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宜昌有哪家医院治疗男性功能比较厉害的宜昌哪里治疗前列腺Human beings and dogs人类与Man’s best friend,人类最好的朋友Scientific research throws new light on a very old partnership科学研究为人关系提供新视角Aug 6th 2011 | from the print edition Dog Sense: How the New Science of Dog Behaviour Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet. 《的心灵世界:类行为科学新发展让你更加走进爱犬的内心世界》By John Bradshaw. Basic Books; 324 pages; .99. Published in Britain as “In Defence of Dogs: Why Dogs Need Our Understanding”. Allen Lane; pound;20. Buy from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk作者:约翰#8226;布拉德肖;Basic Books出版社出版;324页;售价25.99美元;英国出版名为《为辩护:为何需要我们的理解?》;Allen lane出版社出版;售价20英镑。本书也可在Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk购得。THE relationship between people and dogs is unique. Among domesticated animals, only dogs are capable of performing such a wide variety of roles for humans: herding sheep, sniffing out drugs or explosives and being our beloved companions. It is hard to be precise about when the friendship began, but a reasonable guess is that it has been going strong for more than 20,000 years. In the Chauvet cave in the Ardèche region of France, which contains the earliest known cave paintings, there is a 50-metre trail of footprints made by a boy of about ten alongside those of a large canid that appears to be part-wolf, part-dog. The footprints, which have been dated by soot deposited from the torch the child was carrying, are estimated to be about 26,000 years old.人关系可谓独一无二。在各种家畜中,只有可为人类担负如此多重任:看护羊群,搜寻毒品、炸药,做我们的挚爱伙伴。人类与之间的友情很难精确追根溯源,一种比较合理的说法是2万多年前开始,这种友情就开始逐渐深厚了。法国阿尔代什省的萧维岩洞中保存着迄今为止最早的岩洞壁画,岩洞中有一串50米长的约十岁男孩的脚印,旁边还有一串半狼半的大型犬类的脚印。从男孩所持火把掉落的灰尘来看,这些脚印是在约2万6千年前留下的。The first proto-dogs probably remained fairly isolated from each other for several thousand years. As they became progressively more domesticated they moved with people on large-scale migrations, mixing their genes with other similarly domesticated creatures and becoming increasingly dog-like (and less wolf-like) in the process. For John Bradshaw, a biologist who founded the anthrozoology department at the University of Bristol, having some idea about how dogs got to be dogs is the first stage towards gaining a better understanding of what dogs and people mean to each other. Part of his agenda is to explode the many myths about the closeness of dogs to wolves and the mistakes that this has led to, especially in the training of dogs over the past century or so.最早的祖先们相互之间并无太多交集,这种情况很可能持续了数千年。随着驯化程度越来越高,它们随人类进行大迁移,并同其他驯化的动物进行交配,的特征逐渐明显(同样,狼的特征渐趋减弱)。约翰#8226;布拉德是布里斯托尔大学人与动物关系学院的创始人,对这位生物学家来说,了解如何演变为是更好地研究人类与关系的第一步。书中,他想要打破关于狼近亲的种种谬论以及由此而导致的错误做法,尤其是过去约一世纪中人类对的驯化问题。201109/153206宜昌男健男子医院治疗男性不育多少钱 The number of foreign-born players in America's professional National Basketball Association has tripled in the past two decades. One of the veterans - San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker - and a rookie - Washington Wizards' Hamady Ndiaye - talk about their respective experiences as foreigners in the NBA. 在美国国家篮球协会的职业篮球队中,国外出生的球员人数,过去20年来增加了两倍。圣安东尼奥马刺队的托尼#8226;帕克和华盛顿奇才队的新球员哈马迪#8226;恩迪亚耶谈到他们作为外籍球员的感受。