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华蓥市韩式半永久定妆眉学校都江堰纹绣培训价格韩式半永久培训学校哪家好 Former Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiromu Nonaka said he felt sorry for the Chinese people in a recent interview with Chinese media in Japan, criticizing certain politicians in his country for wrong decisions made over the Diaoyu Islands issue.前日本内阁官房长官野中广务最近在接受接受中国媒体采访时说他觉得对不起中国人民,并指责日本某些政客在钓鱼岛问题上做出的错误决定。Nonaka, 87, also former member of House of Representatives and ex-Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party, had planned to visit China late September to mark the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Japan. But the trip was forced to put off due to the soaring tensions between the two neighbors over a chain of islands claimed by both in the East China Sea.87岁的野中广务也是前众议院议员和自由民主党前副秘书长,原计划九月下旬访问中国以纪念中日邦交正常0周年。但由于两国在中国东海的钓鱼岛等岛屿的主权问题上不断激化的紧张局势,行程被迫延期。Nonaka, who has long been dedicated to building Sino-Japan friendship and relationship, said the recent row is a pity.野中广务长期以来一直致力于建立中日友好关系,他说近期的争端令人遗憾;As Japanese, I feel disgraced. I feel terribly bad for the Chinese people and I want to express my sincere apologies to them, ;he said in the interview.“作为日本人,我感到羞耻。我觉得非常对不起中国人民,我想向他们表示诚挚的歉意,”他在采访中说道。The senior politician said Japans ;purchase; of parts of the Islands has undermined the two countries mutual trust and consensus which has lasted for several decades.这位政治元老说,日本部分“购买”钓鱼岛的行为破坏了两国已经持续了几十年的互信和共识。He also rapped the Japanese governments improper ways in tackling the recent diplomatic crisis, which ignited the anger of the Chinese public who have staged widesp protests in many Chinese cities this week.他还指责了日本政府在处理最近外交危机中的不当行为,这点燃了中国人民的愤怒,这周他们在中国的许多城市举行了大规模的抗议;The current political parties in Japan do not seem to be working in the interests of Japan and the Japanese people. They do not have the countrys future direction in mind, and havent realized the importance of maintaining friendly relations with neighboring countries. All of these are important missions for Japans young politicians. Unfortunately, they only care about the election and votes. Its very sad, and I feel very disappointed.;“目前日本政党似乎不致力于日本和日本人民的利益。他们没有考虑国家未来的发展,没有意识到与周边国家保持友好关系的重要性。所有这些对于日本年轻的政治家来说都是重要的使命。不幸的是,他们只关心选举和投票,这是非常悲哀的,我感到非常失望。”Compared with his generation, Nonaka said the politicians nowadays always put personal careers first, instead of responsibilities and obligations to the whole nation.与他那一代相比,野中说,现在的政客总是把个人仕途放在第一位,而不是对全国人民的责任和义务。Nonaka stressed Sino-Japan relations are of crucial importance. As for the Diaoyu dispute, he suggested the two sides strengthen dialogue and strive for a proper way to solve the problem.野中强调,中日关系至关重要。至于钓鱼岛争端,他建议双方加强对话,争取以适当的方式解决问题。来 /201209/201179Chinas broadcasting and Internet watchdogs will step up their management of online programs, including we bsite-produced shows and micro films, the Beijing Times reported.据《京华时报》报道,我国广播和互联网管理部门将加大对网上节目的管理力度,这其中包括网站制作的节目和微电影。In a directive issued on Monday, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the State Internet Information Office ordered sites and Internet portals to take responsibility of the serials and micro films broadcast on their sites and to censor the contents before airing them. Uncensored programs are prohibited from being shown.在周一发布的通知中,国家广播电影电视总局和国家互联网信息办公室要求视听网站、门户网站对网站上播放的电视剧和微电影负责,并要求它们在播放这些内容前对内容进行审查。未经审查的节目不得播放。Players in the online industry are encouraged to form an association of censors, the members of which should have training programs and tests to become qualified examiners, the statement said.通知表示,管理部门鼓励网络视听行业成立审查协会,协会成员需接受培训,通过考试后才有资格成为审查员。A spokesperson from State Administration of Radio, Film and Television said that some online programs are vulgar, obscene and violent.国家广播电影电视总局的一名发言人表示,一些在线节目内容粗俗下流,很暴力;Internet users urged the government to protect young viewers from disturbing and misleading content,; the spokesperson said. ;So the intention is to build a healthy environment for online programming.;这名发言人说:“网民反应强烈,要求政府保护青少年身心健康,因此这是为了营造文明健康的网络环境;Chinas programming environment has been transformed since major Chinese websites started to make films themselves.我国的网络视听环境自从几家大的网站开始做电影以来就发生了巨大的变化。Leading sites such as Youku and Ku6.com are among the established players making shorts or episodes of shows, while popular Internet portals like Sina.com are getting in on the action too.领头的视听网站像优酷网、酷6网等在做短片和电视节目方面确立了地位,而流行门户网站如新浪网也正在努力赶超。来 /201207/189887成都/APL韩式半永久培训学校学习韩式半永久雾眉毛多少钱

