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China's economy中国的经济Even splits匀速前进China does its bit to calm worries about the world economy 中国为平息人们对世界经济的担忧尽了自己的一份力A RUNNER cannot sprint all the time, noted Sheng Laiyun of China’s National Bureau of Statistics, after the release of China’s new growth figures on July 13th; he must pace himself so that he can run better later. Over the past four quarters China’s economy has recorded what runners call “even splits”, keeping a steady pace, lap after lap. It grew by 9.5% in the second quarter (year on year), having grown at a similar rate in the previous three. 7月13日,在发布中国最近的增长数据之后,中国国家统计局的盛来运指出,跑步运动员无法一直快速前进,他必须放慢步伐,这样随后才能跑出更好的成绩。在过去4个季度,中国经济创造出了跑步运动员所谓的“匀速前进”的记录,一次次保持了稳定的速度。中国经济第二季度(同比)增长了9.5%,前三个季度的增长速度与此如出一辙。The figures helped allay fears of a hard landing for China’s economy. But they raised some doubts about whether the economy is landing at all. Consumer prices rose by 6.4%. in the year to June. The economy’s pace may be steady. But is it too fast to sustain? 这些数据减少了人们对中国经济硬着陆的担忧。但是它们引发了人们对中国经济是否会着陆的疑虑。截至今年6月,消费价格上涨了6.4%。中国经济的增速可能是稳定的。但是是否过快难以为继了呢?201107/144852US Says Door Remains Open for Nuclear Talks With Iran美官员:与伊朗核谈判大门仍敞开Top Obama administration officials say the door remains open for nuclear talks with Iran. They are discounting the latest anti-American rhetoric from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.美国政府的高级官员说,同伊朗核谈判的大门依然敞开。这些官员并不重视伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德最新的反美言辞。The ongoing post-election turmoil in Iran has raised questions about the outlook for diplomacy to deal with Tehran's nuclear ambitions.伊朗选后持续的动乱局面对于以外交行动处理德黑兰核野心的前景提出了疑问。Appearing on the CBS television program Face the Nation, U.S. Ambassador to the ed Nations Susan Rice indicated the Iranian nuclear program remains a matter of high concern for the White House.美国驻联合国大使苏珊.赖斯在哥伦比亚广播公司电视节目露面时表示,伊朗核项目仍然是白宫高度关注的一件大事。"We have an interest in any case in trying to ensure that Iran does not achieve a nuclear weapons capability," said Rice. "We have pursued that through multi-lateral diplomacy. We have left the door open to bilateral diplomacy."她说:“我们在任何情况下都有兴趣努力确保伊朗不获得核武器能力。我们通过多边外交来达到这个目的。我们也为双边外交敞开大门。”On N's Meet the Press, President Obama's top advisor, David Axelrod, said the administration remains open to attending talks between Iran and the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany.在国家广播公司的与媒体见面节目中,奥巴马总统的高级顾问戴维.阿克塞尔罗德说,美国政府仍然愿意参加伊朗和联合国安理会五个常任理事国加德国举行的会谈。He was asked if the tough talk over the weekend by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad might be enough to put diplomacy on hold.他在被问到伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德周末的强硬言论是否足以将外交手段暂时搁置起来时说:"Understand that he is not the decision maker when it comes to foreign policy and defense policy in Iran," he said. "His comments are meant for domestic political content."“要了解,他不是伊朗外交政策和国防政策的决策者。他的言论是为了国内政治舆论而发表的。”Iran's president has accused the ed States of meddling in his country's affairs. Axelrod said he is merely trying to change the subject.伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德指责美国干涉伊朗内政。阿克塞尔罗德说,他只不过是想改变话题。"It is a long used technique in Iran to try to make the ed States the foil for their own problems," said Axelrod. "His problems are with the Iranian people, not with us!"阿克塞尔罗德说:“这是伊朗的惯用伎俩,试图把伊朗自身的问题转嫁到美国身上。他的问题是跟伊朗人民,而不是跟我们之间的问题。”The election dispute in Iran is dominating headlines as American troops near a deadline for pulling out of major cities in neighboring Iraq.随着美国军队越来越接近撤出伊拉克主要城镇的最后期限,伊朗选举引发的争议继续是新闻的主要内容。The top U.S. commander in Iraq, General Ray Odierno told the Fox News Sunday television program that Iraqis are keeping a close watch on events across the border.美国驻伊拉克最高指挥官雷.奥迪尔诺将军星期天在福克斯电视节目上说,伊拉克人正在密切注视边界另一侧事态的进展。"It gives them more confidence in their government, in the fact they just went through legitimate and credible elections to elect their provincial leaders, and the fact they are going to go through a credible and legitimate election here for their national leaders in January," said Odiorno.奥迪尔诺将军说:“伊拉克人民刚刚举行过合法、可信的选举,选出了省级领导人;他们还将在明年1月举行合法和可信的举,选出国家领导人。这些都使伊拉克人民对自己的政府更有信心。”Odierno noted that, unlike Iran, international observers will be in Iraq to validate those elections. And he said the unfolding events in Iran may serve to encourage Iraqis to bolster their young democracy.奥迪尔诺指出,跟伊朗不同的是,国际监督人员会到伊拉克实那些选举是否公正。他还说,伊朗目前的事态可能会激励伊拉克人民持他们建立了不久的民主制度。06/76070