For NBA fans, Tony Parker is a household name, a 10-year veteran on one of the best teams in the league. Hamady Ndiaye is a little-known rookie on a team that loses far more often than it wins. What these two players have in common is they both grew up outside of the ed States.对NBA球迷来说,托尼#8226;帕克是一个耳熟能详的名字。他已经为NBA最佳球队之一效力10年了。哈马迪#8226;恩迪亚耶还是一名鲜为人知的新进球员,他隶属的球队输球场次远超过赢球。而两人的共同点是他们都来自美国以外。Parker is fortunate to be playing for one of the National Basketball Association's best teams, the San Antonio Spurs.帕克很幸运,能加入NBA最好的球队之一圣安东尼奥马刺队。The Spurs have won four NBA titles in the past 12 seasons and have high hopes for another one. Two-thirds of the way through the season they have the best record in the league, having won 84 percent of their games with a 46-9 mark through February 17.马刺队在过去12个赛季中,赢得四次NBA总冠军,在本赛季中夺标希望又很高。在已经过去的三分之二赛程中,马刺队的表现最好,到2月17日为止,赢46场,输9场,胜率为百分之84。They recently scored a lopsided win over the struggling Washington Wizards in the nation's capital. Although he scored the most points for the Spurs, Parker still credited the team.最近,在首都华盛顿的一场比赛中,马刺队以压倒优势战胜了苦苦挣扎的华盛顿奇才队。虽然帕克在这场比赛中得分最多,他还是把胜利归功于全队球员。"It was a great team win," said Parker. "The team played great, everybody contributed; so it was a great win."他说:“那是一场了不起的胜利。整个球队都很棒,每个人都做出了贡献。因此赢得漂亮。”201103/127454US Jobless Rate Up to 8.9 Percent, Highest in 26 Years美失业率升至26年新高  The U.S. Labor Department reports the unemployment rate in the ed States rose last month to 8.9 percent. It was the highest rate since 1983, but the number of jobs lost was not as large as expected.美国劳工部报告称,上个月美国的失业率升至8.9%。这是1983年以来美国最高的失业率。但是,当月失去的工作职位并不像预期的那么多。The commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Keith Hall, presented the Labor Department report to the Joint Economic Committee.美国劳工部统计局专员基思.霍尔向国会联合经济委员会陈述了劳工部的报告。"This was another bad report. There was a significant deterioration in the labor market again. The job loss is large, it is widesp, it is affecting every industry sector and every demographic group," he said. “这是又一份糟糕的报告。劳工市场明显恶化。失去的工作职位数量之大,范围之广,正影响着每一个工业部门和每一个年龄阶段。”Some 539,000 jobs were lost in April, bringing the total number of unemployed to 13.7 million, up from 13.2 million in March.4月份共失去了大约53万9千个工作机会,使总的失业人口从3月份得1320万人增加到了1370万人。But the number of job losses were the fewest in the past six months, tempered in part by the federal government's hiring of temporary workers to prepare for the U.S. census next year.但这个数据是过去六个月来失业人数单月增加最少的一次。新增失业人数减少的部分原因是由于联邦政府正在雇用临时工为美国明年的人口普查做准备。Commissioner Hall says the slowdown in layoffs could be, as he put it, "a glimmer of hope" that the economy could be improving.霍尔说,失去就业机会的速度放缓,显示出了经济可能正在改善的“一丝希望的曙光”。"That looks like a moderation, but it's only one month," he cautioned.“看起来是在减速,不过只是一个月。”Senator Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota Democrat who chaired the hearing, said the Labor Department report underscores the need for continued government assistance.来自明尼苏达州的民主党参议员艾米.克洛布查尔主持了这次听会。她说,劳工部的报告凸显了政府继续提供援助的必要性。"It is a testament to making sure unemployment compensation is available, making sure we are looking out for people who have lost their jobs," she said.“这是个实,明我们必须确保人们都可以得到失业补偿,确保那些失去工作的人们得到照顾。”Republicans used the report to criticize the policies of the Democratic majority in Congress and the Obama administration. 共和党人利用这份报告对国会多数党民主党以及奥巴马政府提出批评。Congressman Eric Cantor, a Virginia Republican, said in a statement that the Democrats continue to increase government intervention in the free market, taking away incentives to create jobs.来自维吉尼亚州的共和党议员埃里克.坎托在一份声明中说,民主党持续干预自由市场,打消了人们创造工作机会的动力。05/69308宜昌男健泌尿专科医院治疗阳痿早泄

