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The two stock charts at right, comparing Apple#39;s (AAPL) performance in 2013 to Amazon#39;s (AMZN) and Google#39;s (GOOG), tell a very different story than the nine bar charts below.右边的两张图是2013年苹果(Apple)的股价走势与亚马逊(Amazon)和谷歌(Google)的对比,但对比结果与下面的9张柱状图相左。Produced for Fortune by the er who posts here as Merckel, the bar charts compare the three companies by more objective measures -- boring things like cash flow, return on assets, earnings growth and dividends paid.这些柱状图是一位名为“Merckel”的读者提供给《财富》(Fortune)杂志的,使用一些较为客观的指标对三家公司进行了比较,包括现金流量、资产回报率、利润增长和已付股息等枯燥的数据。The three companies have different business models, of course. Apple makes big profits selling high-end consumer devices at premium prices. Google takes a tiny profit from each of billions of online ad sales. Amazon is constructing a giant virtual mall, pouring the profits from its established stores (books, electronics, etc.) into new ones. But putting a value on different business models is what the stock market does every day. Judging from Merckel#39;s bar charts, what the market seems to be saying is that it believes Google and Amazon will keep growing indefinitely.这三家公司当然拥有不同的业务模式。苹果通过溢价出售高端消费品,赚取巨额利润。谷歌每笔在线广告利润微薄,但在线广告总销量数以十亿计。亚马逊正在打造一个巨型虚拟购物中心,将现有店铺(如图书、电子产品等)的利润注入新店铺。但股市每天要做的事就是对不同的商业模式进行定价。从Merckel的这些柱状图来看,市场似乎相信谷歌和亚马逊的增长永远没有尽头。For Apple, it will believe it when it sees the next hit product.至于苹果,市场还需要看到新一款轰动性的产品。 /201401/272141Thanko is a Japanese gadget firm that makes just about anything you can think of. If you need a set of Santa boots to warm your feet using USB power, Thanko has it. If your butt gets too hot in the summer, get the Thanko water-cooled seat cushion. You get the idea, if it’s powered by USB you can find it at Thanko.Thanko是日本一家部件公司,它制造几乎任何你能想到的东西。如果你需要一双用USB暖脚的圣诞靴,Thanko已经有了。如果你的屁股在夏天太热,买个Thanko的水冷式座垫吧。如果你的奇思妙想需要USB供应能量,那Thanko能帮你做到。If your boss is a bosshole, and you really need something to help get rid of the headache from listening to him prattle on about spelling and punctuation constantly causes you. Thanko has a USB head massager. It looks as weird as you might expect it too. It will undoubtedly mess up your hair, and will do nothing to impress that cute girl that works down the hall.如果你的老板是个加班狂人,那你一定需要什么来帮你摆脱一直听他唠叨拼写和标点而产生的头疼。Thanko有个USB头部器。它看上去就跟你想的一样奇葩。它肯定会弄乱你的头发,也不会让你吸引公司的美女。What it will do is adjust to fit most domes, no matter how gargantuan, and vibrate when plugged in. It will help get rid of stress. If you need to use it and you don’t have a USB port, it can be powered by batteries.它的功能是不管脑袋多大,都能通过调整来适应大部分头部形状,而且当接通电源时会震动。它会帮你摆脱压力。如果你要使用它但没有USB接口,也可以用电池。 /201401/273838Spanish firm OHEA has unveiled its Smart Bed, an electronic bed that makes itself, the Daily Mail reported.据英国《每日邮报》报道,西班牙的OHEA公司推出了一款可以自己收拾寝具的电子“智能床”。In just 50 seconds two mechanical arms, one on each side and each equipped with a roller, carry the blanket back to the head of the bed. As it approaches, the pillows are lifted on two shelves allowing the blanket to neatly slot in underneath. They are then lowered and the bed looks neat and is completely made.床的两侧各装了一只带有滚柱的机械臂,仅需50秒,两只机械臂就能把毛毯推送到床头。当毯子向床头移动时,枕头会被两个架子高高举起,这样一来毛毯就可以在下面放平。枕头随后被放下来,整个床就收拾好了,看起来很平整。What is more, the owner does not even have to remember to turn the device on. A switch at the foot of the bed provides manual and automatic settings. Flipped to automatic, the bed can sense when somebody has just got up and starts making itself three seconds later.更重要的是,主人根本无需记得去开启这一装置。床尾的开关有手工和自动两种设置。扭到自动模式时,只要有人刚刚起床“智能床”就会感觉到,并且在三秒之后开始收拾。 /201206/187608

