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湖北省宜昌男健医院看前列腺炎好吗宜昌男健专科医院男科电话The Anatomy of Fear解剖学的恐惧One nice day youre walking along a wooded path. You come around a corner and there, coiled in the path, is a huge rattlesnake, its rattles abuzz. You are deathly afraid of snakes.天气不错的一天,你漫步在林荫小道。走到小道拐角一处,你突然发现一条巨大的响尾蛇就蜷缩在那!它还嘶嘶地吐着蛇信。你可是怕蛇怕得要死。Various parts of the brain signal the nervous systems and organs to prepare to take action. The pupils of the eyes dilate, the thyroid gland raises the resting metabolic rate. The bronchioles in the lungs dilate to admit more oxygen, hairs stand on end. Heart rate and blood pressure rise to supply the body and brain with fuel.多个大脑部位传送出采取措施的信号给神经系统和各个器官:瞳孔放大,甲状腺加快新陈代谢,肺部的气管扩张吸进更多氧气,毛骨悚然,心率加快,血压上升以便供给身体和大脑能量。The liver begins to break down sugars for quick energy, blood vessels in the skin contract causing chills and sweating. The spleen pumps out white blood cells in case there is an injury. Stomach and intestine enzyme secretion and muscle activity needed for digestion stop, and blood vessels in the stomach and intestines contract to divert blood to the muscles.肝脏加速分解糖分供能。皮下血管收缩,身体发冷出汗。脾脏产生更多白细胞抵抗受伤。肠胃酶的分泌及肌肉活动引起食欲不振。肠胃的血管收缩,血液传输到肌肉组织。The bladder and colon prepare to empty, the central portion of the adrenal medulla floods the bloodstream with adrenaline and noradrenaline, constricting the blood vessels, breathing quickens. The entire body is in a state of high alert, y to stay and fight or say ;Feet dont fail me now;.大小便可能失禁哦。血液随肾上腺素和去甲肾上腺素汇聚到肾上腺髓质的中部,血管收缩,呼吸加快。整个人都处于高度戒备,要么呆在那不动,或者人蛇大战,再或者告诉自己“我一点都不怕”。Did you follow all that? Of course not, but all that, and more, happens in your body within seconds of your sensing a threat.受到惊吓,身体会做出上述所有反应吗?当然不是所有咯!但是,当你遭遇惊吓,身体会在仅仅几秒内产生更多反应。It makes us tired just to think about it!光是想想就怪累人的! /201212/212442宜昌韩式包皮哪家医院好 宜昌男健男科医院包皮手术多少钱

宜昌市人民医院有治疗前列腺炎吗If there was life of our kind, the organic kind, on the surface of Venus a long time ago, then what happened to that life?如果存在我们的生命种类,有机类,很久以前出现在金星,后来生命发生了什么?Well one possibility is that it just died out.好的一个可能性是,它可能刚刚灭绝。But theres another possibility thats a little more exotic, which is it may have migrated up into the clouds.但此外还有另外一个可能性更为异乎寻常,这可能迁移到天上的云。There is some speculation that Venus might actually still harbor life even though it is such a hostile place.有预测认为虽然金星是这样一个危险的地方,但仍然育着生命。And the reasoning is that at one time Venus was like the Earth in the first two billion years or so of its history.而理由是就像是金星在开始的二十亿年左右的历史中曾经像地球一样。So if life were to grab a hold, maybe life was able to stay ahead of the environmental disaster that befell Venus as the water basically left the planet.所以如果生命在于把握,也许当水基本离开这个星球的时候生命也能够在金星出现。Could life really exist in the clouds of Venus?生命真的能存在于金星的云中吗?The best way to know for sure is to float into the atmosphere and find out.可以确定的最好方法是进入大气中寻找。Right behind us is the Valor balloon which we intend to fly in the skies of Venus in a couple of years from now.就在我们的身后,我们的气球在现在的几年内打算飞入金星的天空。注:听力文本来源于普特201204/176677宜昌哪家正规的综合医院看男科 Hot water scorches and drowns the roots of trees encroaching on the valleys.热水流淌并淹没了盘桓于整个山谷的树根。It can keep the forests in check and the rich pastures open.它可以使森林维持并使富饶的牧场开放。Those pastures now produce the new grass needed to make rich milk and feed a bison baby boom.这些牧场现在产生的新草带来丰富的牛奶并满足野牛的婴儿潮。The few calves born on the migration are now joined by hundreds of new youngsters.在迁移中出生的几头小牛现在加入了数百名新人的行列中。The predators have been waiting for this.而食肉动物们一直盼望着这一天的到来。Coyotes have a voracious reputation here.土狼在这里有着贪婪的名声。But on its own this one is certainly no match for a healthy bison and her calf.但是这一头土狼肯定不能和健康的野牛和她的小牛犊们相提并论。Pronghorn give birth to twins, each carefully cleaned to hide their smell from predators.叉角羚生下一对双胞胎,每一只都在仔细清除各自的气味以躲避捕猎者们的追踪。注:听力文本来源于普特 201210/203557宜昌男健泌尿专科男科预约

