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简阳市绣眉培训班乐山学习纹绣哪里好打呵欠有助于醒脑Latest research shows that yawning helps in keeping the brain cool, contradicting the popular belief that yawning promotes sleep and is a sign of tiredness.Yawning involves opening the mouth involuntarily while taking a long, deep breath of air. It is commonly believed that people yawn as a result of drowsiness or weariness because they need oxygen.However, researchers at the University of Albany in New York said their experiments on 44 students showed that drawing in air helps cool the brain and helps it work more effectively.They said that their experiments showed that raising or lowering oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the blood did not produce that reaction.Study participants were shown s of people laughing, being neutral and yawning, and researchers counted how many times the volunteers responded to their own 'contagious yawns,' reported the online edition of B News.The researchers found that those who breathed through the nose rather than the mouth were less likely to yawn when watching a of other people yawning. This was because vessels in the nasal cavity sent cool blood to the brain.The same effect was found among those who held a cool pack to their forehead, whereas those who held a warm or room-temperature pack yawned while watching the .'Since yawning occurs when brain temperature rises, sending cool blood to the brain serves to maintain optimal levels of mental efficiency,' the authors wrote in the journal Evolutionary Psycology. 最新研究表明,打呵欠有助于保持头脑清醒,这与“打呵欠促使人进入睡眠状态以及是疲倦的一种表现”的普遍看法正好相反。打呵欠使人在不由自主张开嘴的同时,能长长的、深深的吸一口气。普遍看法认为,人们打呵欠是由于困乏或疲倦造成的,因为他们需要氧气。然而,据纽约奥尔巴尼大学的研究人员介绍,他们对44名学生的实验表明,吸入空气有助于醒脑,从而使它更为有效的工作。研究人员称,实验表明,提高或降低血液中氧气和二氧化碳的含量不会导致那种反应。据B新闻网报道,研究人员先让实验对象观看人们大笑、正常状态以及打呵欠的视频,然后计算出志愿者“传染性打呵欠”的次数。研究人员发现,在看别人打呵欠的视频时,用鼻子呼吸的人比用口腔呼吸的人打呵欠的几率要小。这是因为鼻腔里的血管将温度较低的血液送到了脑部。将冰袋敷在前额上也能起到类似的效果,而在观看视频时用暖水袋或室温水袋敷在额头上的人却无法避免打呵欠。这份在《进化生理学》上发表的研究报告提到,“由于脑部温度上升时就会打呵欠,所以将低温血液送至大脑能够保持脑部效率的最佳水平。” /200803/32264巴中学纹绣去哪里 摘要:夹在电价上涨和全球变暖恶果之间的美国消费者在是否应关掉冷气的问题上很是挣扎。不知道他们会不会从玛丽莲·梦露的电影《七年之痒》里找到灵感,把内衣裤装在冰盒里,好随时给自己降降温;不过,其它所有能想到的办法都被他们拿来一试了。With electricity costs rising -- along with global-warming guilt -- consumers across the country are struggling to wean themselves from the A/C. It remains to be seen whether they'll take a cue from Marilyn Monroe in 'The Seven Year Itch' and stash their undies in the icebox. But they're trying just about everything else.In Thousand Oaks, Calif., Adina Nack keeps the thermostat at 28-- and lets her toddler dance around the house in a bathing suit, spritzing herself with cool water from a spray bottle. Cara Cummins, in Atlanta, turns on the air conditioner only when she's expecting guests. Otherwise, she makes do by snacking on watermelon cubes soaked in chilled bourbon.Because many power plants run on natural gas, which has shot way up in price, utilities in every region of the nation have imposed -- or are planning -- big rate increases this year, some approaching 30%.In response, nearly two-thirds of families are cutting back on air conditioning, according to a recent Associated Press-Yahoo News poll. They're buying ceiling fans