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Take a look at this Now, it's time you to "Take a look at this"--the you have to see and will want to share with your friends.Take a look at this.A dramatic and dangerous chase down an Oklahoma city freeway,this guy is flying.It started out as a traffic stop,but quickly became something else as the golden sedan weaves in and out of the traffic.the police cruiser can barely keep up. Speed topped out more than 0 miles an hour.he tries to swing into a parking lot,it 's a curve, knocks over a sign , ends up box stinged in the parking lot over chillies .Both the driver and the passenger dragged out cuffed, and you know officers wouldn’t be gentle after a stunt like that.Need proof how badly car industry is struggling,one auto dealer near Chicargo is practically giving cars away,and that’s not an exaggeration. Mancari's Chrysler Jeep Oak Lawn is offering a PT Cruiser just one dollar,when you buy a new Jeep Grand Cherokee ,he or a Pacific Mini-van about 0,000 bucks.The dealership says there’s about vehicles left.Elephants, giraffes, and water buffalo,oh,mine.if you dream vacation involves an African safari ,now might be the time to make that dream come true,because the struggling tourist trades some luxury resorts in Africa are offering discounts. take a look at this,I’m Michelle Wright.参考中文翻译:在俄克拉荷马州的高速公路上,有一辆汽车正在拼命追赶,非常引人注目,也非常危险,这个家伙简直是在飞车这辆车从一个交通站出发,但是很快的,这辆车就开始在交通长龙中急速穿梭,巡逻的警车都几乎追赶不上他最高车速高达每小时0英里以上他试图冲入停车场,但是最终摇摇摆摆的撞到了指示牌,最后被钉在了停车场的辣椒上司机和乘客都被揪着袖子拽出来你知道,经过这样一场追赶警察先生不可能太客气的为了明汽车产业正在苦苦挣扎,芝加哥的一个汽车经销商正在急着甩掉汽车,这丝毫不夸张如果你购买Grand Cherokee 型的吉普车,或者价值万美元的微型货车,Mancari's Chrysler Jeep Oak Lawn 提供价格为1美元的 PT Cruiser 型号的汽车经销商说大概还剩有辆汽车大象,长颈鹿,水牛 ,哦,天哪!如果你梦想非洲之旅,现在或许你可以实现梦想了,因为正在苦苦挣扎的旅游业提供一些打折的非洲奢侈的度假村 0。

We know Attorney General Gonzales should testify today. Should he be let go?Well, I think he ought to resign. I noticed that several of our prominent leaders in both, at least Democrats including Hillary, have asked him to resign. I think that, you know, he obviously loves the president and he has tried to serve him faithfully. Sometimes, the worst thing you can do a president is to tell him what they want to hear. And you know, I always, I told people when I was president that no one would ever be fired, demoted or exiled telling me something I didn't want to hear. If all I needed was what I wanted to hear, I could govern by computer. You need people that give you the whole deal. But I think he's been loyal to President Bush. And I understand why President Bush is reluctant to let him go. I don't think he ought to ce the President to fire him, I think he ought to, he's a long and good run here. And if what I saw coming out of Senator Specter today and others is right, and there's a lot of opposition to him in the Congress, and these cases raise real troubling questions, these US attorney firings. Best thing he could do this president that he serves so loyally is to step aside. Are you surprised at where Senator Obama's come from?No.No?Not knowing what I know about the way the media culture works, and the way the press coverage has been, he is a very gifted man politically. And I'm not sorry that, surprised that John Edwards is doing as well as he is. I just, I get how this process works.Are you concerned your wife?No. No. I'm really proud of her. I think that, you know, I believe she would be the best president by a good long stretch, all kinds of obvious reasons, or at least they're obvious to me. But she also genuinely loves her job in the Senate. You know, she's not, some people who run president can't wait to get out of the Senate, or out of whatever other jobs she's got. She loves it. She's still doing it. She's still going to her committee meetings, going to Upstate New York, and trying to run president as well. So, her personally, she's going to be fine regardless. I think it would be best the country if she were elected the president. But if voters make another choice, she's a great senator, she loves her job, and we'll have a good life. 159。

