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期末考试 The Final Exam -- :7:19 来源: Yesterday,I took the final exam of this term. I worked hard to prepare it, but I wasstill nervous. I was afraid that I couldn’t do it well. I had three exams,Chinese, math and English. In the morning, it was the Chinese. It was not sodifficult me that I was sure I could be good in it. Then, it was math inthe afternoon. It’s the part I was afraid of most. Not surprised, I met sometroubles in math exam. But I still hope they wouldn’t be serious. I am good at English,so I didn’t worry about it. I knew I can do well in it. In short, the finalexam was not so hard me and I am quite sure the scores will be perfect.昨天,我参加了这学期的期末考试虽然我很努力备考,但是考前我依然很紧张,我怕自己考不好有三门考试,分别是语文、数学和英语第一天早上考语文,这对我来说不算难,我相信自己能考好下午考数学,这是我最怕的一科不出意料,考试的时候果然碰到难题了,但我希望不会错得太离谱英语是我的强项,所以我没有担心英语科目,我知道我会有优异的表现总的来说,期考对于我来说并不算太难,我相信自己能考出好成绩DREAM HOUSE --3 :: 来源: DREAM HOUSEdream house i have a dream house.it is big and nice.there will be a garden, a kitchen , a balcony, a living room, a dining room, a bedroom and a dathroom .there won't be a swimming pool.do ypu like my drean house?有关参观动物园的幼儿英语话剧 --01 :7:5 来源: 有关参观动物园的幼儿英语话剧casts:mother—M Celina—C George—G M:Today is Sunday.Do you want to go to the zoo,children?C:Yes,we do.(三人撑伞同去动物园)G:Look!There are bears.B:I like them.They are strong.M:Bears sleep in the winter.Their claws are used ripping,digging,and catching.G:Wow!B:Look at that cage!There are lots of snakes!I:Can I help you?G:Yes.Can you tell me more about snakes?I:Snakes is a kind of coldblooded animals.So they looked terrible.But they love the sun.They eat rats,frogs and other small animals.M:I don’t love snakes,but some people are liking the snakes very much.B:Mum,I want to buy a snake.G:Oh,no.look at the elephants,they love water!M:And look at pandas,they’re qute.And they love bamboo.I:Pandas are good tree climbers,thay can also swim.And they are China’s treasures.Pandas are very fat and hairy.My favourite animal is panda. 有关参观动物园的幼儿英语话剧The Sports Meeting 运动会 --7 :31:5 来源: The Sports Meeting 运动会  Our school had a sports meeting last week. Eleven classes took part in it. The weather was sunny and warm, and the whole playground was quite exciting.  In the boys' relay race, Class 6 fell behind at first. But the second runner Li Lei ran faster than any other runner. Then he caught up with others little by little.  At last, their classmate, Wang Lin passed the finishing line first. Besides, Li Lin from Class 7 broke the school record 0-meter race and Class won the team title. The headmaster gave the prizes to the winners.  上周我校举行了一场运动会,有个班参加那天天气晴朗而温暖,整个操场一片沸腾  在男子接力比赛中,6班开始时落后但是在第二棒李雷比其他选手跑得都快他逐渐赶上了其他人  最后,他的同班同学王林第一个到达了终点另外还有来自7班的李林打破了0米短跑的学校记录,班获得了团体总分第一校长给得胜者颁奖My Grandpa and me -- :57: 来源: My Grandpa and meIn this old photo, It’s my grandfather and me. My mum took it us ten years ago. The tall and strong man in the photo was my grandpa. He had black hair, blue eyes, big nose and a big mouth. He was a teacher when he was young. At that time, he was very kind,honest and hardworking. His pupil always said he was a good teacher. Now he is retired. Beside my grandpa was me. I was a cute, healthy baby. But at that time, I had no hair, so I often wore a hat. I was a very naughty baby too. I was always in trouble. But my grandpa said who was not naughty when he was young. Maybe naughty is the children’s nature. So, I like my grandpa very much. I think he knows the children very well.We were happy in the old house. But now, my family move into Shawan, so we are far away from my grandpa. One year ago, we got a letter from my grandfather. He said he would come to Shawan to see us. I am very excited. I hope that day can come soon. At that time, we will be very happy together.

关于高尔基 Gorky -- :3:5 来源: I learn a story about Gorky from my elder brother. He loves books, such as life. Once, his room is on fire.He picks up the books at first. He doesn’t care anything except books. He isnearly killed in the fire in order to save his books. He says books inspire histalent and mind. Hearing his story, I feel ashamed. I go to my room to tidy mybooks right away.我从哥哥那里了解到高尔基的一个故事他爱书如命有一次,他的房间失火了他首先拿起的是书除了书,别的他什么都不在乎为了抢救那些书,他差点被烧死他说书启示着他的智慧和心灵听着他的故事,我感到了很羞愧我马上走回自己的房间收拾我的书

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