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宜昌包皮医院湖北宜昌前列腺炎多少钱It’s strange with offal,” says Fergus Henderson. “People say, ‘Liver, oh yes, liver’, which is the biggest filter in the body. Then they say, ‘I love sweetbs’, which are glands, but, ‘Tripe, oh no! Brains, oh no!’”“动物内脏很奇怪,”弗格斯#8226;亨德森(Fergus Henderson)说,“人们说,‘肝,好吧,肝’,肝是人体里最大的过滤器。然后他们说,‘我爱吃胰脏’,胰脏是腺体,但是,‘肚子,咦,不要!脑花,算了吧!’”Unlike the St John chef, many of us are inconsistent offal eaters. We happily scoff chicken liver p#226;té but, for most, brains are a step too far. It’s the melting, mousse-like texture that gives pause. For chefs, however, it is precisely the combination of voluptuous texture, subtle taste and unfamiliarity that makes brains such a desirable ingredient. And, in London’s restaurants at least, they are becoming increasingly popular.与这位St John餐厅的大厨不一样,我们大多数人对各种内脏态度不一。我们快乐地大嚼鸡肝酱,但对大多数人来说,脑花就有点过头了。让我们犹豫不决的是那种入口即化的、如慕斯一般的口感。然而,对大厨来说,正是这种曼妙的口感、无以名状的滋味和新奇感结合在一起,才让脑花成为了一种理想的食材。而且,至少在伦敦的餐厅中,这种食材正变得越来越流行。This isn’t news to chef Henry Harris, who had calves’ brains permanently on the at his (recently closed) Knightsbridge brasserie Racine. Harris prepares them fried, with a sauce of brown butter and capers. This classic combination is, according to the late food writer Richard Olney, the “purest way to appreciate brains”.对大厨亨利#8226;哈里斯(Henry Harris)来说,这不是什么新鲜事。在他位于伦敦骑士桥(Knightsbridge)法式小酒馆Racine(最近已关闭)里,小牛脑是菜单上雷打不动的菜品。哈里斯的烹饪方法是油煎,佐以褐色黄油和腌刺山柑花蕾的酱汁。新近的美食作家理查德#8226;奥尔尼(Richard Olney)称这种经典搭配是“品味脑花最纯粹的方式”。Brains must first be soaked and then the fine membrane carefully peeled off. Far from finding this a chore, Harris takes pleasure in the fiddly process. “From a cook’s point of view, they are lovely things to prepare. They have to be utterly fresh as they degrade very quickly, there is no muscle, they are 80 per cent fat of a very fragile nature. I’ve done them enough times so that I can do a whole calf’s brain in about two minutes.”脑花必须先浸泡,然后小心地把上面的薄膜剥下来。哈里斯完全不觉得这是个麻烦事,对于这项精细的工作,他相当乐在其中。“从一个厨师的角度来说,这种烹饪食材非常可爱。它们必须绝对新鲜,因为很快就会变质。脑髓里没有肌肉,80%都是由一种非常易碎的脂肪组成。我操作的次数足够多,因此我处理一整个小牛脑大约只需要2分钟。”Karam Sethi, chef at Michelin-starred Mayfair restaurant Gymkhana, agrees. Sethi serves goat’s brains (bheja) blanched, chopped and fried in a masala as a supplement to a dish of spiced goat’s mince (methi keema). It has been a top-selling choice since the Raj-inspired restaurant opened in 2013. “Brains are widely eaten across India,” Sethi says. “I knew our Indian customers would order them, they’ve grown up eating them#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;Brits too have a love of offal. They were intrigued to try [the dish]; 99 per cent of people like the taste.”伦敦梅菲尔区(Mayfair)的米其林星级餐厅Gymkhana的大厨卡拉姆#8226;塞蒂(Karam Sethi)也持相同意见。塞蒂为食客准备了山羊脑(bheja),先水焯、然后切碎,与马萨拉(masala)调料一起煎炒,作为加香料调味的山羊肉碎(methi keema)的伴菜。自这家印度风味餐厅2013年开业以来,这道菜已经成为店里最畅销的菜品。“脑花在印度是一种常见食物,”塞蒂说,“我知道我们的印度顾客会点这道菜,他们是吃着这个长大的……英国人中也有很多爱吃内脏的人。他们好奇地尝试(这道菜);99%的人喜欢这种味道。”For Sethi, brains are a good introduction to offal. “I think brains are not that challenging, they are not as offally or strong as some other ingredients. You can also deep fry them, they are so versatile.”