宜昌夷陵区包皮手术怎么样Technology and civil liberties技术与公民自由Donrsquo;t shoot不要拍摄!Police may not like being filmed, but they had better get used to it警察可能不喜欢被人拍摄,不过他们最好习惯之WHAT is the most striking image to emerge from this autumnrsquo;s Occupy protests? Was it the campus police officer in Davis, California, casually pepper-spraying a line of seated protesters? Or the white-shirted cop in New York, doing the same to a pair of unarmed, penned-in women? Perhaps it was a street in Oakland, deserted except for protesters and a line of black-helmeted riot police, the silence broken when one of the cops fires a rubber bullet at a protester filming him. Protesters have complained, as ever, about police infiltration, but as these s make clear, protesters and other citizens are keeping their eyes on police, too.今秋的;占领;抗议中哪个场面最引人注目?是加利福尼亚州戴维思的校园警察随意地往一排坐在地上的抗议者喷洒胡椒喷雾剂?还是纽约身穿白衬衣的警察以同样的手段对待两位手无寸铁、被关着的女士?或许是在只有抗议者和一排戴着黑色头盔的防暴警察的奥克兰街头,其中一个警察向一位拍摄他的抗议者射出的一枚橡胶子弹将沉默瞬间打破。一如往常,抗议者抱怨他们时刻处在警察的监视之下,但这些视频清楚地表明,抗议者与其他市民同样在密切关注警察的一举一动。More than two-thirds of Americans own digital cameras. Around one-third of adults own a smartphone. Most of these devices can record and easily transmit audio and . Recording police has never been easier, and thanks to social-media and activist networks such as Copwatch, which monitors police activity and posts s to the web, neither has publicising these recordings.在美国,超过三分之二的人拥有数码相机,约有三分之一的成年人拥有一部智能手机。这些设备大都能录音及摄像,并方便地传送音频与视频。记录警察的一举一动从未如此轻易,而由于社交媒体及Copwatch(此网密切关注警察的活动并将有关视频上传至网络)这种积极分子网络的存在,公开这些视频记录也比从前任何时候都要容易。That does not always go over well. People peaceably filming police have been handcuffed, beaten, had their cameras seized, and been arrested for obstructing governmental administration, obstructing an investigation, interference, disturbing the peace, or for illegal wiretapping. In taking such action the police are on shaky legal ground. The right to photograph people, including police officers, in public places, is relatively clear.但要记录警察的行为并上传至网络并不总是那么容易的。那些安分守己地拍摄警察的人,却被警察戴上手铐、殴打、没收相机及逮捕,理由如下:妨碍政府管理、妨碍调查及警方介入、扰乱秩序或非法窃听。警察采取这些行动并没有可靠的法律依据。而在公共场所拍摄他人(包括警察及官员)的权利却是相对比较明确的。Adding audio, however, raises a new set of legal issues. Most states have single-party consent laws concerning audio recording, meaning that as long as one party consents to being recorded, the taping is legal. In most of the 12 states in which all parties must consent to be recorded, a violation occurs only if the subjects being recorded have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Arguing that police officers carrying out their duties in public have such a right is a challenge. The attorney-general in Maryland, an all-party-consent state, wrote in 2010 that few interactions with police could be considered private.不过,若在拍摄的同时进行录音便会引起一系列新的法律问题。大部分的州实行关于音频记录的单方同意法,这意味着只要单方同意,录音就是合法的。而在大部分须经所有当事人同意才能录音的12个州中,只有被录音的内容具有合理的隐私预期,录音才是违法的。但要明在公共场所履行职责的警察有这种权利相当困难。马里兰州是须征得所有当事人同意才能录音的州,该州司法部长在2010年时写道:民众与警察的接触几乎都不会被视为隐私。