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Episode 8: The newcomer Alice: Hi Michal! Look what I found in a box, near the rubbish bins outside the hospital. Can you believe someone wanted to throw her away! Isn’t she adorable? Michal: What are you going to call her? How about Bronka? That’s a good Polish name. Alice: Mm, I think she looks more like a Co-Co...Oh, hi Helen, meet our new flatmate. We just need to find a name her. Helen: Em, I don't think so. You know we’re not allowed pets in the flat. It’s against the rules. 791

Heidi:You look very relaxed ing magazines in the middle of the workday.海蒂:你工作时看杂志可真够悠闲的Tim:It my job.Im tasked with spotting new trends.蒂姆:这是我的工作我的职责是掌握流行趋势第一手资料Heidi:And you do that by ing magazines with your feet up?海蒂:你翘着腿翻翻杂志就能得到你要的吗?Tim:Why not?蒂姆:为什么不可以呢?I also frequent places where hipsters hang out, listening to their conversations and observing what theyre wearing, eating, drinking, and doing.我也经常到潮人聚集的地方,听听他们谈话还有观察他们的衣着,吃喝,还有他们所做的事情Heidi:That doesnt sound too onerous.海蒂:听起来是个轻松差事Tim:It all about finding the trendsetters, the people who are beta testers and early adopters.蒂姆:这都是为了寻找潮流的趋势,就像那些beta测试人员和早期体验者一样These are also the bellwethers when a trend has run its course.当潮流到来时也是引领者Heidi:Cant you just see what people are buying?海蒂:你就不能看看人们都在购买什么吗?Tim:By then,it too late.蒂姆:到那时,已经太迟了Those are people who are jumping on the bandwagon,not the movers and shakers.这些都是跟风随大流者,不是运筹帷幄之人Heidi:Well,dont look at me.海蒂:嗯,不要那样看着我I lag behind every trend and dont have any idea what in or out.我每个趋势都跟不上,不知道圈里圈外行情Tim:Luckily, you have me to tell you.蒂姆:幸运的是,我可以告诉你Ive been meaning to talk to you about your choice of footwear...我一直想和你谈谈你对鞋子的品位… 3573

Inmation Superhighway - The World in a Minute信息高速公路——世界尽在你掌中Some historians say that the most important contribution of Dwight Eisenhower presidency(总统任期) in the 1950s was the U.S. interstate highway system. It was a massive project, easily surpassing the scale of such previous human endeavors as the Panama Canal. Eisenhower interstate highways bound the nation together in new ways and facilitated major economic growth by making commerce less expensive. Today, an inmation superhighway has been built - an electronic network that connects libraries, corporations, government agencies and individuals. This electronic superhighway is called the Internet, and it is the backbone(主干) of the World Wide Web.一些历史学家说,德怀特·艾森豪威尔总统在世纪50年代最重要的贡献就是建立了美国的洲际公路系统这是一个巨大的项目,轻易就超过了先前人们所努力修剪的巴拿马运河的规模艾森豪威尔的洲际公路使整个国家以新的方式连接在一起,并且通过减少贸易费用推动了主要经济的增长现如今,信息高速公路已经建成——即一种电子网络,它将图书馆、公司、政府机构和个人连接在了一起这种电子高速公路被称为互联网,它也是万维网的柱The Internet had its origins in a 1969 U.S. Defense Department computer network alled ARPAnet, which stood Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. The Pentagon built the network military contractors and universities doing military research to exchange inmation. In 1983 the National Science Foundation (NSF), whose mission is to promote science, took over.互联网起源于1969年美国国防部被称为阿帕网的计算机网络,阿帕网代表的是高级研究计划网络美国国防部建立这个网络是为了军事承包商和大学里的军事研究院进行信息交流1983年,以促进科学发展为使命的国家科学基金会(NSF)接管了过来This new NSF network attracted more and more institutional users, many of which had their own internal networks. example, most universities that joined the NSF network had intracampus computer networks. The NSF network then bacame a connector thousands of other networks. As a backbone system that interconnects networks, internet was a name that fit.这种新的国家科学基金会网络吸引了越来越多的机关用户,其中许多都有自己的内部网络例如,大多数加入美国国家科学基金会网络的大学都有校内计算机网络于是NSF的网络连接起了成千上万的其他网络作为连接网络的柱系统,互联网这个名称最为合适So we can see that the Internet is the wired infrastructure(基础设施) on which web messages move. It began as a military communication system, which expand into a government-funded civilian research network.,我们可以看到,互联网是承载信息的有线基础设施它是作为军事通讯系统开始的,而后扩展成为政府资助的民用科研网络Today, the Internet is a user-financed system tying institutions of many sorts together into an ;inmation superhighway;.如今,互联网是一个将各式各样的机构捆绑在一起成为“信息高速公路”的用户融资系统 399

