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American Pancakes Recipe served with sweet maple syrup, whipped cream and fresh fruit. Sample our American Pancakes recipe.美国薄煎饼一般都会配上枫蜜汁、鲜奶油和新鲜的水果。尝试自己做一下吧At a glance概览Serves: 1份数:1Preparation Time: 10 minutes;Cooking Time: 25 minutes准备时间10分钟,烹饪时间25分钟Total Time: 35 minutes总计35分钟。Step 1: You will need1.准备食材#8226;350 g flour350克面粉#8226;1 sugar1份糖#8226;3 tsp baking powder3茶匙的发酵粉#8226;1 egg1枚鸡蛋#8226;310 ml milk310毫升牛奶#8226;3 melted butter3份融化的黄油#8226;1 tsp salt1茶匙盐#8226;1 bowl1只碗#8226;1 ladle长柄勺#8226;1 whisk搅拌器#8226;1 spatula抹刀#8226;1 tray1只托盘#8226;1 frying pan1只煎锅Step 2: Pancake Batter2.煎饼面糊In a large mixing bowl, combine 1 1/2 cups (350 g) flour, 3 tsp baking powder, 1 tbsp white sugar and 1 tsp salt. Whisk all the dry ingredients together. Make a well in the middle of the dry ingredients and pour in 1 beaten egg, 3 tbsp melted butter and 1 1/4 cups (300 ml) milk. Whisk until the batter thickens.在大碗中放入350克面粉,3茶匙的发酵粉,1茶匙白糖和1茶匙盐,将这些材料均匀混合。然后在碗中间弄成凹形,加入鸡蛋3茶匙融化的黄油和300毫升的水。然后开始搅拌,直到成糊状。Step 3: Hot Griddle3.煎锅Add 1 tbsp butter to a pan over medium heat. Let the butter melt and coat the pan. Scoop a quarter of the batter into the hot pan. When it starts to bubble on top, flip the pancake over and brown for another minute. Remove the pancake from the pan, add more butter and repeat.往锅里放上1茶匙的黄油,锅热后舀1/4的面糊放入其中,变色之后煎另一面。一分钟之后起锅,再放入黄油煎下一份煎饼。Step 4: Serve4.装盘享用Dress up the pancakes by adding sliced strawberries, blueberries and some delicious maple syrup. Enjoy your breakfast!加上草莓切片和美味的枫蜜汁,就可以享用了。Thanks for watching How To Make American Pancakes谢谢收看本期“自制美国煎饼”节目 Article/201208/195291

How can my spouse and I deal with anger?我和伴侣应该怎样应对生气的问题呢?The best way to get through your anger more productively is to avoid blame. Whenever you go into ;you; statements, you can aggravate your partner. Keep it in the ;I;, look for agreement, remember to breathe, stay calm and try to be flexible. Anger is about construction and so the opposite of the anger is about opening calm. Do whatever you have to do to get the alignment into calm in marriage communications.更有效地解决气愤的最佳方法是避免责备。无论何时,一旦进入“你”的表述方式,你就会激怒伴侣。一定要保持“我”的表述方式,两人尽量达成共识,深呼吸,保持冷静,保持灵活。愤怒的对立面是保持冷静。婚姻生活的沟通中,一定要采取一切措施来让双方的情绪冷静下来。Thanks for watching How To Deal With Anger Together With Your Spouse.感谢收看“夫妻双方怎样应对愤怒情绪”视频节目。 Article/201302/226324


  Brunnich#39;s guillemots have spent the summer months夏季的几个月里 海鸠packed together on vertical cliffs聚集在陡峭的悬崖之上beyond the reach of predators.远离捕食者的魔爪They are among the most它们是北半球numerous seabirds in the Northern hemisphere.数量最多的海鸟之一This colony alone contains 100,000 birds单是这个鸟群 就有十万只and there are many more like it all along the Arctic coastline.而沿北极海岸 类似的鸟群更是不计其数In just a few weeks these cliffs will empty.再过几周 这几片悬崖将空空如也But before the guillemots can leave,但在幼雏羽翼丰满之前their chicks must fledge.海鸠还不能动身Their feathers are now fully formed,它们的羽毛已经长成but their stubby wings are still too short for them但翅膀还过于粗短to fly properly -无法自在飞翔this will be a challenge.这是个挑战It#39;s a 150 metre drop and这一跳就是一百五十米they need to make it all the way to the sea.还得一路跳到海里Here goes.起跳He falls short and survives the crash landing.他没跳到终点 不过也活着着陆了The chicks are manna from heaven for an Arctic fox.对北极狐来说雏鸟可是天赐的佳肴The next chick is accompanied by a parent.后面一只雏鸟有父母陪伴 /201211/209903。