Domestic Violence Policy Coming To England And Wales 英国明年实施克莱尔法案A new policy that allows women to check the criminal record of a partner will take effect in England and Wales next year. The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme was named “Clare’s Law” in memory of Clare Wood who was killed by her ex-boyfriend in . Clare met George Appleton online, and was unaware of his long history of violence against women. The new regulation will require police to look carefully into each request. Police agencies will also offer individuals support leaving potentially dangerous relationships. Clare Law has aly been piloted in parts of England.英格兰和威尔士颁布新法,允许女性查询伴侣暴力前科,新法将于明年实施年,克莱尔·伍德遭前男友杀害,为了纪念克莱尔,“家庭暴力揭露计划”也被称之为《克莱尔法案克莱尔在网上结识乔治·阿普尔顿,阿普尔顿有长期女性暴力史,克莱尔对此毫不知情据新法规定,警方要对所有申请者进行专门调查对于希望结束危险关系者,警方将向个人提供帮助该法已在英格兰多地试点译文属原创,,不得转载 18。

Anna greets AchengAnna: Welcome! [gives Acheng a hug] Welcome to Little Italy. Were the most Italian family here!Acheng:So Ive heard. That why Im having such a great time.Anna: If I hadnt married an Italian man, I probably wouldnt be pregnant so often. And maybe I could raise pigs instead of bambinos!Acheng:Huh? Um...well, it nice to see that some people still have big families.Anna: It is nice, but it would be nicer if my macho husband would get off his tush and help me. Ha-ha.... Have this. It from Italy!参考译文:安娜跟阿震打招呼安娜:欢迎光临!(拥抱阿震)欢迎来到小意大利我们是这里最典型的意大利家庭!阿震:我听说了所以我才玩得如此尽兴安娜:如果我没嫁给意大利人,也许我就不会一直怀而且也许我会养猪而不是养小孩!阿震:啥?嗯……现在还能见到这种大家庭真好安娜:是很好不过如果我的肌肉老公愿意动动手帮我的话,生活就会更好了哈哈……收下这个这是意大利的喔!重点词汇:greet (v.)问候,欢迎,迎接My dog greets me at the door every day.我的每天都在门口跟我打招呼So Ive heard.我早已耳闻A: I got pregnant.我怀了B: So Ive heard.我知道了bambino (n.)意大利文,也就是「婴儿」babyTherere so many bambinos running around.这里有好多婴儿跑来跑去macho (a.)阳刚的,很有男子气概的A: Robin is always getting into fights.罗宾总会卷入打架事件B: Yeah, he such a macho jerk.对啊,他真是个只会用蛮力的笨蛋tush (n.) ass 屁股get off someone tush就是要某人移动尊驾,起来动手帮忙She has a nice tush.她有个漂亮的屁股 366。

现代社会的女性,工作和家庭仿佛成了鱼和熊掌,两者似乎只能拥有其一,可是,今天做客的女嘉宾却在两者间游刃有余,全美最幸福女人为你揭秘幸福的秘密!And finally the woman is being called the happiest woman in America, despite the stress of juggling the career and family,so what about her life keeps her happy,and can anyone get it? Here is abc Sean Fonzy.最后那个女人被称为美国最幸福的女人,尽管在职业和家庭双方面压力巨大,但她的生活却使她高兴,谁能做到她这样?这里是abc的肖恩bull;芳兹的报道They come out of college, y to take on the world, but today this group of women are juggling family and work and facing this killer statistic earning estimated ,000,000 less over their careers than men of their age.他们走出大学,准备重新回到这个世界,但今天这群女人却要面对家庭和工作两种困境,面对的是这个职业生涯比男性少75000000美元这个令人惊愕的统计The result, this generation of women, are 7 times more likely to be engaged during the day, and dont underestimate the power of commute either. Researchers have found every ten minutes you are in the car, your happiness goes down.Mary Claire walks from home twice a week to drive an hour, drive a whole of another hour, I lost two hours pro activities and lost family time, a priority so many women trying to make work work.结果,这一代的女性,在一天中有7成以上的时间被占用,也不要低估通勤的力量研究人员发现只要你在车里没呆分钟,你的幸福指数就会下降玛丽bull;克莱尔一周从家出来两次,开车一个小时,另一个小时则要驾车回家,我失去了两个小时的职业活动,失去了家人团聚的时间,优先考虑这么多女人设法要工作,工作词语解释:1. juggle v. 杂耍,变戏法. estimate v. 估计 31。

