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  • 双语新闻:年普利策奖揭晓 -- ::00 来源:   Columbia University in the US recognized newspaper coverageof local calamities and international emergencies in the 99thannual Pulitzer Prizes on Monday. The Pulitzers are considered tobe the most prestigious prizes in American journalism.  当地时间月日,第99届普利策奖在美国哥伦比亚大学揭晓,该奖项旨在表彰那些报道区域灾难和国际突发事件的媒体普利策奖被认为是美国新闻界最著名的奖项  The New York Times won three Pulitzers, including two prizes coverage of the Ebola outbreakin West Africa. The Pulitzer Public Service went to Charleston, South Carolina's Post and Courier its series on domestic violence.  《纽约时报共获得三项普利策奖,其中两个获奖项目源于该报对西非埃拉疫情的报道南卡莱罗纳州的《查尔斯顿邮报因一系列关于家庭暴力事件的报道,获普利策公共务奖  The Wall Street Journal won a prize in investigative reporting "Medicare Unmasked," the firstreporting Pulitzer the newspaper since . The St. Louis Post-Dispatch won photographiccoverage of the Ferguson, Missouri, riots.  《华尔街日报关于美国医保方面的报道获普利策调查性报道奖,这也是该报自年来首次获普利策奖《圣路易斯邮报由于对密苏里州弗格森骚乱的图片报道获相关普利策奖   主要奖项获奖名单:  Pulitzer breaking news: The Seattle Times staff  最佳突发新闻奖:《西雅图时报员工  Pulitzer investigative reporting: The Wall Street Journal with The New York Times  调查报道奖:《华尔街日报及《纽约时报  Pulitzer explanatory reporting: Bloomberg News Zachary R. Mider  解释性报道奖:彭新闻社 扎克里?R?米德尔  Pulitzer national reporting: The Washington Post Carol D. Leonnig  国内报道奖:《华盛顿邮报卡罗尔?D?里奥尼格  Pulitzer international reporting: The New York Times staff  国际报道奖:《纽约时报员工  Pulitzer feature writing: Los Angeles Times Diana Marcum  专题写作奖:《洛杉矶时报戴安娜?马库姆  Pulitzer feature photography: The New York Times freelance photographer Daniel Berehulak  专题摄影奖:《纽约时报自由摄影师 丹尼尔?波拉克  Pulitzer fiction: All the Light We Cannot See Anthony Doerr  小说奖:《无法感受的光明安东尼?多尔
  • 小测试:种迹象表明你们是天生一对 --7 ::6 来源: You can spot them easily in the movies — the couple that so clearly meant each other. But in real life, it can be harder to detect a perfect match.其实在电影里很容易就能发现——每一位最佳情人都是为对方而设的但是在实际生活中,想要找到自己的完美情人却没那么容易了That especially true when that ;match; involves us. Sometimes were so wrapped up in our relationships that we dont even ask ourselves if were actually a good fit.这个道理格外准确,尤其当我们自己在找“绝配”的时候有时候我们太沉迷于俩人的关系了,甚至忘了问问自己:我们俩真的合适吗?Relationship expert Talia Goldstein, CEO of white-glove matchmaking service Three Day Rule, told INSIDER that there are four major signs that a couple is a good match.婚恋专家Talia Godlstein,也是务周到且上乘的婚恋务机构Three Day Rule的总裁,她在接受Insider网站采访的时候表示,若想判断一对情侣是否是最佳情侣,可以从个迹象来判断If a relationship demonstrates each of these attributes, Goldstein said, then that how you know it built to last.如果这段关系能够把每一个属性都表露无遗,那么你就知道这段感情肯定能维系一辈子了1. You travel the same way.1. 旅行方式相似One of the easiest ways to tell if youre a good match with your partner is to plan a trip together.其中一个也是最容易的判断最佳情人的方法,就是给双方安排一次旅行;A good match is people who are willing and wanting to travel the same way,; Goldstein said.“天生一对的情人彼此都主动并希望用同样的方式旅行”Goldstein 表示If one of you wants to hop in an RV and road trip to Mexico, while the other wants to fly first class and stay at a five-star resort, then that a sign that you arent a good fit.但如果你们其中一人想要坐着休旅车,自驾游到墨西哥,而另外一人却想要乘坐头等机舱,享受五星级度假区的务,那么这就显示了你们并不那么相配;It indicative of your lifestyle,; Goldstein said. ;It could lead to problems down the road.;“这从另一方面反映了你的生活方式”Goldstein表示,“这个迹象将会给你们的爱情道路留下隐患” example, these lifestyle differences could come into play when it time to buy a house or pick an education path your children, the expert said.