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Turkish citizens could soon benefit from visa-free travel to Europe, as part of the deal between the EU and Ankara to stem the flow of refugees. In return, Turkey has pledged to crack down on the smugglers and keep the migrants on Turkish soil.土耳其公民可能很快就能享受前往欧洲的免签待遇,这是欧盟和安卡拉为遏止难民流动而达成协议的一部分。作为回报,土耳其承诺打击人口贩运,并将移民留在土耳其境内。However, many European lawmakers have threatened to use their veto on the visa issue to block the migrant deal.然而,许多欧洲议员威胁要在免签问题上动用否决权,阻止这一移民协议。European Union figures show just over 26,000 refugees arrived on the Greek islands in March less than half of Februarys total. EU officials point to those numbers as proof that the deal with Ankara is working.欧盟数据显示,今月抵达希腊岛屿的难民略多.6万人,不月份总人数的一半。欧盟官员说,这说明与安卡拉之间的协议正在起作用。Turkey says it is on track to meet all the criteria laid down by Europe ahead of the June deadline and insists visa-free travel is a non-negotiable part of the migrant deal.土耳其表示,他们正按计划在6月份的最后期限前满足欧洲提出的所有条件,并坚称免签条款是移民协议中不容商量的部分。But in Germany, analysts say fears over a wave of Kurdish asylum seekers from Turkey are driving up anti-immigration support.但在德国,分析人士说,人们担心会有大批库尔德人从土耳其涌来,寻求庇护,这种担心加强了民众对反移民主张的持。While right-wing politicians look to benefit from fears of migration, some lawmakers in Brussels have threatened to try to block the deal with Turkey over human rights concerns.右翼政客希望从对移民恐惧中获益之际,布鲁塞尔的一些议员则威胁要设法以人权问题为由阻止土耳其的移民协议。Amnesty International accuses Ankara of forcefully returning hundreds of unregistered refugees back to Syria and even of shooting Syrians trying to cross the border illegally.大赦国际指责安卡拉将数百名未注册的难民强行送回叙利亚,甚至对试图非法越境的叙利亚人开。来 /201605/441453

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is demanding that an independent special prosecutor immediately investigate Hillary and Bill Clintons Clinton Foundation, saying the FBI cannot be trusted to do the job.共和党总统候选人川普要求立即由一名独立的特别检察官对希拉里和比尔·克林顿的基金会进行调查。他说,联邦调查局从事这项工作不可信。Trump spent much of a Monday campaign speech in Akron, Ohio on what he describes as the ;vast scope; of Hillary Clintons ;criminality,; saying he is shocked by it.星期一,川普在俄亥俄州阿克伦的竞选演讲主要集中在他所说的希拉釷克林顿的“犯罪行为”上。他说,他对其犯罪“范围之广”感到震惊。Clintons Republican opponents allege that big donors to the charitable foundation used it to get special access to Clinton or her top aides when she was secretary of state.克林顿的共和党对手指称,巨额捐款人曾利用该基金会与时任国务卿克林顿或她的高层助理进行特别接触。Clinton has always denied the charge. Newly released e-mails show that while some Clinton aides were asked for favors, there is no evidence that they were granted or that Clinton herself was involved.克林顿对于这个指控一直予以否认。一批新披露的电邮显示,虽然她的一些助理被请求提供帮助,但没有据表明他们这么做了或克林顿本人参与其中。Bill Clinton announced last week the foundation will change the way it does business if his wife is elected. It will stop accepting foreign and corporate donations and Bill Clinton himself will resign from its board, he said.比尔·克林顿上星期宣布,如果他的妻子当选为美国总统,该基金会将改变其运作方式。它将停止接受外国和企业捐款,比尔·克林顿本人也将从董事会辞职。None of this has satisfied Trump. He demanded Monday that the foundation be shut down, calling it the most corrupt enterprise in political history,; and accusing the Clintons themselves of caring more about donors and their own bank accounts than the American people.但是这些都不能令川普满意。星期一,他要求关闭该基金会,并称“它是美国政治历史上最腐败的机构”。川普指责克林顿夫妇关心更多的是捐赠人以及他们自己的账户,而不是美国人民。来 /201608/462421