五峰县人民中妇幼保健医院男科大夫Roger Payne罗杰·佩恩Roger Payne, alpinist and avalanche expert, died on July 12th, aged 55罗杰·佩恩,登山家,雪崩专家。7月13日遇难,年仅55岁。MOST climbers simply chafe to reach the tops of mountains. Roger Payne was different. Although he had several first ascents to his name—Mount Grosvenor in China, Khan Tengri and Pobeda in Kazakhstan, in a career spanning 30 years—his priority was to go lightly, and leave no trace. His heroes were the alpinists of the early 20th century, George Mallory, Tom Longstaff, Freddie Chapman and the rest, who had climbed the worlds greatest peaks in tweed jackets and leather boots. Like them, he went in a tiny team, often only with his wife, Julie-Ann Clyma, who was also a mountaineer. He took no oxygen, and avoided using fixed ropes. Every piece of rubbish or equipment was brought down off the mountain: not only his own, but also the tattered tents and empty cartons discarded by other people. In 1993, on K2, he also found and carried down the light, clean bones and ragged clothing of Art Gilkey, an American climber swept away by an avalanche in 1953. 大多数登山者爬到山顶的时候,身上都少不了各种绳带的勒痕。罗杰·佩恩(Roger Payne)却非如此。虽然他在30年的登山生涯中初次登过中国的格罗夫纳山,哈萨克斯坦的汗腾格里峰和托木尔峰——但他登山时优先考虑的是轻装上阵,不留踪迹。他心目中的英雄大都是20世纪初期的登山家,有乔治·马洛里(George Mallory)、汤姆·隆斯塔夫(Tom Longstaff)、弗雷迪·查普曼(Freddie Chapman)等人,他们都是仅靠一身花呢上装和一双皮靴就征了众多世界高峰的人。和他们一样,罗杰·佩恩也是以小队形式登山,而且常常是他与妻子(朱利安·克里玛(Julie-Ann Clyma),也是一名登山者)只身二人出征。他不带氧气装置,也不用固定绳,而且还会把登山路上看到的垃圾和废弃的登山用具从山上带下来:除了自己的废弃物,他还会捡拾别人扔掉的破帐篷和被遗弃的空箱子盒子什么的。在他1993年攀登乔戈里峰(K2)的时候,他还发现并带回了美国登山者阿特·吉尔凯(Art Gilkey)(于1953年,死于雪崩)的遗物,包括几块较轻且干净的尸骨和一些破旧的衣物。He went lightly and purposefully, but with great care. The mountains he loved so passionately were fickle, and demanded vigilance. Lithe and smiling, proud of his “boot-shaped” and blister-proof feet, he moved on exposed rock faces with the grace of a dancer and the fearlessness of a boy. He did things right: tents were dug in with proper snow-walls, supplies stored in well-marked snow-holes, attempts quickly abandoned if tiredness or bad weather struck. He would never push his luck on mountains, though he himself was never tired, leaping up from a schnapps-heavy evening to pull on his head-torch for a 1am start, and in booming cockney (“Are you climbing, or what?”) encouraging laggards onwards and upwards.虽然他轻装上阵,目标明确,但也十分小心谨慎。他钟爱那些天气变化莫测需要他打起十二分精神来攀登的山。靠着他引以为傲的“靴子形”长满老茧的脚,只见肢体轻盈,面带笑容的他像一名舞者在裸露的岩石上移来跳去,像个孩子一般无所畏惧。无论是用雪球把帐篷架敲入地里,把给养裹在有明细标记的雪洞里,还是在身感疲惫或遭遇恶劣天气时的快速全身而退,他总是把事情做得干净利落。他体力超人,既可以一夜之间摆脱醉醺醺的状态投入到凌晨一点攀登中去,又可以鼓励士气,激励那些来自伦敦东区的懒汉继续前行(比如会质问他们:你是来登山的,还是干什么的?)。但即便如此,他也从不对爬山心存侥幸。As he went, despite the stream of merry chatter about the relative merits of waterproof fabrics, or the perfect pH of beer, he was on the watch. For snow that was fresh and powdery, or piled into a cornice; for slopes that were too steep; for debris of fallen rocks, or the mid-morning heat of the sun. All these were omens of avalanches. He was expert on them, teaching climbers and students—especially in the Alps, where he lived later on—to recognise the warning signs, and developing a safety code that came to be used across Europe.尽管他生前开过许多关于防水织物相对优点,啤酒最佳酸碱度的玩笑,但他走后还是守望着这些大山。雪呈现粉状并且看起来像是刚下不久的样子,或者呈堆积起的雪檐状;山坡极度陡峭;有坠落的岩石碎片或者上午10时光热强烈。以上几点都是雪崩的前兆。他是这方面的专家,并且生前教登山者和学生们,尤其是住在阿尔卑斯山(他后来居住的地方)附近的人们如何识别这些前兆,并且他们的理论已经写进了欧洲登山者的安全守则。