Joice: OK. Here the final drawing! It the trip!Emily: And the winner is...Vivian, again! I dont believe it!Joice: Our red underwear didnt do any good at all!Emily: Well, there are still some consolation prizes. We can go up to the front and pick them up.参考译文:乔伊丝:好了现在要抽最后的大奖了!奖品是去度假!艾蜜莉:得主是……又是薇薇安!我不相信!乔伊丝:我们的红色内衣裤根本没用嘛!艾蜜莉:呃,还有一些安慰奖嘛我们到前面抽吧重点词汇:consolation prize  安慰奖 1955

月9日,美国杰出华裔组织“百人会”第三届大中华区会议在北京举行美国驻华大使洪培出席会议并进行主题发言,透露其在出任美驻华大师前夕,美国总统奥巴马与洪培谈话,奥巴马表示:政治很重要,但中美关系更重要 US Ambassador: Trust between China and the U.S. More Crucial Than Ever Bee Jon Huntsman, U.S. Ambassador to China, is giving a speech at the Third Greater China Conference of Committee of 0 on December 9, . U.S. Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman, says that trust between China and the U.S. is more crucial than ever bee.He stressed that China and the U.S. should seek common ground while respecting their differences at the third Greater China Conference in Beijing on Wednesday. Organized by the Committee of 0, the meeting assembled a mix of leaders and experts in various fields to provide their thought-provoking insights into the evolving relationship between the two countries. Ambassador Huntsman spoke on Sino-U.S. strategic trust, in particular. "After we reach a pretty high cruising altitude in the bilateral relationship, and I would argue that over 30 years of hard work, we're probably at the highest cruising altitude the U.S.-China relationship has ever achieved. It's now time to put the relationship to the test. And this is we will be doing as we move into the next year."The Committee of 0 is a non-partisan, non-profit membership organization comprised of prominent Chinese Americans in a broad range of professions. Founded in 1989, the committee has dedicated its efts to encouraging constructive relations between China and the U.S., and encouraging the full participation of Chinese Americans in all aspects of American life. This is the third year that the committee has held its conference in China, and issues such as world changes after the global financial crisis and Sino-U.S. strategic trust were discussed at the conference. The theme of the conference is "Learn from the Past, Create the Future." 91878

Super power line[00:.18]Listen and Share[00:.]Super power line 超级电线[00:5.7]词汇扫描[00:9.]blackout ['blaelig;kaut] 断电[00:3.81]ferry ['feri] 轮渡[00:35.0]inquire [in'kwai#601;] 询问[00:38.7]plug [pl#65;g] 塞入[00:1.]英文原文[00:.58]During the recent blackout in New York City,[00:5.73]my sister's phone at the ferry company[00:8.]kept ringing as people inquired about service.[00:51.]One caller asked if the ferry was running.[00:5.]"Yes," she answered.[00:55.57]"How? There's been a power failure in New York!" said the caller.[00:59.93]"Don't worry," said my sister.[01:.]"Our ferry's plugged into the New Jersey side!" [01:.3]中文大意[01:38.]逐句对照[01:1.75]During the recent blackout in New York City,[01:.73]my sister's phone at the ferry company[01:6.69]kept ringing as people inquired about service.[01:58.91]One caller asked if the ferry was running.[:.56]"Yes," she answered.[:.93]"How? There's been a power failure in New York!" said the caller.[:.99]"Don't worry," said my sister.[:18.]"Our ferry's plugged into the New Jersey side!" [:7.80]多学一点[:3.]blackout 断电、灯火管制[:36.73]ferry 渡口,轮渡[:39.7]inquire 询问, 打听[:.57]of about[:7.80]I'll inquire about the flights.[:5.6]failure 机器的故障或失灵[:58.6]停电 failure of electricity[:01.5]发动机失灵 engine failure[:.76]plug 塞入、[:.]plug into 与…联结、联网或连线[:.9]The local system is plugged into the national telephone network.[:5.59]重新听一次故事原文[:7.93]During the recent blackout in New York City,[:30.50]my sister's phone at the ferry company[:3.86]kept ringing as people inquired about service.[:36.00]One caller asked if the ferry was running.[:38.97]"Yes," she answered.[:0.3]"How? There's been a power failure in New York!" said the caller.[:.69]"Don't worry," said my sister.[:6.81]"Our ferry's plugged into the New Jersey side!" [:.]谢谢收听超级电线纽约市最近的一次停电中,我那在渡轮公司上班的的电话是响个不停,因为人们想了解渡轮的务相关问题 一个打电话来的人问渡轮还开不开“开”,我回答 “怎么开啊?纽约正停电!”那打电话人的说 “不用担心,”我说“我们的渡轮插的是新泽西那边的电” 6

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