对塞蒂来说,脑花很适合第一次吃内脏的人。“我认为脑花不是那么有挑战性,它们不像其它一些食材那样有内脏的感觉,味道也没那么重。你还可以用油炸,做法多种多样。”Soft and creamy, brains contrast well with a crisp golden exterior and a sharp sauce to cut through the richness. Henderson loves blanched, cold brains on toast with a green sauce of herb, capers and vinegar, a dish that offers a threefold pleasure: “the give of the brains, then the crunch of the toast, and the bite of the sauce”.脑花柔滑细腻的口感与金黄酥脆的外皮形成了鲜明的对比,用味道强烈的酱汁来穿透厚重的感觉。亨德森喜欢把水焯过的凉脑花放在烤面包片上,配上一种绿色的香草汁、腌刺山柑花蕾和醋,给人以三种层次的愉悦感:“脑花的弹性、然后是烤面包片的酥脆,以及酱汁的强烈风味。”Jeremy Lee, chef at Soho restaurant Quo Vadis, thinks brains “marvellous as a stuffing for veal” but loves them as fritters to be “dunked in a great big bowl of sauce gribiche or ravigote”.伦敦苏活区(Soho)餐厅Quo Vadis的大厨杰里米#8226;李(Jeremy Lee)认为,脑花“用作小牛肉的填料极为合适”,但他喜欢把脑花剁碎后油炸,然后“用一大碗法式芥末香料蛋黄酱(gribiche)或者法式酸辣调味酱(ravigote)沾着吃。”Over in Shoreditch, east London, at the recently opened Lyle’s, chef James Lowe sources English rose veal brains from Cornwall. “I think it’s good to give people something they wouldn’t normally order. It’s about how creamy they are, as opposed to liver, which is firm and sweet. If you want them to hold their integrity, then blanch them first. They unravel like a fire hose.”在伦敦东部肖尔迪奇地区(Shoreditch)最近新开业的餐厅Lyle’s,大厨詹姆斯#8226;洛(James Lowe)选用产自康沃尔(Cornwall)的英国玫瑰小肉牛的牛脑。“我觉得,给人们提供一些他们平时不会点的东西是一件好事。牛脑的卖点是柔滑细腻,与肝脏紧实浓香的感觉不同。如果你想要牛脑保持完整性,先下水焯。它们会像消防水带一样舒展开来。”Lowe takes the classic French approach and makes it his own using wild ingredients. He has served brains fried in butter with the salt and sour of pickled and salted elderberry “capers” (unripe elderberries) and ripe elderberries cooked with sugar and cider vinegar. “When you cook elderberries, they make a ton of vinegar, it’s dark and fruity. I make it in the autumn and use it in game sauces.”洛采用了经典的法式做法,并用风味浓烈的配料做出了自己的特色风味。他用黄油煎牛脑、加盐、用盐和醋腌制的未成熟接骨木果,以及用糖和苹果醋烹制的成熟接骨木果。“烹制接骨木果时,会出大量的酸汁,色泽深黑,果香浓郁。我每年秋天制作,用在野味汁(game sauce)里。”Probably the most glamorous place to eat a plate of brains is at the sparkling chrome-and-marble counter of Sam and Eddie Hart’s tapas restaurant Barrafina, Adelaide Street, which opened in Covent Garden last summer. Here Basque-born chef Nieves Barragán Mohacho serves milk-fed lambs’ brains “just like my mum used to”, coated in coarse Panko bcrumbs, deep-fried, sitting on a spicy tomato sauce and topped with a glossy black olive picada, a sprinkling of pine nuts and sprigs of basil.想要品尝一盘脑花,最迷人的地方很可能是萨姆和埃迪哈特夫妇(Sam and Eddie Hart)的西班牙小吃店Barrafina里铬和大理石制的闪耀着光泽的柜台。这家店位于阿德莱德大街(Adelaide Street),去年夏天在考文特花园(Covent Garden)开业。店里的大厨涅韦斯#8226;巴拉甘#8226;莫哈舒(Nieves Barragán Mohacho)出生在巴斯克(Basque),她“就像我妈妈曾经做的那样”烹制羔羊脑,把羔羊脑裹上一层面包屑后油炸,下面铺上一层辣味番茄汁,上面撒上带着光泽的碎黑橄榄酱,少许松仁和几枝罗勒叶。It’s a rather extraordinary plateful, offering spice, heat, crunch and the aromatic olive and basil flavour as the precursor to the delicate, pearlescent brains. It’s aly a big hit with customers. For Barragán Mohacho, offal is something she grew up with and there’s plenty of it on the here (kidneys cooked in a Josper grill and a Frit Mallorcan speciality of that island that consists of liver, kidneys and sweetbs). She counsels that the fat must not be too hot or the bcrumbs will burn before the brains are cooked.