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  • 泡个热水澡能够收获运动带来的好处吗? -- 18:: 来源: 四月五月不减肥,七月八月徒伤悲想要迷人身材的小伙伴看过来了! We all know that exercise is good us, but can you get the benefits without actually doing the exercise, asks Michael Mosley.“众所周知,运动于我们有益,然而,是否不运动,你也能够收获运动带来的好处呢?”迈克尔·莫斯利问道Having a hot bath or a sauna is a good way to soothe your limbs after exercise, but what happens if you do it instead of exercise? Dr Steve Faulkner of Loughborough University asked me to take part in an experiment comparing the relative benefits of having a long, hot bath versus an hour of hard pedalling.运动过后泡个热水澡或者是蒸个桑拿是舒缓四肢的绝妙之道,但是,若你用此方法来代替运动,那么会发生什么呢?拉夫堡大学的史蒂夫·福克纳士让我加入了一项实验,比较长时间泡热水澡和骑一个小时自行车的相对益处 this study I join a group of volunteers who have all been fitted with monitors which continuously record blood sugar levels. Keeping your blood sugar levels within the normal range is an important measure of your "metabolic" fitness.为了完成此项研究,我加入了一个志愿者团队,这些志愿者身上已被安装了能够持续记录血糖水平的监控器保持血糖水平在正常范围之内是你“新陈代谢”健康的一项重要指标We are also fitted with equipment to measure how many calories we burn and rectal thermometers to constantly measure our internal core temperature.我们身上被安装了用来测量卡路里燃烧情况的设备,同时还配有持续测量体内核心温度的直肠温度计The first part of the experiment is very relaxing, consisting of having a long, hot bath. While I sit in the bath, which they keep at 0℃, Steve closely monitors my core temperature. Once it has risen and stayed there, I am allowed out.实验的第一部分相当轻松,就是长时间地泡一个热水澡当我泡在水温为0℃的浴池里时,史蒂夫会密切监测我的核心体温等到核心体温上升或者是恒定时,我才能出来A couple of hours after my bath I have a light meal. Since we want to see how having a hot bath compares with exercise we repeat the experiment.泡完热水澡两个小时后,我吃了顿便饭由于想要弄清如何比较泡热水澡和做运动,我们重复了这项实验So what’s the result?那么结果如何呢?"One of the first things that we were looking at," Steve says, "is the energy expenditure while you’re in the bath and what we found was an 80% increase in energy expenditure just as a result of sitting in the bath the course of an hour."史蒂芬表示:“我们正在关切的首要事情之一即是你在泡热水澡时消耗的能量我们发现,正是由于在浴池里泡了一个小时,你消耗的能量增长了80%”This is nothing like as many calories as cycling an hour (which comes out at an average of 630 calories) but we do burn 0 calories, the equivalent of a brisk 30-minute walk.骑一个小时自行车燃烧的能量最多了(平均为630卡路里),但是我们确实燃烧了0卡路里,这相当于疾走30分钟所燃烧的能量
  • 美一女子体重50斤臀围米36 仍成网红月薪上万 -- ::5 来源: 3岁的美国宾夕法尼亚州女子波比-韦斯特利,体重达到50斤,腰围更是达到惊人的米36,她拥有世界上最大的屁股之一....最近她突然成了网红,月收入轻松上00美元 A 90lb woman with eight-foot hips is making a tune from an adoring legion of online ’chubby chasers’, who can’t get enough of her exceptionally curvy body — and are happy to pay her the pleasure of looking at it.由于受网上一众“丰满身材发烧友”的崇拜,一位体重达90磅,臀围8英尺的女子发了大财——这些人看不够她那有着特殊曲线的身材,也乐意花钱观看她的身体享受这份乐趣Bobbi-Jo Westley says her sizable saddlebags and legs, which weigh 0lbs on their own, make her irresistible to men with an appreciation of larger ladies.波比-韦斯特利说,由于她这两条庞大的屁股和腿部,每条腿重约0磅,使得那些喜欢大号身材的男人们对她毫无抵抗力The 3-year-old ’model’, who lives in Pennsylvania, is known in the Super Size Big Beautiful Women modelling commy her extreme figure, which helps her to earn $,000 from webcam sessions.