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成都恩齐国际纹绣专家学院培训多少天包吃住吗成都/学习半永久定妆Apple#39;s supposed self-driving electric car efforts may be real -- and far enough along for testing, according to a new report from the Guardian.根据《卫报》的最新报道,苹果公司设想的无人驾驶电动汽车计划很可能已成为现实——起码也已进入了测试阶段。The publication, citing documents it obtained under a public records act request, said Apple has met with officials from the GoMentum Station, a large former Navy weapons station near San Francisco that is being changed into a high-security testing area for self-driving cars. GoMentum says its 5,000-acre facility, which features 20 miles of paved roadway, ;is the largest secure test facility in the world and will become the center; of connected vehicle applications and autonomous vehicles technologies -- something that could appeal to a secretive company like Apple. Honda uses the facility to test automated driving technologies.该报称,其在符合公共记录法案的前提下获得了一份文件,根据文件显示,苹果公司已经和GoMentum基地的官员有过接触,GoMentum基地是旧金山附近一个大型的前海军武器基地,现在正逐渐被改造成为一个安全系数很高的无人驾驶汽车测试基地。GoMentum方面称,这里有5000英亩的场地,其中有20英里的铺砌道路,是全世界最大的安全测试基地,将成为相关联的车辆应用程序和无人驾驶汽车技术的中心,而这无疑吸引到了像苹果这样希望进行秘密测试的公司。本田汽车公司也使用这个场地测试无人驾驶汽车技术。Frank Fearon, an Apple engineer, wrote to GoMentum that ;We would... like to get an understanding of timing and availability for the space, and how we would need to coordinate around other parties who would be using [it],; according to the publication. In another email from a GoMentum official to Fearon, the official delayed a tour of the facility but said, ;We would still like to meet in order to keep everything moving and to meet your testing schedule.;该报还称,苹果公司的一位工程师Frank Fearon曾致信GoMentum:“我们希望明确了解此基地的时间安排和可使用性,以及我们如何与其它正在使用它的机构进行协调。”而在另外一封GoMentum官员写给Fearon的邮件中,GoMentum官员将基地的一个参观活动延期,并表示:“我们更加希望碰面(达成合作)以保一切(测试活动)顺利进行并且满足你们的测试日程安排。”Apple declined to comment.苹果公司并未对此新闻做出回应。The Guardian didn#39;t publish the documents cited in the report, and it#39;s unclear whether Apple directly said it#39;s building a self-driving electric car. The company could be interested in the facility for other purposes, such as testing out car technologies in a more real-to-life environment instead of in a lab. And there#39;s no guarantee that Apple will release an electric self-driving car even if it#39;s currently researching the technology.《卫报》并未刊登报道中被引用的那份文件,因此无法确定苹果公司是否确实曾说过其在研制无人驾驶电动汽车。它也可能是为其它的目的而对此基地感兴趣,譬如为了在一个更加符合真实生活的环境里测试汽车技术,而不是一直在实验室里。并且,即使苹果现在能够达到那样的技术水平,也不能保它会真正发布无人驾驶电动汽车。Autonomous car technology has become a big focus for companies such as Google and Uber, and speculation about Apple#39;s self-driving car plans have been swirling for months. The program is believed to be codenamed ;Titan; and involve hundreds of engineers. The company has hired people from the automotive industry, including battery experts. In February, A123 Systems, an electric-car battery maker, sued Apple for poaching its employees, saying the company lured away workers to develop ;a large-scale battery division to compete in the very same field as A123.; The two companies reached a settlement in May.无人驾驶汽车技术已经成为了谷歌、Uber等很多公司关注的焦点,而关于苹果无人驾驶汽车计划的猜测已发酵数月。据说这个项目的代号是;泰坦(Titan);,并且汇集了上百名工程师。苹果雇佣了很多来自汽车制造行业的人,其中包括电池方面的专家。二月份,A123 Systems——一个电动汽车电池制造商——控告苹果挖走它的员工,引诱其员工发展“一个大规模电池部门去与A123在同一领域竞争”。两家公司已于五月份达成处理协议。