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宜昌市看男科好吗宜昌泌尿外科名医宜昌男健泌尿专科治疗包皮包茎多少钱 A hot air balloon crashed in Central Texas on Saturday morning, and at least 16 people are feared dead. 周六早晨,一热气球在德克萨斯中部坠毁,恐至少16人遇难。A statement released by the Caldwell County Sheriffs Office said, It does not appear at this time that there were any survivors. 考德威尔县警长办公室发表声明表示,目前没有迹象表明有任何的幸存者。A passerby who was out walking her dog said that she heard pop noises and then saw a huge explosion. 一名正在遛的路人称,她听到一阵噪声,然后看到巨大的爆炸。The Federal Aviation Authority is currently investigating the crash of the balloon which was owned by Heart of Texas Balloon Rides. 联邦航空目前正在调查热气球坠毁事故,气球隶属于德克萨斯气球游乐中心。The death toll has not been confirmed yet.死亡人数还没有得到实。译文属。201608/457796宜昌市中心医院男科

宜昌猇亭区治疗膀胱炎多少钱Charter Schools特许学校Big, not easy大,但并不简单Revolution and innovation in some of Americas toughest neighbourhoods美国的一些“老大难”街区的改革和创新AS PUPILS file into their classroom at Kipp Renaissance, a high school in a battered corner of north-east New Orleans, each one stops to shake the hand of a history teacher. “Changes”, a rap song by Tupac about the struggles of being poor and black in America, plays quietly in the background. Within a minute or two, the dozen teenagers—all black—are busily filling in test papers. Soon afterwards, Mr Kullman, the teacher, begins rapping himself—hopping around the room demanding quick-fire answers to questions about the civil war. Pupils shout back answers in chorus.知力复兴(Kipp Renaissance)高中座落在新奥尔良东北角的一个破旧的角落里,那儿小学生们排队进入他们的教室,每个人还要停下来和历史老师握手。“改变”,是一首来自Tupac的饶舌歌曲,悄然地播放在校园中,讲述关于在美国穷困的黑人如何生存。几分钟内,那群黑人青少年就忙于填写测试答卷。很快,考尔曼老师开始开始唱起Rap,在教室里小幅跳动着,要求学生快速回答关于内战的问题。学生们则不整齐地回答出来。Kipp Renaissance is one of New Orleanss newer high schools. Since Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, only six traditional public schools, directly run by the city, remain. Instead 94% of pupils now attend charter schools, which are publicly funded but run by independent non-profit organisations such as Kipp (in full, the “Knowledge is Power Programme”).知力复兴高中是新奥尔良市一所历史较短的高中。自从2005年卡特里娜飓风袭击后,直属市辖的高中仅剩下六所传统的公立学校。取而代之的是94%的小学生现在都报名特许学校,这些学校是由公众资助,但由独立非盈利性组织例如知力经营(全称是,“知识就是力量项目”)。Change began in 2003, when Louisiana created a Recovery School District (RSD) to take over and turn around failing schools across the state. Katrina dramatically accelerated the process: the RSD now controls most schools in New Orleans. Since 2008 alone, it has closed about 50 and presided over the opening of an equal number of charters. The district organises admissions and expulsions, and helps allocate school buildings. But staffing, teacher training, transport, catering and much else are left in the hands of schools and the charter chains which run them.改变从2003年开始了,那时路易斯安那州创办了一个叫复原学校街区(RSD)组织,目的是取代并扭转整个州立失败的教育。卡特里娜飓风戏剧性地加速了这一进程:RSD现在经营新奥尔良市大部分学校。从2008年一年来说,它关闭了将近50所学校并主持开班了同样数量的特许学校。街区制定了准入令和驱逐令,帮助分配学校建筑。但是员工雇佣,教师培训,交通,饮食提供和很多其他的事情都被下放到学校掌管,连锁的特许学校经营它们。A decade ago, teachers in New Orleans were demoralised. The citys school district had eight different superintendents in the decade to 2005, none of whom managed to curb corruption or control waste. Affluent whites had fled the system: before Katrina New Orleans was roughly 67% black and 28% white, yet only 6% of public-school pupils were not black.十年前,新奥尔良市的老师士气低沉。市里学校街区竟在2005年之前十年有八个主管,没有人遏制腐败或是控制浪费。富裕的白人则逃离这一系统:在卡特里娜飓风来临之前新奥尔良市有大概67%的黑人和28%的白人,然而只有6%的公公学校的学生不是黑人。Under the new regime, schools have sharply improved. In 2004 just 16.5% of pupils in New Orleanss schools beat Louisianas state performance score; by the end of the most recent school year, 31.1% did, according to the Cowen Institute at Tulane University. High-school graduation rates have risen from 55% before Katrina to 73% now; drop-out rates have fallen by half.在新策略下,学校则大幅改观。2004年,新奥尔良市只有16.5%的小学生达到了路易斯安那州成绩考核;在最新的学年里,根据杜兰大学科文中心数据,31.1%的学生做到了。高中毕业生比例从卡特里娜前的55%增至现在73%;辍学人数则下降了一半。After Katrina, most of New Orleanss 7,500 unionised teachers were, in effect, fired. Charter schools have hired some back—but they have also hired plenty of new, young ambitious teachers, often straight out of college, who work the long days and extra hours without complaint.在卡特里娜之后,新奥尔良市7,500名教师中大部分实际上被解雇。特许学校返聘了一部分回来——但他们也雇佣了很多新的、年轻有志的老师们,通常是刚从大学毕业,可以工作很久、加班没有怨言。