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I think Im,I mean in really kind of stereotypical,you know different male and femal way我比较倾向于传统固定的男女思维方式I think I am probably more like want to fix things a little less emotional,a little bit more theres a problem我想可能是少一点情绪化 多一点去解决问题 像这样的问题Let me you know do this,this let me fix it for you honey,but I am not really good at crying on my shoulder亲爱的 让我这样 这样为你解决这个 我不太擅长说靠着我肩膀哭吧这些软话really,were you before?I could tolerate it more真的吗 你之前是这样吗 之前我更能忍受You know,I was not like great,but I was a lot more easygoing with that kind of stuff你知道我的意思 我不说我很强 但对那些事情是比较随意 得过且过Wow,thats really interesting,yeah it is.that it is even affected your emotions and how you relate and communicate哇 确实很有趣 是啊 很有意思 变性确实能改变你的情绪 以及跟人联系和交流的方式All right,so this controversy that is going on,when you signed on to do Dancing with the Stars好了 我们谈谈人们对你的争议 当你报名参加《与星共舞》时You must have known that some people are gonna to have a problem with this.Oh,yes of course I did你肯定想到有人会对此有意见 是的 我当然想过But I really didnt expect this,To be honest I thought,of course there are going to be但情况出乎了我的意料 老实说 我确实想过People that are gonna have a problem.but it kind of got bigger than what I thought有人会对此有意见 但这意见比我想的还要严重Because people aly,they just really dont understand and I dont know how anyone could understand因为人们是无法想明白的 我也不知道人们怎样才能够理解because unless you actually are feeling that way that you are not in the right body除非你真正觉得 你之前的身体不是你感觉需要的身体How do you explain it to somebody else that they dont understand.I try to reall explain that theres like two components to the gender你怎么去跟人们解释他们不能理解的问题 我尝试这样解释 每种性别有两个组成部分And that is your physical sex and then your,like the gender of your brain how you feel一个是身体组成 另一个是大脑感觉 /201610/474377On Thursday, President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held a news conference after a meeting in the Oval Office. 星期四,奥巴马总统和加拿大总理贾斯汀·特鲁多在白宫椭圆形办公室举行了一次新闻发布会。The meeting followed a welcoming ceremony where the White House rolled out the red carpet on Thursday for the first official visit in nearly two decades by a Canadian prime minister. 周四,白宫铺上红地毯欢迎加拿大总理级别近二十年来首次正式访问,随后进行会议。Obama said during the event, ;Were woven together so deeply as societies, as economies, that its sometimes easy to forget how truly remarkable our relationship is.; 会议期间奥巴马说,“在社会、经济上,我们紧紧的交织在一起,有时很容易忘记我们之间的关系是多么的显著。”The president added that he and Trudeau have a common outlook on what the two nations can achieve together. 奥巴马补充道,他和特鲁多有一个共同的观点,两国可以共同实现。译文属。201603/430937Black Friday黑色星期五The long weekend漫长的周末A new, earlier discount frenzy grips Christmas shoppers新一轮提前促销打折狂潮吸引了众多圣诞购物者THE rhythms of Christmas used to be so simple. Buy presents in December, eat and drink too much, return unwanted gifts, then hunt bargains in the January sales. Such habits may now be altered by the arrival on British shores of Black Friday, an American retail phenomenon.圣诞的节奏一直都很单一。在12月买礼物,尽情吃喝,再退还那些不中意的礼物,然后在一月大减价之际狂购便宜货到手软。而如今这样的习惯,很可能随着“黑色星期五”—美版“双十一”—登陆不列颠海岸而悄然改变。Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. This year it falls on November 28th. As Thanksgiving day revolves around the eating, so Black Friday revolves around the shopping. It has become the biggest day of the year for American retailers as they discount thousands of products, kick-starting the Christmas shopping season. According to one story the name thus refers to shops doing such booming trade that they go from the red into the black. It might equally be named because of the casualty rate. Shoppers get hurt in the stampede for bargains. Some have even died.“黑色星期五”就是每年感恩节之后的第一天。今年就是11月28日。像感恩节的主题是美食一样,“黑色星期五”的主题便是购物。因在“黑色星期五”商家们会给成千上万的商品大打折扣开启圣诞购物季,由此这一天成了美国零售商们每年最盛大的一天,有一种说法是,这个名字正说明了那些在这天生意异常兴隆的商家大额进账,转亏为盈(红色记录赤字,黑色记录盈利)。还有一种说法是因为在这天的伤亡率。顾客们会在争抢折扣商品的拥堵人群中受伤。有些人甚至会为此丧命。Since they do not celebrate Thanksgiving, Brits had never taken to Black Friday, until last year. Then, some British retailers joined American-owned companies like Amazon to introduce big savings. This year many more have embraced it. Visa Europe predicts that shoppers will spend 6,000 per second on the day. John Lewis, a big London department store, is opening for its longest day ever, from 8am to 10pm.因为从来不过感恩节,所以去年之前英国人对黑色星期五一直无感。而其后,部分英国零售商加盟了类似亚马逊这种美国公司来引进各种省钱方式。在今年,已有更多的零售商投入到这些公司的怀抱。据维信欧洲(Visa Europe,信用卡集团)预测,在黑色星期五这一天,购物者们将每秒消费6000英镑。英国一家大型零售商店约翰·路易斯,在这天也会迎来其史上营业时间最长的一天,从早8点直至晚上10点。With such demand, why stop at one day? Most retailers are now stretching it into the following week, at least until Cyber Monday. Thats the day after the Black Friday weekend when shoppers are supposed to go crazy online, although John Lewis reckons they wont be able to wait that long. Last year, its mobile traffic in the peak hour 7-8am was fourteen times higher on Black Friday than anything it had seen before.有这般需求,为何只做一天?如今,许多零售商正在将这购物狂潮延伸至“黑色星期五”后的一周,至少延至“网络星期一”。“网络星期一”是“黑色星期五”周末后的第一天,在这天购物者会在网络上疯狂购买,尽管约翰·路易斯断言顾客们不可能等那么久还如此疯狂购物。去年“黑色星期五”这天,约翰·路易斯在早高峰7点至8点间的移动流量是以往所见任何数据要高出十四倍。For retailers, it all gets people into the buying mood for Christmas early. The only worry, argues Joshua Bamfield of the Centre for Retail Research, is that shoppers might be loth to fork out at regular prices when the discounts end.对零售商来说,“黑色星期五”早早的将大众的圣诞购物情绪调动起来了。来自零售研究中心的约书亚班菲尔德认为,唯一担忧的是,购物者们很可能在打折结束后不愿以正常价格购买物品。译者:张娣 校对:邵夏沁 译文属译生译世 /201412/347090

Britain the Co-op英国 运动Victorian secret维多利亚的秘密The member-owned business has regained its mojo会员制商业模式重获魔力The ovoid structure near Victoria station, to the north of Manchester city centre, is the most striking of the city’s many modern glass buildings. It is to be the home to the Co-operative Group, which is Britain’s fifth largest food retailer and a growing presence in financial services. Peter Marks, the Co-op’s chief executive, jokes that a flash headquarters can be a sign of a bloated corporate ego. It should instead be seen as a symbol of the Co-op’s modernisation, he says. The building’s green design will cut energy costs in half. And the staff scattered in a warren of draughty old offices nearby will soon be under one 21st-century roof.在曼彻斯特市中心北面、维多利亚车站附近的那个卵形建筑,是这个城市众多的现代玻璃建筑中最闪耀的一个。这个建筑就是Co-operative 集团的总部,Co-operative 是英国第五大食品零售商,在金融务业它也是一股不断增长的力量。Co-op 的董事长Peter Marks自嘲说这个拉风的总部显示出公司是多么的自大,但事实上他认为这个建筑应该被视为Co-op公司现代化的标志。