Apple has tasked employees in ;an anonymous office building; in Sunnyvale, Calif., about four miles from the company#39;s Cupertino headquarters, with developing automotive technologies, the Guardian said. The company leased the building in 2014, the Guardian said, citing documents, and modified the facility to include labs and workshop spaces, as well as tighter security features.据《卫报》所说,苹果已将该项目的员工分派到了加利福尼亚州森尼维尔市“一个无名的办公建筑里”,距离位于库比蒂诺的苹果总部大约有四英里,在这里,无人驾驶汽车技术正在研制中。《卫报》称,根据那份文件显示的内容,苹果公司在2014年租下这幢建筑,并逐渐在内部安设了实验室、研讨室和更严密的安全设施。Apple, the second-biggest smartphone maker in the world, has worked to expand its technologies to many different sectors and become the center of peoples#39; lives. That aly has included cars, even if the company hasn#39;t created a full-blown automobile. An update to its iOS mobile software in March 2014 incorporated CarPlay -- a way for the iPhone to power a touch screen on a new car#39;s dashboard. And Jeff Williams, Apple#39;s head of operations, in May called the car ;the ultimate mobile device.;苹果作为世界第二大手机制造商,已经致力于将它的技术扩展到许多不同的领域并占据人们生活的中心。这些领域中就包括汽车行业——尽管苹果公司还未制造出一台完全成熟的汽车。2014年3月iOS移动软件的一项更新包含了CarPlay—— 一种用iPhone去操控新车仪表盘上的接触式屏幕的方式。苹果运营总监Jeff Williams曾在五月份称汽车是“终极的可移动设备”。Marc Newsom, a designer who has worked with Apple in the past, told The Wall Street Journal earlier this week that his design pet-peeve is the automotive industry. ;There were moments when cars somehow encapsulated everything that was good about progress,; he said. ;But right now we#39;re at the bottom of a trough.;Marc Newsom是一位曾在苹果工作多年的设计师,就在这周他告诉华尔街日报的记者他在设计中最不能忍受的就是汽车制造行业,他说,“曾经有一段时间汽车包含了人类进步中产生的一切好的事物,但现在正处在低谷期。” /201508/393859成都/素秀半永久机构学习半永久韩式眉多少钱 Of the technical advances transforming the energy business, none is potentially more important than storage. Used on a sufficient scale, it could make heat and light available to those living in subsistence conditions and radically alter the world’s energy mix.在改变能源业的技术进步中,可能没有哪一项比能源存储更重要的了。在应用规模足够大的情况下,这项技术能够为那些勉强维生的人提供光和热,并从根本上改变世界能源结构。But it is important to demolish two myths. First, the technological advances are not about to transform the energy system to the point where a large proportion of consumers defect from existing distribution systems. Second, it does not require a dramatic breakthrough to become economic.但驳倒两个神话很重要。首先,技术进步对能源体系的改变,并不会达到使大部分消费者弃用现有能源输配体系的地步。其次,我们并不需要取得爆炸式的突破就能使能源存储技术具备经济可行性。On the first, by far the most likely next step is the integration of storage mechanisms into existing grids and other distribution systems in ways that manage peak loads and thus contribute to reducing the necessary generating capacity.关于前者,最有可能的下一步发展是使能源存储机制融入现有输配网和其他输配系统,以管理高峰负荷,从而有助于减少必要的能源产能。On the second, the story is one of gradualism. The core technologies are known and are advancing. Some are aly commercially competitive; you are probably ing this on a computer that holds power for much longer than was possible only a decade ago. There could well be developments that would change the entire energy system but a eureka moment is not necessary.关于后者,则要认识到技术进步的渐进性。能源存储的核心技术已经为人所知,也正在取得进展。一些技术已经拥有了商业竞争力;你或许正在用一台电脑阅读这篇文章,这台电脑的续航时间要比十年前可能达到的水平长得多。或许会出现一些改变整个能源体系的技术发展,但爆炸性突破并非必不可少。