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关于梦寐以求的工作的5个误区(双语) --6 :1:8 来源:   The dream job: Most people long to have one and spend years in school or working their way up in pursuit of one.  梦想的工作:很多人都渴望得到一份梦想的工作,为此在学校花了无数年的时间,或一边工作一边不懈的追求  But what is a dream job? One that fulfills your every need and always makes your life wonderful? And is there a dream job everyone? Hiring experts agree that dream jobs are within everyone's reach, though not every minute at your dream job will be blissful.  但是什么是梦想的工作呢?满足你的所有需求并让你的生活精的工作就是吗?是否每个人都会有一份梦想的工作呢?人力资源专家赞同每个人都可以拥有梦想的工作,但是在你梦想工作的每一分钟并不都是幸福的  Read on the truth about dream jobs and some tips how to get as close as possible to your own dream job.  读一读下面关于梦想工作的真相,以及如何更加接近自我梦想工作的小贴士  Myth 1: every person, there's just one dream job  误区一:对每个人来说只存在一份梦想的工作  Reality: There are tens of thousands of different types of jobs. Chances are good that you'd thrive in any number of them.  真相:有成千上百中不同类型的工作.你如果能在其中一个发展好都是非常不错的机会  One step closer: Look at the job you've been happiest in, and think about the core qualities of that job and what made you feel so good about it. This experiential knowledge along with the results from a free career test can help you sort out your dream job options and figure out next steps.  更接近梦想工作的方法:看看你已经乐在其中的工作,思考下这份工作的核心素质,以及让你觉得工作快乐的原因.从中得到的经验,还有做免费的职业测试得到的结果能够让你挑选出自己的梦想的工作,并明白接下来该怎么做  Myth : I'll always be happy in my dream job  误区:从事梦想工作的话我就会一直很快乐  Reality: There will be moments when even the best job drives you crazy.  真相:即使是梦想工作,你也会有抓狂的时刻  One step closer: On bad days, remember why you usually love your job. It helps to make a list of all the positive aspects of your job to keep things in perspective. On a practical note, try to find time to take a real break away from your work. Sometimes you just need to step away from something to see it what it's really worth.  更接近梦想工作的方法:在心情不好的时候,回忆下平常你为什么这么热爱这份工作.将你工作的所有积极的方面都列在一张清单上备案是很有帮助的.有一个实际的解决方法就是找时间远离你的工作,休息一下.有时候你只需要远离一件事情,就能够看清它真正的价值  Myth 3: Dream jobs pay well  梦想的工作赚得多  Reality: Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on your dream! If you want a lot of responsibility and a big paycheck, then your dream job by definition needs to pay well. But if your passion is something else, pay tends to be less important.  真相:有时候是这样的,但是有时候不是.这是由你的梦想工作决定的.如果你想要一大堆的责任和厚实的薪水,那么你定义的梦想工作就必须是薪水高的工作.但是如果你追求的是其他的,薪水就没那么重要了  One step closer: If you're happy with your job but not your pay, check out your personalized free salary report. You'll find out what you should really be making and learn ways to get what you deserve.  更接近梦想工作的方法:如果你为自己工作而非薪水感到开心,那么就检查下你的无薪资报告.你就会发现你真正应该做什么,并学会如何得到你值得的报酬  Myth : There's no such thing as a dream job  误区四:没有所谓的梦想的工作存在  Reality: Dream jobs do exist, but everyone has their own interpretation of what this means. A dream job could be a career that builds off of your passions or it could be a job with steady hours that consistently enables you to pay your bills on time.  真相:梦想工作确实存在,但是每个人都有自己的定义.梦想的工作可能是消磨了你的工作,也可能是有稳定的时间,稳定的收入的工作  One step closer: Remember that any time you're working to support yourself or your family, you are managing a dream. The dream here is less about the work than what the work provides. Making a nice home and securing a good future your family is as much a mission as pursuing any career passion.  更接近梦想工作的方法:记住,任何时候你都在为你自己和家庭而努力,你都在实现一个梦想.而这里的梦想更多的是此份工作能为能提供什么,而不是工作本身.建立一个温馨的家庭,为家庭提供一份有保障的未来,也和追求工作一样的任务  Myth 5: Everybody has a calling  误区5:每个人都有这个追求  Reality: Some people have a clear vision of what they were meant to do professionally and are purposeful in pursuing their passion. Others might feel like they have a calling, but it's not quite clear what it is. And still others may not have a calling at all -- and that's OK, too.  真相:有些人对自己适合做的事业有明确的认识,也是有针对性追求工作.而其他人可能觉得自己有这样的追求,但是并不清楚是什么.而还有另外一个人根本没有这样追求,这也是可以的  One step closer: Take a free career test to help you get a clearer idea of your interests and passions. This can take you that much closer to identifying your calling and heading down the right path you.  更接近梦想工作的方法:做一次免费的职业测试,借此来找到你的兴趣和热情之所在.这样你可以更加确定你的追求,找到适合自己的正确的方法--5 ::3 来源:

The 9-year-old star made most of his money from June to June from "Iron Man 3," which made . billion at the box office and assured him the top spot again in the annual ranking.