这个建筑采用的绿色设计可以降低一半的能耗。以前散布在附近老办公室中一个个通透的小隔间里的员工将会搬到21世纪的屋檐下。The sort of self-confidence embodied in the Co-op’s new head office is felt also in the wider co-operative “movement” (as its devotees refer to it). Tales of corporate greed have revived interest in co-ops. Nick Clegg, the deputy prime minister, has extolled the virtues of a “John Lewis economy”, referring to a much-loved employee-owned retailer. Yet the history of the Co-op’s retailing arm in Britain shows that the member-owned business model has weaknesses as well as strengths.公司新总部所体现出的那种自信在更加广泛的联营“运动”中也可以感受到。企业贪婪的故事有望在联营企业重新上演。英国副首相Nick Clegg曾经赞扬过“John Lewis 经济模式”的优点,其中提及一个受人爱戴的员工所有制的零售商。但是Co-op的零售部门在英国的历史明会员制的商业模式有利也有弊。The Co-op started in 1844 when a group of textile workers clubbed together to set up a grocers in Rochdale, a few miles from Manchester. The idea quickly sp. By the early 20th-century co-op stores accounted for a large slice of grocery sales. From the 1960s onwards, shareholder-owned rivals began to catch up. Twenty years ago the Co-op had a share of the grocery market similar to Tesco’s. Then Tesco took off and left it behind.Co-op是在1844年由一群纺织工人在洛奇代尔(距曼彻斯特几英里)联合成立的一家百货店。这个概念迅速传播。到20世纪初,联营商店已经在百货零售业占了很大一个份额。从20世纪60年代开始,股份制的竞争对手开始后来居上。20年前Co-op在零售市场上的份额与Tesco的相当。然后Tesco发展迅速,逐渐将其甩在身后。The problem was that what looked like a single entity was in fact a loose alliance of local co-ops, each with its own management. Fleet-footed rivals were better able to reap scale economies from centralised buying and marketing. They could raise capital quickly to build bigger stores. And a new breed of grocer, exemplified by Tesco’s Jack Cohen, understood that retailing is part showbiz. He hired well-known comedians to open his stores. The Co-op movement was slow-witted and dowdy by comparison. “It didn’t co-operate and it rarely moved,” recalls Mr Marks.联营模式的问题是它看上去是一个统一的实体的企业,实际上只是一些本地合作社之间松散的联盟——各自进行自己的管理。而其飞毛腿般的对手却可以通过集中购买和销售来收获规模经济带来的利益。他们可以快速集资来建造更大的商场。由Tesco 的Jack Cohen示范的一种新型零售店则悟出零售业其实是一个性行业。他雇佣著名的喜剧演员来开店。两相对比使合作社运动看上去反应迟钝、跟不上时代。“以前联营的商场之间没有合作,并且很少变动” Marks回忆道。A series of mergers has brought most co-op stores under the umbrella of the group. The acquisition of the Somerfield chain in , plus a revamp of its own stores, has improved its market share. The rising cost of regulation means its banking business also needs scale if it is to survive. In July the Co-op agreed to buy 632 branches from Lloyds Banking Group, which has been forced by EU regulators to slim down. Its share of current accounts will triple to around 7% once the deal is completed next year.Co-op集团通过一系列的并购已经把大多数的联营商场纳入旗下。年收购索寞菲尔德产业链,再加上自身商场的改进,提高了它的市场份额。日益增长的管理成本意味着公司的业务要想生存就必须扩大规模。在今年7月Co-op同意收购劳埃德集团的632家分行,后者被欧盟监管机构强制“瘦身”。一旦这个交易在明年完成,它的流动账户将会增至原来的3倍达到7%的市场份额。Banking scandals have served to emphasise the main strength of co-ops, which is public trust. There is less incentive for a member-owned business to price-gouge or mis-sell. Part of the appeal of the Victorian co-op stores was that they could be relied upon to sell unadulterated food. It also explains why the Co-op is strong in funeral services, where customers are stressed, under pressure to act quickly and unlikely to know what a fair price is. Mr Marks sees a similar opportunity for a trusted supplier of legal services dealing with personal-injury claims and divorce.