And challenges are mounting in two of the states;Illinois and Massachusetts;without expectation-of-privacy clauses. In Massachusetts last August, a federal appeals court upheld a lower courtrsquo;s ruling that a citizenrsquo;s right to film police in public is protected by the first and fourth amendments.而且,在伊利诺州和马萨诸塞州这两个没有隐私预期条款的州中,人们的质疑越来越多。去年八月在马萨诸塞州,一地方法院作了以下判决:公民在公共场所拍摄警察的权利是受到宪法第一及第四修正案保护的。一个联邦上诉法庭对此判决表示持。During oral arguments, one of the judges hearing the challenges to the Illinois Eavesdropping Act worried that allowing recording might hinder the ability of the police to do their jobs. He gave the example of a policeman talking to a confidential informant. Police have also expressed concern about recording, and hence exposing, undercover officers. But of course police can still speak in private. Given the actions of some police officers when confronted with a camera, filming cops may not be prudent. But neither should it be illegal.在口头辩论时,其中一个对人们质疑伊利诺州窃听法案进行听的法官担心,允许民众记录警察的言行可能会妨碍警察工作。他举了一个警察与秘密线人交谈的例子。警方也对此表示关注,担心一些卧底警察的身份会因此曝光。不过,警察当然仍可以私下交谈。有些警察在遭人拍摄时行为恶劣,所以拍摄警察可能并非明智之举。话虽如此,此举也不应是违法的。164537宜昌男健男科医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱 Two Suicide Bombers Strike AU Peacekeeper Base in Somalia索马里非盟营地遭遇自杀炸弹袭击Two suicide bombings have rocked the headquarters of the African Union peacekeeping force in Somalia, killing the second-in-command and injuring the head general. The UN says at least 30 personnel were injured and being evalcuated for treatment. An Islamist militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack.在索马里的非洲联盟维和部队司令部遭遇两个自杀炸弹袭击,部队一名副指挥官被炸死,另外还有一名主要将领受伤。联合国表示,至少有30人因为受伤被撤离营地接受治疗。一个伊斯兰激进组织宣称对这次袭击负责。Two vehicles entered and then exploded in the African Union peacekeeping force compound, sending a heavy trail of black smoke into the skyline of the capital city.两部车辆在进入非盟维和部队营地后不久爆炸,爆炸产生的黑色浓烟窜上了首都内罗毕的天空。Among the dead is the top Burundian military officer in Somalia and deputy commander of the peacekeeping force, General Juvenal Niyoyunguruza. The head military official, Ugandan General Nathan Mugisha, was injured in the attack. 被炸死的人里包括来自布隆迪的非盟维和部队副指挥官尼永央古鲁扎将军,一名来自乌干达的维和部队司令官穆革沙将军在爆炸中受伤。The peacekeeping force is composed of about 5,000 Ugandan and Burundian troops. At least nine peacekeepers were killed, and some reports have indicated that Somalis may be among the dead as well. 非盟维和部队是由5千名乌干达与布隆迪军人组成,有至少9名维和部队成员被炸死,一些报道指出,其中可能也包括索马里人。An eyewitness at the Mogadishu airport, which is situated next to the AMISOM base, says the two cars entered the compound and then exploded near the petrol station located in the base. The two cars reportedly carried the ed Nations insignia on their sides.一位在营地附近加迪沙机场的目击者说,两部车辆进入营地后,在营地里的加油站旁爆炸,两辆车上有着联合国的标志。The eyewitness says the two vehicles first attempted to enter through the airport, but were refused access by security guards. He said the cars then drove over to the AMISOM entry way.这名目击者说,这两辆车原本试图进入机场,但是被安全警卫拦阻,于是就转往非盟维和部队的营地入口。A security officer has reported that vehicles were allowed inside because the guard at the AMISOM gate assumed they were with the ed Nations.一名安全官员报告说,营地警卫以为两部车是联合国车辆,才允许他们进入营地。