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摘要:访问英国的人会发现传统英国酒吧是最能领略当地文化的地方。但对于初来乍到的异国人来说,这些友善的酒吧却犹如潜藏着有惹事危险的"地雷区"。Visitors to Britain may find the best place to sample local culture is in a traditional pub. But these friendly hostelries can be minefields of potential gaffes for the uninitiated.An anthropologist and a team of researchers have unveiled some of the arcane rituals of British pubs--starting with the difficulty of getting a drink. Most pubs have no waiters--you have to go to the bar to buy drinks. A group of Italian youths waiting 45 minutes before they realized they would have to fetch their own. This may sound inconvenient, but there is a hidden purpose. Pub culture is designed to promote sociability in a society known for its reserve. Standing at the bar for service allows you to chat with others waiting to be served. The bar counter is possibly the only site in the British Isles in which friendly conversation with strangers is considered entirely appropriate and rea1ly quite normal behaviour. "If you haven't been to a pub, you haven't been to Britain." This tip can be found in a booklet, Passport to the Pub: The Tourists' Guide to Pub Etiquette, a customers' code of conduct for those wanting to sample "a central part of British life and culture". The trouble is that if you do not follow the local rules, the experience may fall flat. For example, if you are in a big group, it is best if only one or two people go to buy the drinks. Nothing irritates the regular customers and bar staff more than a gang of strangers blocking all access to the bar while they chat and dither about what to order. /200904/68468Everyone wants to achieve beauty and health. To succeed humans should constantly work ontheir diet. It is very important to eat nourishing but healthy food and decrease fats; all these effectively impact on our complete conditionand appearance。  人人都想既美丽又健康。若要如此,你就必须坚持在饮食方面下功夫。食用营养丰富、脂肪含量少的健康食物十分重要,因为这些食物可以有效地影响我们整个的机体以及外表。  To feature out which food results your beauty on the following。  想知道哪些食物能帮你变漂亮,那就不要错过下面的内容。  Carrots 胡萝卜  This vegetabl eprotects and keeps the outer skin layer and results preventing premature aging. The components of carrot correspond to Retin A。  这种蔬菜能保护皮肤外皮层防止它的提早衰老。胡萝卜中起主要作用的成分是维生素A。  Tomatoes 西红柿  Tomatoes is a remarkable vegetable for your skin as it is high in vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium。  对于你的皮肤来说,西红柿是一种了不起的水果,因为它富含了维生素A,维生素C以及钾元素。  Sweet Potatoes 红薯  Sweet potatocontains lots of vitamin A. This vitamin is very important as it isconsidered to be anti-wrinkling agent. Include it into your diet and your skin will become smother and cleaner。  红薯富含被认为是抗皱代表的维生素A。只要多吃它你的皮肤将变得更加紧致和洁净。  Nonfat Yogurt 脱脂酸奶  If you wish tohave your teeth cavity-free and white-teeth smile nonfat yogurt should be included in your diet. Its bonus contains in calcium, it is high init。  如果你想避免蛀牙,并想展露洁白牙齿的笑容,那你就该把脱脂酸奶加入菜单之中。因为它富含钙元素。  Citrus Fruits 柑橘类水果  Lemons, orangesand any other citrus fruit form collagen resulting to holding the skincells together. It is necessary to drink fruit juices and eat fruitevery day. As the matter of fact, collagen cannot be added to the skintopically。  柠檬、桔子等柑橘类水果里富含的胶原物质能使皮肤紧致。事实上,胶原物质不能直接进入皮肤,所以每天喝一些果汁以及吃水果是很必要的。  Garlic 大蒜  Garlic is very useful for your beauty as well. It assists to combat wrinkles. In addition, it restores tissue。  大蒜也能对你的美丽做出贡献。它除了可以预防皱纹,还可以帮你修复组织。  Wheat Germ 小麦胚芽  If you do not know how to become free of pimples, wheat germs will effectively help you. The only thing you should do to eat two or three tables poons of what germs per day. Add it into your food such as to yogurt, cottage cheese and such。  如果你不知道如何摆脱粉刺的困扰,小麦胚芽就是你的好帮手,你要做的只是每天吃上两三匙分量的小麦胚芽。你可以把它添加进酸奶、奶酪一类的食物中一起进食。  Apple Cider Vinegar 苹果醋  The heavy concentration of apple cider vinegar results to peeling off dead skincells. In addition it splits fat and assist food digest。  浓度高的苹果醋有助于皮肤中坏死、衰老细胞的清除。除此之外,苹果醋还能裂解脂肪,帮助食物消化。  Cheese 芝士  It is better toeat such kind of cheese as Swiss, cheddar, or Gouda. These ones assistin preventing cavities. In addition, the above kinds of cheese blockbacteria in the mouth. Hence if you wish to have a nice smile, includea slice or two into your diet。  芝士最好是吃瑞士的、英国产的或者是荷兰制作的。这些芝士有助于预防蛀牙。另外,上面说的芝士还能阻止口腔里的细菌。因此,如果你想拥有一个漂亮的笑容,饮食中加入一两片芝士吧。  