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英国女性看淡婚姻 婚否不再重要British women believe marriage no longer relevantSome 31 percent think that marriage is no longer relevant, while 71 percent say that couples marry too quickly without thinking about the move carefully enough, according to a poll released Tuesday."This shift in attitude may be a testament to the fact that women feel liberated enough, sexually and socially, to not have towalk down the aisle, or it could be that today'scynicalattitude to almost everything has minimized marriage to anoutdated, over-romanticised practice," said psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos, commenting on the poll.Most recent official statistics show that the number of marriages annually in England and Wales fell from 351,973 in 1981 to 270,700 in 2004.They add that 54 percent of men and 50 percent of women are married, while 10 percent of men and nine percent of women live together.The poll also explores women's attitudes to work -- 70 percent of women feel pressure to earn as much money as men, while one in 10 said they would be unlikely to quit their jobs to look after children, even if they did not need the money.It also revealed that older women were less inclined to think that marriage should mean one partner for life than younger ones."Older women are, in fact, more cynical when it comes to their views on marriage," Papadopoulos said.Related stories:取消深夜结婚“结婚”妙语(Agencies)英国本周二公布的一项民意调查显示,约31%的人认为婚姻已没什么必要,71%的人认为很多人在没有考虑清楚的情况下就草草结了婚。心理学家琳达·帕帕多普洛斯士对这项调查的结果进行了分析,她说:“对于婚姻态度的改变可能是因为女性在性和社会地位方面已获得彻底解放,因此她们觉得结婚已没什么必要;也可能是由于如今的人们无论对什么都抱着一种‘愤世嫉俗’的态度,因此结婚被‘贬’为一种过时、过于浪漫化的做法。”最新官方数据显示,英格兰和威尔士一年内的结婚数从1981年的351973例下降到了2004年的270700例。此外,54%男性和50%女性已婚,另有10%的男性和9%的女性在同居。此项调查的内容还包括女性对于工作的态度,调查发现,70%的女性觉得要和男人挣钱一样多很有压力,十分之一的女性说,就算家里不缺钱,她们也不大可能辞职在家照顾孩子。另外,与年轻女性相比,年龄较大的女性对“从一而终”看得较淡。帕帕多普洛斯说:“事实上,年龄较大的女性对于婚姻的态度更加玩世不恭。” Vocabulary:walk down the isle: 结婚cynical: scornful of the motives(愤世嫉俗的;玩世不恭的)outdated: old-fashioned(过时的;不流行的) /200803/29698Americans love pets. And it#39;s not just puppy love, either. Many pet owners treat their furry friends as part of the family. Sometimes they spice up their pets#39; lives with entertaining s and amusing toys. If they have an eye for fashion, pet owners can dress their pets in stylish clothes. For special occasions, they can use canine perfume to make their dogs smell, well, less beastly. You might say Americans treat their pets like they treat their children-sometimes even better.  美国人很爱宠物,而且这不只是一种不成熟、短暂的爱。很多宠物的主人把这些毛茸茸的朋友当作家庭的一部分,有时候还为宠物准备用的录像带和玩具来增添牠们生活的乐趣,如果宠物的主人具有流行的眼光,还会让他们的宠物穿上时髦的衣,在特殊的场合里,甚至为宠物喷上儿专用的香水,让牠们味道好闻一点,减少一些动物身上的味道。你也可以说,美国人待他们的宠物如同待他们的孩子一样——有时甚至更好。  