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Ever heard of a man named Buckminster Fuller, or Bucky, as hisfriends called him?听说过一个叫巴克敏斯特·福乐的人吗?R.Buckminster Fuller was a twentieth centuryscientist, philosopher, inventor, and was also named a great architect.朋友们常叫他巴基。巴克敏斯特·福乐是二十世纪的科学家,哲学家,发明家,同时他也是一名伟大的建筑师。Part of what made Bucky so special was his concern for the planet and humanity.他如此特别的部分原因是他很关心地球和人类。When you have a shortage of resources, he said, you get war.他说当缺乏资源时,就会发生战争。Thus, he developed an idea called ComprehensiveAnticipatory Design Science.所以,他开创了一种观念,叫作“全面预期设计科学”。It’s a mouthful, but what it entails is his belief that to solve humanity’smajor problems.这个名字有点拗口,但它需要巴基的信念来解决人类主要问题。We have to look forward to the future; we have to anticipate what will becomeproblems as resources diminish, etc.我们必须展望未来;我们必须预期会出现的问题,比如资源减少等等。His goal? Quote:他是目标?“More and more life support for everybody, with less and less resources.”引用一句话:用最少的资源维持更多人的生活。He wasespecially interested in developing more efficient housing; that is, a new way of constructingbuildings so that they provide more housing space with the use of fewer resources.他对开发更高效的住房特别有兴趣;那是一种建造房屋的新的方式,用更少的资源提供更多的住房空间。One solutionhe came up with in the late 1940′s is the geodesic dome, the invention he is most famous for.上世纪40年代末,巴基提出了一个解决方法,即球型屋顶,这也是他最著名的发明。The geodesic dome is a structure shaped like a piece of a sphere.球型屋顶是一个形状像球体的结构。It’s made up of a complexnetwork of triangles, and the more complex this network the closer the comes to the shape of atrue sphere.它由一个复杂的网状三角形构成。网状结构越复杂,建筑物的形状就越接近于真实的球体。What’s so great about the dome is that it does exactly what Bucky wanted; that is,it has the highest ratio of enclosed area to external surface.圆屋顶额伟大之处在于它封闭区到外部表面的比例最高,那正是巴基想要的效果。In other words, it uses fewer materialsto create more housing space.换句话说,就是用更少的材料建造更多住房空间。201408/320555。

Science and technology科学技术Marine technology船舶技术A voyage of discovery探索未知之旅New technology can make ships more versatile, more efficient and cleaner, too新技术使轮船更万能、更也更环保IN THE days when Norsemen pillaged their way around the monasteries and villages of Europe, Norwegian shipwrights were at the forefront of naval architecture.早在北欧人大肆掠夺欧洲的修道院和村庄时 ,挪威的造船工人就已在造船技术方面跻身前列。They still are.现在他们仍然处于世界领先水平。Norway is an important centre of marine innovation and several foreign companies have operations there, too.挪威是重要的船舶创新中心,一些外国公司也在这里设有分公司。One such is the marine division of Rolls-Royce, a British firm, which is collaborating with Farstad, a shipping company based in Alesund, and STX OSV, a shipbuilder.其中一家便是劳斯莱斯公司在这里设立的海运部,这家英国公司与总部设在阿雷松德的Farstad航运公司以及STX OSV造船公司都拥有合作关系,The result of their efforts is Far Solitaire, the first of a new class of vessels which bristle with novel technology that promises to make shipping safer, cleaner and cheaper.而他们三强通力合作的成果便是远航明珠舰。它是一批新式轮船中第一艘运用大量创新技术的船,这些技术使得船运更安全、更环保/清洁、更低廉。Far Solitaire has been designed as a platform-supply ship for the North Seas oil and gas industry.远航明珠舰是为了发展北海石油和天然气开采业而设计的一艘平台供给轮船。This means she is not a large vessel.这意味着它的体型并不大。She is 91 metres long, has a deadweight of 5,700 tonnes and cost about 70m.它长91米,载重量为5700公吨,总造价约7000万美元。But some of the innovations she uses should be applicable to vessels of all sizes.但是设计该船时所运用的一些创新技术却适用于任何大小的船只。At the moment she is being fitted out by STX OSV at its Langsten shipyard on Tomrefjord.