业的丑闻强化了联营企业的主要实力,后者拥有公众的信任。一个会员制的企业进行价格欺诈和误导销售的动机更小。维多利亚联营商场的部分魅力来自于他们在销售纯正食物方面赢得了信赖。这也解释了为什么Co-op很擅长殡葬务业,因为在这个行业他们的顾客处于压力中,这种压力导致顾客要很快决断因而也就不大可能知道一个什么样的价格才算合理。Marks还看到了一个相似的机遇:为个人伤害索赔和离婚索赔提供可受信赖的法律务。The movement’s bigwigs, gathered this week in Manchester to celebrate the UN year of the co-operative, sense opportunities. Ed Mayo, the head of Co-operatives UK, a trade body, injects a note of caution. “We’ve won the battle to say that we are ethical. The challenges are innovation and service levels.” Still, he thinks there are businesses where the member-owned model might be deployed: rail franchises, for instance. That would have a pleasing Victorian ring to it. Shareholders did not achieve great returns from the 19th-century railway mania. The main beneficiaries of the boom were the railway’s customers.这场运动的头头脑脑们于本周在曼彻斯特相聚来庆祝co-operative联合的一周年,并嗅探新的机会。Co-operatives UK(一个贸易机构)的老大Ed Mayo提出了一个警告。“我们已经赢得了道德制高点,接下来的挑战是如何创新和提高务水平”他认为还有其他或许适合联营模式开展的业务,比如铁路专营权。股民没有从19世纪的铁路热中获得很大的回报。铁路潮主要的受益者是铁路客户。翻译:郁炳睿译文属译生译世 /201608/460551

Dear A Moment of Science,亲爱的科学一刻:I like to exercise, but I suffer from migraines and worry thatgetting my sweat on at the gym could trigger a headache.我喜欢运动,但我患有偏头痛,担心去健身房运动到出汗会引发头痛。Am I right to be cautious?我应该这么谨慎吗?Good question.问得好。For some people, exercise can in fact lead to a migraine.对一些人来说,运动其实能导致偏头痛。But most studies have shown that, onaverage, exercise may actually help ward off migraines.但绝大多数研究显示,一般而言,运动可能实际上能帮你远离偏头痛。At the very least, exercise doesnt seemto hurt most migraine sufferers.至少可以肯定,运动并不会对大多数偏头痛患者造成损害。Right,one study done in Sweden put more than ninety migraine prone folks into three groups:正好,瑞典有一项研究将90名患有偏头痛的人分成3组:one that exercised for around forty minutes three times a week, another that was given a drug toprevent migraines, and a third had regular relaxation sessions.一组一周进行3次约40分钟的运动;另一组用药物来防止偏头痛;第三组则进行定时放松活动。After three months, and then anadditional six months of follow up, the study found that migraines were reduced for people in allthree groups.3个月后的研究结果及另外6个月的跟踪调查显示,3组人的偏头痛都有所缓解。Another, smaller study examined more than twenty-five migraine sufferers before, during, andafter working out on stationary bikes.另一项规模较小的研究对25名偏头痛患者在健身车上运动前、运动中和运动后的情况进行了调查。After three months, the subjects all experienced fewerheadaches.3个月后,所有的研究对象发生偏头痛的次数都更少了。So at least according to these studies, exercise appears to be a viable alternative to migraine drugs.因此,至少就这些研究结论来说,用运动来代替用偏头痛药物似乎是可行的。To be clear, though, this doesnt mean that working out never triggers migraines.尽管如此,需要明确的是,这并不意味着锻炼不会引发偏头痛。Especially if you dont exercise regularly, its probably best to ease into it and see how your headreacts.尤其当你不经常运动时,最好是循序渐进地进行运动,并看看你头部的反应。If working up a sweat doesnt appear to trigger a headache, then you can gradually buildup to higher intensity workouts.如果运动到出汗并未引发头痛,你就可以逐步进行更大强度的锻炼。 /201412/346093

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