In America, there are more households with pets than those with children. At least 43 percent of U.S. homes have pets of some sort. Exotic creatures, such as monkeys, snakes and even wolves, find a home with some Americans. More common pets include tropical fish, mice and birds. But the all-time favorites are cats and dogs, even at the White House. The Clintons#39; cat, Socks, has replaced the Bushes#39; dog, Millie, as reigning First Pet. Americans sometimes have strong feelings about whether dogs or cats make better pets. ;Dog people; and ;cat people; often enjoy friendly rivalries.  在美国,有宠物的家庭比有孩子的家庭还多。至少百分之四十三的美国家庭有宠物,有些美国家庭养一些外国品种的动物,例如猴子、蛇、甚至狼;比较常见的宠物有热带鱼、老鼠、和鸟。不过,一直广受欢迎的是猫和,连白宫也不例外。柯林顿总统的猫——袜子,已经取代了布什的——米利,成为神气的「第一宠物」。美国人有时候很在乎到底最好的宠物是猫还是,「爱的人」和「爱猫的人」喜欢开玩笑地彼此争辩。  Leading a dog#39;s life in America isn#39;t such a bad thing. Many grocery stores sell gourmet pet foods to owners eager to please their pets. In Houston, Texas, dogs can have their dinner delivered to their homes, just like pizza. Well-to-do canines can attend doggy daycare centers while their owners work. Pets can even accompany their owners on vacation. Fancy hotels are beginning to accommodate both man and beast. Furry guests at Four Seasons Hotels can enjoy gourmet meals served on fine china and sleep in soft beds.  在美国,所过的生活并不坏,很多杂货店都卖有宠物美食,让主人可以讨好他们的宠物。在德州的休斯敦市,儿还能享用专程送到家的晚餐,就跟披萨一样。家境富裕的儿在主人上班的时候可以去儿托育中心。宠物甚至可以和牠们的主人一同去度假,高级饭店已经开始可以同时留宿人和宠物,这些毛茸茸的客人在四季饭店可以享用以精致瓷器盛装的美食,并在柔软的床上睡觉。  Beneath the fluffy luxuries, there lies a basic American belief: Pets have a right to be treated well. At least 75 animal welfare organizations exist in America. These provide care and adoption services for homeless and abused animals. Veterinarians can give animals an incredible level of medical careNfor an incredible price. To pay for the high-tech health care, people can buy health insurance for their pets. And when it#39;s time to say good-bye, owners can bury their pets in a respectable pet cemetery.  在舒适奢华的享受之下,其实存在着美国人的一种基本信念:宠物有受到妥善对待的权利。美国至少有七十五个动物福利组织,他们为流浪动物及被虐待动物提供照顾与领养的务。兽医能提供给动物极好的医疗照顾——价格也极昂贵,若为了负担更先进的健康医疗照顾,人们可以为他们的宠物买健康保险。如果和宠物道别的时机到了,主人们可以为宠物买一块体面的墓地。  The average American enjoys having pets around, and for good reason. Researchers have discovered that interacting with animals lowers a person#39;s blood pressure. Dogs can offer protection from burglars and unwelcome visitors. Cats can help rid the home of unwanted pests. Little creatures of all shapes and sizes can provide companionship and love. In many cases, having a pet prepares a young couple for the responsibilities of parenthood. Pets even encourage social relationships: They give their owners an appearance of friendliness, and they provide a good topic of conversation.  美国人一般都喜欢有宠物为伴,这是有原因的。研究人员发现,与动物为伍能够降低人的血压。能防止小偷及不受欢迎的访客。猫能帮忙清除家里讨人厌的害虫和有害的小动物。任何种类及大小的小宠物都能带给人们相伴与爱的感觉。很多时候,拥有一只宠物能帮助年轻夫妻做为人父母责任的准备。宠物甚至有助于人际关系:它们使主人们看起来更友善,并且也带给人们一个交谈的好话题。  Pets are as basic to American culture as hot dogs or apple pie. To Americans, pets are not just property, but a part of the family. After all, pets are people, too.  宠物是美国文化中很基本的一部分,就如热和苹果派一样。对美国人而言,宠物不仅仅是他们所拥有的一样东西而已,它是家庭的一部分。毕竟,宠物也是「人」啊! /201303/231062