Capello hints Beckham's England career is overEngland coach Fabio Capello hinted on Wednesday that David Beckham's international career could be over.Beckham was unable to play in the World Cup due to an Achilles injury suffered while on loan at AC Milan in March, but the LA Galaxy midfielder had hoped to return to England duty when he was fully fit.The former Manchester ed and Real Madrid star went to the World Cup as part of Capello's backroom staff but the Italian, speaking ahead of Wednesday's friendly against Hungary at Wembley, made it clear there was little chance of a recall for the Euro 2012 qualifying campaign."I say thank you very much for helping me at the World Cup but probably he is a little bit old," Capello told ITV.If Capello is true to his word, the 35-year-old former England captain will end his international career with 115 caps, the most number for any England outfield player but 10 short of Peter Shilton's overall national record.Vocabulary:Achilles: 跟腱backroom:(工作)秘密的,在幕后进行的friendly: 友谊赛cap: a selection for a representative team, usually for a national squad(入选国家队,代表国家队出场)outfield player: 外场球员,也就是除守门员外的球员背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111248

Matilda Cuomo - wife, mother, teacher and former first lady of New York State - has perhaps had the most far-reaching impact as founder of Mentoring USA, which has trained volunteer mentors for more than 5,000 schoolchildren nationwide.玛蒂尔达.科莫夫人是母亲,是教师,是前纽约州的第一夫人,也是“美国辅导教育计划”的创办人。这项组织到目前为止,为全美国五千名学童训练志工导师。Cuomo was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1931, during the Great Depression. Despite the bleak economic conditions, her mother, an Italian immigrant, and her father, the child of immigrants, were intent on realizing the American dream for themselves and their five children. 1931年美国经济大萧条期间,玛蒂尔达.科莫在纽约市布鲁克林区出生。尽管他们那时面临着严峻的经济情况,她的母亲,一名来自意大利的移民,以及她的父亲,一名移民之子,都决心要使他们的美国梦,实现在他们两人和五名子女的身上。"I was very fortunate in that regard. They suffered and struggled and sacrificed so much," she says . "They put five children through college without a Pell Grant or government help. You have to honor them for that and appreciate it and be gratified. So that’s how I feel." 玛蒂尔达.科莫说:“在这一方面,我非常幸运。他俩承受了困难,并且做出很多奋斗和牺牲。他们靠着贝尔助学金和政府的协助,将我们五名子女都送进大学。我们真该为此向他们表示敬意,感受他们为我们所做的。”Doing whatever is necessary to make life better has been a recurring theme in Cuomo’s life - as a teacher, a mother and a mentor. In 1954, she married a young law student named Mario Cuomo whose long public service career eventually led to the New York State governor’s mansion. 作为教师,母亲和导师,玛蒂尔达.科莫一生经常持有的理念,是做一切该做的,使生活变得更好。1954年,她和一名年轻的律师马里奥.科莫结为夫妇。马里奥长年参与公共事物,终于成为纽约州长。Looking out for childrenAfter that election in 1982, Cuomo also entered public service as a volunteer advocate for children. 在1982年的选举之后,玛蒂尔达.科莫也加入了公共事物的领域。她成为促进儿童福利的志愿人员。The mid-1980s were a difficult time for New York State. The economy was in recession. Crack addiction was becoming epidemic in the cities. The teen pregnancy rate was soaring, and the high school graduation rate was plummeting to record lows. These trends were deeply disturbing to Governor Cuomo. 1980年代中期对纽约来说,是一个困难的时期。不仅是经济上的不景气,各大城市都有毒品泛滥的问题。少女怀率上升。同时,高中学生的毕业率下降。这些趋势使科莫夫妇深感困扰。201106/140302

  Human evolution人类进化史You look familiar似曾相识Another piece of humanity’s family tree is fitted into place南方古猿sediba的发现填补了人类家族谱系的关键空白Sep 10th 2011 | from the print edition THE opening scene of Mel Brooks’s film “History of the World: Part One” dispenses with human origins in one line: “And the ape stood, and became man.” Would that it were that easy for palaeontologists to sort out. The transition to humanity is generally agreed to have occurred between Australopithecus, a genus of small-brained, bipedal primates whose most famous member is a fossil nicknamed “Lucy”, and the big-brained species Homo erectus. But pinning down when precisely this took place, and which of the various australopithecine species were involved, has been challenging. Now the most human-like australopithecine found to date is clarifying things—and staking a claim to be the species from which early humans evolved.