这是一盘相当令人惊艳的菜,热辣的味道、酥脆的口感、橄榄的香气和罗勒的风味作为前味,然后是细腻柔滑、闪着珠光的脑花。这道菜已经是顾客中的大热门。对莫哈舒来说,内脏是她从小吃到大的食物,也时常在当地餐馆的菜单上出现(用烤网烹制的腰子,还有马略卡岛(Mallorcan)特色菜Frit Mallorquí,用肝、腰和胰脏烹制而成)。她建议油温不要太高,否则脑花还没熟透面包屑就焦了。If you feel like preparing brains at home, you’ll probably need to give your butcher a day or two’s notice. London butcher Danny Lidgate warns that lambs’ brains are harder to get hold of (the ones served at Barrafina are from Spain). “Lambs’ brains are harder to extract. They have a different texture, smaller and daintier. Pork brains would have a stronger flavour. A lot of people given the option would choose veal.” For Lidgate, it’s the simplest approach that works best and brains on toast is a good weekday supper. “I would blanch them and fry them in butter and olive oil and season them.”如果你想在家做脑花,你可能需要提前一两天告诉肉贩。伦敦肉贩丹尼#8226;利德盖特(Danny Lidgate)的忠告是,羊脑更难买到(Barrafina的羊脑是从西班牙运来的)。“羔羊脑更难取出。它们的质地不同、更小也更易碎。猪脑的味道比较浓重。所有很多人会选择小牛脑。”对利德盖特来说,最简单的方法最好,把脑花放在烤面包片上,非常适合作为工作日的晚餐。“我会用水焯,然后用黄油和橄榄油煎,之后进行调味。”. . .. . .All the chefs agree that deep-frying makes brains less scary to diners. But for the home cook, it’s harder to get right and brains are not something you want to undercook. Harris warns against pan-frying unblanched brains as “undercooked brain is revolting”. Which makes blanching, cooling and then slicing a more fail-proof method. The blanching firms the brains up, making them easier to handle. It also means you can indulge in one of Richard Olney’s “private kitchen pleasures”, the sight of brains floating in a pot with carrot, onions and herbs.所有的大厨都同意,油炸会让脑花变得不那么可怕,更容易被食客接受。但如果是家庭烹制,油炸的火候更难掌握,而半生的脑花肯定不是你想看到的。哈里斯的忠告是不要用平底煎锅来煎没有用水焯过的脑花,因为“没有熟透的脑花令人作呕”。因此水焯、冷却后切片的方法更加万无一失。水焯会让脑花变得紧实,因此更容易处理。这也意味着,你可以沉浸在理查德#8226;奥尔尼所说的其中一种“厨房私密之乐”里——看着脑花、胡萝卜、洋葱和香草一起漂浮在锅里。Come summer, I think one of the nicest ways to eat brains is Olney’s cervelles de veau froides à la crème, a dish of chilled brains covered in a dressing of double cream whisked together with lemon juice and mustard, and garnished with chives and chopped celery. It might sound rich but is a good match for sultry weather. Cookery writer Simon Hopkinson showed me how to make this dish, in what turned out to be a masterclass in the gentle touch needed to peel off the membranes and then prepare and cook the brains. Cream and green chives made for a pretty plateful. They were, as Olney promised, “wonderfully creamy” with “a firm yet melting” texture. In short: a rare and cerebral pleasure.今年夏天,我认为品尝脑花最美妙的方式之一是奥尔尼的奶油冻小牛脑,做法是在冰的熟脑花外面淋上一层由浓奶油、柠檬汁和芥末混合而成的酱汁,再装饰以四季葱和剁碎的芹菜。这听起来可能比较腻,但其实非常适合在闷热的天气里品尝。烹饪作家西蒙#8226;霍普金森(Simon Hopkinson)向我展示了怎么做这道菜,剥除外面的薄膜然后处理烹制的过程需要非常细致的手法,这让整个展示过程变成了一次大师课程。奶油和青翠的四季葱使这道菜肴非常美味。就像奥尔尼许诺的那样,“极其柔滑”而且“紧实但又入口即化”的口感。简而言之:一道世间少有、让人食指大动的美味佳肴。 /201502/359177宜昌男科检查费用表 Singapore’s reputation as a “nanny state” — where the sale of chewing gum is banned and persistent litterbugs can be fined up to S,000 (US,000) — is one of the more notorious legacies of Lee Kuan Yew, who has died aged 91.新加坡有着“保姆国家”的名声,这是在91岁辞世的李光耀(Lee Kuan Yew)不甚光的遗产之一。新加坡禁止销售口香糖,多次乱扔垃圾者将被罚款最高1万新元(合7000美元)。