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宜昌医院包皮系带疼宜昌市医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱The island was now divided into three utterly different realms.此时的岛屿被划分为三个全然不同的区域The remains of Britannia hung on in the west.不列颠尼亚的残部坚守在西部North of the abandoned walls and forts the Scottish tribes for the most part, stayed pagan.北部被遗弃的断壁残垣 苏格兰大多部落留在异教区And England,the realm of the Anglo-Saxons and Jutes,was planted in the east, 英格兰岛上 生活着盎格鲁-撒克逊人与朱特人 扎根于东部all the way from Kent to the kingdom of Bernicia in Northumbria.自肯特一路延伸至 诺森布里亚的伯尼西亚王国The Saxon chiefs often built their settlements on the ruined remains of old Roman British towns,not least of course London.撒克逊首领常会选择在 罗马不列颠城镇的残余上建设家园 伦敦便是个中翘楚Like many invaders,they hankered after what they had destroyed.与多数入侵者相同 他们会去追求自己一手毁灭之物The showier pieces of their armour often bear startling resemblances to Roman armour他们铠甲护面的样子 与罗马人的惊人地相似and their leaders aspired to be something more than war chiefs.他们的领袖有比军阀更高的渴求They wanted to be known as ;dux;, a Roman duke.他们渴望被称为罗马公爵In one crucial respect, the Germanic tribal societies were utterly different from the Romans.而残酷的是 日耳曼部落社会 与罗马截然不同Theirs was a culture based on the blood feud and punishment by ordeal.他们的文化基于鲜血 征战 与严酷的磨练与惩罚之上It was an entire social system, its plunder was the glue of loyalty.整个社会体系的忠诚 靠掠夺维系 /201607/453541西陵区治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201611/477473宜昌性咨询医院

宜昌泌尿专科医院前列腺炎多少钱Entrepreneurs want to change the world, want to have a significant impact, dont want to just build a company.企业家们希望改变世界 希望产生深远影响 他们不仅仅想建立一家公司They want to build an industry.他们希望开启一个行业They dont want to just create another product or service, they really want to fundamentally improve aspects of peoples lives.他们不仅仅想创造出另一种产品或务 他们希望根本改善 人们生活的各个方面But J.P. Morgan doesnt want to be confined to just one industry.不过J·P·根不希望局限于仅仅一个行业之中He wants to own them all.他想要所有东西As the head of the biggest investment bank in the world, Morgan has unrivaled power and influence, and hes returned to his old ways.作为世界最大投资的领袖 根有着无可匹敌的权力和影响 他回归了自己的老办法Only now hes taken the House of Morgan to another level.只是现在 他将根财团引向了另一个高度Morgans reach was very broad in American industry.根在美国工业中涉足范围很广He becomes the most respected, reliable and trusted figure, not only because of the power and wealth that he wields, but just because of his character.他成为了最受尊敬 最可靠 最值得信赖的人物 不仅因为他具有巨大的权力和财富 还因为他的人品After a two-year depression, the U.S. Treasury has become perilously close to bankruptcy.经过两年的萧条 美国国库已接近破产的边缘And there is only one man the government can turn to.政府能找的人只有一个J.P. Morgan is called to Washington to help.华盛顿请J·P·根前去驰援We think of bankers now as just greedy bankster-gangsters.我们将家看成是贪婪的吸血鬼Morgan was maybe one of the greediest of all, but he also really had this side of him which just said I have faith in men, I have faith in the country, and I am going to lend it.根或许是其中最贪婪的 但他还有一面 他相信人 相信国家 他愿意借钱给它Morgan puts together a loan worth over 0 million, almost billion today, and bails out the federal government.根给了国家总共1亿多美元的贷款 折合现在的将近30亿美元 以帮助联邦政府摆脱困境Saving the American economy from complete collapse.这也让美国经济避免了完全崩盘J.P. Morgan was really the countrys banker.J·P·根是真正的国家人Today when you think of that, its inconceivable.现在想来可能不可思议But he would loan the country money, when the country was in trouble.