梅尔·布鲁克斯执导的电影“世界史:序幕”开场仅用一句话就概括了人类起源:“类人猿直立起来,变成了人类。” 要是古生物学家也能如此轻而易举地阐释人类进化的奥秘就好了。人们普遍认为人类是由南方古猿和直立人之间的某个物种演化而来。南方古猿头部较小,属双足灵长类动物,其最有名的家族成员是一具被称做“露西”的化石,比较而言,直立人的头部就大多了。不过,要想确定确切的人类演化时间和哪些南方古猿物种参与了演化,仍是极具挑战性的课题。目前,迄今为止发现的与人类最为相似的南方古猿正逐渐解开这团迷雾——它阐明了早期人类是由哪个物种演化而来的。Fossils of the new species, Australopithecus sediba, were discovered in 2008 in a cave in South Africa. Initial research, led by Lee Berger of the University of the Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg, concluded that the species came too late in the fossil record to be the ancestor of the Homo lineage. This week, however, a range of new research into sediba, again led by Dr Berger, has been published in Science. These studies conclude that sediba did in fact predate Homo erectus and, moreover, that parts of its anatomy are surprisingly similar to modern man.2008年在南非一个洞穴内发现一个新物种化石,称做南方古猿sediba。约翰内斯堡金山大学的李·伯格尔领导的最初研究结果表明南方古猿sediba在化石记录中出现的年份过晚而无法被认定为人类的祖先。然而本周,李·伯格尔士领导的一系列关于sediba的最新研究成果在《科学》杂志上发表。这些研究结果表明,南方古猿sediba确实早于直立人存在,并且它的一些骨骼结构与现代人类有着惊人的相似之处。201109/154667

  Stock volatility continued on Wall Street Wednesday as markets turned their attention once more to the weak global economy. After an impressive rally Tuesday, fears about high levels of public debt in the U.S. and Europe have erased all the gains and then some. There is growing concern that the global economy may be heading toward another painful recession.Despite the U.S. Federal Reserve's assurances that it will keep interest rates near record lows for the next two years, all the gains made this week evaporated even before the opening bell.尽管美联储承诺要把超低利率再保持两年,但华尔街股市这个星期却犹如过山车大起大落。On closer examination, New York trader Keith Bliss says many now see the Fed announcement as an admission that the world's most powerful central bank is out of ammunition.纽约交所交易商布里斯说,美联储的声明实际上就是承认,世界上最强有力的中央现在已经无计可施。"The Fed is basically out of bullets. It's similar to those Hollywood movies where you see the guy fire all his bullets and now the only thing he has left to do is throw his gun," Bliss said.布里斯说:“美联储基本上已经弹尽粮绝。这就像那些好莱坞大片描绘的情景,一个家伙打完了子弹,剩下唯一能做的事情就是把丢掉。”But Bliss says the slowing U.S. economy is not the only issue roiling the markets. 不过,布里斯说,搅乱市场的问题并不只是美国经济走软。"And this is how skittish and temperamental the market is. It reacts not only to factual aspects and fundamental aspects, but also rumors. So there was a rumor that S amp; P (ratings agency Standard amp; Poors) was going to downgrade France's debt, there's rumors that there are French and German banks in trouble because they're holding a lot of sovereign debt over in Europe," Bliss said.布里斯说:“市场就是这样焦躁不安,变化无常。影响市场的不光是实实在在的数据和基本面的东西。传言也能够搅乱市场。传言说标准普尔评级公司准备下调法国的债务评级,说法国和德国的也陷入困境,它们持有大量的欧洲国家的主权债务。”Some see the combination of a weak U.S. outlook and the prospects of another debt crisis in Europe as a recipe for a double dip recession. Financial expert Jon Henes tells VOA even the remedy is fraught with peril.有些人认为,美国经济前景疲软和欧洲再次发生债务危机的可能性加在一起为世界经济再次陷入衰退开好了配方。金融专家赫内斯对美国之音说,即使是解救的办法也同样充满危险。201108/148632。

  Zimbabwean Opposition Says Power-Sharing Deal under Threat津反对派批政府威胁权力分享协议  Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change says the publication of ministerial posts in an official government newspaper threatens the country's power sharing agreement.津巴布韦反对派民主变革运动表示,政府方面在官方报纸上公布出来的内阁部长任命名单,直接威胁到津巴布韦政党之间达成的权力分享协议。The Movement for Democratic Change describes the announcement of a Cabinet list by the state controlled newspaper The Herald as a midnight ambush. In a stinging statement, the MDC further says the announcement jeopardizes the power-sharing deal signed with President Robert Mugabe's ruling ZANU-PF party on September 15.民主变革运动把由政府控制的先驱报上刊登出来的名单,形容为一次午夜突袭。民主变革运动在一份声明中说,这份名单不符合该组织与穆加贝总统所属的执政党非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线于9月15号签署的权力分享协议的精神。