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宜昌伍家岗区看男科好吗宜昌那家医院有男科1.They always smell good , even if it's just shampoo 。  她们总是香气袭人,即使只是从发间散发出来的香波味道。  2.The way their heads always find the right spot on your shoulder。  她们的头舒适的斜椅在你肩上的模样。 /201001/95123点军区人民中妇幼保健医院看泌尿科怎么样 Almost everyone will get hitched at one point or another in their life. Marriage isn't something that should be jumped into. It is a serious commitment that should be carefully thought through. These are some things to consider... 几乎每个人都会被生活中的某一点或其它事情栓住。婚姻不应是跳进去然后栓住你的那件事。婚姻是一个严肃的承诺,需要大家的深思熟虑。下面的问题应在婚前仔细考虑: * Do you love the person enough to stay with them forever? 你是否愿意和这个人永远在一起? * Do you like their In-Laws? Do they like you? 你喜欢对方的家人吗?他们喜欢你吗? * Do we have the finances to support each other? 你们彼此能够在经济上相互持吗? * Do we want kids? How many? 你们希望要孩子吗?如果要,希望要几个? * Where are we going to live? 你们婚后住在哪里? * Does this person have drug/alcohol issues? Is he/she a violent person? 你的另一半有过毒瘾或嗜酒的记录吗?他/她是一个有暴力倾向的人吗? These are very important things that need to be looked at before the "I do's" start flying around. More than half of the marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. Divorce is something that can ruin lives financially and emotionally. That is why before you tie the knot, you need to have a talk with your spouse and discuss what you are willing to sacrifice to be with this person. 你在开口说“我愿意”之前,需要好好想想这些重要的事情。美国有半数以上的婚姻是以离婚收场的。离婚既可以破坏一个人的经济状况也可以伤害一个人的感情。你应该在打好领带结准备进入教堂前与配偶讨论一下——你愿意为这个人作出多大的牺牲。 /200904/66086The 10,000-Hour Rule says that you need approximately 10,000 hours of practice to become a world-class expert in a field. There is no other way: if you want to be a world-class expert in your field, you must do your 10,000 hours of practice.一万小时天才理论说的是:要想成为这一领域的世界级专家,你就需要花大约一万个小时来练习。没有其他的法子,如果你想成功,那就必须得花一万个小时。Then, where should you invest my 10,000 hours of practice?那么,你应该把这一万个小时花在哪里呢?This question is important because 10,000 hours is a lot of time. If you consistently practice 4 hours a day for 6 days a week, you will still need 8 years to get 10,000 hours. So answering this question is essential. If you need to invest such a huge amount of time, you#39;d better do it right. You#39;d better find your niche.这个问题很重要,因为一万个小时是很长的一段时间。如果你每天练习4小时,每周练习6天,那么你需要8年的时间才能达到一万个小时的练习量。所以回答“要把一万个小时花在哪”的这个问题就变得非常有必要了。你要付出这么多的时间,你就必须选好方向,选择最合适的方向。To find your niche, I find the three questions below helpful. Answer them and you will have an idea of where you should go. Here they are:为了能找到最合适的方向,我提出了下面的三个问题,如果能回答出来这些问题,你就能找到你的方向了。问题如下:1. Where have you invested your time?1. 你过去都把时间花在了哪里?One way to know where to invest your time is simply to look at where you have invested your time. For example, in the last few years you might have learned how to play music for one or two hours a day. Or you might have blogged about a certain topic. Or you might have spent a lot of time on gardening.要想知道该在哪个方面花时间的最简单的办法就是回头看看自己已经在哪个领域花了时间。比如说,在过去的几年里,你每天都会花一两个小时来演奏音乐,或者在某个问题上持续地发表文章,又或者在园艺上花费了大量的时间。