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俗话说,“民以食为天”,饮食是我们生活中必不可少的组成部分,它也与黄道十二星座有着紧密的关系。且看一下最近各个星座都有着怎样的饮食习惯吧。   ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20)   Always on the go and y to rush off to the next big thing, the Ram will most likely grab some fast food en route. When dining in a restaurant, try a variety of appetizers, which will suit your investigative nature.   白羊:一贯急匆匆的羊儿喜欢边走边吃。各式的开胃食物通常是你的最爱,这很符合白羊座喜欢深究的个性哦。 /201002/95926。

  • These are the modern day mummies. Aly, more than 1500 people across the world have contacted Summum, the world#39;s only mummification company, to be mummified after they die.美国萨门公司推出全新安葬方式:把尸体制成;现代木乃伊;。全球已经有1500多人联系这家独一无二的木乃伊安葬公司,预订死后的木乃伊安葬务。The company based in Salt Lake City, Utah have revealed that their clientele includes celebrities, from all over the world, including Britain, and added that they also cater torequests from pet owners.该公司位于美国犹他州盐湖城。该公司介绍称客户中有来自全球的名人,其中也包括英国。同时公司也为宠物主人提供宠物木乃伊务。Dozens of pets, including everything from dogs and cats, to peacocks, finches and even rats have undergone the traditional Egyptian burial routine.已有数十只宠物,不仅包括猫,还有孔雀、雀鸟,甚至老鼠,都已经按照传统的埃及木乃伊殉葬流程予以安葬。The process takes 90 days. The organs are taken out and cleansed, then the body is hydrated for more than 70 days, submerged in a tank.木乃伊制作过程需要90天。工作人员先把内脏掏出并清洗干净,然后把尸体放在水槽里,用水合物药液浸泡70天。Then it is covered with lanolin and wax, followed by layers of cotton gauze and a fibre glass finish. The body is then encased in a steel or bronze casket.然后,工作人员在尸体表面涂上羊毛脂和蜡,随后用层层纱布裹好,并用玻璃纤维封好,最后放进钢或铜制的棺材里。Ron Temu, who works at Summum#39;s appropriately pyramid;shaped building as a counsellor for clients, said: ;The chemicals we use are so permeable that if a drop was put on thehand, just seconds later it can be tasted in the mouth.;萨门公司的客户咨询朗bull;特穆说:;我们选用的药液渗透性极强。如果滴一滴在手心,几秒钟后,嘴巴里就能尝到味道。;萨门公司的办公楼外形酷似一座金字塔。;The olden day mummies look very dry and that#39;s because it was believed the best way to preserve them for the afterlife was to completely dehydrate them. We do the opposite andbelieve that hydrating the body fully is the best way to preserve it.;;古代木乃伊看起来很干燥,那是因为当时人们认为,彻底脱水是保存尸体的最好办法。而我们采用相反的方式。我们认为,让尸体充分保湿才最好。;;That#39;s why the bodies will still look like the day they died ; even thousands of years later.;;因此我们制作的现代木乃伊和刚去世时一模一样,即使几千年后也是。;But the process isn#39;t cheap. Cats cost pound;3,600 and dogs at pound;15,000. Human mummification costs approximately pound;40,000.但制作木乃伊价格不菲。制作一只猫木乃伊要花费3600英镑,则要1.5万英镑。人类木乃伊大约需要4万英镑。Summum have aly mummified human beings but their progress has been checked after 18 months and then state law says that as they have been opened, they must be incinerated.萨门公司已经成功制作了一些人类木乃伊。但这些木乃伊在做完18个月后被打开检查。而根据犹他州法律规定,这些木乃伊在被打开后必须焚化。But many are signed up to be mummified in the future ; and the company says it has tremendous implications for cloning. It is feasible that DNA could be removed at a later dateby drilling into the casket.已经有很多人与萨门公司签约,要求在死后被制成木乃伊。该公司表示,这对克隆技术也有重大意义。将来可以在棺材上钻孔从木乃伊里提取DNA。Mr Temu said: ;Being able to take out DNA at a later date has real appeal for people. People like the idea of being able to clone themselves.;特穆说:;能在将来提取DNA对很多人来说非常有吸引力。人们希望将来自己也能被克隆。;;We have a lot of people signed up to be mummified. They signed up in their 30#39;s and 40#39;s, and are now in their 50#39;s and 60#39;s, so we have a lot of work ahead of us.;;很多客户已经签约,有些人签约时才三四十岁,现在已经五六十岁。所以我们还有很多工作要做。; /201203/173727。
  • The future of written English will owe more to Hollywood films than Dickens or Shakespeare, if the findings of a study into children#39;s writing are anything to go by.如果一项对儿童作文的研究结果可靠的话,那么比起狄更斯或莎士比亚的影响,书面英语的未来受好莱坞电影的影响会更大。The analysis of 74,000 short stories found that their written work was littered with Americanisms, exclamation marks and references to celebrities.对7.4万个短篇故事的分析发现,这些书面作品中到处都是美式英语、感叹号和名人的名字。Researchers who looked at the entries to a national competition found they were increasingly using American words such as garbage, trash can, sidewalk, candy, sneakers, soda, cranky and flashlight.研究人员阅读了全国作文比赛的参赛作品后发现,作文中越来越多地使用美式英语词汇,如garbage(垃圾)、trash can(垃圾桶)、sidewalk(人行道)、candy(糖果)、sneakers(运动鞋)、soda(苏打水)、cranky(暴躁不安的)和flashlight(手电筒)。The stories, written by pupils aged seven to 13, show how fairy cakes are referred to as cupcakes and a dinner jacket has become a tuxedo.这些故事是由7岁至13岁的小学生写作的,从中可见小学生们用fairy cake(仙女蛋糕)来指代cupcake(杯形蛋糕),晚礼的说法也从tuxedo变成了dinner jacket。;Smart; is now often used for ;clever; and ;cranky; for ;irritable;.