The Herald announcement comes after the parties had acknowledged failure on reaching agreement on the allocation of Cabinet posts. They had agreed to refer the matter to former South African president Thabo Mbeki who brokered the power-sharing deal. The agreement says the president will allocate ministerial portfolios after consultation with the vice presidents, the prime minister and deputy prime ministers.在先驱报刊出上述名单之前,津巴布韦主要党派已经公开承认,在各个内阁部长的任命问题上,没有能够达成一致,双方同意把这个问题交给南非前总统姆贝基解决。姆贝基早些时候成功斡旋了津巴布韦政党之间的权力分享协议。根据这项协议,穆加贝总统本应在与副总统、总理以及副总理协商之后,再公布内阁部长的任命。The MDC statement says no agreement was reached on the heavily contested portfolios of Finance, Home Affairs, Local Government and Foreign Affairs when the leaders of the parties to the agreement met on Friday. The Herald list gives three of the posts to ZANU-PF adding that only Finance is disputed. The MDC insists it will reject what it calls attempts BY ZANU-PF to merely get it into office but without power.民主变革运动发表的声明同时表示,各党派领导人星期五就任命问题开会讨论的时候,并没有就一些关键性部长的任命达成任何协议。这些关键的部委包括财政部、内政部、地方政府部、外交部等。先驱报公布出来的名单显示,以上提到的部委之中,有三个都给了执政党派非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线,只有财政部人选仍然处于争执之中。民主变革运动表示,该组织坚决反对穆加贝总统只是象征性地让反对派参与政府部门,但是并不赋予任何实权的作法。Constitutional expert Lovemore Madhuku tells VOA that while the announcement by the government may not be in the spirit of the power sharing agreement, it does not breach the letter of the deal.津巴布韦宪法专家马督库表示,尽管报纸公布出来的名单并不符合权力分享协议的精神,但是并没有违反协议的文字规定。Under the agreement, ZANU-PF is to get 15 posts of the 31-member Cabinet while the main MDC party led by Morgan Tsvangirai gets 13. The remaining three go to a smaller faction of the MDC.根据上述协议,非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线将获得31个内阁成员当中的15个席位,而由茨万吉拉领导的民主变革运动则将获得13个席位。余下的三个席位将由民主变革运动当中较小的党派出任。200810/52707

  德国6月份出口额比上月增长百分之7个百分点,这是近三年来最大的一次涨幅.这些数据让人们有理由相信,欧洲最大的经济体即将复苏.The German economy is highly dependent on exports. It's been badly hit by the slump in world trade. But recent data suggests Europe's largest economy is bouncing back, and that - given Germany's importance as a trading nation - is a sign of recovery in the global economy.It's not just German exports that have revived. Manufacturing output has risen sharply for two consecutive months, and surveys of business and consumer confidence point to brighter times, although in June exports were still a fifth below the previous year's level.词汇is highly dependent on: is very much linked to, relies a lot on 与…密切相关,高度依赖于badly hit: seriously damaged 受到严重影响slump: here, deep economic recession, economic collapse (经济)大萧条,衰退bouncing back: recovering, reviving, improving 恢复consecutive: coming/happening one after the other 连续的,连贯的point to brighter times: here, indicate that the economic situation will improve 经济情况将要好转08/81327Quake-hit Sichuan welcomes torch 四川迎来火炬传递 Survivors cheer as the Olympic torch passes through quake-devastated Sichuan province in China's southwest. Reuters.After months of sadness and loss, China's quake-survivors give the Olympic flame an emotional welcome to Sichuan Province. Crowds roared with delight as 189 torchbearers began a three-day tour of the province devastated by a powerful earthquake in May.The run here in Guang'an, hometown of communist patriarch Deng Xiaoping, began with a minute's silence in honour of the 70,000 killed in the disaster. The quake delayed the flame's arrival in Sichuan and has made a change of route, bypassing hardest-hit areas like Dujiangyan. Thousands died here and more were left homeless. They watched the relay on TV from tents and temporary shelters, excitement over the Olympics overwhelmed by anxiety over their plight. "The problem we have now is we're not able to go back to our home and staying here is dangerous. The damage to our home is classified as medium, so we weren't allocated a makeshift house. But we don't feel good staying here, the social order is bad."This woman's 16-year-old niece was one of hundreds of children killed when their school collapsed in the quake. Nationalist pride over the Olympics is tinged with grief and unresolved questions about who's to blame. "The children knew about the Games and they were very happy. They'd said they'd watch them on TV. We've lost them now and there's nothing we can do. When I think of them, I still feel very sad."Mixed emotions as the torch makes its way through Sichuan over the next three days, its last stop before Beijing where the cauldron will be lit and the Games begin on Friday. Susan Flory, Reuters.cauldron:A cauldron is a very large, round metal pot used for cooking over a fire. (LITERARY)中文参考翻译:经过数月的悲痛和损失,中国地震灾区的幸存者热烈欢迎奥运圣火抵达四川。