  周日6个面试的经典英文问题,你将如何作答(双语) --6 ::31 来源:   First One: please tell about your work experience   "work experience" is the type of work you've done in the past. If you haven't started working yet you can say "Right now I'm still a student." or "I'm a recent grad and Ihaven't started working yet." In the second sentence, "recent grad" is short "recent graduate" and means that you have just finished school.  请告诉我你过去的工作经验,工作经验就是你过去所做的工作如果尚未开始工作,就可以回答"Right now I'm still a student."(现在我还是个学生)或者说"I'm a recent grad and I haven't started working yet."(我刚刚毕业,还没有开始工作)"recent grad"是"recent graduate"的缩写,意思是刚刚毕业  Second One: What's your greatest weakness?   This is a popular question that western employers like to ask to make candidates nervous! In fact, they ask this to know how you respond to a difficult question. You shouldn't answer by telling your greatest weakness since you might not get the job! Instead, you can tell them something that isn't directly related to the job position.  你最大的缺点是什么?西方老板特别爱问这个问题,让面试者感到很紧张事实上,他问这个问题是看你对棘手问题的反应你没必要如实回答你的弱点,因为那有可能让你得不到这份工作相反,你可以告诉他们一些与工作不直接相关的事情  Third One: Why do you feel you are qualified this job?   This question is a good opporty to brag a little bit. You should talk about some extra skills you have that maybe wasn't included in your resume, or talk about your greatest strength in more detail.  你为什么觉得自己胜任这份工作?这时候你要充分发挥你的"自夸"本领你可以讲述一些简历资料里面没有包括的技能;或者是再详细强调一下你的特长  Fourth One: What kind of salary did you have in mind?   Salary is how much money you earn, usually per year. When asked this, it's best to answer with a salary range or approximation and not an exact figure. This shows that you are familiar with the industry if you know what the approximate salary should be.  你期望的薪水是多少?"salary"就是你赚多少钱,通常是年收入回答这个问题时,最好说出一个大致范围,而不是一个确切的数字如果你能说出这个工资范围,那就说明你对此行业非常了解  Fifth One: If hired, when could you start work?   When answering this it's best not to say you can start right away. This might make you seem very desperate a job. A safe answer would be "I can start at the beginning of next month."  如果雇佣的话,你什么时候开始工作?回答这个问题时一定要注意!不要说我马上可以工作那会让对方认为你非常迫切地需要这份工作一个非常保险的回答可以是"I can start at the beginning of next month."(我下月初可以开始上班)  Sixth One: What kind of work does the position involve?   You can ask this to clarify exactly what kind of work you'll be doing.  这个职位包括哪些工作?通过问这句话,你可以清楚地了解到你的工作内容

