even be in a successful relationship if you aren#39;t fully secure with yourself?如果你给不了自己一份绝对的安全感,连自己都保护不了那你怎么能处理好一段婚姻关系呢?If that wasn#39;t convincing enough, here are some more reasons it#39;s better to be single than with a person who doesn#39;t really understand or appreciate the real you.如果这还不够有说力的话,那么下面的理由能说你选择单身其实要好过凑合一个不了解不欣赏真实的你的人。You won#39;t feel bad about your lifestyle choices自己选择的生活,总是不会觉得糟糕Wouldn#39;t you rather spend your time developing yourself rather than defending yourself to someone else?难道你宁愿不取悦自己而牺牲自己的幸福快乐去迎合别人?If your partner is committed to misunderstanding you, why are you even with him or her in the first place? That#39;s just a complete and utter waste of both of your time.如果你的另一半一直在误会你的话,为什么还要和他或她在一起呢?这样纯属在浪费两个人的青春。You#39;re not seeking approval你不必寻得他人的认可An unhealthy relationship is one that requires you to seek approval in anything and everything you do.一段不健康的感情关系就会让你无论做什么事都想寻得持。Why do you need approval from a partner in order to pursue any endeavor that#39;s important to you?,为什么要通过伴侣的持,去获得对自己意义重大的努力呢?You#39;re not walking on eggshells你还不至于到了如履薄冰的处境There#39;s no worse feeling than being uneasy and uncomfortable around someone you#39;re in a relationship with.你在一段恋爱交往关系中感觉不舒不自在才是自己最糟糕的处境。Isn#39;t the entire point of being with someone the fact that you can feel completely confident around him or her?与对方恋爱交往过程中,你可以感到自信满满不才是最重要的吗?You don#39;t have to constantly explain yourself and your decisions你不必不断地向别人解释自己的所作所为A decision is a decision, and that#39;s it. If it#39;s something you feel strongly enough about, that should be reason enough for your counterpart#39;s support.决定就是决定,而且是对的。如果你觉得某件事你需要强大的持,那也应该来自你的合作伙伴。Sure, it#39;s natural to ask questions, but that#39;s quite different than constantly having to defend yourself.当然,提问是很正常的,但这与不断不得不捍卫自己完全是两码事。You don#39;t question yourself so much你不会过于怀疑自己The sign of an unhealthy relationship is one in which you never really feel confident in any decision or thought you make or have.一段不健康的恋爱关系的一个标志就是你从不会对自己的决定和想法真正有信心。If you are constantly wondering if you are good enough, then you need to nix the source of these concerns, and if it#39;s your partner, so be it — you#39;ll be better off without him or her.如果你经常考虑自己做得是否够好的话,那么你需要找出这些问题的根源,如果问题出在你的伴侣身上,那你还是放手吧!—没有他/她你会过得更好。You can say whatever is on your mind without being judged你可以洒脱地说出自己的想法Your thoughts, beliefs and ideas are your own, so you should feel free to express them in any manner you deem fit. If someone has a problem with that, he or she can leave.你的思想、信念和想法是你自己的内心感受,所以你应该以自己认为合适的方式表达自己的感受。如果对方不认同的话,他/她自然就会离开你。You create your own happiness自己的幸福自己把握Your happiness is based solely on you and what you bring to your life.你的快乐仅仅建立在你自己以及对生活的付出。It#39;s not dependent upon another person, especially when that person can#39;t even understand the choices you make in your life.你的幸福是完全基于你自己的生活,与他人无关,尤其是当这个人竟然无法理解你对你的生活所做出的选择。Your life choices are contingent upon you — and only you你的人生选择只掌握在你的手中When you#39;re single, your choices completely revolve around you and what you want to do.你在单身时,你的选择完全掌控在你自己的手中。If you#39;re in an unhealthy and non-understanding relationship, why would you even want to base your choices on someone else?如果你处于一段不健康对方根本不懂你的交往关系中,你为什么还要在乎别人对自己幸福的看法呢?You don#39;t feel constantly disrespected你不会总觉得自己不受尊重There is absolutely no reason to keep a person in your life, whether it#39;s a friend or significant other, who disrespects you.无论是朋友也好还是对你很重要的人,公不尊重你的话,绝对没有任何理由继续让她/他走入你的生活中。The only way for relationships to grow and prosper is if there is mutual respect for both parties.培养和发展一段交往关系的唯一途径在于双方是否互相尊重。 /201510/405244。