越吃还能越瘦?这是真的!Want to lose weight? Eat more. As a general rule, you should never allow yourself to become hungry. Just like feeling thirsty means that you've waited too long and the earliest signs of dehydration are setting in, being hungry means that you've waited too long to eat since your last meal and your body is in need of nurishment. Allowing this to happen time and time again will slow your metabolism down, down, d-o-w-n ...Does this, then, mean that it's okay to eat Burger King or Taco Bell five or six times per day? Believe me, I'm right there with you -- I wish it did. But of course it doesn't.What it means is that if you eat 5 to 6 small, healthy meals and snacks throughout the day, you will lose weight over time. a Framingham Nutrition Study has found that women who consume 400 more calories per day and eat healthier are two-and-a-half times less likely to have an excess of abdominal fat than women who take in fewer calories but consume more saturated fat and less fiber. 想减肥吗?多吃点就行了。有一条普遍准则说,你永远不要让自己饿着。感到渴了,表示你已经等了好久,而且已经出现了脱水的前兆;感到饿了,表示距离你上顿吃东西已经过了很久,你的身体需要营养了。如果放任这种情况一次次出现,你的新陈代谢会越来越慢,越来越慢……这是不是说,我们可以每天吃五六餐汉堡王(Burger King)或者Taco Bell(一种墨西哥玉米卷,跟KFC一样是连锁店)?相信我吧,我已经试过了——我希望可以这么吃。但实际上不可以。这样做才是正确的:每天吃五六顿量不大却健康的正餐或小吃,这样过一段时间,你就能瘦下来。一项Framingham营养研究发现,每天摄取400多卡路里且饮食健康的女性,与每天摄取更少卡路里但多饱和脂肪少纤维的女性相比,后者腹部肥胖的几率比前者多2.5倍。所以,少食多餐,少脂肪多纤维,越吃就能越苗条! /200803/31800You may not need a gym membership if you can pass these everyday health tests. See how many you can answer ;yes; to.如果你能通过下面这些每日健康测试,你也许就不需要办健身卡了。看看这10个问题你有多少能回答“是”。Do you: Feel energized 14 hours after waking up? (If you woke up at 7 a.m., you should still feel awake and active at 9 p.m.).你能否:起床后14小时依然感觉精力充沛?(如果你早晨7点起床,到了晚上9点你应该依然感觉清醒而且有活力。)Exercise is a known energy booster, and if you feel completely zonked at the end of the day, chances are an overly sedentary lifestyle is at least partly to blame. One large study, which analyzed 70 papers on exercise and fatigue that involved more than 6,800 people, found that sedentary people who followed a regular exercise program had less fatigue than people who didn’t work out, according to WebMD.锻炼是提升精力的好办法,如果你在一天结束时感到筋疲力尽,那么过于久坐的生活方式至少是元凶之一。美国健康信息务公司WebMD进行的一份长达70页的大型调查,研究了超过6800人的运动和疲劳情况。调查表明,那些久坐的人如果进行规律锻炼,他们的疲劳感会比那些不锻炼的人要低。 /201307/249768

