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片中,通过鲍勃迪伦这位典型的美式传奇人物之口,来讲述克莱斯勒汽车身上所具备的原汁原味的、不可复制的美国精神。“让德国人酿造啤酒,让瑞士人制造钟表,让亚洲人组装手机,我们来制造你的汽车”,这句自信满满的话语,将克莱斯勒所代表的美国骄傲推至顶峰。以下是双语文本:广告内容:Is there anything more American than America?有什么比美国更美式吗?Cause you can’t import original.因为你无法进口原汁原味You can’t fake true cool.你无法伪装真正的冷酷You can’t duplicate legacy.无法复制遗产Because what Detroit created was a first, and became an inspiration to the...rest of the world.因为底特律创造的是先驱,成为了鼓舞世界的动力Yeah ... Detroit made cars. And cars made America.对…底特律制造汽车,汽车成就了美国。Making the best, making the finest, takes conviction.要做到最好最佳,需要坚定的信仰And you can’t import, the heart and soul, of every man and woman working on the line.你无法引进在流水线上工作的男人和女人的全心全意。You can search the world over for the finer things,你可以搜遍世界,寻找更好的事物but you won’t find a match for the American road但你找不到比美国更好的道路了。and the creatures that live on it.以及在道路上行驶的汽车。Because we believe in the zoom, and the roar, and the thrust.因为我们相信嗡嗡声,轰鸣声和推力And when it’s made here, it’s made with the one thing you can’t import from anywhere else.在这里制造,就使用了一样无法从外地引进的东西 American...Pride.美国骄傲 So let Germany brew your beer,让德国人酿造啤酒, Let Switzerland make your watch,让瑞士人制造钟表, Let Asia assemble your phone.让亚洲人组装手机。 We...will build...your car.我们来制造你的车。 Article/201407/307914The school has now become a tourist attraction,学校现在已开放参观but Mike and Jing can see clues in the landscape而麦克和刘静根据地势找到蛛丝马迹that suggest this disaster could have been avoided.明这场灾难完全是可以避免的The fact that beyond the school buildings,事实上离教学大楼上远一点的地方the land is higher and it may be there was an old scarp here.地势较高 说明这里以前或是一个陡坎In the topography, you can see the long-term effect of this fault从地形上可以看出 在这个断层的长期作用下slicing straight up that valley and giving that notch.山谷受到推挤而形成切口To be fair to the authorities,我们想让中国政府知道的是there are many fault scarps in these mountains这些山脉里头隐藏着许多and they#39;re very, very difficult to find,难以发现的断层陡坎we had only just begun to find some of them,我们还处于起步阶段 只找到其中几处it takes a long and sustained effort.路漫漫其修远兮 It took people in California decades to map out加州的同行花了数十年the fault scarps in any sort of precision.才标注出断层陡坎的精确位置There were fifteen million people displaced by the earthquake.地震迫使一千五百万人背井离乡The Chinese authorities don#39;t have time to wait中国政府无暇等待他们标注出until they#39;ve mapped the precise location of Sichuan#39;s faults.四川断裂层的准确位置If someone shouts ;Earthquake,;听到有人喊;地震;put your hands on your heads.马上用手抱着头Hands on your heads and hide under the desk.抱着头并躲到桌子下The best that many schools can do now is simply rehearse许多学校现在所能做的就是for the moment an earthquake strikes again.进行简单的防地震演习 Article/201305/241450Jasmine Orchard shows how to make jam jar lanterns. These lanterns look really wonderful, a great way to adorn your garden or porch. Made with lace, wire and old jam jars, this is upcycling at its best.Jasmine Orchard向你展示如何用果酱罐制作灯笼。这些灯笼看上去非常漂亮,是用来装饰花园或走廊的绝佳方法。只要用蕾丝,金属线和旧的果酱罐就可以了,以最佳方式回收利用。You Will Need你需要old jam jars旧的果酱罐measuring tape卷尺glue spray胶水lace蕾丝wire金属线pencil铅笔scissors剪刀Step 1: Prepare the Jars1.准备罐子Wash the jam jars. Measure the jar and measure a portion of lace to wrap around the jar. Cut the lace to measure.清洗果酱罐。测量果酱罐,量出一段蕾丝来缠绕果酱罐。剪断。Step 2: Wrap the Jars2.包裹罐子Spray the lace with glue and wrap around the middle of the jar. Take your wire, make loops using a pencil and wrap the wire securely around the lidded area of the jar to allow you to hang your lanterns.