举个例子,这些生活方式的差异可能会在某些场景下体现出来,比如购买房子时,或为孩子规划教育时等,专家表示;If you have a really narrow mind about the way that you travel, you probably have that same mindset in other aspects of your life,; she added.“如果你所能接受的旅行方式很局限,那么你对生活的其他方面可能也会有相似的价值观,”她补充道. You have common interests that you love doing together.. 你们有共同的爱好It may seem intuitive, but a great way to tell if you are a good match with a person is to determine whether you have common interests.可能听起来全凭直觉,但若想确定对方是否最适合自己,很好的方法就是看看你们是否有共同的兴趣爱好That doesnt mean that you just like the same sort of art or listen to the same sort of music. Instead, good matches not only enjoy similar things, but they like doing those things together.但这不意味着,你们喜欢某一类型的艺术或喜欢听某一类型的音乐而意味着,最佳的情人不仅能共享相似的东西,也喜欢与对方一起做这些事情;There should be at least two or three things you really like to do together,; Goldstein said. ;It should be about spending time together.;“你们之间至少有-3件喜欢一起做的事情,”Goldstein表示“这关乎于能否花时间相处的问题”And so, if youre a couple who, instance, enjoys going on long walks, playing board games, or watching the same sports together, then youre likely a good match.并且,如果你们是这样的情侣,例如,喜欢长时间散步,玩桌上游戏,或者一起观看体育比赛等,那么你们真的是最佳的情侣了3. Your relationship has the right balance.3. 你们的关系能找到合适的平衡点Most of the successful pairings Goldstein has witnessed involves people who strike a perfect balance, where one of them is ;the star; while the other is more of ;the rock.;Goldstein见过的大多数成功的情侣,他们都能取得关系的平衡,当其中一方负责表现时,而另一方负责配合;I found that the majority of my success stories fall into those categories, where sometimes one of them is outgoing and the life of the party, where the other is more stable and supportive,; Goldstein said.“我发现了大部分这些成功的情侣都离不开这几个类别,其中一方外向好客,另一方更沉稳和持”Goldstein说道People with different energies tend to complement each other, whereas those who are both super outgoing and both extremely introverted dont always go the distance.不同性格特质的人互为补充,然而若双方都极度外向或极度内向,他们的爱情道路则一般不能走得很长远;If you have the yin and the yang, they balance each other out,; the expert said. ;Ive found that balance works really well in a relationship.;“如果你们既有阴也有阳,那么就能互补平衡”专家表示“我发现了这种平衡用于维系感情最为奏效”. Youre with someone who makes you feel good about yourself.. 跟TA在一起,你会感到自己很棒It seems like common sense: You should be with someone who makes you feel like youre at your best. But of course, a lot of people end up in relationships where they dont really feel like themselves.这似乎就是常识:你应该与一个能让你感到自我状态最好的人在一起但当然,很多人最终结束一段感情是因为他们再也感受不到真实的自己了;Relationships where you truly feel like youre the best version of yourself — that the best way to see if youre a good match,; Goldstein said.“当你在一段感情里,你所感受到的是最好的自己,那么这就能显示你们是最佳情侣了”Goldstein表示Being in a relationship where you feel like you mean that you dont have to stretch to come up with topics to talk about.随心而行,感受最好的自己,去寻找一段不必费心找话题的感情吧It also when you feel at home with their group of friends, or feel comtable lounging around in your pajamas with the other person.这段感情,也能让你在对方的亲友前感到轻松自在,在TA面前也敢穿着睡衣到处跑
