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宜昌最好的早泄医院宜昌男健医院有检查不育不孕吗宜昌割包皮去哪里比较好 According to a transparency report released by Google, western governments, including that of the ed States, appear to be stepping up efforts to censor Internet search results and YouTube s, CNN reported.据美国有线新闻网报道,谷歌公司日前发布透明度报告称,包括美国在内的西方国家正大力审查网络搜索结果和YouTube视频。;It#39;s alarming not only because the right to free expression is at risk, but because some of these requests are coming from countries you might not expect this from - Western democracies not typically associated with censorship,; said Dorothy Chou, a senior policy analyst at Google.谷歌高级政策分析师桃乐茜#8226;周表示:“自由言论受到威胁令人担忧,不仅如此,西方民主国家本与审查制度无缘,它们也发出请求删除言论,让人始料不及。”During the second half of 2011, U.S. agencies asked Google to remove 6,192 individual pieces of content from its search results, blog posts or archives of online s, according to the report. The tech company did comply, at least in part, with 42% of the removal requests coming from the U.S.报告称,2011年下半年,美国相关机构要求谷歌删除6192条搜索结果、客网贴、在线视频等内容,谷歌公司也的确根据要求,删除了至少42%的相关内容。The company said: ;We review each request to make sure that it complies with both the spirit and the letter of the law, and we may refuse to produce information or in some cases will try to narrow down the request.;谷歌表示:“我们会审查每份请求,保其与当地法律意旨及明文规定相一致,某些情况下,我们会拒绝提供信息或对其要求不予完全满足。” /201207/188739Playing the piano may seem like nothing special to you, but what about playing it on apple instead of piano keys? Lin Hai, a 24-year-old graduate from Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, did exactly that with his homemade electronic board.也许对你而言,弹钢琴没什么特别的,可如果让苹果化身为琴键,你会怎么想?毕业于浙江科技学院、24岁的林海(音译)就用一款自制电路板令这一想法变成现实。Geek boy技术狂人Wearing thick glasses and a simple T-shirt, Lin looks no different to other engineering students. But under his plain appearance lies a true geek heart.厚厚的眼镜加上简单的T恤,林海看上去和其他工科生没什么两样。但在他朴素的外表下,却跳动着一颗技术狂人的心。When Lin was little, he loved disassembling things to look at how they work. Even though he often failed at putting them back together, his curiosity was never satisfied and he laid hands on everything, except computers.林海从小就喜欢将东西“大卸八块”,来观察它们工作原理。尽管他常常无法将它们复原,但他的好奇心一直很旺盛。除了电脑,他什么都拆过。“My parents told me not to disassemble computers because they’re expensive, so I researched the software instead,” says Lin. When he went to university, Lin chose a subject that was related to engineering and programming: automation.林海说:“父母告诉我电脑太贵,不要对它们下手,所以我便开始研究起软件。”上大学时,林海选了一个与工程和编程有关的专业:自动化。Lin is a typical geek who often spends days in the laboratory inventing new things.作为一个典型的极客,林海经常会花费几天的时间埋头在实验室里研发新东西。“I have a lot of ideas in my head. My biggest interest is realizing them,” says Lin. His inventions include a guide robot, an earthquake alarm and an electronic door lock. But his most successful invention is an electronic board he calls “Crazyer”, the one that turns bananas into piano keys.林海说:“我脑袋里有很多想法。我最大的爱好就是去实现它们。”他的发明包括一个导盲机器人、一台地震报警器和一把电子门锁。但他最成功的发明是一个叫做“酷乐宅”的电路板,它可以让香蕉变身为钢琴琴键。Learn from Makey Makey灵感来自神奇电路板“Makey Makey”Lin Hai’s Crazyer electronic board was inspired by a similar device built by two PhD students at MIT. Their device is called Makey Makey, which turns everyday objects into touchpads.