向蕾丝上喷上胶水,包住果酱罐中央。拿出金属线,用铅笔把金属线打圈,稳稳地缠绕在罐子有盖子的部位,提起来更方便。Step 3: Hang your Lanterns3.悬挂灯笼Add some candles to your lanterns, hang and enjoy.向制作好的灯笼中加入蜡烛,悬挂起来欣赏就可以了。Thanks for watching How To Make Jam Jar Lanterns.感谢收看“如何用果酱罐制作灯笼”视频节目。视频听力由。 Article/201401/271569Today in History: Friday, April 19, 2013历史上的今天:2013年4月19日,星期五April 19th, 1995 - From my office, the door right normally enter and there#39;s nothing in there any more.It#39;s just, it#39;s from. these individuals the building#39;s gone. In Oklahoma City, a truck-bomb destroys the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building. The blast kills 168 people and wounds hundreds more. Timothy McVeigh is later convicted and executed for the bombing.1775 - The American Revolution begins, as colonial militias in Massachusetts fight British troops at the Battles of Lexington and Concord.2005 - Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany is elected Pope, taking the name of Benedict XVI. He becomes head of a Roman Catholic Church just weeks after the death of Pope John Paul II.1993 - A fire into the 51-day siege of the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas. Flames consume the structure after Federal agents begin smash their way inside. Religious leader David Koresh and dozens of hisfollowers die in the fire.1956 - Oscar winning actress Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainier of Monaco and becomes Princess Grace.And 2001 - We can do it, We can do it, We can make our dreams come true.In New York, the Mel Brooks musical ;The Producers; starring Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick opens onBroadway.Today in History, April 19th, Ed Donahue, the Associated Press /201304/235941

This film will show you how to buy medications cheap. Learn how to shop for the best prescriptions, which could include state aid or using mail-order.这段视频将教给你怎样购买廉价的药品。学习一下怎样买到最好最廉价的处方药,包括州政府补助和使用邮购。Step 1: Find A Generic1.寻找普通药Many prescription drugs also have a more affordable generic equivalent. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if one is available.Doctors often have free sample drugs on hand. Find out if there are any available.许多处方药物都有更加平价而药效相当的普通药。问一下医生或药剂师有没有这种替代品。医生通常有免费药品样品。问一下医生有没有。Also, ask your doctor if you need to take all of the medication you#39;re currently taking. Some drugs may no longer be necessary and eliminating them could save you money.同样,问一下医生是否需要用正在吃的所有药物。一些药物可能已经没必要用了,减少用量也可以省钱。Step 2: Look For State Aid2.寻求政府补助Some states have programs to help residents pay for their prescriptions. In other states, the drug companies themselves sponsor aid programs.一些州设有帮助居民付药品费用的项目。在其他州,药品公司自己开设了援助项目。Most of the assistance is given based on need. It never hurts to see if you qualify.大部分补助都是根据需要提供的。他们有一定的标准来查看你是否有资格享受补贴。Step 3: Shop Smarter3.货比三家You comparison shop for gasoline and drive all the way across town to save a buck on tomatoes. Why not do the same for your medication?加油时你会对比几个加油站,有时会转遍整个小镇来购买稍微便宜一点的番茄。那么,购买药品为何不这样做呢?Compare prices at a variety of pharmacies – from the big chains to the small operators. And don#39;t forget about service. A delivery option might be worth spending a little more each month.走访几个不同的药店,对比一下价格——从大型连锁药店到小药店。不要忘记考虑务。配送务值得你每个月稍微多花一点钱。Some pharmacies offer senior citizen discounts for AARP members or members of other organizations.一些药店为美国退休人员协会或其他组织的老年公民提供折扣。Step 4: Check Out Mail-Order Meds4.选择邮购药品Online or mail-order pharmacies might be a good option for medications you take over a long period of time because prescriptions can be automatically renewed, and you can sometimes get a bulk rate.如果是要长期用的药物,网上购物或邮购也是不错的选择。因为药物会自动更新,大量购买可以享受折扣。Thanks for watching How To Save Money Buying Medication.感谢收看“怎样购买药物更省钱”视频节目。视频听力节目由。 Article/201308/253176