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  • 夏天——凉面的季节 -- ::53 来源: 夏天是人们享受各种冷餐凉菜的好时候其中,过程简单、易于制作的凉面便是炎炎夏季中的最佳选择 Summer is the season to enjoy cold dishes, and cold noodles are among the easiest dishes to prepare in the hot weather.夏天是人们享受各种冷餐凉菜的好时候其中,过程简单、易于制作的凉面便是炎炎夏季中的最佳选择Cold noodle dishes in China are served as mains rather than as starter salads like the pasta salad in the Western cuisine. Making cold noodles takes only five to minutes if the sauce is aly made.和西餐烹饪的讲究不同,凉面在中国通常是作为餐桌上的主菜,并不似诸如意粉沙拉类菜系作为开饭的第一道菜制作凉面的过程也十分简单,在调味汁已经备好的前提下只需要五到十分钟即可完成There are several classic variations of cold noodle dishes across China that use different kinds of noodles, sauces and toppings. The trick to a successful bowl of cold noodles of any kind is to keep the noodles crisp and avoid starchiness and stickiness.在中国,凉面在不同的地域有不同的做法,所使用的面类、调味品和配料也有所差别但归结起来,制作凉面成功的秘诀在于保持面条的韧性与爽脆,避免让面条粘连到一起 those who love hot chilies and Sichuan peppercorns, the Sichuan style cold noodle is the go-to summer dish. Traditional Sichuan cold noodles calls noodles made with baking soda, which helps to prevent the noodles from breaking apart and makes them chewier as well.对于喜欢辣椒和四川胡椒的人们来说,四川式凉面可谓是夏季的必备美食传统意义上的四川凉面制作过程中需要使用苏打粉,防止面条断裂,保持入口的嚼劲儿和韧劲儿The noodles are boiled in hot water until they are roughly 80 percent done. Then they are sp out so they can cool down.面条通常要在沸水中翻滚一段时间,待八成熟之后将其捞出,以便更好地冷却Minced garlic paste is the must-have ingredient the sauce, which consists of minced ginger paste, chopped green onions, peppercorn powder, vinegar and soy sauce mixed together in the homemade hot chili oil, which is cooked with small red chili peppers called chao tian jiao in rapeseed oil and sesame oil seasoned by peppercorns, star anise, green onion, garlic and ginger.蒜蓉一般由姜蓉、切碎的蒜末、胡椒粉、醋和酱油等调料再加上家制的辣椒油混合调制而成,是吃凉面不可或缺的一味调味品这里的辣椒油由小型红辣椒(俗称朝天椒)在由干胡椒、八角茴香、嫩青葱、姜和蒜等调制好的菜籽油和芝麻油中烹制而成The correct layering of Sichuan cold noodles is to place the chilled noodles at the bottom of the bowl, add the mung bean sprouts in the middle and chicken on top, and pour in the hot sauce when serving the dish. One can also add shredded cucumber and radish.四川凉面正确吃法如下:首先将捞出来的冷面放入碗底,中间撒上绿豆芽,最上面铺上几块鸡胸肉,最后将热乎乎的调料汁浇在面上如果有需要还可以撒上些黄瓜丝和萝卜丝Be generous with the vinegar and sugar, the sweet and sour taste is the highlight of Sichuan cold noodles. Local people use traditional Baoning vinegar, which is flavored black vinegar brewed with rice and a number of different herbs and spices.醋和糖这两味调味品是关键四川凉面最大的特点就是口感酸甜当地人一般都使用传统的保宁醋这种醋由大米和一些不同的药草香料制成,是一种口感极佳的黑醋Sesame paste cold noodles is the traditional Beijing style dish that uses a much simpler combination of ingredients.芝麻酱凉面是老北京的地道小吃,只需要一些佐料的简单混合即可制成The most important part is the sesame paste, which must be freshly grounded using pure sesame seeds. Good quality sesame paste often has a layer of sesame oil floating on top.制作芝麻酱凉面,芝麻酱自然是必不可少这种酱料由一些干净的芝麻籽新鲜磨碎制成那些质量上乘的芝麻酱通常会在表面浮有一层轻微的芝麻油Garlic is an indispensable part of the dish. The sesame paste cold noodles uses both minced garlic paste and thinly chopped garlics.大蒜也是这道菜不可或缺的调料之一芝麻酱凉面需要蒜蓉和切得碎碎的蒜末这两味做最后调味
  • 邢台市长鞠躬道歉 承认救灾不足 --5 :56:56 来源: 3日晚,河北省邢台市政府召开新闻发布会邢台市市长董晓宇鞠躬道歉,承认救灾不足 The mayor of Xingtai City in north China’s Hebei Province apologized Saturday night inadequate responses to the storms that have caused 5 deaths and missing in the city.星期六晚,中国北部河北省邢台市市长就本次暴雨灾害应对不力,造成5人死亡及人失联向民众道歉Dong Xiaoyu said the government had underestimated the intensity of the rainfall, been insufficient in emergency ability, and late and inaccurate when it came to disaster assessment.邢台市市长董晓宇表示,政府对这次短时强降雨强度之大,来势之猛,预判不足各级干部抗大洪、抢大险、救大灾的应急能力不足,灾情统计、核实、上报不准确、不及时"I am deeply sorry failing to protect people’s lives and properties, no matter howserious the natural disaster is," Dong said.