Moody’s notes battery costs have fallen 50 per cent in the past five years. Lazard reports that industry expects a further significant fall in the next five years; and that, if projections are accurate, “some energy storage technologies may be positioned to displace a significant portion of future gas-fired generation capacity in particular as a replacement for peaking gas turbine facilities”.据穆迪(Moody’s)报告,过去5年电池的成本下降了50%。Lazard报告,行业人士预计接下来5年电池成本还会进一步显著下降;并且,如果相关预测是准确的,“一些能源存储技术可能取代未来相当一部分燃气发电产能,尤其是取代目前急剧增加的燃气轮机设备”。This suggests advances in storage could rapidly overturn established business models. Many of the technologies aly have a strong industrial base, which is helping to reduce production costs. Many more are still at an early stage of commercialisation, building on research in universities worldwide.这表明,能源存储技术的进步可能迅速推翻即成商业模式。许多存储技术已经拥有雄厚的工业基础,这有助于减少生产成本。还有更多存储技术在世界各地大学的研究基础上发展,还处于商业化的初期阶段。There are several storage technologies, each with particular applications. Pumped hydro systems enable us to manage the use of flows of water. Batteries can balance power loads and help manage the challenges of energy supplies that are intermittent. There are also uses at the production and at the consumption end of the supply chain.有几种能源存储技术,每一种都有特定的用途。抽水蓄能系统让我们可以管理对水流的利用。电池能够平衡能源负荷,有助于处理间断式的能源供应。还有用于能源生产和能源供应链消费端的技术。Some techniques, such as pumping water, have been used for centuries. Others, such as lithium ion, are not yet commercially viable, but the pace of improvement in costs is impressive.人们对一些技术的使用长达数个世纪,比如抽水。其他一些技术还不具备商业可行性,但成本改善方面的进展步伐令人印象深刻,比如锂离子。Storage can be used with any form of supply, from coal to wind, and for any purpose from transport to heating. It improves efficiency by allowing consumers to use energy when they want rather than only at the moment of production. Economically, the greatest impact and the most significant benefits will accrue to the renewables sector, where a greater proportion of supply is wasted and where intermittency forces users into substantial back-up costs.能源存储技术可被用于从煤炭到风能的任何形式的能源供应,也可以用于从交通到供暖的任何目的。通过能源存储技术,消费者可以在需要的时候使用能源,而非只在能源生产出来的时候使用能源,从而提高能效。经济上,可再生能源领域受到的影响最大,得到的益处也最多。在该领域,能源供给的浪费比例更大,能源供给的间断性还迫使用户承受高昂的备用能源成本。Technological advances, along with falling costs, promise to make solar the power source of choice in the 21st century. If governments want to decarbonise the economy it is hard to think of a better use for public money and subsidies than researching storage.技术的进步和成本的下降有望使太阳能成为21世纪的能源选择。如果政府希望使经济脱碳,很难想到有什么比能源存储技术研究更适合投入公共资金和补贴了。The vital point is that storage is growing cheaper at a rate likely to challenge at least part of the existing energy system within five years. The conventional alternatives under threat from this sort of competition start with gas turbines but extend to expensive plans to upgrade transmission lines and distribution systems.关键的一点是,能源存储技术的成本正在快速降低,或许能在5年内挑战至少部分现有技术的地位。对于这类竞争,受到威胁的传统替代方案不仅包括燃气轮机,还包括传输线和输配体系升级这样昂贵的方案。When serious and objective financial institutions start saying such things, investors and companies involved in the old energy economy would be foolish not to take notice of the mounting evidence that storage technology is the next big shift in the energy business.严肃和客观的金融机构已经开始谈论这类事情,越来越多的据表明能源存储技术将是能源行业的下一个重大转变,参与旧能源经济的投资者和企业如果不注意这一点将是愚蠢的。 /201601/419409重庆/学唇妆多少钱

