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;Even if you have been banished;即使你被流放到;To the most distant land under the heavens,;世上最遥远的土地;From there The Lord your God will gather you;在那里 上帝也仍会将你召集;And bring you back.;;指引你回家的路;Carrying with them words that will become他们带着记载有即将成为The old testament of the Bible,圣经的卷轴The most widely book in the world.是世界上阅读范围最广的典籍Six billion copies printed over the last 500 years.在过去五百年中 共印刷了六十亿册Id definitely call the Bible我认为the most influential text ever written.绝对是有史以来最有影响力的典籍The Bible was the first bestseller,它是第一本畅销书it was the first book ever printed on the printing press.也是第一本在印刷机上印刷的典籍Even today, its the bestseller.时至今日 它仍是一本畅销书Iron has opened a new age for mankind,钢铁为人类开启了一个新的时代Transforming landscapes, 它造就了千奇百怪的地貌 forging new connections,推动了世界各地的联系Changing the way we think.改变了我们的思维方式Now a new kind of empire will rise:现在 一个新的帝国即将诞生Rome.那就是罗马帝国Mankind leaps forward with a new pace of life.人类继续以新的生活节奏向前发展And in a city within Romes Empire,而在罗马帝国的一座城市里One mans life and death will transform the lives of billions.有一个人的生死将改变数亿人的生活201510/401756宜昌男健切包皮黑色缝合线是不是会吸收的Vsauce!Kevin here.Cerbera Odollam also known as ;The Suicide Tree;contains a potent alkaloid toxin that is nearly impossible to detect in autopsies making it a common choice for murder when masked by spices in food.What the FAK!? The facts and knowledge on Deadly Plants.The neurotoxin delivered from the Gympie Stinger of Australia is strong enough to kill certain animals and humans.Vsauce我是 Kevin海芒果,又称“自杀树”含有一种强效生物碱毒素,在尸检中几乎无法检测到,在香料的遮掩下,它成了常见的谋杀工具。卧槽!?致命植物的那些事。澳洲植物Gympie Stinger 内的神经毒素,强得足以干掉某些动物和人类。When the broad leaves of the plant are touched by human skin,small needle-like hairs penetrate it causing a horribly painful sting.Entomologist Marina Hurley describes the experience as,;like being burnt with hot acid and electrocuted at the same time.;Moroidin,a bicyclic octapeptide is the compound believed to cause the excruciating pain and symptoms can last months after contact,especially in the cold.当人碰到植物宽阔的叶子时,如针般微小的绒毛穿透皮肤,引起强烈的刺痛。昆虫学家Marina Hurley 将此形容为好像同时被热酸烧灼,被电击刺痛一般。一种名为Moroidin的双环八肽,据称可引起极度痛苦接触后症状可持续数月之久,尤其是在寒冷环境中。There is no cure for the sting,and using wax to pull the hairs from the skin is the only recommendation for relief.Conium maculatum commonly known as poison hemlock is known for killing Socrates.Its widely distributed throughout the world and is considered an invasive species in 12 U.S.States.Conine,the dangerous chemical found in Hemlock has a structure similar to Nicotine that disrupts the central nervous system and leads to repiratory failure.刺痛无方可医,用蜡从皮肤上把绒手粘下来是唯一缓解之计。钩吻叶芹,俗称“毒芹”毒死了苏格拉底。它广泛分布在世界各地在美国12个州被列为入侵生物。毒芹中发现“毒芹碱”结构与尼古丁相似,会造成中枢神经系统紊乱,并导致呼吸衰竭。Ingesting any more than six to eight leaves can be fatal without artificial ventilation for the 48-72 hours it takes for the effects to wear off.Water Hemlock is commonly mistaken for parsnip which is a problem because its North Americas most toxic plant.Within 30-60 minutes of consumption people experience nausea,vomiting and tremors followed by severe cramps,projectile vomiting,and convulsions.