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宜昌市包皮费用兴山县看男科医院063 television Words Programme channel tv news documentary comedy horror film remote control tv set educational Entertainment advertisement switch over/on/off volume cartoon satellite tv cable tv chat show drama series serial soap opera actor/actress character episode interview couch potato quiz show Presenter current affairs repeats highlights viewers Phrases Watch a programme Change channel Watch…live on TV Appear on a chat show Use the remote control Interview a celebrity Show highlights/ a new clip Beginner A: do you think children watch too much tv? B: I only allow my child to watch up to an hour a day. I don’t think that tv is bad for kids. I think that kids should be active and not become couch potaoes. A: perhaps I should impose a limit on how much tv my kids can watch. They don’t do much else in their free time. At least they always do their homework first. B: if you decide to put a limit on the amount of tv they can watch, remember to have something else for them to do. If you don’t, they’ll get bored and misbehave. A: they could go out and play with their friends. B; sure. You could talk to other parents in your neighbourhood and plan it so that all the kids are free at the same time. A: perhaps I could ask my husband to teach them foot ball or some thing. He watches too much tv too. B: that’s a good idea. Remember that if the parents watch too much tv, the kids will probably follow suit. Intermediate A: what kinds of tv programmes do you enjoy watching? B: I like current affairs programmes and documentaries, especially wildlife ones. How about you? A: I like those kinds of programmes too. They’re very informative. I think that many people underrate the education value of tv. B: I agree. People often criticize tv for showing too much sex and violence. A; yeah. And that’s so funny because most people prefer watching sex and violence to watching something more educational! B: right. You can’t blame the tv stations for showing popular kinds of programmes. They need to make money from advertisements shown during and between programmes. A: in my country, there’s a time limit on the advertisements that can be shown. I think it’s about six minutes per hour. B: that’s great idea. But don’t the tv station lose a lot of money because of that? A; no. they don’t. they simply charge higher prices at peak times. Is there no limit on the amount of advertisements that can be shown on tv in your country? B: not as far as I know. We have so many advertisements . the interruptions are unbearable sometimes! That’s one reason that many people prefer satellite or cable tv, where you pay a fixed amount each month. A: some people have satellite and cable tv in my country, but people don’t seem to keen to pay for their tv programmes. Besides, the terrestrial channels offer a good range of programmes. B: well, there’s a wildlife documentary on tv in a few minutes. Shall we? /200705/13727宜昌男健医院不孕不育多少钱 And the more I thought about it, the more it made sense that he doubted,我越想越觉得他的怀疑是源自于because doubt is essential to faith.