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...city of London. There is public support for a Chief Constable's call to raise the legal age for drinking alcohol from 18 to 21, but continued opposition to forcing up the price by raising tax levels. Those are the main findings of a poll conducted for Channel 4 News following the call by the Cheshire Chief Constable Peter Fahy earlier this week. Mr. Fahy's comment on our program followed the killing of the father-of-three Garry Newlove who was beaten to death outside his home after confronting a group of youths. James Blake reports.We've just received a telephone call that there are a group of people drinking on one of the local parks.On patrol in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, this community wardens are out looking for children drinking in the streets and they are not hard to find. Each week, piles of cans, bottles and spirits are seized, there is a thriving black market in underage booze fueled by parents, siblings and older friends.They get very brave and very bold, um, where somebody, not for a real decent kid. when they have another drink, when they've had a few, they just turn into a completely different person. And it makes our job can be twice as difficult really.Momentum is building for a change in the law. After Garry Newlove was killed confronting youths outside his home, the Chief Constable spoke out.Well, I think a lot of people now say the price of alcohol should be raised and in particular for the highest drinks, beers and for the spirits.So Channel 4 News has commissioned to survey. A thousand adults were asked if they agree with the police. Should the drinking age be raised to 21? A majority 52% said yes. Do you think raising the price of alcohol will reduce antisocial behavior? Only 25% said yes, nearly 3 quarters said no.In Wallington this group of 16 to 18-year-old were asked, would a change in the law make any impact at all?Young people have to find money. They steal, they save or borrow, they'd find money somehow.So if it was raised to 21, do you think that would have an impact on them?Yeah, because then the people out there will get in, like, might have got ID for them. So it will stop from drinking.At Newcastle crown court yesterday, another trial involving drunken teenagers. This time a man was attacked and kicked into a coma. Sentencing the judge said:Youngsters who drink too much will face punitive action. Those who are drunk and abuse the rights and entitlements of those law-abiding members of society will get punished.So pressure now from the police and the judiciary, and the Channel 4 News survey suggests most people want action, too, but by raising the age limit not the prices.And you can see further results from other opinion poll on our website. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.booze:Booze is alcoholic drink.200805/39854

Alright, leading the pack of morningstars list of best performing funds so far this year. Top performing fund Aim China A. Astonishing 85 percent gain so far this year, also posting impressive returns and in the top 15, the Oberweis China opportunities fund, OHX is the particular of that, one nearly 60 percent is the gain tagged on by that one in (20)07. Joining us, Jim Oberweis,editor of the Oberweis Report and portfolio manager of that fund.Alright. Jim, it’s a pleasure to have you with us. Now, China certainly this year although extremely volatile, has seemed to be a tide that lifts all boats, is that the way to look at it?That certainly is one way to look at it. I think the real question is what’s gonna happen next year. And next year is gonna be I think a game of math not momentum. And you are really going to have to, really focusing on disciplines and our investment styles are looking at earnings and cash flow in relation to prices you are paying for stocks, we are really hunkering down right now, make sure our portfolio is adequately suited to that kind of strategy.And when you buy... when we are talking China again there is always this confusion, are you…how much are you able to buy in China itself or you are pretty much playing this through Hong KongRight, well, you could certainly utilize a brokerage firm’s a to be able to buy in the local markets. The problem right now, I think, is the local markets are so overvalued, because…for the internal retail Chinese investors it is really about the only place where they can go. So the valuations on the Shanghai listed stocks have really been inflated. We can buy a lot of the same types of companies on the Hong Kong and Singapore exchanges, and valuations are literally half of what we had to pay if we were restricted to a Shanghai.They are restricted share markets, and this is interesting. So the restricted share market is badly inflated, is that because it is a rigged game?Well, I don’t know so much of a rigged game, but think about it. If you are a retail Chinese investor and you can. (it’s the only place you can buy)it’s the only place you can go. Exactly!Oh, wow! I did not know that! OK, no wonder that market is so weirdAnd that’s changing. Yeah! And that’s changing. The government is taking steps to let them invest in funds they can invest in Hong Kong and Singapore right now. It is a really small dollar amount. But as that changes. That's gonna inflate Hong Kong and it’s gonna depress Shanghai. I think it will go the course next year.You like China. Are you worried at all? there have been a lot of reports recently worrisome reports about inflation rekindled in China. Is that garnered on your radar?It, there's no question about it. However, you still have, I think, very strong economic growth. We have to look at all those factors when we are making investment decisions. I think, right now, if I can have the wind in my back, and I can have the economic growth that we are seeing, even in the face of somewhat higher inflation. I’ll take it. Assuming I can find individual opportunities that are still relatively inexpensive in relation to growth rates and we are still finding some of those.Alright! Jim, thank you very much as always we appreciate it.Notes: rigged: viciously controled and interfered200807/43917

high-sounding ------ 冠冕堂皇的(形容词,非正式)英文释义(adjective, INFORMAL) Describing something that sounds much more impressive and important than it really is. 例句My friend has some high-sounding title in our company, but he doesnt do much work and hes paid very little.我的朋友在我们公司里有一个冠冕堂皇的头衔,但是他的工作不多,薪水也非常少。 /201611/471200