当189名火炬手高举圣火在遭受地震袭击的四川境内传递时,人们欢欣鼓舞。火炬现在在四川广安,邓小平的故乡传递,火炬传递开始前,为在地震中遇难的7万名同胞默哀1分钟。由于地震,火炬抵达四川的日期延后,并且更改了传递路线,取消了受灾最严重的地区——都江堰的传递,数以千万的人遇难,更多的人流离失所。他们在帐篷和临时住所里通过看电视观看火炬传递,奥运的喜悦超越了对困境的忧虑。“我们现在的问题是不能回自己家,待在这里很危险。我们家乡的灾情被定为中等,所以我们现在居住在临时住所。但是我们不想住在这里,这里社会秩序比较差。”由于地震中学校坍塌,很多学生丧生。这个个妇女的16岁的侄女就在其中。奥运会的民族自豪感同时也伴随着悲伤,以及没有解决的问题,到底谁该承担责任?“孩子们知道即将召开奥运会都非常高兴。他们说会在电视上观看奥运会的比赛。现在我们失去了孩子,我们束手无策。现在想到他们,我仍然很难过。”当奥运圣火在四川进行为期三天的传递时,人们情绪复杂。这是生活到国内的最后一站,之后将抵达北京,点燃圣火盆,周五奥运会即将开幕。200811/56759

  Human beings and dogs人类与Man’s best friend,人类最好的朋友Scientific research throws new light on a very old partnership科学研究为人关系提供新视角Aug 6th 2011 | from the print edition Dog Sense: How the New Science of Dog Behaviour Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet. 《的心灵世界:类行为科学新发展让你更加走进爱犬的内心世界》By John Bradshaw. Basic Books; 324 pages; .99. Published in Britain as “In Defence of Dogs: Why Dogs Need Our Understanding”. Allen Lane; pound;20. Buy from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk作者:约翰#8226;布拉德肖;Basic Books出版社出版;324页;售价25.99美元;英国出版名为《为辩护:为何需要我们的理解?》;Allen lane出版社出版;售价20英镑。本书也可在Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk购得。THE relationship between people and dogs is unique. Among domesticated animals, only dogs are capable of performing such a wide variety of roles for humans: herding sheep, sniffing out drugs or explosives and being our beloved companions. It is hard to be precise about when the friendship began, but a reasonable guess is that it has been going strong for more than 20,000 years. In the Chauvet cave in the Ardèche region of France, which contains the earliest known cave paintings, there is a 50-metre trail of footprints made by a boy of about ten alongside those of a large canid that appears to be part-wolf, part-dog. The footprints, which have been dated by soot deposited from the torch the child was carrying, are estimated to be about 26,000 years old.人关系可谓独一无二。在各种家畜中,只有可为人类担负如此多重任:看护羊群,搜寻毒品、炸药,做我们的挚爱伙伴。人类与之间的友情很难精确追根溯源,一种比较合理的说法是2万多年前开始,这种友情就开始逐渐深厚了。法国阿尔代什省的萧维岩洞中保存着迄今为止最早的岩洞壁画,岩洞中有一串50米长的约十岁男孩的脚印,旁边还有一串半狼半的大型犬类的脚印。从男孩所持火把掉落的灰尘来看,这些脚印是在约2万6千年前留下的。The first proto-dogs probably remained fairly isolated from each other for several thousand years. As they became progressively more domesticated they moved with people on large-scale migrations, mixing their genes with other similarly domesticated creatures and becoming increasingly dog-like (and less wolf-like) in the process. For John Bradshaw, a biologist who founded the anthrozoology department at the University of Bristol, having some idea about how dogs got to be dogs is the first stage towards gaining a better understanding of what dogs and people mean to each other. Part of his agenda is to explode the many myths about the closeness of dogs to wolves and the mistakes that this has led to, especially in the training of dogs over the past century or so.最早的祖先们相互之间并无太多交集,这种情况很可能持续了数千年。随着驯化程度越来越高,它们随人类进行大迁移,并同其他驯化的动物进行交配,的特征逐渐明显(同样,狼的特征渐趋减弱)。约翰#8226;布拉德是布里斯托尔大学人与动物关系学院的创始人,对这位生物学家来说,了解如何演变为是更好地研究人类与关系的第一步。书中,他想要打破关于狼近亲的种种谬论以及由此而导致的错误做法,尤其是过去约一世纪中人类对的驯化问题。201109/153206Travel in Tibet西藏纪行In pursuit of understanding寻悟How different cultures confront the fact of death 不同文化如何领悟死亡A pilgrimage not to be taken lightly朝圣之重To a Mountain in Tibet. By Colin Thubron. Harper; 240 pages; .99. Chatto amp; Windus; 16.99. Buy from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk《西藏朝圣之山》,作者:科林.休布伦,哈伯出版社,240页,售价:.99; 查托amp;温达斯出版社,售价: 16.99,购买网址:Amazon.com, Amazon.co.ukTHE physical journeys that Colin Thubron makes in his travel writing are also intellectual and emotional quests of particular intensity. His latest book, which tells the story of his journey to one of the great sacred places in the world, Mount Kailas in southern Tibet, is no exception. 科林.休布伦在每一本游记中亲身经历的旅途同时也包含了极其强烈的理性与情感追寻。近期的西藏纪行也不例外,书中讲述了游历世界上最神圣的地方之一——西藏南部的冈底斯(另称凯拉斯山)。