怀疑是相信的必要部分If this seems a startling idea at first,如果最初听起来让人吃惊的话consider that doubt, as Graham Greene once put it, is the heart of the matter.就试想一下葛兰姆·葛林说过的话,怀疑是事情的核心部分Abolish all doubt, and whats left is not faith, but absolute, heartless conviction.去除所有怀疑后,剩下的不会是信心,只有绝对的、没有感情的确定Youre certain that you possess the Truth -- inevitably offered with an implied uppercase T --你确信你拥有真理--必然地附有一个大写的“T”--and this certainty quickly devolves into dogmatism and righteousness,同时这种确信很快转移为教条主义和正义by which I mean a demonstrative, overweening pride in being so very right,就是一种由于无比的正确而带有喜怒形于色的,过分自负的骄傲in short, the arrogance of fundamentalism.简言之即是原教旨主义的傲慢It has to be one of the multiple ironies of history这必定是历史上许多讽刺之一that a favorite expletive of Muslim fundamentalists伊斯兰原教旨主义者喜爱的一句咒駡语is the same one once used by the Christian fundamentalists known as Crusaders:和基督教原教旨主义者曾使用的相同,以十字军著名的;infidel,; from the Latin for ;faithless.;“异教徒”源自于拉丁语中的“没有信仰”Doubly ironic, in this case, because their absolutism is in fact the opposite of faith.更加讽刺的是,他们的绝对主义事实上正是信心的对立面201609/467952NO.4What’s Cooking 《感恩节晚宴》 在一位美国人的家中,大家都在忙碌着准备感恩节盛宴。电话铃响,正在大学读书的大儿子吉米打来电话。电话旁的幼子赶忙抓起电话。父亲从他手中接过电话。开头免不了例行的几句寒暄。你知道打英文电话开始应该说些什么了吗?单词通缉令1. disgrace vt.使耻辱;使失体面2. condom n.避套Joey: I got it. Father: I got it. Hello? Hey, Jimmy, how are you? Hey, hey, it’s Jimmy.Jimmy: Is everything all right?Father: Fine. Listen, how’s everything at school?Jimmy: Everything’s good. I was just thinking about you guys is all. I’m sorry I cannot come home today, school’s just crazy.Father: Oh, you’re a good boy. Jimmy, listen, your mom wants to talk to you.Mother: Jimmy.Jimmy: Mom, hey, Happy Thanksgiving.Mother: Jimmy, you have to talk to Jenny. She has 1)disgraced the family.Jimmy: What’s going on?Mother: Jimmy, Jenny gives 2)condoms out to girls.Jimmy: I don’t know, Mom. Let me talk to her.Mother: Jenny, Jenny, Jimmy wants to talk to you. You see, she doesn’t listen to us. You have to talk to her. Oh, my God…(The food in the kitchen gets burned, she hurried to take care of the mess, leaves Jimmy behind.)Jimmy: Ma, Ma?Joey: Hi, Jimmy, Happy Thanksgiving.Jimmy: Wait. Joey, let me talk to Mom. Joey…(Joey hangs up.)乔伊:我来听。父亲:我来听。你好?嗨,吉米,你好吗?嗨,嗨,是吉米。吉米:家里好吗?父亲:很好,听着,学校里好吗?吉米:都很好,没别的,我正想你们大家。对不起,今天我不能回家,学校里太忙了。父亲:噢,你真是个好孩子,吉米,你妈妈要和你说话。母亲:吉米。吉米:妈妈,嗨,感恩节快乐。母亲:吉米,你必须和杰妮谈谈。她让全家人丢尽了脸。吉米:什么事?母亲:吉米,杰妮给女孩子们发避套。吉米:我不知道啊,妈妈,让我和她说。母亲:杰妮,杰妮,吉米要和你说话。你看,她不听我们的话。你一定要找她谈。哦,我的天……(厨房里的食物烧焦了,她急忙赶去照应,留下吉米在电话的另一头。)吉米:妈妈,妈妈?乔伊:嗨,吉米,感恩节快乐。吉米:等等,乔伊,让我和妈妈说话。乔伊……(乔伊挂上了电话。) /200603/5392宜昌哪家治疗前列腺炎的医院好

宜昌手术早泄的治疗费用乐宁外教口语天天练No.32he sports team was gearing up for next season.gearing up意指 getting yThe sports team was gearing upfor next season.译文:运动队已经为下一季节的比赛做好了准备。 /200610/9461宜昌生殖器 英语会话800句 71 /200609/9381宜昌市男健医院男科专家