Heavy mortar exchanges have since erupted in the Bakara market area of Mogadishu, killing a number of civilians and wounding many more. 在首都加迪沙的巴卡拉市场地区,迫击炮猛烈交火,导致许多平民伤亡。A spokesman for the al Shabab terrorist group claimed the suicide attack was in retaliation for the killing of a wanted senior al-Qaida operative in the region. 恐怖组织青年党发言人宣称对这次自杀炸弹袭击负责,并表示这是对该地区一名基地组织高级领导人的被杀而采取的报复行动。Kenyan Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, who was hiding with the Islamic militant group in southern Somalia, was killed Monday in a U.S.-led military operation.肯尼亚出生的纳卜汉,过去一直与伊斯兰激进组织藏匿在索马里南部地区,他在星期一美军领导和发动的突击中被打死。Suicide bombings are historically an alien practice in Somali culture, but al-Shabab has begun to seriously integrate the tactic as it increasingly seeks to link its campaign with other radical Islamic movements around the world. 在索马里文化中,自杀炸弹向来是外国激进份子使用的手段,但恐怖组织青年党近来也开始利用这个手法,希望能与全球激进恐怖活动挂钩。The al-Qaida linked Kenyan killed Monday was wanted by the ed States for his alleged role in the bombing of an Israeli-owned hotel in a popular tourist destination of the coast of Mombasa. He is also believed to have been involved in a botched attempt to shoot down an Israeli charter jet leaving the Mombasa airport the same day. 星期一被打死的肯尼亚基地组织领导人,是美国追缉的目标。因为据信他涉嫌卷入热门景点蒙巴萨的一家以色列酒店爆炸事件,以及同一天发生的一架从蒙巴萨机场起飞的以色列包机遭导弹袭击事件,但导弹没有击落飞机。Meanwhile, the terrorist group released a set of demands for the release of a French hostage who was acting as a security advisor to the Mogadishu government. The terms include demands that all AMISOM forces be pulled out of Somalia.与此同时,恐怖组织青年党提出一系列的条件,如果满足条件,就可释放一名为加迪沙政府担任安全顾问的法国人质。该组织的条件还包括要求所有非盟维和部队撤出索马里。09/84673宜昌中医院看男科好吗

宜昌医院网上挂号。British people are the worst-dressed holidaymakers in Europe followed by Germans, while the Italians and French are the smartest, according to a survey released on Friday.The findings came despite 36 percent of Britons -- who are famed for fashion blunders like wearing socks with sandals -- admitting that they dress more adventurously than usual while on a break.The survey also looked at how good people from different countries are at switching off from the pressures of work while taking a break.A massive 87 percent of travellers from France said they checked their work emails while on holiday compared to over a quarter of Britons. That figure is despite France's reputation as a less workaholic country than Britain.And while 93 percent of Britons try to speak the local language when abroad, some 20 percent of French travellers say they do not make any effort at all.The survey by travel website TripAdvisor quizzed 2,717 European travellers last month.201006/105772 Winter strikes Chicago暴风雪袭击芝加哥Shovel y准备就绪Mr Emanuelrsquo;s feeling for snow伊曼纽尔先生对暴雪的反应Ready, steady, snowTHE city of Chicago is proud of its ability to keep going, with gritty determination, through the worst of the nationrsquo;s weather. Snow that would bring London or Washington, DC, to a halt is laughed off as little more than a light dusting. This year some are expecting particularly bad weather, a test for the new mayor, Rahm Emanuel. He must keep the city moving throughout the winter, or face the wrath of the locals.芝加哥市以坚毅的决心使整个城市即使在这个国家最恶劣的天气下也能保持正常运转,芝加哥人以此为傲。那些能让伦敦或华盛顿瘫痪的暴雪在芝加哥人眼里就像一层薄灰。