目前这艘轮船还停泊在Tomrefjord的Langsten造船厂由STX OSV公司完成装配工作。In October she will be delivered to Farstad, who will use her to supply rigs in the regions notoriously heavy seas.今年十月,它将被交付给Farstad公司,该公司会用它在波涛汹涌北海运送钻探设备。Crucially, she has to be able to hold her position while transferring cargoes that include various noxious materials which are employed in drilling or pumped into wells to improve the process of extraction.最关键的是,它必须在转移货物时保持平稳。这些货物包含了各种有毒物质,将用于钻井或用泵注入油井中以优化石油提取过程。These have to be delivered to and removed from the platforms.它们必须由船只运到钻井平台上,使用完后再运离平台。Such transfers are potentially hazardous for the people involved and for the environment.这种运输过程对参与者以及环境都存在着潜在的危险。One of Far Solitaires most important innovations is her wave-piercing hull. Below the waterline her bow has the bulbous drag-reducing nose that has become a familiar feature of modern ships.远航明珠舰所使用的最重要的一项创新技术就是它的穿浪型船体。该轮船的吃水线下面有一个球形的“大鼻子”用来减少波浪带来的阻力,这对现代轮船来说并不是什么稀奇的特点,Above it, however, things are all new.但它球鼻上方的构造却是十分新鲜。Where a standard ships bow would have a flat foredeck, Far Solitaires flows up and over the vessel.按标准结构来说,轮船的船头通常都有一块平坦的前甲板,而远航明珠舰的船头却向上突起,高过船身。This means that instead of riding the waves, as most ships do, she can penetrate them.这意味着与其它的乘浪行驶的轮船不同,远航明珠舰能破浪行驶。That is a crucial change.这是一个十分重要的改变。When a ship rides the waves her engines slow down and then surge as her hull rises and falls.当一艘船乘浪行驶时它的引擎转速会随着船体的上下颠簸而加快或变慢/它的引擎会随着船体的上下颠簸或减速或加速。By piercing the swell, Far Solitaire will be able to maintain her engines at a constant speed.远航明珠舰能破开涌动的海浪从而使它的引擎维持常速工作。This will cut fuel consumption, reduce wear and tear, and make life for the crew safer and more comfortable.这一改变能降低轮船的油耗,减少轮船的磨损,同时使船员更加安全舒适。Future shipshape未来新船舶技术Far Solitaire is powered by a conventional diesel-electric system consisting of three engines connected to generators that run electric motors.远航明珠舰由一个传统的柴电推进系统驱动,该系统由三个引擎组成,而这三个引擎又与运行着马达的发电机相连接。The thrusters which those electric motors drive, however, are anything but conventional.但是那些马达所驱动的推进器却远非寻常。The main pair are stern-mounted Azipull propellers. These are similar to the azimuth thrusters aly used on some vessels: propellers on pods that can be rotated to push the ship in different directions, making a rudder unnecessary.其中最重要的一对是安装在船尾的Azipull螺旋桨,它们与一些轮船已经在使用的方位推进器有点相似:分离舱上可旋转的螺旋桨能够推动船驶向不同的方向,这样就不必再使用船舵。But the Rolls-Royce Azipull has the propeller at the front of the pod rather than the back.但是劳斯莱斯公司将Azipull螺旋桨装在了分离舱的前端而非尾部,That means the propeller operates in a smoother flow of water, which improves efficiency and assists steering.这意味着螺旋桨能在更平稳的水流中工作,从而提高效率,方便轮船的行驶。This design has been made possible using computational fluid dynamics to perfect the shapes of the blades and pods.设计师通过计算流体力学完善舵叶与分离舱的形状,使得这种设计成为可能。Further control is provided by two bow thrusters. These are propellers mounted in transverse tunnels in the hull, to help position the craft and hold her stable while alongside a rig.其他操控设备还有船首侧推装置,它是安装在船体横向通道中的两个推进器,用来帮助轮船进行定位并在船上装载钻探时保持船体平稳。And there is also an azimuth thruster that can be swung down from the forward part of the hull if an extra push is required.另外在需要额外推力时还有方位推进器可从船体前方摆下。All of these propulsion systems are handled by moving one of the joysticks next to the captains chair in a bridge with a 360° view that looks more suitable for the starship Enterprise than what is, after all, a souped-up freighter.