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Hungarys past匈牙利的过去His contentious legacy有争议的“遗产”A wartime leader still divides Hungarians匈牙利战时领袖依旧掀起大争议ADMIRAL MIKLOS HORTHY, Hungarys controversial wartime leader and an ally of Hitler, is enjoying something of a revival of late. The latest addition to the dozen or so commemorative plaques, statues and street renamings was unveiled on November 3rd at a Calvinist church in a central square in Budapest.Miklos Horthy de Nagybanya是匈牙利的战时领袖,希特勒的盟友,曾饱受社会争议,如今再次被推上舆论的风口浪尖。近期于11月3日,位于匈牙利首都布达佩斯市中心广场的一家加尔文主义教堂,宣布新增12处或更多的纪念牌匾、雕像及街道更名。Hundreds of protesters, many wearing yellow stars, exchanged insults with those attending the presentation of a new statue supported by the far-right Jobbik party. Under its minister, Lorant Hegedus junior, the church has long been a place of pilgrimage for the far right. The Horthy statue has caused consternation and anger in the church. Istvan Szabo, the local bishop, called for an urgent inquiry. Reform church ministers should refrain from divisive and shocking behaviour, he said.数百人身着黄星,出席抗议,与在会的其他人互诉参加此次由极右政党Jobbik 发起的新雕塑揭幕仪式是多么大的耻辱。因为现任牧师Lorant Hegedus junior,教堂早已俨然成为极右派的圣地。看到雕塑是Horthy的那一刹那,众人着实大吃一惊,继而悲愤不已。当地教主Istvan Szabo对此立马提出疑问,要求得到解释。他提出,改革派教堂的牧师应该避免出现内部分裂惊乍行为。Antal Rogan, the local mayor and parliamentary leader of the ruling centre-right Fidesz party, condemned the statue as “provocation”. But so far the government has hedged its bets. Janos Lazar, the head of the prime ministers office, said that Horthys rule should be assessed by historians not politicians. The government uses double talk about Horthy, says Krisztian Ungvary, a historian. “They have to win Jobbik voters so they will never openly and consistently condemn the Horthy era, as it would upset their supporters.”Antal Rogan是布达佩斯市市长,兼任极右派Fidesz 党的议会负责人,他谴责塑立Horthy的雕像完全是一种挑衅。不过,政府采纳明哲保身的态度,至今还尚未作出明确表态。内阁首相Janos Lazar表示,论Horthy统治的功与过应该是历史学家的事儿,政治家无需干涉。历史学家Krisztian Ungvary对此回应,政府在Horthy一事上陈述含糊,模棱两可。“因为要赢取Jobbik党的选票,他们必定不能公开一味地谴责Horthy的统治时期,否则会惹怒这群持者。Nonsense, say officials. A Fidesz government established the Budapest Holocaust Memorial Centre in 2002. The government has set up a commission to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the mass deportations to Auschwitz. Speaking at a conference on anti-Semitism recently, Tibor Navracsics, the deputy prime minister, said in an unprecedented admission of wartime guilt that the Hungarian state had turned on its own citizens. “The perpetrators were Hungarians, it was Hungarians who fired the shots and it was Hungarians who died,” he said.一派胡言,官方如此说道。Fidesz政府于2002年建立。同时,设立一委员会主持策划布达佩斯的大屠杀纪念中心70周年活动。匈牙利副总理Tibor Navracsics最近在一次有关犹太歧视问题的会议上,破天荒地承认了国家过去发起战争的罪行,表达了忏悔之心,并表示已在民众施以同样的情感教育。他这样说道,“罪在匈牙利,匈牙利始作俑者,开,最后至死的也是匈牙利自己。”Admiral Horthy still arouses furious passions. He declared war on the Allies in 1941. Hungarys war on the eastern front saw 200,000 soldiers killed or captured. Jewish servicemen and political prisoners were forced to march through minefields to clear them. Horthy passed four anti-Jewish laws, the earliest, in 1920, limiting the number of Jewish students at universities, the last, in 1941, outlawing sexual intercourse between Jews and non-Jews. After the Nazis invaded Hungary in March 1944, Horthy allowed 437,000 Hungarian Jews to be deported to Auschwitz in less than two months. Most were killed on arrival.提及Admiral Horthy,民众仍旧义愤填膺。1941年,他对盟友宣战。在这场东进战争中,高达20万士兵或是牺牲,或是被捕。而后,迫使犹太士兵或政治俘虏跨越矿区为那些匈牙利士兵收尸。Admiral Horthy共颁布4部反犹太法,最早的是在1920年,限制犹太族上大学人数,最后一部是在1941年,禁止犹太人与其他种族通婚。当1944年3月,纳粹攻陷匈牙利时,Admiral Horthy同意把43。7万犹太人逐往,历时不到两个月。大多数犹太人一到目的地就被残杀了。