Final demolition work began at the “junglerefugee shelter in Calais, France, Thursday morning after authorities declared the camp empty a day earlier.法国加莱的“丛林”难民营星期四早上开始进行最后拆除。此前一天,有关当局宣布,该难民营已经完全清空。Workers used large construction equipment and machines to rip down the make-shift shelters, some of which had been badly burned by refugees setting fires Wednesday before they were forced to leave.工人用大型施工设备和机器拆除临时住所,有的住所星期三遭到被迫离开的难民的焚烧。Firefighters put out blazes set by departing migrants who acted in keeping with a tradition of burning their tents, despite being told not to do so.消防人员扑灭了难民放的火。这些难民有迁移时烧毁帐篷的传统。当局劝阻无效。French authorities conducted the operation to clear what had become a symbol of Europes refugee crisis and resettle migrants who had lived in dire conditions in the camp.法国当局采取行动,清除这个象征欧洲难民危机的难民营,将难民营里在恶劣条件下生活的难民进行重新安置。A spokesman for regional authorities said one migrant was hospitalized with minor injuries. About 100 migrants were evacuated Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.一位地方政府发言人表示,一名难民受轻伤送医。约100名难民星期二晚上和星期三早上从营区撤离。French authorities say about 4,000 people have been transported to reception centers across France since dismantling of the Calais camp began Monday.法国当局表示,自星期一开始拆除难民营以来,已有约4000名难民被送往法国各地的难民接待中心。来 /201610/475104


  John Kerry has delivered a stinging rebuke of the Israeli government, accusing it of making the establishment of a viable Palestinian state nearly impossible through the expansion of settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.约翰#8226;克里(John Kerry)对以色列政府作出了尖锐反驳,称其在占领的西岸和东耶路撒冷扩建定居点,导致几乎不可能建立一个可行的巴勒斯坦囀?With Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu joining forces with president-elect Donald Trump to attack the Obama administration, the US secretary of state said Washington allowed a UN resolution critical of Israel to pass last week as a last-ditch effort to keep the idea of a “two-state solutionalive.在以色列总理本雅#8226;内塔尼亚Benjamin Netanyahu)和美国当选总统唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)合力攻击奥巴马政府的背景下,美国国务卿表示,华盛顿方面上周让联合国一项批评以色列的决议通过,是保持“两国解决方案”构想存活的最后努力。In the most detailed criticism by a US official of Israeli settlement construction, Mr Kerry said the West Bank was being “broken up into small parcels like a Swiss cheese that can never constitute a real state 克里的言论是美国官员针对以色列建设定居点活动作出的最具体的批评,他说,西岸正“被肢解成一小块一小块,就像瑞士奶酪那样,永远不可能构成一个真正的国家”。In a speech at the state department, he added: “The ed States cannot properly defend Israel if we allow a viable two-state solution to be destroyed before our eyes.”他在美国国务院发表的演讲中补充说:“美国不能妥善地维护以色列——如果我们允许一个可行的两国解决方案在我们眼前被摧毁。”The US abstention last week at the UN on a resolution condemning settlements prompted a furious reaction from Mr Netanyahu.美国上周在联合国谴责定居点的决议表决中弃权,引发内塔尼亚胡的愤怒反应。As well as aggravating the aly toxic relationship between him and President Barack Obama, the furore opened up an unprecedented rift between the sitting Democratic president and his Republican successor, who yesterday pledged to change approach when he takes office next month.这起风波除了恶化内塔尼亚胡与巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)总统之间本已不和的关系外,也使美国在任的民主党总统和共和党继任者之间出现前所未有的分裂,后者昨日承诺在下月就职后立即改变姿态。“We cannot let Israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect,Mr Trump said on Twitter ahead of Mr Kerry’s speech. “The beginning of the end was the horrible Iran deal, and now this (U.N.!)Stay strong Israel, January 20th is fast approaching!”