船长只要移动驾驶室座椅边的操纵杆就能控制这些推进装置,这个拥有360°全方位视角的驾驶室看起来更适合进取号星舰,而不仅仅是普通的货船,因为后者只不过是加了马力的船舶而已。The consequences of moving the joystick can, fortunately, be practised on shore without risk to ship or platform, courtesy of a new 360° bridge simulator in Rolls-Royces marine-training centre in Alesund.幸好移动操控杆的效果能在阿雷松德船舶训练中心进行试验,劳斯莱斯公司在这里建有一个360°全方位视角的模拟驾驶室,有了岸上的训练就能避免给轮船和钻井平台带来危险。The captain can also call on the assistance of an electronic positioning system that uses a combination of data from satellites, gyrocompasses, and wind and motion sensors to operate the thrusters automatically.另外,船长还能从电子定位系统中获取帮助,该系统能结合卫星、回转罗盘、风能和运动传感器三者的数据自动操控推进器。Solid freight is carried on a deck that has an area of 1,020 square metres.固体货物会被安置在一个面积达1020平方米的甲板上,Liquids, meanwhile, are stored below deck in tanks, each of which is fitted with its own pumping system, in order to avoid the risk of mixing substances best kept separate.而液体货物则会被存储在甲板下的液货舱中,每种液体对应相应的抽运系统以避免不宜混合放置的液体搅拌在一起。Borge Nakken, who is in charge of technology and development at Farstad, expects Far Solitaire to use about 40% less fuel than a conventional vessel of the same size that is carrying out similar tasks.Borge Nakken是Farstad公司技术与发展部门的负责人,他预期,在执行相似任务时,远航明珠舰的耗油量将比同样大小的传统型轮船少40%,This is a remarkable saving, and although she is a small, specialist vessel, many of her features, particularly the new bow and the more efficient system of propellers, could help reduce fuel consumption and emission levels in larger ships as well.其耗油量的减少是十分显著的。尽管远航明珠舰是一艘专用型小轮船,但它的许多性能特别是新的船头以及更加高效的推进器都可以同样利用在大型船只上以减少耗油量与排放量。Stricter regulations on ships emissions are on their way—including, in particular, new controls for vessels in the North Sea and the Baltic, and off the coast of North America.有关部门正在制定更加严格的轮船排放标准,特别是针对北海、波罗的海和北美沿海的船只。That means shipowners who wish to ply these waters will have to stop using bunker fuel to power their vessels because burning it produces too much sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and soot.这意味着船主想要在这些水域航行就必须停止使用船用燃料油因为它们在燃烧过程中会释放过多的二氧化硫、氮氧化合物和煤烟。That gives extra impetus for technology of the sort being tested in Far Solitaire.这给远航明珠舰上所试用的那种新技术的发展带来了额外的推动力。And this time no villages will have to be pillaged to pay for it.而这次,没有村庄会因此再遭受掠夺了。 /201312/270109。

Afghanistans election阿富汗大选Joining forces势力加入A new alliance forms just as fighting season begins新的竞选联盟出现,但战斗刚刚开始Abdullahs the man阿卜杜拉AFGHANISTAN announced the results of the first round of its presidential election on May 15th. Abdullah Abdullah, a former foreign minister, gained 45% of the vote. Ashraf Ghani, a former World Bank official, secured 31.6% and Zalmai Rassoul, another former foreign minister, got 11.4%. The election will now move to a run-off between Dr Abdullah and Mr Ghani, due on June 14th.阿富汗于5月15日公布了总统大选首轮结果:前外长阿卜杜拉·阿卜杜拉赢得45%的持率,前世界官员阿什拉夫·贾尼获得31.6%,另一位前外长扎尔迈·拉苏尔获得了11.4%。大选将于6月14日在阿卜杜拉与贾尼间决出胜者。The manoeuvring for the second round had aly begun before the announcement, as Mr Rassoul, aware he would finish third, threw his support behind Dr Abdullah on May 11th. The move boosted the former ophthalmologists chances of becoming president. Dr Abdullah is of mixed Pushtun-Tajik ethnicity but is widely seen as Tajik, so the endorsement from Mr Rassoul, from the dominant Pushtuns, is valuable. Mr Ghani is also a Pushtun.