  A new paid app for the Xinhua Dictionary - regarded as the highest authority on the Chinese language - has been criticized for charging for the product.近日,最权威的汉语词典--《新华字典》的最新APP正式上线,但该软件却因收费而遭到了指责。Commercial Press, which publishes the book, launched the app for Android and Apple devices last Sunday, and almost instantly came under fire when users discovered that only their first two searches were free.上周日,商务印书馆出版了适用于安卓和苹果系统的《新华字典》APP。然而,当用户发现每天只能免费查询两个字的时候,该APP就立即遭到了批评。After that, they must pay 40 yuan to continue using the service - more than double the price of a hard copy sold online.要想继续查询,用户必须付40块钱,这相当于网上所售纸质版字典的两倍还要多。;Why should we pay when there are so many ways to look up a word, such as on Baidu?; asked one netizen on Sina Weibo. ;It only makes sense if there is no alternative to your product.;一位网友在新浪微上写道:“我们可以通过百度等多种方式免费查询字词,为什么要花钱呢?只有在没有其他查询方式的情况下,用户才会使用这款APP。”Jiang Yan, operations director for Shanghai Shangdi Digital Publishing Technology, which developed the app, said that the charge will remain.软件开发方上海商笛数字出版科技有限公司的运营总监蒋琰表示,收费会保持下去。;The app is being download more than 100,000 times a day, far more than we expected,; he said. ;The cost of research and development, operation, maintenance and follow-up services should all be included in the pricing.;他说道:“APP的日下载量达到了10万次,这远远超乎我们的预料。收费是用于软件的研发、运营、维护和后续务等。”He added that the app is not in the same category as the print edition, since users can keep the app without any worries about it becoming damaged or outdated, and it will be updated regularly.他还表示,APP与纸质版字典的不同之处在于,用户不用担心字典会损坏,也不用担心字典会过时,因为会定期更新软件的版本。The mobile app has Li Ruiying, a former anchor for China Central TV, pronounce each character. It also illustrates a word#39;s stroke sequence.据悉,该手机APP是由央视原播音员李瑞英播读每个汉字,此外,它还会解释汉字的笔画顺序。Hu Xiaoming, a professor of Chinese language and literature at East China Normal University, said he supported a ;reasonable and necessary charge; for the mobile service.华东师范大学汉语语言文学专业的胡晓明教授表示,他持该手机务的“合理、必要的收费”。;It#39;s a matter of intellectual property. Unlike some online sharing platforms like Wikipedia, Xinhua Dictionary is more authoritative,; he said.他说:“这是一种知识产权。新华字典要比维基百科等在线分享平台更加权威。” /201706/515113