The book begins with him crossing the Tibetan border from Nepal on his way to the mountain. This is a land dense with sacred associations and mythical stories. Stones are carved with ritual incantations, prayer flags blow in the high mountain winds and devoted chanting comes from the numerous monasteries along the way.纪行由科林从尼泊尔境内穿过西藏边境前往冈底斯拉开帷幕。这片土地上到处都是神圣群体与神秘故事。石头上刻满了宗教咒语,祷告旗在岗顶劲风中飞舞,一路上的寺院中传出虔诚的吟诵。The mountain itself is an important site of pilgrimage for Hindus, Buddhists and followers of ancient Tibetan faiths. The goal is to seek purification by trudging round the mountain on a route that is physically demanding but brings spiritual reward. Some die from the effort, others give up, all are possessed by the sense that they are living close to a divine presence. 冈底斯本身是印度教、佛教和古代西藏宗教信仰者们朝拜的圣地。朝圣者们沿着山脉长途跋涉,身体饱受折难,而心灵得以慰藉,以此寻求涤罪。途中不乏竭力而亡或退却放弃之人,但所有朝圣之民皆心怀念想,希望更近神明。In the midst of all this Mr Thubron acts like a kind of secular shaman, allowing himself to be possessed by the many spirits of the place without succumbing to their power. He respects what it is that drives pilgrims to Mount Kailas, and follows them round it, but he does not pretend that he is at one with them.在朝圣的队伍中,休布伦先生倒像是个世俗的萨满,允许自己心怀此地的神灵却从不屈于神明的力量。他尊敬那股朝圣冈底斯的神圣力量,并跟随朝圣者的脚步,但他自己却从未假装成为真正的朝圣者。This is not the familiar story of a traveller from the West finding spiritual consolation in Eastern religions. Mr Thubron’s particular quest is to find out how different individuals and different cultures confront the fact of mortality. This book is autobiographical in a way that his others are not. He is mourning his mother’s recent death and throughout he is haunted by memories of her and of his dead sister and father.这与普通的西方游者从东方宗教中获得精神慰藉所不同(这可不是以往西方游者从东方宗教中获得精神慰藉的老套故事)。休布伦先生最特别的追求是发掘不同的个人,不同的文化如何领悟死亡。与作者的其他游记所不同,该书为自传体。休布伦先生的母亲近期过世,在朝圣途中怀念其母的同时也无限思念已故的父亲与。Their words, looks and gestures come back to him as he climbs a mountain path or talks to a Hindu pilgrim or Buddhist monk. The beliefs about reincarnation and the journeys of dead souls that he sees being enacted all round him do not assuage his own sense of loss. Instead his grief becomes one of the multitude of emotions and stories that have brought people over many centuries to Mount Kailas.无论是沿着山脉一路前行,还是与印度教徒或佛教僧人交谈,逝去家人的音容笑貌都又浮现在作者眼前。在他的身边满是关于轮回的信念和亡者灵魂的旅程,但这丝毫也未能减轻失去亲人的追思和悲痛。相反,这股悲痛却融入了几百年来吸引人们朝圣冈底斯的所有情感和故事中。Like his earlier work, the book reminds us that for Mr Thubron travel is a kind of ascetic discipline. He takes the er to high places, literally and metaphorically, and to an understanding of how people from other cultures somehow get by in an unpredictable world.与其早期作品相似,休布伦先生最新纪行再一次告诉我们,这是一段苦旅(修行)。无论从文字上还是寓意上,作者都将我们带往一个高处,领悟不同文化中的人们如何在不可预知的世界里生生不息。201104/133625

  A total of 87 new Republican House members will be sworn in Wednesday. Many of them are young Tea Party activists, supporters of a very limited role for government and low taxes, and they say they want to change the way things are done in Washington. 星期三将有87名新任共和党国会议员宣誓就职。其中很多人都是年轻的茶党活动人士,他们持大量限制政府职能,降低税率。他们还说希望能够改变华盛顿做事的方式。Incoming Republican Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania told the CBS News program "Face the Nation" he experienced culture shock when he arrived.来自宾夕法尼亚州的共和党议员迈克.凯利在美国哥伦比亚广播公司“面向全国”节目中说,他抵达华盛顿之后感受到了文化冲击。"My early time here in this city, it is so different than where I come from, because I live in a real world where people actually have to use their own money to pay for things," said Kelly. "So, this idea that you can keep doing this or doing that ... and I love this fact that 'We are going to pay for it.' 'We' are not paying for anything, not 'we' in Washington. The people, the American taxpayer pays for everything. And that is what bothers me, there is such a disconnect between this town and the rest of the world."他说:“我来到这座城市不久,这跟我的家乡差别巨大。因为我生活的是一个真实的世界,那里人们付帐是要花自己的钱的。所以,这种你可以不断做这做那的想法......以及‘我们会付帐’的现实我很喜欢。但是,‘我们’不会为所有东西付帐,这个‘我们’不是在华盛顿的‘我们’,是人民。美国纳税人要为一切付帐。这是让我担心的地方,华盛顿和世界其他地方是如此脱节。”Democratic lawmaker Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida told CBS the election campaign is over and Republicans need to stop talking about the "real world" and embrace the hard work of actually governing."What remains to be seen is whether members like Mike Kelly are going to be able to turn their essentially campaign rhetoric into some kind of reality," said Wasserman.On Wednesday outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the first female Speaker of the House in U.S. history, is expected to hand the gavel over to John Boehner, a veteran Republican lawmaker from Ohio. She strongly defended the accomplishments of the outgoing Democrat-controlled Congress, saying she has no regrets.星期三,即将离任的众议院第一位女议长佩洛西预计将把议长的锤子交给资深的俄亥俄州共和党议员约翰.贝纳。佩洛西为即将下台的民主党控制的国会强烈辩护,表示她没有任何遗憾。201101/122592