绵阳眉毛的画法培训学校哪家好The Chinese smartphone family, long known by its average-quality and inexpensive devices, is all set to welcome a new member. Only, the new entrant is a cut above the rest as its major customers are nattily dressed businesspeople who sport customized gadgets handcrafted with sapphire crystal screens and high-end leather.中国的智能手机产品,以其性价比优势为人熟知,现在,中国智能手机产品这个大家庭又迎来一位新成员。有一点不同的是,这位新成员的客户主要是那些穿着西装革履的高端商务人士,配备该品牌由蓝宝石水晶、高级皮质雕刻制作的手机。The ed Kingdom-based luxury smartphone vendor Vertu Co Ltd was sold by its Swedish owner EQT Holdings AB to a group of unknown investors in Hong Kong.总部设在英国,由瑞典投资集团殷拓EQT所有的智能手机奢侈品牌Vertu(威图)有限公司,日前已被香港某投资集团收购。EQT said the ownership change was completed in mid-October. Details of the transaction, including the amount, were not disclosed.EQT集团表示,Vertu(威图)在10月中便已易主,但交易的诸多细节,如成交额等信息未予披露。The private equity firm acquired Vertu from Nokia in 2012 for more than 200 million euros (0 million). The phone maker subsequently changed its operating system from Symbian to Google Inc#39;s Android and launched a range of new products.2012年,瑞典的投资集团殷拓EQT以逾2亿欧元的价格从诺基亚手中收购了Vertu。手机制造商随后便放弃其塞班操作系统,加入谷歌的安卓系统阵营,并推出了系列新产品。However, the price of Vertu devices far exceeds the flagship devices sold by Apple Inc or Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Prices for a Vertu phone easily reach 50,000 yuan (,900) in China, compared to 7,788-yuan price tag for the most expensive model of the iPhone 6S Plus selling in the country. Vertu provides 24-hour worldwide concierge service to its phone users to access ;money-can#39;t-buy; events and experiences.但是,Vertu的手机价格远远超过了苹果、三星等手机。在中国,一部普通Vertu手机的价格高达5万,而时下热销中国最贵的iPhone 6S Plus也才7788元。此外,Vertu不仅仅是一部手机,它能为用户提供24小时的全球贵宾务,让用户体验到用钱都难买到的私人务。The company runs retail outlets in high-end shopping malls in cities including Beijing and Shanghai. Chinese shoppers#39; zeal for luxury products has been driving Vertu#39;s expansion.该公司门店主要集中于北京、上海等城市的高端商场。中国消费者对奢侈品的购买欲推动了Vertu的扩展。Vertu, which was originally started by Nokia in 1998, will need to find a new chief executive following the change in ownership.Vertu,由诺基亚于1998年创建,随着此次所有权的变更,需要一位新的执行总官。Massimiliano Pogliani, the company#39;s chief executive for three years, is believed to have stepped down from his post.时任三年Vertu首席执行官的MassimilianoPogliani表示,是时候将接力棒交给新团队了。It was also not immediately clear as to how the ownership change would affect Vertu#39;s operations. Hong Kong-based investment company Godin Holdings, a key investor in Vertu, did not reply to e-mails sent by China Daily seeking comments.Vertu所有权变化对公司的影响也不会立即明确显现。总部位于香港的投资公司戈丁控股公司, Vertu的一个主要投资公司,没有答复中国日报寻求意见的电子邮件。Vertu#39;s Hong Kong office said the company would issue a statement regarding the ownership and leadership changes on Wednesday. But no statement was made by Wednesday evening.Vertu的香港公司表示,公司会在周三发出关于Vertu所有权和领导权变更的声明。但是,周三晚上并没有相关声明发布。Hong Kong investors have showed a rare interest in buying overseas smartphone makers lately.香港投资商最近已经表现出收购海外智能手机的极大兴趣。REX Global Entertainment Holdings Ltd, a Hong Kong-listed firm, paid 0 million for 64.9 percent stake in Russian smartphone maker Yota Devices last week.REX环球集团有限公司,是一家香港上市公司,上周付 1亿美元收购了俄罗斯的智能手机制造商Yota公司64.9%的股份。TZ Wong, a senior analyst at Singapore-based research company Canalys, said Vertu is facing strong headwinds because of its pricing strategy.黄,新加坡一家调研公司的资深分析师表示,Vertu由于其定价策略正面临强大的瓶颈。;The previous owner chose a good timing to exit as Vertu is facing expansion pressures,; he said. ;The company may shift its focus to China and other Asian markets after the takeover.;他分析到,“Vertu的前老板在面临公司扩展压力时,选择了一个恰当的时机退出”,“目前该公司被收购后,其市场重心可能会转投中国和其他亚洲市场。” /201511/408390成都阿杰形象设计学院学纹唇漂唇多少钱 成都靓丽纹饰纹绣韩式定妆眉毛切眉术培训

