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China e-tourism giant Ctrip has rewarded well-behaved tourists in an eft to improve the country image overseas - especially when it comes to tourism.中国旅游电子商务巨头携程于日前奖励了个表现良好的游客,以努力提高国家的海外形象--尤其是涉及到旅游业时Launched in October by Ctrip, the ;Excellent Chinese Tourists Fund; aims to reward tourists who serve as role models others, and promote the idea of civilized tourism among Chinese travelers.携程旅行社于月份推出;中国好游客奖励基金;,旨在奖励那些为他人树立榜样的游客,并在中国游客中推广文明旅游的理念The prize recipients were chosen by Internet users, and the top winner will receive ,000 RMB.获奖者是从互联网用户中选择的,最高奖的获得者将得到000元人民币的奖励Sun Min won the top prize after rescuing tourists in a car accident. Sun and his family were in a severe traffic accident during a trip in August.孙敏因在一场车祸中勇救游客而获得最高奖项孙敏和他的家人在8月的旅行期间发生了严重的交通事故Despite his own injuries, Sun selflessly rescued eight tourists trapped in a tour bus. His own mother passed away due to injuries from the accident.尽管自己也受了伤,孙敏依然无私地救出了八名被困在旅游大巴上的游客他自己的母亲却因在车祸中受伤而去世Other tourists have also been rewarded their good deeds while abroad, including a traveler who waited hours to return a passport to its owner in Japan, and a parent who carries a bottle everywhere to clean a toddler urine without contaminating the environment.其他游客也因在国外的良好行为而获得奖励,包括在日本等待几个小时将护照物归原主的游客,以及为了解决带孩子如厕问题而随身携带脉动瓶的游客As China economy continues to grow, more and more Chinese tourists are traveling overseas.随着中国经济的持续增长,越来越多的中国游客到海外旅游Over billion trips are made by Chinese citizens in domestic tours annually, while over 0 million trips are made abroad.每年我国国内游超过0亿人次、出境游则超过了1亿人次Some egregious and rude behaviors on the part of Chinese travelers have severely damaged the country image abroad, while the behavior of most civilized Chinese tourists goes unnoticed.中国游客的一些恶劣和粗鲁的行为严重损害了国家的海外形象,而大多数中国游客的文明行为却被忽视According to Ctrip, the company will keep rewarding ;model tourists; in the future, while badly behaved tourists may be listed as unwelcome visitors.根据携程介绍,公司将继续奖励;模范游客;,而表现不佳的游客则有可能被列为不受欢迎的游客 9801Conversation 3A: How nice these robes are! What do you call them in Chinese!B: We Chinese call them ;Qipao;, a long robe with a split at each side seam.A: Could you tell me the meaning of different patterns and designs on them?B: Sure. The pattern of peony and phoenix symbolizes tune and nobility. This fabric has an interesting pattern with mandarin ducks, which is typically Chinese. In China the design of dragon and phoenix means a very happy family, it also means authority.A: I see. I cant decide which color is better.B: In China yellow was a long period of time considered to be of noble value symbolizing central authority. Kings and officials were entitled to wear yellow. Look, the yellow color and the design of dragon and phoenix are very harmonious. A:哦,这些长袍多漂亮啊!用中文怎么说的?B:我们中国人称之为“旗袍”,它的两侧开叉A:请告诉我旗袍上不同花纹和图案的含义好吗?B:当然可以这种牡丹凤凰图案象征着富贵这种料子印着有趣的鸳鸯图案,非常有中国特色在中国“龙凤呈祥”图案象征家庭幸福,也象征着权力A:我明白了我不知哪种颜色更好B:在中国,黄颜色在很长一段时间里被视为高贵权势的象征,过去只有国王和大臣们才有资格穿用看,这种黄色和“龙凤呈祥”图案非常协调 19783Damage 货物损失A: I regret to tell you that quite a number of the records and tapes were damaged.很遗憾告诉你,许多唱片和磁带都损坏了B: Im sorry to hear that. But the goods left here were in perfect condition. It was possibly caused by rough handling.听到这事深感遗憾,可是货运走时是完好的,可能是野蛮装卸造成的A: Most of the records were either split or wrapped, and many of them were smashed. Besides, I can assure you that there was no rough handling when the goods were unloaded.大多数唱片或是裂了,或是折弯了,还有很多都碎了我可以向你保卸货时绝对没有野蛮装卸行为B: Well, as you made the arrangement delivery. I am afraid I cant help you.既然是你安排的装运,恐怕这事我没法帮你A: Yes, we did make the arrangement delivery. But we instructed you to wrap each piece individually and pack no more than pieces into a crate to allow easy and safe handling. But this was obviously not done with the consignment.是的,使我们安排的装运,可是为了搬运方便安全,我们要求你们把货品单件包装,每一版条箱不能多于件,很显然你们这批货没有这么做B: Have you any idea about the damage?你知道这批货损失多少?A: We estimate that about 3 of the goods were damaged. And the shipping charges cost us a lot. We would like either replacements or a % reduction in price.我们估计有大约30%的货损坏了,我们还花了不少运输费用我们要求换货,或者在价格上减少%B: I admit that we were partially responsible the damage. So let meet each other half-way and compromise on a % reduction in price on the consignment.我承认我们对损失负有部分责任,那么咱们各让一半,货价减少% 吧 7