He knew avalanches at close quarters—at times, way too close. On Pumari Chhish in Pakistan in 1999 he and Julie-Ann had spent five nights trapped on an icefield, with avalanches breaking over their tent. On Nanda Devi East in 1994 they had to descend an avalanche, and just made it; but he had taken the precaution of appeasing the mountain gods with a prayer-flag planted at the summit. Like the Romantic poets (like Byrons Childe Harold, which he would e in reams, word-perfect, as he climbed), he believed that mountains were sublime. He had a special love for the compactness of Sikkim, squeezed between Tibet and India, whose elegant, shining peaks he helped open again to mountaineering. A camera went with him always, strapped tight against his sternum, to record for others the beauty he saw. But some of his favourite ations weighed up the beauty against the risk.他曾经近距离经历过雪崩——并且有几次离雪崩太近。1999年,在一次他与妻子攀登普马里基仕峰(位于巴基斯坦境内)的过程中被雪崩埋住了帐篷,夫妻二人被困在一块冰原上度过了5个夜晚。1994年在攀登楠达德维峰的时候他们不得不从一处刚经历雪崩的地方下山,最后他们死里逃生。但之前他已经采取了预防措施,就是用一幅插在山顶的祈祷旗来抚慰山神。像浪漫主义诗人(比如,他常常在登山的时候大量诵读拜伦《恰尔德·哈洛尔德游记》中的句子,并且一字不差)一样,他也认为山是庄严的。他对挤在中印边境上的锡金邦的紧致情有独钟。在他的努力下,得以让此地优雅而又闪耀着光芒的山峰重新对登山者开放。登山的时候,他习惯把相机紧紧地绑在胸前,以便分享他眼前看到的美景。但他最喜欢引用的一些句子都对美景和其背后的风险做了权衡。201207/191745 Business Corporate crime Give a little whistle商业 公司犯罪 揭发The SEC offers a huge carrot to encourage whistle-blowers美国券交易委员会高额悬赏鼓励举报人;TOO many people remain silent in the face of fraud,; says Mary Schapiro, the chairman of Americas Securities amp; Exchange Commission (SEC). On May 25th she announced new rules to encourage corporate whistle-blowing. Inducements will include cash: 10-30% of fines of over m that result from tip-offs. The US Chamber of Commerce, a business lobby, calls it a ;bounty programme; that will reward ;amateur sleuths in search of a big payday;. It is threatening legal action to block it.;太多人在面对欺诈行为时选择了沉默。;美国券交易委员会(SEC)主席Mary Schapiro感叹道。5月25日,她公布了鼓励举报公司犯罪的新规定。举报的奖励将会包含现金:如果举报产生了100万美元以上的罚款,那么举报人可获得罚款金额的10-30%。企业游说组织美国商会将其称作;赏金计划;,奖励那些盼着一夜暴富的业余侦探。其威胁性会导致有人采取法律行动来阻止这一计划。The new rules were required by the Dodd-Frank act, Congresss response to the financial crisis, which was passed last year. They follow an earlier effort to encourage employees to speak up. After Enron, an energy firm, collapsed in a flurry of fraud, Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley act in 2002 which, among other things, protected whistle-blowers from retaliation.国会为应对金融危机在去年通过了多德佛兰克金融改革法案(Dodd-Frank act),这些新规定是应该法案的要求制定的。同时也延续了早就开始的鼓励公司员工站出来举报的做法。在能源公司安然(Enron)在连串的欺诈案件中轰然倒下之后,国会采取的善后措施中就包括通过了萨班-奥克利法案(Sarbanes-Oxley act)保护举报人免遭报复。Employees have never found it easy to squeal on employers. Perhaps the most celebrated of corporate whistle-blowers, Sherron Watkins, a former executive at Enron, never went public with her prediction that the company might be brought down by fraud. She reported her concerns internally, and was ignored.员工举报老板从来就不是件容易事。最著名的举报人,安然公司前高官Sherron Watkins,可能从没有将她对于公司会因诈骗倒闭的预测公布于众。她只是在公司内部提出了她的担忧,但是没有人理睬。When the SEC released draft rules in November, businesses fretted that the financial rewards would prompt insiders to go straight to the commission, bypassing their firms internal procedures—especially since that would reduce the risk of being victimised by the boss or branded a ;disgruntled employee;. The new rules try to correct this, for example by allowing a reward to be paid in some circumstances to whistle-blowers who only grumble internally.当券交易委员会在去年11月公布规定的草案时,公司担心金钱奖励会促使内部知情人越过内部程序直接向委员会举报,因为这样会降低被老板陷害或者被贴上;不满员工;标签的风险。新出台的规定试图改变这一状况,比如规定在一些情况下可以奖励只在内部举报没有外传的员工。The chance of making a fortune may encourage speculative whistle-blowing in the hope of winning the lottery. Ms Schapiros new Office of the Whistleblower may be deluged with useless tips. But even that might be better than the status quo.靠举报发财的机会也许会刺激一心想发财的投机式举报。Schapiro女士的新举报官可能会被无效的线索淹没。但是即使是这样也好过现状。 /201301/223705宜昌男性包皮的医院宜都市治疗龟头炎哪家医院最好



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