“我们不能让以色列受到这样的完全蔑视和不尊重,”特朗普在克里发表演讲之前在Twitter上写道。“结局的开端是那份可怕的伊朗核协议,现在又搞出这个(联合国决议)!以色列,请坚强些,10日快到了!”Mr Netanyahu followed suit, saying on Twitter: “President-elect Trump, thank you for your warm friendship and your clear-cut support for Israel!”内塔尼亚胡接过这个话头,在Twitter上表示:“特朗普当选总统,感谢你的热情友谊和你对以色列的明确持!”The last-minute stance by the Obama administration reflects its concern that time is running out for a two-state solution because of Israeli settlement building. 奥巴马政府在最后时刻采取的立场反映了这样的担忧,即由于以色列大搞定居点建设,两国解决方案的时间窗口即将彻底关闭。Officials fear the Trump administration could side more openly with the Israeli government in a way that would make further negotiations impossible. Mr Kerry warned Israel against closing off the prospect of an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel.美国官员们担心,特朗普政府可能更加公开地站在以色列政府一边,使得进一步谈判不可能进行。克里警告以色列不要扼杀一个独立的巴勒斯坦国与以色列并存的前景。“If the choice is one state, Israel can be either a Jewish state or a democratic state,he said. “It cannot be both.”“如果选择作为一个国家,以色列要么是一个犹太国家,要么是一个民主国家,”他说。“它不可能两者都是。”来 /201701/486343。

  Last Tuesday, Richard Hanna of New York became the first Republican congressman to publicly declare that he would vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton. Mr Hanna called Mr Trump ;a national embarrassment;.上周二,纽约州的理查德·汉纳成为第一名公开宣称将投票给民主党人希拉里的共和党议员。他称特朗普是“一个国家级的尴尬”。Other Republicans have distanced themselves from Mr Trump or withheld their support.此外,其他共和党人有的疏远了和特朗普的关系,有的人则干脆不再持他。Mr Trumps statements and policies about women, undocumented immigrants and Muslims have unsettled many Republican Party leaders.特朗普在女性、非法移民以及穆斯林问题上的言论和政策让许多共和党大佬坐立不安。Mr Hanna, who is retiring in November, said he had been considering voting for Mrs Clinton for months, but Mr Trumps recent comments about Khizr and Ghazala Khan had finally persuaded him.将在11月卸任议员职务的汉纳表示,自己已经就投票给希拉里一事考虑几个月了,但是特朗普最近关于吉泽尔和加扎拉·汗的言论最终使他做出了决定。At Democratic National Convention, Mr Khan, the father of a Muslim US soldier killed in Iraq, criticised Mr Trumps plan to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the US.在民主党全国代表大会上,汗(他的穆斯林儿子是一名美国军人,在伊拉克阵亡)批评了特朗普关于暂时禁止穆斯林进入美国的计划。Mr Trump responded by attacking the Gold Star family, the term for families that lost a relative in war. Democratic and Republican leaders as well as veteran groups quickly condemned him.特朗普回应攻击了这个“金星家族-这一术语是用来形容那些有亲属在战争中阵亡的家族。民主党和共和党大佬们,以及老兵组织很快就对特朗普进行了谴责;I hope Americans understand that the remarks do not represent the views of our Republican Party, its officers, or candidates,; said Arizona Senator John McCain, a Vietnam War veteran and former prisoner of war.越战退伍老兵、前战俘、亚利桑那参议员约翰·麦凯恩说道:“我希望美国人民能够明白,特朗普的发言不代表我们共和党的意见,也不代表共和党官员和候选人的意见。”Until recently, many Republicans opposed to Mr Trump stopped short of supporting Mrs Clinton, saying they would vote for a third party and write-in candidate. Mrs Clinton has been actively courting moderate Republicans in recent weeks.不过直到最近,许多反对特朗普的共和党人都没有持希拉里,他们表示自己将会投票给民主党和共和党以外党派,或者投给选票上未列名的候选人。最近几周,希拉里一直在积极地拉拢温和派共和党人。来 /201608/459876