第二轮的竞争在首轮结果宣布之前业已打响。5月11日,当拉苏尔自知将位列第三,便对阿卜杜拉予以声援持,此举进一步提高这位前眼科医生成为总统的可能。阿卜杜拉是普什图-塔吉克混血,但一般认为他是塔吉克人,因此普什图人拉苏尔的持对他来说甚为珍贵(阿国普什图族为主)。贾尼也是普什图人。Now debate will focus on whether a run-off should take place at all. In the previous election in , under international pressure, Dr Abdullah stood down after the first round, even though his opponent, Hamid Karzai, did not reach 50%. Mindful of the security risks and the costs of a run-off, and of the double-digit gap between them, some suggest Mr Ghani should do the same, but he has pledged to fight on.目前的争议集中在第二轮竞争是否有存在必要。上次09大选,尽管对手哈米德·卡尔扎伊并没有达到50%持率,但迫于国际压力,阿卜杜拉还是在首轮之后就退出竞选。出于对第二轮竞选安全风险和成本的考虑,以及二者之前两位数的差距,一些人认为贾尼也应当学习阿卜杜拉当年的做法。但贾尼称要继续竞选。A run-off will give the new president a mandate, but it will also let the Taliban reassert themselves. Having failed to disrupt the first round, they signalled their intentions on May 12th, launching a spring offensive with attacks across the country. The second round seems sure to be bloodier. The Taliban also promised to target the remaining foreign troops, as well as government institutions. No wonder that both Dr Abdullah and Mr Ghani have pledged to sign a security pact with America to allow 10,000 foreign soldiers to remain in Afghanistan after the majority leave by the end of the year.第二轮选举将产生新总统,但也将给塔利班有机会卷土重来。塔利班未能扰乱第一轮,遂声称将于5月12日在阿富汗全国发起春季攻势。第二轮选举注定将发生更多流血事件。塔利班称尚未撤军的外国军队和政府机关都将成为攻击目标。难怪阿卜杜拉和贾尼都承诺与美国签订安全协议,以确保在驻阿部队年底前大部分撤离的情况下在阿富汗维持10000人的军队规模。 201406/302917。

Corporate governance企业管治Nasty medicine一剂苦药The return of the poison-pill defence毒丸防御重出江湖POISON pills are again being dispensed by corporate America with all the enthusiasm of an exterminator in a rat-infested basement. The metaphorical rodents nowadays are not just hostile bidders—the pests that the poison-pill defence was designed to exterminate, back in the 1980s—but in some cases shareholders simply trying to change the way companies are run.在束手无策的鼠患下,美国公司再次祭出了“毒丸”这项的杀招。在上世纪80年代,“老鼠”仅表示资本市场上的恶意收购者,而这也是毒丸防御系统最初的针对目标。但在如今的某些情况下,“毒丸”所对付的对象也转向了一些试图改变公司营运方针的股东。In a typical poison-pill scheme, the board of a company makes a rule that if anyone buys more than a certain percentage of its shares, it will issue lots of stock to all other shareholders, dramatically reducing the first investors stake. In Britain, which has long taken a more positive view of hostile bids, poison pills are all but banned. In America, the courts have repeatedly held them to be legal. But they had become scarcer in recent years, as takeovers dried up and shareholders got some schemes dismantled. Now, Mamp;A is booming, activist investors are back on the warpath and defences are being rebuilt.在一般的情况下,实施毒丸防御的公司,由公司董事会事先通过一项股权摊薄条款,一旦出现收购者收购公司一定比例的股份,即触发该条款生效,使公司原有股东可以较低的价格获得公司大量股份,从而稀释收购方的股份。在英国,人们对待恶意收购的行为是比较积极的,因此毒丸防御成为了明令禁止的条款。而在美国,法院则三番五次地站出来为毒丸防御的合法性背书。但由于近年来收购案的减少以及公司股东们对阴谋的沉着应对,使用“毒丸”的情况也愈发罕见。如今,随着企业并购案的迅猛增长,活跃的投资者重返战场,这也意味着股东们的防御计划也得随之重启。On June 28th the board of American Apparel, a clothing retailer, enacted a poison-pill scheme. It is seeking to avert a less-than-friendly takeover by its former boss, Dov Charney, whom the board had removed ten days earlier over some as-yet unspecified allegations of misconduct. Mr Charney has sealed a partnership with Standard General, a hedge fund, with the help of which he now controls a 43% stake.6月28日,装零售商美国饰的董事层实施了毒丸防御计划。