摄入6-8片叶子就可致死,在毒性发作的48-72小时内旅行人工呼吸可挽救中毒者。水毒堇常被误当做防风草,问题来了,它可是北美毒性最强的植物。食入30-60分钟后,人会感到恶心,呕吐,震颤紧随其后的是严重痉挛,喷射性呕吐及抽搐。Any amount of the Water Hemlock will likely cause death or permanent neurological damage.Livestock is highly susceptible to the poisoning,causing death to cattle within as little as 15 minutes.The sap that covers the broad leaves of the Giant Hogweed plant is extremely dangerous when combined with human skin and sunlight.It grows all over the world and the sap contains photosensitizing furanocoumarins,which cause severe burns when exposed to sunlight.The scars can take 6 years to heal and minute amounts in the eye can cause permanent blindness.任何剂量的水毒堇都可能会造成死亡或永久神经伤害。牲畜极易受到有毒物质影响,15分钟内牛就可因其而死。大猪草阔叶表面的粘液具有极强的毒性,尤其是对暴露在阳光下的人类皮肤。它遍布世界各地,粘液中含有光敏呋喃香豆素,暴露在阳光下时会造成严重灼伤。伤疤需要6年才能恢复微量物质进入眼中可造成永久失明。Its so toxic that its illegal to import into the ed States without permission from the Department of Agriculture.The Angels Trumpet contains toxins that induce hallucinations described as terrifying.The tropane alkaloids cause paralysis of the smooth muscles,confusion,auditory and visual hallucinations,increased heart rate,and even death.它的毒性太强,以至于若没有农业部批准,美国不允许进口这种植物。曼陀罗花中含有一种毒素,可导致极为恐怖的幻觉。莨菪烷类生物碱会导致平滑肌麻痹,意识模糊,视听幻觉,心跳加速,甚至死亡。Another effect is turning people into so-called zombies,with alleged stories of unsuspecting victims being drugged and then obeying the commands of a criminal,allowing themselves to be robbed of all their possessions.Abraham Lincolns mother was possibly killed by White Snakeroot.Its native North America and contains the poison Tremetol.另一个作用是,把人变成所谓的“僵尸”,有故事称,毫无意识的受害者被下毒后,对罪犯言听计从,乖乖地让自己所有的财产被洗劫一空。林肯的母亲很可能就是因白蛇根草而死。它是北美本土生植物,含有白蛇根毒素。Drinking the milk or eating the meat of livestock that have consumed it causes severe trembling,vomiting,and intestinal pain.Despite being rare today,during the early 19th century.it was the cause of death for thousands of European Americans.The Castor Oil plant is used in medicine as well as for lubricating car parts but the seeds contain a highly poisonous toxin called Ricin.牲畜食入白蛇根草后,人类饮用它们的奶或者吃下牲畜的肉会导致严重颤抖,呕吐及肠胃疼痛。尽管今日它很罕见,19世纪早期,它可干掉了数千名欧洲裔美国人。蓖麻油常用于药物及车辆部件的润滑,而它的种子含有一种剧毒物质,蓖麻毒。It inhibits protein synthesis and a dose the size of a few grains of salt can kill an adult human when inhaled or injected.Symptoms include abdominal pain,severe diarrhea,and circulatory shock.Death occurs within 3-5 days but a full recovery is expected as long as medical treatment is administered.Im gonna leave you with this plant,What is it and what is it rumored to kill?Before we go heres last s winner.它会抑制蛋白质合成,几粒盐那么小的剂量,就能在吸入或注射时杀死一名成年人。其症状包括腹痛,严重腹泻以及循环休克。3-5天内,死亡就会降临,不过,有了医疗救治患者就可以痊愈。这种植物留给你看看,它是什么,它又能杀死什么?结束前说说上个视频的胜者吧。