It’s been about one year since John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, took the top job at the struggling phonemaker. Since then, he has embarked on a campaign to bring the company back to its roots and spark new innovations and partnerships where he feels necessary—in short, to make BlackBerry relevant to business users again.程守宗入主深陷困境的黑莓(BlackBerry)已经一年了。自从执掌CEO大权以来,他努力试图让黑莓重新回归“根基”,并且开展了一些他觉得必要的创新与合作——总之,他要让企业用户重新正视黑莓的存在。To that end, this week in San Francisco Chen took the stage to make a number of announcements, including a recently-inked agreement with smartphone maker Samsung Electronics. According to the deal, both companies will sell each other’s mobile security products. (A true sign of the times: Chen joked with the audience about the fact his wife still uses a Samsung Galaxy phone.) The company also announced an updated BlackBerry Enterprise server, which will allow customers to more easily manage BlackBerries and devices made by other manufacturers.本着这一目的,程守宗上周末在旧金山登台宣布了几项重大事务,包括与三星电子集团(Samsung Electronics)刚刚签署的一项合作。根据这项协议,三星和黑莓均将开售对方的移动安全产品。(一个可信的迹象是,程守宗还当众开起玩笑称,他妻子现在仍然在用一款三星Galaxy手机。)另外黑莓还推出了升级版黑莓企业务器(BlackBerry Enterprise),从而使用户可以更加便捷地管理黑莓产品以及其他厂家的设备。Under Chen’s direction, BlackBerry’s losses are improving, but the company is still bleeding money and there is still plenty of cause for concern about its long-term prospects. Ahead of his announcements in San Francisco, Fortune caught up with Chen to hear more about his strategy—and Kim Kardashian.在程守宗的领导下,黑莓的亏损有所改善,但并没有彻底止血,而且仍然有不少隐忧笼罩着公司的长期前景。在他去旧金山之前,《财富》(Fortune)对程守宗进行了专访,听他畅谈自己的商业战略——以及名媛金#8226;卡戴珊。Fortune: What does returning to BlackBerry’s roots mean to you today?《财富》:“回到黑莓的根基”在今天对你来说意味着什么?Chen: The overall returning to the roots is much beyond the device. The Classic [an upcoming BlackBerry device that will bring back its traditional trackpad] is an important part but it’s not the only part. Very early in my career here I talked about re-pivoting back to the enterprise. It implies not only the devices but also the enterprise using our software and server as the backbone. When BlackBerry was doing well almost everyone was running on BlackBerry enterprise server. When we lost our focus we lost quite a bit of traction and accounts. But the reason I went back to the Classic is that a tremendous number of customers want it.程守宗:从总体上说,“回到黑莓的根基”指的远远不只是硬件设备。Classic手机是一个重要的部分,但并不是唯一的部分。(这部即将推出的设备将重新搭载黑莓经典的触控板。)我在刚来黑莓的时候就谈过重返企业市场,它指的不仅是设备,还包括那些将我们的软件和务器作为运营中枢的企业。当黑莓业绩良好的时候,几乎大家都在用黑莓企业务器。后来我们失去了发展重心,随之也失去了很多吸引力和用户。但我重新推出Classic手机的原因在于,大量用户想要它。In light of that “return to roots, ” how do you view innovation at BlackBerry? What role does it play today?从“回到根基”的角度,你怎样看待黑莓的创新?