While choosing the food do not forget to include the beneath-mentioned。  在选择食物的时候,不要忘记以下的几类食物哦。  Vegetables 蔬菜  You need to eat vegetables at least times per day. It will be useful to eat raw and leafy greens。  每天要应该吃几顿蔬菜,生的蔬菜和绿色叶子的蔬菜会非常有用。  Meat 肉类  Eat no more than three ounce servings per day. Do not forget to take off all fat. It will be better to include turkey or chicken in two servings. And the third ounce should be fish。  每天不要吃多过三盎司的肉,还要避免肥肉。最好其中的两盎司肉里含有火鸡肉或是鸡肉。剩下的一盎司就应该是鱼肉了。  Fruits 水果  To keep your beauty keep two to three servings of fruit in a day. You may eat fruitsalad for the 1st serving and chopped /sliced fruit for the 2nd serving。  为了你的美丽,每天要吃两至三份水果。第一餐吃水果沙拉,其他的可以直接切块来吃。  Dairy 乳制品  Try to keep two servings per day. A serving should contain eight ounces of milk or yogurt。  尽量每天都吃两份乳制品,每份都应该包含8盎司的奶或者酸奶。  Fats 油脂  Try to decrease to two servings of salad dressing, cooking oil, butter, and mayonnaise。  Note your health and beauty depends only on you. Be sure you will manage to keep them。  尽量将油脂用量减少至两餐分量,这里面包括沙拉调味料、食用油以及蛋黄酱所含的油脂分量。你的健康和美丽靠你自己来经营。要相信自己能够做得到。 /200911/88735GEMINI MATE 双子座 You can play a heartless game using your keen intellect, charm and sex appeal to your advantage. You can easily persuade any sign to have a passionate affair with you, however a long-term relationship is another story. You aren't likely to stay in any union that restricts, confines or holds you back in any way. 你可能会利用你的才智、魅力和性吸引来玩一场无情的感情游戏。你可以轻易地打动任何一个星座的人与你发生一段,但长期的交往就是另外一回事了。你不会停留在一段束缚你或拖你后腿的关系中。    GEMINI amp; ARIES: This is one of your best matches. You both have a high energy, a thirst for adventure and spontaneity. Passionate, sudden and compelling this union can last.  双子座和白羊座:这是你的最佳搭档之一。你们都精力充沛,向往冒险和自然。你们的结合充满和意外,引人注目。 /201109/154080

Oscars chiefs promise 'bold, risky' show第81届奥斯卡颁奖礼将于2月22日在柯达剧院隆重举行。由于近年的奥斯卡颁奖典礼收视率持续下降,去年的第80届颁奖礼更是创历史新低。因此,美国电影艺术与科学学院决定在今年的颁奖礼上进行大胆改革,使其重新成为一大吸引人的“亮点”。据主办方透露,今年的典礼主持人为澳大利亚演员休#8226;杰克曼,典礼开场将不复以往老套的主持人独白,也不会放那些颁奖嘉宾预先录制的搞笑片段。典礼颁奖嘉宾的身份则一直处于高度保密状态,直到典礼当天才会闪亮登场。为了让颁奖典礼更加精,制片方要求提名演员在准备答谢词时要简短、真诚,要在仅有的45秒钟内说出最想说的话。Oscars organizers promised a bold new approach to this month's Academy Awards, at a star-studded luncheon here Monday to salute this year's crop of nominees.After years of declining viewing figures that culminated in last year's 80th Oscars recording an all-time ratings low, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have moved to revamp Hollywood's annual extravaganza.The co-producers of the February 22 show, Bill Condon and Laurence Mark, have so far kept full details of their planned changes to the Oscars' tried-and-tested formula tightly under wraps.However Academy president Sid Ganis told nominees at the Beverly Hilton hotel on Monday to expect some daring tweaks to the telecast."It's going to be a show that takes some bold risks," said Ganis.Oscars organizers have aly confirmed one change by announcing Australian actor Hugh Jackman as the host of the show, a departure from the recent tradition of popular comedians acting as compere.Among the changes reported to be contemplated by Mark and Condon are the decisions to dispense with the ceremony's opening monologue and to keep "canned" segments to a minimum.The identities of the presenters on the awards night have also been kept a secret when in previous years the Academy revealed presenters in the weeks building up to the ceremony.The New York Times reported Monday that the producers are seeking to boost the appeal of the show by asking studios to provide scenes from future films.Under the initiative, 10-second clips of around two dozen new movies would be shown as the show's credits roll.Meanwhile Ganis on Monday also urged nominees to give some thought to making their acceptance speeches memorable -- and short."As for the acceptance speeches -- you know what's required," Ganis said. "Be brief, be personal and be heartfelt. You have a grand total of 45 seconds."Ganis was speaking before an audience that included 15 of the 20 actors and actresses who are nominated for Oscars this year, notable absentees including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Meryl Streep.This year's Oscars are expected to be a shoot-out between rags-to-riches Mumbai-set romance "Slumdog Millionaire," which has 10 nominations, and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," with 13.Although historically the film with the most Oscar nominations has prevailed in the coveted best picture race, "Slumdog Millionaire" is widely seen as the clear favorite after a virtual clean sweep at key awards shows this year.The movie's favorite status solidified at the weekend after British director Danny Boyle scooped the top prize at the prestigious Director's Guild of America (DGA) awards, regarded as an important Oscars bellwether. /200902/61768