and programmable thermostats; burning up hot afternoons in malls and movie theaters; and bombarding blogger Erin Huffstetler, who writes about frugal living, with questions about the merits of tinting their windows dark to block the sun.The wealthy are even putting windmills in their backyards. Southwest Windpower in Flagstaff, Ariz., installs residential turbines that can supply a third or more of a typical household's electricity. The cost: At least ,000.In Arizona, 50,000 customers of the Salt River Project utility have cut energy use by an average of 13%, thanks to a gizmo that lets them monitor their daily bill, so they can see exactly how much they save by bumping up the thermostat a few degrees. In Texas, Reliant Energy reports an 8% drop in per-customer energy use since 2005.The Department of Energy calculates that heating and cooling account for nearly half the energy used in a typical home. That's more than all the light bulbs, the dishwasher, the refrigerator, the hot-water heater and the washer and dryer -- combined. /200905/70254想要别人听你说话,你得先让人家喜欢你。人们相信他们喜欢的人。好的交流者能产生出“亲和力”——这来自你的个性和你制造的融洽感觉。职场上通往成功的道路有很多条,吸引人的个性也有很多种。但是下面的品质似乎在吸引人、打开别人思维和心胸方面具有普遍性。Be Vulnerable, Show Your Humanity 脆弱,展现出你的“有血有肉”的一面In speaker training 101, people learn to tell failure stories before success stories. Generally, audiences have more in common with those who struggle than those who succeed in life. If you worry about whether your teen will graduate from high school without getting involved with the wrong group, say so. If your father-in-law drove you nuts during the holiday weekend, it's okay to mention to your colleagues on Monday morning that you might not have been the storybook spouse. If you lose a customer, regret it rather than excuse it. If you miss a deadline, repair the damage and catch up.在演讲者基础训练中,人们学习在讲述成功故事之前讲述失败故事。一般来说,相对于成功人士,听众和那些逆境挣扎的人更有共鸣。如果你担心自己的小孩在高中误入歧途,那么就说出来。如果你的岳父在周末让你抓狂,那么周一的早晨可以告诉你的同事们你也许不是个模范伴侣;如果你失去了一位顾客,宁可后悔也不要找借口;如果你误了时限,弥补损失,迎头赶上。People respond to humans much more favorably than machines. When you communicate with colleagues, never fear to let them see your humanity.人和人的沟通比人和机器的沟通要友善。当你和同事们交流时,绝不要害怕让他们看到你人性的一面。Be Courteous 讲礼貌Day in and day out, it's the small things that kill our spirit: The sales rep who empties his cold coffee and leaves the splatters all over the sink. The manager who uses the last drop of lotion and doesn't refill the container. The analyst who walks away from the printer, leaving the red light flashing "paper jam." The boss who walks into the reserved conference room in the middle of a meeting and bumps everybody out for an “urgent” strategic planning meeting. The person who cuts in line at the cafeteria cash register. The guy who answers his cell phone and tries to carry on a conversation out loud in the middle of a meeting.日复一日,让我们崩溃的都是小事情:销售代表将冷掉的咖啡倒入水池,溅得里边到处都是的;经理用光最后一滴洗手液,却不重新把瓶子装满的;分析员从打印机旁离开,却让它闪烁着红色“卡纸”灯;老板闯进正在开会的会议室,把大家都赶出来,为“紧急”战略规划会议腾出地方;有人在餐厅收银台插队;有个男的在会议中接手机,并大声讲电话。As a result, even the smallest courtesies kindle a fire that ignites chemistry and builds kinship. The courtesy of saying "hello" when you come into the office after being away. The courtesy of letting people know when you're going to be away for an extended period. The courtesy of honoring policies about reserving rooms, spaces, and equipment for activities. The courtesy of a simple "please", "thank you", and "you're welcome" for small favors.结果,即便最小的礼貌也会激发融洽感、点燃亲密的“火焰”。比如回到办公室时说声“嗨”;不能按时赶回来时,要和别人说一声;遵守关于为活动预留房间、空间、设备的规定;对小的恩惠给予一个简单的“请”、“谢谢”、“不客气”。 /200902/62358绵阳汀妆化妆彩妆培训学校正规吗

