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宜昌市包皮哪家医院好宜昌二医院治疗龟头炎多少钱湖北宜昌男科电话 Russian oligarchs俄罗斯的寡头执政者Yukos 2.0?尤思科2.0?The arrest of Vladimir Yevtushenkov recalls that of Mikhail Khodorkovsky软禁弗拉基米尔·叶夫图申科让人们回想起霍多尔科夫斯基THE rules should be familiar to Vladimir Yevtushenkov, an oligarch with a 7 billion fortune who runs Sistema, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is in telecoms, tourism and oil. The state, he said in June, “will always find a way to put you in your place.” Now Mr Yevtushenkov is under house arrest, accused of money-laundering and handling stolen assets. Sistema lost over a third of its value in one day and the Russian stockmarket fell by 2%.Sistema的寡头执政者弗拉基米尔·叶夫图申科对于一些规则理应是很熟悉的,他坐拥70亿美元财富并独掌这家业务范围涵盖通信,旅游,石油的上市公司。今年6月他曾表示:“这个国家总是能找到方法让你待在该待的地方。”而现在,叶夫图申科先生被指控洗钱和盗用资产,现在正遭到软禁。Sistema公司在一日之内失去了近三分之一的市值,并且在俄罗斯券交易所的股价也下跌了2%。Parallels have been drawn with the arrest of Mikhail Khodorkovsky in 2003 and the transfer of assets in his oil company, Yukos, to Rosneft, a rival now run by Igor Sechin, a confidant of President Vladimir Putin. Dmitry Peskov, Mr Putins press secretary, claimed that “It is wrong and absurd to paint this story in a political light.” Russia has changed since 2003. Before, security servicemen needed a political motive to take from disobedient oligarchs. Now obedience is no defence.相似的故事在2003年时就已经上演过了,当时随着霍多尔科夫斯基的入狱,尤思科石油公司的财产也转移到了由普京心腹伊格尔·谢钦掌管的俄罗斯石油公司手中。普京的新闻发言人声称“将此次事件赋予政治因素,不仅是错误的,也是荒谬的”从2003年开始俄罗斯已经发生了改变。在那之前,券行业的变动必须遵从来自那些反抗派的寡头执政者的政治动机。而现在,这种顺从已经毫无意义。Whatever Mr Yevtushenkovs sins, they are not the source of his trouble. His loyalty to the Kremlin is unquestioned. The real cause seems to be his reluctance to part with an oil company wanted by Mr Sechin. Sistema bought Bashneft in for 2.5 billion from the son of a regional boss in Bashkortostan who, according to law enforcers, had expropriated it from the state. Rosneft proposed buying it from Mr Yevtushenkov, but he found the offer too low. House arrest may help him to change his mind.事实上,叶夫图申科的罪行似乎并不是问题的根源。毫无疑问,他对克里姆林宫是忠诚的的。真正的原因似乎是他不愿意将一家石油公司卖给谢钦。年Sistema以25亿美元的价格从巴什科尔托斯坦地方政府手中收购了Bashneft公司—该公司根据法律被强制收归为国有。俄罗斯石油公司计划从叶夫图申科手中购入,但是叶夫图申科认为报价太低。也许这次软禁能改变他的想法。Renewed infighting within the Russian elite reflects Western sanctions and a weakening economy. Rosneft is struggling to refinance 26 billion of debt due by the end of 2015. Oil production is falling, and the company needed some success to show Mr Putin. A takeover of Bashneft could cover its failings. This is Mr Khodorkovskys view. He told Vedomosti, a business daily, that Mr Sechin “has not become any wiser, but perhaps just greedier.” The fight for the spoils in Russia can only grow more desperate.俄罗斯精英阶层再次出现内斗,反应了西方制裁和日渐衰退的经济状况。俄罗斯石油公司正在努力筹集260亿美元资金,以在2015年时偿还债务。石油产量日渐下滑,公司需要给普京展现一些成就。如果能成功接管Bashneft ,那么就能掩盖它的衰退迹象。这正是霍多尔科夫斯基的观点,他告诉商业日报—Vedomosti:相比以往谢钦没有丝毫进步,反而可能只是更加贪婪。对于俄罗斯“战利品”的争夺只会令人更加绝望。译者:曾擎禹 校对:卫婷婷译文属译生译世 /201410/334833Ebola in Spain西班牙出现埃拉疫情Europes first victim欧洲境内首例患者A Spanish nurse who caught Ebola causes consternation across Europe一西班牙护士感染埃拉病毒,引起全欧洲恐慌Taking precautions, after the event事后预防FEAR sps faster than disease. News on October 6th of a case of Ebola in Madrid, the first contracted outside west Africa, where the disease has killed 3,400 people since March, caused Spaniards to worry not only about its sp but also about the competence of their health authorities.恐惧的传播速度要比病毒快得多。10月6日马德里出现了第一位在西非之外感染埃拉病毒的患者,埃拉病毒自3月以来已致3400人死亡,消息一出,不仅引起西班牙人对疫情传播的担忧,还导致民众对卫生当局工作能力的怀疑。The victim is a 44-year-old hospital worker, Teresa Romero, who had volunteered to help when two Spanish missionaries were flown home from west Africa and later died of the disease. Health workers in Africa are among Ebolas most frequent victims. But in the developed world hospitals have elaborate protocols to minimise the danger of contagion. Ms Romero should have been wearing the right protective clothing, have known the safety protocols properly, and been quickly spotted as a danger to public health once she fell ill.患者特蕾莎·罗梅罗是一名44岁的护理人员,曾经志愿参与护理感染埃拉病毒两名西班牙传教士,这两例患者均在西非感染埃拉病毒然后被空运回国(接受治疗),但是随后因(医治无效)而去世。最容易感染埃拉病毒的患者就是在非洲工作的医务工作人员。但是在发达国家,医院是能够通过制定详细的条款将传染病的传播危险最大程度地降低的。罗梅罗本应该穿上正确的防护衣,本应该适当了解安全协议,本应在感到不适的第一时间被列为隔离对象(然而事与愿违)。