Horthy did his best, say his defenders, not all of whom are found in Jobbik. Until the Nazis invaded, Hungary remained a comparatively safe haven for its Jews. Horthys repeated refusal of Hitlers demands to deport all of the Jews was one reason why the Germans invaded. His envoys were in secret contact with the Allies and he wanted to change sides, which is why he was deposed in October 1944 by Hungarian Nazis and their German allies, triggering a new round of terror against Budapests surviving Jews.Horthy的持者不仅仅只限于,他们一致辩道,Horthy在犹太问题上已经尽力了。纳粹入侵前,对犹太人而言,匈牙利相对还是安全的。而Horthy多次拒绝希特勒下令驱逐犹太人,正是德国后来侵犯匈牙利的一大原因。Horthy秘密派遣使节与同盟交流,企求改变对方的立场。这正是为什么Horthy自己在1944年10月遭到匈牙利纳粹与其德国盟友的双面排斥,再次引发布达佩斯幸存犹太人的恐慌。Meanwhile, says Fidesz, the left and far right work together when it suits them. Socialist leaders recently submitted a petition in parliament calling for an investigation into government interventions in the energy industry. The petition, now withdrawn, was also signed by 24 Jobbik MPs—including, as it happens, the wife of Mr Hegedus.同时,Fidesz表示时机恰当,左右党派可以开展合作。前不久,社会党派领导人向议会上呈一项请愿书,要求调查政府对能源产业的干涉情况。该请愿书现已被驳回,但已有24位极右派议会成员的签名,甚至还包括Hegedus的夫人。译者:徐珍 校对:沈晓旭译文属译生译世 /201511/411828成都艾培儿半永久培训纹绣绣眉培训好吗成都新时代美容美发化妆培训学校学习唇妆唇部纹绣价格听力参考文本:Poetry can have a way of pushing you out of your comfort zone and into a place that challenges your perceptions and makes you question your beliefs.The Dozen is a new book of poems released by Sibling Rivalry Press. The poems in these pages will really make you think.The author, Casey Rocheteau, was the recipient of the first Write A House permanent residency in Detroit in 2014.Rocheteau tells us the books title refers to an African-American tradition.;Its always difficult to describe,; she says. ;The dozens being sort of, you go back and forth snapping and sort of insulting each other, and its this idea of, like, Im going to tell yo momma jokes to toughen you up because when you go out into the real world, theres going to be way worse things that happen to you.;;So I took that concept of the dozens, and I wanted to flip it on its head and sort of aim it at these things which oppress us,; Rocheteau says.Its almost impossible to talk about Rocheteaus work without talking about racism. For her, its a topic that started at home.She tells us her uncle started stealing cars when he was young, and spent time in jail as a consequence. She says he fell in with the Aryan Brotherhood behind bars, and ;really took it to heart.;;When I was nine years old, he had left a hit list with his cellmate in Denver that included some cops from my town, and then pretty much every single family member who was black, or who had married or had children with a black person,; she says. ;Its been one of these things about my life thats been sort of hovering over me in certain ways, because at a very young age, I really understood the extent to which racism was turned into violence, and how that violence was aimed at me specifically.;Rocheteau has a lot to say in her powerful, sometimes gut-wrenching poems. In pushing her ers to examine themselves and the world around them, to ;think about the things that maybe you dont think about,; Rocheteau wants to foster a sense of connection and understanding.;I think overall, who I want to hear my poetry, anyone who can connect to it. Anyone who can find any sort of solace or even empathize and say, you know, Ive been through that too, and this is really hard, and I want to connect with this person,; she says.Rocheteau strives to lend a voice to those that society often chooses to ignore: the oppressed, the misunderstood, the others. To that end, she tells us its not hard to find inspiration.;I mean, look at America,; she says. ;Its to me so evident that when we talk about the people that are oppressed and groups that are facing all kinds of