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Its really awful.真是太糟糕了。You started seeing Michael coming in every day, looking like death.你开始看到迈克尔每天进来,像死了一般。It was opposite.这是背道而驰的。The testimony was just destroying him.词是在毁了他的一生。To sit there in court and watch the legal system hurl absurd and vindictive and nasty, mean-spirited allegations at him like this, absolutely traumatized him.坐在法庭亲眼目睹我们的法制系统对他进行这样荒谬,肮脏的报复,卑鄙的指控,绝对是在伤害他。For me, and for other people who actually knew Michael,对我和其他那些实际上真正了解迈克尔的人而言,this was a real human being, whose life was being destroyed, and every day it just seemed to get worse.这是一个真正的人,他的生活被摧毁,每天只是似乎变得更糟。One of the sheriffs came to me and said, you know ,Youve got the best seat in the house.其中一位地方长官来到我身边对我说,你知道,你获得了法庭中最好的位置。And I said,Why?我说:为什么?And he said,Because youre sitting right behind Michael.他说因为你坐在迈克尔身后。And when we find him guilty.而我们发现他有罪。201309/258189。

Business商业报道Do-it-yourself apps自己做的应用程序Make your own Angry Birds做自己的愤怒的小鸟Homebrew apps have arrived私人制作的软件已经来临LAST year Eddie the pig took Chile by storm.去年,小猪爱迪在智利风靡。The iPhone game ePig Dash, featuring Eddie, dislodged Angry Birds to become the number-one paid game on the Chilean App Store.击败愤怒的小鸟后,以爱迪为主角的iphone游戏ePig Dash成为智利苹果应用榜上排名第一的付费游戏。By itself, the story of a cute, if flatulent, pig pushing a bunch of irate birds off the top spot is nothing unusual.就游戏本身而言,它没什么不寻常:What is odd is that the creator of ePig Dash, a conjuror and economics teacher, knew little or nothing about programming.以可爱角色为主角,小猪胀气后,将把一群愤怒的小鸟推下顶座。奇怪的是ePig Dash的作者是一名魔术师兼经济学教师,他对编程可谓知之甚少,甚至一无所知。Instead he used GameSalad, a do-it-yourself tool for app-makers.但是他使用了一款可以让程序作者自己动手做应用的工具GameSalad。DIY is hot.自己动手做很流行。In May Research in Motion, the maker of the BlackBerry, unveiled a kit that allows people with no programming skills to create a working app within minutes.五月份,黑莓的制造商RIM公司就发布了一套允许全无编程经验的人在数分钟内创造出能正常运行的应用的工具。Apple, too, has applied for a patent indicating it is also building a DIY tool for iOS, its mobile operating system.苹果公司申请的一项版权同样表明它在建造一款自家的iOS平台上用的DIY工具。And in March the Massachusetts Institute of Technology released a beta version of App Inventor, which allows even simpletons to make apps for Android phones.在三月,麻省理工学院也发布了一套测试版的应用构建器。它能以傻瓜式的方式构建安卓手机应用。Several start-ups aly offer DIY app services.有一批新成立的公司已经提供自己动手做应用的务了。Conduit, a firm which was valued at .3 billion after J.P. Morgan acquired a 7% stake for 0m earlier this year, allows people to build mobile apps themselves with a simple graphical interface.今年早些时候,根大通以1亿美元价格收购Conduit 7%的股权后,该公司的价值直奔13亿。AppMakr, a similar service, has helped to create some 10,000 apps.这家公司便可以让用户通过简单的图形界面构建移动应用。Users include individuals, small businesses and the Harvard Business Review.一家与其类似的务公司—AppMakr则已经帮助创建了约10000款应用。AppMakr also offers its users help in bringing apps up to standard before submitting them to Apples picky App Store.其用户包括个人,小型企业和《哈佛商业》。在用户要将应用提交给挑剔的苹果在线商店前,AppMakr也可帮助用户提高应用软件的水平,使其符合标准。Other services publish to Android and Windows, or bypass Apple altogether by creating web apps.其他务公司则发布安卓和Windows平台的应用程序,或者通过创建网页应用彻底绕开苹果平台。