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英语学习笔记:register v. 登记;记录cashier n. 收银员Tesco 乐购Carrefour 福Wal-Mart 沃尔玛cash registers收银台Im going to Wal-Mart. Do you need anything?我要去沃尔玛你需要我帮你带什么吗?I usually save my bag in the free locker.我通常把包存进免费储物柜里Where are the shopping cartsbaskets?购物车/购物篮在哪?Excuse me. Where are the dairy products?请问乳类制品在哪里...更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 787宜昌市医院男科挂号宜昌泌尿科医院有泌尿科吗I believe I believe there love in youGridlocked on the dusty avenuesInside your heart Just afraid to goI am more I am more than innocentBut just take a chance and let me inAnd Ill show you waysThat you dont knowDont complicate itDont let the past dictateYeah~~~I have been patientBut slowlyIm losing FaithSo please~I know you babyI know you babySo pleaseI know you babyI know you babyI believe I believe you could love meBut you are lost on a road to miseryAnd what i gave to youI can never get backDont complicate itDont drive yourself insaneSay what you will but I know thatYou want to staySo pleaseI know you babyI know you babySo pleaseI know you babyI know you babyChemicals Rushing inI know that it youThat I belong toIm burning like aCannonball in the airCrashing intoWho I belong toI have been patientBut slowlyIm losing faithPleaseI know you babyI know you babySo pleaseI know you babyI know you babySo please(The shadows of your heat)(Are hanging in the sweet sweet air)I know you babyI know you babySo please(The secrets that you hide)(Control us and it not fair)I know you babyI know you babyThe shadows of your heatAre hanging in the sweet sweet airI know you babyThe secrets that you hideControl us and it not fairI know you baby 377英语学习笔记:This was very, very different.这个非常,非常的不同I think we’re not selling a geographical location. We’re selling an experience.我认为我们的卖点不是地理位置,而是一段经历It’s not just a different place, you are different不只是地点不同,人也会不同And you’d think there’d be an unsettling feeling about something so drastically different but there’s something else.你以为对于截然不同的事物,会有种不确定的感觉但还有一些其他的geographical location 地理位置You don’t miss anything. You’re not homesick.你没错过任何东西,你不会想家It puts you in this state. The air and the water are all the same temperature as your body.它会让你进入这种状态空气,水 都和你的身体同一温度It’s sensory——the music, the fragrance, the breeze, and the blue.是可以被感知的存在——音乐,香气,微风,蓝天homesick 思乡the blue 蓝天Hawaiian legend has it that the soul can go in and out of the body.夏威夷传说中提到过灵魂可以进出身体but that it usually leaves from a leeward point into the waves.但通常都是随着风儿飘向海岸“Hawaii. The jumping off point.””夏威夷,新起点“leeward 背风面jumping off pointa point from which to start a journey or activity. an idea, example, or piece of inmation that is used to begin a process or activity.新的起点,转折点So what happened to him?那他怎么了?He got off the plane, took a deep breath, shed his skin, and jumped off.他下了飞机,深呼吸,脱掉了衣,跳下去了shed v. 脱in the shotshot 镜头Anyone can do that.任何人都能那么拍I don’t agree.我不同意Well, there’s no reason we can’t tilt the camera up 5 degrees.没有任何理由不能把摄像机倾斜5度and see the husk of our city dweller on the sand拍摄沙滩上居民and an arm of the hotel and Diamond Head in the background.还可以把酒店的一部分喝戴蒙德火山放在背景里tilt v. 倾斜,翘起city dweller 居民So there would be a man in this photo and most likely would be naked?画面里还要有个男人,很大可能还会裸体Actually, my first thought is there is no man. Just his footprints. What happened to him?事实上,我最初的想法是没有人在里面只有他的脚印,他怎么了?I think, and I think people might think, that he died.我认为,而且我觉得人们或许会认为,他死了Maybe he did and he went to heaven. Maybe that’s what this feels like.或许是吧,或许他死了或许要的就是这种感觉It’s a little morbid.有点恐怖morbid adj. 恐怖的; 病态的Well, heaven’s a little morbid. How do you get to heaven? Something terrible has to happen.天堂是有点恐怖你要怎么去到天堂?一定是发生了可怕的事情We don’t want that in the ad.我们不想要这样的广告ad是advertisement的缩写,也可以写作 commercial ,都是广告的意思 更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 377宜昌男健割包皮怎么样好不好

宜昌哪里治疗前列腺炎好宜都市男科医院在那儿四年《越狱,终到完结时第四季第集的片尾跳到四年后,呈现每一个我们所爱的角色,他们最终去向何方,而此刻响起的音乐也配合着剧情缓缓展开,撩动每一个观众的内心,感人肺腑,催人泪下 点击此处欣赏MV 【歌词欣赏】   if you got dreams in your heart   why don't you share them with me?   and if dreams don't come true   I'll make sure that your nightmares are through   如果你心中有梦   为何不与我共享   即使梦想不能成真   你的恶梦也再不会留   if you got pain in your heart   why don't you share it with me?   and we'll just wait and see   if it's half what it used to be   如果你心中有痛   为何不让我同当   我们一起静候命运   也许并没有那么遭呢   and lay it down slow   lay it down free   lay it down easy   but lay it on me   慢慢地卸下你的行囊   自由地搁浅你的心防   悠悠地放开   但请放在我的心上   if you've got love in your heart   why don't you keep it with mine?   I can't promise a miracle   but I'll always be trying  如果你心中有爱   为何不共我同往   我不能承诺一个奇迹   但我会一直努力   and lay it down slow   lay it down free   lay it down easy   but lay it on me   慢慢地卸下你的行囊   自由地搁浅你的心防   悠悠地放开   #6579;但请放在我的心上   lay it down easy   lay it on me   悠悠地放开   但请放在我的心上   lay it down easy   but lay it on me   悠悠地放开   但请放在我的心上   但请放在我的心上Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻 Who had more fun?谁觉得更好玩呢?Returning from a golf outing, my husband was greeted at the door by Sara, our four-year-old daughter.丈夫打完高尔夫球回来,我们四岁的女儿莎拉在门口迎了上去;Daddy, who won the golf game? You or Uncle Richie?;“爸爸,谁赢了高尔夫球比赛,是你还是理查叔叔?”;Uncle Richie and I dont play golf to win,; my husband hedged.“我和理查叔叔打高尔夫球不是为赢,”丈夫推诿说;We just play to have fun.;“我们打球只是为了好玩而已”Undaunted, Sare said, ;Okay, Daddy, who had more fun?;莎拉毫不气馁,又问:“那么,爸爸,谁觉得更好玩呢?”Notes:1.outingn. 远足,郊游,短途旅行;散步;比赛v. 伸出( out的现在分词);揭露eg.an outing at the beach海滨小游the first victory in three outings三次比赛中的第一次胜利.greetvt. 欢迎,迎接;致敬,致意;(景象,声音等)映入眼帘eg.His speech was greeted with cheers.他的演说得到热烈的喝采When we reached the top of the hill, a magnificent view of the sea greeted us.当我们抵达山顶时, 一片壮丽的海景映入眼帘3.hedgen. 树篱;保护手段;防止损失(尤指金钱)的手段vt. 用树篱围起;受…的束缚vt.amp; vi. 回避,避免adj. 树篱下的,树篱旁的;偷偷摸摸的,名声不好的,低劣的eg.A hedge between keeps friendship green.[谚]君子之交淡如水besit on the hedge耍两面派, 骑墙 本节目可可原创节目, 7荆州市看泌尿科怎么样宜昌最好的早泄医院是哪家

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