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宜昌中心人民医院男科咨询宜昌男健医院外科医生在线咨询Watermelon: The new Viagra? 西瓜伟哥 Affiliate KENS reports on a recent study that shows watermelon can have Viagra-like effects on consumers "The chemicals that are in the watermelon rind work much like Viagra. Oh, rollick! Give me two more. " Just a week after the annual Watermelon Thump celebration in Luling, there's something new that watermelon growers can hang their hat on. The rind on watermelons has some of the same effects as Viagra. Really? Yes. Really? Ha ha ha Well give me another one. I'll get some more. Hah……The director of Texas Aamp;M's Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center has discovered that watermelons have an ingredient that delivers Viagra-like effects and may even increase libido. Maybe you need to raise the price.I don't get used to it. Ha ha ha There is a catch. The phyto-nutrient called citrulline that relaxes the blood vessels is found in the highest concentrations in the part you generally don't eat, the watermelon rind. Would it take like a whole watermelon rind to eat to do any good, I mean you might get yourself sick before you get yourself any help. Have you ever eaten the rind? No, but I must start right now. Rinds are used in watermelon pickles and they are Kelly Allen's specialty. My husband loves these, I don't know if it's because he eats these or not, but he dosen't have a problem. Neither does Hoyt Alford, according to his girl friend, Lois. I don't know that you need them. Oh, thank you. That's a compliment, isn't it?Scientists are working to breed watermelons with higher concentrations of citrulline in the flesh, which may change Luling's image from being known for watermelons to something else. It might be a new aspect to our watermelon growing, I can tell you that, No pun intended, but, you know, but...phyto-: of plantscitrulline: An amino acid, NH2CONH(CH2)3CHNH2COOH, which occurs in watermelons and is an intermediate in urea synthesis in animals. 200812/57967宜昌中医院治疗龟头炎多少钱 Hardliner Netanyahu Poised to Become Israel's New Prime Minister右翼鹰派要人可能当以色列新总理 Public opinion polls before Israel's national elections next Tuesday have consistently shown former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the lead. Netanyahu represents the right-wing Likud Party, which has been gaining support as many Israelis express frustration over the lack of progress toward a peace agreement with the Palestinians. 在以色列下周二举行全国选举之前,民意调查显示,前总理内塔尼亚胡的持率一直处于领先位置。内塔尼亚胡代表右翼的利库德集团。由于许多以色列人对政府迟迟无法同巴勒斯坦达成和平协议感到不满,利库德集团获得了民众的持。Benjamin Netanyahu, at the age of 46, became Israel's youngest prime minister in 1996, and the first to be born after the creation of the state of Israel. His hawkish views resonated with many Israelis who were eager for a tough-talking leader, following a string of suicide bombings and other violence by Arabs against Jews. He was voted out of office in 1999. 本雅明·内塔尼亚胡曾在1996年成为以色列最年轻的总理,也是第一位在以色列建国后出生的总理,当年他46岁。他的鹰派观点曾在许多以色列人心中引发共鸣。当时,在阿拉伯人针对犹太人发动一系列爆炸和暴力袭击后,这些以色列人期待出现一位言论强硬的领袖。内塔尼亚胡在1999年竞选失败后下台。Now, Netanyahu, a one-time furniture salesman known to Israelis by his nickname of Bibi, is riding on a new wave of support as many Israelis express frustration over the outgoing government's lack of progress in peace talks with the Palestinians, the continuing threat of Iran's nuclear ambitions, and with the outcome of Israel's war in the Gaza Strip.  曾经当过家具推销员的内塔尼亚胡被以色列人昵称为“比比”。现在,许多以色列人对即将卸任的这届政府在以巴和谈上缺乏进展而感到失望。同时,伊朗的核野心继续威胁着以色列的安全。After a 22-day assault on militants in Gaza, Hamas remains in charge and rockets from Gaza have continued to hit communities in southern Israel. 而以色列对加沙地带激进组织哈马斯22天的进攻又没能推翻哈马斯,来自加沙的火箭弹继续袭击以色列南部。Netanyahu visited the southern city of Ashkelon immediately after a rocket launched from Gaza hit there on February 3 - one week before election day. He said he would take a tougher stand against Hamas than the ruling centrist Kadima party has done.  