Custom-made apps can cost ,000 or more.定制的应用成本高达10000美元或更多。By contrast, DIY apps are free to create, with a subscription for continued support.相反,DIY应用则可以免费创建,还可购买后续持。Prices vary, typically from about to a month.价格一般在每月30~80美元的范围内波动。Magmito, an app-building service that targets small and medium businesses, has a plan that costs as little as a year.Magmito是一家定位中小企业的应用构建务公司。AppMakr offers a free, ad-supported service.它计划着一年仅收取50美元的费用。AppMakr则提供免费的带广告务。Small businesses and tech-savvy amateurs have been the most enthusiastic early creators of DIY apps.小企业与有卓见的科技爱好者都是早期最有热情的DIY应用创建者。But they can also be a profitable business.但为这些人提供的务也有可能是盈利的。GameSalad allows users to make 2D games for smartphones, which some choose to sell.GameSalad让用户能为智能手机制作2D游戏,其中一些人还会销售它们。According to Steve Felter, GameSalads boss, some developers even make a living designing apps on its platform.根据GameSalad经理Steve Felter的说法,一些开发者甚至在它的平台制作应用维持生计。The democratisation of technology is not without drawbacks.技术普及化也不是没有缺点。Apples App Store aly has some 550,000 apps.苹果在线商店已经拥有550000款应用。Google offers 450,000 for download on its Android operating system.谷歌也在它的安卓平台上提供450000款应用供下载。The coming deluge of apps made by amateurs will see those numbers swell.由爱好者制作的应用将如泛滥般袭来,上述数字也会增长。Not all will shine. Theres a lot of garbage on YouTube.不可能所有的都是精品。But once in a while you find a gem and everybody passes it around, says Ted Iannuzzi of Magmito.Magmito 的Ted Iannuzzi 说:YouTube里有大量的垃圾作品,但是精品从被发现到被人们广泛传播也是一瞬间的事儿。Professional app-makers may not be shaking in their boots just yet.专业的应用作者还不会感到有压力。But the clever ones, like AppMakr, are moving from creating stuff for mobile phones to creating the stuff that creates the stuff for mobile phones.可是像AppMakr这样明智的企业正从为智能手机创造应用转向为智能手机创造制造应用的应用。App-creating software could be the machine tools of the mobile world.制造应用的软件将会成为移动世界中的机床。 /201308/250745。

After all,too much oxygen can be toxic.毕竟过多的氧气是有毒的。After several days of breathing nothing but pure oxygen, youd begin to experience nausea, dizziness, muscle twitches, and convulsions.只呼吸纯氧几天之后,你会觉得恶心,头昏眼花,肌肉痉挛,抽搐。You might even die.甚至你可能会死亡。Ironically, too much oxygen actually inhibits ventilation and ends up slowing down the delivery of oxygen to your bodys tissues.讽刺的是,过多的氧气实际上会阻止空气流通,最终会减慢氧气在身体组织中的输送速度。Another problem is that certain tissues, like the lining of the lungs and the walls of the arteries, are very sensitive to oxygen.另一个问题是,特定的组织,例如肺粘膜,动脉壁都对氧气很敏感。The cornea is also very sensitive to oxygen; you may have heard of people who have gone blind because, as newborns, the oxygen levels in their incubators were too high.眼角膜也对氧气很敏感,你或许听说过有人在婴儿时期因为恒温箱中的氧气量过高而失明的事情。Scientists arent really sure why oxygen affects the body this way.科学家们不是很确定为什么氧气会这样影响身体。Some think it has to do with a special form of the oxygen molecule which bonds with the proteins and membranes in the lining of the lungs, and ends up destroying them.一些认为氧气分子以特殊的形式与肺粘膜上的蛋白质和细胞膜结合,最终破坏它们。In other words, with too much oxygen around, your insides begin to oxidize.换句话说,周围的氧气过多,身体内部会开始氧化。 /201312/267010。