但他愿意借款给国家 帮助国家摆脱困境Morgan obviously was looking at the national interest in the context of his own, that is, saving the U.S. Treasury was an act of basic self interest, but it was an act of nationalism.根显然是在国家利益中看到了自己的利益 也就是 挽救美国国库 也符合他自己的私人利益 不过 他的举动肯定也有爱国因素201606/448885宜昌市妇保医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱 Humans and machines have been merging for thousands of years.千百年以来 人类和机器逐渐地融合Right now Im wearing shoes, I have a microphone on my jacket,比如现在 我穿着鞋 夹克上夹着麦克风we all probably used our phones at least once today.我们每个人大概每天都至少会用一次手机And we communicate with the augmentation of all sorts of amplification并且我们使用各种增强工具来加强交流and even translation technologies: You can speak into a machine,甚至使用翻译软件进行交流 你可以对着一个机器说一句话and itll translate the words youre saying in nearly real time.然后它几乎会在你刚说完的同时将它翻译出来So I think what might be different in the years to come is a matter of degree, not a matter of kind.所以我想在未来的几年我们的生活中所发生的改变会更多得体现在程度上而非方式上。One concept that I think is emerging is what I like to call the Brain Coprocessor,a device that intimately interacts with the brain.目前有一个概念正在兴起我喜欢称它为“大脑协处理器”这是一个能和大脑密切互动的装置It can upload information to the brain and download information from it.我将信息上传到大脑 然后从大脑里下载信息Imagine that you could have a technology that could replace lost memories想象你拥有一项技术 这项技术能够唤回你失去的记忆,or augment decision making or boost attention or cognition.或者能够增强你的决策能力或者使你的注意力更加集中,增强你的认知能力。To do that though we have to understand how the brain works at a very deep level.为了实现它我们必须深度理解大脑的工作机制Although over a third of a million patients have had brain implants or neural implants that stimulate the nervous system,尽管到目前为止已经有超过三分之一的百万患者通过脑植入物或者神经植入物来刺激神经系统。so far theyve operated in an open-loop fashion.但是它们只能以开环的方式在运作That is, they drive activity in the brain, but not in a fully-responsive fashion.那就是说 它们在大脑中运行 但并不是以完全响应的方式What we want to do is to have bi-directional communication to the brain:我们想做的是想跟大脑有一个双向的交流:Can you and write information continuously,and supply-你能连续不断的读写信息 并且提供maybe through coupling these interfaces to silicon computers-这些可能通过与计算机相连接的接口来完成exactly the information the brain needs?大脑需要的精确信息吗My hope is that over the next five to ten years were going to get deep insights. Thanks to our technologies我希望在未来5-10年里我们能在这方面有更深刻的见解感谢我们对into how brain circuits compute, and that will drive the design of these interfaces大脑循环工作方式的深入研究 这些研究将指导我们设计这些大脑接口so that we can deliver information to the brain and record information from the brain这样我们才能向大脑发送和接收信息using the natural language of the brain-ing and writing information in a way使用大脑的自然语言–同一时间增加读写信息that augments, for example, the number of things you can hold in your mind at once.比如说 你同时可以在脑里记住好几件事Or the ability to recall things nearly perfectly, which is, you know, not an ability so different和将以前的事情完美地回忆起来的能力,这就是说,这种能力就跟你from looking something up on a search engine on your phone, right?在手机上使用搜索引擎查找东西差不多 对吧So I think whats going to happen is a continuation of this trend,所以我认为在将来这种趋势肯定会继续延续and I think a lot of people like to talk about artificial intelligence right now.我想现在有很多人都在讨论人工智能。Artificial intelligence as it stands is based on a lot of concepts that go back many decades人工智能是基于很多几十年以前的概念that build from some very simple observations about the brain.