林海发明的“酷乐宅”电路板,其灵感来自于麻省理工两名士研发的“Makey Makey”,这个同“酷乐宅”很像的装置可以将日常物件变成触屏设备。Having seen a , Lin was so impressed by the device that he searched for its website in the hope of buying one. It turned out to be a prototype, and Lin would have needed to wait for six months for the real product.在看过一段介绍视频后,Makey Makey给林海留下了深刻印象,他搜寻官网想要入手一个。结果Makey Makey只是一台样机,林海要等上六个月才能买到真正的产品。For most people, the story would have ended there. But for Lin, it was about to begin: “Why not make my own Makey Makey?” he thought. So he studied the and website, trying to figure out how it worked.对于许多人来说,可能故事到这就没有然后了。但对于林海而言,故事才刚刚开始,他心想:“为何不自己做一个Makey Makey出来呢?”为此他研究了视频以及网站上的内容,试图弄清楚它的工作原理。“I found that the mechanism Makey Makey is based on was similar to that of the electronic lock I built before. The only difference was that the Makey Makey had an extra wire,” says Lin. With this vital clue and his automation expertise, it didn’t take long for Lin to understand how Makey Makey worked.林海说:“我发现Makey Makey的工作原理和我以前发明的一个电子锁很相似。唯一区别就是Makey Makey多了一根线。” 凭借这一重要线索再加上他本身的自动化专业知识,很快林海就弄清了Makey Makey的工作原理From watching the to building an electronic board and writing a program for it, Lin spent an entire month bringing Crazyer to life. His hard work paid off.从看视频到做电路板,再到给它写程序,林海花了整整一个月的时间,最终发明出“酷乐宅”。他的努力没有白费。Social responsibility社会责任With the money he earns from selling Crazyer, Lin can give back to society. “Crazyer can help those who have lost their fingers or limbs,” says Lin. “With Crazyer, some people can use their feet or arms to use a computer.” Lin has helped many disabled people by building customized Crazyer boards for them.林海用销售“酷乐宅”所赚来的钱回报社会。林海说:“‘酷乐宅’可以帮助那些失去手指或肢体的残障人士。有了它,人们可以用脚或胳膊来操控电脑。”通过制作特制的“酷乐宅”电路板,林海已经帮助了许多残疾人。Another benefit is that the money he earns can support Lin in inventing new things. “I’m thinking of adding new functions to Crazyer. I’m also working on a 3-D printer,” he says. Lin’s geek spirit is always striving toward new goals.还有一个好处是,有了资金持,林海就可以研究新发明了。林海说:“我想给‘酷乐宅’添加一些新功能。同时,我还在研发3D打印机。”极客精神总是推动林海朝着新目标前进。 /201408/318022宜昌伍家岗区治疗睾丸炎哪家医院最好

宜昌医院有做前列腺增生微创手术吗宜昌包茎手术一般多少钱 Klout#39;s new business dashboard, rolling out today, will offer a granular using at which social networks brands are seeing the most (and least) traction.Klout近日推出全新企业仪表板,提供细化信息,帮助企业了解自身品牌在哪个社交网站最具人气、在哪个网站最不具吸引力。Klout, the analytics startup that aims to measure users#39; influence across their social networks, is going after businesses. The San Francisco-based venture, which launched in 2008, is launching Klout for Business, a portal intended to be used by big-name brands to better understand their online audiences.社交影响力分析网站Klout致力于衡量用户在自身社交网络中的影响力,现在它开始争取企业用户。这家2008年于旧金山成立的初创企业目前推出了企业版Klout(Klout for Business),即一个旨在帮助各大品牌了解自身在线受众的门户网站。Today, Klout is making available a free analytics dashboard for companies with features that allow them to learn how influential their fans and followers are, which social networks the brand resonates most (or least) with, which social networks they should use more, which topics about the brand are most popular, and which ;moments;—a Tweet or Facebook (FB) update, for example—get the most attention.日前,Klout发布了针对企业的免费分析工具,帮助各公司了解自己的粉丝和追随者的影响力,自己的品牌与哪个社交网站最有共鸣,又与哪个最格格不入,自己应该多利用哪个社交网络,关于自身品牌的什么话题最受欢迎,以及哪个“时刻”——比如Tweet或Facebook上的一条更新——最受关注。