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宜昌阴茎勃起不硬怎么办宜昌伍家岗区治疗早泄哪家医院最好 One Los Angeles woman didn#39;t have to hold her breath while she waited for her girlfriend to answer her marriage proposal - but that#39;s because she had her scuba diving equipment there to supply her with oxygen.洛杉矶一位姑娘等待女友答应她的求婚时不需要屏住呼吸,但这是因为她有水肺潜水装备给自己供氧。Markie Miller, 28, popped the question to Sarah Hu, 27, underwater, bringing along romantic signs so she could ask her girlfriend to marry her in the Atlantic Ocean.28岁的玛基·米勒(Markie Miller)在水下向27岁的女友萨拉·胡(Sarah Hu)求婚,她还随身带了一些浪漫的字牌帮助自己在大西洋“问”女友愿不愿意和她结婚。But while Sarah is an avid scuba diver and marine biologist, Markie, who works in film, told BuzzFeed that she didn#39;t know a thing about diving - so she had to get secretly certified to pull off the unique proposal.在接受BuzzFeed网站采访时玛基表示,她的女友萨拉是一名狂热的水肺潜水爱好者、海洋生物学家,而她则从事电影行业,之前对潜水一无所知,因此她必须悄悄地考到潜水资格才能完成这个独特的求婚。The California couple had been together for six and a half years when Markie asked Sarah to be her wife.玛基终于向萨拉求婚时,这对加州情侣在一起已经有六年半的时间了。Markie had been planning to learn to scuba dive for a while in order to join Sarah, who had been doing it for eight years, on a dive, but she just hadn#39;t gotten around to it yet.为了能和有八年潜水经验的萨拉一起潜水,玛基计划学习水肺潜水很久了,但一直没能抽出时间。That is, until she had her brilliant proposal idea. But Markie still wanted it to be a surprise, so she secretly attended classes to get her certification. She would leave all of her equipment at a friend#39;s house, pick it up before class, and head back there to shower before going home.直到她想到这个绝佳的求婚计划。但因为玛基希望给女友一个惊喜,所以她偷偷地报班学习以考取潜水资格。在这期间,她将全部潜水设备都放到一个朋友家,上课前去取,回家前再到朋友家冲澡。Sarah is used to Markie working long hours on short notice, so she wasn#39;t at all suspicious of her suddenly busy schedule.萨拉已经习惯了玛基总是临时加班,因此对于玛基突然忙碌的日程没有产生一丝怀疑。Then, on June 13, Sarah was set to go for a dive at LA#39;s Redondo Beach with her brother and some friends.于是到了6月13日这一天,萨拉准备和哥哥还有一些朋友去洛杉矶雷东多海滩(Redondo Beach)潜水。She had no idea that Markie was aly there, prepared to give her the surprise of her life.她完全没想到玛基已经在那里等候多时,准备给她人生中最大的惊喜。#39;I was nervous that it wouldn#39;t work out exactly as planned, but I tried to be calm and be y for anything,#39; Markie said.玛基说:“我很紧张,害怕事情不会按照计划进行,但我尽力保持冷静,准备好应对任何意外状况。”When Sarah was 20ft underwater, Markie - unrecognizable under all of her gear - swam up to her and held up set of signs that : #39;I told you I#39;d go to the bottom of the ocean for your love… but right now I#39;m only certified to 60 feet. Will you marry me?#39;当萨拉潜到水下20英尺深的时候,全副武装的玛基向她游过来,萨拉完全没有认出,玛基手中拿着一些牌子,上面写着:“我说过为了你的爱我愿意深潜海底,但我现在只能下潜到60英尺,你愿意嫁给我吗?”Sarah, clearly ecstatic, held her hand up to her face and nodded her head. The two embraced before swimming back up to the surface, where a giddy Sarah chastised her brother for not following safety protocol - which mandates that everyone diving know the plan before the dive.萨拉显然欣喜若狂,将她的手放到自己脸上并点了头。两人深情相拥,游回水面后,兴奋的萨拉责怪哥哥没有遵守安全协议。安全协议规定所有人在下水前都需要知道潜水计划。She said: #39;It wasn#39;t in my dive plan to surface with a fiancé!#39;她表示:“我的潜水计划里可没有带着未婚妻浮上水面这一项!”#39;I was so blown away by how Markie was even underwater and how my brother and some of my best friends were also witnessing this!#39; said Sarah. #39;It was an amazing surprise. I am still as surprised that she can dive as I am that I am engaged!”萨拉说:“我简直惊呆了,玛基居然潜在水下,而我的哥哥以及我其他的一些好友也见了整个求婚过程。这个惊喜实在太棒了,我还没有缓过来,玛基竟然可以潜水了和我居然订婚了同样让我惊讶!”Once they were back on solid ground, Markie went down on one knee and gave Sarah a ring.她们一回到陆地,玛基便单膝跪下给萨拉戴上了戒指。The U.S. Supreme Court legalised nationwide marriage equality for same-sex couples just two weeks later.美国最高法院在两周后就宣布了全国范围同性恋婚姻的合法化。The gorgeous couple plan to get married next year.这对让人羡慕的情侣计划于明年结婚。 /201508/394219宜昌做包皮手术多少钱

秭归县男科医生编者按:2011;伤不起;的一年:年初的;微打拐;为兔年春节涂抹了一层人文的亮色;日本地震,中国爆发;谣盐;危机;此波未平,;地沟油;一波又起;;高铁;是个奇迹,大家都信了,温州动车追尾事故刚刚平息,多起;校车;交通事故又起,虽亡羊补牢,但对那些已逝生命的孩子终究为时晚矣;从经济到文化,一连串施放的;限字令;构成了调控政策的新风景;一系列的;times;times;控;,更折射出;控;已成为一种生活状态;;PM2.5;引发空气质量大讨论,环保不再只是官方的口号。望国内景象,网事风起云涌,2011,你;HOLD住;了吗?  岁末年终,英语点津在这里为您盘点2011国内最热门的十大词汇,希望能帮助您回顾今年的热点事件和精言论。1.微打拐 microblogs combat child-trafficking2.谣盐 salt rumor3. 地沟油 illegal cooking oil4. 高铁 high-speed train/rail5. 校车安全 school bus safety6. 限 limit7. 控 control8. 可入肺颗粒物 PM2.59. 伤不起 too delicate to bear a blow10. hold 住 /201112/166600 宜昌男健医院可以刷医保卡吗宜昌治疗阳痿哪家好




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