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Whether you are trying to build a personal or professional relationship, the following tips will help you build interpersonalbridges.无论你是想发展个人还是职业关系,下面的建议都可以帮助你建立人与人之间交往的桥梁。You Will Need你需要Listening skills倾听技巧Ability to overlook faults忽视错误的能力Mutual expectations相互期望Common ground共同语言Humor幽默Spontaneity自发性Steps步骤STEP 1 Listen1.倾听Take time to listen to the other person. Do not attempt to dominate every conversation.花费一点时间来倾听对话说话。不要试图主导每场对话。Don#39;t insist on winning every argument or on always having the last word.不要坚持赢得每场争论或拥有最后的决定权。STEP 2 Forgive2.原谅Be willing to overlook faults in the other person.愿意忽略对方的错误。Remember that you, too, have faults.要记住,你自己也有犯错误的时候。STEP 3 Seek out mutual benefits3.寻找共同利益Don#39;t approach the relationship as a source of gain for only yourself; instead, seek out mutual benefits.不要只将这段关系视为你自己获益的源泉,而是互惠互利。STEP 4 Look for common ground4.寻找共同点Seek out common ground. This will establish mutual expectations.寻找共同点,这样可以为双方形成共同的期望。STEP 5 Use humor5.使用幽默Use humor to smooth over rough moments in the relationship.使用幽默感来度过一段关系中比较艰难的时刻。Remember that life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it.要记住,生活的10%在于发生的事情,而另外90%取决于你的反应措施。STEP 6 Stay spontaneous6.自发性Keep the relationship spontaneous. Don#39;t let the monotony of life#39;s day-to-day challenges bring you down. Instead, try something new! Enjoy your relationships!让这段关系自然而然。不要让日复一日的挑战的枯燥把你打倒。尝试新的东西!享受你们的关系!The first psychological experiment was conducted around 700 E in Egypt.第一次心里测试于公元前700年在埃及进行。视频听力译文由。 Article/201404/287321。

In Jeet Kune Do, we can sum it up in three important words:simple, direct, and non-classical.截拳道可以总结成三个要点,简单 直接 非传统。By simple, it means the techniques we go for simplicity.It is not adding on but taking away.The less technique you have, the better you are.简单 代表技术简单,不是添加 而是简化,技巧越少 技艺越高。By direct, you don#39;t go things here and there but direct to the point.Non-classical, that means you don#39;t follow the old ways of doing things.It#39;s simple concept, but the theory behind it took Bruce Lee many years to develop.直接 代表不迂回 而是直中要害,非传统 是说不因循守旧 拘泥于老的套路。理念虽然简单 但李小龙却花了很多年发展这个理论Hong Kong in the 1950s was a tough place to grow up.Thousands of Chinese had flooded into the city to escape the communist regime on the mainland,leading to overcrowding and unemployment.上世纪60年代的香港生活环境很艰苦,数以万计的中国人为了逃避共产党从大陆涌向香港导致城市人口过载和大量失业。Youths would organize into gangs to protect themselves and their territory,and the young Bruce Lee was no exception.青年就组成帮会来保护自己和他们的势力范围,年轻的李小龙也不例外。Despite coming from a relatively well-off family,the teenage Bruce Lee was often involved in gang fights.尽管出自优渥家庭,少年时期的李小龙还是经常卷入帮会争斗中。You have one clan against another clan.You have the wing chun clan against the choi lei fut clan.And there was a lot of battles in the streets.经常有门派相争,咏春拳和蔡李佛拳势不两立,大街上打斗随处可见。And, you know, Bruce was very sure of himself and knew he can handle himself,so, you know, the Gongsau matches, which are the roof-top fighting matches, happened a lot,and Bruce Lee was part of that.而小龙对自己很有自信 觉得自己能解决,当时这种讲手 就是所谓的屋顶打斗 屡见不鲜,他自己也常常参与。 Article/201401/273956。

Oops! France orders wrong size trains After ordering B worth of trains, France realized many of their platforms are too small. CNN#39;s Jim Boulden explains.Before you buy an expensive sports car, you wanna check if it fits in the garage. The same can be said when you are buying billions of dollars’ worth of trains, you wanna check whether the rolling stock fits when it comes into the station, into all the stations. The French National Railway company, the RFF discovered that some of the 2,000 trains ordered from Alstom Bombardier were well, just too wide for the network’s older stations. The train company SNCF reportedly based its orders on the dimensions of the newer, leaner platforms, not the older wider ones. Apparently the wrong measurements were handed to SNCF by RFF. The mistake was found back in 2012, 300 platforms aly had been retrofitted, with another thousand or so to go, costing up to ,000,000, the companies say. well, at least redoing the platforms will be, e ”totally useful and necessary”, RFF says and “brings them up to international standards.” So who is to blame? The current government blames the previous government of course, saying it was absurd to split the train operators from the training network, adding a layer of bureaucracy. It seems what we have here is a failure to communicate. Jim Boulden CNN, London. /201405/301520。