他说,“无论面对多大的天灾,作为一级党委、政府,没能保护好人民群众生命财产安全,我深感内疚”"On behalf of the city Party committee and government, I pay deepest condolences to the victims and their relatives, and apologize tothe public."“我代表市委、市政府向所有遇难者表示沉痛哀悼,向遇难、失踪者亲属和受灾群众,向全社会诚恳道歉”Dong said the city has initiated an ability investigation and will punish those responsible the tragedy.他表示,目前,邢台市已启动责任追究程序,对这次抗洪中工作不力的责任人将给予处分Torrential rain and floods have left 1 people dead and 1 others missing in Hebei as of 6 p.m. on Saturday, according to the provincial civil affairs bureau.据河北省民政局数据,截至星期六下午6点,特大暴雨已造成河北省1人死亡,1人失踪
  • 英国公投落下帷幕 这几个国家或将步其后尘 --5 ::19 来源: 在英国对脱欧进行全民公投之前,就存在不少末日言论欧洲理事会主席唐纳德.图斯克曾警告说,英国退出欧盟将会严重威胁“西方政治文明”现在,随着英国公投结果的尘埃落定,这些担心也令人震惊的被放大预测欧盟将会解体可能还有点遥远,但一定会给下面这些有可能需要进行类似公投的国家一些动力 LONDON — There was no lack of doomsday rhetoric bee Britain’s referendum on E.U. membership. European Council President Donald Tusk warned that Britain leaving the European Union could seriously threaten "Western political civilization."伦敦——在英国对脱欧进行全民公投之前,就存在不少末日言论欧洲理事会主席唐纳德.图斯克曾警告说,英国退出欧盟将会严重威胁“西方政治文明”Now, those fears have been stunningly amplified by the decision of British voters to break away. Predictions that the E.U. could break apart might be a bit far-fetched, but there certainly are other countries where demands similar referendums could gain momentum.现在,随着英国公投结果的尘埃落定,这些担心也令人震惊的被放大预测欧盟将会解体可能还有点遥远,但这一定会给下面这些有可能需要进行类似公投的国家一些动力Sweden瑞典The country views itself as the Scandinavian equivalent of Britain: It refused to introduce the euro as a currency. And in terms of E.U. politics, Britain and Sweden agree on 90 percent of all issues.瑞典把自己看作是“斯堪的纳维亚半岛上的英国”,拒绝引入欧元作为货币,并且,在欧盟的政治方面,英国和瑞典在90%的问题上都持相同意见Hence, a Brexit would raise particular worries in Sweden. The country accepted hundreds of thousands of refugees last year but has struggled to integrate some of them. Consequently, Sweden’s far right has gained momentum in a development that has reminded some of the rise of pro-Brexit U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) in Britain.,英国脱欧可能会给瑞典带来特别的担忧去年,瑞典接收了数十万的难民,但仍一起致力于整合他们结果,瑞典的极右派在一次运动中取得了优势 ,这让人联想到了英国独立党中亲退欧派的崛起Most Swedes still have a positive impression of the E.U. However, this could potentially change if Britain voted "out." In that case, one of the central questions would be whether E.U. leaders will try to strengthen cohesion by deepening cooperation and focusing on core members, or whether they will loosen the union to allow national governments to have a bigger say.大部分瑞典人对欧盟仍持积极的态度,然而,这可能会因为英国“退欧”而发生改变在这种情况下,一个关键问题将是,欧盟领导人是否会尝试通过深化合作,聚焦核心成员,以增强凝聚力,又或者他们会放松政策,让各国政府有更大的发言权Swedes probably would start to have bigger doubts about whether their voice as a smaller country without the euro would still be heard in Brussels, should the E.U. continue its integration process.瑞典可能会怀疑作为没有使用欧元的小国,他们在欧盟是否仍有话语权,欧盟是否会继续一体化进程Denmark丹麦Denmark held a referendum last December, although with a much more limited impact: Danes decided against handing over more powers to the E.U.去年月,丹麦曾举行全民公投,然而影响力很有限:丹麦决定不移交更多的权力给欧盟That alone is not enough to predict whether Danes would really want to vote "out": In fact, most citizens of E.U. member states think that Brussels should not become more powerful than it is, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey.