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体育课(Gym Class) -- ::19 来源: 体育课(Gym Class)  Out of all my classes, I particularly like gym class. Why? Because in gym class you can have fun and get out in the fresh air. We play baseball, basketball, football and practice running.  It's fun. When you are defeated, you can't lose hope because failure is the mother of success. And when you are victorious, you will be happy. I like gym class. I really like it.。

My English Teacher, Mrs Brown 我的英语老师布朗夫人 -- 19:8: 来源: My English Teacher, Mrs Brown 我的英语老师布朗夫人  My English teacher,Mrs Brown, has taught us half a year. All of my classmates admire her. She is about ty years old, but looks young and beautiful. There is always a smile on her face.  As one of the best teachers in our city, she is very kind and helpful. She has a wonderful voice and oftenteaches us to sing English songs. Believe it or not, Mrs Brown is from Taiyuan, and her husband is an American.  我们英语老师布朗夫人教我们半年多了我们班所有的同学都钦佩她她大约四十岁,可是看起来又年轻又漂亮她的脸上总是带着笑容  作为一名全市最优秀的教师之一,她心地善良,乐于助人她嗓音很美,经常教我们唱英文歌曲信不信由你,布朗夫人是太原人,她老公是美国人。

Macao -- 3:33:57 来源: Macao   Macao is in the southeast of China. It has an area of square kilometers, and it has a population of over 00 thousand.  It is neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter in Macao. The temperature is about in January and in July. It rains a lot during the months of May and Swptember.  Macao is a famous city travelling. Many people visit Macao every year.  The Chinese people are sure to make Macao richer and stronger in the future.  位于中国的东南部它的面积是平方公里,人口是0多万  夏天不热,冬天不冷一月份的温度约度,七月份的温度是度五月份和九月份经常下雨  是一座以旅游闻名的城市,每年都有许多人来旅游  中国人民坚信的未来会更富强。

My Teacher-我的老师 -- :53:00 来源: My Teacher-我的老师  My favourite teacher is Miss Huang. She is a beautiful lady. She has two big eyes, a high nose and a little red mouth. there is always a smile on her face.   Miss Huang likes singing and collecting posters. She is good at playing the piano. In the evening, she always sits in front of the piano and plays nice music. She is good at dancing, too. Sometimes she teaches us dancing.   Miss Huang likes dogs very much because the dog is very friendly and cute. Her favourite color is blue. Because blue is the color of the sky and the sea.  This is my favourite teacher. Our classmates all like her very much.。

傲慢与偏见电影台词年完整版下载(中英对照) --7 ::39 来源: 傲慢与偏见电影台词年完整版下载(中英对照)Lydia! Kitty!莉蒂雅! 凯蒂!My dear Mr Bennet, have you heard?亲爱的贝纳先生,你听说了吗?Netherfield Park is let at last. Do you not want to know who has taken it?尼德斐园最后终于租出去了你想知道最后是谁租走了吗?As you wish to tell me, my dear,I doubt I have any choice in the matter.亲爱的, 如果你想说的话, 我能说不听吗?Kitty, what have I told youabout listening at the door?凯蒂, 我说过不要在门边偷看There's a Mr Bingley arrived from the North.有一位叫宾里的先生从北方来了Five thousand a year!Really?听说年收入五千磅呢!真的?He's single!Who's single?他还是单身!谁还是单身?A Mr Bingley, apparently. Kitty!当然是那位宾里先生阿,凯蒂!How can that possibly affect them?这干她们什么事?Mr Bennet,how can you be so tiresome?贝纳先生,你怎么好像兴趣缺缺阿?You know he must marry one of them.你要知道,他要跟她们其中一个结婚That is his design in settling here?他就是为了这个住在这里?You must go and visit him at once.你要马上去拜访人家阿Good heavens. People.你们好阿DOC文档下载 傲慢与偏见电影台词。

Visiting Our Teacher 探望老师 -- :5:18 来源: Visiting Our Teacher 探望老师  Yesterday, we the students of Class 5 Grade 5, learned that our English teacher, Mrs Ma, got ill and was in hospital. We were very sorry about it. Mrs Ma is always kind and friendly to us. So we decided to visit her.  This morning Zhao Ming, Xiao Han and I went to the hospital to see her. Mrs Ma was glad to see us. She looked weak, but still beautiful. We put the fruit on the table, and said, "Mrs Ma, wish you get well soon. We are all waiting you in the classroom." After she heard this, Mrs Ma was moved, with tears in her eyes.  I thikn teachers are like candles, giving off light others by burning themselves.  昨天我们五年级五班的学生听说我们的英语老师马老师生病住院了,我们都很难过马老师总是对我们又慈祥又友好,我们决定去看她  今天早晨我和赵明、肖涵去医院看她马老师见到我们很高兴她看起来很虚弱,可是依然美丽我们把水果放到桌子上,说:“马老师,祝您早日痊愈!我们都在教师等待您”听到这话后,马老师感动得落了泪  我想,老师就像蜡烛,燃烧了自己,照亮了别人!。

