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In recent box office hit Love on the Cloud, Hong Kong star Angelababy goes on a blind date with someone she meets through WeChat. Though the man decides he’ll run away if the woman doesn’t look as expected, he’s shocked to discover she’s prettier than he could ever imagine.在最近的卖座电影《微爱之渐入佳境中,香港女星Angelababy饰演了一位通过微信随意约会的姑娘而片中与她约会的男人(陈赫 饰)本打算如果对方长得不如意就逃跑,不想出现在他面前的姑娘直接美出了他的想象力Obviously, the key to this story is an abnormally pretty face, and few actresses can compete in that department with Angelababy, who has long been described as a beautiful goddess.显然,美出天际的颜值正是此片的重要卖点,而久负“女神”之名的Angelababy来扮演女主角再合适不过Angelababy started her career at age as a model bee going on to star in about movies. a while, all the public knew about the star was that she was beautiful and was dating Huang Xiaoming. However, the 5-year-old has surprised audiences with her “anti-baby” toughness in popular TV show Running Man.岁,Angelababy就开始了模特生涯;随后,她又出演了约部电影小伙伴们对她的认识一度仅限于美貌、以及黄晓明的女友而自从参加了人气爆棚的电视真人秀节目《奔跑吧,兄弟之后,这个5岁姑娘“女汉子”的新形象让观众们刮目相看As the only regular female on the show, the nymph-like Angelababy competes in difficult tasks against male competitors. In one game she’s required to wrestle with men, and in another she must crawl through a pit of mud. She goes all out to complete the missions and score a win, paying little attention to how she appears on the screen. She appears in the show without any makeup on several occasions. Her exaggerated facial expressions and gestures, despite not being becoming of a goddess, endear audiences.作为节目中唯一的常驻女嘉宾, Angelababy却没有像我们预想的一样以花瓶角色出现,而是和男嘉宾一起挑战各种艰难的任务节目中,她曾与男嘉宾角力,曾在泥坑中匍匐为了完成任务、赢得比赛,她拼尽全力,毫不顾忌自己在荧幕上的形象甚至好几次,她都素颜出镜不做女神的她,面部表情夸张、肢体语言丰富,却赢得了观众们的喜爱“Angelababy was a surprise choice our cast. She may have been a sweet cover girl and sexy heroine bee, but now she is a superwoman with guts and responsibility,” Running Man’s chief producer Yu Hangying told Sina.“Angelababy是嘉宾阵容中的惊喜之选之前很多人认为她只是长相甜美、身材性感的女星,但现在看来,她还是个有勇气有担当的女超人”《跑男的总制片人俞杭英如是说In an interview with Tencent Entertainment, the actress revealed she’s actually a tomboy, just as we see on Running Man. Her favorite thing to do outside of work is to stay home and play games like League of Legends, though co-star Chen He said on a Youku talk show that Angelababy is still a total noob.在接受腾讯的采访时,Angelababy称(现实中的)自己其实就像《跑男中一样,是个假小子她工作之余最大的爱好就是宅在家中打《英雄联盟之类的游戏不过,在《微爱中出演男主的陈赫在优酷的脱口秀节目中爆料,Angelababy至今还是个大菜鸟As reality shows have been popular China now a decade, perhaps audiences are more willing to warm up to stars that aren’t otherworldly but instead exhibit genuine character and a down-to-earth personality. Whether she’s simply catering to her audience or being true to herself, one thing is sure — Angelababy’s tough-girl schtick is being well-received by fans.自从十年前真人秀节目在中国走红以来,观众们越来越青睐那些不做作、接地气的明星们不管Angelababy(现在的表现)只是为了迎合观众,还是坚持本色,有一点是毋庸置疑的,那就是她这种女汉子的性格深得粉丝们的心 7。

  • Prince William stunned crowds at Kensington Palace tonight by jumping on stage with Taylor Swift and Jon Bon Jovi an off-the-cuff rendition of Livin on a Prayer.肯辛顿宫,威廉王子在目瞪口呆的人群中跳上舞台和泰勒·斯威夫特、邦·乔维一起即兴表演邦乔维的经典曲目《Livin on a PrayerNobody could have guessed how the evening would end as William accepted an invitation to join 80s rocker Bon Jovi on stage, but insisting he would only do it if Taylor came too.没人会想到晚会会以这样的形式结束威廉接受邀请和80年代摇滚歌手邦·乔维一起站在舞台上,但他也坚持称,只有泰勒也来他才肯表演Star turn Taylor Swift electrified the audience with a rendition of her hit single Trouble a followed the song Fifteen.压轴演出的泰勒·斯威夫特表演了热门单曲《I Knew You Were Trouble 和《Fifteen带动了观众的热情She told the audience: ‘I’m Taylor, it is very nice to meet you, especially under these circumstances. It is my first time playing at Kensington Palace or any other palace that matter.她告诉观众们:“我是泰勒,很高兴见到你们,尤其是在这种情形下,这是我第一次在肯辛顿宫或者其他类似的宫殿表演”Speaking about perming at the gala earlier in the evening, Taylor said: Im absolutely excited. I dont think Ive ever played at a palace bee so it is really wonderful.谈到在辛顿宫举办的冬天白色晚宴盛典上表演,泰勒说道:“我非常兴奋,在这之前我都没有在其他宫殿表演过,这真的很棒”Its really wondrous, I think theyve done an amazing job of putting this together. Describing her meeting with the Duke she laughed: He was very funny. I was really happy he was funny.“这也非常奇妙,他们把这些人聚在一起,真的是做了一件很棒的工作”谈到和威廉王子的见面,她笑着说:“他很风趣,他这么有趣,我很开心” 666。