The Perfect Pint of Guinness爱尔兰吉尼斯黑啤酒There#39;s no better place to drink a pint of Guinness than in Ireland, and drinking a pint of Guinness in an Irish pub is high on many people#39;s agenda for a vacation to Ireland. 想喝正宗吉尼斯黑啤酒?那你一定要去爱尔兰。到酒吧去体验一次吉尼斯黑啤的原汁原味是你在爱尔兰旅游必须要做的事。The Guinness Story吉尼斯黑啤酒的来历Guinness is Ireland#39;s biggest export, enjoyed in 150 countries around the world, in cities from Dublin to Darwin! The story of the black stuff starts in 1759 with Arthur Guinness. Born in 1725 in Co. Kildare, Arthur was the son of the Archbishop of Cashel#39;s steward and brewer. In 1759, at the age of 31, Arthur Guinness set up his own brewery at St. James Gate in Dublin. In 1799, Arthur was to make the instrumental decision to cease brewing traditional ales in favor of brewing the dark black stout, then known as London Porter. Guinness Stout was born and today is still brewed at St James Gate in Dublin, and almost 50 countries around the world.吉尼斯黑啤酒是爱尔兰出口第一的商品, 吉尼斯黑啤从爱尔兰首都都柏林出口向世界各地,全球已经有150多个国家享受到了吉尼斯黑啤酒的美味。吉尼斯黑啤酒问世于1759年,它的创始人叫亚瑟.吉尼斯。亚瑟.吉尼斯出生于爱尔兰基尔代尔郡,他的父亲是大主教的管家和啤酒制造者。1759年,亚瑟在都柏林的圣詹姆士门创建了自己的啤酒厂.1799年亚瑟在啤酒酿造上做出重大转型,他停止酿造传统的麦芽啤酒,开始酿造黑啤酒,即为后来的伦敦波特黑啤酒, 吉尼斯黑啤酒在此之后诞生。如今, 爱尔兰柏林的圣詹姆士门任然出产吉尼斯黑啤. 吉尼斯黑啤的出产地也遍及了全世界50多个国家The Perfect Guinness完美的吉尼斯黑啤What goes into the perfect pint of Guinness? The ingredients of Guinness are specially roasted barley, water from St James#39; Wells in the Wicklow Mountains, hops, for flavor and aroma, yeast descended from Arthur Guinness#39; original batch and a touch of that Guinness magic! But the perfect pint requires that all-important two part pour. Firstly, tilt the glass to a 45-degree angle and pour until three quarters full. Then leave the glass to rest and the pint to settle. Once settled fill up the glass and there you have your perfect pint of Guinness怎样的吉尼斯黑啤酒才是最完美的?以下材料必须有: 特别炒制的大麦、来自威克罗山脉的泉水、增添香气的啤酒花还必须有的是亚瑟祖传的酒曲,那是酿制吉尼斯黑啤的关键所在。然而除了酿酒的材料,斟酒的方法也极为讲究,必须有两个关键步骤:第一步,将酒杯45度倾斜,酒斟到4分之3后,将酒杯放平,静置,静置到一定时候再将啤酒斟满,这时候才能品尝到最完美的吉尼斯黑啤。Guinness in Irelan吉尼斯黑啤酒在爱尔兰Though Cork has Murphy#39;s and Beamish Stout, Guinness is undoubtedly the most widely enjoyed drink in Ireland and no trip to Dublin is complete without a pint at the Guinness Storehouse. Here in the original St James#39; Gate brewery visitors can see for themselves how Guinness is brewed and enjoy the produce in the Gravity Bar overlooking the Dublin skyline. 尽管爱尔兰的科克也出产另外两种很有名的黑啤酒,然而毫无疑问,吉尼斯黑啤酒在爱尔兰是最负盛名的黑啤酒。如果你到都柏林都没去黑啤酒产地喝上一杯,你就枉去了都柏林。在都柏林,你可以到圣詹姆士门去参观吉尼斯酿造的整个过程,之后还能在其所属的酒吧慢慢品味浓浓一杯吉尼斯黑啤,鸟瞰都柏林街景。US President Barack Obama, sampled a pint of Guinness in the home village of his Irish ancestors on his first visit to Ireland, and famously remarked after his first tatse that it does indeed taste better in Ireland.美国总统奥巴马在第一次访问爱尔兰时,曾专程到他祖母的家乡去寻根,并在祖母居住的村庄的小酒店里品尝了吉尼斯黑啤,当他品尝第一口后表示道,爱尔兰的吉尼斯黑啤的确口味更好,更纯正。Throughout Ireland, there are a number of historic Irish pubs where you can enjoy a perfect pint of Guinness, while on your vacation in Ireland.在爱尔兰有些多历史悠久的酒吧,当你来爱尔兰后,一定要到酒吧去喝上一杯。 /201306/245407

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