  The Chinese started to refer to the South China Sea as a core interest alongside Taiwan and Tibet in other words, a subject on which there could be no flexibility.在对话中,中方代表将南中国海与台湾、西藏一道列为核心利益——换句话说,这是一个不容商榷的话题。They warned that China would not tolerate outside interference, she wrote. On the flight home from Beijing, I took stock with my team. 他们警告称,中国不会容忍外来干涉,她写道,从北京飞回国途中,我与我的团队慎重地分析了形势。I thought China had overplayed its hand.我认为中国高估了自己的实力。The administration decided to start calling out Beijing over its actions in the South China Sea. 美国政府决定开始挑战中国在南中国海的行为。Jeff Bader, then Asia director at the National Security Council, and former assistant secretary of state Kurt Campbell prepared the ground before the Hanoi meeting by briefing governments that harboured complaints about the Chinese. 时任国家安全委员会亚洲事务主管杰#8226;贝德(Jeff Bader)与前助理国务卿库尔特#8226;坎贝Kurt Campbell)为河内会议召开做足准备,向对中方抱有不满的政府知会美方立场。Over the past few years, the US has expanded security co-operation with Vietnam and the Philippines, both of which are involved in territorial disputes with China, and backed a court case brought by the Philippines. 过去几年中,美国扩大了与越南、菲律宾的安全合作(两国都与中国存在领土争端),并持菲律宾针对中国提出的一起诉讼案。An international tribunal ruled in July that many of China’s claims in the South China Sea were unlawful.今年7月,一家国际仲裁庭裁定中国在南中国海的多项主张都为非法。For all their occasional disagreements on the Middle East, Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton were much more aligned when it came to Asia. 虽然在中东问题上偶有分歧,但涉及亚洲问题时,奥巴马和希拉里的看法要一致得多。Indeed, the biggest competition within the administration was over who should take credit for the strategy the White House or the state department not over its ideas.实际上,政府内部争得最厉害的不是围绕这一战略的思想,而是谁是这一战略的功臣,白宫还是国务院?There were times when Tom Donilon [a former national security adviser] thought she was too tough on China, or Jeff Bader. 有时,(前国家安全顾问)汤姆#8226;多尼Tom Donilon)认为她对中国太过强硬,杰#8226;贝德也会这么想。But not Obama, says one former senior official. He never really had any romantic attachment to the idea that we need to always have smooth Sino-US relations.但奥巴马不,一位前美国高级官员表示,他从来没有不切实际地抱着我们需要一直保持平稳的中美关系的想法。The one exception was over the case of Chen Guangcheng, the blind activist who took refuge in the US embassy in Beijing in 2012 and who after several days of negotiations while Mrs Clinton was in Beijing for a summit eventually received asylum in the US. 陈光诚事件是一个例外,这位盲人维权012年进入北京美国驻华大使馆寻求庇护——当时希拉里正在北京参加一个峰会——经过几天的谈判,陈光诚最终得以到美国避难。According to senior officials, Mr Obama was highly critical of the state department’s decision to let Mr Chen into the US embassy.据美国高官称,奥巴马严厉批评了国务院让陈光诚进入美国大使馆的决定。Along with the Hanoi meeting, the stand-off over Mr Chen was another piece of evidence for those in Beijing who believe Mrs Clinton to be a relatively hardline voice about China, both on security issues and human rights. 除了河内会议,中美在陈光诚事件上的僵持也使得北京一些人士更加相信希拉里在安全和人权问题上代表着对华相对强硬的声音。Indeed, Chinese suspicions about Mrs Clinton date back to the 1995 World Conference on Women in Beijing, when she insisted that women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights remarks that were not broadcast in China.事实上,中国方面对希拉里的怀疑可以追溯至1995年在北京召开的世界妇女大World Conference on Women),当时她坚称妇女权利即人权,人权即妇女权利——这些言论未能在中国播出。As a result, many analysts in China would expect a prospective Clinton administration to be more willing to confront Beijing. 因此,中国许多分析人士预计,有望入主白宫的希拉里将更愿意与北京方面对抗。She has always been hard on China since her first visit in 1995, says Chu Shulong, an international relations expert at Tsinghua University. That’s her style.995年首次访问中国以来,她一直对中国保持强硬态度,清华大Tsinghua University)国际关系专家楚树龙说,这是她的风格。Shi Yinhong, another international relations expert at Renmin University, agrees: Hillary will be tougher on China than Obama.