Those are good signs of where you should invest your 10,000 hours. You aly invest part of that 10,000 hours so you only need to invest the rest. The difference is now you do it consciously and deliberately. You will be more effective that way.这些都能很好地说明你应该在哪些方面来利用这一万个小时的时间。你已经花了一部分时间了,那么你只需要把一万个小时中剩下的那部分时间花上去就可以了。区别在于现在你是有意识地、特意地把时间用在某个领域上,而收效也会更好。2. What are your passions?2. 你最感兴趣的是什么?In fact, that#39;s one reason why 10,000 hours is a magic number to become a world-class expert: almost everyone else fails before reaching that point. Only a few people can reach the 10,000 hours mark and that#39;s why they become world class.事实上,兴趣就是一万个小时天才理论的奥妙之处,因为很多人都在达到这个数量级之前就放弃了。只有一小部分人可以坚持一万个小时,而他们就成了世界级的高手。To help you reach the 10,000 hours mark, doing something you love is really helpful. It will help you go through difficult times. It will help you overcome boredom. Without it, the 10,000 hours will feel like a painful journey. It#39;s highly unlikely that you will ever reach the 10,000 hours mark that way.为了让自己能坚持一万个小时,做自己感兴趣的事是非常重要的。它可以帮助你渡过难关,战胜无聊。如果是自己不感兴趣的东西的话,那么要坚持一万个小时简直就是一段痛苦不堪的长途跋涉啊,很有可能你在到达终点前就已经放弃了。3. What opportunities does the age give you?3. 你所处的时代赋予了你什么?Ask yourself: what opportunities does your birth date give you? What opportunities does the history give you at this point in time?问问自己:你出生的那个时代给你带来了什么机会?现在的社会环境又给你创造了什么机遇?Answering these questions is not easy because it#39;s difficult to see whether or not something will be hot. When Bill Gates did his 10,000 hours of practice to learn programming, he might not know that it would eventually put him in a perfect position to be a software mogul. You need to have faith in something and believe that the dots will eventually connect.要回答这个问题并不容易因为没有人可以预见未来,知道什么东西会在将来火起来。当比尔-盖茨把他的一万个小时用于学习编程的时候,他可能也不知道最终自己会因此而成为软件业巨头。你需要对自己选择的方向有信心,要相信最终这些小的点都会连成线。 /201205/184103宜昌男健男科医院有泌尿科吗

宜昌医院的预约电话【中英对照】Sisters sp happiness while brothers breed distress, experts believe.专家相信,为家庭播洒快乐,而兄弟让家庭陷入忧愁。Researchers quizzed 571 people aged 17 to 25 about their lives and found those who grew up with sisters were more likely to be happy and balanced.研究人员在对571名年龄在17至25岁的青年人进行调查后发现,那些在成长过程中有相伴的人长大后更快乐、心理也更平衡。The University of Ulster said having daughters made a family more open and willing to discuss feelings.阿尔斯特大学的研究人员说,家中有女儿有助于家庭成员之间敞开心扉、增进交流。They said the influence of girls was particularly important after distressing family events such as marital break-ups.女孩对家庭有着巨大的影响力,这种影响力在家庭遭遇诸如夫妻离异这样的重大变故后,会尤为明显地体现出来。The findings are due to be presented at the British Psychological Society in Brighton on Thursday.该项研究成果将于周四在英国心理学会在布莱顿召开的会议上公布。 /200906/72401宜昌夷陵区治疗早泄多少钱 I#39;ve always known my father was an important man. He is, after all, the president of the ed States. But the other day, as I was running around on the playground, a thought suddenly occurred to me, a horrible realization that stopped me dead in my tracks: There are people out there who want to kill my dad. My dad. The man who is raising me, who asks me how school is every day, who takes me to soccer games and s me stories when I can#39;t fall asleep at night. People want to murder him. They want to murder my father.