加沙的一枚火箭弹在二月三号,也就是距离以色列大选还有一周的时候,击中了以色列南部城市阿什克伦。内塔尼亚胡在袭击发生后立即赶到了阿什克伦。他说,他将对哈马斯采取比目前的中间派前进党政府更为强硬的立场。"The army did a great job, but the Kadima government stopped short of achieving the goal. There is only one thing that will remove the missile threat from Ashkelon and the other cities and towns of Israel, and that is to bring down the Hamas government and we will bring down the Hamas government," he said.  他说:“以色列军队表现出色,但是前进党政府没能实现目标。只有一个办法可以消除对阿什克伦和以色列其它城市和乡镇的威胁,那就是推翻哈马斯政府,而我们正是要这么做。”It is the tough talk that is appealing to Israelis whose main concern in these elections is security.  这种强硬的表态吸引了那些在选举中主要关注安全问题的以色列选民。His views on the status of Jerusalem - one of the key sticking points in Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations - have been no less clear and uncompromising. 导致巴以和谈无法取得进展的一个关键障碍是耶路撒冷地位问题。内塔尼亚胡在这个问题上也毫不含糊。"For 3,000 years this place has been the capital of the Jewish people. For 2,000 years we have been struggling and praying to get back here and re-establish our sovereignty. We did not unite Jerusalem to leave it. We did not unite it to re-divide it. And the government of Likud will keep Jerusalem united under Israeli sovereignty," Netanyahu said. 他说:“三千年以来,耶路撒冷一直是犹太人的首都。两千年来,我们一直在斗争和祈祷,希望能回到耶路撒冷,并重新建立我们的主权。我们统一耶路撒冷的目的不是为了放弃它,或者再次分裂它。利库德集团领导的政府将使耶路撒冷在以色列的主权下继续统一。”On the other contentious issue of Jewish settlements in disputed lands, Netanyahu has said Israel would not build new outposts, but said existing ones should be allowed to expand. He has pledged not to expel any settlers.  在另一个引发争论的问题,即犹太人在有争议土地上建立定居点问题上,内塔尼亚胡说,以色列将不会建立新的定居点,但是现存的定居点应当被允许扩大。他还保,不会驱赶定居点里的任何以色列居民。Netanyahu's record of delivering on his right-wing promises has not been perfect. He lost his 1999 re-election bid after angering his hardline supporters by agreeing to withdraw in stages from 13 percent of Israeli-occupied lands. His supporters at the time accused him of giving in for the sake of political ambition, although his administration never fulfilled the agreement.  内塔尼亚胡过去并没有完全兑现他的右翼竞选承诺。他1999年寻求连任失败就是因为他同意分阶段从百分之13的以色列占领领土上撤退,这激怒了强硬派的持者。当时,他的持者指责他为了政治野心而屈,虽然他的政府其实并没有真的实施这一撤退协议。If Netanyahu is elected, his ability to take pragmatic steps while retaining his right-wing following will be tested once again when it comes time to restart negotiations with the Palestinians.  如果内塔尼亚胡当选,那么当他重新开始同巴勒斯坦人的谈判时,他从实际出发采取行动,而同时保持右翼选民持的能力就将再次受到考验。Netanyahu is promising to pursue the peace process and at the same time be tougher than Kadima has been in negotiations with the Palestinians. This strategy is likely to win the vote of those in Israel who are seeking change. 内塔尼亚胡保会继续奉行和平进程,同时也要在以巴谈判中采取比前进党政府更强硬的立场。这一战略可能会获得那些希望改变现状的以色列选民的持。02/61990一直以来人们都认为男人更擅长做体力活,使用一些笨重的工具,比如说锤子等。但是,研究表明,在某些需要使用锤子的时候,女性会更擅长一些。We might think women are not as adept as men at wielding heavy tools, like say, hammers, according to popular stereotypes.Turns out that women may have a leg up when it comes to hammering in certain situations. This was announced at the recent Experimental Biology annual meeting in Glasgow, Scotland.Scientists measured the accuracy and force of men and women's blows to a metal plate. They also tested their hammer style in rooms that were either brightly lit or pitch dark. (Glow-in-the-dark stickers marked the targets.)Indeed they found that men struck twice as hard as the women. But women were 25 percent more accurate than men in well-lit conditions. Surprisingly both sexes were better than expected at hammering in the dark, although men had an advantage, with about 10 percent higher accuracy.The researchers theorize that maybe men and women inherently use different strategies, putting more emphasis on either force or accuracy, respectively. But these are preliminary results. They intend to do further studies with larger sample sizes in different conditions.But for now that old stereotype might need to be retooled.注解:leg up n. (对上马或跨跃障碍时的)帮助turn out 结果是;明是07/76638宜昌市医院尿科