来自人民大学的另外一位国际关系专家时殷弘同意这种观点,他说:在对华态度上,希拉里将会比奥巴马更加强硬。From the start, the decision to push back against China in the South China Sea and the increasing US presence in the region have won strong, bipartisan support in Washington, where there are few disagreements with the basic ideas of the pivot. 在南中国海对抗中国并扩大美国在亚太地区存在的决定从一开始就在华盛顿得到两党的大力持——华盛顿在转向亚洲的基本战略思想上鲜有不同意见。Within the administration, the only real debate has been about the pace of US naval operations in contested areas in the South China Sea.在奥巴马政府内部,真正的辩论只围绕着美国海军在南中国海争议海域的行动步伐。However the pivot has not been without its critics. 然而,也并非没有人批评转向亚洲战略。Hugh White, a former Australian defence official and an influential observer on Asia, believes that the US is not prepared for the huge risks and costs that would be required to actually shift China’s strategy.澳大利亚原国防部官员、颇具影响力的亚洲问题观察家#8226;怀Hugh White)认为,美国没有准备好应对切实转变对华策略所必然带来的巨大风险和成本。The pivot’s architects assumed that a merely symbolic reassertion of US power and resolve would be enough to make China back off, he argues. 他辩称:‘转向亚洲’战略的设计者以为,只要象征性地彰显美国实力和决心就足以让中国退让。China’s assertive posture in the East and South China Sea today is strong evidence that they were wrong.中国如今在东中国海和南中国海上摆出的强硬姿态明显表明,这种想法是错误的。Flawed deal?有缺陷的TPP?So how would President Clinton act in Asia? For all her input in defining the Obama administration’s strategy to the region, during the election campaign she has turned against one of its central planks, the 12-nation trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. (China is not involved in TPP.)那么,希拉里总统将会在亚洲怎么做?尽管希拉里参与制定了奥巴马政府的亚太战略,但在选战期间,她转变态度反对该战略的核心内容之一,也就是包括12个成员国家(不含中国)的《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定TPP)。Should Mrs Clinton win the election, the ideal situation for her would be for Congress to approve the trade deal before her inauguration. 如果希拉里赢得选举,对她来说,理想的情况将是国会在她宣誓就职前批准TPP。But if that does not happen, she would face the difficult choice of whether to reopen an agreement which she has described as central to American influence in the region, but which she now believes to be flawed in practice. 但如果国会没有批准TPP,她就会面临是否重启该协议的艰难抉择——她曾说TPP对美国在亚太地区的影响力至关重要,但后来又认为该协议在实践中存在缺陷。One former US official who worked closely with the Obama administration on China argues that Mrs Clinton would push more strongly on commercial issues and would be far less patient with the restrictions Beijing places on doing business in its own market.一位曾密切参与奥巴马政府中国事务的美国前官员表示,希拉里将会在商业问题上施加更大压力,也更加对中国政府对在华外资企业施加的限制没有耐心。I don’t think she’ll be willing to park the competitiveness agenda as it relates to China to get, say, a global climate deal, he adds. 他补充称:我不认为她会愿意为了签署什么协议——比如说全球气候协议——而搁置与中国相关的竞争力议程。President Obama wanted China’s help on the Iran deal, he wanted the climate deal and he was willing to shelve other more nettlesome issues in order to get them.奥巴马总统在伊朗协议上希望得到中国协助,他也希望签署气候协议,他就愿意为了签署这些协议而搁置其他更棘手的问题。The sharpest dilemma would be on the South China Sea. 最棘手的将是南中国海问题。The approach Mrs Clinton started to outline in Hanoi in 2010 was to pressure China to back away from efforts to dominate the region, by demonstrating the regional and US opposition. 希拉010年在河内概述的策略是通过展示亚太各国和美国的反对,从而迫使中国放弃主导该地区的努力。Instead, Beijing has plunged ahead full speed, dramatically increasing over the past three years its efforts to build artificial islands that might one day serve as military bases.