When more than 90 Chinese musicians from the orchestra played her hit song, Roar, with ancient Chinese instruments like the guzheng (Chinese plucked zither), erhu (two-stringed bowed instrument) and pipa (four-stringed plucked instrument), she sat at the back of the theater, wiping her tears.超级经典office常用英语 --6 :3: 来源:   1. In the middle of something?   正在忙吗?   我知道有许多许多的人,对于某一种概念学会了一种说法之后,从此就只会用这种说法例如‘你在忙吗?’这个句子,很多人在国中起就知道要说,“Are you busy?”讲到了来美国留学三年,他还是只会说 “Are you busy?”其实有时候我们的眼界要放广一点,对于同一个概念要有不同的变化就像是“Are you busy?”这句话,其实老美也很常用“In the middle of something?” ,(但这句话比较接近于“Are you busy right now?”是问人家‘现在’是不是正在忙?“Are you busy?”的含意比较广,也可指‘最近’忙不忙?) 大家不要小看这么小小的变化,如果你除了“Are you busy?”之外,有时还懂得刻意去用“In the middle of something?”我相信你的的英文说出来就会跟别人不一样举个例子吧,办公室里想找人八卦,又怕人家正在忙,这时你就可以问他,“In the middle of something?”(正在忙吗?)  记得在不久之前看过的一部黑人电影Down to Earth 中也有in the middle of something 这个用法,只不过男主角是用这句话来提出一个论点,“The first kiss is always in the middle of something.” 也就是说,初吻总是发生在讲话讲到一半时,或是当你们正在作其它的事情时,通常是果不其然的他同时也觉得,“The first kiss is the only real kiss in your relationship.” (只有初吻才是真正的吻),“The others are just protocols” (其它的都只是一种敷衍、虚应故事而已)  . What are you up to?   你正在做什么?   跟上面的例子一样,‘你正在做什么啊?’这句话通常我们就只会说,“What are you doing?” 这样子不会很无聊吗?其实有时我们可以换句话说例如:“What are you up to?”同样也是问人家你正在做什么承上例,假设你在办公室里,你想找人八卦,所以问同事, “In the middle of something?” 他回答,“Kind of.” (算是吧)这时你就可以打破砂锅问到底,“What are you up to?”(那你最近在忙什么啊?)另外有时候老美见面时也会问“What are you up to?”意思就是问你最近在做什么啊?跟另一句问候语“What's up?”意思上很接近但是你要听对方的语气喔!有时候“What are you up to?”指的虽然还是“What are you doing?”但它却是‘你在搞什么鬼啊?’的意思喔!例如当你看到别人在乱翻你的东西,你就可以责问他,“Hey,what are you up to?”也就是骂他‘你在搞什么鬼啊?’ 或是像电影Blow 里毒贩的老爸骂他的儿子,“I know what you are up to.” (我知道你在干些什么勾当) 以上这些例子里,“What are you up to?”完全可以用“What are you doing?”来取代,只不过因为我们在说话时要力求变化,所以要多学几种不同的讲法  其实“What are you up to?”还有许多其它的意思,在此不一一列举,不过还有一个比较常用的解释是,“进展的如何了?”例如朋友告诉你他正在写一部武侠小说,(就像我的 labmate 一样),你就可以问他,“What are you up to?”(进展的如何了),而他的回答可能是,“I am writing 3 now.” 我现在正在写第三章呢  3. Can you just give me a ballpark figure?   能不能给我一个大概的数字   Ballpark 指的是专供球类比赛的公园,特别是指大型的棒球场例如亚特兰大勇士队(Atlanta Braves)的主场,Turner Field 就是一个 ballpark. 那什么是ballpark figure 呢?通常在棒球比赛时不是都会报今天的观众人数,例如是 9 人吗?这个数字9 就是ballpark figure,但这只是一个大约的估计数字而已,所以 ballpark figure 的意思就是指大约的估计数字所以在公司里如果老板问会计,上个月水电费总共多少钱?之后再加上一句,“Just give me a ballpark figure.” 意思就是我只要一个大略的数字就行了甚至有些老美懒到就只说ballpark,所以老板也有可能会说,“I'll need a ballpark of the revenue last year.” (我需要去年的营收的大约数字)你就要自己知道这个 ballpark 是ballpark figure 的意思  其实很多像ballpark 这种有点俚语的讲法,你去问美国人,我保他们百分之九十九点九都知道 ballpark 的意思但是有很多外国人,不管他们的英语(论坛)再流利,不管在美国住多久,却还是常常会有听不懂的状况像小笨霖的指导教授是欧洲人,但在美国也待超过十年了,英语的流利自然是不在话下可是呢?有一次我跟她说“I can only give you a ballpark.” 她却问我 ballpark 是什么意思我讲这个小故事给各位听的原因,就是告诉你们拿这种俚语去跟美国人交谈,通常是没问题的,但是如果去跟英语同样也很流利的老印,A,或是在美国住了很久的外国人,则不保他们能听得懂  . Bottom line:We have to turn into profit by .   最重要的是:我们必须在 年前转亏为盈   大家看过财务报表没?上面是一大堆密密麻麻的数字,告诉你公司的资产有多少,折旧多少,应收帐款多少但是这些都不是最重要的, 最重要的在最最下面那一行(bottom line),叫净赚 (Net earnings)告诉你这家公司总共加起来到底是赚钱还是赔钱,(这其实才是最重要的, 不是吗?)所以bottom line这个字后来就变成了有‘最重要的是……’的意思例如商场上有句名言,“In business,If you don't take care of your customers,somebody else will. And that is the bottom line.” (如果你不关心你的顾客的话,其它的人会,这是最重要的原则)另外bottom line 也有‘最后的底限’,‘不能再退让的原则’的意思例如老板可以告诫员工,“Bottom line:We have to ship this order by Friday.” (我最后的底限是,我们必须在星期五前运交这批货)  5. The new CFO was sent to bring the company out of the red.   这位新的财务长被派来把公司从赤字中拯救出来   中国人喜欢红色,所以股市大涨时盘面上都是红通通的一片不过欧美国家对红色的认知则大不相同,红色就表示亏损,赤字像之前提到的bottom line如果是用红笔写的,就是表示公司整体上来说是赔钱的相反的如果是用黑笔写的,则表示是赚钱的所以我们常可以听到 in the red 或是in the black 这样的讲法,其实就是指公司赚不赚钱当然啦,我们也可以用最简单的讲法,lose money 和make money 或是形容词unprofitable 和profitable来表示赔钱或赚钱例如这家公司是赚钱的,你可以说,“This company is in the black.”,“The comapny is making money.” 或是“The company is profitable.” 都可以  讲到这个 profitable 让我不得不提醒大家 non-profit 这个字, 因为常常有人会搞错 Non-profit 这个字指的并不是说不赚钱的, 而是说‘非营利性质的’, 例如像消费者文教基金会我们就可以说他是一个 non-profit organization, 非营利机构, 这种组织就不是以赚钱为目的 但 nonprofitable 的话则是指不赚钱的就等于 unprofitable 或是 non-profit-making.

Shanghai on Saturday opened its film festival, an international event attracting more than 00 celebrities and specialists from the global film industry.

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