我知道我爸爸一直是个重要人物。毕竟,他是美国总统。但是,某天我在操场上跑步的时候,一个想法突然掠过我脑海,它是个如此令人恐惧的发现,以至于我当时就停下了脚步,楞站在跑道上:有人想杀我爸爸,我的爸爸。那个抚养我长大,每天问我“今天在学校过得如何”,带我去看足球比赛,以及在我枕边读故事哄我入睡的爸爸。有人想谋杀他。有人想谋杀我的爸爸。Doesn#39;t really get more fucked up than that, now, does it?还有什么能比这更糟糕?When we first moved into the White House I was only 7 years old, too young to know that people wanted my dad dead. And I#39;ll tell you what, I was a lot happier then. Now that I#39;m a little older, though, it#39;s all becoming pretty clear. There aren#39;t just four or five people who want my dad dead. Tons of people want to murder him. Tons. People in this country, people in other countries. The bottom line-and this is the cold, hard reality that I now fully understand-is that every second of every day, people are thinking of ways to kill the person I love and admire more than anyone in the world.当我们一家刚搬进白宫的时候,我才七岁,对有人想谋杀我爸爸这点毫无意识。然而,说实话,那时的我比现在快乐得多。如今我长大了点儿,而现实清楚地摆在眼前。希望我爸爸死的人并不只有4、5个,而有成千上万个!成千上万个在美国的,或是在国外的人,都有。如今我终于明白了这个冰冷又残酷的现实——每一天,每一秒钟,都有人在琢磨着如何将这个全世界我最爱、最崇拜的人杀死。Meanwhile, no one is plotting the murder of, say, my friend Amanda#39;s dad. He#39;s a computer technician. No one is trying to assassinate a computer technician. At no point in Amanda#39;s day will she experience a rush of crippling panic due to the fact that, at any moment, a psycho wielding a semiautomatic weapon could step out of the shadows and unload an entire clip into her father#39;s chest, killing him right on the spot.与此同时,却没有人策划如何杀死我朋友阿曼达的父亲。他是个电脑技术人员。没人会想杀一个电脑技术人员。在阿曼达的生活里,她永远不会经历那种突如其来的巨大恐惧感,那种“突然间,她的父亲就被暗中埋伏的神经病拿着的半自动武器击穿胸膛,立时毙命”的恐惧。That#39;s just true. You can try to comfort me all you want, but you know damn well that#39;s just a fact.这是实话。无论你如何安慰我,你也很清楚,事情就是这样。Here#39;s another awful thing I#39;ve finally started to understand: The chances of somebody killing my father are so high that there is an entire force of men and women whose singular responsibility is to prevent that from happening. These people are specially trained. They create intricate plans specifically designed to protect my father, because no matter where he goes, somebody in the area probably wants to kill him. And look, I#39;m not some naiuml;ve little girl anymore. I can get on the Internet. I can research American presidents. I know damn well the Secret Service doesn#39;t always succeed. Ronald Reagan almost died, and he had a daughter just like me.我还渐渐明白了另一个令人恐惧的事实:由于我父亲被谋杀的几率实在太高,以至于专门有一由男男女女组成的队伍,他们的使命很简单:防止此类事件发生。这些人员都经过特殊训练。他们设计错综复杂的方案来保护我父亲的人身安全,因为无论他走到哪里,都有被暗处的人谋杀的可能性。我已经不是个幼稚的小姑娘了,我会上网,会搜索“美国历届总统”。我很清楚特勤局并不会永远都成功。里根总统差点被杀死,他和我爸爸一样,有一个像我这个年纪的女儿。Also, I know exactly who John F. Kennedy is now. And I know exactly what happened to him.我还知道约翰-肯尼迪先生是谁,我也知道了发生在他身上的事情。So, as this was all starting to sink in-and I was pretty shocked, as you can probably imagine-it occurred to me that I have my own Secret Service detail, which means there are also people who want me dead. They want me, an 11-year-old little girl, dead. Same goes for my mom and big sister. I mean, shit, they want to kill my whole family.