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Soon each hippo is trailed by a shoal of fish,没多久 每只河马都有鱼群尾随其后waiting for their breakfast.等着大啖早餐Hippo droppings.河马的粪便But its not just the hippos dung the fish are interested in.但鱼儿凯觑的不只是河马的粪便When the hippos reach one particular spot in the pool,当河马来到水潭的某个地方they stand still and wait.就站定等候And the fish start to clean them...鱼儿开始为它们洁净身体..removing ticks, parasites and other tasty morsels.解决虱子和寄生虫 和其他美味的食物To the fish the hippos are a mobile cafeteria.河马是鱼类的活动自助餐厅The hippos seem to be enjoying the sensation.河马似乎很享受这种感觉The only thing that interrupts the feast河马偶尔要吸口气is the need to take an occasional breath.唯有这时才会打断这场飨宴201308/252187



  McDonalds website: Fast food unhealthy On an internal website, McDonalds tells employees that fast food is an ;unhealthy choice.; CNNs Allison Kosik reports.An internal McDonalds website that offers information to its employees is catching heat again. This time, it is basically telling its employees to stay away from fast food, saying fast food is typically high in calories, fat, saturated fat, sugar and staff that puts people at risks of becoming overweight. Theres even a picture of an unhealthy choice versus a health choice and McDonalds very own stable foods are on the unhealthy category meaning the burgar, the fries and the sodar. Besides, it also gives some tips of how to eat healthy at a fast food restaurant. In a statement, McDonald says portions of this website continue to be taken entirely out of context. Its website provides useful information from respective serve parties meaning outside company about many topics. And McDonald says it agrees with this advice. But this isnt the first time the website has got people talking. In other installments, theres been a financial planning guide which allotted just 20 dollars for healthy insurance and no money for food. Its advice for getting out of holiday deck, including getting a second job, and it even offers a holiday edicate guide on what it tips the cowboy be repaired and the meshoots. That left many thinking that McDonald is out of touch with its employees since most make them a wage. /201401/271127

  8 dead, 24 missing in Chongqing downpour重庆云阳特大暴雨致8人死亡 24人失踪Eight people are dead, and 24 are still missing after a heavy rain triggered a landslide in southwest Chinas Chongqing Municipality.中国西南部重庆的一场特大暴雨引发山体滑坡,导致8人死亡24人仍然失踪。Nearly ten thousand people have been forced to evacuate in several townships in Yunyang County.云阳县多个乡镇近万人被迫撤离。The missing include 11 coal miners who were buried by a landslide on Monday morning.失踪人员包括周1早上由于山体滑坡被埋的11名矿工。Local weather authorities say this amount of rain is rare.当地气象部门表示这场大雨实属罕见。More than 500 professional rescuers are working around the clock, but geographical hazards are complicating matters.虽然500多名专业救援人员同时间赛跑进行搜救工作,但地质灾害实属复杂。Rain started to pound northeastern parts of Chongqing on Sunday.这场特大暴雨是周日于重庆东北部开始。So far, its caused direct economic losses of 68 million yuan, or about 11 million US dollars.截至发稿前,这场特大暴雨导致的直接经济损失达6800万人民币,大约相当于1100万美元。201409/325600

  The EUs overall subsidy to the wine industry is around 1.3 billion euros per year. For example, the French government gives 300 euros to every hectare of wineries. Italy and Spain have provided subsidies to their wine exporters, in going to wine exhibitions.欧盟每年对葡萄酒产业的全部补贴近13亿欧元。例如,法国政府为葡萄酒庄每公顷补贴300欧元。The German government subsidises half of the advertising fees if the ads are placed in China. Three out of four major Chinese wine companies listed on A shares have seen sales decrease in 2012 from a year ago. The overall sales revenue has dropped by 14.2 percent.对于在中国市场投放广告的葡萄酒庄,德国政府补贴一半的广告费用。4家大型A股上市的中国葡萄酒公司中有3家从一年前,销售额就开始下降。销售额整体下降14.2%。201307/246686Work boots get dirty so easily, and nothing you do seems to get them quite clean. In this , learn how to make your boots as good as new with only a toothbrush, a rubber eraser, and baby wipes.工靴非常容易弄脏,无论用什么方法,似乎都不能清理得非常干净。在这段视频中,学习一下如何用一把牙刷,一个橡皮擦和婴儿湿巾让你的靴子洁净如新。Hi. My name is Yaryna. Im from Cleaner London, and now I will show you how to clean workmens boots.大家好,我是Yaryna,来自伦敦清洁店,现在我向大家展示如何清洁靴子。For this, we will need a toothbrush, baby wipes, and a rubber. A rubber you can use if you have some stains on your shoes.Something like this, you have to do this first.我们需要一把牙刷,婴儿湿纸巾和橡皮擦。如果鞋子上有一些污渍,可以用橡皮擦清理。这是首先要做的。You see? You have to remove all the black stains from boots first. Also, if you need, you can use a toothbrush, for this. And then, you have to clean the boots with baby wipes.看到了吗?你必须首先清除鞋子上所有黑色的污渍。如果需要的话,可以用一把牙刷。然后,用婴儿湿纸巾擦拭。And when you finish, you have to leave it to dry. Thats how to clean workmens boots.结束后,放好晾干。这样就可以了。Thanks for watching How To Clean Workmans Boots.感谢收看“如何清洁靴子”视频节目。视频听力由。201401/272471




  The Tibetan plateau is a quarter of China. Much of it is extremely remote and inhospitable. Its southern border runs through the worlds highest mountain range, the formidable Himalayas.西藏高原的陆地面积约占中国领土的四分之一,其中的大部分极度偏远荒无人烟,南部边界贯穿了世界上最高的山脉,望而生畏的喜马拉雅山。Its central part is a windswept and freezing wilderness the size of Western Europe.中部是暴露在风中的寒冷荒地,其面积与西欧相似。But this challenging place is home to incredible wildlife. There are more large creatures here than anywhere else in China.难以置信这个具有挑战性的地方竟然是野生动物的家园。这里的大型生物比中国其它任何地方还要多。Tibet has been a province of China for more than 50 years, yet it has a unique character, shaped by over 1,000 years of Tibetan Buddhism.西藏加入到新中国这个大家庭五十多年来,有着1000多年悠久历史的的藏传佛教,依旧保持着她独特的风貌。This obscure and archaic-looking religion has produced one of the most enlightened cultures on earth.这个鲜为人知的散发着古老气息的宗教,育了这个世界上最开明的文化。Here, people have a long tradition of co-existing peacefully with the creatures and landscape around them, a relationship which has helped to protect their fragile environment.在这里人们与自然界和谐相处的悠久传统,促进了对脆弱自然环境的保护。In this programme we will discover why this harsh land with its ancient culture is vitally important for much of our planet.在这个节目中我们将展示,这块承载着古老文化的厚重土地,对我们的地球来说是多么的重要。 /201402/277158

  格伦 格林沃德是第一个看到爱德华 斯诺登的文件的人,并写下了关于美国大量监视公民隐私的启示录。在这个激动人心的演讲中,格林沃德阐述了为什么即使你不需要隐藏什么,你仍然需要保护你的隐私。201412/350460

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