The Crow and the Fox 乌鸦和狐狸 -- :53:57 来源: The Crow and the Fox 乌鸦和狐狸  One day a crow found a piece of meat. She picked it up and flew to a tall tree. She was just going to eat the meat when a fox saw her. He came and stood under the tree and said, "How beautiful you are!" The crow was glad to hear that. Then the fox said, "I can see your beautiful face, but I can't hear your beautiful voice. Why don't you sing a song?" The crow began to sing. But when she opened her mouth, she dropped the meat, and the fox picked it up at once.  有一天乌鸦找到了一块肉她叼起肉飞到一棵高树上她正要吃肉,这时狐狸看到她他走过来,站在树下说,“你长得多美丽啊!”听到这话,乌鸦很高兴然后狐狸说:“我能看到你那美丽的脸,可是我听不到你那好听的声音为什么不唱首歌呢?”乌鸦开始唱了,可是当她张开嘴时,把肉掉了狐狸立刻叼走了肉。

二年级英语作文:A diary of My Birthday --1 01:8:39 来源: Today is my nine-year-old birthday. I am very hay, because my father buys a big cake me and my sister just comes to Guangzhou . After dier , my family celebrate my birthday . I make a wish and blow out the candles . Do you want to know my wish ? Let me tell you , I wish I can study harder and harder ,then get the NO.1 in our cla. Then I cut the cake and my family share the cake with me . How nice today!!!。

《毕业生经典英文电影台词 -01- :01:1 来源: 《毕业生经典英文电影台词 《毕业生是迈克·尼科尔斯执导的一部电影刚刚大学毕业生本恩一边与父亲朋友的妻子鲁宾逊太太,一边又爱上了鲁宾逊太太的女儿伊莱恩伊莱恩知道真相后伤心欲绝,决定与别人结婚本恩得知这一消息,不顾一切向教堂冲去,他要尽最后力量挽回爱人的心……MRS. ROBINSON: Hello, Benjamin.BEN: Oh. Hello. MRS. ROBINSON: May I sit down?BEN: Of course.MRS. ROBINSON: Thank you.MRS. ROBINSON: How are you?BEN: Very well. Thank you.MRS. ROBINSON: May I have a drink?BEN: A drink? Of course.(Ben looks toward a passing WAITER and raises his hand.the waiter pays no attention. Ben looks back at Mrs. Robinson apologetically.)BEN: He didn''t see me.MRS. ROBINSON: Waiter!MRS. ROBINSON: I will have a martini.WAITER #1: Yes, madam.MRS. ROBINSON: You don''t have to be so nervous, you know.BEN: Nervous. Well, I am a bit nervous. I mean it''s Mr. Braddock: What's the matter? The guests are all downstairs, Ben, waiting to see you.布兰多克先生:你怎么了,客人们都在楼下,本,等着看你呢Benjamin: Look, Dad, could you explain to them that I have to be alone a while?本杰明:爸爸,你能不能向他们解释,我得一个人呆会Mr. Braddock: These are all our good friends, Ben. Most of them have known you since, well, practically since you were born. What is it, Ben?布兰多克先生:他们都是我们的好朋友,本,他们大多从你出生就认识你,你到底怎么了?Benjamin: I'm just...本杰明:我只是……Mr. Braddock: Worried?布兰多克先生:焦虑?Benjamin: Well...本杰明:是……Mr. Braddock: About what?布兰多克先生:为什么焦虑?Benjamin: I guess about my future.本杰明:我想是担心我的未来Mr. Braddock: What about it?布兰多克先生:未来怎么了?Benjamin: I don't know... I want it to be...本杰明:我不知道,我想它变得……Mr. Braddock: To be what?布兰多克先生:变得怎样?Benjamin: [looks at his father] ... Different.本杰明:(看着他的父亲)变得……不一样.Benjamin: Where did you do it?本杰明:你在哪里做的?Mrs. Robinson: In his car.鲁宾逊夫人:在他的车里Benjamin: What kind of car was it?本杰明:什么样的车?Mrs. Robinson: Come on now.鲁宾逊夫人:来吧···Benjamin: No, I really want to know.本杰明:不,我真的想知道Mrs. Robinson: A d.鲁宾逊夫人:一辆福特Benjamin: Goddamn, that's great. So old Elaine Robinson got started in a d.本杰明:天啦,太强了伊莱恩开始于一辆福特车 毕业生 经典 英文。