  • I went into the cinema to check out a late-summer blockbuster about talking chimpanzees. But Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, underneath its gorilla suit, is a heavy movie that left me wondering heavy questions like “Why is there war?”我本怀着去看一部关于会说话的猩猩的夏末大片的心情走进电影院但是在“猩猩”的外衣之下,《猩球崛起:黎明之战却是一部沉重的电影,让我在看过之后不断思考一个沉重的问题:“为何会有战争?”Compared with ’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the franchise reboot which focused heavily on character development and clean, bright visuals, the sequel takes a turn toward a much darker tone both visually and in the storytelling. We are constantly aware that danger is coming, and finding a peaceful solution seems impossible from the start.年上映的《猩球崛起1主要侧重对人物成长的描写,画面明亮干净,但是《猩球崛起在叙事风格和视觉效果上都转向暗黑,让观众们从电影伊始就不断感到:危险将近,而寻求和平之道似乎是不可能的The film picks up a decade after what happened in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. When that film ended, the hero chimp Caesar — raised among people bee experiencing animal-lab cruelty — led other mutated apes into the woods of San Francisco. This time, his peaceful existence is threatened by the intrusion of Malcolm, a man searching energy supplies in the ruined city. The two m a truce, though growing distrust and militant factions on both sides soon threaten all-out war.《猩球崛起讲述了上一部十年之后的故事在上一部里,身为主角的黑猩猩凯撒被人类养大后,在看护所中遭到无情对待;结尾处,凯撒将其他变异的猩猩都带进了旧金山的森林中在这一部中,在一片狼藉的城中寻找能源的马尔科姆打破了凯撒的平静生活,他们二者虽然订立了休战协定,但是双方的不信任感日益增长,武力擦日趋激烈,全面战争一触即发Under Matt Reeves’ masterful direction, the film is an intense and exciting blockbuster with brains, and the special effects have been taken to another level.在马特#86;里夫斯炉火纯青的执导之下,《猩球崛起可谓是一部充满智慧、节奏紧凑、惊心动魄的巨作,其特效水平也达到了一个全新的高度The majority of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is animated, but you just don’t think about it or notice. “Authentic” is the word that comes to mind, as it looks not only life-like, but the characters also have an emotional resonance with the audience.虽然这部影片中大部分角色都由动画制作而成,但是你却无所察觉,进入你脑海中的只有“真实”二字,因为这些角色不仅形象逼真,并且引起了观众的情感共鸣Also, the movie marks the first time that 3-D permance capture has been shot outside of a studio and it shows, adding a level of realism that many blockbusters fail to achieve.同时,这部电影也是首部在户外使用3D表演捕捉技术的影片,其真实效果让诸多大片难以企及Andy Serkis, who plays Caesar, shows great depth as an actor. He asserts himself through the visual stylings of computer animation that completely transms him into an animated ape.扮演凯撒的安迪#86;瑟金斯是一个厉害的演员电脑动画捕捉虽然让他变成了一个猩猩的动画形象,但他依然把自己精湛的演技得以呈现As a post-apocalyptic story of interspecies conflict, in which two tribes fight their place in a new world, Dawn Of the Planet of the Apes proves itself as more than just a prelude to the main event. It is technically impressive and visually exciting, sure, but it also gives you a lot to think and care about.作为一部讲述种族冲突的后末世影片,《猩球崛起:黎明之战讲述了人与猩猩在新世界中争夺地盘的故事这部影片不仅仅是大战来临前的序曲,而是一部在技术上令人印象深刻,视觉效果上令人血脉喷张,同时也让观众思考的作品 365。
  • The B Christmas special of Sherlockis to contain a secret reference viewers will have to speak Chinese to understand, the show writer has hinted, in a nod to the show huge Asian fanbase.英剧《神探夏洛克的编剧暗示称,B出品的《神探夏洛克圣诞特辑引用了一个秘密典故,只有说汉语的人才能懂此举旨在向广大亚洲影迷致敬Steven Moffat disclosed the special episode of Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, will be full of secret clues die-hard fans of the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novels, as well as something extra its Chinese audience.史蒂文·莫法特透露道,《神探夏洛克的圣诞特辑主角依然是本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇和马丁·弗瑞曼,这集对柯南·道尔原版小说的死忠粉来说充满了无限的隐秘线索,此外还给中国观众带来了小惊喜The programme is aly a key part of B Worldwide sales and is watched by 98 million fans in China, who have special names its stars: ;Peanut; Watson and ;Curly Fu; Holmes.《神探夏洛克在B全球的销量中占据重要地位,观看该剧的中国粉丝达9800万,这些中国影迷还给两位主演起了昵称:华生又叫“花生”,福尔斯又叫“卷福”The seasonal episode, a one-off entitled The Abominable Bride, will seek to extend that close relationship, as it goes back to the Victorian era with a Sherlock Holmes ghost story.这集季播剧定名为《可恶的新娘,故事背景回溯至维多利亚时期,围绕夏洛克的一个鬼故事展开,继续描绘“卷福”与“花生”的紧密关系Moffat told the Radio Times: ;It a new story, but if you know the original stories, youll see that it fashioned out of quite a few others.;莫法特对广播时代(Radio Times)说道:“这是个全新的故事如果你读过柯南·道尔的原作,就能发现这集杂糅了很多故事”;As ever with us, weve chosen several and there are loads of references. One of them you have to be able to speak Chinese to get.;“我们跟原来一样,选了好几个故事,也参考了很多其中一个典故只有会说汉语的人才能懂” 69。
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