这些概念通过对大脑一些十分简单的观察而建立起来的What might A.I. do though, once we have incredibly deep insights into the nature of creativity那么人工智能能起到什么作用呢 一旦我们对自然创造力和and ethics (and other things that the human brain seems to be uniquely equipped for)伦理道德(或者是除了这两项以外似乎只有人类大脑才能驾驭的能力)有了及其深刻的见解之后I think once we start to couple artificial intelligence to the brain我认为一旦我们开始把人工智能与人脑相结合that can really augment these uniquely human capabilities,就真的可以增强这些人类独特的能力it leads to a new era of what you might call “hybrid intelligence”它将会带领我们进入一个可以称之为“混合智能”的时代。So it wont just be A.I. running away in some positive-feedback loop;所以它不仅仅是运行着一些正反馈回路的A.IIt wont be humans upgrading themselves in the absence of coupling to the world;它也不会像人脑那样 在与外界无实质连接的情况下自我更新But I think it will yield a new kind of symbiosis.但我认为它将会酝酿出一种新的共存模式And I think thats probably the best possible path,并且我觉得那可能是最可行的出路and its also aly (if you look at how people operate in the world)并且它也已经(如果你觉察到人类现在的生活模式的话)what seems to be one of the most prevalent models.似乎成为最流行的模式之一201705/511517宜昌泌尿科医院有治疗前列腺炎吗

宜昌那家不孕不育医院比较好【新闻精讲】House prices in Sweden continue to soar, to regulators despair.瑞典房价持续飙升,监管机构感到绝望。House prices 房价例句:There have been grouses about the economy, interest rates and house prices.人们对经济、利率和房价啧有烦言。Soar急剧增加Shares soared on the New York stock exchange. 纽约券交易所股票暴涨。Plummet 暴跌例:In Tokyo share prices have plummeted for the sixth successive day.在东京,股价已经是连续第6天暴跌了。ASK a central banker what regulators should do when rock-bottom rates cause house prices to soar, and the reply will almost always be “macro-prudent”.如果要问央行行长,最低利率导致房价飙升时,监管机构该怎么办,通常是“宏观审慎”。Rock-bottom最低谷例:Morale in the armed forces was at rock bottom.那时军队的士气处在最低谷。Prudent谨慎的例:It is clearly prudent to take all precautions.采取一切防范措施显然是慎重的。Raising rates to burst house-price bubbles is a bad idea, the logic runs, since the needs of the broader economy may not square with those of the property market.按理来说,通过加息消除房价泡沫并不是一个好主意,因为人们对整体经济的需求与对房地产市场的需求可能不相符合。Burst1. 爆裂例:The driver lost control when a tire burst. 一只轮胎爆裂时司机失去了控制。2. 使溃决; 溃决例:A dam burst and flooded their villages. 一个大坝决堤,淹没了他们的村子。Square使相适配; 适配例:That explanation squares with the facts, doesnt it.那种解释与事实相符,是吧。Instead, “macroprudential” measures, meaning restrictions on mortgage lending and borrowing, are seen as the answer.然后,“宏观审慎”措施,即对按揭贷款和借款加以限制,才是人们眼中的。Instead1. 而不是…例:They raised prices and cut production, instead of cutting costs.他们提高了价格,减少了产量,而没有削减成本。2. 然而例:My husband asked why I couldnt just forget about dieting and eat normally instead.丈夫问我为什么就不能忘掉节食而正常吃饭。Restrict 限制例:There is talk of raising the admission requirements to restrict the number of students on campus.有提高录取条件来限制校园里学生数量的说法。But this medicine is hard to administer, as Swedens housing market vividly illustrates.但瑞典房地产市场却生动地表明,这剂药方很难奏效。Administer监管 (国家、法律、考试等)例:The plan calls for the UN to administer the country until elections can be held.该计划呼吁联合国监管该国直至选举可以举行。Vivid1. 清晰地 vividly例:I can vividly remember the feeling of panic.我能清晰地回忆起那恐慌感。2. 清晰的; 生动逼真的例:People of my generation who lived through World War II have vivid memories of confusion and incompetence.我们这一代经历过第二次世界大战的人都还清晰地记得当时的混乱和无能为力。Swedish house prices have doubled in the past decade, their rapid ascent only briefly interrupted by the financial crisis.过去十年里,瑞典房价翻了一番,这种飞速的上升趋势仅仅被金融危机短暂地打断了一下Ascent攀登,上坡; 上坡路 》 上涨例:It was a tough course over a gradual ascent before the big climb of Bluebell Hill.这是蓝钟山大攀登之前在一段缓坡上的艰难路程。Interrupt打断例:The sudden interruption stopped Justin in mid-sentence.贾斯廷话说到一半时被突然打断了。