目前它扮演了怎样的角色?The guiding principle of our development teams is that everybody is focused on the following pillars: security, privacy, productivity, and collaboration. We focus on all of those. For example, on BBM [BlackBerry Messenger] we just released the timed message feature—people call it the “Snapchat feature.” We allow people to retract messages, not just to recall them. The whole design center is really focused on security, privacy, productivity and collaboration. We’re not trying to compete on everything.我们研发团队的指导方针是,大家都要专注以下四大柱:安全性、隐私性、效率和协作。我们同时关注这几点。比如我们刚刚在BBM【即黑莓通讯(BlackBerry Messenger)】上推出了定时消息功能,也有人叫它“阅后即焚”功能。我们允许人们收回发出的信息,而不是简单地撤销。整个设计中心非常关注安全性、隐私性、效率和协作。我们并不打算在所有层面都要竞争一下。Winning back developers is another aspect of returning to BlackBerry’s roots. How are you feeling about status with developer ecosystem?重新赢得开发者的信赖是“回到黑莓根基”的另一个方面,你怎样看黑莓开发者生态系统的现状?There are only a handful of apps, like Facebook, that we build native. We are relying on our relationship with Amazon for the others. Everything that appears on Amazon’s app store you can run on BB10 [the latest version of BlackBerry’s operating system]. In doing so we free up our enterprise developer community to focus on developer platforms. On that front the re-pivoting is only six to nine months old since I came in. We have some good traction but still a lot of work to be done.目前黑莓平台只有Facebook等少数应用是我们构建的原生应用。我们正在依靠与亚马逊(Amazon)的关系获得其它应用。亚马逊应用商店里的所有应用都可以在BB10(黑莓最新操作系统)上直接运行。这样我们就解放了企业开发者社区,让他们专注于开发者平台。自从我来黑莓后,我们的“寻根”路只走了6到9个月。我们有一些很吸引人的东西,但还有很多工作要做。 /201411/343918

IBM and SAP plan to announce on Tuesday that they will partner to offer cloud computing services to companies.Specifically, IBM IBM 0.15% will provide cloud infrastructure services to SAP, which will run its business applications—collectively dubbed the HANA Enterprise Cloud—on top of them.For IBM, it’s the second megawatt deal of the year with a technology industry peer as it continues to stake ground through large cloud computing partnerships. In July, it announced it would partner with AppleAAPL -1.06% to sell phones and tablets (and related applications and services) to business customers.For SAP, it’s an acceleration of an existing strategy to offer its applications worldwide—and a small concession that the data center buildout it recently completed wasn’t sufficient to meet its larger goal.“SAP has really morphed as a company to a cloud application and platform company,” says Kevin Ichhpurani, SAP’s head of business development. “Our goal is to be the cloud company powered by HANA.”Walldorf, Germany-based SAP, the largest software company in Europe, sees a partnership with its American counterpart as a way to outrun rivals like Oracle ORCL 0.60% , which has chosen to build its own network of data centers, in the race to get businesses to adopt cloud applications. For SAP, that includes SuccessFactors (for human capital management), Ariba (for procurement), and soon, Concur (for travel and expenses). There are currently about 4,000 HANA customers, Ichhpurani says, and eleven times as many companies running SAP’s business software suite.