201504/367537湖北宜昌男科大夫Syrian government forces have used “recently” arrived Russian warplanes to bombard ISIL militants in northern Syria, according to a group monitoring the four-year conflict.根据一监测叙利亚冲突四年的组织表示,在利比亚北部政府军使用“最近”从俄罗斯引进的战机轰炸ISIL武装分子。The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights added that the Russian jets were being flown by Syrian pilots.英国人权观察站补充道,叙利亚正在使用俄罗斯的战机。Moscow’s increased support for President Bashar al-Assad has caused alarm in many Western countries.莫斯科加大对总统巴沙尔·阿萨德的持已经引发了许多西方国家的恐慌。This political analyst says that this shows that Russia has changed its behaviour when you compared to before but the country won’t get involved directly. He added that some within “military circles are itching for a fight but what we don’t need is a second Afghanistan.”这位政治分析家表示,与以往相比俄罗斯已经改变了其行为,但该国不会直接参与。他补充道,军界内有人渴望发起战争,我们不希望出现第二个阿富汗。Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama will meet with his Russian counterpart on Monday following President Vladimir Putin’s address to the ed Nations.与此同时,周一美国总统奥巴马将会见俄罗斯相应人员,随后俄罗斯总统普金将在联合国发表讲话。President Obama will make it clear once again that Russia doubling down on their support for the Assad regime is a losing bet. The likely consequence of them doing so is only to deepen and expand the ongoing crisis in that country that doesn’t serve the interests of the Russian people or the American people.奥巴马总统将再次明确表示,俄罗斯加倍持阿萨德政权是一个失败的赌注。他们这样做的可能后果是深化和扩大正在发生的危机,这不符合俄罗斯人民或美国人民的利益。The Kremlin claims the main focus of the meeting next week will be centred on the Syrian conflict.克里姆林宫声称,下周会议的重点将集中在叙利亚冲突上。However, this differs greatly from the focus Washington wants for the agenda – the ongoing crisis in eastern Ukraine.然而,华盛顿希望的议程重点与此大相径庭——乌克兰东部的持续危机。译文属。 /201509/401022荆州人民中妇幼保健医院有治疗前列腺炎吗

宜昌男性健康宜昌治梅毒医院On board the endeavour, a crew of 74,在;奋进号;上的74名船员Living on decks less than four feet high.他们生活的甲板还不足四英尺高An era when half of all sailors die from disease.有一半船员会死于疾病They cross an uncharted ocean That covers a third of the planet:The pacific.他们穿越未知海域 那正是覆盖地表面积三分之一的 太平洋Now, after 20 months at sea,在海上航行了二十个月之后Cook and his crew step onto a mysterious, new continent:Australia.库克和他的船员们登上了一片神秘的新大陆: 澳大利亚Australias aboriginal people Settled the continent 50,000 years ago.澳大利亚的原住民 五万年前就定居于此The oldest living culture in the world.250 languages, 600 dialects.是世界上现存最古老的文明 拥有两百五十种语言 六百种方言They invent sharpened axes 15,000 years before Europeans.他们比欧洲人早一万五千年发明锋利的斧头;Tell them we mean them no harm.;;告诉他们我们没有恶意;Cooks Polynesian translator Tupia tries to negotiate the first encounter.库克的波利尼西亚翻译托皮亚 试着进行第一次沟通;Neither us nor Tupia could understand One word they said.我们和托皮亚都完全听不懂 他们说的话;They again came to oppose us,;I fired a musket between the two.;他们又要来袭击我们了 我朝那两人中间开了一201603/432292宜昌性病手术价格栏目简介:《外国人在北京》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,节目关注在北京生活的外国人的时尚新生活。话题紧紧围绕网络生活,每日的话题内容按照网络热门固定划分为家居、汽车、数码、饰美容、健身、交友、美食等,了解外国人生活的同时通过网络互动提供一个中外人士互相帮助的平台。201602/407638五峰县看泌尿科怎么样

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