So far this year they have risen by about 14%. Apartment prices have been even giddier, rising by more than 150% in ten years.截至今年,房价上升了约14%。公寓价格涨速更是令人头晕目眩,10年内已上升逾150%In part, this is a simple function of supply and demand.一部分原因可以归结为简单的供需问题。So far到目前为止So far, they appear to be up to the task. 到目前为止,他们表现出承担了这一任务。Giddy眩晕的例:He felt giddy and light-headed.他感到头晕目眩。Stockholm is among Europes fastest-growing cities, with the recent influx of Middle Eastern refugees only adding to the demand for housing.斯德哥尔是欧洲发展速度最快的城市之一,而由于最近中东难民的大量涌入,人们对房子的需求进一步增加。Influx大量涌入例:...problems caused by the influx of refugees.…难民大量涌入所造成的问题。Refugee 难民例:A political refugee from Cameroon has moved into our neighbourhood.一个喀麦隆的政治难民已经搬进了我们小区。Last month the countrys migration agency said it expected as many as 190,000 new arrivals by the end of the year, double its previous estimate.上个月,瑞典移民局表示,到今年年底,预计多达19万名新移民到来,为之前预期的两倍Estimate1. 估计例:Try to estimate how many steps it will take to get to a close object.估计一下需要多少步才能到达一个近距目标。2. 判断例:I hadnt been far wrong in my estimate of his grandsons capabilities.我对他孙子能力的判断没有太离谱。Sluggish and restrictive planning procedures limit supply: the current shortage of around 150,000 homes is expected to triple by 2025.迟缓且严格的规划程序限制了房屋供应:当前,约15万间房屋短缺,到2025年,这一数字将翻三倍。Sluggish缓慢的; 迟钝的例:The economy remains sluggish.经济保持缓慢发展。Procedure程序例:Police insist that Michael did not follow the correct procedure in applying for a visa.警方坚持认为迈克尔没有按正确的程序申请签。Triple 三倍triangular 三角形A counterproductive rent-control regime has crimped the supply of flats in particular, and led to long waiting lists.租金定价制度产生了适得其反的效果,显著阻碍了公寓供应,并导致了漫长的等候名单。Counter- 相反Counterproductive 反效果counteract抵消; 阻碍; 中和counterattack 反击Regime管理方式例: The authorities moved him to the less rigid regime of an open prison.当局把他移送到管理相对宽松的不设防监狱。Crimp 限制; 减少例:The dollars recent strength is crimping overseas sales and profits.美元最近的坚挺削减了海外的销售和利润。in particular 尤其;特别The situation in Ethiopia in particular is worrying.埃塞俄比亚的局势尤其令人担忧。Earlier this year an apartment in central Stockholm went to someone who had been in the queue since 1989.今年早些时候,一名自1989年就开始排队的人才终于等到了属于他的一间位于斯德哥尔中心地区的公寓。Queue队列例: Your print job has aly been sent from your PC to the network print queue.你的打印任务已经从你的个人电脑输送到网络打印队列了。Queue up排队 in line:queue up at the box office.在售票处排队Low interest rates have given Swedes the capacity to borrow more, pushing prices ever higher.低利率使瑞典人更有能力继续借钱,促使价格持续高涨。The debt of the average household has reached 172% of income after tax.平均家庭债务已达税后收入的172%。Capacity1. 能力例:Our capacity for giving care, love, and attention is limited.我们给予照顾、爱护和关心的能力是有限的。2. 容量例:...containers with a maximum capacity of 200 gallons of water.…最大容量为200加仑水的容器。3. 产量例:...the amount of spare capacity in the economy....经济中的过剩产能。For people with mortgages in the big cities, the figure is nearly double that.对于在大城市的抵押者,该数字将近翻一番。The most obvious way to calm things down is to raise rates.平息事态最显而易见的方法是提高利率。Obvious明显的例:...the need to rectify what is an obvious injustice. …纠正明显不公行为的必要性。raise rates 提高利率例句:Central banks have printed money; if things improve they will raise rates.央行则印了不少钞票;如果形势好转,它们就会提高利率。201703/495636 TED演讲视频:讲故事的技术iPad的讲故事人乔·萨比亚介绍给我们一位发明家--罗萨·梅根多尔弗尔。他生活在上个世纪,为讲好故事而创造了一个新技术:立体书。萨比亚展示了新技术是怎样从洞穴壁画直到他台上使用的iPad,来帮助我们讲述故事的。201703/500334宜昌男健可以刷社保卡吗宜昌包皮整形



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