宜昌省妇幼保健院男科大夫Coolest cars of 08, part 1 Fortune's Sue Callaway picks the fastest, best performing and good looking sports cars and takes them to the track. Hi, I am Sue Callaway, car columnist of Fortune Magazine. And I am here the Las Vegas motor’s field way to test the coolest cars of 08. Wow, Lamborghini knows not only how to feel the joy ride, this is a thrill ride, this is a most engaging brutal, drawn, crazy car out here. So many cars coming up today, even with the super cars are building in so many small electronics that control your traction in your brake balance, well this doesn’t have all that junk on it, this is a pure Italian monster. Porsche has been evolving and refining the 911 Turbo for decades. You might think that make it ubiquitous, he did see lot of them on the roads. But I’ve got to tell you, of all the cars here today, this is the most capable and easiest to drive of all of them. Stand out to the rest of the competition, but only you as a driver look amazing. This is the incredible car that gold standard of sports cars. I had to sit down for this one, I never through I’d see it, but I am glad to finally, an American super car that is worthy of its competition. The Corvette ZR1 is incredibly competent, incredibly powerful machine. Trashing control on, it’s balanced, it’s powerful, it / to do anything stupid. Trashing control off, you can slide this car around for days unlike an all-wheel drive car like the 911 Turbo. Bravo, GM, this wins the final reward. But here’s a strange problem I ran into today, the Nissan GT-R is so competent, I really wasn’t aware of the performance level I was getting. Sure I felt the tiers’ squealing and you know, it’s hitting the gas as hard as I could on the street way, but it felt like kind of a daily drive until I look down and realize that hitting higher numbers than any other cars so far today. In fact, for 70,000 dollars, the cheapest car in the line up. You are getting performance that battles the 911 Turbo, the Lamborghini Gallardo, all the other all wheel drive competition out there. Are there a few niggles, its second gear too short, but I change the shape of paddle shipped. Yeah, maybe, but, come on, this is an insanely good deal and an insanely competent. 200811/54874宜昌哪家医院治疗阳痿好? South Korea Reverses Economic Growth Prediction韩国新财长称经济增长将面临收缩 South Korea has a new finance minister - and a newly gloomy economic outlook. The government is reversing a recent prediction of growth, saying the South Korean economy will contract for the first time since the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990's. 韩国有了一位新的财政部长,同时描绘了一幅新的黯淡的经济前景。韩国政府推翻了最近对经济增长的预测,说韩国经济将经历1990年代末亚洲金融危机以来的第一次收缩。South Korean Finance Minister Yoon Jeung-hyun was sworn in Tuesday and proceeded to share what he describes as "unpleasant" but "honest" news. 尹增铉星期二宣誓就任韩国财政部长,随后就谈到他所说的“令人不愉快”但“实话实说”的消息。He says South Korea's economy is contracting more quickly than expected, as the world economy gets worse. He says the economy is expected to contract two percent this year, because of falling domestic demand and exports. 他说,在世界经济形势不断恶化的同时,韩国经济的收缩速度也超过了预期。由于内需和出口双双下降,预期今年经济将收缩两个百分点。Yoon estimates the South Korean economy will shed about 200,000 jobs. The forecast belies a government prediction from December that the economy would grow this year by a modest three percent. 尹增铉预测,韩国经济将减少大约20万个就业机会。他的说法不同于韩国政府去年12月关于今年经济会缓慢增长百分之3的预期。The South Korean announcement comes as members of the ed States Senate wrangle over a possible deal to spend about 0 billion to stimulate the collapsing American economy.  在韩国做出经济增长预测的同时,美国国会参议院正在就一项大约8千亿美元的经济刺激计划进行争论。China and Japan are spending hundreds of billions of dollars to jump start their own economies and Yoon says Seoul is likely to prime the economic pump, as well. 中国和日本分别投入数千亿美元,刺激经济增长。尹增铉表示,首尔可能也会采取经济刺激措施。He says South Korea will place highest priority on activating domestic demand and will issue a supplementary budget as early as possible. 他说,韩国将把拉动内需作为重中之重,并尽早公布一项补充预算。Officials sat that budget is likely to contain at least billion in public spending. South Korean central bank leaders are scheduled to meet this week and are expected to cut interest rates to record low levels, to attempt to get the economy moving. 有关官员说,这项预算可能包含至少20亿美元的公共开。韩国中央负责人定于本周开会,预计他们会把利率降低至历史新低,以期推动经济增长。02/62199宜都市第一医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