结果是,北京方面全力以赴,在过去3年大举建设有朝一日可以用作军事基地的人造岛屿。Among Mrs Clinton’s Asia advisers, the approach being debated is a slightly stepped-up version of the Obama pivot a series of steps aimed at forging a deeper network of allies and partners that can act as a deterrent to China and reinforce US ideas about trade and freedom of navigation.希拉里的亚洲事务顾问们正在辩论的策略比奥巴马的转向亚洲略有强化,即一系列旨在打造更深层次的盟友和合作伙伴网络的举措,它们可以威慑中国,并强化美国提出的关于贸易和航行自由的观点。The sorts of proposals being discussed include having another aircraft carrier permanently stationed in the region; expanding missile defence in South Korea; increased deployments to the island of Guam; and sending more planes and ships to the Philippines.正在讨论的建议包括让另一艘航空母舰永久驻扎在亚太地区;扩大韩国的导弹防御系统;增加关岛军力部署,以及向菲律宾派遣更多的飞机和军舰。They sound like small, incremental steps, but over time they will add up into a regional framework that can influence China’s rise, says one former official advising the Clinton campaign. 一位为希拉里竞选团队提供建议的前官员表示:这些听起来像是渐进的小步骤,但随着时间推移,它们将累积为可能影响中国崛起的地区框架。The Clinton team is still betting, in effect, that China has overplayed its hand.希拉里团队实际上仍在押注中国高估了自己的实力。来 /201609/465878Donald Trump is turning out to be a gold mine for his comic foes on late-night television, lifting ratings and advertising revenues for shows that deliver the sharpest criticism of the new US president.唐纳特朗Donald Trump)看起来对深夜电视节目的喜剧演员简直是一座金矿,那些最猛烈抨击美国新总统的节目的收视率和广告收入上升。On CBS’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert has homed in on politics, helping him unseat N’s Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as the most-watched nightly chat show for three straight weeks.在美国哥伦比亚广播公CBS)的《深夜秀Late Show)节目中,斯蒂科尔伯特(Stephen Colbert)近来专注于政治议题,这帮助他连续3周超过美国国家广播公N)由吉法伦(Jimmy Fallon)主持的《今夜秀Tonight Show),成为观众人数最多的深夜脱口秀节目。Late-night television is an important source of profit and cultural cachet for US broadcasters. N has long dominated the networksrivalry, but Mr Colbert has widened his lead to nearly 300,000 viewers in the week ending February 17, the most since he debuted on CBS in 2015.深夜电视节目是美国各广播公司重要的盈利和文化威望来源。N长期主导着各家广播公司之间的竞争,但科尔伯特在27日结束的那一周将领先优势扩大至近30万观众,这是他自2015年在CBS首次主持节目以来达到的最高水平。Across the TV dial, audiences are flocking to a brand of biting political satire that largely originated with Jon Stewart at Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, but which has now sp to the television mainstream. Daily Show alumni include Mr Colbert on CBS, John Oliver on HBO and Samantha Bee on TBS.纵观各个电视频道,观众纷纷转向犀利的政治讽刺节目,这种节目在很大程度上源于由喜剧中心频道(Comedy Central)的约斯图尔特(Jon Stewart)主持的《每日秀The Daily Show),但现在已是主流电视节目的一部分。曾主持过《每日秀》的演员包括CBS的科尔伯特、HBO的约奥利John Oliver)以及TBS的萨曼莎?Samantha Bee)。Mr Colbert had suffered declining ratings at CBS since he succeeded David Letterman at the Late Show desk. He struggled to win over viewers after dropping the blustery rightwing pundit character that made him a star on Comedy Central. In August 2016, his audience dipped below 2m for the first time.自担任《深夜秀》主持人、接替大莱特David Letterman)以来,科尔伯特的收视率一度连连下降。在放弃狂轰乱炸的右翼员角色——该角色曾让他成为喜剧中心频道的明星——之后,他似乎很难赢得观众016月,他的观众人数首次降至200万以下。But Mr Trumps ascendancy appears to have sharpened the focus of Mr Colbert and his writers on the frenetic Washington news cycle, and the ratings trend is now in reverse. Viewership grew 3 per cent in January from a year ago, and has now reached 3m, 30 per cent above last summer’s lows, according to Nielsen figures.