摘要:一位美国朋友邀请你去他家。你以前从未去过美国人的家,你不确定该怎么做。该带一个礼物吗?该怎么穿?该几点到?到了那里该做什么?An American friend has invited you to visit his family. You've never been to an American's home before, and you're not sure what to do. Should you take a gift? How should you dress? What time should you arrive? What should you do when you get there? Glad you asked. When you're the guest, you should just make yourself at home. That's what hospitality is all about: making people feel at home when they're not. The question of whether or not to bring a gift often makes guests squirm. Giving your host a gift is not just a social nicety in some cultures-it's expected. But in American culture, a guest is not obligated to bring a present. Of course, some people do bring a small token of appreciation to their host. Appropriate gifts for general occasions might be flowers, candy or-if the family has small children-toys. If you choose not to bring a gift, don't worry. No one will even notice. American hospitality begins at home-especially when it involves food. Most Americans agree that good home cooking beats restaurant food any day. When invited for a meal, you might ask, "Can I bring anything?" Unless it's a potluck, where everyone brings a dish, the host will probably respond, "No, just yourself." For most informal dinners, you should wear comfortable, casual clothes. Plan to arrive on time, or else call to inform your hosts of the delay. During the dinner conversation, it's customary to compliment the hostess on the wonderful meal. Of course, the biggest compliment is to eat lots of food! When you've had plenty, you might offer to clear the table or wash the dishes. But since you're the guest, your hosts may not let you. Instead, they may invite everyone to move to the living room for dessert with tea or coffee. After an hour or so of general chit-chat, it's probably time to head for the door. You don't want to wear out your welcome. And above all, don't go snooping around the house. It's more polite to wait for the host to offer you a guided tour. But except for housewarmings, guests often don't get past the living room. Americans usually like to have advance notice when people come to see them. Only very close friends drop by unannounced. This is especially true if the guests want to stay for a few days. Here's a good rule of thumb for house guests: Short stays are best. As one 19th century French writer put it, "The first day a man is a guest, the second a burden, the third a pest." Even relatives don't usually stay for several weeks at a time. While you're staying with an American family, try to keep your living area neat and tidy. Your host family will appreciate your consideration. And they may even invite you back! Most Americans consider themselves hospitable people. Folks in the southern ed States, in particular, take pride in entertaining guests. In fact, "southern hospitality" has become legendary. But in all parts of America, people welcome their guests with open arms. So don't be surprised to find the welcome mat out for you. Just don't forget to wipe your feet. /200904/67854

白羊座——How the Steel Was Tempered《钢铁是怎样炼成的》 适合白羊座们读的书非《钢铁是怎样炼成的》莫属了,这本书中的主人公保尔与白羊座有着相同的性格,面对社会上的黑暗、不公,他从来没有退缩过。他毅然参军,为了保家为国而牺牲自己。 相同关键词:刚烈、不屈不挠How the Steel Was Tempered is a socialist realist novel written by Nikolai Ostrovsky (1904-1936) during Stalin's era. Pavel Korchagin is the central character.The story is a fictionalized autobiography. In real life, Ostrovsky's father died, and his mother worked as a kitchen chef. As he joined the war with the Red Army, he lost his right eye due to an infection. 《钢铁是怎样炼成的》是苏联作家尼古拉·奥斯特洛夫斯基所著的一部长篇小说,于1933年写成。小说通过保尔.柯察金的成长道路,告诉人们,一个人只有在革命的艰难困苦中战胜敌人也战胜自己,只有在把自己的追求和祖国、人民的利益联系在一起的时候,才会创造出奇迹,才会成长为钢铁战士。革命者在斗争中百炼成钢,是小说的一个重要主题。1942年,苏联根据原著小说拍摄了一部同名的电影。 /201107/146130

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