Tattoos in the workplace纹身与工作Ink blots污点般的纹身Body art is growing more popular, though few employers are keen人体艺术越来越流行,尽管很少有招聘方喜欢IN THE North Star tattoo parlour in downtown Manhattan, Brittany shows off her ink: a Banksy-inspired tableau covering both feet. Now a student at New York University, she hopes to be a lawyer one day. “Thats why I got the tattoo on my feet,” she says. “Its easy to hide.”在位于曼哈顿市区的北极星纹身店,Brittany炫耀她双脚上以Banksy为灵感创作的纹身。她现为纽约大学的一名学生,她希望有朝一日成为一名律师。她说:“这就是为什么我把纹身纹在脚上,因为这样比较容易隐藏。”Once the preserve of prisoners, sailors and circus freaks, tattoos have become a benign rite of passage for many Americans. One in five adults has one, and two in five thirty-somethings. These days women with tattoos outnumber men. But what happens when these people look for work? Alas, not everyone is as savvy as Brittany.曾经是囚犯、水手和马戏团小丑专属的纹身,现如今已经变成许多美国人通过的良性仪式。每五个成年人就有一个人有纹身,三十多岁的年轻中则是每五人中有两个。女性纹身的人数已超过了男性。但这些人找工作的时候会怎么样?恩…不是每个人都像Brittany一样精明的。Though increasingly mainstream, tattoos still signal a certain rebelliousness that works against jobseekers, says Andrew Timming of the University of St Andrews in Scotland. In a forthcoming study, Mr Timming and colleagues asked participants to assess job candidates based on their pictures, some of which were altered to add a neck tattoo. Inked candidates consistently ranked lower, despite being equally qualified. In a separate study Mr Timming found that many service-sector managers were squeamish about conspicuous ink, particularly when filling jobs that involve dealing with customers.圣安德鲁大学(位于苏格兰)的Timming说,尽管纹身越来越主流,但仍旧是叛逆的标志,是求职者的敌人。在一项即将发表的研究中,Timming和他的同事要求参与者根据照片评估应聘者,其中一些照片上在脖子的位置添加了纹身。尽管自身条件相同,但有纹身的应聘者一直排名较低。在另一项研究中,Timming发现,许多务部门管理者对明显的纹身接受不能,特别是在招聘需要与客户打交道的职位时尤甚。Designs of flowers or butterflies were deemed comparatively acceptable. And some workplaces are more open-minded: a prison-services manager explained that having tattoos made it easier to bond with inmates. Firms with a younger clientele are also more tattoo-friendly. But by and large the more visible the tattoo, the more “unsavoury” a candidate seemed—even if the boss had one.相对来说,花或者蝴蝶的纹身设计是可以接受的。一些工作场所更加开放,监狱管理者解释说,他的纹身使他更容易与囚犯建立联系。面向年轻顾客的公司对纹身接受度也更高。即使老板自己有纹身,但总体而言,纹身越明显,应聘者越是“不讨喜”。Such prejudice may seem anachronistic, but it is not unfounded. Empirical studies have long linked tattoos with deviant behaviour. People with inked skin are more likely to carry weapons, use illegal drugs and get arrested. The association is stronger for bigger tattoos, or when there are several, says Jerome Koch, a sociologist at Texas Tech University.这种偏见似乎有些落伍,但并非没有根据。实研究长期将纹身与异常行为联系在一起。有纹身的人更有可能携带,使用非法药物,或者被逮捕。德州理工大学一名为Jerome Koch的社会学家表示,纹身越大或者有好几个时,这种联系越强。This may help explain the armys recent decision to reinstate old grooming standards. These restrict the size and number of tattoos, ban ink from the neck, head and hands, and bar body art that might be seen as racist, sexist or otherwise inappropriate. The change is intended to promote discipline and professionalism. But it is making it harder to recruit to the army, says Major Tyler Stewart, who handles recruitment in Arizona. His battalion is turning away 50 tattooed people a week.