但特朗普的崛起似乎让科尔伯特及其写作人员更加关注华盛顿发狂似的新闻周期,如今收视率趋势出现了逆转。尼尔森(Nielsen)的数据显示,1月观众人数同比增%,如今达00万人,与去年夏季的低点相比增长了30%。On CBS’s earnings call last week, Les Moonves, chief executive, talked up Mr Colbert’s contribution to the network’s “great story in late night CBS said advertising revenue for the network’s nightly line-up, which also includes Britain’s James Corden, increased 10 per cent in 2016 and was on pace to grow again this year.在CBS上周的电话财报会议上,首席执行官莱斯?穆弗Les Moonves)夸赞了科尔伯特对该公司“深夜伟大故事”的贡献。CBS表示,该网络的深夜节目——还包括英国的詹姆斯?科登(James Corden)主持的节目——实现的广告收入016年增长了10%,而且今年有望进一步增长。“Colbert’s show has become more aggressively political. That’s probably responsible for his numbers going up. He’s found a comedic strategy similar to that which made him popular before,said Robert Thompson, director of Syracuse University’s Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture.美国雪城大学(Syracuse University)的布莱尔电视和流行文化中Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture)主任罗伯汤姆Robert Thomson)表示:“科尔伯特的节目变得在政治上更加咄咄逼人。他的观众人数很可能因此增长。他找到了一个与之前蹿红类似的喜剧策略。”In contrast, The Tonight Show’s ratings have slipped 14 per cent since January 2016, as Mr Fallon has taken a softer approach to political subjects. He drew criticism for a September interview with Mr Trump in which he mussed the then-Republican nominee’s hair and asked a series of unchallenging questions.相比之下,《今夜秀》的收视率自2016月以来下4%,法伦对政治话题的较为温和。他在去月对特朗普的采访招致批评,当时他揉乱了还是共和党总统候选人的特朗普的头发,还问了一系列没有挑战性的问题。Mr Fallon still leads in the 18- to 49-year-old age group most desired by advertisers, but Mr Colbert is closing in.在最受广告客户重视的18岁到49岁观众群体中,法伦的收视率仍高居榜首,但科尔伯特正在紧紧追赶。Other shows are aly reaping financial rewards from presidential parody.其他节目已经在从总统模仿秀中获得财务回报。N’s Saturday Night Live is drawing its biggest average audiences in 24 years, with total viewership up 26 per cent this season from a year ago, according to Nielsen figures cited by the network.N援引尼尔森的数据表示,该广播公司《周六夜现场Saturday Night Live)吸引的平均观众人数创4年来的最高水平,本季总的收视率同比增6%。The variety show’s February 11 edition was the most-watched episode in eight years as viewers tuned in to watch Alec Baldwin reprise the role of the president, Melissa McCarthy skewer Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, and Kate McKinnon lampoon both Jeff Sessions, the attorney-general, and Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s adviser.21日播出的这档综艺节目年来观众人数最多的一期,观众们踊跃收看亚历克?鲍德Alec Baldwin)再度模仿特朗普总统,梅利莎?麦卡Melissa McCarthy)模仿白宫新闻发言人肖斯派Sean Spicer),以及凯麦金Kate McKinnon)模仿两人:司法部长杰赛辛Jeff Sessions)和特朗普顾问凯莉安妮?康韦(Kellyanne Conway)。The ratings bump has allowed N, owned by Comcast, to charge advertisers more money. The average cost of a half-minute spot on SNL increased 86 per cent in January from a year ago, according to Standard Media Index, which tracks ad agency spending.收视率飙升让康卡斯特(Comcast)旗下的N可以向广告客户收取更多费用。追踪广告公司出的标准媒体指数(Standard Media Index)的数据显示,《周六夜现场》半分钟广告平均成本月份同比上涨86%。The trade magazine Adweek estimated that SNL’s ad revenue rose 34 per cent to .1m for its January 14 episode and 22 per cent to m for January 21. Overall, N saw a 9.8 per cent gain in ad spending for the month.业内杂志《Adweek》估计,《周六夜现场》在14日节目的广告收入增长34%,至210万美元,1日节目的广告收入增长22%,至200万美元。整体而言,N月份的广告收入增长了9.8%。“The attention on SNL since the Trump administration took office is paying off well for N,SMI said.标准媒体指数表示:“《周六夜现场》自特朗普政府就任以来的人气飙升,为N带来了丰厚的回报。”来 /201702/494585