乐山半永久性化妆漂唇术培训学校哪家好India has joined the multi-country search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which went missing last weekend. The so-called Operation Search Light has deployed Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force ships and aircraft to scour from the Andaman Sea to the Bay of Bengal.印度加入了针对上周末失踪的马来西亚航Malaysia Airlines) MH370航班的多国搜救行动。印度在这项名为“探照灯Operation Search Light)的任务中部署了海军、海岸警卫队以及空军舰艇和飞机在安达曼海至孟加拉湾海域进行搜寻。What are all of them looking for?他们的搜寻目标是什么?Theyll likely be looking for things like the missing airlines seat cushions, life jackets, or potentially dead bodies which would float on the water, says Admiral Arun Prakash, former chief of the Naval Staff, and first Commander-in-Chief of the Andaman amp; Nicobar Command.前印度海军总司令、印度三军安达曼-尼科巴小Andaman amp; Nicobar Command)第一总司令Admiral Arun Prakash称,可能的搜寻目标包括漂浮在海面的失踪客机的座椅垫、救生衣以及可能遇难乘客的尸体。Admiral Prakash says that aircraft are supposed to have a beacon which transmits a signal, and can be used to find its location. But if there is no signal emanating from this aircraft, then the Indian search party is likely looking mainly for debris, he says. Rather than sophisticated equipment, the search vehicles are likely simply making a visual search with binoculars.Admiral Prakash表示,失踪客机上应该有一个可以发射信号的信号灯,用来确定飞机的方位。他称,如果飞机没有发送信号,那么印度搜救队伍可能主要搜寻飞机碎片。搜寻工作中不会使用高级设备,搜寻人员将主要利用望远镜进行肉眼搜寻。He says the effectiveness of this search will hinge on the accuracy of the area from where the search is starting, which is called search datum in naval terminology. First question is, where should I start looking? says Admiral Prakash.Admiral Prakash称,这种搜寻的效果将取决于搜寻工作开始海域的准确度,用海军术语来说,就是“搜寻基点search datum)。他表示,第一个要问的问题是,从哪里开始搜寻?He said the search team would take a compass and draw arcs around this search datum, and create expanding squares or expanding circles, to broaden the search area.Admiral Prakash称,搜寻队伍会携带指南针,在搜寻基点周围画弧线,然后以正方形或圆形扩大面积,以此扩大搜寻区域。来 /201403/280306阿坝州半永久化妆培训 At the supermarket在超市Excuse me, sir. Can you tell me where I can buy some chocolates?请问,先生,能告诉我在哪里能买到巧克力吗?Two rows up on the right. We have various kinds of chocolates.往前走两排往右转就是,我们有各种各样的巧克力Thank you. How much is this kind of chocolates?谢谢这种巧克力多少钱?$ a kilo.美元一公斤 6836成都新颜生物技术纹绣学习韩式半永久雾眉毛多少钱

简阳市半永久化妆培训价格GGuest CClerk一、经典对话G:Were going to have a congress next Monday . Id like to book some facilities and personnel it.C:No problem . Sir. Here is the rate list .G:Thank you.C:Welcome,sir. Next Monday... that July nd , isnt itG:Yes. We need an auditorium 0 people , a projector and a -camera.C:0 people... I suggest you to rent a small auditorium, thatll be enough .G:Good idea. I also need an interpreter and two messengers.C:I see. Could you please sign here And also your telephone number,please.G:Ok.C:Thank you ,sir. Everything will be y by Friday afternoon . Could you come and check itG:Sure. Thanks.C:Youre welcome,sir. We look ward to serving you.二、常用句型百宝箱1.Were going to have a two-day congress here next week..Wed like to book some facilities and personnel it.3.We need a simultaneous interpreter Monday, and a consecutive interpreter Tuesday..Do you need any messenger boys5.Your signature and telephone number here, please.6.Everything will be y by Saturday afternoon.7.Will you come and check it8.If there is anything I can do,please let me know. 6 绵阳眉毛的画法培训学校哪家好阿坝州中华纹绣网



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