这有助于解释近来军队恢复旧仪容标准的决定。标准限制了纹身的大小和数量,禁止脖子、头和手上的纹身,以及可能被视为种族歧视、性别歧视或其他不好方面的人体艺术。标准的改变旨在加强纪律和职业精神。负责亚利桑那州招兵工作的Major Tyler Stewart表示,新标准这使得招兵更难了。他所在的营一周里清退了50名有纹身的士兵。Some aspiring soldiers and other jobseekers are solving the problem by getting their ink removed. Tattoo-removal has surged 440% in the past decade, according to IBISWorld, a market-research firm. At the North Star, where Brittanys friend is getting a question-mark inked on her wrist, the prospect of such buyers remorse seems remote. “I dont think it will help her job prospects,” observes Brittany, “but hopefully it wont hurt, either.”一些有抱负的士兵和求职者通过洗掉纹身来解决问题。根据一名为IBISWorld的市场调研公司的调查显示,在过去十年中,洗纹身务增长了440%。在北极星,Brittany的朋友正在它手腕上纹“问题标记”,对纹身的后悔似乎离她还很遥远。Brittany观察着说,“我认为纹身不会对她的工作产生帮助,但希望纹身也不会毁掉她的工作。” /201408/318723。

Moose mainly browse on trees and shrubs, but they will also sample something new. They have a soft spot for pumpkins left out after Halloween. 驼鹿的主要食物是树木和灌木丛,但是他们也会尝试一些新花样。万盛节放在外面的南瓜对他们来说就是不可抵挡的诱惑。As many as 1,000 moose may enter Anchorage in winter, snowfall here is lower than its surrounding hills and gardens offer a tempting sp of food. In fact, moose were in this area long before the city existed. And Anchorage inhabitants are understanding of their local vandals. 多达1000头驼鹿在冬天来到安克雷奇,这里的降雪比周围的山区小很多,花园还能提供美味的食物。事实上,早在城市建立前,驼鹿就生活在这里了。而安克雷奇的当地居民也对这个本土的破坏者十分理解。Unfortunately, this tolerance sometimes comes at a cost. Christmas decorations are a minor inconvenience to a hungry moose. 不幸的是,这种宽容有时也需要代价。而圣诞节树上的装饰对于一只饥饿的驼鹿造成了很多不便。But there’s another reason why the city center is a tempting winter hang-out—it’s one place where their major predator, the wolf, rarely dares to go. 但是还有一个原因能够说明为什么城市中心成为驼鹿冬季喜欢去的地方——他们的主要捕杀者,狼不敢来这里。It may seem strange, but human habitats are often safer for wildlife than the real wild. 这看起来似乎很奇怪,但是对野生动物来说,人类栖息地通常比野外更加安全。Black skimmers usually nest on beaches, but not here in Texas.剪嘴鸥经常在沙滩筑巢,但不是在德克萨斯这里。英文文本来自普特英语,译文属未经许可不得转载。201312/269066。

The film industry电影业Rated “P” for persistent被评定为代表执着的“P”Time Warners boss may not find Rupert Murdochs overtures so unwelcome时代华纳公司的老板也许会喜欢鲁伯特.默多克的提议RUPERT MURDOCH is a man who does not mind walking in his own footsteps. In the 1980s he tried and failed to gain control of the parent company of the Warner Bros. film studio. This week it emerged that Mr Murdochs 21st Century Fox had made an billion bid for the companys modern incarnation, Time Warner, which also owns cable networks such as CNN and HBO. He was rebuffed, but when has that stopped him?鲁伯特默多克是一个不介意师心自用的人。在20世纪80年代他曾试图控制华纳兄弟电影制片厂的母公司,但失败了。本周有消息称默多克的21世纪福克斯公司出价800亿竞购该公司的现代化身—时代华纳公司,其同时拥有有线电视网络,如CNN和HBO。默多克被断然拒绝了,但是他什么时候才会死心?Such a deal is simpler now than it would have been until recently. Last year Mr Murdoch split Fox from its former parent, News Corp, and earlier this month Time Inc, Time Warners magazine arm, became a separate, publicly traded firm. A merged Fox and Time Warner would have more bargaining-power with its customers, from pay-TV operators like Comcast to online distributors such as Netflix.直到最近,这一交易才变得比原来简单。