宜昌市人民医院北院不孕不育多少钱本单元是关于在酒吧的对话Tim: It's your round AliceAlice: What, again? Alright, what do you all want?Helen: An orange juice please. Michal: The same for me too.Tim: Oh come on Michal, you're not in Poland now. Why not try a traditional pint of English bitter?Michal: OK then.Tim: And the usual for me ?a G amp; T, loveAlice: Em, OK.Helen: Don't call Alice "love".Tim: Why not, isn't she lovely? Michal, what do you think?本单元的语言点是 Buying drinks 买饮品,大多数英国人都喜欢与亲朋好友聚在酒吧里喝点什么。他们通常喝啤酒、葡萄酒和烈性酒,或(不含酒精的)软饮料。 啤酒可以是某种淡啤酒(果水类碳酸饮料,颜色较淡)或苦啤酒(非碳酸饮料,颜色较深)Buying drinks Most people in the UK drink in pubs with their family and friends. They usually drink beer, wine, spirits or soft (non-alcoholic) drinks. Beer can be lager (fizzy and light) or bitter (non-fizzy and dark). Amount or container + Drink A bottle of beer A pint of lager A half-pint of bitter A half of shandy Wine is usually served in pubs by the glass but you can also order a bottle to share with friends. 酒吧卖红酒一般用葡萄酒杯卖,但顾客也可以买一整瓶红酒与朋友一起分享。 Wine can be described by its colour (red, white or rose and its taste (sweet or dry). 红酒(或葡萄酒)可以根据其颜色(红、白或玫瑰色)和味道(味甜还是味干)来区分。 Amount or container + Drink A bottle of wine A glass of champagne A large glass of dry white wine Spirits (whisky, gin, vodka, rum etc.) are usually ordered by the glass or by the measure (a single or a double) but never by the bottle in a pub. 烈性酒(威士忌、杜松子酒、伏特加、朗姆酒等)通常都是按杯卖,或小量杯(一杯或两杯)卖,但酒吧从不卖整瓶烈性酒给客人。 Spirits can be ordered with a mixer (water, lemonade, etc.), just with ice or with nothing at all. 客人可以要求酒吧将烈性酒与果水、柠檬汽水甚至冰混合,也可以只喝烈性酒。 Amount Drink MixerA whisky A large vodka and cokeA double rum with ice Vocabulary 词汇:A shandy (n): a drink made by mixing lager with lemonade 淡啤酒与柠檬汽水混合产生的一种饮料Champagne (n, uncountable): fizzy white wine 香槟酒 A G and T (n, informal): short for a gin and tonic 杜松子酒(非正式) To buy a round (v): Often when people are in a group, each person takes it in turn to buy drinks for everyone in the group. You can say: It's my/your/her/his round 当人们三三两两聚集在某个酒吧一起喝酒时,每人都会轮流为其他人买酒。这时,你就可以说:该我/该你/该她/该他买了。 Addressing people informally: If people know each other very well or if one person is much older than the other one, they might address each other informally using love, dear, hen, or pet. But it's not usually appropriate for a man to use these terms with a woman, in the way that Tim does with Alice 私下里如何称呼对方:如果人们相互之间非常熟悉,或某人比另外一人年长,他们可以在私下里用love, dear, hen 或 pet 来称呼对方。但是,通常男士不能用这些称谓称呼女士。在这篇对话中,Tim 称 Alice 为”love”。 /200707/15878 106. Speaking of ... 说起······ 用法透视 当对方讲起某个话题,而你对此感兴趣,就可以用"speaking of / talking of...(说起......,谈到......)"来接过话题。 持范例 1. Speaking of honesty, I know a lot of people who don't pay bus fares. 谈到诚实,我知道许多人乘公车不买票。 2. Speaking of Harry, have you seen him recently? 说到哈利,你最近见过他吗? 3. Talking of bicycles, China is called "he Kingdom of Bicycles". 说起自行车,中国可是被誉为"自行车王国"。 会话记忆 A: I have some photos here taken by myself. Would you like to see them? 我有些自己拍的照片,你想看吗? B: Sure. Speaking of photos, what type of film will be the best? You know, I'm planning a tour to Jiuzhaigou Valley. 当然想看。说起照片,你觉得什么胶卷最好?我正打算去九寨沟旅游。 A: I would get Fuji 200 film for taking photos of natural beauty. 拍自然美景我喜欢用富士400。 B: Thank you so much. You're an expert. 多谢,你真是个专家 /200706/14676伍家岗区人民中妇幼保健医院前列腺炎多少钱荆州阳痿早泄价格



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