美国饰正极力避免一场不太友好的收购,而其收购方正是该公司的前任老板多夫·查尼。正是在十天前,多夫·查尼由于一些至今仍未指明的不当行为被公司逐出了管理层。查尼先生已与基金公司Standard General达成了合作协议,而目前在后者的帮助下,他已经控制了美国饰43%的股权。The previous day a lawsuit over the poison pill adopted by Allergan, best known for its Botox anti-wrinkle treatment, was settled out of court. It had been brought by Pershing Square, a fund run by one of the most prominent shareholder activists, Bill Ackman. He won an agreement from Allergan that its defences would not be triggered by his collaboration with other shareholders to call a special meeting to elect new board members.先前的一宗与肉毒素生厂商美国爱力根(Allergan)有关的毒丸防御案件当中,矛盾最终在庭外得到了解决。由活跃投资人威廉·阿克曼执掌的资产管理公司潘兴广场对冲基金正是本案中的收购方。在与爱力根股东会面的特别会议中,阿克曼与其他股东的意见达成了一致,通过该会议选举出了新任的董事会成员,从而避免了一场毒丸防御战。Pershing Square, which has just less than the 10% stake at which the poison pill is triggered, has teamed up with Valeant, another medical company, to bid for Allergan. Its defences may prevent them from pursuing their bid in the conventional way, by continuing to buy shares. But the out-of-court agreement opens the way for them to achieve their objective by putting new people on the board who would be more open to a takeover.在潘兴广场的持股比例快到10%之际,爱力根的董事层便实施了毒药防御计划,而前者则随即与另一家医疗公司威朗合作,对后者进行收购。通过定向增发股份的传统方法或许能够阻止他们常规手段的收购,但对于利用庭外协议往董事会中插入新成员的方法,使得收购方能够在更开放的董事持下达成控制的目标。Earlier last month Family Dollar, a discount retailer, created a poison pill after Carl Icahn, another activist, bought just under 10% of its shares amid speculation that he was planning to engineer a merger with Dollar General, a competitor. And News Corporation renewed its poison-pill scheme, allowing Rupert Murdoch and his family, with their 39.4% stake, to fend off any attempt to take over the company now it has been split from 21st Century Fox, its former entertainment arm.在上月的早些时候,折扣零售商家庭美元在投资商卡尔·伊坎购入不到10%的股权的情况下,便实施了毒丸防御计划。据猜测,伊坎正准备推动家庭美元与另一家竞争对手达乐公司进行合并。与此同时,和21世纪福克斯公司正式分家了的新闻集团正通过改变自身的毒丸防御计划,允许鲁伯特·默多克和他的家族成员以合计39.4%的股份,与外来收购方进行对抗。But these days some activists do not want to take over a firm, just to create a sort of “loyal opposition” to the board, leaving it largely intact while pressing it to change strategy. Earlier this year Sothebys, an auction house listed in New York, adopted a poison pill to fend off attempts by Dan Loeb, another activist, to win representation on the board and shake up the firm.但最近部分投资者并没有想要去控制一家公司,只是在董事会当中创造一种“少数反对”的因子,在保持管理层完整的情况下迫使公司改变自身的经营战略。而在今年的早些时候,纽约苏富比拍卖行接受了一项毒丸防御条款,以阻止激进投资者丹·罗卜赢得董事会的席位,从而动摇公司的根基。Mr Loebs fund, Third Point, went to court seeking a ruling that it was exempt from the 10% trigger, so it could buy more shares. In May a judge in Delaware rejected its request, arguing that a bigger stake would give the fund “negative control” over Sothebys, whatever that may mean, even though he acknowledged it would “not have an explicit veto power”. Nevertheless, Sothebys later agreed to give board seats to Mr Loeb and two colleagues.罗卜领军的避险基金第三点,向法院提起了诉讼,要求自身豁免10%的毒丸防御,进而购入更多的股份。在五月,一位特拉华州的法官回绝了该项请求。虽然法官明白罗卜并没有得到“明确的否决权”,但他认为更大份额的股权会令罗卜有能力对苏富比实施“负面影响的控制”,且不论这种控制的具体方式。尽管如此,罗卜最终还是为自己以及他的两位同事拿下了三个董事席位。