“We needed to really build global scale instantaneously,” Ichhpurani says. “IBM has announced that they’ll get to 40 data centers in the year. That’s really attractive to us.”The deal comes at a significant turning point for the information technology departments of major companies. For years, data resided on servers that the company owned and operated within its own facilities, referred to as “on premise.” With the rise of cloud computing, that data began to migrate to servers owned and operated by third-party providers (such as IBM or Amazon) but rented by the company in question. The appeal? Lower cost at scale and flexibility as software has transformed into a service you access anytime on the Internet rather than a program you launch from a local computer.The answer for many companies is increasingly the “hybrid cloud,” where some data resides locally and other data lives in the cloud. Firms that have been reluctant to move their data to the cloud have begun to do so. Companies that once saw the cloud as fit only for evaluating software in development—for “testing environments”—now see it suitable for hosting the real deal, referred to as “production environments.” Armonk, N.Y.-based IBM, through its SoftLayer business, wants to be there to meet that need, says Erich Clementi, the leader of IBM’s Global Technology Services group.“We’ve seen a massive uptick in terms of demand,” he says. “The desire now for customers to move their production landscapes to the cloud, that appetite, is growing exponentially.”IBM deeply desires to be the preferred cloud platform for the enterprise, Clementi says. Doing a deal with SAP is both logical—IBM says it is the largest SAP practice in the world—and appealing in terms of generating additional business. “SAP attracts a whole host of other connected applications, services, integrations,” Clementi says. “For us, gaining critical mass and credibility for enterprise production is paramount. Over time, more and more services are going to be delivered in a cloud manner. I think the enterprises will watch and see—and I think this deal makes it credible.”“We can be the handshake,” Clementi adds. Ichhpurani puts it another way: “A single throat to choke.”IBM和SAP近日宣布,双方将合作,携手向企业提供云计算务。其中,IBM将向SAP提供云基础架构务,而SAP则将使用IBM的基础架构运行HANA企业云应用。对于IBM来说,这也是它今年第二次与科技行业的重量级企业在云计算领域进行合作。今年7月,IBM宣布将与苹果公司(Apple)合作,向企业客户销售手机和平板电脑(以及相关应用与务)。对于SAP来说,与IBM的结盟有利于助推其现有应用的全球销售。同时也等于承认了它最近才建设完成的数据中心还不足以满足公司的宏伟蓝图。SAP的商务拓展负责人凯文伊克普拉尼指出:“SAP已经确实转变成一家云应用和云平台公司。我们的目标是成为一家以HANA驱动的云公司。”SAP公司总部位于德国的瓦尔多夫,它是欧洲最大的软件公司,与IBM的合作也是它领先甲骨文(Oracle)等竞争对手的一种方式。相比之下,甲骨文公司为了吸引企业选择自家的云应用而自行建设了一个数据中心网络。目前SAP已经收购了SuccessFactors(人力资本管理应用)、Ariba(采购应用),对Concur(差旅及报销管理应用)的收购很快也将完成。伊克普拉尼指出,HANA企业云现在已经拥有大约4000名客户,而运行SAP企业软件套装的公司大约有11倍之多。伊克普拉尼表示:“我们需要快速建立起全球级的规模,IBM宣布他们的数据中心今年将达到40个,这对我们非常有吸引力。”目前,各大公司的IT部门正好也到达了一个拐点。多年以来,数据一直存储在企业拥有的务器上,在企业内部运作,所以又叫“内部务器”。随着云计算的兴起,数据开始转移到第三方供应商,如IBM或亚马逊(Amazon)提供并运营的务器上,在规模效应下,大大降低了数据成本。同时由于软件不再是电脑上的一个程序,而是变成了一种可以随时在互联网上读取的务,因此也提高了应用的灵活性。目前,许多公司越来越青睐所谓的“混合云”,也就是部分数据存储在本地电脑上,部分数据存储在云端。有些不愿意将数据完全存储到云端的企业已经选择了这种做法。有些公司以前觉得云计算只适合用来评估研发中的软件,即是一种“测试环境”;现在他们认为云计算已经成熟,适合用于生产,也就是所谓的“生产环境”。IBM公司的全球技术务部负责人埃里克克莱蒙蒂表示,IBM希望凭借它的SoftLayer主机务帮助企业满足这种需求。他表示:“我们发现需求已经有了很大的提升,现在用户想把生产环境移动到云端的意愿和胃口都在呈指数级增长。”克莱蒙蒂表示,IBM力求成为最受企业青睐的云平台。与SAP进行合作既是合理的选择(IBM表示它自己正是SAP全球最大的客户),同时也能够产生额外的业务。“SAP会吸引一系列其它的相关应用、务和集成。对我们来说,在企业生产方面积累足够的人气和商誉是极为重要的。随着时间的推移,越来越多的务都会通过云端来提供。我认为广大企业都会见这一点——而这次合作将使它变得更可靠。”克莱蒙蒂补充道:“我们可以说是强强联手”。伊克普拉尼用另一种说法表达了类似的意思——“我们朝着同一个目标而努力。”

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