A: Can you get me a taxi?B: We offer various types of transportation. Perhaps you'd like to upgrade to a private vehicle?A: Thanks, but no thanks. A taxi will do just fine.B: In that case, how about a limo? Then you can travel in style.A: No, I hate limousines. They're gas guzzlers.B: Got it, sir. Where would you like the taxi to take you?A: My destination is Rockefeller Center.B: What time do you want to leave the hotel?A: As soon as possible.B: I'll call the taxi immediately, sir.A: Okay, I'm coming downstairs now.B: A brand new taxi is pulling up now, sir. 75

A report released jointly on Sept. by Alibaba Alitrip and Internet finance platm Wacai showed that Chinese tourists have a true, unswerving love instant noodles.阿里巴巴集团旗下的阿里旅行和互联网融资平台挖财于9月日联合发布的报告显示,中国游客对方便面有着真实、坚定不移的热爱The report noted that up to 31.9 percent of Chinese tourists have packed instant noodles in their luggage when going abroad, and 58. percent have bought instant noodles after reaching their outbound destinations.该报告指出,去国外时,高达31.9%的中国游客会把方便面装进他们的行李箱,58.%的人在到达他们的境外目的地之后会购买方便面Contrary to expectations, this habit is not about the price - at least not primarily.与预期相反,这种习惯与价格无关--至少不是主要原因According to the report, the number one reason tourists seeking out instant noodles is that they are not accustomed to local food.据报道,游客寻找方便面的首要原因是他们不习惯当地的食物The survey showed that many Chinese tourists are not used to Western food, and instant noodles have a coveted ;familiar taste.;调查显示,很多中国游客不习惯西餐,而方便面有一种令人垂涎的;熟悉的味道;Many tourists also pack foods like laoganma chili sauce, ham, beef jerky, mustard and spiced eggs to eat with the instant noodles.很多游客还会把老干妈辣椒酱,火腿,牛肉干,榨菜和五香鸡蛋放进方便面里一起吃The second reason this trend is convenience, and its cheap price tag comes in third.这种趋势的第二个原因是方便,其低廉的标价则是第三个原因Interestingly, the report also showed that Chinese tourists love the instant noodles is correlated to age, but has nothing to do with income. Older tourists are more likely to be dependant on instant noodles.有趣的是,该报告还显示,中国游客对方便面热爱与年龄相关,但与收入无关老龄游客可能更依赖方便面The report shows that 66. percent of tourists born in 1970s pack instant noodles in their luggage, whereas the number is reduced to 53.8 percent those born in the 1980s, and 50.96 percent of the 1990s.报告显示,出生于世纪70年代的游客,有66.%会把方便面放进行李箱,然而对于那些出生于80年代的游客来说,这个数量会减少到53.8%,到了生于90年代的游客,这个数字则为50.96%Younger people can better adapt to new environments, and are more interested to try local cuisines.年轻的人可以更好地适应新环境,而且更热衷尝试当地美食But are instant noodles really a ;cheap; option - that is, an option stingy travelers? The answer is no, at least in the eyes of those who maintain a true love the snack.但是方便面真的是;便宜;的选择--也就是说,是吝啬游客的一个选择吗?是否定的,至少在那些对这种小吃保持热爱的人的眼睛里,不是About 3 percent of people who earn more than ,000 RMB per month still depend on instant noodles.月收入超过万元的人中,约3%仍依赖于方便面That figure is not significantly different from the one those earning a monthly income of less than 5,000 RMB.与那些月收入不足5000元的人相比,这个数字没有明显的不同 0198

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