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,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 When You Start to Pursue Your Dreams追逐梦想Youll be tempted to bail out something more secure. And youll get over it.你想要保护某个东西,使其更安全那么你就得战胜危险 Job security is a myth. 工作是否稳定实际上就是个谜Regardless of pension promises or signed contracts, the real fact of the matter is there is no ‘job security’ in working someone else. “不管是否许诺了解决养老问题,或者是否签订了工作合同,这个真实情况就是:为别人打工就没有‘铁饭碗’If at any time any reason the boss has a problem with you, the market goes south, your contract over, the clientele fades, the goes red, or the business goes belly-up, you are becoming an unemployment statistic. ~ Eric Dubay在任何时候、任何地点,要是这个老板想找你麻烦,哪怕是市场不景气引起的,你也可能会丢掉工作客源的流失、财政的赤字、经济陷入死角,你的名字都有可能出现在失业统计的数据中”尔克杜拜说道【知识点讲解】work 为 ... 效力例句:He found it very demeaning to have to work his mer employee.他觉得要为他以前的雇员工作很失身分Satan always finds work idle hands.[谚]魔鬼专坑懒鬼I prize my independence too much to go and work them.我决不愿意丧失自己的独立性去为他们效劳We could undertake the work the time being.我们可暂时承担这项工作更多节目请关注微信公众号:安夏说英语(anxia),欢迎关注公众号参与“轻松背单词”,一起学习![本节目属] 955《被解救的姜戈重回中国影院 -- :8: 来源: 电影导演昆汀·塔伦蒂诺的激烈反奴隶制传说《被解救的姜戈戏剧般地被禁映约一个月后于周日又回到了中国电影屏幕《被解救的姜戈是继《无耻混蛋后又一巨制力作该片延续昆汀一贯低调奢华的风格,处处可见奇思妙想的幽默元素和血腥野性的动作场面,更有强档群戏,豪华卡司,可谓看点十足Film director Quentin Tarantino's violent anti-slavery saga Django Unchained returned to China's screens on Sunday after being dramatically pulled from the country's theaters about a month ago.Screenings of the movie were suddenly suspended at theaters on April , its opening day in China, by the movie\'s importer, China Film Group Corp.Some "minor changes" have been made to the returned film, according to Shanghai\'s UME Cineplex. In April, the film was abruptly dropped "unspecific technology reasons".It is reported that the new edition is three minutes shorter than the previous one, with nudity scenes omitted.The then 5-minute film was expected to reap "a conservative 60 million yuan (.8 million) in ticket sales" during its April debut.But the Oscar-winning film got off to a poor opening in China on Sunday - if not a box office debacle - box office receipts in Shanghai and Beijing showed."The film\'s seat occupancy rate is below 30 percent as of 3:30 this afternoon," said Zhang Wenwen, manager of Wanda International Cineplex, Beijing.In Shanghai, a rather higher 50 percent rate was experienced by the UME International Cineplex in Xintiandi, a landmark of the metropolis. But it is still below the box office average compared with other Hollywood movies including Iron Man 3 and Tom Cruise\'s Oblivion, which debuted on Friday, according to a staff member of the cinema\'s ticket office surnamed Xi.On Gewara.com, a popular film ticket selling website, both Shanghai and Beijing witnessed no more than 6,000 people buy tickets the film on Sunday, while Oblivion sold more than 50,000 tickets across the two cities."It\'s bad timing the return of the film," said Geng Yuejin, vice-manager of Edko Films Ltd, which runs 1 theaters across the country."Sunday is not a good day film debuts in the first place and then there is competition between both domestic and eign big blockbusters So Young, Iron Man and Oblivion," said Geng.But other industry insiders blamed cinemas giving little publicity, fewer showings and poorly determined show times the film.According to mtime.com, the sci-fi adventure Oblivion boasted 76 showings at 0 cinemas in Beijing on Sunday, and Iron Man 3 had 88 showings in 1 cinemas, while Django Unchained had showings at 91 cinemas in the capital city."I have been standing here an hour and haven\'t sold a single ticket the