这位3岁的“模特”住在美国宾夕法尼亚州,因其特别的身材,在超大尺寸美女模特界里颇具盛名通过在网上做视频直播,一个月收入00美元Bobbi-Jo said that her wide hips and backside haven’t just made her popular in the US, where 68.8 per cent of adults are considered overweight or obese, according to the National Institutes of Health.Bobbi-Jo说她的宽臀和后背不仅仅让她在美国这个胖子遍地走的国家出名,据美国国立卫生研究院的研究表明,68.8%的美国成年人都体重超重或有肥胖倾向In fact, she revealed that men around the world are fans of her hefty figure, and willing to splash out cash on her steamy webcam s.事实上,世界各地都有她的男粉丝他们也愿意在她的网络直播上撒钱I’m very confident and it’s my body so if I want to show the world me naked or in bra and panties that’s what I choose to do,’ she said. ’I’m famous my hips and my butt. It’s the first thing that people notice.’’她表示:“我很自信,这是我的身体,如果我想让全世界看着我裸露着身体或者只穿内衣,这也是我的选择我的臀部和大腿使得我非常出名,这是人们看到我的时候最先注意到的地方”Despite weighing 90lbs, Bobbi insists she eats mostly salads, and that her size is mainly due to a thyroid condition.尽管重约90磅,韦斯特利表示,她的大部分食物是沙拉,她胖完全是因为得了甲状腺疾病I love salad; I can eat it all day,’ she said. ’I also like barbecue chicken and barbecue pork chops. I love macaroni and cheese and I love rice too. I’m not much of a sweet eater but I do like big cakes.’她说,“我喜欢吃沙拉,我可以一整天都吃沙拉我还喜欢吃烤鸡肉和烧烤排骨我也爱吃通心粉和奶酪,以及米饭但我不太喜欢经常吃甜食不过蛋糕还可以”The mother-of-five explained that she had always been slightly bigger, but then began to pile weight around her hips and butt after each of her pregnancies — and with the development of an under-active thyroid.身为5个孩子的母亲的她解释说,她每次怀甲状腺就会变得活跃,屁股和大腿都会长胖一些Bobbi said: ’People often think it is fake and that I have had surgeries. But I’m definitely 0 per cent real. There is nothing fake about these curves.’她说,“人们常常会觉得我的身材是假的,是做过手术的,但我可以0%保我的身材是绝对真实的”And it doesn’t seem that their attraction stops at a simple fetish — Bobbi added that men often propose to her or tell her they’d like to have a baby with her.而且这些男人不只是简单的迷恋——韦斯特利补充说,有不少男网友向她求婚,还有更多的人说希望和她生孩子They really like my confidence,’ she said. ’I’ve had men who I never thought would want me but have tried to [hit on me],’ she said.她说:“他们真的非常喜欢我的自信曾有我不敢肖想的男人说他喜欢我"They come from all over the world — the UK, Australia, India, es States. It’s hard to keep track.’“这些男粉丝们来自世界各地——英国、澳大利亚、印度、美国等难以统计”But despite her body positivity, not everyone has flattering things to say about Bobbi’s size 3 figure. The Pennsylvanian said some people mock her — but she mostly shrugs off the negativity.尽管她对自己的身体很自信,不是每个人都对她的超大身材充满溢美之词宾州有些人嘲笑她——但她大多时候不屑一顾Most people hate [other] people because they have ... low self-esteem. So they have to make fun of somebody else to take it off them,’ she claimed. ’I don’t care what others think about me or what others say about me. I am confident in my skin — it’s who I am. My hips and my butt is what makes me. .’她说,“很多人讨厌别人是因为他们没有什么自信所以得通过取笑别人来满足自己我不在乎别人怎么看我或者说我我对我自己很自信——这就是我我的大腿和屁股也是我的一部分”Despite her defiance, Bobbi admitted that her weight does cause her some problems.自信如她,也会担心体重引起身体健康问题It scares me sometimes because I do have asthma and when I walk, I do gasp air. I am still able to walk — it just takes longer than the average person.’她说:“我会担心体重,因为我有哮喘,我走路的时候总是气喘吁吁我还能够走路,只不过花的时间更长而已”She also has problems fitting into regular-sized chairs and generally getting around, having to shuffle sideways through supermarket aisles..