different obstacles, societally, thats actually the majority of people, and were lead to believe that it is actually the minority.;;Some poems will start as little vignettes of things that just happen to me in my day to day life … and then sometimes its something that I want to think about a little bit more broadly or something thats troubling me, and usually those are the things that I write into, is what what troubles me at the core of my spirit.;Casey Rocheteau is an Artist in Residence at InsideOut Literary Arts in Detroit and an editor at The Offing.In our conversation above, Rocheteau shares more about her writing and s from The Dozen.201603/433894Speaking of babies,prince Williams pregnant wife,Kate middleton,is past her due date.说到新生儿 威廉王子的怀妻子 凯特·米德尔顿已经过了产期了Doctors may have to induce labor.医生可能得催产Yeah,to speed up the birth,doctors have been telling the baby,come on out.You will never have to work a day in your life.为了加速生产 医生们对宝宝说 快出来吧 你这辈子永远不用工作的This is pretty sweet.Yesterday Instagram announced that users can now hashtag emojis.不错啊 昨天图片分享宣布用户现在可以给符号表情打井号了So,ladies and gentlemen,its official.we all learn to for nothing.女士们先生们 就是这样了 我们字都白识了Bruce Jenner,of course,big star in the news right now.Bruce Jenner will be getting his own reality show.Did you know that?布鲁斯·詹纳 大热新闻 布鲁斯·詹纳将拥有自己的新真人秀 大家知道吗Unfortunately as a woman,Jenner will only be making 70% of what he made on his last reality show.Got to get used to that.Its step down.只是 作为女人 他只能挣之前七成的工资了 得面对这个现实了 要减工资了Speaking of gender issues,girls who play ;Mine craft; can finally play it as girls instead of boys.You can play as a girl,yeah.说到性别问题 玩《我的世界》的女生 终于能以女生而非男生的身份玩这个游戏了 你可以以女生的身份玩了Not to be outdone,today grand theft uh-oh released an update that allows you to shoot a male prostitute.Nice.倒不是要攀比 但今天《侠盗猎车手》更新了游戏 让你可以射杀男妓 多棒啊were getting there.were getting there.Real progress,real progress.we really made it.性别平等不远了 性别平等不远了 真是大进步 我们成功了Ok,I got to mention this,two Ohio graduate students have invented a device they are calling a cannabis buster,a cannabis buster得提一嘴 两名俄亥俄州毕业生 发明了一种设备 称为印度大麻探测器 印度大麻探测器This will help law enforcement determine whether or not drivers are under the influence of marijuana.Yeah,they are aly testing the device.能帮助执法部门确认驾驶员是否吸大麻后驾驶 这件设备已经在接受测试了Did you hear the worry from our audience? whoa,what?你听到观众们的担忧了吗 什么201608/458931甘孜藏族自治州半永久培训费用

成都/艾培儿半永久培训学纹眼线美容纹绣多少钱成都百变妆颜半永久培训学纹绣整形平眉眉型价格Thousands of ex-soldiers formed paramilitary groups called Freikorps in order to fight the revolution.数千名德国退伍军人组成名为“自由军团”的准军事组织,旨在镇压革命。And these Freikorps aly held many of the ideas and beliefs that Hitler would later adopt as his own.自由军团所奉行的理念和信仰日后演变成希特勒的信条。Many Freikorps were hugely anti-Semitic,believing in the fantasy that Jews were responsible both for Communism and Germanys defeat in the war.多数成员是极端反犹太主义者,认为犹太人应为一战中的共产主义和德国战败负全责。And one of the most notorious Freikorps groups even adapted what they took to be a racist symbol, the Hakenkreuz...or Swastika.而其中最臭名昭著的一个自由军团甚至设计了种族主义的标志,纳粹党徽,即纳粹万字符。Members of the Freikorps called their leaders Fuehrer.自由军团成员将领导人称为元首。And many of those who would later become infamous as Nazis joined Freikorps...后来很多都成了恶名昭彰的纳粹分子。like Heinrich Himmler, who would become head of the SS,如希姆莱,后成为党卫军头目。Gregor Strasser, one of the most important early leaders in the Nazi party and Rudolf Hoess,the future commandant of Auschwitz.格雷戈尔·史特拉斯,纳粹早期重要领导人之一,以及鲁道夫·赫斯,后成为奥斯维集中营指挥官。But Hitler was not in a Freikorps.但希特勒没有参加自由军团。He was back in Munich.他当时在慕尼黑。Devastated by the loss of the war and desperate to stay in the army, he seemed lost and directionless.因为德国战败而备受打击,他不顾一切留在军中,他心情低落,迷失了方向。201510/403496遂宁美丽俏佳人化妆学校韩式雾状眉纹美瞳线培训四川洗眉多少钱

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