Yet after Ms Romero caught the virus, she spent ten days on holiday in Madrid, sat a public exam and visited a health centre and hospital with her early symptoms to seek help. Ms Romero wore protective clothing at work and claimed that she had followed the protocols. She even rang the hospital where she had worked to ask for advice on dealing with her symptoms, but her temperature was not deemed high enough to cause concern. Eventually she was taken by ambulance to her local hospital rather than to one that specialises in Ebola cases, requiring a further move some hours later. Full isolation protocols were reportedly only applied some time after her arrival at the first hospital.在罗梅罗感染病毒之后,她还在马德里休了十天假,期间参加了一次公开考试,并在出现早期症状后在健康中心和医院寻求过帮助。罗梅罗声称自己在工作期间穿上了防护衣并遵守了安全协议。她甚至曾向她工作的医院打电话咨询解决症状的建议,但是因为体温不够高而没有引起注意。最终她被救护车拉去了当地一家医院而不是专门负责埃拉疫情的医院,只因后者路程遥远还需几个小时才能到。据报道称,在她到达第一家医院一段时间之后隔离条款才真正落到了实处。Ebola is not easy to contract. It usually requires contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person. Doctors say that Ms Romero recalled touching her face with a gloved hand after changing a nappy for one patient. They think the risks of further contagion are small, though six people, including her husband, were in isolation as The Economist went to press. Some 50 health workers who had been in contact with her are being closely monitored. The couples dog was also put down.埃拉并不容易被感染。只有与感染者进行体液的接触后才能传染上。医生称罗梅罗回忆起在给一位患者换尿布后她曾经用带着手套的手触摸过自己的脸。虽然他们认为二次传染的危险性是很小的,但是包括她的丈夫在内的六名相关人员在《经济学人》出版时都已经被隔离。曾与罗梅罗接触过的50几名医务人员也被严密监控。这对夫妇的宠物同样被监控起来。Hospital staff complain that they had only between 15 minutes and half an hour of training on protocols and how to put on protective clothing before dealing with Ebola patients. In some cases duct tape was used to seal clothing. The authorities admit that Ms Romero should perhaps have been isolated earlier.医院工作人员抱怨称,就隔离条款内容和如何穿戴防护衣的学习他们只接受过15分钟到半个小时的培训。有些情况下人们会用强力胶带来给衣物封口。当局承认罗梅罗本应该尽早隔离。Medical staff point to cuts in Madrids health service, where spending has fallen by 2% over the past three years. The authorities deny that training was slack and accuse Ms Romero of failing to give doctors full information. Jaume Ribera at IESE, a business school, says Spain should have fewer but better-prepared people treating victims of Ebola.医务人员指出马德里在公共医疗卫生务方面的出有所削减,过去的三年中,相关出减少了2%。当局否认培训的缺失并控告罗梅罗未能向医生传达出全部的信息。IESE商学院的豪梅·里韦拉认为西班牙应该减少护理埃拉患者的人员但是要提高人员质量。翻译:朱大素 校对:邵夏沁 /201410/336259宜昌笫一医院泌尿外科

宜昌人民医院割包皮费用是多少宜昌市中心医院治疗生殖感染价格 宜昌男健医院精液常规检查

宜昌看前列腺炎要花多少钱In our selfie-happy world where we can take a photo anytime of anything we want, its difficult to conceive of life in which photography is completely banned.No photographs, ever – or face severe punishment.From 1996 to 2001, that was life in Afghanistan under the Taliban.After the Taliban fell from power, free press and photojournalism were born.A new documentary called Frame By Frame takes us to Afghanistan, where we meet four Afghan photojournalists who are working to reframe their country for the world and for its people.Mo Scarpelli tells us that she and her co-director Alexandria Bombach were drawn to the subject because it gave them a chance to see life in Afghanistan the way that people who live there do, a perspective not often portrayed in the media.And, in a relatively young climate of photography, the two wanted to look at what it is actually like to take photographs as a professional in a space in which it used to be entirely outlawed.She tells us that the project started out small, but grew in scope once they started working.;We thought we were going to make a short film, (but we) met four people who just blew us away. They were incredible and all had very unique takes on what they did and also on how they covered their own country,; Scarpelli says.Three of the four subjects in the film were children during the Taliban regime who didnt discover photography until after the Taliban fell from power, she says.The fourth is a man who shot photographs in secret during the Talibans rule. Scarpelli tells us that he worked as a painter, contracted to paint portraits of the Mujahideen leadership, and using those connections gained access to the north in order to document the front lines of the