她也没办法坐上一般的椅子,外出的时候也只能在超市走廊上慢慢走I would like to run and play with my kids like being in a swimming pool and being able to get out without help,’ she said. ’I’d like to be able to actually sit in a bathtub and relax.’她透露道:“我喜欢和我的孩子们在游泳池里奔跑玩耍,我希望我能在不需要他人帮助的情况下自己从游泳池走出来我想有一天能够真正坐在浴缸里放松”Bobbi’s hips measure a staggering 91 inches around, making them among the biggest in the world .波比-韦斯特利的屁股约有91英寸,她几乎拥有世界上最大的屁股She would need to eclipse Mikel Ruffinelli, whose hips measured 99 inches when they were documented in .目前世界上屁股最大的女人名叫Mikel Ruffinelli,她的臀围为99英寸,这是年的记录However, she is in two minds, as she knows going the record will put her health in jeopardy.不过,韦斯特利正在犹豫是否要努力增肥屁股,因为她知道,想要超越这个记录将会给身体健康带来很大影响She said: ’Sometimes I lay down at night and think to myself if the next breath will be my last. There is a possibility I could have the world’s biggest hips. And if that happens that would be awesome. I’ve never been a record breaker bee.她说:“有时候我晚上躺在床上都会想,这会不会是我最有一次呼吸有可能我可以拥有世界上最大的屁股,如果真能如此真是太棒了,因为我从未打破过任何记录”’But if the doctors tell me I need to lose weight or I’m going to die then I’m going to everything to lose it,’ she added. ’I’m not y to die. I want to see my kids and grandkids grow up.’她补充说,“不过,如果有一天医生和我说,我必须减肥,否则就会死掉,那么我会不惜一切代价减肥我不想死,我想看着我的子子孙孙们长大”
  • 美国大学误向落榜生发祝贺信 --30 :7:50 来源: 美国大学误向落榜生发祝贺信Philadelphia college mistakenly congratulates the rejectedDrexel University in Philadelphia is apologizing to hundreds of applicants who were denied admission but then mistakenly received follow-up emails congratulating them on getting in.数百名未被费城德雷塞尔大学录取的学生随后却收到了来自该校的祝贺信,该校已就此失误向申请者们道歉The university says the follow-up emails were intended only admitted students. Though they contained a congratulatory note, their purpose was to remind the admitted students about a reply deadline.德雷塞尔大学表示,这些电子邮件原本是想发给被录取的学生的尽管包含祝贺内容,但这些邮件的目的其实是为了提醒被录取的学生注意最终答复日期The emails went out in error to 95 students who had been denied admission to Drexel or submitted incomplete applications.95名学生收到了这些误发的邮件这些人都是申请德雷塞尔大学但被拒的,或者是递交的申请资料不完整的Seventeen-year-old Tearra Bookard told WTXF-TV the email came three weeks after she was denied admission. She immediately told friends and family the good news only to find out seven hours later it was a mistake. She calls it a "slap in the face."十七岁的特艾拉· 布克德告诉WTXF电视台,电子邮件是其申请被拒的三周后发给她的她马上把这个好消息告诉了朋友和家人,但7小时后又被告知这是一场误会她称自己犹如被“打脸”In 199, the university mistakenly sent early acceptance letters to 5 students.199年,德雷塞尔大学也曾失误向5名学生提早寄了录取通知书Vocabulary follow-up:后续的;增补的slap in the face:打脸(译者:明晨域 编辑:杜娟)
  • 梅西退出阿根廷国家队 -- 1:51:3 来源:chinadaily 智利在点球大战中以-击败阿根廷蝉联美洲杯冠军尘埃方落,阿根廷足球巨星梅西宣布退出阿根廷国家队 Argentine football star Lionel Messi has announced his retirement from the national team. The announcement comes as Chile beat Argentina - on penalty shoot-out to win their second straight Copa America title. 在点球大战中,梅西直接将球踢过球门横木,罚丢点球阿根廷队上一次获得美洲杯冠军还是在1993年阿根廷队已经连续三年在重要比赛的决赛中失利,包括年世界杯对阵德国以及年美洲杯对阵智利 Messi putting his penalty kick over the crossbar during the shoot-out. Argentina's last major title win came in the 1993 Copa America. They have now lost the final of a major tournament in three consecutive summers, including the World Cup final against Germany and Copa America final, also against Chile.