泸州纹绣技术学习培训学校Mobile malware took off in 2011. That is when hackers began serious attacks on mobile phones, says David Emm, principal security researcher, at Kaspersky Lab, a cyber security company.手机恶意软件从2011年开始迅速发展。网络安全公司卡巴斯基实验室(Kaspersky Lab)的资深安全研究员戴维#8226;埃姆(David Emm)称,当时黑客开始大举攻击手机。“At that point, the data became worth stealing, and since then growth has been exponential,” Mr Emm says. He estimates 1m new malicious codes were found on devices in 2015. “The actual number of attacks is much bigger than this because each program tends to be used many times.”“当时,手机数据变得有盗取价值,从那以后手机恶意软件呈指数级增长,”埃姆称。他估计,2015年期间发现了100万个新的手机恶意代码。“实际攻击次数远大于此,因为每个程序往往被多次使用。”Early attacks focused on causing handsets silently to call premium rate numbers. Then hackers diversified into phishing — creating spoof websites that trick people into revealing account numbers and login details.早期的攻击方式都集中在导致手机暗中拨打收费高昂的电话号码。后来黑客们转向网络钓鱼——利用诈骗网站诱导人们透露账户号码和登录资料。Phishing still accounts for the overwhelming number of attacks on mobiles, says Mr Emm, although ransomware — locking data and demanding payment for its release — is also big, accounting for 17 per cent of the total across all platforms, according to Kaspersky’s research.埃姆称,尽管网络钓鱼仍然占据对手机攻击的绝大部分,但是勒索软件(锁定数据,要求付款才解锁)的比例也很大。根据卡巴斯基的研究,勒索软件在囊括所有平台的恶意软件中占17%。Most phone attacks are on handsets that use the Android operating system because of its large market share and flexible, open technology. Apple’s iPhones use proprietary technology which is more difficult to breach.针对手机的多数攻击以搭载Android操作系统的智能手机为目标,原因在于Android巨大的市场份额以及灵活、开放的技术。苹果(Apple) iPhone搭载的系统采用专有技术,攻破难度更大。“Android is like having a room with lots of doors as opposed to a cave with a single entrance,” Mr Emm says. But Apple is not immune.“Android就像是一个有很多门的房间,而不是只有一个入口的山洞,”埃姆称。但是苹果也并非免疫。In 2015, many app developers unwittingly downloaded a malicious version of Xcode — Apple’s official tool for building apps — from a file-sharing website. Among scores of apps infected were WeChat, a messaging app popular in China, and CamCard, a popular business card er in the US.2015年,很多app开发商无意间从文件分享网站下载了恶意版的Xcode(苹果官方制作app的软件工具)。数十款app被感染,其中包括在中国颇受欢迎的即时信息app微信(WeChat)以及美国高人气名片识别软件CamCard。Although Apple vets the apps sold through its app store, the infected programs were not initially detected. They were made available and widely used.尽管苹果对在其应用商店(App Store)上架的app进行审查,但是被感染的软件最初没有被探测到。它们被提供下载,并且被广泛使用。Mobile phone security is challenging because devices are designed to connect in many different ways, says Ben Johnson, chief security strategist at Carbon Black, a security software company. “Whether it is a text message, email, web browsing, Bluetooth or near-field communication (NFC) connectivity, each method of communication is a potential attack route.”安全软件公司Carbon Black的首席安全策略师本#8226;约翰逊(Ben Johnson)称,由于手机可以通过多种方式连接,手机安全具有较大挑战性。“无论是文本短信、电子邮件、浏览网页、蓝牙还是近距离通信技术(NFC),每一种通信方式都可能成为攻击途径。”As human interaction is the main purpose of a mobile device, Mr Johnson adds, there are more chances to trick users. “People are much more likely to click on malicious images or s sent to a mobile phone than to a PC, because it feels more familiar and natural.”