  • Researchers in the US have developed an implant to help a disabled brain encode memories, giving new hope to Alzheimer’s sufferers and wounded soldiers who cannot remember the recent past.美国研究人员开发了一种植入体,以帮助受损的大脑对记忆进行编码,这将给阿尔茨海默病(Alzheimer#39;s disease)患者以及无法记住近期事情的受伤士兵带来新的希望。The prosthetic, developed at the University of Southern California and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre in a decade-long collaboration, includes a small array of electrodes implanted into the brain.这种假体是由南加州大学(University of Southern California)和美国维克森林浸信会医学中心(Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre)历时10年之久合作开发出来的,它包含若干植入大脑的电极。The key to the research is a computer algorithm that mimics the electrical signalling used by the brain to translate short-term into permanent memories.这项研究的关键是一种计算机算法,它会模拟大脑用来将短期记忆转变为长期记忆的电子信号。This makes it possible to bypass a damaged or diseased region, even though there is no way of “ing” a memory — decoding its content or meaning from its electrical signal.这让绕过受损或患病大脑区域成为可能,尽管目前还没有办法“阅读”记忆——即破译出这些电子信号代表什么内容或含义。“It’s like being able to translate from Spanish to French without being able to understand either language,” said Ted Berger of USC, the project leader.该项目负责人、南加州大学的泰德伯杰(Ted Berger)表示:“这就好比是能在既不懂西班牙语也不懂法语的情况下将西班牙语译成法语。”The prosthesis has performed well in tests on rats and monkeys. Now it is being evaluated in human brains, the team told the international conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society in Milan.这种假体在老鼠和猴子身上测试时取得了不错的效果。研究团队在IEEE生物医学工程学会(IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society)米兰国际会议上表示,现在正在人脑中进行评测。The project is funded by Darpa, the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency, which is interested in new ways to help soldiers recover from memory loss.该项目的资金来自美国国防高级研究计划局(US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency),该局感兴趣的是帮助士兵从失忆中康复的新方法。But the researchers say findings could eventually help to treat neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s, by enabling signals to bypass damaged circuitry in the hippocampus, the brain’s memory centre.但这些研究人员表示,通过让信号绕过海马体(Hippocampus,大脑记忆中枢)的受损回路,上述研究发现最终可能有助于治疗神经退行性疾病,包括阿尔茨海默病。 /201510/402155。
  • 1 Compared with conventional beef, grass-fed beef is higher in this health-promoting nutrient, which gives its fat a yellow color:1、与传统牛肉相比,草饲牛肉中某种有益健康的营养素含量更高,并让脂肪呈现黄色,这种营养素是:Vitamin A维生素AVitamin B维生素BVitamin C维生素CVitamin D维生素D2 Researchers found that having an “ambivalent” marriage, in which feelings of support from a partner waver, could jeopardize health. What percentage of couples they surveyed had ambivalent marriages?2、研究人员发现,如果你的婚姻属于“矛盾型”,你感觉配偶对自己的持时高时低,那么你的健康可能会因此受损。在接受调查的夫妇中,“矛盾”婚姻的百分比有多高?23 percent23%45 percent45%59 percent59%77 percent77%3 A large analysis found that birth order had an effect on which of the following traits?3、一项大型分析发现,出生顺序对以下哪方面产生了影响?Extroversion外向程度Consientiousness责任心IQ智商All of the above以上所有4 Exercise, particularly during midlife, may slow cell aging by preventing the fraying of this part of the chromosome:4、锻炼,特别是中年时期加强锻炼,可能会减缓细胞老化,防止染色体的哪个部分损耗:Centromeres着丝粒Telomeres端粒Chromatids染色单体Arms染色体两臂5 This contraceptive method is associated with the lowest one-year pregnancy rate:5、采用哪种避方法,一年内的受率最低:IUD宫内节育器The “pill”口药Condoms避套Cervical caps and sponges宫颈帽和海绵6 The World Health Organization placed processed meats like hot dogs and bacon in its Group 1 category, with “sufficient evidence” that they could cause cancer. Other carcinogens in this category include:6、世界卫生组织将热和培根等加工肉制品列为1类物质,即有“充分据”显示它们可能会导致癌症。此类别中的其他致癌物质包括:Alcohol酒精Asbestos石棉Tobacco smoke烟草烟雾All of the above以上所有7 Obese children who cut their sugar intake showed lower blood pressure and improved cholesterol ings within:7、肥胖儿童减少糖分摄入多久之后,血压会降低,胆固醇水平会得到改善:10 days10天One month一个月Two months两个月Six months六个月8 Sleep apnea has been tied to excess levels of uric acid and may raise the risk of this painful condition:8、睡眠呼吸暂停和尿酸水平过高有关,而且还可能引发哪种疼痛的病症:Shingles带状疱疹Gout痛风Migraine偏头痛Sciatica坐骨神经痛 /201511/407794。
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