The ability to choose a school matters less than you might expect. Autonomy and central scrutiny matter more. New Orleanss charter schools are probably more closely watched than public schools ever were, and those that fail to meet targets do not get their charters renewed. With academic targets set centrally, schools tend to agree on what works best.择校能力仅仅和你可能预想中的部分相关。自治权和中央审核关联更大。新奥尔良市的特许学校可能会比以前的公公学校受更紧的监察,那些无法达标的学校无法更新特许件。将完成学术目标设立为中心,学校倾向于许可工作最好的部分。The challenge now is whether improvement can be sustained. On national tests, Louisiana still comes last or nearly last on a range of measures. What the state deems “mastery” of a subject barely passes for acceptable in other states: by the standards of Massachusetts or Maine, schools in New Orleans remain terrible. Middle-class whites still mostly send their children to private schools.现在面临的困难是进步能否被保持住。在国家性考试中,路易斯安那州仍然垫底或是在一定范围检测里将近垫底。这个州里被认为是高级学科的课程在其他州仅仅被认为是可以接受的课程:通过对比马萨诸塞州和缅因州,新奥尔良的学校仍然很渣。中产阶级白人们仍然可能将他们的孩子送往私立学校。One worry is money. Before Katrina, spending per pupil in New Orleans was 7,900 per year, about the same as in Louisiana at large. Last year the figure was 12,797—much more than the state average. Federal money, doled out to help rebuild after the hurricane, now pays for repairing almost all the citys school buildings. But it will not last for ever.另一担心则是钱的问题。卡特里娜之前,每个小学生身上每年花销7,900刀,路易斯安那州每个小学生基本相同。去年这个数字是12,797刀—远远超出其他州平均水准。用于救助灾后重建的联邦拨款现在正应付着修建城里的学校建筑。但是这不会持续到永远。At some point, the citys overworked teachers may begin to struggle. Some critics say reform has been imposed paternalistically by white reformers on black communities, and so has only limited support. Yet in a vote on December 6th a new tax for school maintenance was easily approved by the citys voters. They, and their children, seem to like what they are getting.某些观点上,城里过度劳累的老师们可能开始抗议。一些批评家认为改革是白人改革者家长式作风,强加于黑人社区,而且持效果有限。然而在11月6日的城市投票中,针对学校维修的新税法投票中被轻易审核批准。他们以及他们的子女看来是喜欢正享受的东西。By:彭威 译文属译生译世 /201412/349264宜昌男健医院电话号码 Carson Brown wants to make people think critically about what he calls the American landscape, and hes not talking about mountains and vistas. Hes talking about the American landscape of consumerism.;I want people to look around the space of a big box store and ask, Is this space necessary? Do I need all these things? Is this a healthy way of living my life?;He does this by building sculptures — which look like monochromatic towers — inside stores, using the very merchandise the store is selling. All without the establishments permission.Although hes critical of big box stores, he also really likes them. Brown makes his living as a commercial photographer and is often popping into various places to buy things for his photo shoots and clients. Brown says he finds the culture and characters inside big box stores fascinating.;Theres so much happening and so many people involved with lots of voices and stories being told.;Inside a Meijer on a Wednesday night in Grand Rapids, the plan is to build a sculpture inside the store, then take photos of the end result, and share them on social media. All without getting caught.Even though the point of Browns ongoing art project is to question capitalism, its also about having fun and being playful.Brown grabs a cart with one squeaky wheel, and makes his way past a guy stocking candy. He scans the scene for a prime spot to make a sculpture. In the produce aisle, Brown passes a woman talking into a large cell phone, in Spanish, on speaker phone. The scene makes him smile.;I just think people are really interesting, and thats super funny to me. Thats a massive phone and shes talking so loud. How can you not laugh at that?;He takes his empty cart and loops around the store looking for the ideal space to build a sculpture.One of the main things guiding him is the color palette of a particular space and how it might become, as he says, ;activated; by creating a sculpture in a different color that would make the space pop.So, for example, hes considering accenting a beige and brown corner of the store (aka the underwear department) by building a sculpture with entirely cherry red objects.But Brown never knows what hes going to build prior to entering a Meijer or Ikea or Target. He says this art project is about responding in the moment to the stores grid layout and its rows and rows of similar products.Eventually Brown finds a quiet spot in a section where the store had previously housed its back-to-school merchandise. He zones in on some empty