It struck at the heart of the founder of modern Singapore’s vision for a society where collective responsibility came above the instincts of the individual, for the greater good.这个词切中“现代新加坡之父”的理想社会的核心特征:为了更广泛的社会福祉,集体责任高于个人天性。Mr Lee justified his government’s intrusiveness on its citizen’s private lives by saying it was necessary for social cohesion. But this paternalistic approach to governing chafes with many in the population who have grown tired of being told how to live their lives.关于政府介入公民个人生活领域,李光耀的理由是,这是形成社会凝聚力的必要之举。但这种家长式的治理作风引起了许多新加坡人不满,他们厌倦了被告诉该如何生活。One of the earliest acts of the ruling Peoples’ Action party in the 1960s was to start a programme of clearing the streets of itinerant hawkers, and rehousing them in “hawker stalls”, organised under a single roof and regulated with strict hygiene standards.执政的人民行动党(People’s Action party)在上世纪60年代采取的最早举措之一,是展开了一项整顿街头小贩的行动,引导这些流动小贩进入集中的、有着严格卫生标准的“小贩中心”。With the massive public housing programmes of the same decade came the introduction of strict rules on cleanliness and order that survive to this day. Urinating in apartment block elevators is banned and urine smell detectors are installed to deter offenders.60年代实施大规模公共住房项目的同时,新加坡也开始推行延续至今的、关于保持清洁与秩序的严厉法规。公寓楼电梯里禁止小便,并且安装有尿味探测器。Failure to flush a public toilet is also a punishable offence.在公厕不冲水也要受惩罚。The authority that administers the country’s massive Housing Development Board housing schemes goes to the length of including on its website items that must not be hung from the bamboo laundry poles that jut from most HDB flats. The list includes cooking woks and even shopping trolleys.大规模的公共住房计划由新加坡建屋发展局(Housing Development Board)负责管理,该局网站上详细列出了不得挂于此类住房中伸出的晾衣竹竿上的物品清单(大多数HDB公寓都有这种晾衣杆)。被禁物品包括炒锅,甚至还有购物用的小推车。Littering has become an increasing problem in Singapore, in spite of a system of “corrective work orders”, which force offenders to pick up litter in public.尽管政府出台了“垃圾虫劳改法令”,强制犯规者打扫公共场所,但乱丢垃圾现象仍日益增多。Fines have risen accordingly. Last year the maximum fine for littering was doubled to ,000 for the first conviction, rising to five times that for repeat offenders.于是对乱扔垃圾者的罚金也相应提高。去年,对初犯者的最高罚金提到了一倍,达2000美元,对屡教不改者的最高罚金则提高了4倍。In January authorities meted out a fine of S,800 (,000) to a smoker for throwing cigarette butts out of his apartment window — the largest ever such punishment.1月,当局以一名吸烟者将烟头扔出自己家窗户为由,对其处以1.98万新元(合1.5万美元)的罚款,为同类罚款中金额最高的一次。Goh Chok Tong, Mr Lee’s successor in 1990, posted a comment on Facebook in January lamenting how Singapore’s reputation as one of the world’s cleanest cities “was going down the rubbish chute” after an outdoor music festival venue was left strewn with rubbish. But the move provoked a reaction from many people who felt he was needlessly patronising.1990年接替李光耀担任新加坡总理的吴作栋(Goh Chok Ton)今年1月在Facebook上发了一条。事情起因是一场户外音乐节结束后,地上扔满了垃圾,吴作栋为此感叹道,新加坡作为全球最清洁城市之一的名声也“沿着垃圾滑槽沉下去了”。但这番言论在社会上引起很大反响,许多人认为,吴作栋不必自视清高。It was Mr Goh who introduced the ban on chewing gum in 1992 — a move unlikely to have gone ahead without the support of Mr Lee, who still wielded enormous influence in the cabinet at the time.1992年实行口香糖销售禁令的正是吴作栋——此事若未得到李光耀的持是推行不下去的,那时李光耀在内阁仍有很大的影响力。