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Sounds reasonable.Can you provide some numbers for me?听起来很合理,你可否给我具体的数字呢?If G.T. is to be your only agent in North America,a discount of 10 per quarter is acceptable,the more we order,the more discount we should enjoy.如果G.T日后成为贵公司在北美的独家代理商,我想每季度九折是可接受的,订货量越多,折扣也就越大。I think it is no problem,if you really feel you can sell so many.如果你真的认为贵公司能够销售这么多的货,我想应该是没问题。I believe so.you have got a first-class product line.我相信我们办得到,因为你们有一流的生产线。Ill tell you what,I can give you the discounts if you agree to a commission of 11% the price.我有个建议,如果你同意把佣金订为价格的百分之十一,那我就同意你要求的折扣。15% and youve got yourself a deal.百分之十五,咱们成交。How about 13%?百分之十三,如何?OK,I think we can accept the 13% commission.好吧,可以接受净价百分之十三的佣金条件。Good.And can we agree to pay once a month?好。我们讲好每月付款一次,可以吗?Wed prefer to make payment per quarter.我想每季度付一次比较好。With such large orders,it would be bad to our cash-flow if we paid out so much before sales began.由于我们下的订单这么大,在进帐之前,就要付出这么大笔的款项,将有损我们的现金流量。So,youve only just recently started up?这么说你是最近才开始的?Thats right,but Geoff Stanton,the Managing Director,has been in components supply for a good 20 years.对的,但总经理吉奥夫?史泰敦从事零部件供应已二十年了。Oh,thats interesting.Who was he with before?那太有趣了,他以前和谁合作?Both he and I were with standard Telecom,in their electronics division,We were both y for a change and when he got the capital to start up Northern Electronics,he asked me to join him.我和他都和标准电信公司合作,在电子部。我们都准备有所改变,当他得到资本开创北方电力后,他叫我一同加入。And hows business?生意怎样?Well,its gradually building up.Weve got a number of fairly small-scale contracts for components supply-you know,mainly specialized operations.我们逐渐发展,我们签定了小批量的生产零部件合同,主要是专门的动作。Yes.Thats one of the things which worries me.You see,youve no track record of meeting large-scale orders.那正是我担心的,您们没接过大批量的定单。Thats true,but youve seen weve got the capacity and our quality control procedures are very exacting.确实,但你应该看到我们具备这种能力,我们的质量监控程序非常精确。Yes,Im impressed by the investment youve made in that area.Er,shall we turn now to the actual terms?我对你在这一领域的投资有很深的印象,让我们来谈谈实际项目。Certainly.Well,weve aly discussed price in some detail.I suppose youd be interested in delivery?当然,我们已经详细讨论了价格问题。我想你会对发货感兴趣的。Yes,we would.Its critical to meeting our deadlines,as you can imagine.是的,正如你想像的一样,不要错过我方的发货截止期是非常重要。 /201502/355308

Why did you do that?你为什么要这样做?Why did you do that?你为什么要这样做?I have my own reason.我自有道理。How come?为什么?(相当于why)Whats she doing it for?她做这件事是为什么?Why would you do such a thing?你为什么会做这种事情?It may prove unworkable.这可能是行不通的。It may prove unworkable.这可能行不通的。But there still exists possibility.但还是有可能行得通的。It is impossible to say now.现在该是不可能的。That was not in the cards.那是不可能的。Thats out of the question.那是不可能的。I think its unlikely for a while.我想暂时是不可能的。Thats not gonna happen.那不会发生的。 /201502/360233

to sound off 侃侃而谈英文释义To express ones personal opinion with force and enthusiasm.例句When hes among his nephews, my rich old uncle likes to sound off about how they should run their businesses.我的有钱老叔喜欢对着侄辈们侃侃而谈,谈应该如何管理企业。 /201310/258453

大家好,这里是新世界商务口语每日一句节目,每天我都会为大家带来最地道的商务口语句子,而且是由英籍老师真人发音!句子稍微有点难度,但我们相信大家只要坚持,就一定可以学到最地道的英语发音和日常商务用句哦! 今天我们要学习的句子是: Some investors who normally would be jumping to buy beaten-down stocks after a 22% decline over eight trading days said the relentless declines have left them shell-shocked and unwilling to take new risks. 一些投资者一般会踊跃购买那些在8个交易日里跌了22%的股票。但这次,他们说狂跌让他们震惊,不愿意再冒险。 /06/74570

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Business Travel 商务旅行 5.航班取消 Flight Cancelled Mr. Lee: Hi. I’m here for flight 513 to New York but I thought I heard the paging system announce that it is canceled. Is that true? 你好。我是要乘坐去纽约的513次航班的乘客。我听见广播说航班条取消。是吗? Clerk: I’m terribly sorry, sir, but I’m afraid it is true. That flight has been canceled. Would you like to try to book tomorrow’s flight? 十分抱歉,先生,航班是取消了。您想预定明天的票吗? Mr. Lee: No way! I worked very hard so that I could leave on today’s flight. Are there seats on another airline? 不行!我费了很大才可以今天走。其它航班还有座位吗? Clerk: It’s possible. If you would like to book with another airline the line is right over there. 可能有。如果您想预定其他航班的就在那里排队。 Mr. Lee: You mean the line over there of about 200 people?! 你是说那条二百多人的队吗? Clerk: That’s the one. It seems that everyone is anxious to get to New York tonight. 是的。好像人人都急着今晚去纽约。 Mr. Lee: This is a rotten way to start a vacation. I HATE lines! Can you book me on tomorrow’s flight? 这个假期一开始就不顺。我讨厌排队!你能给我预定明天的票吗? Clerk: Certainly. You will also be receiving a 50% discount as our way of apologizing for the inconvenience. 可以。为了给您带来的不便表示道歉,您可以享受五折优惠。 /200701/9868

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