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英国每日邮报:老板是否应该鼓励员工在工作间隙拿起手机刷个朋友圈或者玩个游戏呢?有研究人员称,这样能让员工在工作中更高效.The Daily Mail: Should your boss give you a SMARTPHONE break? Scientists claim employees are more productive if they have time to text and play Angry Birds.Next time your boss moans about how much you use your phone during the day, tell them it making you a better employee.Research has found that people who take smartphone microbreaks at various times throughout the day are happier and more productive.Breaks of just one or two minutes, playing Angry Birds or using Facebook, can also help employees recover from stressful situations. 5

A Fairy Encounter第单元 遇见仙女One day, while walking through the est, Jessica heard a strange noise. It sounded liked singing. She looked around but she was alone. Then Jessica saw something moving in the bush. Just at that moment, something shot out of the bush and flew around her head.有一天,杰西卡行经森林时听到一个怪声,听起来像是有人在唱歌的声音她东张西望却不见半个人影,四周除了她一个人以外没有别人接着杰西卡看到灌木丛里有个东西在动,突然就从草丛里面冲出一个东西在她头上飞来飞去It wasnt a bird. Why? It was a fairy about the size of Jessica finger. It was very beautiful with tiny little wings. The fairy said, ;Come with me.; and pointed to the bush. ;I am too big, I cant fit in there.;那不是鸟,哎呀,原来是个和杰西卡手指差不多大小的仙女它长得非常美丽,还有一对小小的翅膀“跟我来”仙女边说边指着灌木丛“我太大了,我进不去”The little fairy wiggled her nose and Jessica shrank to the same size as the fairy. Behind the bush, Jessica saw a beautiful village that sparkled and shone like a mountain of jewels. ;This is where I live,; said the fairy. ;Would you like to live there with us?; asked the fairy. Just then, Jessica heard her mom calling her.于是小仙女扭动一下鼻子,杰西卡便缩小成和仙女一样大就在灌木丛后面,杰西卡看到一座像宝石山一般闪闪发光的美丽村落“这就是我住的地方”仙女问道:“你要和我们一起住吗?”就在这时,杰西卡听到她妈妈在叫她;Oh, I would love to stay, but my mom is calling me. Can you please make me big again?; So the fairy wiggled her nose and Jessica was big again. Jessica ran home and promised to come and visit the fairy again soon.“哦,我很想留下来,可是我妈妈在叫我了可以请你把我变回原来那么大吗?”于是仙女又扭动一下鼻子,把杰西卡变回原来的样子杰西卡跑回家前答应仙女会很快会再来探望她 03

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻9.Thank GoodnessA kid said to his dad, ;Pop, my teacher asked me if I had any younger siblings who will be coming to school.;The dad replied, ;What did your teacher say when you told him you are an only child?The kid answered, ;He said, Thank goodness!;Notes:l. A kid said to his dad, ;Pop, my teacher asked me if I had any younger siblings who will be coming to school.;一个孩子告诉他爸爸:“爸,我的老师问我,有没有弟弟或将要去上学的”if若接在ask, doubt,know, tell, try, wonder 等动词的后面,则表示“是否”的意思(whether)sibling [#7;s#618;bl#618;#331;] n.兄弟. The dad replied, ;What did your teacher say when you told him you are an only child?爸爸回答说:“当你告诉你的老师你是独生子时,他说什么?”;an only child(son, daughter);是表示“家中惟一的孩子,无兄弟”,而;the only son(daughter);则是表示“家中惟一的儿子或女儿,有其他兄弟或;3. The kid answered, ;He said, Thank goodness!;孩子回答:“他说‘谢天谢地!’”;goodness;在这里当感叹词,表示惊讶、愤怒或诅咒所发出的感叹.如:My goodness!: My God!(天啊!)句中若有两个引号,则里面一层用单引号,外面一层用双引号goodness [#7;g#650;dn#601;s] n. God的委婉语(当感叹间)本节目可可原创节目, 3665

Vertigo is a 1958 psychological thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring James Stewart, Ki Novak, and Barbara Bel Geddes. The screenplay was written by Alec Coppel and Samuel A. Taylor, based on the 195 novel ;Dentre les morts;. It is the story of a retired police detective suffering from acrophobiawho is hired as a private investigator to follow the wife of an acquaintance to uncover the mystery of her peculiar behaviour. It is often cited as a classic Hitchcock film and one of the defining works of his career.In , It was voted as the best movie ever by the British Film Institute,which said the movie was great, even though It didnt use cinema entire effetcs to make a grand statement.迷魂记是一部上映于1958年的心理悬疑电影,导演阿尔弗雷德·希区柯克,主演詹姆斯·斯图尔特,巴巴拉·贝尔·戈迪斯剧本是由阿里斯·科佩尔和塞米尔·泰勒创作完成,影片是根据195年的小说‘Dentre les morts’改编而成影片讲述的是关于一名因恐高症而辞职警探的故事,之后他受雇成为了一名,他的一位友人让他来调查她的妻子,解释其妻子的离奇行为人们把这部影片看作是希区柯克的经典之作,也是他生涯中最经典的作品之一,年,英国电影协会的投票使这部影片成为了史上最伟大的电影作品,协会认为这是一部伟大的作品,尽管它没有电影的宏大场面Vertigo premiered in San Francisco in May 1958 at the Stage Door Theater. Its permance at the box office was average and reviews were mixed. Variety said the film showed Hitchcock ;mastery;, but was too longand slow ;what is basically only a psychological murder mystery;. Similarly, the Los Angeles Times admired the scenery, but found the plot ;too long; and felt it ;bogs down; in ;a maze of detail;. However, the Los Angeles Examiner loved it, admiring the ;excitement, action, romance, glamor and [the] crazy, off-beat love story;. New York Times film critic Bosley Crowther also gave Vertigo a positive review by explaining that ;[the] secret [of the film] is so clever, even though it is devilishly far-fetched.;1958年5月,迷魂记在旧金山的舞台们电影院首映票房成绩平平,褒贬不一综艺杂志认为“这部影片展现了希区柯克的大师级水平,但是仅仅对于心理谋杀悬疑来说,这部电影过长,情节过慢”同样地,洛杉矶时报喜欢电影的场景,但是,情节过于冗长,情节过慢,呆板但是,洛杉矶考察报却认为这部影片非常好,他们欣赏这部影片那种波荡起伏、浪漫、奇幻的爱情故事纽约时报的批判家鲍世利·克罗佘也给予了这部影片肯定的评价,“他认为尽管电影的情节有些牵强,但是这部影片的神秘感表达的惟妙惟肖”译文属原创,,不得转载 1

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