Google searching improves memoryA new study finds that internet searching exercises the brain. Did you note that the Internet could be a good exercise the brain? A new study from UCLA found it when middle age and senior age adults perm Internet searches, it activates many different areas of the brain including those involve with memory, decision making and reasoning. Join us today is the lead author of the study looking at this Dr Gary Smalls and he’s also the author of the book ibrain, surviving the technological alternation of the modern mind. Welcome Dr Smalls.Thank you! It’s great to be here.So, in my parents’ house, I have to tell you how it works. My mom and dad might sit up and it’s some point that they discussion, hey you are on the Internet, quit surfing Internet. Can I, now tell my parents it’s ok dad to surf in the Internet, it’s good his brain?Well, we don’t see any harm in it, and this first study to see what the brain looks like when it searches on the Internet showed very dramatic results compared to just ing a book test page, there was much greater activation and particularly in the front part of the brain that controls complex reasoning and decision making. That’s interesting, so it’s kind of can dicrossral puzzle sounds like. Well, it’s… it’s appearlly different from cross word puzzles but similar one thing about when we were searching on the web is we constantly deciding should you go this side or that other side, where as if just ing a book page the decision is should I turn the page when I finish the last sentence. And there are something about that decision making process, something about the interaction that is activating a much greater extend of brain circus. And it’s interesting. Now what about the ages while you’re looking at these kind of, I saw your study was real to be small, it seemed to be a people in the stuff I’d . Uh, what ages are we looking at when did this become potentially neuro-preventive people?We don’t know whether it’s neuro-pret-preventive and we don’t know about the age facts, but one thing I focus on in ibrain in my new book is digital divide between young people, digital * who are getting this technology -7 born into it, and the older generation of digital nade, the digital immigrants who come to at a more reluctantly laid and lie, and how do we bridge that so called brain gap by augrating the text skill of older people and helping younger people with the face-to-face human contact skills.It’s fascinating, we just have one last question you can comment, but I’ve been fascinated how able people in their 60s and 70s are really incorporating this new technology into their daily lives in the Internet searching accelerate, it really being amazing to can be seen how quick that’s happened. We are encouraging boomers and seniors to get involved in the technology to have fun within it and enjoy it in a great way to reach out people who are not nearby, the communicate ability is…(Absolutely) spectacular.Absolutely, sorry we are at the time, but thanks so much coming to see us Dr Smalls, love to hear what you had said. Thank you! 1。

Dead Sea Swim Raises Environmental Awareness死海游泳唤醒环保意识5 swimmers from around the world took part in the first ever Dead Sea swim to raise awareness about the environmental degradation of the historic lake. It took the swimmers approximately 7 hours to cross the kilometres from Jordan to Israel. Located over 00 metres below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth and is shrinking at an astounding rate. In the past 30 years, the water level on the northern side has dropped as much as 5 metres. The swimmers, who described the swim as very tough, wore face masks and snorkels to protect themselves from the salty water which can be lethal to ingest.来自全球各地的5名游泳者参加了史上第一次死海游泳活动,意图使人们能够关注这一历史名湖的环境恶化情况游泳者大约需要七小时游过从约旦到以色列之间的十七千米死海位于海平面以下00米,是地球上最低的地方,正在以惊人的速度萎缩在过去的三十年间,死海北部的水平面下降了5米参加者称游泳很困难,他们戴着面罩和呼吸管防止盐水对身体造成伤害,盐水一旦摄入可能致命译文属原创,,不得转载 9。