  The Great Mortgage Disappearing ActFirst Direct, which was the most competitive lender on the market, has stopped offering mortgages to new customers. As Sky's Business Correspondent Joel Hills reports, it is not the only lender pulling mortgage deals. It's the great mortgage disappearing act and it's happening online and on the high street. First Direct is not the first,but it's the most high-profile lender to close itself to new business all together.The bank which is owned by HS says the move is temporary,it's not had any trouble,it's simply been swamped by mortgage applications.It's little wonder there is a mortgage rush on these cheap deals that're becoming harder to find.Last summer,we had the luxury of 15,500 mortgages to choose from, one credit crunch later,and today there are less than one third of that number.In the last week alone,906 mortgages have been pulled by lenders,as are rated just under 200 deals everyday.This one is from Chuck Riocosta,who rates up yesterday. A court, again, same thing yesterday.Glen Morris is a mortgage broker,he tells me he's getting daily e-mails from lenders, hiking rates and withdrawing products.After years of plenty, they've suddently become picky.I believe there's only 100% product left,and we are expecting news of that to go anytime now,even a 95% loan-to-value mortgage now is tough to find.So people without a deposit are gonna find it very difficult in this market,also people with credit problems. The frustration for first-time buyers like Lian Jacab is that house prices are falling at a time when mortgages are getting more expensive,the trainee accountant still finds herself priced out."Plans for the future ,carry on saving, stay at home with Mom and Dad for a little bit longer."And tonight, another lender is pulling yet another cheap deal. The Cooperative has suspended its two-year mortgages due to excessive demand-- a sign that this vanishing act is beginning to unsettle borrowers.Joel Hills,Sky News 01/60846。

  An industry association warns Thailand's tourism business faces staggering losses this year because of the confrontation between anti-government protesters and security forces. Many tourists have canceled travel to Thailand or have fled areas caught up in deadly clashes in the past few days.泰国一个行业协会警告说,泰国反政府示威者跟安全部队的对峙今年将给泰国观光业带来惊人的损失。许多观光客取消了泰国之行,或者逃离了过去几天发生血腥冲突的地区。The Federation of Thai Industries says the political conflict could cost the tourism industry more than billion, after images of deadly clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces were flashed across the world.泰国工业联盟(The Federation of Thai Industries)表示,反政府抗议者和安全部队之间血腥冲突的画面在全世界播放之后,这场政治冲突可能给泰国旅游业造成超过10亿美元的损失。The FTI says hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops and shopping malls near the protest sites would be hardest hit.泰国工业联盟说,受损最严重的将是抗议地点附近的酒店、餐馆、纪念品商店和购物商城。More than 40 countries have issued travel warnings regarding Bangkok.40多个国家发布了跟曼谷有关的旅行警告。Khao San Road is a popular tourist area in the city, and it is close to the location of the worst violence on Saturday, when more than 20 people died, and hundreds injured. 考山路是曼谷市最著名的观光区,它靠近星期六发生最严重暴力事件的地方。有20多人在那次冲突中丧生,几百人受伤。Kumtan drives a tuk-tuk, or small three-wheeled taxi, on Khao San.库姆坦在考山路上开小型电动三轮出租车。Kumtan says foreign travelers will stay away this year because they are afraid. He says is not good and will hit his income hard. 库姆坦说,外国游客害怕发生危险,今年不会到曼谷观光。他说,那将非常糟糕,他的收入会减少很多。The protesters largely support former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was ousted in a coup in 2006. They want Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva to resign and call new elections. They began mass protests in the city a month ago.抗议者基本上都持在2006年一次政变中被推翻的前总理他信。他们想要现任总理阿披实下台,并要求举行新选举。抗议者一个月前开始在曼谷举行大规模抗议示威。Even before the violence, hotels in Bangkok reported that 20 percent of their reservations were being canceled by travelers concerned by the protests.即使在暴力事件发生之前,曼谷的酒店就报告说,游客担心发生抗议活动,取消了20%的酒店预定。Tourism industry officials expect visitor arrivals to fall to about 14.5 million this year, one million less than had been expected, because of the protests. Tourism accounts for some six percent of Thailand's national income.旅游业官员预计,由于抗议事件接连不断,今年到达泰国的游客人数将减少到大约1450万人,比先前预计的人数少100百万。旅游收入占泰国GDP大约6%。201004/101284