宜昌男健医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱Have job losses hit bottom? America's job market is bleak and some experts are saying more bad news is yet to come.. 240000 jobs loss last month, that brings total job losses just this year up to 1.2 million, our unemployment rate now stands at 6.5%. Let's bring CNN Christine Romance, Christine, the highest level since 1994. That's right. And those jobs lost so many this year, just ten months 1.2 million jobs lost and half of those coming in just past three months. So what that tells us is there is a rapid deterioration in the economy in the labor market and it is quickening its pace right now in terms of the weakness that we were seeing. Job's loss pretty much across the board, you got anything related to the housing, anything related to the consumer, anything related to the finance, losing jobs. The fact that the unemployment rate now stands at 6.5% may make some economists rethink next year's target. They were talking about 7% maybe 8%, for next year, we are getting there quite quickly with these kinds of numbers every month again and again. 240000 jobs loss this month that is probably worse than people expected.Is there an end to it, is this the bottom to it?This isn't the bottom. And I don't think that is a controversial statement. A lot of economists think that we were seeing the beginning of what would become a new norm in the labor market and that would be hundreds of thousands of jobs lost every month. That is what a recession looks like. And this kind of number this month, tells a lot of economists that maybe we are aly in that recession, we don't really ever know untill after or in it. There was a pack of the strength, goverment jobs, the goverment jobs increased. You saw health care jobs, and 7000 jobs created in mining. But economists will point out to you that when you got the goverment creating jobs, consistently creating jobs, that is not a sign of strength. A health care job, some of those are very low paid health jobs and they are replacing highly paid manufacturing jobs that were supporting middle class families. Some of those health jobs don't have health insurance, they are more like janitorial jobs, home health care jobs, doctor jobs can't be outsource, people who run the equipment in hospital can't be outsource, those are good jobs. So people who are worried looking for choices, for career choices, health care has been a consistent grower.You know we've heard, president elect Barrack Obama on the campaign trail saying job creation, job creation, job creation. This makes that call that much more urgent, but that much more difficult as well.It really does. I think a lot of people are looking to him to fix it, and to grow jobs. But let's remember that a president doesn't grow jobs, the president with congress put the policy in place that allow the economy to grows, so the private sector, the private sector can grow jobs. what a lot of folks are telling me is this is not gonna be a case of president growing job, this is gonna be a case of the president and his team trying to mitigate what could be a very ugly situation for . There are a lot of topics as well about some sort of depression air public works programme. You have, just today, Ford anouncing more lay off there. You've got hundreds of thousands of skilled manufacturing workers and construction industry workers who are out of work. And there is something coming in down the pack to replace those jobs without some sort of retrainning. There is a talk among a lot of economists that the president and his team should have some sort of big infrastructure spending programme