US Finds Serious Flaws in Burma's Draft Constitution美国国务院批评缅甸新宪法草案  The U.S. State Department said Thursday Burma's new draft constitution provides little hope for real change in the military-ruled Southeast Asian country. To be voted on in a May 10 referendum, the draft would leave major power in the hands of the military.  美国国务院星期四说,缅甸的新宪法草案为真正改变被军方控制的国家提供的希望非常渺茫。新宪法草案将在5月10号进行全民公决。这部宪法将主要的权力集中在军方手中。 The ed States was an harsh critic of the Burmese constitution-writing process because it largely excluded the political opposition.  美国严厉批评缅甸制定宪法的程序,因为这部宪法基本上把反对派政党排除在外。Now, the State Department says the draft produced by the country's long-running national convention provides scant hopes for those looking for democratic change. 现在,美国国务院说,由缅甸的国民大会召开旷日持久的会议制定的宪法没有为那些期待民主变革的人提供多少希望。Published Wednesday, the nearly-200-page constitutional draft would reserve one-quarter of the seats in both houses of parliament for military officers, and give the country's military chief the right to suspend the constitution at any time.  这份将近200多页的宪法草案在星期三公布,根据这份草案,议会上下两院的席位有四分之一预先留给军官,同时,草案给予军队最高领导人在任何时候终止宪法的权力。Another clause bars anyone who has been married to a foreign national from holding political office, a provision that appears tailor-made to exclude opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, once married to a British national. 另外一项条款禁止同外国人结过婚的人担任政治职务,这项条款显然是要将曾经同英国人结婚的反对派领袖昂山素季排除在外。At a news briefing, State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said U.S. officials have made only a preliminary analysis of the draft but said a first ing indicates some issues of serious concern. 在一次新闻发布会上,美国国务院发言人麦科马克说,美国官员仅仅对草案作了初步的分析,但是,麦科马克说,最初的分析就已经显示出一些令人严重担忧的问题。"It, at first glance, would appear intended only to perpetuate the rule of the existing military junta in Burma," he said. "It does not provide for the kind of open, serious and sustained dialogue with the democratic opposition forces in Burma that we as well as other members of the international community have called for, and that for example Aung San Suu Kyi has called for."  麦科马克说:“宪法草案一看就知道是只想让现在的缅甸军政权的统治永久持续下去。它并没有为缅甸的反对力量提供那种开放的、认真的和持久的对话。这样的对话是美国和国际社会的其他成员所要求的,也是昂山素季等人士所要求的。""So at first glance this draft constitution that the regime intends to put to a vote does not give much hope to those who are looking for real democratic change in Burma," he added."一看宪法草案就知道,缅甸当局想要让全民公决的这项宪法草案不要为那些希望缅甸发生真正的民主变革的人提供多少希望。”Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy party, the NLD, won national elections in 1990 but was barred from taking power. The Nobel Peace Laureate has been under detention most of the time since then. 昂山素季领导的全国民主联盟在1990年的全国选举中获得胜利,但是被禁止执掌权力。诺贝尔奖获得者昂山素季从那时开始大部分时间一直被软禁在家。In comments Wednesday, President Bush said he was disappointed with political progress made in Burma, and said the military authorities need to understand that they should not fear their own people. 布什总统星期三说,他对缅甸取得的政治进程感到失望,他说,缅甸军政权应该知道他们不应该害怕自己的人民。The NLD walked out of the 14-year-long national convention in 1995 because of restrictive rules and was later expelled altogether. It has urged Burmese to vote against the draft on May 10. 全国民主联盟1995年从有14年之久的国民大会中退出,原因是该机构的限制性规定太多,后来该联盟被国民大会除名。全国民主联盟敦促缅甸人民在5月10号对宪法草案投反对票。The military government Thursday accused the NLD of taking directives from unnamed foreign embassies which it claimed were trying to destabilize the country. 军政府星期四谴责全国民主联盟受未指名的外国大使馆的指使,军政府称这些大使馆试图破坏缅甸的国家稳定。Asked about the charge of foreign meddling, State Department Spokesman McCormack called it a "canard." 国务院发言人麦科马克在谈到有关外国干涉的指控时说,这是一个“毫无根据的指责”。He said Aung San Suu Kyi and others pushing for democratic change are Burmese patriots who had been working for a better future for the country long before the international spotlight became focused on them.  他说,昂山素季和其他推动缅甸民主变革的人是缅甸的爱国者,他们在国际社会关注他们之前就一直致力于让缅甸的未来更加美好。 200804/34268

pugnacious ---- 好斗的(形容词)英文释义(adjective) Belligerent; having a personality that enjoys fighting and arguing.例句The pugnacious young sales representative often insults his older colleagues, and contradicts their advice quite aggressively.这位好斗的年轻销售代表经常羞辱年长的同事,严厉反驳他们的提议。 /201609/464963