仅此一点不足以预测丹麦是否真正想“脱欧”事实上,根据皮尤研究中心最近的一项调查,欧盟成员国大多数公民都认为,欧盟不应该比现在更强大As in Sweden’s case, two arguments would be particularly likely to influence voter behavior. First, many Danes fear that more immigration or an influx of refugees could threaten the small nation’s welfare system. Second, Denmark has so far relied on Britain as a strong ally in negotiations with the E.U. as both countries have had similar policy stances.现在,和瑞典的情况差不多,可能导致丹麦投票行为的因素有两个:一是许多丹麦人担心更多的移民或难民的涌入可能会威胁该国的福利系统;二是至今为止,在与欧盟协商方面,丹麦过于依赖英国,把英国当成强大的盟友,因为两国有相似的政治立场"Without Britain, Denmark won’t have the locomotive to tow Danish interests,” political scientist Marlene Wind of the University of Copenhagen was ed as saying by Bloomberg News彭社援引哥本哈根大学的政治学家玛琳.温德的话称,“英国既已退出,在关乎丹麦的利益时,它就失去了掌舵人”Greece希腊The Greek government’s debt crisis has mostly disappeared from the public debate and the headlines -- but it will return sooner rather than later.希腊政府的债务危机终于从公众讨论和各大头条消失了——但早晚有一天,它还会卷土重来的Greek newspaper Kathimerini fears that this ongoing crisis combined with a Brexit could ultimately become a threat to Greece’s E.U. membership status.希腊《每日新闻报表示,希腊的债务危机和英国退欧最终将威胁其欧盟成员国的地位"Athens’s main concern should be that a victory Leave will weaken the eurozone’s resolve to bolster Greece’s position within the single currency, which could require more tools and a greater level of integration than currently exists," the paper argued.该新闻称,“希腊的主要担心是,英国退欧的胜利会削弱欧元区持希腊地位的决心,希腊使用单一货币,需要更多工具和比当前更高程度上的一体化”“In many ways, Greece depends on greater burden sharing in a closer-integrated eurozone.”“在很多方面,希腊更加依赖欧盟的更紧密的欧元区一体化的负担分摊”Hence, what Greece fears most is not an anti-E.U. referendum influenced by right-wing parties, but rather the E.U. pushing Greece out in order to save cohesion among the remaining members.,希腊最担心的不是受右翼政党影响呼吁反欧盟公投,而是欧盟为了增强其他成员国的凝聚力而将希腊移出欧盟The Netherlands荷兰Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad had a clear message the British ahead of Thursday’s referendum. "Don’t leave me this way," a cover story’s headline .荷兰《每日汇报此前曾针对英国星期四的公投发出了明确的信号,它的一个封面新闻的标题写道:“不要这样丢下我”But this may not reflect how most Dutch think about the E.U.不过这还不能完全反映荷兰人对欧盟的看法Geert Wilders, the head of a right-wing populist party, has supported a Brexit and hopes a similar referendum to take place in the Netherlands. "If we want to survive as a nation, we have to stop immigration and stop Islamization," Wilders told the B in a recent interview.荷兰右翼自由党主席吉尔特.威尔德斯曾表示持英国脱欧,并希望荷兰也举行类似的全民公投他最近在接受B的采访时说,“如果我们想作为一个民族生存下去,我们就必须阻止移民和伊斯兰化”"We cannot do that inside the European Union," said Wilders -- who is is currently leading in the country’s polls.当前正在领导荷兰公投的威尔德斯说,“我们在欧盟内,无法做到这些”Hungary匈牙利Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is not known to be a particular friend of the E.U., either. In fact, he has gained quite the opposite reputation. Last May, European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker greeted Orban, saying, "Hello, dictator," while TV cameras were recording the awkward incident.匈牙利总理维克托.奥尔班也一直因为与欧盟不友好而闻名,事实上,他最近还得到了相反的名声去年5月,欧盟委员会主席让-克劳德容克欢迎奥尔班总理时说,“你好,独裁者”,摄像机记录下了这尴尬的一幕Despite disagreements, Orban recently urged Britain to remain part of the E.U. -- but he did so most likely because E.U.-skeptical Britain is an important partner the Budapest-based government.