The ban was relaxed in 2004 after lobbying by Wrigley, the US gum maker, to allow the limited sale of sugar-free gum for medicinal purposes.在美国箭牌公司(Wrigley)的游说之后,口香糖禁令在2004年有所放宽,允许用于医疗用途的无糖口香糖的有限销售。The government official who implemented the prohibition on gum, Daniel Wang, was reported this week to have died aged 71. “It’s actually good for gum health and that’s why it’s still used for medical reasons today,” he was reported as having said. “But I was under instructions.”本周有报道称,当初负责贯彻落实口香糖销售禁令的政府官员Daniel Wang已经去世,终年71岁。据报道他曾说过这样的话:“嚼口香糖确实有利于牙龈健康,所以今天口香糖仍可用在医疗用途上,但我是奉命行事的。”There is no sign of the ban being fully lifted.目前没有迹象表明,口香糖销售禁令将全面解禁。 /201503/366238Sonny:Hi,Gramps.桑尼:爷爷您好。Gramps: Hi Sonny…What did you learn in school today?爷爷:嗨今天在学校学了什么?Sonny: That laughter can add many years to your life!桑尼:笑声可以给你更长寿!Sonny: Where’re you goin’ Gramps?桑尼:你到哪里去你呢,爷爷?Gramps: To burn all my joke books爷爷:烧了我所有的笑话书 /201507/383895宜昌包茎环切费用

宜昌最好治疗软下疳医院五峰县人民中妇幼保健医院男科挂号 Are You A Modern Day Cinderella?你是现代版灰姑娘吗?Many women model their lives after one of the most famous (and most exhausted) female characters of all, Cinderella - not the glass slipper and ball gown Cinderella but the work-her-fingers-to-the-bone-exhausted Cinderella, who desperately needs a vacation and some beauty rest.许多女性的生活简直是最著名(也是最累人的)的女性角色之一-;灰姑娘;的翻版。但不是穿着水晶鞋和舞会礼的灰姑娘,而是每天干活到精疲力竭的那个灰姑娘,这些现代版的;灰姑娘;们急需一个假期和一些美容觉。You think you are not working as hard as Cinderella?你觉得自己并没有灰姑娘那么累是吗?When was the last time you took the day off because you felt a cold coming on? (I am not talking about lying in bed with a box of tissues and a bag of menthol cough drops because you can#39;t function. That doesn#39;t count.)那你上次因为感冒请假是什么时候的事了?(我不是指那种抱着一盒纸巾和止咳药水躺在床上的情况,因为这时你身体机能不能正常运转,不算在之内。)When was the last time you checked in with your needs and listened to your body#39;s calls for help? (Upset stomach, lost sleep, anxiety, feeling the stress buzz)你上次因为身体不适去做检查是什么时候的事了?(胃部不适,失眠,焦虑或是压力导致的耳鸣)When was the last time you stopped to simply enjoy your day? Notice what#39;s blooming around you. Claim a peaceful moment, sit and look out into the sky. (Ahh)你有多久没有停下脚步好好享受生活了?多观察身边的美好吧。找个宁静的时光,坐下来静静细赏云卷云舒。When was the last time you rested because it just feels good to be at rest?你有多久没有想休息就休息了?In my new book, Stop Giving It Away, I write about a pervasive problem I call Detrimental Caretaking. First know that caretaking in and of itself is not a bad thing.在我的新书《别再放弃》中写道了一种普遍的问题,我将其称为;有害照料;。首先要了解,照料其本身并不是一件坏事。When it comes to people, some caretaking is a necessary and natural part of life (with children and the elderly, for example). It#39;s what comes with being a caring, compassionate, responsible person. Caretaking comes from a great place of loving and giving.说到人的时候,照料是人生中不可或缺且自然而然的一部分(比如,对孩子或老人)。这是作为一个有爱心、同情心和责任心的人所必须具有的特质。它来自心底的爱与给予。We become detrimental caretakers when we:我们在以下这些情况就变成了;有害照料者;:1. Take care as a result of unhealthy belief systems. Everything is up to me. Without me, everything will fall apart and nothing will get done. It#39;s all on me.1. 带着一种不健康的思想去照料别人。什么事都是由我决定的。没了我,什么事都做不成。什么事都得我做。