资阳水雾眉培训学校哪家好洋酒即进口酒类的总称,世界上许多国家都有各自产酒的历史和文化。目前,洋酒的品种很多,其中最为著名的产地当属法国,法国生产的白兰地、香槟、葡萄酒及各种烈性甜酒,很多都是国际知名产品。其次是英国,英国生产的金酒和威士忌非常受人们欢迎。苏格兰威士忌特有的烟熏味道使其在威士忌家族中独占鳌头。德国的啤酒以其悠久的历史而闻名于世。而前苏联和北欧的伏特加、古巴的朗姆酒,更是远近皆知。美国的酿酒工业虽然起步较晚,但也有比较著名的波本威士忌等。  白兰地Brandy  凡是用葡萄以及各种水果为原料,经过发酵、蒸馏等过程酿造而成的酒,都统称为白兰地。它的制法就是把上述过程产生的材料放入木桶中,长年贮藏使它成熟。所以白兰地的前身其实就是白葡萄酒,而白葡萄酒则以法国生产的质量最好。  · 干邑 Cognac  · 兰带马爹利 Martell Cordon Bleu  · 人头马路易十三 Remy Martin Louis XIII   · 轩尼诗XO Hennessy XO  · 人头马 VSOP Remy Martin VSOP /200912/91012简阳市韩式秀眉培训学校哪家好 成都/素秀国际化妆学校崇州分校学习半永久化妆PCD纹绣多少钱

成都环亚纹绣培训学校纹绣培训课程报名德国作曲家巴赫“旧貌换新颜”Experts have digitally rebuilt the face of 18th century German composer Johann Sebastian Bach -- and say the results may surprise his fans.Using his bones and computer modeling, they have come up with an image of athick-setman with closely-shorn white hair.The new Bach face, the creation of Scottish forensic anthropologist Caroline Wilkinson, will go on display at the Bachhaus museum in the eastern German town of Eisenach, Bach's birthplace, next month.Eighteenth century portraits show him very differently. "For most people, Bach is an old man in a wig, it is a stylized image, we have no realistic portrait of him," Joerg Hansen, managing director of the museum said."We know he was a physical man, that he danced, that he stamped his feet when he played, that he sang. He was a very dynamic man -- with this reconstruction you can see it."Bach's bones were excavated in 1894 and sculptors first used them to help create a bust in 1908.But it was mainly based on a portrait of the composer and contemporary critics said it was so inaccurate that it might as well have been the composer Handel."It's not really that important to know what he looked like, we love Bach through his music, that is why people come to the museum, but they are also interested in the man," Hansen said. 近日,有关专家利用数字技术还原出18世纪德国著名作曲家约翰·塞巴斯蒂安·巴赫的容貌,并称这个新形象可能会让他的乐迷们大吃一惊。专家们利用巴赫的颅骨和计算机建模技术合成出了他的新形象。从新形象可以看出,巴赫体格健壮,留着一头短短的白发。巴赫的“新颜”出自苏格兰法医人类学家凯罗琳·威尔金森之手,并将于下月在巴赫出生地——东德小镇埃森纳赫的巴赫故居物馆展出。这个新形象与18世纪的巴赫画像差别很大。巴赫故居物馆馆长乔格·汉森说:“在多数人心目中,巴赫是一个戴着假发的老人,这是一个程式化的形象,其实我们并没有他的真实画像。”“我们知道,巴赫体格健壮,能唱能跳,演奏的时候还会跺着脚。他活力四射——这从他的新形象可以看出来。”巴赫的遗骨于1894年被掘出。1908年,雕塑家们首次利用这些遗骨塑造出了巴赫的半身雕像。但这尊塑像主要还是以巴赫的一副画像为样本,现代批评家们认为这尊塑像不够逼真,看上去倒是更像作曲家亨德尔。汉森说:“其实知道巴赫长什么样并不是那么重要,我们热爱巴赫主要是因为他的音乐,这也是人们来物馆参观的原因,不过人们对巴赫本人还是很感兴趣的。” /200803/30365 Breaststroke 蛙泳   Breaststroke is the slowest of the four official styles in competitive swimming, but it is commonly agreed that it is by far the most difficult to do correctly. The history of breaststroke goes back to the Stone Age. The leg action of the breaststroke may have originated by imitating the swimming action of frogs. 蛙泳是竞技游泳的四种标准泳姿中最慢的一种,但它却是公认最难做得标准的一种。蛙泳的起源可以追溯到石器时代。蛙泳中腿部蹬水的动作很可能是模仿青蛙的泳姿而来。 /201108/147503遂宁纹身学校成都市韩式定妆培训学校哪家好



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