We both attended the University of Washington.We would get together on campus and attend our classes, occasionally,when we weren#39;t doing Kung Fu or something else.一起进入华盛顿大学后,在不练习功夫的闲暇之余我们就开始在校园里一起漫步,偶尔一起上课。And then when we were both done with our classes,we would rush back to his studio,which was just right there in the university district,and we#39;d turn on the TV and watch General Hospital every day.And it was like,;We have to get there. It#39;s almost three o#39;clock!;我们上完课以后总会快步回到他位于大学区内的国术馆,然后打开电视收看每天的《综合医院》。当时经常这么说,;快三点了 赶紧过去;In the 60s, marriages were happening in California.In the rest of the country there were no interracial marriages.I mean, it was very difficult.在60年代的加州出现了异族通婚,但其他地区却不允许异族婚姻,这非常棘手。My mother was not thrilled when we decided to get married,and didn#39;t want her daughter to have to suffer any negativity from others.我母亲听说我们要结婚的消息后并不惊喜,相反她不希望我受到任何负面舆论压力的影响The ban on interracial marriage was lifted in 1968.That didn#39;t mean the ban lifted in people#39;s hearts.政府于1968年解除了异族婚姻的禁令,但人们心中仍然存在偏见。Bruce was very strong in saying,;I want to marry Linda. I know that we are a good match.;And so we did get married. It was really hard on my mother.But it wasn#39;t long before she came to love Bruce very much.布鲁斯的态度则十分强硬,;我一定会娶琳达。我们是天作之合;,最终我们结婚了,刚开始我妈妈并不高兴,不过不久她也逐渐接受了布鲁斯。It#39;s so important to know that it was his wife Linda that grounded him.She was his rock.As a couple,we really did not suffer any prejudice from outsiders,and I think this had a great deal to do with Bruce#39;s overwhelming personality.很重要的一点是妻子琳达是他成功的基础,她是他坚强的后盾。作为夫妻,我们并没有受到什么舆论的影响,这都归功于布鲁斯坚韧不拔的性格 Article/201311/264158

How do I know if a hairstyle will suit me?如何知道一种发型是否适合自己呢?I think everyone knows themselves to a certain degree. You know if you have a long face, or a fat face or heart-shaped face -- you just look in the mirror and you can see that. There is no guarantee that you#39;re going to like any new hairstyle. There is NO guarantee. What you can do is cut down the limitations of going wrong. And I think really the best way -- again, depending on your age, and fashion sense and all of that -- is to look at these hair magazines and just flip through, and invariably if you like something, it#39;s because you identify with it. And 9 cases out of 10, that#39;ll suit you. That look just has to be customized for you as an individual. So therefore -- again, there#39;s no guarantee that you#39;re going to like it -- but if you like what you#39;re looking at, the chances are you#39;ll like it applied to yourself.我认为每个人都对自己有一定程度上的了解。你知道,如果你是长脸,偏胖的脸或者心形脸——照一下镜子就可以看得出。不能保你会喜欢任何新的发型。没有任何保。你可以做的就是限制它向错误的方向发展。我认为最好的方法是——这取决于你的年龄和时尚感——看一下发型杂志,浏览一下,一定有你比较喜欢的一种发型,你肯定能鉴别出来。在百分之九十的情况下,这种发型会适合你,就好像是根据你的形象量身定做的。不过,再次声明,不能保你会喜欢——但是如果你喜欢自己在杂志上看到的这种造型,你基本上也比较适合这种发型。Thanks for watching How To Know If A Hairstyle Will Suit You.感谢收看“如何知晓一种发型是否适合自己”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201307/248677

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