Somali PM Appeals to Insurgents to Join Peace Efforts索总理呼吁反叛份子加入和平努力  Somalia's Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein is appealing to insurgent Islamists to join the peace deal signed by the transitional government and some moderate opposition groups last month in Djibouti. Mr. Hussein condemned Somalia's uncontrolled violence, which since the accord was signed has claimed the lives of aid workers, a journalist, and a senior U.N. official. 索马里临时政府总理努尔.哈桑.侯赛因呼吁穆斯林反叛分子加入上个月由临时政府和一些温和的反对派组织在吉布提签订的和平协议。他还对索马里不受控制的暴力袭击表示谴责。自从吉布提和平协议签署以来,暴力袭击已经导致一些救援人员、一名记者和一名联合国高级官员死亡。Amid anarchy in large parts of Mogadishu, and a joint Somali-Ethiopian military force waging a counter-insurgency offensive, Somalia's interim prime minister is urging hardline Islamists to end their campaign of violence.  就在索马里首都加迪沙的大部分地区陷入无政府状态,以及索马里和埃塞俄比亚联军对暴力分子发动攻势的时候,索马里临时政府总理敦促强硬派穆斯林结束他们的暴力活动。Speaking to reporters at the end of a three-day visit to the Ethiopian capital, Nur Hassan Hussein called on the militant Al-Shabab group to seize the opportunity created by last month's U.N.-brokered peace agreement. 侯赛因总理在结束对埃塞俄比亚首都亚的斯亚贝巴为期三天的访问后对记者们发表讲话,他呼吁激进组织“青年会”抓住上个月由联合国斡旋达成和平协议所创造的机会。"The agreement signed in Djibouti is the key and opens the door to peace so anyone can join, any organization opposing the government of today, there is a window of opportunity to join," Hussein said. 他说:“在吉布提签署的协议是一把钥匙,它打开了通向和平的大门,让所有人都能参加,让反对现政府的任何组织都能加入进来,这是一个加入的机会窗口。”Many Somalis and political analysts say the Djibouti accord has been discredited by violence from groups like al-Shabab, which is committed to overthrowing the Ethiopian-backed transitional government and establishing Islamic rule. But Prime Minister Hussein argued that the agreement has provided a flicker of hope by bolstering the more moderate Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia, which signed the June 9 accord. 许多索马里人和政治分析人士说,“青年会”等组织发动的暴力袭击破坏了吉布提协议的声誉。“青年会”谋求推翻埃塞俄比亚持的索马里临时政府,并建立穆斯林统治。但是,侯赛因总理说,这份和平协议增强了比较温和的“索马里再次解放联盟”的声望,给索马里带来一线希望。“索马里再次解放联盟”6月9号签署了这项协议。"I think today the Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia are also trying their best to enlarge their constituency, so together the parties signing this agreement have a good opportunity to attract others," he said. "But if, like Al Shabab, they are rejecting the peace, the people, hoping the situation of 18 years ending and a new page being started, that will help the parties signing the agreement." 他说:“我认为,目前索马里再次解放联盟也在尽力扩充持他们的民众数量。因此现在是签署和平协议的各方吸引其它组织加入的良机。不过,如果跟青年会一样,他们拒绝接受和平,那么,希望结束18年状况并开启新桥梁的民众团体和普通百姓就将帮助签署和平协议的各方。”Mr. Hussein condemned the killing, kidnapping and harassment of humanitarian aid workers, in particular the shooting death of the head of the ed Nations Development Program office. UNDP chief Osman Ali Ahmed was gunned down at close range Sunday evening as he returned home from evening prayers at a mosque in Mogadishu.  侯赛因总理谴责那些谋杀、绑架和骚扰人道救援人员的行为,尤其是杀联合国发展计划署索马里办公室负责人奥斯曼.阿里.艾哈迈德。艾哈迈德星期天晚上从加迪沙一座清真寺做完礼拜回家途中,被人近距离杀。The ed Nations has described Somalia as the world's worst humanitarian crisis. 联合国说,索马里的人道主义危机是全世界最严重的。 One million Somalis, or more than 10 percent of the population, are living as internal refugees, and the group Doctors Without Borders says malnutrition in the horn of Africa country has exceeded emergency rates for a year.Ethiopian troops entered Somalia 20 months ago to help the interim government fight an Islamist movement that was threatening to take over the country. The Mogadishu-based Elman Peace and Human Rights Organization estimates more than 2,100 Somali civilians have been killed this year, bringing the civilian death toll to 8,600 since early last year.200807/43629

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