尽管有分歧,奥尔班最近还是敦促英国留在欧盟,不过他这样做主要还是由于,对欧盟持怀疑态度的英国是匈牙利政府的重要合作伙伴In Hungary, it might not be a clear-cut "in or out" referendum about E.U. membership that could cause trouble but rather a referendum that is designed to indirectly question Brussels’s authority.在匈牙利,可能不会出现将带来麻烦的、明确是“保留还是退出“的全民公投,但会出现用来间接挑战欧盟权威的公投France法国The French are some of the biggest E.U. skeptics: 61 percent have an unfavorable view of the union. (In comparison, in Hungary, only 37 percent of the population hold a similar opinion.)法国是欧盟最大的怀疑论者之一,有61%的人不持欧盟(相比之下,在匈牙利,持相同观点的人仅占37%)Besides Germany, France is continental Europe’s driving ce. But it also faces a multitude of problems, including a weak economy and a high terrorism threat. Some of the origins of these problems have been blamed on the E.U. or conditions created by its member states.法国同德国一样,也是欧洲大陆的驱动力但它也面临着许多问题,包括疲软的经济、恐怖主义的威胁等法国将很多问题的根源都归咎于欧盟或其成员国
  • 谷歌专利“粘车”,以减少事故伤害 --9 19:: 来源: 谷歌为无人驾驶汽车添加粘性涂层获得专利,该涂层能够在撞倒行人情况下减少对其的损伤 Google has patented a sticky coating driverless cars that could reduce damage done to pedestrians in the event of a collision.谷歌已经为无人驾驶汽车添加粘性涂层获得专利,该涂层能够在撞倒行人情况下减少对其的损伤People struck by the vehicle would become glued to its bonnet, rather than being thrown off and further injured.被车辆撞击的人将被粘在引擎盖上,而不是被甩出,导致进一步受伤One transport safety professor said the concept could reduce injuries sustained in a pedestrian collision.一位运输安全教授说这个概念可以减少与行人碰撞发生的损伤Google did not say whether it intended to implement the idea in its driverless vehicles.谷歌没有透露是否打算在无人驾驶汽车上实施这个想法"It does have some merit to it," said Andrew Morris, Professor of Human Factors in Transport Safety at Loughborough University.“这确实有一定道理的,”拉夫堡大学运输安全人为因素的教授安德鲁·莫里斯说"When pedestrian accidents happen, often the person is thrown up onto the bonnet and there may be injuries from that contact, but sometimes there are not.“当行人事故发生,往往是人被抛到发动机罩上,这可能导致伤害,但有时也不会”"But when a driver brakes in a collision, a totally natural reaction, the pedestrian is thrown onto the ground and you can get injuries from that contact."“但是,当司机刹车,这是一个完全自然的反应,行人会被抛出到地上,这就会导致伤害”Google’s patent explained that the adhesive layer would be hidden under a protective coating, to ensure it did not gather debris during journeys.谷歌的专利解释说,粘合剂层将被隐藏在一个保护层下,以确保它的行程期间不会聚集碎片"Upon the initial impact between the colliding object and the vehicle, the coating is broken, exposing the adhesive layer," the patent document said.“在碰撞物体和车辆之间初始冲击时,涂层将破碎,暴露出粘合剂层,”据专利文本所述Prof Morris said it remained to be seen whether the idea would work in practice.莫里斯教授说该想法是否会在实际中运用仍有待观察"Whether they could realistically make a car that has the right material in it and works reliably, we can’t categorically say that," he told the B.“他们能否切实地在车上涂合适的材料并让其可靠地发挥作用,我们还不能下结论,”他告诉BKevin Clinton, head of road safety at the Royal Society the Prevention of Accidents, said: "As well as developing new technology that prevents pedestrians from being hit in the first place, it’s also crucial to develop ways of reducing the severity of injuries suffered if a pedestrian is knocked over."事故预防皇家学会的道路安全负责人凯文·克林顿说:“除了开发新的技术,以防止行人被撞,减少被撞倒后的伤害程度也同样重要”"This idea is a fascinating example of just how far vehicle technology is changing," he told the B.“这是个汽车技术已经发生重大改变的一个有趣例子,”他告诉B"It will obviously need to be developed and tested to ensure that it works reliably and doesn’t cause any unintended consequences."“显然我们需要开发和测试,以确保其可靠地发挥作用,而不会造成任何意想不到的后果”
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