所以,当这些真相慢慢开始充斥我的脑海,我变得非常恐惧。我也有自己的专属特勤局保镖,而这说明了有人想要我的命。对,有人想杀我,杀一个才11岁的小姑娘。我母亲和我也未能幸免于此。他妈的,这些人想要我们全家的命。And you want to know what the worst part is? I have no idea where my dad is right now. I haven#39;t seen him all day. For all I know, he could be waving to a crowd of supporters at this very moment while some guy on a rooftop 2,000 feet away has his head in the scope of a high-powered rifle, just waiting for the perfect moment to splatter his brains all over the stage.你知道最糟糕的是什么吗?最糟糕的是,我连我爸现在在哪里都不知道。我已经一整天没见他了。他很有可能正在跟一大群持者挥手,而这时一个隐匿在2000英尺外屋顶上的家伙,正在用大火力来复对着我爹的脑袋,伺机等待着那个最佳的时刻,来扣动扳机,让我爹的脑浆涂满一地。Put yourself in my shoes for a second. Imagine you#39;re standing next to your dad, holding his hand and smiling, when all of a sudden a bullet pierces through his skull and drenches your sundress in blood.设身处地为我想想。假如你是我,站在自己爸爸的身边,拉着他的手微笑着,而突然间,一颗子弹穿透了他的颅骨,而你的背心裙瞬间被他的鲜血染透。Seriously, do you have any idea how messed up that is?你能想象这是多么令人绝望的场景吗?And I#39;m not operating under the misconception that all these people are going to get caught someday or just eventually give up. The most depressing thing is this will be going on for the rest of my life. Twenty years from now, when I#39;m living far away and have kids of my own, I could get a call from my mom with the news that Dad is dead. That he was blown to bits by a bomb in his car, and that they just barely found enough charred remains to identify the body.我不会自欺欺人地认为这些谋杀者会被抓住,或放弃暗杀我爸的计划。最让人沮丧的是,这样的恐惧将伴随我一生。20年后,当我离家,在遥远的地方安居乐业,生儿育女,我可能会接到妈妈的电话,告诉我爸爸死了。比如,他被暗藏在轿车里的炸弹炸得碎尸万段,而尸检部门仅仅能依据残缺的碎片来实我爸的身份。Well, great. I#39;m glad I finally figured all that out. Here#39;s to a wonderful life, Sasha. I guess I#39;ll just go outside now and play without a goddamn care in the whole fucked-up world.哈,很好,我很高兴现在终于明白了一切。萨沙,举杯赞美这“美好”的人生吧!我打算现在就出门大玩特玩,再也不去理会、不去想这操蛋的世界。 /201207/192572宜昌市中医院包皮手术多少钱

宜昌包皮价格是多少钱以下是您必须了解的有关打盹的好处,以及如何有效打盹,希望对您有所帮助:1. Less stress. 减压 Curling up in a sunny patch on the floor or even lying your head down on your desk for a quick snooze brings relaxation. Research found that stress hormone levels were lower in those who took stress-reducing actions such as napping. Take a break each day from the stresses and reduce your risks, find a quiet, comfortable spot and take a nap. Even a short power nap can leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and more focused. 窝在地板上一缕阳光中或甚趴在办公桌上小睡一会都能令人放松。研究发现,采取减压措施(如午睡)的人压力激素水平降低。找个安静舒适的地方打个盹,每天消除一下压力,减少健康风险。即使是很短暂有效的小睡也能令你神清气爽、注意力更集中。2. Increased alertness and productivity. 提高敏锐性和生产力 If you have the opportunity for a power nap, particularly after a poor night of sleep, by all means, take one. You will feel more alert and energetic afterwards, and once rested after your mid-afternoon nap, your mood, efficiency, and alertness level will improve greatly. Scientists have even proven that taking a 20-minute nap approximately eight hours after you have awaken will do more for your stamina than sleeping another 20 minutes in the morning. Of course when you first come out of your afternoon nap, you will feel a bit groggy for around ten minutes, but once your decline in motor dexterity dissipates, you will reap the rewards of being well rested and y to go for the rest of the day. 