而今年,一些人还特别希望会出现坏天气,因为这是对新市长拉姆bull;伊曼纽尔的考验。他必须使这座城市撑过冬天,要不然就要忍受到市民的怒气。Fortunately, Chicago is well prepared for snowfall which, for the past four winters, has been over 50 inches (127cm). A secure facility on West Madison Street known as ;Snow Command; houses some impressive toys. On one wall vast display-screens reveal everything you might need to know about the cityrsquo;s weather conditions: the whereabouts of the fleet of up to 500 GPS-equipped snow-moving trucks; views from some of the cityrsquo;s 1,000 cameras; the ings from a dozen road sensors (which pick up icy conditions); and a live feed of the regional weather system.幸运的是,芝加哥现在已经做好准备应对过去四年里出现过的最厚50英寸(127厘米)的降雪量。在西麦迪逊街上一个名叫;暴风雪指挥部;的安全机构收藏了一些令人印象深刻的小玩意。在一面墙上挂着巨大的展示屏,揭示你所需要了解的关于这座城市的天气情况:500个装载着GPS导航仪的运雪车队行至哪里了;全市1000部摄像机中的一些所照的照片;十二个路况传感器的读数(他们能监测到冷空气的来临);还有地区天气系统的即时信息。After a storm warning comes in from the National Weather Service, Tom Byrne, the commissioner of the cityrsquo;s Streets and Sanitation Department, watches it move in on cameras in nearby states and at the four outermost corners of Chicago. This tells him exactly when and where the storm will hit. Getting it wrong means chaos on the roads and possibly accidents. But sending teams out needlessly or too early costs the city ,000 an hour.当国家气象局的风暴警报来临时,市街道和卫生部的长官汤姆bull;贝恩在屏幕上看到它从邻市向芝加哥逼近,就在芝加哥的最边缘。这样会使他准确掌握风暴会什么时间在什么地点降临。误读意味着引起骚乱,甚至会出现事故。但是不必要地或过早的派出行动小组会令这个城市每个小时浪费四万美元。The planning started in the humid heat of summer. Mr Emanuel badly wants to avoid a repeat of the previous mayorrsquo;s ;Snowmaggedon; earlier this year. During the big national blizzard in February, hundreds of drivers had to abandon their vehicles. Although plans have been made to avoid this happening again, in extreme weather there are limits to what any city;even Chicago;is able to deal with. Three inches of snow an hour during rush hour and ;wersquo;re cooked,; says Mr Byrne.这项计划从夏天的湿比热着手。伊曼纽尔先生迫切的想避免今年早些时候前任市长遇到过的;雪魔;。二月份遭遇的全国大风雪使数百人不得不中途放弃他们的车辆。虽然已经制定方案来避免这种情况再度发生,但是在极端天气情况下,即使是芝加哥这样的城市也有束手无策的时候。在交通高峰时间,每小时会积累三英寸厚的雪,而按贝恩先生的话说;我们竭尽全力了。;One innovation this year is an internet snow portal. It will allow citizens to organise themselves around snow-clearing activities, adopt a stretch of pavement to clear, offer to share shovels and snowblowers, or even volunteer to clear snow for people who cannot do so themselves. Traditionalists may not be keen to brag on Facebook about how many pavements they have cleared, but plenty of others are;thus helping to sp the cityrsquo;s message that everyone has to do their bit.今年的特别之处在于网上有个暴风雪门户。市民可以利用它来安排清理积雪的活动,选取一大片的人行路来清理,与他人共用铁锹和吹雪机,甚至替不能做的人去清理积雪。传统主义者也许不会热衷于在Facebook上炫耀他们清理了几条马路,但是其他很多人会这么做;;从而帮助宣扬在这个城市里,每个人都要做好自己的本分。More comforting for those feeling abandoned by the city during a storm is that it will soon be possible to see, via the web, exactly where Mr Emanuelrsquo;s snowploughs are and what they are doing. This is precisely the view available back in Snow Command. With snowploughs, shovels and smartphones to hand, the city is y for the stormy blast.对于那些觉得在暴风雪中被这个城市抛弃的人来说,让他们觉得安慰的是,很快就可以通过网络知道伊曼纽尔先生的扫雪车的精确位置以及他们正在做什么。这正是;暴风雪指挥部;发出的图像。有了扫雪机,铁锹和智能手机在身边,这座城市准备好迎接暴风雪了。164950宜昌精子质量宜昌男健医院泌尿科专家门诊



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