去年默多克将福克斯公司从其前母公司—新闻集团分离出来,且本月初,时代华纳公司的杂志部门—时代公司转变为独立的上市公司。合并后的福克斯和时代华纳公司将获得更多与其客户讨价还价的资本,包括Comcast这样的付费电视运营商到Netflix这样的在线分销商。However, a deal would put immense programming power in the hands of one company. Since Fox aly has a cable-news network, CNN would reportedly be sold to make the deal more palatable. Even so, regulators still might not find the proposal “fair and balanced”.然而,一个交易将使得强大的编程能力落入一个公司手中。由于福克斯公司已经拥有有线新闻网络,CNN将按照此前报道的那样被出售,以使这一交易更易被接受。即便如此,监管机构可能依然无法认可这一提案的“公平和平衡”。If a marriage does occur, it will not necessarily be with Fox. Jeff Bewkes, the boss of Time Warner, may be playing hard to get while waiting to see if other suitors emerge. The head of a rival media firm muses that Mr Bewkes, who is 62, has been cutting off the undesirable parts of his apple, and has deliberately kept the most alluring bits with the hope of being able to sell it and retire. As for Mr Murdoch, who is 83, he may yet get one of the apples of his eye—after 30 years of trying.如果合并真的发生,也不一定是与福克斯公司。时代华纳公司的总裁杰夫比克斯也许是耍了欲擒故纵的把戏,等待着是否有其他的求购公司出现。作为竞争对手的一家媒体公司的负责人揣62岁的比克斯正切除其公司的不良部分,故意保留其最诱人的部分,以期能将其公司卖掉并退休。至于83岁的默多克在奋斗了30个年头后,也许还未曾得到任何一样他梦寐以求之物。 /201407/314009。

Are aliens going to eat us?外星人会来吃我们吗?Thats more of a science fiction question.这更像是科幻小说里的才会出现的问题。But science does havesomething to say here, and sometimes purely imaginativequestions are great tools for helping us think about how the realworld works.但是在这个问题上我们还是可以寻求科学的。很多时候像这种纯粹异想天开的问题却能够帮助我们更好地思考,更好地认识这个世界。First, its not strictly impossible.首先,严格地说,这也不无可能。Many scientists agree that theMilky Way galaxy is probably brimming with living things.许多科学家都认为系里可能到处都是生物,That doesnt mean any of them aresmart enough to build interstellar spaceships, but lets assume they are.但这并不是说它们就有能力建造星际间飞船。退一万步说,就算它们有这个能力来建造星际间飞船,Still, why are theyunlikely to eat us?可是,它们又为什么要吃我们呢?One reason lies in energy itself.原因之一就在于能量本身。The point of eating is to take in usable energy.吃东西最主要就是为了摄入可用的能量。A lion will expend a lot of energy running down azebra because, once it is caught, the calories contained in the meal far outweigh those expended in the chase.一头狮子可以耗掉大量的体力去追捕一匹斑马,那是因为一旦抓住了那匹斑马,它能摄入的斑马肉里的能量大大超过了他在追捕过程中消耗的能量。If this werent true–say, if the zebras body only had the caloric contentof a grape–then the energy expended would outweigh the energy gained, and the lion wouldlose out.如果以上都不成立,假如斑马肉里所含能量很少—少到根本就无法补充狮子追捕所耗能量,那么这头狮子也只能是白白耗掉体力了。Any alien predators would face the same problem.既然有这样的说法,那么食肉的外星人也会面对同样的问题。The amount of energy expended in building aspace program, fueling rockets, to say nothing of getting from one star to another, would behuge.建造一个空间计划,制造燃料火箭都需要消耗很多能量。更不用说从一个星球飞至另一个星球需要消耗更多的能量!For any realistic technology it would far outweigh the benefit of just munching on people.It would be like climbing Mount Everest in order to pick a few berries.与其猎食人类,还不如将那些能量用于更有实际意义的科技开发。其实猎食人类就像是辛辛苦苦攀上珠穆朗玛却只为摘些果子一样大材小用,劳民伤财。Some day we ourselves may travel to other planets. But any species that goes to such lengthsmerely to find food will find itself quickly exhausted.也许某一天人类能够踏上其他星球的土地。但是,任何一个为寻觅食物而踏上其他星球的物种终将认识到如此行径只会消耗掉自己的能量——自取灭亡。 /201408/318062。