  The greatest challenge for the team making Frozen Planet摄制组碰到的最大挑战was the extreme remoteness of their locations.是拍摄地点之间相距极远Many of the shoots lasted months at a time许多镜头一拍就是几个月and needed a number of crews to join forces.而且需要许多工作人员协同工作One location that would require such siege tactics有一个拍摄点就需要这样浩大的工程was Mount Erebus, Antarctica#39;s most active volcano.它就是埃里伯斯 南极洲最活跃的火山This magical mountain does not give up her secrets easily.这座神奇的火山绝不轻易透露自己的秘密To capture the full story of Mount Erebus from top to bottom要完整捕捉到埃里伯斯火山的全部required four different film crews.需要四组不同的摄制人员The cave team is dropped off at 12,000 feet,洞穴组在海拔近3700米之处降落close to the crater.以靠近火山口In howling winds and thin oxygen,他们要抵御呼啸的寒风和稀薄的空气their challenge is to find a way into the volcano itself.目标是找出进入火山的道路They are venturing into the unknown.他们要探索未知Somewhere below are spectacular ice caves,地下有一些奇妙的冰洞melted out by volcanic steam.因火山蒸汽的热量融化而成Getting the team safely underground组员安全深入地下is a relief for director Chadden Hunter.让导演查登·亨特尔放心不少Excellent, it#39;s much warmer down here, it#39;s freezing up there.太好了 下面暖和多了 上面冷极了Minus 29.零下29度With him is cameraman Gavin Thurston.和他一起的是摄像师嘉文·瑟斯顿You sort of forget being in here,你会忘记自己在哪里you are actually inside a volcano.其实是在一座火山里You know, above us and below us, there#39;s bubbling lava我们的上面和下面是翻滚的岩浆and you#39;ve got all these gases seeping up through here,这里都被蒸汽渗透了which is how these caves are made,正是蒸汽弄出了这些洞穴so there#39;s also increased carbon dioxide in here.所以这里二氧化碳的含量更高 /201210/206213Today in History: Tuesday, January 08, 2013历史上的今天:2013年1月8日,星期二On Jan. 8, 1935, rock #39;n#39; roll singer Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, Miss.1935年1月8日,摇滚歌手猫王在密西西比州图珀洛出生。1642Astronomer Galileo Galilei died in Arcetri, Italy.1642年,天文学家伽利略在意大利阿切特里去世。1815U.S. forces led by Gen. Andrew Jackson defeated the British in the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812.1815年,美国军队将军领导安德鲁·杰克逊在1812年新奥尔良战役中击败了英国。1912The African National Congress was founded in Bloemfontein, South Africa.1912年,南非非洲人国民大会在南非布隆方丹成立于。1918President Woodrow Wilson outlined his Fourteen Points for peace after World War I.1918年,一战以后,伍德罗·威尔逊总统概述了他的和平十四要点。1959Charles De Gaulle was inaugurated as president of France#39;s Fifth Republic.1959年,戴高乐宣誓就任法国第五共和国总统。1964President Lyndon B. Johnson declared a war on poverty.1964年,林登·约翰逊总统宣布反贫困大战。1982ATamp;T settled the Justice Department#39;s antitrust lawsuit against it by agreeing to divest itself of the 22 Bell System companies.1982年,ATamp;T同意放弃22个贝尔系统公司,解决了美国司法部反垄断诉讼。1987The Dow Jones industrial average closed above 2,000 for the first time, ending the day at 2,002.25.1987年,道琼斯工业平均指数首次收于2000点以上,当日收盘达2002 .25点。1998Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, was sentenced in New York to life in prison.1998年,1993年世界贸易中心爆炸案策划者Ramzi Yousef在纽约被判终生监禁。2007A Moroccan man convicted of aiding three of the four pilots who committed the 9/11 attacks was sentenced by a German court to the maximum 15 years in prison.2007年,被指控协助三四个飞行员执行9/11袭击的洛哥男子,被德国法院判处最高15年监禁。 /201301/219593圣诞节是一个历史超过两千年的节日。当我们提起圣诞节,我们往往会想到装饰品、闪亮的灯饰、瑞雪、礼物和圣诞树。然而,你知道圣诞树上挂的星星的由来吗?诞节是庆祝耶稣诞生的节日,在基督教的信仰中,他是上帝之子。于两千多年前,乔瑟夫和他大腹便便的妻子玛利亚必须离开家园,长途跋涉到伯利恒。伯利恒为古代以色列的城市,位于约旦河西岸,距耶路撒冷仅有数公里之遥。当他们抵达伯利恒时,当地所有的旅馆都客满,因此他们找不到地方过夜。更糟的是,玛利亚又即将临盆。最后一名好心的男子让他们借住于马厩中,与驴子和羊只同睡。耶稣于当晚出生,由于那里没有床,所以他只好睡在马槽里。当天夜晚,马厩上空升起了一颗明亮的星星。三位智者看到这颗星星,便明了那是上帝的启示。他们追寻着星星,找到了耶稣、玛利亚和乔瑟夫。为了庆祝耶稣的诞生,他们分别送了一样礼物给耶稣。这就是为什么我们会在圣诞节互换礼物的原因。Have you ever wondered about the real origin of the star that shines atop many a Christmas tree? The story of Jesus' birth in the Bible talks about a star guiding the "Three Wise Men" to the manger, the star heralding the birth of a king. But did that star actually exist? Astronomers in London have been trying to find out.Looking out across snow-covered London is the Greenwich Royal Observatory.At the Astronomy Centre, public astronomer Marek Kukula explains that despite the precise records of star movements kept by the Chinese at the time, there is no precise date for when the Wise Men tracked the "star", so it is difficult to know precisely what they witnessed.One theory is that it was a conjunction of planets, where two or more planets seem to pass close together. Article/200912/92990

  Step 1: The Price Is Wrong (价格)Louis Vuitton monogram canvas bags run from 5 and up, with the majority of the bags selling for over 00. If you're buying a brand new Louis Vuitton bag for less than 0, you're not getting a deal, you're getting a fake.Step 2: What's In A Name? (商标)If there is an "LV" anywhere on the bag that is crooked or on a stitch or seam, it is not the real thing. The "LV" on a real Louis Vuitton purse will be carefully placed on the bag so that it's not cut off by a seam or snap. Besides the famous initials being monogrammed onto the bag itself, the zipper pull and purse snaps will all be branded as well. The zipper pull should also be brass hardware and heavy to the touch. Many imitators pay attention to the details so make sure you're paying even closer attention. If the seams are uneven or the monogram is the slightest bit off, it's a fake. Louis Vuitton bags are all hand crafted and each one is perfectly assembled. Spend some time on the manufacturer's website to study the details that make the bag authentic.Step 3: Material Matters (材质)The Louis Vuitton monogram bags are made of canvas but the handles and piping are natural cowhide leather. The color of the leather should be a light tan, with the edge dyed red and the stitching in yellow. After a few weeks of handling your bag, the leather handles will oxidize and fade to a darker brown. If your leather handles don't change color, it's a fake.Step 4: Location (购买地点)Louis Vuitton doesn't have any authorized street resellers so resist these so called "deals" they are trying to sell you. Also be careful when buying bags online, although you can find authentic Louis Vuitton bags, there are also a plethora of fakes. Pay attention to the seller feedback and ask about buyer protection and the return policy. One website that is authorized to sell Louis Vuitton bags is www.eluxury.com.Step 5: Trust Your Gut (胆识)When it comes down to it, go with your gut. If you feel funny about where or how much you're paying, walk away. For more information about how to tell the authenticity of a Louis Vuitton bag, visit a Louis Vuitton retailer or call the headquarters at 212-758-8877 in the USA. Article/201002/96376



  The truth about SPF Article/200909/84398

  空气质量已经得到显著改善 Article/201301/220532


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