Later this spring, the company will also introduce a Groups feature. Klout Groups will operate somewhat similarly to Facebook Groups, although they will only include the most influential people on social networks like Twitter and Instagram. The feature will allow companies to know, broadly, in which social networks members are particularly influential. Pricing will vary on a case by case basis. Klout currently draws the lion#39;s share of its revenues from Klout Perks, a rewards program that encourages social media influencers to share information about brands. Klout CEO Joe Fernandez told Fortune he expects these to flip next year once Groups get off the ground.Klout将于一季度末推出新功能群组。Klout群组和Facebook群组有些类似。不过,前者的成员范围要窄得多,仅包括Twitter和Instagram等社交网站上最具影响力的人物。借助这项功能,公司能大体了解自己在哪个社交网站上特别具有影响力。这项功能的价格将根据公司而有所变化。Klout目前最大的收入来源是Klout奖励。顾名思义,这个奖励计划鼓励社交网站上的知名人士积极分享有关各大品牌的信息。Klout首席执行官乔?费尔南德斯告诉《财富》(Fortune)杂志,一旦群组功能步入正轨,将有望在明年成为Klout的柱业务。The third part of Klout#39;s business strategy will include tools so brands can interact and engage directly with their influencers, from polls to targeted perks. At this year#39;s South by Southwest, Cirque du Soleil and Klout provided users who downloaded the mobile app and were at the festival various prizes.Klout还准备了第三项业务。它计划推出多种工具,帮助各大品牌与社交大号互动,或是直接对他们给予激励。这些工具涵盖了从投票调查到精准奖励的多种功能。今年的西南偏南音乐节(South by Southwest)期间,太阳马戏团(Cirque du Soleil)和Klout就向那些亲临音乐节,同时下载了该移动应用程序的用户发放了各种奖品。Will it work? That remains to be seen. Klout is no stranger to controversy. The company#39;s very launch generated much discussion of the importance of measuring influence on the growing social Web. Later, controversy then shifted to Klout scores themselves. Because outsiders were unsure of how scores were achieved, they questioned their validity. (Indeed, at one point, President Obama ranked lower than tech influencer Robert Scoble. Wait, what?) That issue was allayed thanks a major redesign late last year that offered a more accurate calculation of scores as well as transparency into how they are measured.效果究竟如何?目前还不得而知。Klout是一家备受争议的公司。诞生伊始,人们就竞相热议,在高速发展的社交网络圈,制定一套影响力评分标准究竟有无必要。随后,大家的注意力转移到Klout的打分上。因为人们不认可Klout评分方法,质疑它在暗箱操作。(确实,奥巴马总统的分数竟然要低于科技界名人罗伯特?斯科布。这怎么可能?)迫于压力,Klout在去年年底对评分系统进行了大幅调整,分数计算更加精确,打分过程也更加透明。大家的怨气终于稍稍平息。Since then, Klout has matured and gained more acceptance among consumers, thanks in part to a partnership with Microsoft#39;s (MSFT) Bing search engine. The company tripled revenue last year and expects to make in the low double-digit millions this year. There#39;s a hitch, however. ;A friend came in and told me that 10 out of 10 CMO#39;s [chief marketing officers] that I talk to know what Klout is—so we have brand recognition—but 0 out of 10 know you do anything for brands,; says Matt Thomson, Klout#39;s VP of Business Development and Platform. Today#39;s announcements are intended to address this.此后,Klout慢慢成熟,并深得消费者的认可,一定程度上是因为它与微软必应(Bing)搜索引擎的合作伙伴关系。Klout的收入在去年增长了两倍,并有望在今年实现年入千万美元。但有一个小问题。Klout负责业务拓展和平台的副总裁马特?汤姆森表示:“有位朋友对我说,他遇见过的首席市场官没人不知道Klout,所以我们的品牌认知度很高。但是,没有哪位首席市场官清楚,Klout究竟为品牌做了什么贡献。”而Klout日前的宣告正是为了解决这一问题。 /201303/231607荆门割痔疮多少钱

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