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宜昌男健医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱秭归县男科最好的医院宜昌西陵区不孕不育医院预约挂号 Bill Gates was on ;Morning Joe; Wednesday to talk about the role of innovation in humanitarian aid, but singled out education as the issue that could most determine America#39;s future.比尔盖茨星期三在“Morning Joe”谈论人道主义援助方面创新的作用,但单列出教育作为最可能决定美国未来的问题。;Morning Joe; co-host Mika Brzezinski asked Gates to name one issue in the U.S. that ;really plagues us and could really bring us down, semi-health-oriented.;“Morning Joe”搭档Mika Brzezinski要求盖茨说出在美国“真正困扰我们,且可能真的会把我们击倒、半健康导向的”一个问题。;I#39;d pick education, if I was thinking broadly about America,; Gates responded. ;It#39;s our tool of equality. It has not improved, it#39;s fallen behind other countries in a very big way.;“我会选择教育,如果我正在对美国畅想,”盖茨答道。“这是我们平等的工具。它还没有改善,在很大方面它还落后于其他国家。”The statement came during a discussion with New York Times columnist Nick Kristof on the Bill amp; Melinda Gates Foundation#39;s work in humanitarian aid and education -- pegged to the release of Gates#39; annual letter on Wednesday.该声明是在与《纽约时报》的专栏作家尼克#8226;克里斯托夫关于比尔和梅林达#8226;盖茨基金会在人道主义援助和教育方面的工作的讨论中出来的——与周三盖茨的年度信一起。Every year, the Microsoft founder#39;s letter reflects on what he has learned through his travel and work for the foundation, and how that new knowledge and perspective will influence his work in the future. This year#39;s letter concentrates on setting goals and creating effective progress measurements, including for teachers. The Gates Foundation released the third of its Measuring Effective Teachers project earlier this month, which advocates for teacher accountability through balanced evaluations of classroom observations, student test scores and student surveys.每一年,这位微软创始人的书信反映了通过基金会的旅行和工作他学到的东西,以及新的知识和观点在未来如何影响他的工作。今年的信专注于设定目标和创建有效的进度测量,包括为老师的。本月早些时候盖茨基金会发布了衡量有效教师项目的第三部分,通过平衡课堂观察的评价、学生考试成绩和学生的调查来倡导教师的责任。;Our teachers get the least feedback of any, and we#39;ve got to change that,; Gates said on Wednesday. ;We#39;ve got to help them learn from each other.;“我们的教师获得的任何反馈都很少,我们必须改变,”盖茨周三表示。“我们必须帮助他们互相学习。”Gates#39; belief that education is the greatest predictor of America#39;s future is supported by a report released last March that declared education to be an issue of national security. ;A Nation at Risk,; penned by former New York City Schools chief Joel Klein and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, argues that a failure to provide quality education in areas like foreign languages, science and technology will create major future deficiencies of engineers, diplomats and soldiers, among others.盖茨关于教育是美国未来最大预测师的信仰受到去年3月发布的一份宣布教育是关乎国家安全问题的报告的持。《一个危机中的国家》,由前纽约市学校长官克莱恩和前国务卿康多莉扎#8226;赖斯执笔,认为在外语、科学和技术领域未能提供素质教育的失败使得其他人中未来工程师、外交官和军人的缺失。;As we#39;re not able to train people for the jobs, you#39;re going to hit a limit that, no matter how good the economy is, you#39;re not providing the opportunity,; Gates said Wednesday.“我们不能够为工作培训人才,你会到达一个极限,无论多么好的经济,你不提供机会,”盖茨周三说。A 2009 report found that U.S. students ranked 25th among 34 countries in math and science, trailing nations like China, Singapore, South Korea and Finland. And just 6 percent of U.S. students performed at the advanced level on a 2006 international exam administered across 56 countries. That percentage is lower than those attained by students in 30 other countries.2009年的一份报告发现,美国学生数学和科学方面在34个国家中排名第25位,落后于像中国、新加坡、韩国和芬兰这样的国家。在2006年由56个国家实施的国际考试中只有6%的美国学生表现靠前。这一比例低于其他30个国家通过学生努力达到的比例。To be sure, the U.S. is not among the worst-performing developed nations, but is in a position researchers have called ;middling.; Analysts also point out that U.S. scores on the 2009 international exams did generally improve over 2006.可以肯定的是,美国不是发达国家中表现最差的,但是处在一个研究人员称为“中等”的位置上,分析人士也指出,美国2009年国际考试成绩比2006年确实有普遍改善。 /201307/249652宜昌男健医院前列腺检查