  知道了早期落基山脉下降的原因,会带给我们怎么样的启示?落基山脉经过了侵蚀后,接下来的火山作用又带给了这座山什么样的变化呢?经历了侵蚀和火山作用,落基山脉还会经历什么呢?值得期待!This fine-grained ash suggests huge volcanic eruptions nearby. They spewed out(喷射) thick clouds of hot air, ash and volcanic rock which settled on the ground. Radiocarbon( [核] 放射性碳)dating the rock revealed that it happened 25 million years ago.;Ash was deposited as it came out of the sky as plumes(羽毛). Most of it came from the West and was deposited in the basins across Wyoming.;After the lower Rockies were buried by their own rock, volcanic ash settled on top and covered the area with a thick white sheet.;At the time of the deepest basin filled with this volcanic material, all you would see in this area was the very tops of the peaks exposed, the rest would be large extensive lateral ash sheets.;Erosion and volcanism(n. [地质] 火山作用) completely transformed the terrain and buried the Rockies. But then, over millions of years, rivers flushed out the eroded rock.Most of it is thought to have ended up in the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, from where it was transported into the sea. Whats left are the mountains we see today. This also confirmed the theory geologists had about the formation of Wind River Canyon, the incredible amount of infield (耕地)buried the Owl Creek Mountains. Wind River flowed on top and began carving into the mountains, creating the canyon we see today.The investigation into what happened to the early Rocky Mountains reveals two major clues. Granite, found on the Pumpkin Buttes, is evidence that the early Rockies dumped their eroded rock into the basins. Wind River Canyon, cutting straight through the Owl Creek Mountains is evidence that the Rockies were buried by their own debris. The once mighty Rockies had now been cut down to nearly half their original size, but the story was far from over. Before they became the mountains we know today, they would have to endure an even greater assault.小编有约:早期落基山脉的变迁史让人着迷,就如同一位沧桑的老人,它的故事给Daisy的感觉就是你不探索则以,如果开始听了,就会坚持听下去,然后悟出自己的道理,一切事物都有自己的衰荣史,最开始从海底升起来,到慢慢的经历毁灭性的打击,一直保存到我们现在看到的山,虽然高度已减少一半,但是它依然在这个世界存在着,好多人遭受到了打击,选择一条不归路。当然这只是小编的意见,欢迎大家各抒己见。课后题目:这次Daisy想要问问大家有仔细听吗?对于早期落基山脉历史变迁的调查,结果揭示出了两个主要线索。能告诉Daisy是哪两个主要线索吗? 可以用自己的话来表述,只要意思差不多就行哦。201111/161957

  Is America Cool? Richard Roth asks some bar-going Brits how they feel about the outcome of the American election. Well, you know Italy and France have food and fashion, the British have the royals and the Beatles, but the American has got a new president-elect and a lot of the buzz on this side of the ocean is that's cool. Here in the country that was briefly called cool Britannia not so long ago, we are hearing some new compliments for the former colony It makes America a better place. Though wherever the Brits lift a glass of a pang,there is someone with another point of view, cautious about getting too much credit to American voters. Indeed, I see voted for the last guy, I see voted for the guy before, I see voted for the guy before. If America's image is changing, it's still a matter of degree. I'm talking hot... It’s not hot in my mind, it isn't a hot change, it might be a change on the way, but certainly not there yet. America is now cool, isn't it? Cool, her unconvinced, but don't consider that the final word. You like our movies, We do. You like our music, We do. Tonight you like our politics?I think there's a lot hot thing now,everybody is talking about it, so America is the thing at the moment of the moment. Definitely, definitely cool.200811/56262

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