film yet," said a ticket scalper outside Shanghai\'s Central Grand Cinema.Unwilling to give his name, the scalper claimed he has been "making small money" by selling discounted tickets at the cinema years but seldom has he been "so unlucky".Afternoon tickets were on sale 0 yuan each in the cinema. The scalper was selling them 0 yuan two-and-a-half hours bee the film began. Eventually he reduced the price to 50 yuan.Xi at Shanghai UME Cineplex said the film\'s theme didn\'t appeal to young cinema-goers. On douban.com, a Chinese film review aggregation website akin to Rotten Tomatoes, the film has garnered an average rating of 8.5 out of from more than 85,300 people who claimed to have seen the film."It\'s not a surprise that the Oscar-winning film is a box office dud in China," said Tengjing Shu, a well-known film critic and producer in Shanghai."Cinephiles watched it right after it won two Academy Awards (given at the 85th Awards in February), while the news of it being pulled from theaters the rumored reason of nudity has attracted another curious audience who would have been perfectly satisfied viewing the unabridged version online the past month. As a result, there was only a small audience its silver screen debut in China," she said.Peng Boda, a 7-year-old computer programmer in Shanghai, told China Daily that he had been waiting the return of the film after the "disappointing" sudden withdrawal last month.A big fan of Quentin Tarantino and actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Peng said he has watched most of the director\'s works and, although he knows there will be additional cuts, "there is no better option" in order to enjoy the Tarantino-style "bloodiness" on the big screen.Ben Ji, a senior producer who has work experiences in both Hollywood and domestic studios, said he believes there is an urgent need a rating system films in China. 《被解救的姜戈重回中国影院《美国恐怖故事第三季:反巫师猎人联盟正式建立 --19 3::33 来源: 《美国恐怖故事-女巫大聚会(American Horror Story: Coven)3.:Marie拒绝了Fiona的「结盟」提议与此同时,Queenie没有照Marie的要求烧掉LaLaurie夫人的头颅,而是将头颅藏在自己房间里Queenie强迫Lalaurie夫人的头颅看《根(Roots),作为对她的「情感教育」Myrtle杀了Quentin和Cecily,并且取出她们每人一只眼睛恢复了Cordelia的视力,但Cordelia的「超视力」(second sight)也随之消失了少女们到医院看望不省人事的Luke,Joan对她们的态度很不好Nan能够和Luke仍然有意识的大脑进行交流,并从他那里得知Joan杀了Luke的父亲当Nan把真相说出来以后,Joan将她们全都赶了出去,然后打算用枕头捂死Luke!Hank来到Marie的地盘大开杀戒,Queenie和Marie都受了伤Queenie是个人体巫毒娃娃,当她朝自己的脑袋开了一之后,她和Hank同时死掉了这次事件过后,Marie主动找到Fiona,「反巫师猎人」联盟正式建立Kyle不小心杀死了学校的看门!但是Fiona把Kyle「提拔」为新的看门!  《美国恐怖故事:女巫大聚会(American Horror Story: Coven):制片人对3×解释道,你需要看完3×才会知道Queenie是生是死,她的尸体究竟发生了什么;Hank死了,他的父亲会大发雷霆,「The Corporation」在最后四集中将成为女巫们的主要敌人;Marie和Fiona被迫结盟,但她们有不同的行事风格,观念也不一样;Marie将长期待在Fiona的女巫学校里;歌手Stevie Nicks将出现在3×中;最后四集的主要剧情包括女巫与巫师猎人的战争、下一任首席女巫的人选、Kyle的选择、LaLaurie的结局、LaLaurie与Queenie的友谊,等等 美国 恐怖 故事

年度 维多利亚

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Effective communication and negotiating.有效沟通和磋商Give the people in your life the inmation they need rather than expecting them to know the unknowable.给身边的人他们需要的信息,不要期望他们了解不可知的东西Dont try to other people minds, and dont make other people try to yours. 不要费力气猜别人的心思,也不要让别人猜你的心思Most problems, big and small, within a family,friendship, or business relationship, start with bad communication. 家庭中、朋友间或商业关系中出现的大多数问题,不论大小, 都始于没有良好的沟通Speak honestly, and then give others a voice and show them that their words matter. 坦诚地交流,就意味你在表示——他们的话对你很重要And remember that compromise and effective negotiating are vital parts of effective communication.记住让步和有效磋商是有效交流的关键 negotiate 磋商,协商unknowable 不可知的 other mind 猜他人的心思speak honestly 坦诚地交流compromise 让步vital 有效的[本节目属] 537

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