三峡仁和医院治疗早泄多少钱西陵区割痔疮多少钱 THESE are Britain’s cheapest homes – set to go on sale for just a POUND.英国最便宜房屋即将出售,仅卖1英镑。The Victorian terraced houses were originally bought for as much as pound;70,000 EACH – but are now being offered at the rock-bottom price to DIY enthusiasts.维多利亚式排屋每间最初售价高达7万英镑,而现如今却要以跳楼价卖给DIY热衷者。Each buyer will have to prove they can bring the house up to scratch using “construction skills” before they can own the property.每位买主必须在购买前明自己“有能力”翻修这些老房子,使之达到合格标准。Homes in the Granby Triangle area in Kensington, Liverpool were part of former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott’s plan to destroy thousands of homes across the country.这些房屋位于利物浦的肯辛顿格兰比三角区,属于前副首相约翰#8226;普雷斯科特提出的铲平全国数千座老房屋计划中的一部分。Under his regeneration Pathfinder scheme, around pound;2.2bn was blown on buying and demolishing homes – but not enough new homes were built for the displaced occupants.根据他提出的“探路者”重建方案,政府将斥资约22亿英镑用于房屋购买与拆迁——但新购置的房屋数量不足以满足未予安置的住房者的需要。Residents in the Granby area fought to save the properties and now the city council has agreed to sell them to locals who will be able to revamp them.格兰比地区的居民一直在争取保留自己的房产,如今市政议会已经同意将这些房屋卖给有翻修能力的当地购房者。As part of the initial pilot scheme, 20 houses will be offered for sale to residents for pound;1.作为最初试点方案的一部分,有20座房屋将以1英镑的价格卖给当地居民。Liverpool’s Deputy Mayor and Finance Chief Cllr Paul Brant said: “This allows people who may be excluded from mortgages but have construction skills to play a part in the regeneration of their communities.利物浦市副市长、主管财政的议员保罗-布兰特表示,“这一举措可以使不具抵押贷款资格但拥有翻修能力的人在其社区房屋重建中发挥一定的作用”。“We’ve seen that the private sector model has not succeeded so far and, through this way of doing things, if there is any profit it will stay with local people.”“我们已经看到,私营模式至今还未收获成效。不过采用现在这种方式,如果有利可图的话,受益者也将是当地居民”。Jonathan Brown, spokesman for the Merseyside Civic Society, said: “We fought against Prescott’s scheme and it’s great to have won all these years later.默西赛德郡公民协会发言人乔纳森#8226;布朗表示,“我们一直反对普雷斯科特的计划,经历了这么多年的抗争能取得胜利也算是大快人心。”“Local people have been let down over and over again for decades.“过去几十年,当地居民一次又一次地陷于失望之中。”“I hope this now rolls out to other areas of the city in desperate need of regeneration.”“我希望当前这种做法也能推广到本市其他一些亟需重建的地区。” /201302/226594点军区人民中妇幼保健医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱

宜昌男科医院治疗龟头炎多少钱With millions of rickshaws on the road worldwide (there are over 100 million motorized rickshaws in Asia alone), it#39;s no surprise that they can range from the high-tech hybrids to the more basic pedal-powered types. Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue, who also designed this intriguing hand-woven, bamboo concept car, undertook the task of redesigning the bicycle rickshaw into something much more refreshing for urban roads.世界上的黄包车数以百万计(仅亚洲就有一亿多个),难怪性能质量会参差不齐:既有高科技的混合动力车,也有最基本的脚踏式。菲律宾设计师肯尼斯·寇本普正在着手进行自行车人力车的设计工作,以使之更好地适应现代道路。肯尼斯·寇本普先前设计过一辆手工竹质脚踏车。Employing his signature woven aesthetic, Cobonpue#39;s ;Eclipse; concept rickshaw is based off a version of the pedicab found in the Philippines, which uses three wheels and places the cab off to the side. It features a retro-style bicycle off to one side, with an open, two-seater circular cab.在新设计出的车体上,寇本普编织美学表现的用的月食造型创意来自于街头的三轮车。它有着三个轮子,而车厢在自行车的一侧,而不是中间,这样看起来就像是一个复古风格的自行车,一侧带着一个两座的车厢。There#39;s a protective curtain that can come down on both ends, and I like how the overall curvaceous feel of it contrasts with its boxier cousins.两边有防护性的门帘,可以拉下来防风尘,我真想知道,与它的盒状亲戚比起来会是什么感觉。Of course, this redesign may not fit everywhere; it looks bigger and less maneuverable than most pedicabs and rickshaws -- therefore it may be at a disadvantage on highly congested roads, and any torrential rain and dust coming in may be a problem. Nevertheless, it#39;s an admirable attempt to make this kind of vehicle more appealing on a larger scale.当然,这种重新设计的风格不可能适合所有的地方:与传统的三轮车和脚踏车比起来,它的个头太大,至少看起来机动性稍显不足。因此可能在拥堵的道路上会处于不利的局面,而且还有一个问题就是暴雨和尘土很容易进入车厢。不过,这种想要这种交通工具更具吸引力的尝试不能不令人感到敬佩。 /201209/202175 Dementia Studies Find Diet, Exercise MatterTwo studies published in this week's Journal of the American Medical Association add to evidence that long-term lifestyle habits may reduce the risk of mental decline in old age.The first study, a long-term look at 1,880 elderly people in New York City, found that a Mediterranean-type diet and physical activity each were linked to less risk for Alzheimer's disease. The Taub Institute for Research on Alzheimer's Disease and the Aging Brain at Columbia University Medical Center released the data as part of a larger research project on aging.The second study, a shorter-term observation of 1,410 patients in France, found some correlation between a Mediterranean-type diet and slower cognitive damage.Nikolaos Scarmeas, the author of the first study, grew up eating fish and vegetables in Athens, Greece. Now the neurologist suggests more people take up his mother's cooking. Marked by high consumption of foods such as vegetables, legumes and cereals, served with olive oil, in addition to moderate fish and alcohol intake, the traditional diet has long conferred better cardiovascular health.Starting in 1992, researchers at Columbia University monitored elderly patients every 18 months for diet, exercise and mental health, in addition to a number of controls including age, sex and education. 'This is one of the first studies to tease apart the independent contributions of diet and exercise for dementia prevention,' says Ronald Petersen, director of the Alzheimer's Disease Research Center at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., who was not involved in the research. 'It suggests that aging need not be a passive process.'These studies are observational and not definitive, but they hint at what might reduce the chances of Alzheimer's or dementia. In the Columbia research, those who adhered most closely to the diet reduced their risk for Alzheimer's by 40%, while those with the highest physical activity decreased their risk 33%, compared with people who didn't adhere closely to the diet or weren't physically active.In the second study, French researchers found the healthy diet to be associated with slower mental decline, but they didn't discover a strong link with a reduction in dementia.Doctors in the field are careful to note that none of these findings demonstrate a causal relationship, but instead reflect the advantages of a continual healthy lifestyle. 'The benefits don't just occur at age 70 when you suddenly stop eating McDonald's and start eating Brussels sprouts,' says David Knopman, a neurologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., who wrote the editorial accompanying the studies in JAMA and wasn't involved in either study. His editorial highlights confounding variables in the studies. 'Healthy diet and exercise is part of a package of lifelong healthy living.'Zaven Khachaturian, a senior science adviser to the Alzheimer's Association, agrees. 'This offers interesting insight but we need to turn it now into clinical trials,' says the former director of the Office of Alzheimer's Disease Research at the National Institutes of Health.These findings arrive a few weeks after new research identified a gene that could help predict who will develop Alzheimer's -- the leading cause of dementia -- and at what age. The report, given in mid-July at the International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease, concentrated on DNA surrounding the ApoE gene. Researchers say more studies are needed before the findings can be confirmed.For now, Dr. Scarmeas says his studies strongly suggest that a Mediterranean diet and exercise both confer independent and positive health benefits. But together, they are even better.'The relative risk reduction for Alzheimer's is about 60% when you combine the diet and exercise,' he says. /200908/82667宜昌市人民中妇幼保健医院泌尿外科宜昌市妇保医院治疗男性不育多少钱



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