war between the Mujahideen and the Taliban.There, Scarpelli says he uncovered an ongoing genocide against the Hazara and smuggled rolls of film through Taliban checkpoints disguised as pill bottles.Scarpelli tells us the films cinematography was heavily influenced by the four photojournalists styles, and hopes that this sort of portrayal of Afghanistan and its people will help fill in some of the gaps for many of us for whom the country is still so unknown.;Theres very few films that have been shot in Afghanistan that really tap into the feel of the place,; she says. ;We wanted to convey the sense of empathy that they all find within their photographs.;201509/397785 When the current presidential campaign began, there were two things on which the expert talking heads agreed. Bernie Sanders was a far-out fringe candidate, and Donald Trump was a carnival sideshow who would be gone long before the snow melted.Well, guess what?Donald Trump is going to be the Republican presidential nominee, despite never having run for anything before, and despite having only officially been a Republican for about four years. Bernie Sanders, of course, is not technically a Democrat at all.He is, as the world now knows, a proud Democratic socialist. Barring some kind of act of God, Sanders will not be the Democratic nominee—but he has won nineteen states, including Michigan, and is likely to win a few more.Trump and Sanders are political polar opposites, but they have one big thing in common. They believe the system is no longer working, and they are appealing directly to those who are mad as hell and dont want to take it anymore.Many American—possibly most of us—feel that way. Hillary Clinton, for whom the system has worked just fine, doesnt appear to have a clue.Neither did the now half-forgotten Jeb Bush, who the experts predicted would be the Republican nominee. Clinton is on track to win the nomination, thanks mostly to overwhelming support from minority voters and party officials.But she is losing eighty percent or more of young voters to Sanders, which should be enough to make her campaign deeply worried.And if most people feel the nation is on the wrong track, its almost certain that even more think politics and government in Michigan are an utter mess.Theres no question that term limits, gerrymandering, and ideological blindness have nearly destroyed the ability of government to respond effectively to the states needs.The largest school district in Michigan is on the point of collapse, but the legislature, which is entirely controlled by Republicans, is still divided over whether to pass the Republican governors plan, something that would give Detroits schools a fighting chance.Our roads and bridges are dangerously falling apart, but the legislature for years obstinately refused to do anything about it. Finally, last year, they did pass a bizarre bill that raises some taxes, doesnt fully kick in for years, and will never provide an adequate level of funding.What it does provide will be dependent on lawmakers slashing spending on things like education and health care by 0 million a year.Meanwhile, State Representative Jim Stamas seemed to have little interest on conducting a real investigation into what happened in Flint. But he was very enthusiastic about passing a law preventing local communities from banning environmentally disastrous single-use plastic grocery bags.My guess is that he made some lobbyist for a plastic bag manufacturer happy. What this state needs is a new political movement led by someone who is a combination of Trump and Sanders; someone who will lead a revolution of sorts, one in which politics and government are again based and focused on common sense.That would take a lot of work and a lot of money. But given the condition of what used to be one of the best governed states in America, I cant imagine a more important cause.Jack Lessenberry is Michigan Radios political analyst. Views expressed in his essays are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Michigan Radio, its management or the station licensee, The University of Michigan.201605/443367枝江市人民中妇幼保健医院不孕不育科宜昌市中心人民医院不孕不育科



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