2. Make decisions based on fear, pressure, and the inability to speak up for ourselves and because we can#39;t set boundaries. If I don#39;t do this, he or she will be mad at me. He#39;ll yell at me and make me feel stupid. I#39;ll be punished in one way or another if I don#39;t …2. 所做的决定都基于恐惧和压力,还有因为无法制定界限而不敢为自己出头的无能。如果我不这样做,他或她就会生我的气。他会吼我并让我觉得自己很蠢。如果我不这样就会受到这样那样的惩罚…3. Cover and do for people who can and should make decisions and take action for themselves. Someone has to step in-it#39;s what#39;s best for everyone. I can#39;t stand by and let this happen.3. 掩护或代替那些本该自己做出决定并为此承担责任的人。总要有人介入-这对所有人都最好。我不能坐视不管。4. Take care of all these things first and at the expense-to the detriment-of ourselves. It#39;s selfish to put my needs in front of others#39; needs. I was taught that#39;s it#39;s better to give, no matter what.4. 一个人包揽全局,并以牺牲自我为代价。将自我需要置于他人之前太自私了。我受到的教育是无论如何都要自我奉献。People who fall down the Detrimental Caretaking path don#39;t feel good about it, but it takes some effort and increased consciousness to realize the need for change. ;And you don#39;t know what you feel; but you know it#39;s not satisfied. (Natalie Merchant#39;s Ladybird).走上;有害照料者;这条路上的人们对此感觉并不好,但要让他们意识到改变的必要还是得花些精力和意识。;你不知道感觉如何;但你明白自己对此并不满意。;Detrimental caretaking occurs in different degrees and can occur in one or all areas of life-home, work, life and love. Detrimental caretaking means you give in (make sacrifices) for the people and circumstances around you. It can feel like something or someone (other than you) is running your life. It doesn#39;t have to be that way.;有害照料;的程度或浅或深,并可能发生生活中的各个方面-家庭,工作,生活还有爱情。;有害照料;意味着你为周围的人或环境作出了妥协和牺牲。那感觉就如你让别人来接管了自己的生活。而你知道这一切不必如此。 /201506/380744宜昌有哪些不孕不育医院

宜昌治疗阳痿早泄An incredulous farmer has been offered HUGEsums of money after one of his goats gave birth to a kid with TWO HEADS.一位农民养的山羊生下了一只长着两个脑袋的羊羔,但有人愿出巨额购买却难以置信地遭到了拒绝。Bidders are battling for the famers#39; mutantgoat which has a split-head with three eyes and two ears.出价者争着要买下农民的这只突变异种羊羔,它长着两个头、三只眼睛和两个耳朵。Shocked neighbours flocked to see thetwo-headed billy when it was born.惊讶的邻居们都聚集到他家里观看这只长着两个脑袋的刚出生的小羊羔。But many of the fascinated visitorscautioned Chinese farmer Xu Jinkui, 43, that his hideous baby goat would notlive long at all – and that he should just let it DIE.但很多被吸引过来的看客提醒43岁的中国农民徐金奎(Xu Jinkui)说,这只丑陋的羊羔活不了多久——他应当丢下它。Xu said: ;They told me to leave it todie, but I couldn#39;t just do that.徐说,“他们要我丢下它,但我就是办不到”。;I asked the vet and he said itwouldn#39;t live long either, but the mother didn#39;t reject it and I gave it a bitof extra milk occasionally and instead of dying, it seemed to do prettywell.;“我问过兽医,兽医也说羊羔活不久,但羊羔的母亲并没有丢弃它。我会不定期另给它喂些牛奶,羊羔不但没有死去,身体好像变得相当不错”。After ignoring the predictions of thosearound him and giving the two-headed kid a little extra care, the young goathas gone on to thrive.忽略了人们对它的种种预言后,多一些照料,它就茁壮成长了。;I have had a lot of visitors, andsome pretty big cash offers as people realise it#39;s probably going to livelonger, but I#39;m not interested in selling it.“有很多访客。因为觉得羊羔可能还可以活得更久就有人开出了高价,但我没有将它卖掉的意愿”。;Maybe later, but for now it#39;s fun tohave around.;“或许以后会卖掉它,但现在有它在身边很有乐趣”。 /201411/344052 宜昌哪个医生看激素依赖性皮炎效果好宜昌男健医院有泌尿科吗




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