to get people to work. The drawback as it takes a very long time to start those jobs, but now economists tell me if you have a weak job market for next year, maybe into 2010. Well you don't have to worry about the lag, because you still are gonna get those people to work.Yeah, you have to get them employed, we leave there, Christine, thank you so much, for again the unemployment right now, 6.5%.200811/55740 Thousands Lose Jobs as Australia's Once-Mighty Mining Sector Suffers澳大利亚矿业巨头裁员三千 Mining giant BHP Billiton is cutting more than 3,000 jobs in Australia and will close a major nickel mine, because of poor profitability prospects. 由于赢利前景不佳,矿业巨头必和必拓在澳大利亚裁减3千份工作,并将关闭一个大型镍矿。The engine room of Australia's economy is showing unmistakable signs of faltering, as corporate leaders and trade unions in the resources-rich west report a collapse in business and consumer confidence, amid the international slowdown.  澳大利亚的经济引擎正在显示出明确的不稳定迹象,资源丰富的西部地区的商界和工会领导人纷纷表示,在全球经济衰退的影响下,公司赢利和消费者信心都在急剧下降。Major mining projects in Western Australia have been shelved, with the loss of thousands of jobs, while other expansion projects have been put on hold, as the country's boom state feels the financial chill brought on by a fall in demand from key markets such as China.  西澳大利亚州的大型矿业开发项目已经被搁置,数千份工作化为乌有。与此同时,中国等主要市场的需求下降使经济繁荣的西澳大利亚州感受到金融危机的影响,另外一些扩建项目也已经叫停。BHP Billiton is shedding 3,400 jobs in Australia. Another 2,000 posts will go in Chile and 550 at the Pinto Valley copper mine in the ed States. 必和比拓集团将在澳大利亚裁减3千4百份工作,在智利裁员2千人,在美国的平托谷铜矿裁员550人。The cuts represent six percent of BHP's international work force and highlight a dramatic decline in the fortunes of mining companies. 这些裁员占必和必拓全球雇员的百分之6,凸显了这些矿业公司的财务状况急剧下降。Amid the worldwide slump, Australia's once mighty mining sector faces what is likely to be more downward pressure on commodity prices and demand.  在全球范围出现经济衰退的形势下,澳大利亚一度不可一世的采矿业可能因大宗商品价格和需求下降而面临更大的下行压力。Western Australian trade union representative Simone McGurk says the speed of the slowdown has come as a shock. 西澳大利亚洲的工会代表西恩·麦泽克说,经济放缓的速度令人震撼。"People have been surprised at how quickly the global situation has started to come home to us in WA. In Western Australia, we lead a very charmed existence," said McGurk. "It's not only our coastline and our weather, but we have enormous natural resources that we've been able to exploit. The challenge for our government is to make sure that the community can withstand these changes." “人们对于全球局势迅速传导到国内,影响到我们西澳大利亚州的速度感到惊讶。在西澳大利亚州,我们享有得天独厚的自然条件,我这里所说的不仅是海岸线和气候,而且我们拥有巨大的、便于开采的自然资源。我们的政府面临的挑战是确保这个地区能够经得起国际局势变化的考验。”A recent survey has shown that business confidence in Western Australia is at a ten-year low. 一项最近的调查结果显示,西澳大利亚的商业信心指数降到10年来的最低水平。But, despite the gloom, there is optimism. 尽管前景黯淡,但是也有人仍保持乐观。James Pearson, the chief executive of the state's Chamber of Commerce and Industry, says the local economy is robust enough to eventually bounce back strongly... 这个州的商工会主席詹姆斯·比尔森表示,地区经济运行良好,足以最终实现反弹。"The evidence is that, even though China and India and other emerging economies in Asia are being hit by the global financial crisis, long-term demand will return and the prospects for this state, which is more exposed than any other in Australia to the international economy, are very good," said Pearson. “有据显示,即使中国、印度和其他亚洲新兴经济体受到全球金融危机的打击,长期的需求终将得到恢复。我们这个州比澳大利亚的任何其他地区都更容易受到全球经济的影响,但它的前景还是很好的。”Although senior corporate figures have stated that WA's mining boom was enduring a "temporary set-back", some academics believe that, for now, the good times are over.  虽然一些公司的高级官员曾表示,西澳大利亚州的矿业繁荣将会遇到“暂时的挫折”,但是一些专业人士认为,现在,好时候已经过去。There are predictions that unemployment will rise steeply and along with the mining industry, the housing sector will also suffer. 有人预计,失业率将急剧上升,并且伴随矿业不景气,房地产业也将受到打击。Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has warned that economic conditions will worsen this year. 澳大利亚总理陆克文警告说,今年的经济形势将进一步恶化。01/61422宜昌市有治疗前列腺炎吗荆州市人民中妇幼保健医院男科专家



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