  • 双语:极端组织宣布斩首第二位美国记者 -- 3::1 来源: The ISIS terror group has published a titled “A second message to America,” showing the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff.  恐怖组织ISIS公布了名为“给美国的第二条消息”的视频,视频中美国记者史蒂芬?索特洛夫被斩首  The also threatens the life of British captive, David Haines.  他们还在视频中威胁要处死英国人质大卫?海恩斯  Sotloff speaks to the camera bee he is killed, saying he is “paying the price” U.S. intervention.  索特洛夫被杀前对着镜头说,他为美国的干涉“付出代价”  The masked ISIS figure in the speaks to U.S. President Barack Obama, telling him, “Just as your missiles continue to strike our people, our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people.”  视频中蒙面ISIS成员对美国总统奥巴马说,“正是因为你们的导弹还在袭击我们的人民,所以我们的匕首将继续刺向你们的脖子”  Last week, Sotloff’s mother Shirley Sotloff released a pleading with ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi not to kill her son.  上周,索特洛夫的母亲雪莉?索特洛夫发布了一段视频恳求ISIS首领巴格达迪不要杀死她的儿子  “Steven is a journalist who traveled to the Middle East to cover the suffering of Muslims at the hands of tyrants. Steven is a loyal and generous son, brother and grandson,” she said. “He is an honorable man and has always tried to help the weak.”  她说,“史蒂芬去中东是为了报道被暴政欺压的伊斯兰信徒他是个忠诚慷慨的好儿子、好兄弟、好孙子他品德高尚,总是帮助弱小”  Sotloff appeared last month in an ISIS showing the decapitation of another American journalist, James Foley. The militant in the warned that Sotloff’s fate depended on what President Barack Obama did next in Iraq.  上月ISIS公布的另一美国记者詹姆斯?福莱的斩首视频中,索特洛夫也有出现视频中的武装分子警告道,索特洛夫的命运取决于接下来奥巴马将如何对待伊拉克  Steven Sotloff disappeared while reporting from Syria in August , but his family kept the news secret, fearing harm to him if they went public.  年8月,史蒂芬?索特洛夫在叙利亚采访时失踪,但他的家人因担心会给他带来麻烦,故而并未公开此事  Out of public view, the family and a number of government agencies have been trying to gain Sotloff’s release the past year.  过去一年里,他们和政府机构展开秘密救援行动,试图让索特洛夫获释
  • 法国水灾继续加重,卢浮宫将暂时关闭 -- :39: 来源: 卢浮宫决定于周五关闭,以保护起价值不菲的艺术藏品不受洪水破坏 Artwork of French street artist and photographer JR is displayed on the Louvre Pyramid in Paris, May 5, .图为法国街头艺术家兼摄影师JR在卢浮宫金字塔上展出的艺术作品,年5月5日,巴黎The Seine has burst some of its banks due to heavy rainfall.因连续暴雨,塞纳河已经冲垮了一些河堤As heavy rainfall floods Paris, the Louvre isn’t taking chances with its priceless art collection and will close on Friday to prevent water damage.由于巴黎的暴雨洪水,卢浮宫决定于周五关闭,以保护起价值不菲的艺术藏品不受洪水破坏The museum will move pieces from its underground stores to higher floors to keep them safe, according to a Thursday statement.该物馆将把储藏在地下的艺术品挪移至高出,以确保其安全无损,据周四一份声明说The Louvre is right next to the Seine river, which has risen ft above its normal levels due to rain over the past few weeks, AFP reports.卢浮宫紧挨着塞纳河,由于过去几周的连续降雨,水位上升了英尺以上,据法新社报道The Louvre had previously said its storage spaces were not under threat, as the underground areas are equipped with waterproof doors and flooding pumps.卢浮宫此前曾说其收藏空间不会受到威胁,因为其地下区域有防水门和洪水泵But as the Seine began bursting its banks in some places, the museum changed course.但由于塞纳河的一些河堤被冲垮,该物馆决定改变策略In the long term, the Louvre plans to move its underground art stores to another facility by 19 so they won’t be imperiled by the river.长久之计是,卢浮宫决定把其地下艺术储藏于19年移至另外一个空间,以避免河流威胁As the most-visited gallery in the world, the Louvre houses works by Van Gogh, Manet, Renoir and Gauguin, including the famed Mona Lisa.作为世界上客流量最多的展览馆,卢浮宫收藏了梵高,马奈,雷诺阿和高更的作品,包括著名的蒙娜丽莎