  Turkey plans to deepen its involvement in Syria by establishing a de facto safe zone that could eventually cover some 4,000 square kilometres of territory where both Isis and Kurdish militias would be kept at bay.土耳其计划深化其在叙利亚的介入,建立一个实际上的安全区,最终可能覆盖约4000平方公里的领土,把伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国(ISIS)和库尔德武装都挡在外面。The plan involves the Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army working with rebel groups to consolidate and extend recently captured territory south of the Turkish border.该计划涉及受土耳其持的叙利亚自由Free Syrian Army)与其它反政府组织合作,巩固和扩大最近刚刚在土耳其边境以南占领的地盘。Specifically, the FSA would push from the border town of Jarabulus to join a rebel council about 40km to the south in Manbij, which was recently wrested from Isis control. 具体而言,叙利亚自由军将从边境城镇杰拉布卢斯(Jarabulus)推进,与曼比季(Manbij,最近刚刚脱离ISIS的控制)以南大约40公里处的一个反政府委员会会合。The forces would move south-west towards al-Bab, about 50km from Aleppo, a Turkish official said.一名土耳其官员表示,这些武装力量将向西南方推进,目标是距离阿勒Aleppo)0公里的巴al-Bab)。Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish president, has asked for the US-led coalition to help create a no-fly zone over this territory, which he hopes to repopulate with refugees who have fled to Turkey in the five years since the Syria conflict began.土耳其总统雷杰#8226;塔伊#8226;埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)要求以美国为首的盟军帮助在该区域建立一个禁飞区,他希望在此重新安置自叙利亚冲突爆发以来的五年间逃往土耳其的难民。Turkey is also pushing for a 48-hour ceasefire in the disputed city of Aleppo over next weekend’s Eid holiday, and wants at least one of two aid convoys one each for government-held and opposition-held quadrants of the city to depart from Turkey, the official added. 该官员补充称,土耳其还在推动在各方相持不下的城市阿勒颇在下周末的古尔邦节实施48小时停火,并希望两援助车队——一开往阿勒颇的政府控制区,一开往反对派控制区——中至少有一可以从土耳其出发。Negotiations over the convoys stalled at the recent G20 summit in China, where Mr Erdogan met Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama of the US.有关援助车队的谈判在中国举行0国集G20)峰会期间陷入停滞,埃尔多安在峰会上与俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)和美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)进行了会面。The US has been urging Turkey for some time to orchestrate a campaign to dislodge Isis from the last remaining strip of the border that it still controls.美国一直在敦促土耳其策划一场战役,将ISIS逐出其仍然控制的最后一块边境地带。However, Washington has consistently argued against proposals to set up a formal safe zone in the area, which it fears could involve a much bigger military commitment by the US-led coalition than simply providing air cover.然而,华盛顿方面始终反对在边境地区建立正式安全区的提议,美国担心,这会使以美国为首的盟军卷入比单纯提供空中掩护大得多的军事投入。For Mr Erdogan, a Turkey-administered safe zone with international support would position him as a leading figure in a conflict in which he has largely been frustrated.对于埃尔多安来说,在国际持下建立一个由土耳其负责的安全区,将使他成为叙利亚冲突的主导人物。在这场冲突中,他迄今基本上一直受挫。Turkish-backed rebels had, until recently, little battlefield success, prompting his US allies to depend on a Kurdish militia he despises to fight Isis.直到不久以前,土耳其持的反政府军在战场上表现欠佳,促使埃尔多安的美国盟友依赖他所蔑视的库尔德武装来打击ISIS。Meanwhile, Russian and Iranian support has propped up Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president whose ousting Mr Erdogan has long sought.与此同时,俄罗斯和伊朗的持一直撑着叙利亚总统巴沙#8226;阿萨Bashar al-Assad),而埃尔多安一直希望将阿萨德赶下台。来 /201609/465580

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