Despite this and Mr Ackmans success in the Allergan legal settlement, the ruling over Sothebys suggests that poison pills may be used to hinder not just full takeovers but attempts by activists to force a change in strategy. Lucian Bebchuk, a Harvard law professor and campaigner for corporate-governance reforms, calls this “pernicious”: the board would be seeking to stifle legitimate debate among the owners of the company by making it hard to build a majority for change. Mr Bebchuk was an author of a study that examined the roughly 2,000 activist interventions at companies between 1994 and 2007, which found that they typically led to an improvement in the companies operating performance in the following five years.除了上述案例以及阿克曼先生成功在爱力根公司达成的合法协议外,股东们对苏富比公司的控制表明,毒丸防御不仅仅在对抗全面收购的收购方,同时也在阻碍着投资方对公司经营战略的影响。哈佛法学院教授卢西恩·拜伯切克,同时也是一位公司治理改革运动的倡导者,认为这样的情况是“有害的”:董事会通过对形成赞成改革群体的限制,从而扼杀了合法的公司内部改革争论。在拜伯切克先生之前的研究里,粗略地对大约2000位投资者在1994年至2007年间的公司事务干预进行统计,结果发现这些投资者显然都能带领公司在接下来的五年内实现运营表现的提升。No doubt delighted that the poison pill has made a comeback, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen amp; Katz, the law firm that invented it, has also been seeking to make things harder still for activists by proposing a rule that anyone building a stake of 5% or more in a firm must disclose it within one day, not ten as now. So far the Securities and Exchange Commission is showing little interest. Indeed, its chairman, Mary Jo White, has argued that activists attempts to jog boards are not always a bad thing.毫无疑问地,毒丸防御强势回归,而发明了这一条款的Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen amp; Katz律师事务所也在持续地对外来投资者进行限制,该公司规定任何投资者只要持有股份达5%或者更多,那么这位投资者必须在一天内披露自己的身份,远比目前10%的行业标准要低。到目前为止,美国券交易委员会对这样条款反应冷淡。实际上,委员会主席玛丽·乔·怀特早已强调投资者积极想要跻身董事会的情况,并不总是一件坏事。 /201407/310874。

The Promised Land.乐土,福地,希望之乡。This is the view from Mount Nebo in Jordan.这是约旦的尼波山。According to the Bible, this is where Moses died after leading the Israelites for 40 years through the wilderness, on the very threshold of the God-Promised Land he was never actually allowed to set foot in.据圣经记载,这就是西耗费40余年带领以色列人穿过茫茫荒野后来到实际上他从未允许涉足神所应允的乐土前就死去的地方。You dont have to accept the Bible as literal truth to believe that, 3,500 years ago, something extraordinary and fateful in world history did happen over there on the other side of the Jordan Valley.你不必对圣经的一字一句锱铢必较,早在3500年前,世界历史上意义重大的事情的确发生在约旦河谷的另一边。Trying to understand what remains as urgent and necessary for me as it once was for Sigmund Freud.对我来说试图了解残留下什么才是当务之急,因为对西格蒙德·弗洛伊德曾经也是如此。But the first people in the modern era to actually go there and explore the history of the Jews from the ground up werent Jewish at all.但在现代实际上第一个前往那里探究犹太人的历史的并不是犹太人自身。They were evangelical Christians, Victorian scientists, surveyors, clerics and military engineers, funded by bishops and philanthropists.这些先驱是由主教和慈善家所资助的福音派基督徒,维多利亚时代的科学家、测量员、神职人员和军队工程师。150 years ago, the Palestine Exploration Fund despatched a series of expeditions to the place its supporters called the Holy Land.150年前,巴勒斯坦探索基金会派遣一系列考察队前往称为圣地的地方。They wanted to prove the truth of their Christian faith by discovering the Jewish foundation stones on which that faith stood.他们想通过找寻犹太人信仰的基石明基督教信仰的真理。Equipped with the latest in technology that Victorian science could provide, they sought nothing less than the precise grid references for the places where the miraculous events described in the Book of Exodus actually took place.配备了维多利亚时代的科学可以提供最新的技术,他们仍然找寻不到在《出埃及记》中所描述的神奇事件实际发生的精确网格坐标地点。Thats a lovely one, isnt it?这很可爱,不是吗?Thats just beautiful!太漂亮了!Felicity Cobbing, curator of the PEF collection, showed me the fruits of their labours.PEF收藏馆的馆长向我展示了他们的劳动成果。201404/286359。