如果您有打盹的机会,尤其前一晚睡眠不佳时,务必小睡一下。醒来后您的感觉#8203;#8203;更敏锐、精力更充沛,午睡后你的心情、工作效率和敏锐性都得到显著提高。科学家们甚至明,早上醒来后约8小时小睡20分钟,比早上多睡20分钟,更能使你精力十足。当然刚午睡醒来时,有大约10分钟会觉得有点昏昏沉沉的,但一旦经过这个疲软期,您获得的回报将是休息充分及这天剩下的时间里你能全力以赴。3. Improved memory and learning. 改善记忆和学习 Naps aren’t just for the very young, old, and sluggish. Daytime dozing may enhance a person’s capacity to learn certain tasks. That, at least, is the eye-opening implication of a new study in which college students were challenged to detect subtle changes in an image during four different test sessions on the same day. 午睡并不是小孩子、老人或懒人的专属。白天打瞌睡可提高人学习某项特定任务的能力。这一令人大开眼界的结论至少可被一项新的研究明。研究过程中,大学生被要求在同一天进行的四项不同的测试中观测一幅图像的微妙变化。 Participants improved on the task throughout the first session. The students’ speed and accuracy then leveled off during the second session. The scores of the participants who didn’t nap declined throughout the final two sessions. In contrast, volunteers who took a 20-minute power nap after completing the second practice session showed no ensuing performance dips. What’s more, 1-hour power nappers responded progressively faster and more accurately in the third and fourth sessions. It looks like napping may protect brain circuits from overuse until those neurons can consolidate what’s been learned about a procedure. 参与者经过第一项测试就有进步。学生的速度和准确性在第二项测试中稳定下来。没有午睡的参与者的得分在最后两项测试中下降。相比之下,完成第二项测试后休息20分钟者的表现并没有下降。而且,午睡1小时者在第三、四项测试中反应迅捷、准确无误。看起来好像午睡能防止过度使用大脑回路,直到那些神经元强化已学到的过程为止。 /201108/146779 Saint Lucia's Day is a Swedish traditional holiday.On December 13th,one of the shortest,darkest days in the long and cold winter,Sweden celebrates the holiday,in honor of Saint Lucia,the Queen of Lights.  圣·露西亚节是瑞典著名的传统节日,在每年12月13日——瑞典寒冷而漫长的冬天中白天最短、夜晚最长的一个日子里庆祝,用以纪念“光明女神”圣·露西亚。  On the day,girls in Sweden dress up as Santa Lucia wearing a white dress and a crown of candles. Boys carry a candle and wear a kind of white pyjama. They wear hats that are pointy with golden stars on them.  这天,瑞典的女孩子会打扮成圣·露西亚的模样——身穿白色长裙,头戴插有蜡烛的花冠。男孩子手拿蜡烛,穿着白色长袍,戴着画有金色星星的帽子。  In Sweden people do not wear candles anymore because before girls caught their hair on fire very often. Today they use modern candles with batteries in them.  如今,人们已经不再在花冠上点蜡烛,因为女孩子们的头发经常会被火烧着。现在,在瑞典,人们更多地开始使用装有电池的蜡烛。  After lunch most schools close on Santa Lucia day around noon. It is a national holiday of Sweden.In big cities in Sweden there are beauty contests where some women dress up as Santa Lucia and the judges and the people vote for the Santa Lucia of the year.There are also special foods for Lucia's Day like spicy gingerb biscuits.In schools people sing Santa Lucia's song.  圣·露西亚节是瑞典全国性的节日。这天中午午饭之后,大部分学校都不再上课。瑞典一些大城市还会举行选美比赛,女人们装扮成圣·露西亚的样子,由评委和公众投票选出当年的“圣·露西亚”。这个节日也有其特色食物,如姜汁饼干。人们还在学校高唱《圣·露西亚之歌》。 /200909/83243宜昌中心人民医院男科专家宜昌男性科医院好



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