现在小学生常用美式英语smart来取代英式英语clever,用cranky来取代irritable。Celebrity culture also has a powerful influence on children#39;s work, with Simon Cowell and Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi among the famous names cropping up repeatedly.名人文化对儿童作文也有强大的影响力,真人秀评委西蒙#8226;考威尔和阿根廷足球运动员里奥内尔#8226;梅西都是反复出现的名人名字。But pupils are let down by basic spelling, punctuation and grammar, according to the study by Oxford University Press, which looked at the entries to B Radio 2#39;s ;500 Words; competition.但是牛津大学出版社的研究发现,小学生们在基本拼写、标点和语法上很成问题。该研究查看了英国广播公司第二电台举办的“500单词”作文比赛的参赛作品。Children stumbled over simple spellings such as ;does; and ;clothes; and struggled to use the past tense correctly, often saying ;rised; instead of ;rose; or ;thinked; instead of ;thought;.孩子们总是弄错一些简单的拼写,如does和clothes,许多孩子不会用过去时态,常常把rose写成rised,把thought写成thinked。Researchers also found that punctuation was underused, especially semi-colons and speech marks. Some did not know how to use capital letters.研究人员还发现,许多标点该用的时候没有用,尤其是分号和引号。有些孩子不知如何应用大写字母。However, exclamation marks were overused. Researchers found 35,171 examples in total, with some young writers using five at a time.与此同时,感叹号却被过度使用。研究人员发现,滥用感叹号的情况总共出现了35171次,有些小作者一次用了5个感叹号。The study of more than 31million words will be compared with future research to see how written language evolves.这次阅读量超过3100万个词的研究将和未来的研究作比较,分析书面语言的演变情况。Popular US fiction such as the Twilight vampire novels and films is thought to be fuelling the increasing use of American vocabulary and spelling.据认为,热门美国作品,如《暮光之城》吸血鬼小说和电影,促使孩子们越来越多地使用美式英语词汇和拼写方法。Modern technology was also influential. Out of almost 300 references to ;blackberry;, nearly half referred to mobile phones.现代科技对英语也有影响。在这些作文中,blackberry一词出现了近300次,其中近一半指的是黑莓手机。 /201205/184741。
  • Eating Breakfast May Help You Lose WeightAll calories aren't created equal. And breakfast matters.Those are some of the lessons from today's Health Journal column, in which Melinda Beck writes that what you eat─and when you eat it─can make a big difference in controlling appetite and satiety.Ms. Beck reports on the 'The Skinny,' a new book by Louis J. Aronne, longtime director of the Comprehensive Weight Loss Program at NewYork Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center. 'It's true that a calorie is a calorie,' Dr. Aronne told Ms. Beck. 'But what that doesn't take into account is how some calories affect what people eat later on.'One of Dr. Aronne's key messages is a tough one for many jugglers and their kids to follow : Eat breakfast. But don't just grab a muffin or a pastry on-the-go, for you and the kids.Instead, have the family load up on lean protein─ideally from egg whites or a protein shake. Eating protein-rich foods in the morning reduces hunger all day long, Dr. Aronne says, which lessens the chances of bingeing later on. Eating muffins, b, sugar cereal or juice does the opposite.Dr. Aronne suggests trying his plan yourself: 'Have 200 calories of egg white omelette or protein shake for breakfast, and then another day have 200 calories of juice and look at your hunger, hour after hour.'Some people argue that they aren't hungry in the morning, but Dr. Aronne notes that ghrelin, the hormone that typically signals hunger, adjusts to habitual meal patterns. After a few days of eating breakfast, you should find that you are hungry in the morning, and are eating less the night before, he writes.If it's too much trouble to make eggs, protein shakes are just as effective. What's more, you can sip them while you're getting dressed or on the commute. You can buy protein shakes in cans at health food or vitamin stores (but if you're trying to lose weight, don't go for ones high in sugar, made with sweet yogurt or ice cream.) You can also make your own. His book includes the following simple recipe:1 1/2 cups of frozen strawberries2 tablespoons ground flaxseed2 scoops of protein powder (vanilla-flavored works best)1 pint water or skim milkBlend until smooth. It's just 300 calories for two pints, if you make it with water. (More recommendations from Dr. Aronne's research can be found in today's column.)Readers, is breakfast a part of your juggle, or are you just too time-strapped, or not hungry early in the day, to eat well in the morning? What's your family's typical breakfast routine? /200904/67596。
  • 参考译文:我不喜欢批评人。但我们刚请了你2天,你却已经落下3个星期的工作了?内容来自: /201109/155549。
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