  • 看看这些令人啼笑皆非的英文翻译 --6 ::7 来源: 随着旅游业的发展,英文翻译越拉越多,但是一些奇葩的翻译却总是闹出许多笑话 English signs and translations are almost a necessity as tourism continues to grow but the difficult task has meant more than a few phrases have been lost in translation.随着旅游业持续发展,英语标识和翻译几乎成为了必须,而在英文翻译中,很多说法都词不达意As a result, more than a few humorous signs have been popping up across non-English speaking countries.由此带来的结果就是,在不讲英语的国家里,到处都出现有一些令人捧腹大笑的英语标识Whether it’s a fire extinguisher that’s labelled as a ‘hand grenade,’ a bomb sniffing dog wearing a vest labeling him as an ‘explosive dog’ or a sign warning you to ‘slip and fall carefully’, they never fail to impress.不论是标有“手榴弹”字样的灭火器,或者穿有“爆炸”标签背心的搜爆犬,还是提醒你“小心地滑倒”的标识,它们从来不会不吸引人眼球A sign attempting to warn pedestrians of slipping instead warns them to be careful on the way down这个标识看起来是在鼓励行人滑过去,而不是提醒他们小心下坡路滑倒Google translate appears to have failed miserable translating the names of dishes to include ’cat ear’ and a ’rotten child’在这幅图里谷歌翻译似乎没有起作用,翻译出来的“猫耳朵”和“烂子”似乎有点问题A street sign warns the public to be aware of a ’missing foot’ that appears to be on the loose街上一个标识在提醒人们要敢于“失足”A translator appears to have failed miserably on this calling a drink ’whatever’翻译软件似乎没有起作用,把菜单上一份名为“随便”的饮料翻译成了“我不在乎”Menus appear to take the brunt in failing translations as one meal is labelled as ’Germany sexual harassment’, another dish inms you that the meal will consist of ’rotten children’ as well as ’fried cat ear.’菜名受到了来自错误翻译的冲击,有一道菜叫做“德国性骚扰(德国咸猪手)”,另一个菜名则告知你这道菜里有“腐烂的孩子(烂子)”和“炸猫的耳朵(找猫耳朵)”One translator that appeared to give up on attempting to find an English term the meal instead chose to inm guests that Google wasn’t working but to trust that it was a ’delicious’ dish.另一名译者似乎放弃了为这道菜寻找一个合适的英语名字,反而选择去告诉顾客说谷歌翻译不起作用,但是请你相信这道菜很好吃What is meant to be an endearing message instead asks a partner to ’put your shoes on my face’这段标语上半截让人欢喜,但是下半截叫人“把脚踩在我脸上”是什么鬼?This translator had a recipe disaster wand will be left red-faced over this crude interpretation of a duck dish stating ’f**k the duck until exploded’这份菜单的译者应该对他粗糙的翻译感到脸红,他把一份鸭肉菜翻译成了“把鸭子干到爆”A bomb sniffing dog was made to wear a vest that incorrectly labelled it as an ’explosive dog’一只搜爆犬穿了一件带有标签的背心,但是背心上去错误地写着“会爆炸的”However s are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to looking at translation failures.但是,在错误翻译这个问题上,菜单还只是冰山一角A warning sign attempting to ask pedestrians to not walk on the grass instead inmed passersby to not disturb the green grass because ’tiny grass is dreaming.’一个警示标志试图告诫行人不要在草丛上行走,但是却告诉过路的行人让他们不要打扰绿草,因为“小小的草正在做梦”Another sign attempting to warn people about an upcoming hazard instead requested pedestrians to ’slip and fall carefully.’另一个标语试图告知人们注意危险,但是却要求行人“小心地滑倒”While a can of drink appeared to successfully pass manufacturing stages to ’The jew’s ear juice’.一罐被成功生产出来的饮料,它的名字是“犹太人的耳朵汁”Endearing phrases were also lost in translation leaving you scratching you head in confusion as one : ’you are my love my angle don’t treat me like potato.’在翻译中,一些可爱动人的语句也被遗失了,这样最后翻译出来的东西让你挠头抓耳不得其解:“你是我的爱,你是我的天使,不要像对待土豆一样对我”Unless this translator was deliberately attempting to be humorous hey incorrectly translated a dish to ’roasted husband.除非这个译者是有意要幽默一把,他错误地把一道菜的名字翻译成了“烤丈夫”
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