shelves. He decides the color blue will make this spot brilliant.So Brown slowly wheels his cart around the different departments, hunting for the perfect shade of blue. almost a blueberry blue. Hes a bit of a kid in a candy store.;Awww this is perfect, look at this! Bubble wrap. Blue bubble wrap in big rolls. That is pretty beautiful. The shape is super nice.;He neatly stacks the items into his cart. He acquires a stack of blue buckets, a blue ironing board, blue recycle bins, blue book binders, blue Listerine, blue loofas — those scrunch-y bath things — and blue shampoo.He fills several cart-loads with products, then goes back to that corner spot and begins carefully stacking the products into a sculpture. Then something on the loudspeaker catches his attention.A woman on the speakers just said: ;All available team members to the shoe department.; Its worth mentioning that Brown is making his sculpture right next to the shoe department.Making sculptures without permission wears on Browns nerves. ;Why would all the team members need to be in the shoe department?; he wonders out loud. He is hyper-aware of curious store employees and shoppers.When employees approach him and ask whats hes doing, he tells them hes working on an art project. Usually they leave him alone, but he also quick to get out of dodge before they can kick him out.Shoppers also ask him what hes up to, and he says for the most part they encourage him and tell him they enjoy his art.Brown says the point of these sculptures is that hes on a time limit to build them before getting caught, and that theyre not permanent pieces of art.Employees often take down his sculptures within the hour, and he has mixed feelings about that. But he says it would entirely change the meaning of the project if he built the sculptures and then dismantled them himself.He wants people to think about all this stuff we buy.Back inside Meijer, Brown is in the zone. He moves the objects around, steps back, studies them carefully, and tweaks them again. He does this at least 100 times. No one has said a peep to him tonight, and he moves the store products with such authority that he looks like he truly belongs here.In fact, he says its not uncommon people for people to ask him where to find something, and he usually can tell them exactly where it is.Once he feels satisfied with his blueberry-blue sculpture, he snaps pictures and blasts them out on social media. But hes worried hes taken too long and is drawing attention to himself. So he stashes his almost-empty cart at the front of the store and slips out the door into the parking lot, where someone in a large truck is blasting country music.Brown says if just one person inside the store does a double-take at his sculpture and wonders what its all about, then he feels his art project was a success.201509/400181宜昌伍家岗区人民中妇幼保健医院治疗龟头炎多少钱

宜昌的男科医院哪个好Ill start with you, Nicole.In the fairy tale,Jack and the Beanstalk,妮可 我从你开始问咯 在童话故事 杰克和魔豆中what does Jack plant that makes the bean start to grow?杰克种了什么豆子才开始生长的呢A bean? A bean, right?Is it a bean? Is it a bean豆子 是一颗豆子对吧 是种了一颗豆子对吗Yes, magic beans but all...Magic bean! Magic beans!Yeah, thats good. Yeah.Alrigt.没错 有魔力的豆子 但是都 有魔力的豆子 对了 答对了 好了Melanie, Platinum blonde is a hard hair color to have because it grows out fast.梅拉妮 浅银灰色是很难维持的发色 因为新头发很快会显现出来Name a celebrity that just dye their hair Platinum Okay. I am thinking. Er...Lets see here.请举出一个最近刚把头发染成浅银灰色的名人 好的 我想想 让我想想Okay. Just dye their hair Platinum. Um.Oh, no. Okay. Im trying to think a.刚把头发染成浅银灰色 哦 不 好了 我想是.I was thinking Rapunzel from Tangled.But, thats not it.Okay, um.我本来想的是;长发公主;里的拉庞泽尔 但那不是 那么.No, Rapunzel was but its not someone current.长发公主的确算 但她不是最近的Yeah, thats not someone current.Youre right. Youre right.对啊 不是最近的 你说的对 你说的对Thats all I get to watch, so this is um.... - Yeah.Let me see. Er.我只能想到这么多 所以这. -嗯 让我想想Okay. What if the initials, the first initial was K,好的 名字的首字母 第一个首字母是Kand then the last initial maybe was a K.Ah...Keira Knigh...Keira Knightley.第二个首字母也许也是K 哦 凯拉奈 凯拉·奈特莉Thats right, isnt it?Am I right?They have K.答对了吗 我对了吗 她的名字首字母都是KYou know what? I just love that answer.Its Kim... thats... its Kim Kardashian.我也很喜欢这个 但其实是金·卡戴珊But... Okay.Wow, she goes with the silent K. Thats a wonderful thing.但 好吧 哇哦 她想到了哑音K 真不错 /201601/420631 宜昌中医院包皮手术怎么样宜昌人民医院看前列腺



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