It is my wish that the newspapers and the people of Hong Kong will stop speculating on the circumstances surrounding my husband#39;s death.我希望所有的报纸和香港的人民不要再揣测我丈夫的死因了。Please remember him for his genius, his art and the magic he brought to every one of us.请你们记住他给我们展现的天赋、艺术和魔力。Of course I was going to go and see his film and applaud him and be with people who admired him.That was always my thought in my head,is; I need to do this for Bruce.;我当然会去看他的电影,并为之鼓掌,和钦佩他的人待在一起,我脑中始终有个声音说,我要为布鲁斯这么做。She really is this incredible woman with just great dignity and grace under fire.她让人难以置信,在这么大的变故后还能这么优雅镇静。It was great to see Bruce again,but only a month later my memories were very fresh anyway, you know.能再见到布鲁斯真好,一个月后我的记忆开始变得清晰。It was more pain than joy at the time.给我带来的苦多于乐Everybody said all these years, you know,he had an allergic reaction to marijuana,he had a brain aneurysm.The most important thing is how he lived.这些年每个人都说他对大麻过敏,他得了脑动脉瘤。但最重要的是他活着的方式Every time you see him, it#39;s still emotional.We miss the friend.每次看到他 还是会伤感,我们很怀念这个朋友I#39;m now 74, but there really has not ever been a day that I haven#39;t thought about him at least once, maybe twice or three times or four times or five times through the day There#39;s nobody who#39;s gonna replace Bruce Lee,not while you or I are alive.我都74了,但没有一天我是不想他的,至少会想到他一次,两次三次,多至五次,没人可以取代李小龙,至少在你我的有生之年。It just won#39;t gonna happen.This genius passes away way before his time.We have to be thankful we had him for 32 years.没人可以取代他,这个奇才去世得太早,我们感谢他活着的这三十二年。 Article/201312/270733。

Beer was the staple drink in Mesopotamia and was issued as rations to workers.啤酒是美索不达米亚的主要饮料,用以分配给工人饮用。Money, laws, trade, employment; this is the stuff of early writing, and it#39;s writing like the writing on this little tablet that changes the nature of state control and state power-bureaucratic and economic.金钱、法律、贸易、雇佣:这些便是早期写作的内容。 如本节中写字板般的记录,最终改变了国家管理与政府权力的本质。Only later does writing move from rations to emotions; the accountants get there before the poets.到后期,文字的作用才从记录变为抒情,这也就是说,会计师掌握书写的年代远比诗人更早。It#39;s all thoroughly bureaucratic stuff, and so we asked Gus O#39;Donnell, the head of the British civil service, to talk to us about why he thinks the first writing in Mesopotamia was about organising the state:文字是彻头彻尾的行政系统的产物。我曾为此询问英国内阁秘书长格斯奥唐奈爵士的看法:;This tablet is amazing. You#39;ve got a civil service here, starting to come into place in order to record what#39;s going on.这块写字板是对文字的最早记录,同时,它也能让我们了解早期国家的发展,当时巳有公务人员开始记录正在发生的事。Here is very clearly the state paying some workers for some work that#39;s been done, they need to keep a track of the public finances, they need to know how much they#39;ve paid: it needs to be fair.;很明显,这里记录的是国家向工人分发工作报酬。他们需要将公共财政的出记下来,并了解付出的酬劳有多少,这些都要秉公处理。So, by 3000 , the people who had to manage the various city-states of Mesopotamia were discovering how to use written records for all kinds of day-to-day administration, keeping large temples running or tracking the movement and storage of goods.公元前三千年,美索不达米亚各个城邦的管理者发现了如何将文字记录运用到日常管理,运用到大型庙宇的运作、活动记录以及货物储存中的方法。Most of the early clay tablets in our collection, like this one, come from the city of Uruk, roughly halfway between modern Baghdad and Basra.大部分的早期黏土板,如本节中的这块,都来自今巴格达与巴士拉之间的乌鲁克。Uruk was just one of the large rich city-states of Mesopotamia that had grown too big and too complex for anyone to be able to run them just by word of mouth. Gus O#39;Donnell again.乌鲁克是美索不达米亚的大型富庶城邦之一,城市已经发展得过于庞大复杂,无法仅靠口头表达来进行统治。奥唐奈爵士再次解释道。 Article/201406/306118。

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for ;The Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!What#39;s the only planet not named for a god in Greek or Roman mythology? If you think you know it, shout it out! 唯一一个不是由希腊或罗马神话中的神命名的星球是什么?Is it Earth, Mercury, Neptune or Saturn? You#39;ve got three seconds, go!是地球、水星、海王星还是土星?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!While all other planets are named for gods or goddesses, Earth#39;s name comes from the old English and Germanic languages. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your shoutout.除了地球的名字来自古英语和日耳曼语,其他星球都是以神的名字命名的。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: I don#39;t know if there#39;s a Mercury day or a Neptune day, but if there is, it sure doesn#39;t have a billion people participating in it.我不知道有没有水星日或者冥王星日,就算有的话,也肯定没有十亿人来参加节日庆祝。According to the group that organizes Earth Day, every April 22, there are more than a billion people worldwide who are taking action. 根据组织地球日的组织来看,每年的4月22日全世界都有十多亿人在行动。EarthDay.org says this is marked in 190 countries. EarthDay.org表示这在190个国家都有人响应。People are planting trees, cleaning up their neighborhoods, generally taking action to improve the environment.人们通过种树、打扫周边卫生,总体来说就是通过各种行动来改善环境。 /201404/291649。