约翰逊称,由于人与人之间的交互已经成为移动设备的主要目的,在手机端诱骗用户的机会更多。“与使用电脑相比,人们在手机上点击恶意图片或视频的可能性更高,因为它感觉更熟悉,点起来更顺手。”Phones are also often set to connect automatically and display quick preview images, data or text. “This makes it possible to exploit a system without the recipient opening or ‘clicking’ anything,” Mr Johnson says.此外,手机往往被设置为自动连接以及快速预览图片、信息和短信的模式。“这使得恶意软件可以在接收者不打开或‘点击’的情况下钻系统的空子,”约翰逊称。Defending against the most serious attacks is difficult, says Ian Evans, a vice-president and managing director at VMware Airwatch. “If the main source of the threat is a nation state agency, you’re best to just throw your phone away.”VMware Airwatch的副总裁兼董事总经理伊恩#8226;埃文斯(Ian Evans)称,很难抵挡那些技术含量最高的攻击。“如果主要的威胁源是某个国家机构,你最好把手机扔了。”However, simple steps can help against more common hackers. You should use a passcode or complex PIN on your device to protect it in case of loss or theft, says Mr Evans. “And it is best to avoid connecting to public WiFi networks. If the WiFi is not encrypted, somebody could intercept data including passwords. If you have to do so, make sure you always use a virtual private network to connect to sensitive resources.”然而,一些简单的步骤可以帮助你应付比较普通的黑客。埃文斯称,你应该在设备上使用通行密码或者设置复杂的个人识别码(PIN),以防手机丢失或被盗。“最好避免连接公共WiFi网络。如果WiFi没有加密,别人可以拦截包括密码在内的个人数据。如果你不得不连接公共WiFi,确保自己总是使用虚拟专用网络(VPN)连接敏感资源。”Also, do not “jailbreak” your mobile devices, he says. This is a process whereby users remove operating system restrictions so that they can customise their phone and download apps not normally allowed. “Jailbreaking negates your warranty and exposes you to more potential malware,” says Keiron Shepherd, senior security specialist at F5 Networks, a cyber security company.此外,他称,不要把你的移动设备“越狱”——指用户解除操作系统限制,以便对自己的手机进行定制化设置,并下载通常被禁止的app。“越狱意味着放弃你的保修权利,并使手机暴露于更多的潜在恶意软件,”网络安全公司F5 Networks的高级安全专家吉仑#8226;谢泼德(Keiron Shepherd)称。Phones with hardware-based encryption tend to offer stronger protection than software encryption, says Mr Evans. “The encryption key is stored on a chip, which acts like a safe.” But Android handsets continue to lack dependable hardware-based encryption, Mr Evans says.埃文斯称,硬件加密对手机的保护往往强于软件加密。“加密密钥存储于芯片中,就像保险箱一样。”但据他介绍,Android手机仍然缺少可靠的硬件加密手段。Sometimes phones are compromised during production, as happened in 2014 when a factory-installed “Trojan horse” was found on the Star N9500 Android smartphone, made in China and sold by companies such as Amazon and eBay. It enabled hackers to operate the phone remotely and, being embedded at the factory, could not be removed.有时,手机在生产过程中就已经被植入了恶意软件,就像2014年Star N9500智能手机被发现预装了“特洛伊木马”一样。该款Android手机在中国制造,在亚马逊(Amazon)和eBay等平台出售。黑客可以通过木马远程操控手机,而木马嵌入工厂预装的软件中,无法清除。The next battleground between hackers and phone owners will be biometric data such as thumbprints, iris or voice profile. At present, hackers rarely use biometrics to circumnavigate security because there are many easier paths, says Mr Shepherd. “This is likely to change. The problem is that if your password is discovered you can quickly change it, whereas once biometric data are compromised, that’s it.”黑客与手机用户之间的下一个战场将是生物特征数据,比如拇指纹、虹膜或语音。谢泼德称,目前黑客很少利用生物特征来绕过手机安全屏障,因为还有很多更容易的突破方式。“这种情况很可能会改变。问题是如果你的密码被别人知道了,你可以很快换一个密码,但是一旦生物特征信息被获取,那就完了。” /201603/429325 攀枝花有名的纹绣师成都教育纹绣培训电话地址



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